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Features > “I’m in miami B*$*%” a peek at miami nightlife with dj b-side This edition we’re inviting you to check out Stanton’s hometown hotspots. Get a local’s view of one of the hottest cities on the planet from long time South Florida resident DJ B-Side.




ARTIST PROFILE: Stryke pg. Miami’s own Stryke has become one of the most internationally respected dance music artists today. We snagged him for this special feature story to hear his thoughts on his jet-setter lifestyle, his recent projects, and what’s next to come!


Currents pg.

What’s it like to DJ for Jaime Fox, worldwide A-list clubs, and NBA’s Miami Heat? We spent a few minutes with Miami celebrity DJ Irie to find out. Also, special Uberstand product feature!


> SC System 3 pg.

By bundling 2 of the SCS.3d’s, an SCS.3m and Traktor LE software, Stanton has created an unmatched system that delivers performance, portability and low price.



A look inside the legendary Miami studio Hit Factory Criteria.



Currents > FOR LIFE - VOL. 2, 2010


Q&A with DJ Irie of Miami Heat WITH A STRIKING CHARISMA that lights up any venue, DJ Irie has become a fixture in Miami’s entertainment and nightlife scene. However, to consider Irie a “local celebrity” would be a drastic understatement, as he is now internationally known as a must-have, A-list DJ. Dominating any venue and infusing every party with his seemingly infinite energy, DJ Irie has captivated the entire industry. Nominated for a BET Award and voted Best DJ by the Miami Herald, Irie’s passion, enthusiasm and particularly charming personality all set him apart.  Although Miami is his stomping ground, on the national level, DJ Irie is impossible to miss.  As the official DJ to Jamie Foxx and the 2006 NBA World Champion Miami HEAT, a member of the 2008 Pepsi DJ Division with performances at MTV’s Total Request Live and the Nickelodeon Teen Choice Awards, and the Halftime show at the Orange Bowl for three consecutive years, DJ Irie knows no boundaries.



DJ Irie has been featured in USA Today, Access Hollywood, MTV, ESPN Magazine, Playboy Magazine, and Ocean Drive to name a few. He most recently collaborated with Creative Recreation on an exclusive “DJ Irie” sneaker. For this special Miami issue of “For Life” magazine, it was a no brainer to spend a few minutes with our iconic SoBe DJ and friend to reflect on his rise to celebrity, and see what exciting new projects are on the horizon. What makes Miami’s nightlife and music scene  special to you? The Miami scene is so special because Miami is such a transient city with so many people passing through and visiting from all over the world. I love the fact that you can play music from almost every corner of the world and someone will be there to appreciate it. 

> UBERSTAND How did you build such an exciting career? What were some of your major influences or stepping stones? I think I was able to do this because I never limited myself. I wasn’t afraid to expand outside of the clubs to arenas and stadiums and I wasn’t afraid to step out of my comfort zone and embrace different genres of music. Some of my major stepping stones were becoming official DJ of the Miami HEAT, at a time where there had never been an official team DJ in all of professional sports. DJ/Hosting the Orange Bowl game & becoming Jamie Foxx official tour DJ. Those are a few of the major achievements in my career. What’s it like DJing for the NBA games (especially playoff games!) ?

Quit slumping over your computer and scrambling to balance it on the corner of your DJ booth...pick up an Uberstand. An essential tool for any traveling digital DJ or musician, this best-selling stand, favored by top DJs such as Deadmau5, Irie, and Carmen Rizzo, alleviates your space issues (and your sore neck) by elevating your laptop directly over your work area. Completely collapsible, the Uberstand folds up into a slim, convenient carrying pouch for transport and protection between gigs. Unfolded, its striking industrial design looks cool while it provides a sturdy spot for your computer and special shelf for your audio interface... so you can concentrate on your performance instead of worrying about drunken partygoers spilling drinks on your laptop or knocking it off your booth completely. The Stanton Uberstand is available worldwide in major music retailers and specialty shops, and is totally budget friendly at less than 100 USD.

Simply ELECTRIC! I’m a huge basketball fan... so DJ’n for the Miami HEAT and NBA All-Star is just amazing! The most exciting experience ever has to be the 2006 Championship! HEAT fans had that place rocking night in and night out and it was all capped off by another milestone as I became the only DJ to ever receive an NBA championship ring! Did the Miami Heat  gig open a lot of doors for you professionally? Absolutely! Being tapped to be the Official DJ of the Miami HEAT took my brand from the clubs and airwaves to corporate America and solidified me as a household name in the South Florida area.  You’ve been using the SCS.3d controller since it was first released- in what ways does it  enhance  your set? The SCS.3d is amazing! It’s taken my creativity to a whole new level and really simplified a lot of the functions I’m used to using on my laptop. 

What current projects are you most excited about?

What specific advantages  do you have with  the SCS.3d, as opposed to other controllers?

Right now I’m focused on touring with Jamie Foxx’s Blame It Tour. We are doing 63 cities in between now and mid October and my SCS.3d will be right there with me.

Speed and ease of use! Using the SCS.3d is so simple and natural and I really couldn’t use anything else.

You’ve experienced so much outstanding goals as an artist?

You are also a radio DJ- do you use the controllers in the studio? I use the controllers EVERYWHERE I play including on air. It helps me manipulate my drops and loop at the drop of a dime.


My next major goal is to form my own foundation. I’ve had great success raising money for children’s issues through my Irie Weekend charity but the next goal is to have my own foundation and fund even more efforts.




Product Spotlight




MIAMI RESIDENT Greg “Stryke” Chin is considered to be one of the top DJs of today. His globetrotting schedule and growing legions of fans are proof positive of his ability to command dancefloors worldwide and his live shows are an even bigger treat. He’s had Billboard chart successes and has collaborated with top international artists. He’s had releases on labels such as Ovum, Plastic City, Circle, Tronic, Hooj Choons, Monoid, Circle, Guidance, Platform, Twisted, and many others, and his residencies have included nights at clubs such as the legendary Edge, Warsaw, Maze, & Nocturnal, and even the MTV Video Music Awards. 2008 saw the release of his newest album, The Narrowest of Paths, on the Plastic City label, as well as projects and remixes for artists such as Nic Fanciulli, Oscar G, Danny Howells, Terry Lee Brown Jr. and many others currently in the works.


Artist Profile: DJ Stryke

His new label project with best friend, Oscar G, Three-O-Five Digital, is already garnering rave reviews from DJs and fans worldwide. Stryke continues to be considered one of the hardest working people in electronic dance music today.

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Stryke began his music career at an early age. He started playing classical piano at the age of four, and moved to Miami, when he was ten. Stryke became heavily involved in early electronic alternative scene when his love for Beethoven and Chopin were quickly joined by his new love for groups such as Depeche Mode and New Order. He bought his first synthesizer at age 12, and soon discovered house and techno from a mix tape given to him by his cousin,

Tell us a little about what you’ve been up to lately! There’s a ton of stuff happening! I was on a remix tear for a bit; doing remixes for artists such as Terry Lee Brown Jr., Tom Budden, Danny Howells, and a host of others. I also helped engineer Oscar G’s latest album “DJ,” on which I also sang 3 songs (and co-wrote two). Oscar and I also just officially launched our new label, Three-O-Five Digital. The first EP is out and features myself, Oscar, Lazaro Casanova, and Noise Artistry. It’s called “The Made in Miami EP.” Obviously, you can tell what the focus is there! I’m working on some new material for the label, as well as for Plastic City. I’ve also just completed a new exclusive song for a new Plastic City label family compilation. The name of the song is “Beautiful” and it’s really different for me. I wanted to do something really deep and laid back. I did a small vocal snippet, and the song ends with a full piano solo. Of course, I’ve been on the road quite a bit as well... I’ve been DJing and doing a bunch speaking engagements, as well as helping end users get the most out of their Pro Tools setups. I’m also preparing to teach at this year’s Grammy Camp in LA. It’s my first time on faculty and I’m really excited! I’ll be teaching the electronic music production class. So, I’ve been pretty busy and there is a lot more to come! Stanton: You travel all over the world, but you have been on the Miami scene for a long time now. How do you feel being in Miami benefits you as a DJ? Stryke: Well, first and foremost for me is that I honed my craft here at home in Miami. It gave me a really great starting point before I ever started traveling. I learned how to work a crowd, handle the business side of things... I basically learned everything here in Miami. I think being in Miami is also a blessing because we have the Winter Music Conference roll through every year. I also love the cultural diversity we have in Miami. It has truly helped me to understand different kinds of people that I come in contact with on the road. I’ve learned a lot from this city.

How drastically have you seen the scene change or grow? Here in Miami the scene has become quite big... with a certain amount of commercialism. I don’t necessarily mean that as a negative thing either. It’s just the logic of it. It was inevitable. When the underground scene started, we searched for venues, whether legal or otherwise, to throw parties. Eventually, electronic music based clubs started popping up all over. It has been quite interesting to see. There are still areas of the world that remain quite underground, but it seems that things nowadays have these invisible lines that some people are afraid to cross. How have you personally grown and developed as an artist and DJ over the years? I think my core is still the very same as it was the day I started. It’s always been about the music. I love music. I love creating music. I love playing music. That hasn’t changed. Also, I always try to continue learning. Whether it’s technology, techniques, whatever... I always try to continue developing my sound. When I was a younger producer, I would learn a synthesizer or piece of software and stay quite content and locked in. It was the same thing when I was a young DJ at age 13. I would basically “play it safe.” I soon learned that I needed to spread my wings, so to speak. I thrive on keeping things fresh and spontaneous. But, never at the expense of the music or the creative spark. You have been using controllers now for a while, and have been using the SC System 3... how has that changed your performance? I love these controllers. It’s become a core part of my performance. I’m primarily using them with Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Pro, but I do use them with M-Audio’s Torq as well. They are easily set up, and I love the immediate response I get using them. I’ve been through several MIDI controllers, and these are the best yet. Visually, they are stunning as well. The past few times I’ve performed with them, a crowd has formed to see what’s going on. They’ve definitely made the visual aspect of my DJ performance a bit “sexier,” but the most important factor for me is the instant gratification I get... thanks to the StanTouch® technology. What has been your most memorable experience as a DJ? There have been so many wonderful things I’ve experienced as a DJ. It would be hard for me to narrow it down to one favorite. I remember Madonna coming to hear me play at home in Miami once, when I was still fairly young in my DJ career. Seeing the appreciation from fans in Europe after a set is always something quite special as well. They are very vocal about their love! Any advice for aspiring DJs and producers? Stryke: Keep your ego in check. Learn from what has come before, but carve your own path. Lead, don’t follow. But, do so with respect and humility. And never forget to have fun! If the fun stops, find something else to do. Artist Profile: DJ Stryke



a DJ in New York. The rest is history. Although his styles as a producer range anywhere from techno, house, to ambient, Stryke hates the barrier game. When it comes to DJing, Stryke gets primal, and has now garnered respect all over the world for his talent as a DJ/producer. We thought this was the perfect issue to catch up with Stryke and get some insider info on what it’s like to be a world class artist, and what’s next on deck.

DJ Focus

Spin Wizard >BIG WIZ ON SCS.3D Big Wiz is making huge waves in the industry as one of itzs most respected and talented DJs. We caught up with him for a few minutes to get the latest on what he’s up to and get his thoughts on how he uses SCS.3d with Serato Scratch Live® to enhance his sets. How long have you been a DJ and who do you/have you DJ’d for? I started DJing in late ‘83. I’ve worked with several bands/groups and solo artists over the years on stage and in the studio from some of first groups on Rap-A-Lot records to current Def Jux recording artists Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic.

something unique and special to offer... the SCS.3d is the latter of those. In what ways has the SCS.3d enhanced your DJ performance with Serato Scratch LIVE? It’s provided me with a powerful and compact solution in a MIDI controller that can change the way it works whenever I do. It’s also been designed to eliminate knobs, faders and buttons that can break off... so I don’t have to be as concerned with it getting damaged going from gig to gig and traveling around stuffing it in and out of bags all the time.

Stanton: How do you use controllers in your set? Quite well, thank you. (haha) I use them to access more MIDI controllable features in Scratch live at one time than the TTM-57 control surface alone will allow. I prefer a MIDI controller to the laptop keyboard for things like cue points, loops, censors etc. The controllers I use are easier to trigger quickly than the small computer keys and more spaced out than the mixers controls. Also, for performance features like cue points and loops, I think it looks better from a spectator’s perspective than pressing a small button on the mixer or a key on the laptop. When someone sees you press a button on dedicated controller that looks like a piece of musical equipment and hears something happen at the same time... they seem to get it more and can better relate to the performance. It helps get them into it a little more and while they may not understand 100% of what’s happening when you touch the controller, they know it’s about the music/show/performance and not you checking your e-mail or IM’ing someone. Why did you start using the SCS.3d? I started using the SCS.3d because it was something new and seemed interesting and different. There are a lot of products I know right away that I don’t need to waste my time with, and then there are those that have


Mobile DJ Focus

What do you feel sets the SCS.3d apart from other controllers? I think the SCS.3d is totally unique in several ways. It has no moving parts so there is greater reliability. It has a compartment to store the USB cable when not in use. I like the slotted magnetic sides that allow another unit to be quickly attached. I also like the fact that the unit is small and compact. It doesn’t take up much space at all which is a big plus when you travel a lot and already have a lot of gear to pack and keep up with. The MIDI possibilities beyond generic mapping seem to be amazing as well... I can’t wait to wrap my head around that and get a little deeper with what I can make it do. Also, the touch-sensitive technology is different than any other MIDI controller I have ever used. Small, compact, reliable, durable and flexible in functionality is a must when you travel a lot and that is exactly what the SCS.3d is.

“Brilliant MIDI Controller gives DJ/ producers the midas touch.”

“DaScratch® Kicks A**Raise it over your head, touch it and show people how it’s done!”

- BPM Magazine

- Remix Magazine


on the SCS.3d, Jan. 2009


In the SC System 3, Stanton’s unique touch-sensitive control surfaces and Native Instruments’ new Traktor LE DJ software come together to create a completely intuitive and reliable DJ control solution that allows you to plug and perform anywhere in the world within a matter of minutes. The system includes two SCS.3d deck controllers and the SCS.3m mix controller, which magnetically join together to give you the familiar layout of a traditional DJ rig, but in a sleek, mobile format with easy to use, fully integrated software control abilities that far surpass any DJ gear you’ve used in the past. Even better, there are no moving parts to break or wear out, so the SC System 3 can be used night after night with minimal wear and tear. The two SCS.3d controllers operate like two minidecks allowing you to use traditional DJ style motions and gestures on a touch-pad style surface to control DJ software. And the SCS.3m is a unique controller with all the functions of a two channel DJ mixer, plus a host of new performance control features.




By combining two of the Revolutionary SCS.3d controllers with the new SCS.3m MIDI mixer, plus including Native Instrument’s Traktor LE software -- Stanton has put together the most popular SCS.3 configuration -- all in one box ready to go.

SEE MORE ON PAGES 17-18 > Big Wiz



> A PEEK AT MIAMI NIGHTLIFE WITH DJ B-SIDE LMFAO SAID IT BEST and most recently “Drink all day… Play all night… Let’s get it poppin’ I’m in Miami B*$*%!” with their underground crossover hit “I’m in Miami B*$*%.” We’ve got tropical weather, beaches packed year round, internationally acclaimed nightlife, and a cultural fusion that is completely unique to the city... so it’s no wonder that just about every summer Miami becomes the muse for these popular anthems played all over the world. Just ask Will Smith, Sander Kleinenberg or U2, who have all made hits with an ode to our city. After visiting Florida for a series of Winter Music Conferences I decided that “I HAD to move here!” Where in the U.S. could I find a Riviera with amazing food, women, weather & nightlife all rolled into one? Not to mention the ability to afford the cost of living (unlike L.A. / N.Y.)! I was hooked on Miami. Now granted, I couldn’t just magically make everything appear in South Florida (or SoFLo as we call it), it took some time, but after a few years of planning and strategy I was finally a FL resident.


I’m in Miami B*$*%!

Aside from WMC (Winter Music Conference) South FL has a lot to offer, and no, I don’t mean proximity to Disney/Epcot or Universal Studios (although they are cool)... I’m talking about fun for adults (or at least people over 21 years of age). You could easily go from the Keys, to Miami Beach, to Ft. Lauderdale, then up to West Palm Beach, and get a totally different perspective of South FL in each area. For the sake of time & space, I’ll focus on Dade & Broward County (commonly known as Miami, Hollywood & Ft. Lauderdale). Everyone knows Miami’s “South Beach,” so I guess I’ll begin there. According to Wikipedia, “South Beach is a neighborhood in the city of Miami Beach, Florida, United States. It is the area south of Indian Creek and encompasses roughly the southernmost 23 blocks of the main barrier island that separates the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay.” Although today, the nightlife goes well above 23rd and is known as North Beach. Special places of interest for walking and beach hopping are the obvious Ocean Drive, and Collins Ave. but don’t miss Lincoln Road, as there are a number of unique shops, restaurants, and bars that are worth checking out.


Moda XPress

> 217-225 Lincoln Road If you are looking for gift shops or local trendy clothing, try Moda Xpress located at 217-225 Lincoln Road; it’s possibly the best spot to visit, and they even have decent designer wear at reasonable prices. There are also a ton of other noteworthy shops along Washington & Collins, and just about every block in between.

Years ago, almost all of Washington Ave (north of 5th Ave) was a great place to find the hottest clubs and nightlife. Although much of that has changed and moved, there’s still a bit of partying to do in this area. On the northern end of Washington (between 17th & 10th) you’ll find big nightclubs like Cameo (formerly Crobar), Mansion (which back in the day was Glam Slam, owned by Prince), and SET (the old 320 Bar Room). But don’t sleep on many smaller lounges & bars like Jazzid, B.E.D., Automatic Slim’s, SOBE Live, and Feelgoods (R.I.P. BLUE – a long running underground house/techno lounge). One of my favorite local & underground spots is one called Black Sheep Bar (formally Laundry Bar)... They took out the washing machines and put in a better DJ booth and sound system, and now have a little more dancing room. Black Sheep is a spot where you’ll find music formats that range from House, to Hip-Hop, to Drum&Bass, and even Dubstep. There’s always something going on towards the lower end of Washington (between 10th & 5th) as well, but it changes almost quarterly. Ocean Drive has quite a few popular restaurants and bar/lounges (mostly restaurants). Although most are “touristy,” you can find the occasional non tourist-trap venue.

Hotel Venues Some of the best hotels that include music events (both indoor and poolside) like famously upscale and historical Collins Avenue. The Sagamore, Delano, Clevelander, Shelborne, Shoreclub, Fontainebleau, and many others offer a unique interpretation of Miami nightlife that is completely open to the public (you don’t have to have a hotel room key to party... but it does help when it’s a VIP only event). My faves are the Florida Room in the Delano & SHINE in the Shelbourne. Florida Room is known for more live acclaimed local talent, whereas SHINE caters to more mainstream international DJs and upscale Miami nightlife. The Fontainebleau is a newer venue, and is rapidly becoming the most popular Resort complex on Miami Beach. It has several clubs, with the biggest & most popular being LIV, Tropigala lounge, and Blade. Fontainebleau also features one of SoBe’s largest and most elegant poolside resorts, complete w/ cabanas, day beds, restaurants, and live entertainment. I wonder what Sinatra would think now of his old hangout...

Next to South Beach itself, Downtown Miami has possibly the largest number of clubs per square footage. With world renowned venues like SPACE, it’s hard not to notice that downtown has now become a clubbing center. Nocturnal & Parkwest are two other notably elegant venues that bring in top name DJs from around the globe, and on the other side of the highway, you’ll find a few scattered venues that range from the sophisticated & elegant Karu & Y to the local underground PS14... and everything in between (like the White Room). I also have to make note of the Brickell area (check out Segafredo) & Design district (home of foodie hotspot “Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink”) which constantly revives itself as the “chic” or “cool kids” hang out for whatever generation next wants. Remember that on south beach all venues that serve alcohol are strictly 21 & up, whereas Downtown, Design District, and other areas have more flexibility

I’m in Miami B*$*%!

2 10

South Beach for VIPs

>IF YOU GOT THE BIG BUCKS AND WANT TO SCHMOOZE WITH THE RICH AND FAMOUS >RESTAURANTS Fogo De Chao: 836 1st St. (Jefferson and Meridian Aves.) (305) 672-0011 Emeril’s: 1601 Collins Ave, Miami Beach (305) 695-4550 Sushi Samba: 600 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach (305) 673-5337 Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink: 130 NE 40th St, Miami (305) 573-5550 The Forge: 432 W 41st St, Miami Beach (305) 538-8533 China Grill: 404 Washington Ave, Miami Beach (305) 534-2211

not only in age of admittance (usually 18 & up to party, 21 & up to drink), but also in hours of operation. Many of the biggest and best downtown establishments have 24hr liquor licenses, which cultivates the famous “afterhours” crowd, whereas on SoBe itself everything closes at 4 AM. Obviously Miami has the most well known club scene, but Ft. Lauderdale & Hollywood (which are only 20/30 min. north of downtown Miami) still have a lot to offer. Most recently, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood has become a big center of attention with their “adult Disney” style mini-city, complete w/ hotels, restaurants, and clubs. You could live there for a week and still not do all the stuff available within the reservation. Some of my favorite places to go clubbing are Gryphon/Pangaea, a combo club with separate access. One side is usually House & Dance music, and the other side usually Urban/Open Format. Opium, the famed Milan Bros. creation from South



I’m in Miami B*$*%!

>CLUBS/BARS Cameo: 1445 Washington Ave, Miami Beach Mansion: 1235 Washington Ave, Miami Beach Space: 34 Ne 11th St, Miami Karu & Y: 71 Nw 14th St, Miami >SHOPPING/OTHER Bayside: 401 Biscayne Blvd, Miami BASE: 939 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach Bal Harbour Shops: 9700 Collins Avenue, Bal Harbour Lincoln Road Mall: Lincoln Road, between 16th and 17th, Miami Beach

Beach, made its way to Broward and kept its identity as a unique Asian style garden with multiple rooms and various music formats. Passion is a large multi room complex (almost maze like) with multiple music formats (mostly commercial urban with dance). Some noteworthy restaurants include Tatu (great Sushi and other Asian inspired fare), Tequila Ranch (Mexican) & Bluepoint (Seafood & Ocean Grill), and Blue Plate (upscale American diner). There’s also a Hard Rock Live venue (for concerts) and an Improv (comedy club), as well as tons of other bars, pubs, etc... Aside from the Hard Rock, there’s another area in Hollywood hanging on to good times and culture. Downtown Hollywood has a decent-sized runway of bars, lounges, restaurants, and clubs. Most are near Young’s Circle, but you can also find a few on Hollywood Beach itself. Some of the more well-known venues downtown are Spice (Latin restaurant & lounge), Ginger Bay (Caribbean style club), Mix (formerly the


South Beach for Locals

>IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR THE UNDERGROUND, REAL AFFORDABLE MIAMI >RESTAURANTS/CAFES David’s Café: 1654 Meridian Ave, Miami Beach (305) 672-8707 Pizza Rustica: 1447 Washington Ave, Miami Beach (305) 538-6009 Piola: 1625 Alton Road, Miami Beach (305) 674-1660 Katana Sushi: 920 71st St, Miami Beach (305) 864-0037

>CLUBS/BARS Black Sheep Bar: 721 Lincoln Ln N, Miami Beach Feelgoods Rock Bar: 222 Espanola Way, Miami Beach The Lounge @ SHINE: 1801 Collins Ave, Miami Beach Segafredo in Brickell: 1421 S Miami Ave, Miami >SHOPPING/OTHER Adidas Store: 226 8th St, Miami Beach Diesel Store: 801 Washington Ave, Miami Beach Moda Xpress: 3725 NW 7th St, Miami

infamous O’Hara Jazz Café), now an ultra lounge that features two rooms of sound: one primarily Urban/ Open Format, the other House/Dance. Most of these places serve food and close at around 4 AM. Next stop (heading north) is Downtown Ft. Lauderdale, a 4 block quadrant of live entertainment, dance clubs, bars, and restaurants. I don’t hang downtown nearly as much as I used to (especially when I spun @ E-Bar) but since the casino opened up there are only a few good dance clubs left down there, namely VooDoo Lounge, Living Room, ArtBar, Revolution, and Capone’s. It appears that many of the former Ft. Lauderdale patrons have fled to the Hard Rock as well, but despite the migration, this downtown area remains to do well with more of a focus toward live music events and an open bar style atmosphere. Dicey Riley’s (Irish pub w/ live music), E-Bar (now a Latin bar), Fat Cats (live music beer bar) and PoorHouse (is and always has


been a live music grunge/rock bar w/ a small stage) are all noteworthy. There’s also a scattering of other restaurants and lounges worth a visit. FYI: Downtown Ft. Lauderdale is one of the few areas left in South FL where you can have an open container outside of the establishment. Although it’s not the same upscale club style scene as Miami, it’s a fun, casual area to check out live music and party in a setting that has more of a college town vibe. All in all, despite the midnight traffic jams and rare observation of the speed limit (you’ll see if you ever drive on I-95, LOL), South Florida has a little bit of everything for anyone who’s into DJ or Nightlife culture. It’s a great, diverse area to be a DJ in, and I’m happy to call it home. Unless you’re boring, you can never get bored in this town.


I’m in Miami B*$*%!

12 2 12

M.207 Model Line-Up: > M.207

Performance Enhancing Mixer > RUGGED NEW MIXER FEATURES ADVANCED FXGLIDE™ CONTROL The M.207 is the first of Stanton’s new line of highquality affordable mixers. Created with an eye towards performance, the M.207 takes the clean fader area of the SA-5 mixer and combines it with advanced post-fader, BPM synchronized digital effects. Those effects are controlled by the FXGlide™ control surface, the same touch sensitive technology used in the SCS.3 series of MIDI controllers. Performance of all 3


SC System

faders can be completely customized, with variable curve control, fader reverse, channel reverse, fader start, and hamster switch all accessible via the front panel. The M.207 is the perfect mixer for DJs of all experience levels to expand their creativity by adding exciting effects to a tough, all metal chassis, 2-Channel mixer.

FEATURES: • Rugged steel design • Soft Start feature for no noise when powering on/off • Integrated digital effects, including phase/flange, echo/strobe, pan/transformer & filters • Unique FXGlide™ control for real-time control of effects • Built-in phrase/loop sampler with up to 5 different loops/ samples • New frequency-dependent effects create entirely new sounds unique to the M.207 • Built in sequencer so FXGlide moves can be automated and recalled • Adjustable fader curves and fader reverset • 2 phono/line inputs with fader start • 3-band EQ per channel with complete KILL (-64dB) • Pre, Post & Master Headphone cueing w/ FX CUE • Mic and AUX inputs • Professional ¼” balanced outputs and RCA main/record outputs • 45 mm crossfader with long-life and user replaceable Alpha fader • Reverse indicator LEDs: The LEDs indicate the status of the fader and crossfader reverse functions Customize and personalize your M.207 with a protective layer by uploading the image and design of your choice with StyleFlip.

Beta Tester Reveals All > BY DJ JUNGLEBOY

Like most working DJs, I have a tried and tested setup that I’m all dialed into. But when an opportunity came up to get my hands on one of the early prototypes of Stanton’s new M.207 mixer I pulled my trusted SA.5 to give this new box a spin. True to the purpose and design of a traditional battle mixer, this box is really built like a Mack truck with steel construction throughout. It retains all of the desirable attributes of a true battle mixer including things that others forget about such as proper spacing between control knobs and faders. So from a performance perspective it’s got everything I need, and everything is right where it should be. Plus, it gives me a new set of tools to be super creative. When Stanton introduced the breakthrough SCS.3d with its touch sensitive control surface there was already a plan in place to share this innovation with other products in the family. Touching a control surface is a whole lot quicker than turning a knob! Having a built in sampling feature within this price range came as a welcome surprise. The first time I used it was actually a doubleheader: first a private party, then my usual gig at a popular club in South Florida. Several of the regulars immediately noticed that I had something new up on the console. It was crazy. Non DJs were checking it out. This one blonde came over and kept telling me how cool my new mixer was. Ahh, the Axe effect. Other DJs were all over it. This is a very trendy industry and everybody’s pretty competitive and wants to be the first. Based on my own experiences I’d have to say it’s one of Stanton’s sexiest pieces of gear in a long time. DJ Jungle Boy is a product evangelist for Stanton DJ.

SC System


SC System


Model Line-Up: > SCS.1m > SCS.1d

Flagship DJ Control System. > DIGITAL CONTROL FOR THE TRUE PROFESSIONAL The SC System 1 is Stanton‘s most advanced digital control system for the professional DJ. The System is comprised of the SCS.1m mix controller and the SCS.1d deck, both advanced control surfaces that give the digital DJ an entirely new level of performance ability and functionality­ — while preserving the familiar feel and layout of traditional equipment. Due to increased portability of laptops, processing power, massive song storage, and rapid advances in DJ software, digital DJs are becoming more prevalent than ever, and require dedicated, practical control surfaces that give them total control over their music and performance. Therefore, each component of the high-end SC System (mixer and deck) can be


SC System

used standalone or together, allowing for multiple configurations, with clean lines drawn between the functions of each unit. The SC System boasts a premium feature set including built-in FireWire™ connections, a high-torque motorized platter with vinyl control disc, motorized faders, rotary encoders, massive flexibility, and integration into DJ software with advanced two-way feedback. Additionally, the SC System was developed with an open software strategy in mind, and is compliant with all popular MIDI-speaking software applications, so you can easily use the system or any of its components with your favorite program.

“When I had the pleasure to introduce the SC System at the exhibitions in Frankfurt and at Winter Music Conference, it became clear to me that this is the future for those who want to do more than just typical DJ performance.” - Michael Burian



Built from the ground up for high-precision software control, the SCS.1d is a dream-come-true for laptop DJs. It offers a tight grip over your music through a high-torque 10” motorized platter, transport controls, navigation keys, rotary encoders, a motorized pitch slider, and a trigger section. The SCS.1d works in conjunction with the SCS.1m or other audio interface, to offer the best DJ software tracking on the planet.

The SCS.1m is the premier mixer control surface/ audio interface for laptop DJs and remixers. Designed with a traditional layout, the SCS.1m is as easy to use as a 4-channel DJ mixer. The difference, of course, is that tweaking an EQ knob or channel fader is not actually adjusting analog audio — it’s controlling the corresponding EQ or level parameter in your DJ software.

FEATURES: • Adjustable high-torque 10” motorized platter with vinyl surface • 100 mm motorized pitch fader with recall • Velocity-sensitive pads assignable to loops, cue points, etc. • Assignable Encoder section with 360° of LED feedback • LCD “scribble strips” for two-way communication with selected software • Transport section for direct control • Works with a wide range of DJ software • Easily controls multiple virtual decks

FEATURES: • Familiar 4-channel design • Assignable Encoder section with 360° of LED feedback • LCD “scribble strips” for two-way communication with selected software • Easy controller mapping into popular DJ and VJ software • Navigation section for browsing music • Mic and Phono / Line input for sampling, archiving vinyl, and remixing • Built-in FireWire connections • Perfect as a standalone mix controller, or in combination with SCS.1d

SC System


SC System 3 Model Line-Up: > SCS.3d > SCS.3m

> CIRCLE MODE Pressing the VINYL button activates Circle Mode. When in Circle Mode the Center Section behaves like the platter on a traditional turntable or jog wheel on a CD player. The above diagram illustrates the motion path your finger follows in the Center Section to emulate scratching (the center arrows) and cueing (the arrows around the perimeter).

> SLIDER MODE Gives the user 3 variable controls (like faders) that can be used by sliding your finger up and down the areas indicated in the diagram. This mode can be used for controlling many parameters at once, like an EQ. A slider may be changed by dragging a finger across the surface, or you can place your finger in an absolute position on the slider and its position will jump immediately to that point.

> BUTTON MODE In Button Mode, the areas highlighted in the diagram will act as individual “buttons.� They can be used to control onscreen buttons in the target application. For example, these functions could be assigned to alter loop lengths, jump to cue points, or start clips. Multiple buttons may be pressed at the same time in Button Mode.


SC System 3

> CENTER SECTION: MODE SWITCHING The MODE buttons (FX, EQ, LOOP, TRIG, VINYL, & DECK) toggle the Center Section between its three primary modes.

> DECK SWITCH The Deck Switch button allows for each channel of the SCS.3m to be switched between 4 virtual “decks.” Each channel can be toggled independently, allowing 4 channels to be controlled in a conventional 2 channel design.

> SLIDER SECTION The Slider Section features 4 virtual sliders which can be toggled to control EQ or FX (or any other MIDI assignable control). Think of these as the SCS.3m’s equivalent to the HIGH, MID, and LOW knobs on a standard mixer.

> CROSSFADER The Crossfader functions in much the same way as the crossfader on a standard mixer. However, the extended length Crossfader on the SCS.3m gives refined control over blending between channels, and more surface to perform multitouch effects with two fingers for quickly cutting in and out of channels. You can’t do that with a standard crossfader!

> SCS.3 System Package available now.

SC System 3

18 2


DJ Pro 3000 ®

> PROFESSIONAL STEREO HEADPHONE The high-end DJ Pro 3000 is the latest creation in Stanton’s line of headphones. The popular properties of previous models are found here too, and some excellent features have been added putting the DJ Pro 3000 in a class by itself. Besides its highly appreciated folding and rotating construction and easy to-remove cable, it offers high-pass and low-pass filters. DJs can decide individually whether they would rather tune into the kick drum or the high hats in the mix

FEATURES: • Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz • Impedance: 30 ohm • Power: 300 mW • Weight: 428 g

DJ Pro 2000S ®

> PROFESSIONAL STEREO HEADPHONE The DJ Pro 2000S is a professional DJ headphone. The adjustable ear cups make the headphones flexible to wear. Whether lying on the shoulder or the single-ear variant: Everything is possible. The wide frequency response enables very good sound reproduction. The cable is easy to remove and can therefore by stored separately and is easy to change out. Product components include a mini-jack adapter and a carrying bag.

Model Line-Up: > DJ Pro 3000 > DJ Pro 2000S > DJ Pro 1000 > DJ Pro 500 MC > DJ Pro 300 > DJ Pro 60 > DJ Pro 50S

FEATURES: • Frequency response: 20 Hz - 30 kHz • Impedance: 64 ohm • Power: 500 mW • Weight: 250 g

DJ Pro 1000 MKIIS ®

> PROFESSIONAL STEREO HEADPHONE The DJ PRO 1000 MKIIS offers the combined benefits of light weight comfort and accurate wide-frequency sound reproduction. For full deep bass, the DJ PRO 1000 MKIIS features high-efficiency, heavy duty drivers. The removable cord aids in field replacement and is available in straight or coiled versions.

FEATURES: • Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz • Impedance: 64 ohm • Power: 500 mW • Weight: 250 g

DJ Pro 500 MC ®

> PROFESSIONAL STEREO HEADPHONE The Stanton DJ PRO 500 MC is designed for the professional DJ who needs hands-free operation with a mic. The headphone is a single side, closed back design with a heavy duty driver with bass boost. The adjustable metal headband is protected with a soft vinyl covered foam pad. The dual connection cable has two 1/4“ plugs - mono for the mic and stereo for the headphone. Each plug is color coded for ease of identification. The mic is a low impedance dynamic type.



FEATURES: • Frequency response: 20 Hz - 22 kHz • Impedance: 100 ohm • Power: 500 mW • Weight: 200 g

DJ Pro 300 ®

> PROFESSIONAL STEREO HEADPHONE The DJ Pro 300 is a lightweight, comfortable single-sided headphone. It features high efficiency 40mm heavy-duty drivers. Comes complete with detachable 10 foot cord (3m) with 1/4“ plug.

FEATURES: • Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz • Impedance: 100 ohm • Power: 500 mW • Weight: 200 g

DJ Pro 60 ®

> PROFESSIONAL STEREO HEADPHONE These foldable and lightweight DJ Pro60 Stereo headphones offer incredible bass reproduction and a high-level of wearing comfort. They are very well suited to both DJ use and recreational use (e.g. Walkman, MP3 player). Product components include a mini-jack to jack adapter and a carrying bag.

FEATURES: • Frequency response: 30 Hz - 18 kHz • Impedance: 50 ohm • Power: 80 mW • Weight: 170 g

Available in black, white, and sliver.

DJ Pro 50S ®

> PROFESSIONAL STEREO HEADPHONE Quality stereo headphone for beginners, including mini-jack to jack adapter.

FEATURES: • Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz • Impedance: 32 ohm • Power: 120 mW • Weight: 200 g

“It’s my choice when I am in the mix. Phat & pumping yet precise!”

- Paul T.

“I’ve had a Stanton on my ear for 20 years. Truly the DJ’s headphone.”

- Fat Boy Slim


20 2

Cartridges 680.V3

Model Line-Up: > GROOVEMASTER.V3 > TRACKMASTER.V3 > SM.V3 > DISCMASTER.V3 > 890.FS > 680.V3 > 520.V3 > 505.V3 > 500.V3 > 400.V3

> THE CLUB LEGEND Finally, the long-awaited successor to the widely used 680.HP club cartridge has arrived. For over a decade now, it has built a reputation for excellent sound and mix. With improved suspension, this successor to the worthy 680.HP delivers precisely what DJs need too, based on many years of experience, new color styling and availability as a tuned pair (MP4). Features: • Frequency range: 20 Hz - 18 kHz • Output voltage: 7.0 mV • Stylus cut: Spherical • Optional MP4 Mini Flightcase, containing two complete systems and two replacement styli.

> 680.v3 MP4 mini flightcase



“The first time I put a needle on a record as a DJ it was with a Stanton 500. From that moment I was hooked. It was the only needle I wanted touching my records.”

- MadLinx

“There are DJs who are still scratching their heads trying to figure out which is the best needle in the haystack... I’m not. I scratch records.” - GM DXT

Groovemaster.V3 > PURE SOUND

The Groovemaster.V3 is the ideal producer and remixer system. Its elliptical stylus cut provides higher output power and clean sound quality, just as would be expected for studio recording, for example. It is available as a pair (MP4) in the transport-protective Mini Flightcase, including replacement styli.

FEATURES: • Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz • Output voltage: 7 mV • Stylus cut: Elliptical


> ULTIMATE CLUB SYSTEM The Trackmaster.V3 – with its high output, excellent sound properties and improved tracking – is the optimal club and scratch system.

FEATURES: • Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz • Output voltage: 7.0 mV • Stylus cut: Spherical


> SCRATCH The SM.V3 is Stanton’s first headshell system of the Master Series. It offers the magnificent stereo imaging of the Master Series combined with the ability to align the needle for better tracking. It can be purchased separately or as an MP4 in the Mini Flightcase.

FEATURES: • Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz • Output voltage: 7.0 mV • Stylus cut: Spherical


> PLUG + PLAY STANDARD As a standard plug & play system, the Discmaster.V3 impresses with its true tracking, high output and full bass sounds with low vinyl wear. In contrast to other cartridges, the Discmaster.V3 operates extremely reliably with just slight tracking force (optimally 4 g).

FEATURES: • Frequency range: 20 Hz - 17 kHz • Output voltage: 5.5 mV • Stylus cut: Spherical


22 2


> FINAL SCRATCH Stanton presents the first DJ cartridge system in the world for use with time-code vinyl. It is distinguished from other cartridges in that it can be supplied with two different stylus types – spherical and elliptical. That makes it easy for DJs to switch between optimal sound quality for recordings and smooth handling when mixing and scratching. The 890.FS also includes a stylus mount dust brush for removing dust from the groove during archiving of vinyl.

FEATURES: • Frequency range: 20 Hz - 17 kHz • Output voltage: 6.5 mV • Stylus cut: 1 spherical stylus and 1 elliptical stylus • Stylus mount dust brush


> TURNTABLIST The 520.V3 system demonstrates absolute battlereadiness. The hard stylus suspension enables very good tracking. The grounded housing prevents annoying noise and guarantees high-sound quality.

FEATURES: • Frequency range: 20 Hz - 17 kHz • Output voltage: 6.0 mV • Stylus cut: Spherical


> TURNTABLIST The new 505.V3 is the best budget-priced scratching cartridge available today. The super sturdy stylus has been coupled with the most pumped-up output for the deepest bottom and in-your-face sound.

FEATURES: • Frequency range: 20 Hz - 17 kHz • Output voltage: 6.0 mV • Stylus cut: Spherical


> STANDARD The 500.V3 is the latest generation of standard headshell cartridges. In this price range there are certainly no more reliable or better sounding cartridges. Now with a new design and even better tracking.

FEATURES: • Frequency range: 20 Hz - 17 kHz • Output voltage: 4.6 mV • Stylus cut: Spherical


> LOUDNESS The 400.V3, the smaller sibling to the 500.V3, also has its features of ruggedness and high-quality processing, and in particular it shines as one of the loudest needles in the world. The 400.V3 is only available as a separate product.



FEATURES: • Frequency range: 20 Hz - 15 kHz • Output voltage: 10 mV • Stylus cut: Spherical

“The Uberstand is so portable, we take one everywhere. They’re perfect to hold my controllers as well!”

- Deadmau5

“Stanton Uberstand is the best portable laptop stand available. I never perform without it.”

- DJ Serafin



> LAPTOP STAND Uberstand laptop stands are a useful accessory for mobile laptop DJs and musicians. While most DJ consoles offer very little space for a laptop to be placed in sight, the Uberstand provides a solution. Besides providing a fixture for a laptop, there is even a shelf for the Scratch Amp or any hard disk drive or DJ audio interface. With its robust construction, the Uberstand provides stability and at the same time is easy to transport when folded. A 12-inch carrying bag is included with the product.

FEATURES: • Robust laptop stand for DJs and musicians • Foldable • Includes carrying bag • Height-adjustable shelf for Scratch Amp

Model Line-Up:

• Saves space and simplifies your workflow



FEATURES: An original Focus design. Low Friction Slipmats are a brand new concept from • Professional slipmats ideal the mind of Focus. The circular cut outs for slip- and back-cueing are designed and laid out for less surface • DSM-10 is ideal for most contact. DJ slipmats are manufactured club/mix DJs from a resin treated, glazed urethane material with anti-static properties. Rugged construction makes them an excellent choice for use in clubs or broadcast applications.


24 2


Compatible with:

T.92 USB

Model Line-Up: > STR8.150 > ST.150 > T.92 USB

> TURNTABLE + RECORDING SOFTWARE The T.92 USB is the first direct-drive professional turntable from Stanton with built-in USB connectivity. The USB port and supplied software make it easier than ever to digitalize vinyl recordings. With features such as key lock and a pitch range of ±12%, the T.92 USB effortlessly fits in with a regular DJ setup.

Pyro 5 (Cakewalk) resources: • Intel or AMD processor, 1.5 GHz or better • W indows 2000/XP • CD-R or CD-RW burner • DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVDRW burner • Mac users can use the freeware recording software Audacity available at



Features: • Direct drive motorized platter • USB and S/PDIF outputs for conversion to computer • S tonearm • 2 start and stop keys • 3 speeds (33, 45 and 78 RPM) • Quartz lock • Pitch ranges of ± 8% and 12% • Includes 500 series cartridge, dust cover, and slipmat • Recording and conversion software are included • Dimensions (WxHxD): 452 x 370 x 143 mm

“The T.92 is my best friend when it comes to having the ability to sample in many different ways! I was sold the moment I learned I could change the speed of the song without changing the pitch...INCREDIBLE! The T.92 is a producer’s best friend.”

- Amadeus

“Simply put, the Stanton STR8150s are the best turntables money can buy. Ever since I picked up a pair (or two!) I haven’t looked back!”

- Johnny Juice

STR8.150 & ST.150 > DIGITAL SUPER HIGHTORQUE TURNTABLE Both of these models are distinguished by heavy-duty construction, ultra-stable tonearm, and platter trimmed in rubber. Annoying electrical feedback cannot even get started. Furthermore, besides offering the highest torque available in the market, the turntables also have key correction, reverse play, up to 50% pitch control, digital S/PDIF outputs, and a Stanton 680.V3 system is included too.

FEATURES: • Strongest drive in the world (4.5 kg/cm) • Heavy-duty steel construction, 36 lbs. • Ultra-stable platter and tonearm • Includes Stanton 680.V3 Club Cartridge • Start and stop times adjustable • Digital S/PDIF output • Key correction • Selectable phono or line output • Dual start/stop keys • Height-adjustable tonearm • Pitch range of ±8%, ±25% or ±50% • Quartz lock / reverse play / speeds 33, 45 and 78 RPM • Removable cartridge lighting • Height-adjustable feet • Includes slip mat and angled RCA cable • Dimensions (WxHxD): 450 x 353 x 146 mm


26 2



Model Line-Up: > T.62 > T.55 USB > T.52

The T.55 USB is a great all-around belt drive turntable that also features USB and S/PDIF outputs so you can easily use the deck to transfer the music on your vinyl records onto your PC or Mac to create music files for use with CDs or MP3 players such as iPod. To make things even simpler, we‘ve included the software you can use to transfer and edit the music files, so you can remove any pops and clicks that are common when playing vinyl. The T.55 USB also comes with the professional Stanton 500.v3 cartridge for ideal sound quality and perfect compatibility. Not just a tool for vinyl transfer, this deck is also a perfect fit for the novice or intermediate level DJ. Features: • Easy to operate belt-drive turntable with professional features • USB Output for easily transferring music from vinyl records to your Mac or PC or for use with DVS systems. • Includes software for transferring and editing music files • Includes audiophile-quality Stanton 500.v3 cartridge • Straight tonearm improves tracking for scratching • 2 Playback speeds (33 or 45 RPM) • 2 Start/Stop switches for Mix or Battle setup • RCA stereo outputs • Manual Pitch Control Fader (+/- 10% Adjustment) • Accessories include RCA cables, slip mat, and dust cover

Compatible with:



“Finally I can get my rare presses onto my Mac, giving even more range and versatility to my live shows! No more decks and everything is in one place.”

“The Stanton STR8-150 is the best new turntable on the market, and you would be foolish not to purchase a pair if you are serious about DJing!”

- Charlie Chan Soprano

- Jenna G





The T.62 is the most economical direct-drive turntable from Stanton in a stylish, new design. Anyone looking for an affordable turntable with a straight, skip-resistant tonearm, will not find anything comparable in this price class. The optimal tool for beginners!

The Stanton T.52 raises the bar for entry-level turntables. Aside from its striking new looks, this belt drive model boasts professional features like a skip-resistant straight tonearm, two Start/Stop switches, a pitch control slider and removable target light.

FEATURES: • Dual start/stop keys • Pitch range ± 10% • 3 3 and 45 RPM • Aluminum platter • Aluminum tonearm • Stanton 500 series turntable cartridge premounted on headshell • Includes slip mat, cable and protective cloth cover • Dimensions (WxHxD): 452 x 370 x 87 mm

FEATURES: • Affordable belt drive turntable with eye-catching design • Straight tonearm for superior tracking when scratching • 2 Start/Stop switches for mix or battle setup • Pitch control slider with + / - 10% adjustment • 2 playback speeds: 33 or 45 RPM • Aluminum platter • Aluminum tonearm • 2 RCA outputs (cable included) and ground connector • Includes Stanton 500B cartridge*, slip mat and cloth dust cover


28 2

EFFICIENT CLEAN Cerwin-Vega at South by Southwest With 48 countries represented, 88 stages, 1800 performances and thousands of attendees – the South by Southwest Music Festival is a Texas-sized phenomenon that demands phenomenal sound. Whether it’s folk, blues, rock or jazz event organizers and performers agree on Cerwin-Vega!

“We received numerous compliments about the overall quality of sound, the low end in particular. Of the shows we played, the venues running the Cerwin-Vega systems were hands down the best shows we had.” -The Calm Blue Sea

“The Cerwin-Vega sound system is a cut above the rest. We like to feel the music we are playing and hear it loudly, clearly and well mixed.” -The Shys

“The drum monitoring system is the best setup I have heard. The CVA-118 sub and a CVA-28 top really delivers. The TS-42 subs are efficient and well defined with awesome low end -- good thing we had ratchet straps to contain these beasts!” -Event Director/Go Entertainment

“With a loud guitar sound and dynamic female vocals, we’ve always been plagued by feedback on stage until we found Cerwin-Vega. The vocals remained clear and the sound powerful... finally a performance as it was intended to sound!” -Ume

Mobile Focus

By Sarah Lombard The needs of hard-working musicians have always been at the core of the Cerwin-Vega Pro products and philosophy. Built by passionate musicians, the brand remains dedicated to offering the most complete line of practical, affordable and scalable audio solutions available, without sacrificing sound quality. Recently, the CV brand has geared up major efforts to reinforce their direct relationship with the live musician community, and has stepped up their participation in major live music events where the sound systems can be seen, heard, and experienced. At the 2009 South by Southwest Music Festival, this exposure made a major impact as they unveiled the latest Cerwin-Vega live sound pro gear upon 5 major stages spread throughout the city. The stages were outfitted at popular venues which include the Red Eyed Fly, The Compound’s 14 hour party by Go Entertainment/Obscure Magpie, Texas Rockfest, EM Showcase at Habana Calle 6, and Carrera Cafe at Moonshine Grill.

Similarly, the band “The Shys,” a Los Angeles favorite gaining worldwide popularity, was also drawn to the powerful Cerwin-Vega! sound upon performing at one of the large venues. After playing an electrifying set for hundreds of party charged festival goers, lead singer and guitarist Kyle Krone remarked, “The Cerwin-Vega! sound system is a cut above the rest. The sound seemed to fill up the area of the outdoor venue and provided us with a more inspired, enjoyable performance.” Kyle continued, “We like to feel the music we are playing and hear it...clearly, and well mixed. This enables us to give the best performance we can...the way it was meant to be heard. Cerwin-Vega! is in a class all its own.” The Shys also signed on as official Cerwin-Vega! artists following the event, and will be touring with their own live sound rig as well, which will include a combination of Active Series products and items such as the CVP-1152.

The Cerwin-Vega! audio support provided ranged from large scale systems for more open venues such as the Compound mainstage, which featured hefty products such as the new TS-42, a massive 21” folded horn subwoofer. The TS-42 boasts CV’s renowned Stroker technology, which increases power handling and aids in cooling the driver, enabling the TS-42 to play louder and longer than other competitive products. Larger mainstage venues were also provided with the new passive non-amplified speakers, which were expertly designed to match the performance power of the Cerwin-Vega! subwoofers with pristine clarity and high output.

Cerwin-Vega! is proud and excited to be constantly expanding their family of loyal musicians to include these emerging artists, and will remain dedicated to increasing awareness of the brand and products through influential events such as South By Southwest, and other musician focused venues and showcases.

For the more intimate stage venues, Cerwin-Vega! provided reinforcement from their Active Series, a modular and scalable system approach to live sound that carries the same power and fidelity as the larger scale equipment, but is designed specifically for optimal sound quality in a club or smaller venue setting. All of CV’s SXSW event stages featured an array of local and national acclaimed artists, and created a perfect outlet for displaying the benefits of the company’s new products in their working environments. “Ume,” a critically acclaimed indie rock band on the rise, experienced the benefits of this dedication firsthand. After playing on the Compound’s mainstage sound system, Ume’s angelic looking, yet badass guitar shredding frontwoman Lauren Larson had the following to say. “With a loud guitar sound and dynamic female vocals, we’ve always been plagued by feedback on stage - until we found Cerwin Vega. After playing the SXSW concert with their gear, we were hooked. The vocals remained clear and the sound powerful... finally a performance as it was intended to sound!” After their experience with Cerwin-Vega!, the band chose to make the Active System part of their permanent touring rig.

Mobile Focus


CD Players Model Line-Up: > C.502 > C.500 > C.402 > C.324 > S.300 > S.252

C.324 > PROFESSIONAL CD/MP3 PLAYER Packing all of the benefits of our best-selling C.314 plus an abundance of upgraded features, the new C.324 is a must-have for any true CD DJ. This tabletop, slot-loading CD player is designed for MP3 DJs who want to scratch CDs like vinyl, and has everything needed for ultimate performance. With specialties such as MP3 playback with onboard file and folder browsing, onboard pattern and real-time sequencer for drum machine style performances, 7 onboard digital effects, and a sleek slot drive, we‘ve taken everything about the C.324 to the next level... except the price tag.

FEATURES: • Tabletop CD Player with Touch Sensitive Jog Wheel & Slot Drive • MP3 Playback with Text Display & File and Folder Browsing • Onboard Pattern and Sequencer for Drum Machine Performances • 7 Digital Effects: Filter, Auto Filter, Echo, Phaser, Flanger, Transform, Pan • Beat Synchronized Sampling and Looping w/ 4 Trigger Pads and Cue • Auto and Manual BPM Control • Vinyl Emulation with Adjustable Platter Start / Brake Speed • Adjustable Pitch (+/- 8%, 16%, 25%, 100%) with Pitch Bend • Key Lock changes temp without Affecting the key of the song • Blue LCD Display and S/PDIF Digital Output

S.300 > SINGLE CD/MP3 TOPLOADER The S.300 is the ideal entry-level model for DJs who want that MP3 capability. Just like the S.250, all controls are laid out clearly and give the user an intuitive and quick entry into CD mixing. This stylish player is available in dark blue.

FEATURES: • MP3-capable • Instant start • Digital output • Fader start • Pitch bend ranging: ± 8%, 12% and 16% • Dimensions (WxHxD): 216 x 275 x 93 mm

S.252 > SINGLE CD TOPLOADER The first tabletop CD player from Stanton comes in a sleek retro design. No other CD player in this price class offers the user such a sensible combination of features and quality. The bright LCD display and all control knobs are located in front where they belong.


CD Players

FEATURES: • Instant start • Digital output • Fader start • Pitch bend ranging: ± 8%, 12% and 16% • Dimensions (WxHxD): 21.6 cm x 27.5 cm x 8.8 cm

“This is a crazy piece of equipment. It’s the next level for DJs and producers… it’s going right to my studio.”

“The C.324 is so cool. I love that the EFX is integrated, and the display is always easy to read when I’m DJing.”

- Hi-Tek

- Miss Mee



The Stanton C.502 is an affordable dual CD player with full MP3 capabilities. From seamless looping to anti-shock buffer memory, the C.502 is fully equipped with large LCD screens for easy MP3 text information readability. Ideal for use in clubs, bars, restaurants, gyms, theme parks, radio stations, or anywhere a professional dual MP3 CD player is needed; the C.502 is designed with a familiar DJ friendly layout for ease-of-use.

The C.500 model is the most economical model of the Dual CD Player series. Because of its simplicity, it is perfectly suited to DJs who are looking for an easy-to-use 19“ solution for their rack, but also for mobile and club DJs. The dual jog wheels enable trouble-free cueing and mixing. The Fader Start function lets you start tracks by simply moving the crossfader, for convenience in musical performance.

Features: • Large LCD screens with ID3 tags • Seamless Loop • Relay, play, or alternate tracks or CDs from a drive to the other • Instant Start • Connect control unit to the transport unit with one control cable • 20-sec. anti-shock buffer prevents CD skips • Scan tracks quickly with +10 Track skip search • 3 pitch ranges (± 4%, 8%, 16%) • Digital output (S/PDIF)

Features: • Affordable 19“ dual CD player (4 height units) • Simple and intuitive operation • Ideal for bar and restaurant installations • Auto cue • Fader start • Jog wheel for pitch bend or frame search • Pitch bend keys • 3 pitch ranges (± 4%, 8%, 16%) • Single, continuous, repeat playback modes • Digital output (S/PDIF)

C.402 > SINGLE RACKMOUNTED CD PLAYER The Stanton C.402 professional CD player with MP3 is ideal for use in restaurants, bars, gyms, theme parks, radio stations, or anywhere a professional MP3 CD player is needed. A single rackmount CD/MP3 player that delivers solid DJ-style performance, the C.402 is designed with ease-of-use in mind and offers versatile player options such as Auto Cue and seamless looping. A pitch bend slider makes it possible to speed up or slow down the music while +10 Track/Folder skip search makes finding CD and MP3 songs quick and easy.

Features: • Professional single 2U rackmount CD/MP3 player • LCD screen with ID3 tags displays • Anti-shock Buffer Memory prevents CD skips • Seamless Loop and remote instant start • +10/Folder track key makes finding CD and MP3 tracks easy • Single and Continuous play modes • Easy jog wheel control for cueing or pitch bending • Versatile pitch adjustment with +/- 4, 8, or 16% control • Auto Cue function automatically cues track to start of music • S/PDIF, XLR, and RCA outputs

CD Players

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M.207 > Versatile 2-Channel Mixer The M.207 takes the clean fader area of the SA-5 mixer and combines it with advanced post-fader, BPM synchronized digital effects. And those effects are controlled by the FXGlide™ control surface – the same touch sensitive technology used in the SCS.3 series of MIDI controllers.

Performance of all 3 faders can be completely customized, with variable curve control, fader reverse, channel reverse, fader start, and hamster switch all accessible via the front panel.

SMX.311 > 3 CHANNEL MIXER Model Line-Up: > RM.406 > RM.416 > M.207 > M.212 > SA.3 > SMX.202 > SMX.311 > CM.205

The SMX.311 is Stanton’s latest addition into the top selling SMX line of products created to provide an affordable line of mixer solutions to meet various DJ/audio applications. The SMX.311 is a 10 inch mixer w/ 3-band EQ per



3 channels which allows up to 3 Phono/Line signals to be connected at once, along with a microphone on a separate channel. Equipped with versatile cueing and extended connectivity the SMX.311 is a great mixer for both the beginner and professional DJ.



FEATURES: • 4 Channel 19” rackmount mixer • Soft power on/off for silent operation • 2 Front panel microphone inputs with Gain and 3-band EQ • USB connection for recording to or playback from a computer • 3 Band EQ per channel (-26 dB to +10 dB) • Subwoofer output with gain and crossover (40Hz-200Hz) control • VCA crossfader reduces noise and improves life of fader The RM.416 is Stanton’s latest addition to • User replaceable crossfader and linefaders the RM mixer series. With four traditional • Balanced XLR master output with trim control channels and two microphone channels, • Balanced ¼” zone output (Booth/Aux out) the RM.416 is a perfect mixer for the most demanding mobile or club DJ. The • 3 Microphone, 8 stereo line, and 3 stereo phono/line switchable inputs • Talkover control for front panel microphone inputs RM.416 also features a built in USB audio interface, subwoofer output with • A / B / Bypass crossfader assign per channel crossover control, Fader Start, and XLR, • Signal indicator for each channel TRS, and RCA outputs to interface with • 10 segment LED metering for master output any standard sound system. • Versatile cueing section with cue/master mix control



“I’ve switched to using Stanton’s new line of ultra-quiet mixers in my home studio. I especially like the RM.406. It’s a smart looking, great sounding mixer. It has a ton of inputs and outputs, and the whole unit just feels solid and well-built.” - Liquid Todd

RM.406 > 4 CHANNEL 19“ MIXER The RM.406 is professional 4-channel rack mixers for club and mobile DJs. A highlight of this mixer is the Illumiknobs. You can mix in absolute darkness at a club. Users can connect up to 4 turntables, 10 line inputs, and up to 3 microphones. The RM.406 has 3-band Kill-EQ sound control for each channel and a separate effects loop. It is possible to output the subwoofer with dedicated frequency control via its crossover functionality.

FEATURES: • Inputs: 4 phono, 10 line, 3 mic • Effects loop with SST • 4 channels, 3 bands per channel • Illumiknobs • Fader start and crossover function • Crossfader allocation • 3 outputs (XLR, monitor, zone)

SA.3 > 2 CHANNEL BATTLE MIXER W/ 3-BAND EQ Stanton presents the SA.3. This impressive Battle Mixer is part of the Scratch Artist Series and comes with performance characteristics that are hard to find in this price class. The SA.3 offers two sets of Phono and Line inputs and one Mic input with volume control and mute switch. The two channels are equipped with 3-band EQ, gain and pan controls. The cue section has Select, Pan, and 2 headphone jacks. All 3 faders offer reverse switch and curve setting.

FEATURES: • Gain, 3-band EQ, and pan controls • Extensive pre-monitor section with Cue Pan & Cue Select • Reverse & curve control for all 3 faders • 2 headphone outputs • Super-smooth crossfader • Symmetrical master out (jack) • Dimensions (WxHxD): 23.5 cm x 31.5 cm x 11 cm

SMX.202 > 2 CHANNEL MIXER This compact 2-channel SMX.202 mixer is an ideal entry-level mixer. The layout of controls, clear in their quantity and arrangement, offers easy entry into the world of DJing. The 2-band EQ and centrally located LEDs simplify sound control, so that you can concentrate on what is important.

FEATURES: • 2 phono and 2 line inputs • Gain and 2-band EQ per channel • Microphone input with 2-band EQ • Easy to interchange crossfader • Dimensions (WxHxD): 26.5 cm x 22.8 cm x 8.7 cm


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M.212 > 2 CHANNEL MIXER The M.212 is a compact 2-channel mixer designed with the aspiring DJ in mind. It features a highperformance crossfader with 2-way curve adjust, two selectable Phono/Line inputs, a microphone input and the quality look and

Model Line-Up: > RM.406 > RM.416 > M.207 > M.212 > SA.3 > SMX.202 > SMX.311 > CM.205


The CM.205 is a practical all-in-one solution for all mobile and professional DJs. The combination of a solid 2-channel mixer with 3-band EQ and two MP3-capable CD players with anti-shock feature provides a lot of potential for the user. Mounting brackets for rack mounting are included with the CM.205.


feel of Stanton‘s new industrial design. Fader Start outputs let you control the playback of fader startcompatible CD players, making the M.212 the perfect match for Stanton‘s new C-Series CD players.


MIXER • 2 line inputs, e.g., for iPod, MP3 devices or additional CD players • Gain and 3-band EQ (+9/-26) for each channel • Interchangeable crossfader • Microphone input with volume control • Pre-monitor headphone output

CD-PLAYER • MP3-capable • 20 seconds of anti-shock buffer prevents CD skipping • Up to 16% pitch adjustment • Fader start • Relay play • Dimensions: (WxHxD): 44 cm x 26.6 cm x 11.05 cm

DJ Packs Model Line-Up: > DIGIPAK PRO.V4 > DIGIPAK MP3 > DJLab.2.1 > DJLab.1.1

DIGIPAK PRO.V4 > THE ULTIMATE CHOICE FOR THE MOBILE DJ This plug-and-go professional kit, featuring two C.324 performance CD players and the M.212 mixer in a durable flight case, gives performing DJs everything they need to scratch, loop, trigger samples, engage effects, and mix CDs and MP3s on the fly!

CONTENTS: 2 x C.324s • Tabletop CD Player with Touch Sensitive Jog Wheel for Scratching and Beat Juggling • CD Slot Drive Mechanism • MP3 Playback with Text Display and Onboard File and Folder Browsing • Onboard Pattern and Real-Time Sequencer for on-thefly Drum Machine Style Performances M.212 • New Sleek Design and Compact Profile • High-quality Crossfader Delivers Long Life and Superior Performance • Improved 2-way Crossfader Curve Control for Tighter Scratching and Better Mix Control • Fader Start Works Seamlessly with C.324 and Other Compatible CD Players • Custom built case and all necessary cables

DJ Packs

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> ADVANCED MIXER & CD PACKAGE WITH MP3 An advanced solution for DJs who are Using MP3 discs in their mix. Includes 2 Stanton S.300 CD players and an SMX.211 mixer. Custom road case with all cabling.

CONTENTS: • 2 S.300 CD Players • 1 SMX.211 2-channel mixer • Custom Built Road Case • All necessary cables


> ADVANCED TURNTABLE & MIXER PACKAGE The DJLab.2.1 is an economical entry-level package for DJs who want to benefit from the precision of direct-drive turntables and who prefer a complete solution.

CONTENTS: • 2 T.62 turntables including premounted 500B systems, as well as slip mats and cloth dust protection covers • 1 M.212 2-channel mixer • 1 set of DJPro80 headphones • All necessary cables


> TURNTABLE & MIXER PACKAGE The DJLab.1.1 comes with everything aspiring DJs need to mix their favorite vinyl tracks without breaking the bank.


DJ Packs

CONTENTS: • 2 T.52 w/ slip mats and dust covers 2 500B carts mounted on headshells • 1 M.212 2-channel mixer • 1 set of DJPro9v0 headphones • All necessary cables

“This place is a five star hotel... we just happen to make records!” - Trevor Fletcher, VP/GM Hit Factory Entertainment

will do a mix and make changes based in part on what it sounds like on their car system because a good portion of the audience is going to be listening in their cars as well.”

An Inside look at the Miami Hit Factory By Dan Bruck In an era decades past the heyday of recording studios, the Hit Factory Criteria Studios (HFCS) in Miami continues to thrive. A combination of commercial and artistic work keeps their six studios very busy. Having a world class facility in a tropical location was part of the original draw for James Brown, Eric Clapton, Aretha Franklin, the Bee Gee’s and Fleetwood Mac. Combine great geography with the unmistakable vibe of resounding artistic success and it’s no wonder that the top hit makers of today continue to work late into the night in these legendary studios. The Miami location is also at the crossroads of Latin American culture and has kept several generations of Latin artists including Gloria Estefan, Jose Feliciano, Ricky Martin, Juanes and Maná as regular clients. At the same time, the Hit Factory Criteria has evolved to become one of the hottest studios for urban music genres. Hip-hop innovators such as Timbaland, Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, Lil’ Wayne, Mary J. Blige, and Nelly Furtado recognize the value of the acoustic spaces, the finest equipment imaginable and the contribution of the legendary local team. What keeps the world’s top artists and producers coming back decade after decade? According to the Vice President and General Manager of Hit Factory Entertainment Trevor Fletcher “Platinum records keep the people coming back,” At current count, they are credited with over 450 Gold and Platinum records that are now so numerous they have become the wallpaper in the facility’s pool room. Hey, there’s a reason they call it the Hit Factory. When you first enter the facility, the parking lot is an early indicator that something special is going on inside these gated walls. It’s constantly busy with a parade of Bentleys, Bugattis, and Maseratis and many of these rides serve a dual purpose. Fletcher adds, “Someone

With the cost of setting up private studios a fraction of what used to be, many of their remix clients have their own facilities for programming and sequencing and then they’ll use HFCS to take advantage of the giant consoles for full and post mixes. Fletcher adds, “They’ll add tremendous amounts of depth and character that you can’t get out of a project studio. We have everything from vintage analog gear to the high end software and hardware including a new SSL Duality.” Each studio also has a mix of monitors including custom Augspurger mains as well as mid and near fields from KRK. “We have a number of clients that use KRKs exclusively, Timbaland included” states Fletcher. “If you go to a studio and you’re not familiar with the room, you want to bring your security blanket with you. And your blanket is often a set of near-fields.” This is also a fertile ground for collaboration. You never know who is going to be in the studio next door! Client artists such as DJ Sasha will often work with Ableton LIVE or Logic programming first and then book time for mixing. While T-Pain does everything at the Hit Factory soup to nuts often taking remix elements and combining this with live instrumentation. Miami as a location works differently for each client. For some it is a location where you can go to relax and get some work done, for others it is a place to work and then have the beach and night life for relaxation. As a truly international city, Miami has representation of virtually every ethnicity and a vibrant multicultural social scene. According to Fletcher one of his clients jokes that “South Florida is a great place to work because it’s so close to the United States.” He adds, “We’ve got the sand, we’ve got the sun, we’ve got the professionalism, technology, spaces, history, pedigree – all rolled up into one. We give them the tools, acoustic spaces, the creative atmosphere and the support personnel to achieve whatever their creative vision lusts for.” In Studio Focus


In Studio Focus

This Factory Keeps Making Hits

Stanton - forlife  


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