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“ Pulse is the most important thing there is. We’re making tools that enable people to express themselves with the pulse .”


Remo D. Belli

One Drum For All It’s what we strive for at RemoŽ. A world uplifted and unified by the power of the beat. Remo World Percussion is the culmination of years of product development and reverence for ethnic and indigenous cultures. We are committed to making the best drums on the market, with as little environmental impact as possible. Our World Percussion line is designed with every drummer in mind, from novice to professional. Our heads, shells, and finishes are designed for maximum performance, optimum sound, ease of tuning, durability, portability, and lasting beauty. We believe that communities make drumming, and drumming makes community. So we make one drum for all.

“A Drum in Every Household.” --- Remo D. Belli Remo D. Belli is a percussion pioneer. In 1957 he invented the first successful synthetic Mylar® drumheads, today’s industry standard. In 1983 he launched Remo’s first World Percussion line, using signature Remo products, and innovative composite shells. The result was more than a revolution in lightweight, durable, great sounding drums. It marked a seismic shift in the availability of a broad range of ethnic drums to the public, and helped create the global community of drummers we have today.

“ Drumming is literally accessible to everyone and is something that everyone can do … because you’re not asked to do a great deal other then participate … this is what science is finding out has the greater purpose.” .– Remo D. Belli Anyone who has experienced a drum circle, jam, or performance knows the transformative effect of rhythm. It Moves. Inspires. Thrills. From street corners, parks and beaches, to community centers, concerts and schools, drums are tools that connect us on a deep level. An interactive community tool that promotes wellbeing and life enhancement.

At Remo we are committed to ensuring that everyone has a chance to revel in this activity. Through our ongoing efforts, the professional, the enthusiast, the children, the elderly, the at-risk and those with disabilities are brought the joy of drumming.

One Drum For All

Durable. Portable. Tunable. Playable.


At Remo , sustain isn’t only a dimension of sound. ®

We are proud to say Remo has always been at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing. We were the first to successfully introduce an alternative to calfskin drumheads and traditional wood drum shells with Remo film technology and Acousticon® WASTE REDUCTION AWARDS PROGRAM drum shells respectively. We’ve been recognized for environmentally responsible manufacturing every year since 1998 by winning the WRAP Award (California Waste Reduction Award Program). And we’ve sustained jobs by continuing to manufacture in the USA. Our Acousticon® drum shells are made from 100% recycled wood fiber, and are used on nearly every drum. Our synthetic drumheads are the gold standard in drumming – the “Original Equipment” on most popular drumset and percussion brands. We continue to push the limits of drum technology while limiting our impact on the environment.

African drumming is understood outside of Africa as an ancient, highly complex art form that integrates multiple disciplines including music, dance, and drama. Now taught at all levels of education, it is performed by master drummers and their students around the world. Remo® has brought forward this ancient heritage with innovations that allow students and professionals to enjoy the African percussion experience of today.

Ashiko Standard key-tuned models feature Type 2 Mondo® Fiberskyn® 3 drumheads, which produce rich deep bass tones and are durable and weather resistant. A high density rubber mold is adhered to the bottom of the drum protecting the shell from impact. Key-tuned


Right now, somewhere, people are talking in circles. “ The drum is probably the only instrument that allows group participation, and it’s almost immediate because in most instances it is unconditional. I’m pleased that we were able to develop the kind of instrument that fits into that environment.” – Remo D. Belli

The Arthur Hull Standing Ngomas are pitched between the djun-djun and djembe. Available in three sizes, equipped with type 2 Mondo® Nuskyn® drumhead producing a timbre between a conga and large Tubano®, only bigger. Model No. AK-4014-AH AK-4814-AH AK-4816-AH

Model No. AK·0010·AH AK·0012·AH AK·0014·AH Finish: AH

Size 10” x 25” 12” x 25” 14” x 25”

Ashiko rope-tuned tension system models feature Arthur Hull’s “TripleBump” design for easier tuning and enhanced bass tones with the Type 2 Mondo® Fiberskyn® 3 drumheads, producing rich deep bass tones. Rope-tuned

Model No. AK·2010·AH AK·2410·AH AK·2412·AH AK·2713·AH AK·3014·AH

Size 10” x 20” 10” x 24’ 12” x 24” 13” x 27” 14” x 30”

Finish: AH

Size 14” x 40” 14” x 48” 16” x 48”

Finish: AH

Talking Drum Francis Awe Talking Drums are very similar to the Nigerian talking drum with more bass tone and a superior shell construction featuring the professional sounding quality of Acousticon® shells and Remo Renaissance® drumheads. Model No. TD-0611-07 TD-0615-07 TD-0816-07 TD-0818-07

Size 6” x 11” 6” x 15” 8” x 16” 8” x 18”

Description Kanago Esaju Ejin Iyallu

Finishes: 07, 18 Mallet sold separately.


Djembes Remo® djembes are inspired by the traditional drums of West Africa but use modern materials such as Acousticon® shells and Remo film technologies to create a unique sound and look. They are the most user friendly djembes in the world. The choice for thousands of professional and recreational drummers.

Festival Series Djembes

Designer Series Mondo® Djembes

The Festival Series djembes are available in two models with pre-tuned fixed non-animal, Fiberskyn® 3 and matching Skyndeep® drumheads. Remo offers a Limited Warranty for the Festival djembes from manufacturing defect or quality issues.

The Designer Series Mondo® key-tuned Djembes are a perfect match, combining Remo Skyndeep® Mondo® drumheads and Acousticon® drumshells, finished with complimentary graphic images. Model DJ-0012-24 DJ-0014-24

The Designer Series feature matching Skyndeep® Graphic drumhead Model Size DJ-FESM-33 8” x 14” DJ-FEMD-32 10” x 20” DJ-FELG-34 12” x 21”

Size 12” x 24” 14” x 25”

Finishes: Geen Kinte Kloth (32), Autumn 33, Red Forge 34

Finishes: Adinkra (24), 19, 30, 32, 35, BE*

Mulitcor Choco Red

Mondo® Djembes Remo’s Mondo® key-tuned djembes have great success as the most user-friendly djembes in the world. They are the choice for thousands of professional and recreational drummers and feature Remo’s Fiberskyn® 3 Mondo® drumhead which produces loud volume bass and slap tones with pronounced overtones.

Infinity Mondo® Djembe The Infinity Mondo® Djembe features amazing sound dimensions created by the warm, animal-like Mondo®, Skyndeep® Natural drumhead. The life-like Goat Stripe Brown graphics add to the real animal look while the newly engineered key-tuned “Contour” brackets, and Designers Touch Eco-grain finishes add comfort and style. Model DJ-0114-21-SN014 DJ-0114-22-SN014

Size 14” x 25” 14” x 25”

Model DJ-0010-05 DJ-0012-05 DJ-0014-05 DJ-0016-05 DJ-0018-05

Finish Eco-grain Choco Red Eco-grain Multicor

Finishes: LM, PM, 04, 05, 07, 08, NS* *Features black Skyndeep® Mondo® drumhead.

Leon Mobley

Remo®’s Mondo® key-tuned djembes were named after the pre-tuned Mondo® drumheads that changed the industry in 1993 by using Remo®’s Pre-tuned System technologies.

Size 10” x 24” 12” x 24” 14” x 25” 16” x 27” 18” x 28”

New key-tuned Contour Brackets ensure comfort when playing.

CG Ryche

Green Kinte Kloth


The Festival Series djembes feature Fiberskyn® drumhead. Model Size DJ-FESM-13 8” x 14” DJ-FEMD-13 10” x 20” DJ-FELG-13 12” x 21” Finishes: Twinings (13),16,17, 25, 55, PM

Apex & Advent Djembe The Apex and Advent Djembes are manufactured from durable, lightweight ABS materials. Remo’s non-animal skin drumhead will perform to the highest expectations for all drumming activities. Both are key-tuned. Apex Dembe Model Size DJ-6012-70 12” x 22” ® Skyndeep drumhead Advent Djembe Model Size DJ-1010-70 10” x 20” Suede® drumhead Finish: Black


Valencia Series Congas, Bongos, Timbales & Cowbells

Jimmie Morales Model

Remo conga drums are designed to produce the richest tones needed for the highenergy performances of salsa orchestras and Latin jazz club bands. Remo Congas will meet your expectations and deliver the highest sound quality, projection and pop. ®

Model Size CG-5317-SD 11.75” x 28” CG-5312-SD 12.50” x 28” Finishes: Serpentine Day (SD), Petrified Cave (CV) SD

Legendary Series Congas Remo Legendary Series are offered in two large sizes, the conga and tumba with Skyndeep® Calf skin Tucked graphic drumheads, producing rich bass and slap tones, with added durability. Two elegant Designers Touch finishes are featured. On the 28” height congas is the Salsa Deco, and on the 30” height conga is the earthy Palmilla finish. The Legendary Series congas also feature a new Remo® Radius Counter Hoop that has the Remo® Crown logo stamped on the hoop.

Jimmie Morales

Model CG-4317-37 CG-4312-37 CG-6317-36 CG-6312-36

Size 11.75” x 30” 12.50” x 30” 11.75” x 28” 12.50” x 28”

Finishes: Palmilla (37), Salsa Deco (36)


Valencia Series Bongos Valencia Series Bongos feature curved chrome counterhoop and Type 9 tucked heads. Poncho Sanchez Model

Model BG-7811-MS BG-7801-MS BG-7821-MS

Model Size CG-3317-MS 11.75” x 30” CG-3312-MS 12.50” x 30”

Palmilla Palmilla Salsa Deco Salsa Deco

Description Fiberskyn® Nuskyn® Skyndeep®

Finishes: MS, SD, CV, 0W

Drums available with either Fiberskyn® 3, Nuskyn®, or Skyndeep®.


Finishes: 07, 11, 0W, Molten Sea (MS)

Available with either Fiberskyn® 3, Nuskyn®, or Skyndeep®.

Valencia Series Timbales

Valencia Series Cowbells Small Cha-Cha Bell

Large Cha-Cha Bell

Model CW-1004-VT

Model CW-1005-VT

Size 4”

Size 5” x 7” & 8.5” 5” x 7” & 8.5” 5” x 7” & 8.5”

Size 5”

Our Valencia Steel Timbales with Reniassance® drumheads re-create the traditional metal timbale sound while providing new design features with deeper chrome shells and more playing area. They feature low-profile ears and tension bolts to allow for unobstructed rim shots and cross-sticking. Model Size TB-1314-VC 13” & 14” x 7” TB-1415-VC 14” & 15” x 7” Comes with stand.

Mambo Bell Model CW-1009-VT

Salsa Deco



Hand Held Bongo Bell Size 9”

Model CW-3008-VH

Size 8”

Louie cruZ beltran


Crown Percussion ® Bongos


Equipped with Type 9 tucked Fiberskyn 3 drumhead. Constructed with aged Siam Oak wood. High quality construction and sound for beginners and working professionals. ®

Model Size Description RC-P780-XX 7” & 8.5” Fiberskyn® RC-P145-00 Bongo Stand Finishes: Natural (00), Wine Red (52), or Black (70)

Three different scraping surfaces with ridges evenly spaced for a variety of tones.

Cabasa Excellent utility percussion instrument. Model RC-P001-00

Cajon Comfortable sitting height, aged Siam Oak wood, produces a medium pitch bass tone with snare sounds. Model RC-P429-00

Size 11.5” x 19.75” x 11.5”

Agogo Double Bell

Pro Maracas Bead filled balanced pair for crisp dry sound. Model RC-P003-00

Remo ® Crown Percussion ® Great sounding percussion instruments for entry level to professional drummers. Our Crown Percussion® line features high-quality, entry level conga and bongo drums fitted with Remo’s popular, patented tucked Fiberskyn®3 synthetic drumheads, which come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. In addition, a full range of accessory instruments also accompany the Crown Percussion® line.

Model RC-P008-00

Authentic Brazilian Agogo bells squeeze together producing a “click” sound. Model RC-P005-00

Shaker Lightweight, durable metal shaker. Model RC-P009-00

Twin Shaker Dual plastic attachment connects both shakers producing a smooth light sound. Model RC-P013-00

Crown Percussion ® Congas ®

Equipped with a Remo® Tucked FIBERSKYN 3 drumhead and constructed with aged Siam Oak Wood. High quality construction and premium sound for beginners and working professionals. Model Size RC-P210-00 10” & 11” X 28” RC-P110-00 10” & 11” X 28” RC-P217-00 11.75” & 12.50” X 28” RC-P117-00 11.75” & 12.50” X 28”


Description Set with two single stands One double stand Set with two single stands One double stand

Note: The (00) two digit model number codes refer to available color finishes. Finishes: Natural Wood (00), Wine Red (52), or Black (70)


100 Series Tubano®

Brasilian Start your Carnaval parade with all the essential Brasilian Pecussion and substitute instruments to emulate that authentic Brasilian sound.


100 Series Tubano®, drums feature Remo’s standard drum key tuning system for tuning flexibility, and Nuskyn® Type 2 Mondo® drumheads for durability, weather-resistance and authentic feel and sound.

The Surdo is the heartbeat of the samba rhythm. It is the large bass drum that is played in the drumming ensembles for the Brasilian Carnaval. Model SU-4816-10 SU-3816-10 SU-3418-10 SU-3420-10 SU-3422-10 SU-4008-10 SU-4010-10 SU-4212-10 SU-3212-10


Size 16” x 18” 16” x 18” 18” x 24” 20” x 24” 22” x 24” 8” x 10” 10” x 10” 12” x 12” 12” x 12”

Description Contra-Surdo, Cable-tuned, Bahia Bass head Contra-Surdo, Key-tuned, Bahia Bass head Reposta, Key-tuned, Smooth White head Marcacão, Key-tuned, Smooth White head Surdão, Key-tuned, Smooth White head Repinique, Cable-Tuned, Smooth White head Repinique, Cable-Tuned, Smooth White head Repinique, Cable-Tuned, Smooth White head Repinique, Key-Tuned, Smooth White head

Finish: Chrome (10)

Model TU-1110-07 TU-1112-07 TU-1114-07

Size 10” x 27” 12” x 27” 14” x 27”

Finishes: 05, 07, 16, 17, LM, PM

50 Series Tubano® 50 Series Tubano® drums feature durable, weather resistant, pretuned Fiberskyn® 3 Mondo® drumheads accurately pitched eliminating the need for tuning. Model TU-0510-09 TU-0512-09 TU-0514-09

Size 10” x 26” 12” x 26” 14” x 26”

Finishes: 09, PM Repinique

The Remo® cuicas are manufactured with a synthetic drumhead featured with the quick-change bamboo stick. Easily make the cuica barking sounds heard during Carnaval in Brasil. Model CU-5005-58 CU-5008-58 CU-3210-10 CU-4008-10

Size 5” x 5” 8” x 5” 10” x 12” 8” x 10”

Description Pre-tuned Pre-tuned Key-tuned Cable-tuned

Finish 10, 58, 80 10, 58, 80 10, CE 10

Tan Tan This is the portable lightweight bass drum of the samba family. The Tan Tan comes from the samba schools in Rio de Janeiro. It is also used in many drum circle activities. Model Size TT-1210-58 10” x 12” TT-2212-47 12” x 22” TT-2514-47 14” x 25” Finishes: 10, 47, 58


Description Pre-tuned, Red (58) finish Key-tuned, Bahia Bass head Key-tuned.Bahia Bass head


Bahia Bass Drum

Festival Tubano® The Festival line is designed to bring the fun and benefits of recreational drumming to first-time and part-time drummers. Model TU-FESM-13 TU-FEMD-13 TU-FELG-13

Size 6” x 15” 8” x 17” 10” x 18”

Finishes: 13, 16, 17, 25, 55

Designed to be used as a substitute for the Brasilian bass drums in recreational and educational settings.


Model Size BH-0012-A1 12” x 21” BH-0014-A1 14” x 21” BH-0016-A1 16” x 21” Finishes: A1, BE

Fits anywhere and is designed to be played on a table, or mounted on a snare stand. Perfect as an add-on instrument to a drumset or percussion set-up in tight spaces and measures 10” in diameter, 4.5” in height. The Tubanito features Remo’s Skyndeep® drumhead with Calf skin graphic which is easily tuned with a socket hex key. Model TU-3410-95

Size 10” x 4.5”

Finish: Caldera Red (95)


Global Frame Drums & Tambourines Remo offers professional Frame drums and Tambourines that are manufactured using Remo’s Synthetic Film Technologies. Remo new technology provides an array of affordable, high quality products to aspiring students, drum enthusiasts and professional musicians. Remo’s GFT products are developed for the growing markets in education, professional and recreational activities. ®

Perhaps no other instruments span the percussion universe like frame drums and tambourines. For thousands of years they migrated across Asia, Europe and Africa because of their size and versatility. Over time they evolved into exotic instruments like tars, riqs, and Kanjiras to name a few, playing roles of cultural and religious significance in their respective cultures.

Tar Tars are constructed using a lightly textured Skyndeep® fixed drumhead pitched to produce the desired overtones that professionals listen for. Model HD-8716-81-012 HD-8718-81-013 HD-8722-81-014

Size 16” x 3” 18” x 3” 22” x 3”

Graphic Snake skin Goat brown Goat Stripe brown

Pandeiros Remo Pandeiros are manufactured with the Acousticon® drum shell in an antique finish, featuring Remo’s synthetic Skyndeep® drumhead with Ultratac. Ultratac is a new technology developed by Remo which adds a unique animal like texture to the surface of the drumhead.



Choro Pandeiro Remo’s Choro Pandeiros feature a four combo set of jingles in five slots enabling fast articulated beats. The conical design jingles are constructed with two brass jingles, one German silver and a flat stainless chrome disc.

Model PD-8210-81-113

Size 10” x 1.75”

Samba Choro Pandeiro Key-tuned Skyndeep® Goat Brown Ultratac head with three combo chrome jingle set. Model Size PD-8210-81-213 10” x 1.75”

Capoeira Pandeiro Pre-tuned Skyndeep® Snake skin Ultratac head with three combo chrome jingle set. Model PD-8110-81-012

Size 10” x 1.75”

Description: Fixed drumhead, pre-tuned Finish: Antique

Inspired by musicians the hybrid Tamburiq features a mid range pitch of the Italian Tamburello to the high tones of the Egyptian Riq. Manufactured using Acousticon® shells with a thumb cut-out, German silver jingles, and a Skyndeep® graphic fixed drumhead that can be precisely tuned with the internal tuning system.

Kanjira Remo’s modern Kanjira with a Skyndeep® Ultratac fixed drumhead has the sound, look and feel of the original drum from South India. Model Size ET-8227-00 7” x 2”

Model Size TA-0512-81-011 12” x 2.5”

Samba Capoeira Pandeiro Model Size PD-8310-81-012 10” x 1.75” Description: Fixed drumhead, internal tuned



Global Frame Drums & Tambourines Uzbek Doyra The Doyra is regarded as one of the ancient percussion instruments and is used as a major musical instrument in the ritual ceremonies of Uzbeks. Remo’s Doyra was inspired by master drummer Abbos Kosimov and is manufactured with Acoustion® drum shell and a fixed Nuskyn® head that is tuned at a high pitch like the original doyra from Uzbekistan. Model Size TA-3416-81 16 3/8” x 2 3/16” Finish: Antique

Irish Bodhran The fixed synthetic Bahia Bass drumhead produces a soft attack and deep bass tones. Constructed with the new 4.5” deep Acousticon® shell with the internal tuning system.


Model Size ET-4514-81 14” x 4.5”

Description Pre-tuned fixed Nuskyn® drumhead and metal rings

Remo’s Riq design with a thinner drum shell width of 2 3/8” comfortably fits in your hands. Comes with a Skyndeep® fixed drumhead that can be precisely tuned with the internal tuning system.

Daf The Daf drums produce rich Tek tones and full bass tones while also featuring hundreds of metal rings attached on the inner wall of the shell in interlocked sets of four rings.

Brad dutz

Model Size TA-0221-00-313 21” x 2.25”

Model Size TA-3809-81-011 9” x 2 3/8”

Description Pre-tuned, fixed Skyndeep® Goat Brown drumhead

abbos kosImov


randy gloss

The dayereh is one of the most famous frame drums in Persia and Central Asia with many different names. Remo’s Dayereh is lightweight, featuring a fixed pre-tuned tunable Renaissance® drumhead. Model Size TA-1402-81 14” x 2” Finish: Antique

Description Tunable fixed Renaissance® drumhead and brass rings

Tablatone The Tablatone Frame Drum utilizes “loaded head” technology found in the Tabla drums of India. Skyndeep® heads, Acousticon® shells, and the unique Tablatone Dot deliver warm and focused fundamental tones and crisp edge tones; a truly unique frame drum suitable for a wide variety of uses.


Model HD-9208-83-SC020 HD-9210-83-SC020 HD-9212-83-SC020

Size 8” x 2” 10” x 2” 12” x 2”

With tunable Skyndeep® Radial Flare Red graphic drumhead

Model HD-9208-83-SD001 HD-9210-83-SD001 HD-9212-83-SD001

Size 8” x 2” 10” x 2” 12” x 2”

With Tunable Skyndeep® Fish skin graphic drumhead

Finish: Antique Brown and White Finish: Antique Brown and White


Frame Drums Thinline Frame Drums 8900 SERIES

rowan storm

There is no drum more simple, reliable, lightweight, attractive, primary, basic, essential AND affordable than the Remo® Thinline Frame Drum. Manufactured with a Renaissance® fixed drumhead the Remo® Thinline Frame Drum is both a training drum, accessible for beginners, and also a great practice drum for professionals. Model HD-8908-00 HD-8910-00 HD-8912-00 HD-8914-00 HD-8916-00 HD-8900-05

Size 8” X 1 9/16” 10” X 1 9/16” 12” X 1 9/16” 14” X 1 9/16” 16” X 1 9/16” Set of 5 with bag

Fiberskyn® 3 Series 8500 SERIES Sizes 12, 14, 16, and 22 feature a thumb notch and four holes located around the circumference of the Acousticon® shell. The four holes can be used to weave a rope creating a handle to suspend the drum which increases the projection when struck with a mallet or hand. Model HD-8508-00 HD-8510-00 HD-8512-00 HD-8514-00 HD-8516-00 HD-8522-00 HD-8500-06

Renaissance® Frame Drums

Size 8” x 2” 10” x 2” 12” x 2.5” 14” x 2.5” 16” x 2.5” 22” x 2.5” Set of 6

Buffalo Drums

Graphic Buffalo Drums

The Remo Buffalo Drums have been inspired by the indigenous cultures of the Americas. They come with a rope suspension handle, mallet, and a choice of graphic or plain heads that can be self-decorated. All Remo Buffalo drums are manufactured with Fiberskyn® 3 drumheads and Acousticon® drum shells.

Model E1-0310-10 E1-0312-10 E1-0612-10 E1-0314-10 E1-0316-10 E1-0322-10

Model E1-0308-00 E1-0310-00 E1-0312-00 E1-0314-00 E1-0316-00 E1-0322-00

Size 8” x 3 1/2” 10” x 3 1/2” 12” x 3 1/2” 14” x 3 1/2” 16” x 3 1/2” 22” x 3 1/2”

Size 10” x 3 1/2” 12” x 3 1/2” 12” x 6” 14” x 3 1/2” 16” x 3 1/2” 22” x 3 1/2”

Finishes: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14





Finish: Plain

Finish: Walnut

8400 SERIES High quality, affordable frame drums for use by professionals, educators and beginners. Weather resistant, easy to maintain, and widely appreciated for its clarity of sound.

Model HD-8408-00 HD-8410-00 HD-8412-00 HD-8414-00 HD-8416-00 HD-8422-00 HD-8400-06

Size 8” x 2” 10” x 2” 12” x 2.5” 14” x 2.5” 16” x 2.5” 22” x 2.5” Set of 6

For thousands and thousands of years people throughout the Mediterranean world worshiped forms of a nurturing Great Goddess. At the heart of her worship was the frame drum. With it she regulated the rhythmic dance of the cosmos – the progression of seasons, the cycles of the moon, the growth and fruition of crops, the lives of her people.

Finish: Medium Oak

Layne Redmond – When the Drummers Were Women



Tambourines Tambourines are found in almost every culture around the world. The styles of playing are as varied as the people who play them – ranging from simple shaking to extremely complex finger technique.

munyungo jackson

Tamburello The Italian Tamburello is constructed with a lightweight Acousticon drum shell, featuring a padded thumb notch cut-out, seven single row jingle pairs, red paint finish, and a fixed pre-tuned medium pitch Fiberskyn head.

“Black Madonna” Tambourine The Black Madonna tambourine produces a unique combination of the deep, vibrant Sicilian style Tammorra coupled with the vibrant sound of its nine sets of jingles. Model TA-2516-AB

Model TA-5512-AB

Headless Tambourine

Fiberskyn® 3 Tambourine

Economy Tambourine

You will experience pure jingle sounds with the headless tambourine.

This model features Remo’s world famous Fiberskyn® 3 drumhead film which is durable, lightweight and pre-tuned for all styles of music.

Don’t let the name fool you. This is a quality instrument used by professionals and drum enthusiasts. Each size is pitched for optimum performance using a Smooth White™ film.

Model TA-6106-00 TA-6108-00 TA-6110-00 TA-6208-00 TA-6210-00

Size 6” 8” 10” 8” 10”

Description single row jingles single row jingles single row jingles double row jingles double row jingles

Finishes: 00, 52, 70

Size 12” x 2.5”

Single row, 9 jingle sets Finish: Earth

Praise Tambourines

If you like to be flashy and sound great, these model tambourines will make you sound cool and look marvelous!

These tambourines feature a colorful graphic pre-tuned drumhead that may reflect your passion and praise.

Model TA-4106-48 TA-4108-48 TA-4110-48 TA-4208-48 TA-4210-48

Model TA-9106-14 TA-9108-14 TA-9110-14 TA-9208-14 TA-9210-14

Size 6” 8” 10” 8” 10”

Gospel Tambourine


Size 10” x 2 5/8”

The tambourine has been an essential part of worship for centuries. Remo’s Gospel tambourine is designed for the modern and diverse playing styles heard throughout the world. Manufactured with the patented Nuskyn® fixed drumhead and Acousticon® drum shells, this tambourine is tuned to a midrange pitch that cuts through any choir or music ensemble. Model TA-3010-81 Finish: Antique

Model TA-5106-ML TA-5108-ML TA-5110-ML TA-5208-ML TA-5210-ML

Prizmatic & Radiant Tambourines

Description single row jingles single row jingles single row jingles double row jingles double row jingles

Finishes: 45, 47, 48

Model TA-3010-LR

Description single row jingles single row jingles single row jingles double row jingles double row jingles

Size 6” 8” 10” 8” 10”

Description single row jingles single row jingles single row jingles double row jingles double row jingles

Finish: ML

Size 16’ x 2.5”

Features a Renaissance® pre-tuned drumhead and heavy gauge German silver jingles that create a brighter, more vibrant sound. It has 5 double rows of jingles and a molded hand grip inside the drum.

Size 6” 8” 10” 8” 10”

Finishes: 00, 47, 52, 70

Finish: Red

Lotus Tambourine

Model TA-5106-00 TA-5108-00 TA-5110-00 TA-5208-00 TA-5210-00

Size 10” x 2”

Description double row Jingles


Size 6” 8” 10” 8” 10”

Description single row jingles single row jingles single row jingles double row jingles double row jingles


Finishes: Praying Hands (14), Gold Cross (15), Cross of Glory (16), Heavenly Light (17), Dove (18)


47 48




Diane Doumbek

The Ergo-Drum System is designed to maximize comfort and enhance the drumming experience with a distinctive recessed tuning system on the Crystal and Soloist Doumbeks. It is a complete design combining Remo® drum shell technologies, drumhead innovations, and outstanding sound projection.

Diane Metalized™ Doumbeks are equipped with Skyndeep® Clear Tone drumheads that have a smooth drumhead feel. Diane Doumbek Metalized™ with Fixed pre-tuned Skyndeep® Clear tone Fish skin head Model Size Description DK-0408-BR-SC001 8” x 15” Metalized™ Brass finish DK-0410-NS-SC001 10” x 16” Metalized™ Nickle-Silver Black finish

Diane Doumbeks with a fabric finish are lightweight and feature Renaissance® drumheads.


Diane Doumbek Fabric Finish Model Size Description DK-2410-02 10” x 18” Key-tuned, Renaissance® head DK-0408-02 8” x 15” Fixed pre-tuned, Renaissance® head DK-0410-02 10” x 16” Fixed pre-tuned, Renaissance® head

Internal Tuned Soloist Doumbek Both Soloist Doumbek models will produce a full bass and tek tone; remarkably authentic in sound and feel. Soloist Doumbeks are weighted specifically for the master drummer and are heavier then the Crystal Doumbek. The Internal Soloist features our Metalized™ finish and is equipped with color coordinated Skyndeep Clear Tone drumheads that have a smooth drumhead feel. Model DK-3008-4M-SC016 DK-3009-5M-SC017 DK-3010-7M-SC018


Size Finish 8” x 18” Yellow 9” x 18” Orange 10” x 18” Turquoise

Finish: 02, 03, 08

Crystal Doumbek Crystal Doumbeks are built with a lightweight Acousticon® drum shell material which is perfect for beginner or professional drummers featuring Skyndeep® Fish skin graphic synthetic drumhead, with Designer’s Touch Finishes and internal tuning.


Model DK-3008-93 DK-3009-91 DK-3010-92

Size 8” x 18” 9” x 18” 10” x 18”

Finish Amethyst Citrine Sapphire Ruby Emerald Garnet

External Tuned Soloist Doumbek 7M

With features similar to the Internal Tuned Soloist Doumbek, the External Soloist comes with the popular Skyndeep® Fish skin graphic head with a light textured feel. All feature Metalized™ finishes. Model DK-3208-6M DK-3209-8M DK-3210-9M

ISSAM Houshan


Stand and Doumbek Adaptor Rings available. See Hardware section on page 51.

Size 8” x 18” 9” x 18” 10” x 18”

Freddie BONJAR





93 8M

Finish White/Nickel-Silver Black Copper Garnet Copper

Also known as goblet drums for their hourglass shapes, the doumbek plays a central role in both popular and classical Middle Eastern music. It is typically held under one arm, 27 but can also be played facing straight up.

Shime Daiko

Asian Collection

Hira Daiko

Model Size Description JS-1710-3T 10” x 7” Turnbuckle tension JS-0710-3T 10” x 7” Rope-tuned

One thing drumming shares among world cultures is its organic relationship to the environment. No other instrument is so closely associated with agrarian rituals and rites of the cycle of birth, harvest and re-birth. Asian drumming traces its roots to the countryside, where rural villagers would engage in ensemble drumming to celebrate the fall harvest.

Model JH-0513-82 JH-0515-82 JH-0732-82

Finish: Burgundy wood

Finishes: Maple Venwood (82)

Hira Daiko Stand Model Size Description JH-0732-ST 44” x 36” For 32” Hira Daiko

Klong Yao

Katsugi Okedaiko Remo® Katsugi Okedaiko is manufactured with Remo’s patented lightweight Acousticon® shells and Skyndeep® Natural Calf skin graphic drumheads. The word Katsugi means to carry, and Remo’s lightweight Katsugi Okedaiko is easily played slung over the shoulder and played using two bachi. (sticks included) Model Size JO-1521-72-SN003 15” x 21”

Size 13” x 5” 15” x 5” 32” x 7”



TH-2709-25 TH-2910-25 TH-3112-25 TH-3114-25

8” x 27” 9” x 29” 11” x 31” 13” x 31”

Finishes: 25, 55, 4C,* 3C,* 5C,* 7C* *Crystaline finishes are offered only on the 11” Klong Yao drums.

Description Rope tuned, Skyndeep® Natural drumhead Designers Touch finish, Bachi sticks and standard nylon strap

Okedo Drum Okedo (“barrel” in Japanese), are so named because barrels are used for the drum shells. Both the small and large Okedo feature drum shells made from Remo’s Acousticon® and feature the Nuskyn® drumheads. All Remo Okedo drums are tensioned by means of the same rope tuning system. Model Size Finish JO-1613-52 16” x 13” 52, 70 JO-2018-79 20” x 18” 79

HiroYoki Hayashida


JO-2018-ST Stand (not shown)

Nagado Daiko Nagado drums are perfect examples of tradition inspiring innovation, featuring an Acousticon® shell with a durable Tuff-E-Nuff® finish or a Siam wood elegantly finished with a super high gloss coating. Both come with Type 11 Nuskyn® drumheads that can be changed in minutes instead of days.

Low Taiko Stand Model Size JH-0515-ST Fits Shime Daiko and Hira Daikos (JH-0513-82 & JH-0515-82)

Model Size JN-0416-0W 16” x JN-0420-0W 20” x JN-0416-BR 16” x JN-0420-BR 20” x JN-2420-ST

21” 26” 21” 26”

Description Nagado, Nuskyn® drumhead Nagado, Nuskyn® drumhead wrench-tuned Nagado, Nuskyn® drumhead wrench-tuned Nagado, Nuskyn® drumhead wrench-tuned Nagado Taiko Stand

Finish Tuff-E-Nuff® Tuff-E-Nuff® Siam Oak wood Siam Oak wood


NSL (Not So Loud) Collection NSL drums were developed for group or individual settings where sound volume is a concern. The construction of the drumhead eliminates the high overtones and mid-range tones commonly found in traditional membranes. Great for any indoor setting, NSL drums allow for sound containment without diminishing the hand percussion experience.

“ The interest in drumming is expanding globally and we now know something like the NSL is going to allow it to grow even further.” – Remo D. Belli

NSL Tubanos Three NSL Tubanos easily nest inside each other, making it easy to store and are portable with a carry handle. All NSL Tubanos come equipped with NSL Mallets, and Volume Control Caps. Model TU-NS10-16 TU-NS12-16 TU-NS14-16 TU-NSST-16 TU-NT10-16 TU-NT12-16 TU-NT14-16 TU-NTST-16

Size 10” x 14.25” 12” x 14.25” 14” x 14.25” Set, Small, 10-12-14” Diameters 10” x 25” 12” x 25” 14” x 25” Set, Tall, 10-12-14” Diameters

NSL Ladoumbe

NSL Festival Djembes The NSL Djembe can be played with the hands like a traditional djembe and also with the NSL mallets creating a pure fundamental bass tone.



DJ-NS10-17 DJ-NS12-17 DJ-NS14-17

10” x 20.75” 12” x 22” 14” x 23.25”

Finish: Rainbow (17)

NSL Sound Shapes


These drums have been tuned to be quieter than our regular Sound Shapes® and are great for places where sound levels are a concern. Sound Shapes® are easily stored, portable and stackable. Model


SS-2000-06 Set of 6

The NSL Ladoumbe is a uniquely designed drum featuring a resonator tube attached to the drum shell body. Playing Ladoumbe with mallets or hands, seated or standing using the included strap, will produce rich mellow bass tones.


NSL Mallets, see Sticks / Mallets on page 49.

Size 10” x 13.25” 12” x 13.25” 14” x 13.25”

Finish: Brawne Stripe (14)

Remo’s Acousti-Blox are manufactured with Acousticon® and produces a unique wood-like sound. They are an alternative to the loud metal cowbell, producing rich tones that blend with other acoustical instruaments. Equipped with a tubular mallet that not only produces the optimum tones, but also preserves the life of this exceptional instrument. Model AB-5400-CB AB-7500-CB AB-8500-CB


Model LD-NS10-14 LD-NS12-14 LD-NS14-14

Size 5.5” x 4” 7” x 5.25” 8.5” x 5 3/8”

Finish: Dark Green


ADINKRA 2”x 2.25” SR-0202-24

GINGA SHAKER Activate tambourine jingles on or off. 6”x 2.25” with 2 set jingles SR-1206-20

FLAME 4”x 2.25” SR-0204-30

Specialty Sounds

Ocean Drum® Relax to the sounds of the beach without leaving your home! This unique drum is played by rocking back and forth, creating mesmerizing audio and visual display as the beads move within the drum.

Make a world of sounds with these fun, innovative and versatile instruments, exclusively from Remo®.

DIDGEHARP Walkabout Finish Blends sounds of the Jaw Harp and Australian Didgeridoo. 12” x 2.25” SR-2412-27


Model Plain ET-0212-00 ET-0216-00 ET-0222-00


Fish Graphic ET-0212-10 ET-0216-10 ET-0222-10

PRAYING HANDS 4”x 2.25” SR-0204-14

DOVE 4”x 2.25” SR-0204-18

CROSS OF GLORY 4”x 2.25” SR-0204-16


12” x 2.5” 16” x 2.5” 22” x 2.5”

Sparkle Shape

Fruit shaped shakers are a great centerpiece that can get a party started. Fruit Shakes are filled with non-toxic beads. Meets child safety requirements.


Size Avocado, 12 pack Banana, 12 pack Lemon, 12 pack Orange, 12 pack Large Apple, 12 pack Large Pear, 12 pack Plum, 12 pack 9 pack, 1 each

Sparkle Turquoise Paint

Shakers These bead-filled instruments can be used for a wide variety of musical styles.

Model SS-1109-4S ADINKRA 4”x 2.25” SR-0204-24

SAMBA CAMOUFLAGE 4”x 2.25” 4”x 2.25” SR-0204-26 SR-0204-19 MINI SHAKERS

FLAME CAMOUFLAGE 2”x 2.25” 2”x 2.25” SR-0202-30 SR-0202-19

Size 9 1/4”

Click-Clack The Nickel-Silver Click-Clack is durable and easy to play featuring the traditional 3-piece Brasilian pandeiro jingles for a bright staccato sound. Played singularly or in pairs.

Arno Lucas


12” x 2.5” 16” x 2.5” 22” x 2.5”

Fruit Shakes® The Sparkle Shape recreates the sound of the sea by tilting or shaking the colorful beads inside the drum.

FX SHAKER Corroboree Finish Create frog-like sounds. 3”X 2.25” SR-0203-28


SAMBA 2”x 2.25” SR-0202-26

Model SS-0600-00

Señor Kelly Shaker

Rattlestix Model SR-0212-52 SR-0012-70 SR-0012-75

Size 1” x 10” 1” x 16” 1” x 16”

Finish Red Snake Lizard

Model SR-0010-18

Finish 18


Specialty Sounds The Spring Drums and Thunder Tubes sound like thunder, simply by moving the drum, transmitting vibrations to the drumhead.

Spring Drums Model SP-0207-09 SP-0410-09

Model Size SP-0606-TD 6” x 6” SP-0207-TL 2.32” x 7”

Size Description 2.32” x 7” Angled on one end 4” x 10” Angled on one end

Finishes: Fabric Tropical Leaf (09), Fabric Rainbow (17), ‘Stormy’ Graphic (1A) SP-0505-09 SP-0716-09

Thunder Tubes

Sound Shapes®

5” x 5” 7” x 16”

Double headed with sound hole Double headed with sound hole

Finishes: Fabric Tropical Leaf (09), Fabric Rainbow (17) Model Size SP-0716-7A 7” x 16” SP-0716-9A 7” x 16”

Sound Shapes® are high-quality, affordable percussion instruments that are perfect for the classroom, day care center, or drum circle. They come in a variety of geometric shapes and cool sounds that are as vibrant as their colors.

Description Angled on one end Angled on one end

Finishes: Tie Dye Graphics (TD), Stormy Graphics (TL), Starry Nights (TS)

Finish Fabric Rainbow Fabric Tropical Leaf

Stars, Hearts & Flowers Pack Shape Pack Model SS-3000-05

Model SS-9000-03 SS-9011-00 SS-9021-00 SS-9031-00

Size Set of 6 6 3/4” Flower, 7 1/4” Flower-Cut Square 6 1/4” Star, 7 1/4” Star-Cut Square 6 1/4” Heart, 7 1/4” Heart-Cut Square

Description Stars, Hearts & Flowers Pack Flower Set Star Set Heart Set


Sound Shapes® Connector Starter Kit SP-0505-17

Family Pack Model SS-1000-06

1 Knob Connector plus 6” and 8” Circle Sound Shapes.® Model SS-7502-00 SP-0716-7A

Sound Shapes® Handle-Leg Starter Kit


1 Small Circle Connector plus 6” & 8” Circle Sound Shape.® Model SS-7505-00 SP-0207-09 SP-0716-09



Kids Percussion® At Remo we believe any child could be the next orchestral timpani player, Latin conguero or rock star drummer. Every child can experience the joy of playing. So we make entry level drums to inspire entry level percussionists. Not toys. Drums, manufactured with the same top quality standards as our professional line products. Meets all worldwide safety standards.

Model KD-0608-01 KD-1506-01 KD-0306-01 KD-0010-01 KD-5400-01 KD-5080-01 KD-2012-01 KD-5822-01 KD-5816-01 KD-5818-01 KD-5222-01

Size 8” x 14” 6.5” x 15” 6” x 10” 10” x 22” 5” & 6” x 6.5 7.5” x 10” 10” & 12” 22” x 8” 16” x 8” 18” x 8” 22” x 21”

Hand Drum Model KD-0106-01 KD-0108-01 KD-0110-01 KD-0112-01 KD-0114-01 KD-0500-01

Size 6” x 1” 8” x 1” 10” x 1” 12” x 1” 14” x 1” 5 piece set

Description Djembe Konga Doumbek Tubano® Bongo Floor Tom Timbale Gathering Drums Gathering Drums Gathering Drums Gathering Drums

Rhythm Club® Rhythm Club® is a fun, healthy and positive avenue for children to be exposed to world music. The Bongos, Floor Tom and Konga drums feature quality Renaissance® drumheads, bright molded feet, and bottoms that elevate them from the ground so even the smallest percussionist can get great sounds.

Model RH-2106-00 RH-1206-00 RH-5600-00 RH-5010-00

Size 6” x 1.75” 6” x 12” 5” & 6” x 4.5” 10” x 5”

Description Tambourine Konga Bongos Floor Tom

Lollipop Drum ®


“I know now that a part of our company is involved in the life enhancement business.” – Remo D. Belli

Model Size Description Finish ET-7110-00 10” X 1” Graphic drumhead, Mallet included


Remo takes great pride in supporting and enhancing arts and education ®

Drum circles and other rhythm-based activities are being used in educational settings the world over to create better learning environments, foster positive attitudes towards the school experience and to integrate curricula. Facilitation trainings are part of this movement towards rhythm-based experiential learning. HealthRHYTHMS® and Village Music Circles® are among the trainings that give educators new skills to empower students of all ages. Remo’s long time association with programs and educators, such as early childhood specialist Lynn Kleiner and World Music Drumming founder Will Schmid, help teachers communicate better with their students and expand education from pre-school through high school. Continuing support of arts and education is Remo’s Education Department which sponsors more than 300 artist clinics per year. Master clinics cover Marching as well as culturally specific drumming from Africa, Asia, the Americas and Caribbean. In addition, Remo, Inc. continues to support organizations such as NAMM, The Percussive Arts Society, Drum Corps International, Music For All, Winter Guard International and Youth Education in the Arts.

“In 20 years of scientific studies, there is a lot of evidence now that validates that we are really hard wired into music. And, the rhythmic component of music can be expressed more effectively, more immediately and with less cost with the drum.” .– Remo D. Belli

As an official sponsor of the world-famous Rose Parade®, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade® and Orlando Citrus Parade, Remo annually reaches millions of people of all ages from around the world as they watch the finest bands drum, dance, and march in the pursuit of life enhancement and educational growth.


World Music Drumming

Kids Make Music

Lynn Kleiner Kids Gathering Drum The Kids Gathering Drum is now key-tunable. It is constructed using Remo’s proprietary Acousticon® drum shell material and Renaissance® drumhead film and can handle the most enthusiastic of players. Each Lynn Kleiner Kids Gathering Drum is tuned for optimal sound before leaving the Remo factory. Model PP-WMDC-AA PP-WMDC-BB PP-WMDC-CC PP-WMDC-EE

Model LK-5840-1G

Number of Instruments 52 44 40 41

World Music Drumming Program by Will Schmid

Lynn Kleiner Packs

MENC past President Will Schmid’s World Music Drumming is an acclaimed, 30-lesson instructional program for elementary, middle and high school general music classes. The course combines pure enjoyment of music participation to students while building life’s necessary skills, from communication to discipline. Remo® and Will Schmid have jointly developed four special percussive instrument packages. They feature attractive, durable and easy-toplay instruments that fulfill the curriculum for World Music Drumming – not to mention providing a fun and meaningful introduction to world percussion.

Kids Make Music Too! for ages 3-8 yrs. old Model LK-3200-K2 LK-3100-K2 VO-LKDV-K2

Kids Make Music for ages 2-5 yrs old

Go to and click on “Drumming” then “Learning Tools” for more information.


Size 40” x 8”

Model LK-2200-K1 LK-2100-K1 VO-LKDV-K1

Description w/ DVD w/o DVD DVD only

Description w/ DVD w/o DVD DVD only

Babies Make Music for infants-2 yrs old Model LK-1200-B1 LK-1100-B1 VO-LKDK-B1

Description w/ DVD w/o DVD DVD only



Aroma Drum

Travel Pack Aroma Drum

The quest for well-being begins by discovering your personal rhythm.

The first stress management system integrating the life-enhancing benefits of Healing Music, Aromatherapy, and Therapeutic Drumming.

“Some of the most empowering training around, both personally and professionally.” Mauri Tyler, CTRS

“The Aroma Drum™, and the many creative ways in which it can be used, allows for uncommon beauty, unmatched simplicity and transcendent bonding. This instrument becomes an unparalleled means of expression in working with both patients and families.” Bonnie D. Harr, MSN, MS, RN

“It empowers a person to create peaceful rhythms of your own heartbeat’s expression.” Peter Abas, MA, APD “This training is ‘real world’ and bridges between art and science in an applicable way.” David Vita, BME “The HealthRHYTHMS® training was so much more than I was hoping for - absolutely life changing!” Lyda Eddington, ECE, Director of Music, Master Level Orff Schulwerk Teacher; Creative Dramatics Teacher

Travel Percussion Pack

HealthRHYTHMS® Group Empowerment Drumming Use this inspirational program for employee wellness initiatives, patient groups, corporate team building, classroom curriculum integration, support groups, senior citizen programs and more. No musical experience is required to participate in this fun, scientifically researched way to reduce stress, exercise, offer/experience nurturing/support, improve mood, and express yourself through music.

Facilitation Training HealthRHYTHMS® & HealthRHYTHMS® Adolescent Protocol hands-on training programs have been carefully designed to offer you an interactive, life-changing opportunity for discovering and sharing the incredible rhythms that are yours alone. You will learn how to introduce, integrate, and facilitate HealthRHYTHMS® Group Empowerment Drumming in a variety of settings.


“The Aroma Drum™ represents an intriguing concept. The potential to link the biological underpinnings of emotions and behavior related to olfactory limbic system stimulation with biological modulation associated with group drumming generates fascinating possibilities!”

This lightweight, eco-friendly kit nests inside a deluxe, padded backpack, which is easy to carry, whether you’re traveling by plane, train, automobile, or bicycle. You’ll get a big sound from this compact, durable kit with instruments for up to 20 people.

Barry Bittman, MD CEO, Mind-Body Wellness Center

Model: DP-0250-00

HealthRHYTHMS® Collection* Model: PP-WMDC-HR HealthRHYTHMS® Mini Collection* Model: DP-0080-00 HealthRHYTHMS® Guided Imagery Kit Model: E1-0312-H1-GI (Buffalo Drum & Guided Imagery CD)

Model: DP-ADSM-00 Includes:

Aroma Drum™ with Mallet 5 Interchangeable Aroma Discs with storage bags Music 4 Life™ Stress Brake Program (CD & Booklet) 4 Essential Oils with Guide

Also available: HK-ADSM-01 E1-5312-81-015

For more information visit

Aroma Infuser Disc Pack, Quantity Of 4 Aroma Drum™ (Drum with Mallet & 1 Aroma Disc Only)

For more information visit


Books/CDs/DVDs Will Schmid World Music Literature and DVD Package World Music Drumming has become the music curriculum of choice in thousands of classrooms (grades 3-12), recreation centers, churches and adult offerings. World Music Drumming is an active approach to music making that invites students to explore, sing, play, create, move, feel, listen and understand, and covers all of the National Music Standards. Model: LI-0498-WM

Poncho Sanchez™ Book, Poncho Sanchez™ Conga Cook Book With Compact Disc Grammy-award winning conga player Poncho Sanchez™ produced this unique book/CD pack, which covers all the essential styles you’ll need. Plus there is a tasty bonus. Not only does the music have a decidedly Latin flavor, but so do the spicy hot cooking recipes from Poncho that are interspersed throughout the book! Model: LI-PSCC-00

Paulo Mattioli Book, CD and DVD Set, ‘First Lesson Djembe’, Paulo Mattioli’ First Lessons Djembe provides a fun and easy way to learn to play the Djembe. It was conceived for the beginning Djembe player, yet contains information and reference material that is valuable for players at all levels. Model: LI-0030-00

Christine Stevens Book and CD Package, ”The Art and Heart of Drum Circles” In this quintessential guide to both creating and facilitating drum circles, noted music therapist and drum circle facilitator Christine Stevens, MSW, MA, MT-BC covers everything from key grooves and instrumentation, to the personal side of empowering people and creating transformational experiences through recreational drumming. Filled with practical tools, guidelines, principles, helpful hints, exercises, and even a play-along CD. Model: LI-0200-00

Lynn Kleiner, Christine Stevens Sound Shape Playbook Book and CD Learn drum techniques and the many sounds you can make on Remo® Sound Shapes®! Discover 22 incredible activities and games to infuse your groups with color, rhythm, and fun! Includes play-along CD featuring groove-starter tracks and activity songs! Co-written by leading early childhood and Orff specialist Lynn Kleiner and music therapist and drum circle facilitator, Christine Stevens. For all ages. Model: LI-0161-00


Chalo Eduardo & Frank Kumor Book and CD, Drum Circle: Guide To World Percussion This unique guide to world percussion covers 28 different instruments with descriptions and performance techniques on several different cultures and six unique compositions. The enhanced CD includes all the written musical exercises and rhythms, as well as superb audio/visual demonstrations that can be slowed down for practice purposes. Model: LI-WPDC-00

Arthur Hull Book and CD Package, “Drum, Circle, Spirit” Drum Circle Spirit teaches about facilitating community through rhythm-based events. Arthur Hull, recognized as the father of the drum circle movement, uses rhythm circles for spirit - and team - building among personal growth and religious groups, major corporations and to help build community in grass roots organizations around the world. This book includes discussion and education about ‘rhythmaculture’; a play-along universal grooves CD with orchestration outlines; drum circle games; facilitation exercises; orchestration exercises; and the author’s philosophies, terminologies, and stories. Model: LI-0210-00

Sandy Felstein Guide Book and CD, ‘Rhythm Party™’ The Rhythm Party™ Guide Book/CD can be used at home or in any school setting. It includes complete facilitator instructions for those who wish to move from the Rhythm Party™ experience to a traditional drum circle. For those who want to either learn or teach more formally about music, the DVDs and the book include a basic instructional section on notation and time signatures. For teachers, the Guide Book provides helpful ideas for integrating the instruction into the classroom. Model: LI-0020-00

Kirk Brundage Afro-Brazilian Percussion Guide Series: Carnaval Focuses on the rhythms of the primary Carnaval groups, and gives examples of how these rhythms fit into the contemporary pop music style known as Axé-music. An important cradle of Afro-Brazilian culture, Salvador Bahia occupies a central place in the history of Brazilian music, being home to musical styles that form the bedrock of much of today’s popular sounds. Model: LI-2110-00


Drum Drumhead NUSKYN® FIBERSKYN® 3 Name Crown Size Quinto Conga Tumba S. Tumba

Remo® Valencia Congas Poncho Sanchez™ Signature Series Congas Jimmie Morales Signature Series Congas

Bongo Tucked Drumheads


Macho Hembra Hembra

Remo® Designer Series Djembe Infinity Series Djembe

Mondo® Tubano Drumheads

Ergo Drum System Doumbek - Soloist Ergo Drum System Doumbek - Crystal

SKYNDEEP ® M7-1106-S6-SD003 M7-1175-S6-SD003 M7-1250-S6-SD003 M7-1300-S6-SD003


7.00” 8.50” 9.00”

M9-0715-N5 M9-0850-N6 M9-0900-N6

M9-0715-F3 M9-0850-F4 M9-0900-F4

M9-0715-S4-SD003 M9-0850-S5-SD003 M9-0900-S5-SD003





10” 12” 14” 16” 18”

MO-2510-N2 MO-2512-N2 MO-2514-N2 MO-2516-N2 MO-2518-N2

MO-2510-FA MO-2512-FA MO-2514-FA MO-2516-FA MO-2518-FD

N/A MO-2512-SD-0024 MO-2514-SD-0024 N/A N/A

10” 12” 14”

MO-2510-N1-5000 MO-2512-N1-6000 MO-2514-N1-6000

Size NUSKYN® 8” 9” 10”


Tucked Skyndeep® Serpentine Day graphic conga head

MO-2510-F5 MO-2512-F5 MO-2514-F5 SKYNDEEP® CLEAR TONE

BD-0008-00-SC016 BD-0009-00-SC017 BD-0010-00-SC018

karl perrazo

FIBERSKYN® 3 provides a superb, authentic drum sound for maximum projection, lively overtones, and slap tones that are easy on your hands. With superior construction, the low maintenance, weather resistant Fiberskyn® 3 drumheads enhance your drumming experience. NUSKYN® sounds natural, warm, and full-bodied with enhanced low and midrange frequencies, without any lingering high pitched overtones. Nuskyn® closely resembles the performance of animal skin, while actually expanding the sound response spectrum dramatically.



For complete information on Remo World Percussion Drumheads, visit the World Percussion Drumhead pages at


M7-1106-F6 M7-1175-F6 M7-1250-F6 M7-1300-F6


Remo® 100 Series Tubano®s

Doumbek Drumheads

M7-1106-N6 M7-1175-N6 M7-1250-N6 M7-1300-N6


Remo® Valencia Bongos

Mondo® Djembe Drumheads

11.06” 11.75” 12.50” 13.00”

Raul rekow Remo has come up with an alternative choice. Each drumhead film invented by Remo, Inc., through modern technologies, has been developed specifically to create the unique sound qualities needed to give each drum and drumming style an enhanced added quality for today’s music.

Skyndeep® Clear Tone Doumbek head

Conga Tucked Drumheads

Crimplock Symmetry Conga Drumheads

SKYNDEEP® is the graphic infusion of pigment into a polyester surface making it uniquely attractive while maintaining the integrity of a great sounding drumhead. Skyndeep® is weather resistant, producing warm tones, increased sound volume and projection in any environment. Skyndeep® Fish skin Doumbek head

fausto cuevas JOSE madera



johnny “dandy” rodriquez ®

BD-0008-00-SD001 BD-0009-00-SD001 BD-0010-00-SD001

Mondo® Nuskyn® Tubano® head

luis conte

richie flores

Conga Dr u

mhe a ds m ® Sy k Professional Quality & Sound Choice. oc


Crim pl

Drumheads For Remo World Percussion

Tucked Skyndeep® Calf skin graphic bongo heads


Increased Sound, Volume & Projection Warm Tone - Weather Resistant - Easy to Tune

jesus diaz


Bags / Straps

Sticks / Mallets



WP Bags

Shoulder Straps

Remo® World Percussion bags come standard with heavy duty padded construction, shoulder straps to carry your drum, and a convenient side pocket to store tuning keys and other small items.

Durable black nylon straps can be used on Surdos, TanTans and various other instruments when played standing or parading. Straps are padded and equipped with heavy-duty metal clip ends for fastening to many World Percussion drums.

Model Djembe DJ-0012-BG DJ-0014-BG DJ-6012-BG DJ-1010-BG

Fits 12” Mondo® Djembe Fits 14” Mondo® Djembe Fits Apex Djembe Fits Advent Djembe

Model Size HK-2046-00 2” x 62” HK-2046-10 2”x 53” HK-3200-DK 1” x 42”

Conga CG-0012-BG CG-0014-BG

Fits 11” and 11.75” drum Fits 12.50” & 13.00” drum

Doumbek DK-0010-BG

Fits all Doumbeks sizes, 8”, 9” & 10”


Hand Drum TU-3410-BG HD-0016-BG HD-0022-BG

Fits, 13” Frame drums and Tambourines Fits, 16” Frame drums and Tambourines Fits, 22” Frame drums and Tambourines

doumbek Hand drum

Description Adjustable lengths, Black Adjustable lengths, Black Shoulder Strap Assembly for most Doumbek

Kids Shoulder Straps This black nylon strap is used on Kids Percussion, Festival Tubano’s and Djembe instruments and are equipped with plastic clip ends for fastening to drums. Model Size HK-2066-71 1” X 42”

Description Adjustable lengths, Black

Dual Slider Percussion Straps Evenly distributes drum’s weight for maximum comfort. The 2” nylon webbing with a leather cross member allows instant adjustment for correct and comfortable positioning. Strap is equipped with medium metal clip ends for fastening to many world percussion drums. Model 18-5043-70 18-5044-70 18-5045-70

kevin ricard

Size 90” Length (Short) 110” Length (Medium) 130” Length (Long)

Wood/Foam Mallet

Black Plastic Mallet

Model HK-1210-00 HK-1208-00

Model HK-0140-70

Wood handle mallet, foam head, soft black cover for Nesting Djun-Djuns, Gathering Drum, Ocean Drum and Buffalo Drum. Size 5/8” x 16” 5/8” x 12”

Talking Drum Mallet

Remo’s innovative ultra-light aluminum curved drum stick features a custommade plastic tip and 5.5” foam handle for comfort and balance when playing. Model HK-1015-70

Bodhran Cipin

Sound Shapes® Beater

Sound Shapes® drum beater, white with red rubber end caps. Model HK-1223-08

Size 3/8” x 8”

White plastic handle mallet with a 36mm multi-colored foam head may be used safely by kids. Also use on Sound Shapes,® Doodle Drums,TM and Kids Hand Drums. Model HK-1225-08 HK-1224-10

Size 8” 10”

Black Plastic Beater

Model HK-3000-HW

Baqueta de Tamborim

Designed to extract the most sound from the Brasilian Tamborims, Frame Drums, or any percussion instrument. Features three 15” flexible rods extending from a solid textured handle. Model HK-3015-70

Taiko Drum Sticks

Lightweight natural poplar wood, pair.


Size 3/8” x 10”

Kids Drum Mallet

Two headed traditional Bodhran hardwood mallet. This 8” two-headed stick made of a lathe-turned piece of wood is used to play various sizes of Bodhran drums.

Model Size RB-1534-00 0.25” x 15” RB-0165-00 1” x 18”

Black plastic handle, 40mm rubber head, soft black cover, for use on Kids Gathering Drums, Buffalo Drums, Paddle Drums and Kids Floor Tom.

Description For Okedaiko, Shime Daiko For Nagado and large Okedo drums

This lightweight beater with black rubber end caps is used on the Agogo Drums, Kids Timbales, and is suited for many other drums. Model HK-2057-00

Size 3/8” x 12”

NSL Mallet

NSL, Not So Loud Mallets are created to produce less sound when struck on the drum surface. Lightweight mallets made from Pine wood with a soft spongy foam, covered with durable fabric. Model Size Description HK-1350-NS 5/8” x 13.5” Pair


Accessories / Hardware



Johnny valenzuela

Tuning Keys



Sound Control HK-8200-00 HK-6204-02 HK-JM10-15-30 HK-2203-11-13 HK-2203-13-03 HK-6203-02

HK-2450-51    F - Swivel Handle with hex socket for Doumbek and Tubanito HK-2450-59    G - Swivel Handle with drum key socket, for Djembe and Tubano® HK-1525-09    H - Pandeiro, Frame Drum Key, 3-Pack HK-0029-09    I - Bodhran Wrench for Kanjira, Bodhran, Riq, 6-Pack



A - O Ring Set, Self Adhesive, one 8” clear dot, five O Ring sets, 8” – 13” B - Clear Dot Patch Sound Control, 4” Diameter, 2 Pcs C - Jingle muffles, 1.5” diameter, for pandeiro or tambourines, 30 pcs D - Felt Patch, Self-adhesive, 1” diameter, 13 pcs E - Felt Thumb Patch, Self-adhesive, 3” wide, for frame drum thumb cut-out, 3 pcs Tablatone Dot, Self-adhesive, 3” diameter, 2 pcs



Model Description DY-0362-CG J - Valencia Double Conga Stand (shown with surdo/djun djun adapters, not included) RC-P125-00 K - Crown Percussion double conga stand DY-6300-DT L - Double tom stand for Doumbek rings DY-3350-DK M - Doumbek Adapter ring DI-6110-00 N - Djembe Wire Stand fits sizes 10” - 16” HK-0025-00 O - Frame drum Holder , mounts on 3/8” rod, fit 6”- 22” x 5/8”


NSL Volume Control Caps NSL Volume Control Caps are used by therapy centers, schools and group drumming for an excellent alternative when loud volume is not permitted. NSL Volume Control Caps are compatible with all Remo® Mondo® drumhead products, like the 100 and 50 Series Tubanos®.

Model VC-0010-70 VC-0012-70 VC-0014-70

Size 10” 12” 14”




The Doumbek Adapter ring offers the opportunity to play the doumbek or djembe drums suspended using any existing cymbal stand. Pictured with 3-Way Multi Clamp and double Tom stand.

Surdo/Djun Djun Adaptor No need to drill into drums. Just slip the adapter through the drum tuning rods. Fits on Remo and Crown Percussion double conga stands. Model DY-2990-LG DY-2990-SM


Size Large Adapter Small Adapter



Model HK-9010-00


Conga Guard Model HK-5154-02

Description Conga Bracket Guards, Black, Pkg of 2

Description 3-Way Multi Clamp




Kinte Kloth



Rain Forest


Night Fantasy


Gold Warrior






Red Forge






Batik Kachina




Crystaline Red



Black Earth






Metalized™ Yellow


Fossil Fantasy




Tropical Leaf





West African 18 AH

Urban Camouflage


Multi Mask



Constellation Purple


Constellation Burgundy



Green Kinte Kloth 32




Shadow flame


Petrified Cave CV

Serpentine Day SD

Molten Sea



Silver Sparkle


Chrome Prizmatic 45

Black Prizmatic 47

Cherry Red








Metalized™ Brass


Metalized™ Nickel-Silver


Metalized™ Orange


Metalized™ Turquoise


White/ Nickel-Silver


Black Copper


Garnet Copper 9M


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