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“Pulse is the most important thing there is. We’re making tools that enable people to express themselves with the pulse.”

HiroYoki Hayashida

--- Remo D. Belli

Not So Loud NSL Drums were developed for group or individual drumming in settings where sound volume is a concern. The construction of the drumhead eliminates the high overtones and mid-range tones commonly found in traditional membranes.

NSL Djembes

NSL Tubano

NSL Ladoumbe

Model DJ-NS10-17 DJ-NS12-17 DJ-NS14-17

Model TU-NS10-16 TU-NS12-16 TU-NS14-16 TU-NSST-16 TU-NT10-16 TU-NT12-16 TU-NT14-16 TU-NTST-16

Model LD-NS10-16 LD-NS12-16 LD-NS14-16

Size 10” x 20.75” 12” x 22” 14” x 23.25”

Finish: Rainbow (17)

Size 10” x 14.25” 12” x 14.25” 14” x 14.25” Set, Small, 10-12-14” 10” x 25” 12” x 25” 14” x 25” Set, Tall, 10-12-14”

Size 10” x 13.25” 12” x 13.25” 14” x 13.25”

Finish: Island (16)

Finish: Island (16)


Uzbek Doyra Inspired by master drummer Abbos Kosimov, the Remo Doyra has a fixed head that is tuned at a high pitch like the original doyra from Uzbekistan. Model TA-3416-81

Katsugi Okedaiko

Size 16 3/8” x 2 3/16”

The dayereh is one of the most famous frame drums in Persia and Central Asia with many different names. Remo’s Dayereh is lightweight, featuring a fixed pre-tuned tunable Renaissance® drumhead. Model TA-1402-81

Description Pre-tuned fixed Nuskyn® drumhead and metal rings

A lightweight Acousticon® drum shell and Skyndeep® Natural Calf skin graphic drumheads make this drum portable and durable.

Size 14” x 2”

Description: Tunable fixed Renaissance® drumhead and brass rings

Finish: Antique

Finish: Antique Model JO-1521-72-SN003

Size 15” x 21”

Thinline Frame Drums 8900 SERIES There is no drum more simple, reliable, lightweight, attractive, primary, basic, essential AND affordable than the Remo® Thinline Frame Drum. Manufactured with a Renaissance® fixed drumhead the Remo® Thinline Frame Drum is both a training drum, accessible for beginners, and also a great practice drum for professionals. Model HD-8908-00 HD-8910-00 HD-8912-00 HD-8914-00 HD-8916-00 HD-8900-05

Abbos Kosimov

Global Frame Drums & Tambourines

Size 8” X 1 9/16” 10” X 1 9/16” 12” X 1 9/16” 14” X 1 9/16” 16” X 1 9/16” Set of 5 with bag

Tablatone The Tablatone Frame Drum utilizes “loaded head” technology found in the Tabla drums of India. Skyndeep® heads, Acousticon® shells, and the unique Tablatone Dot deliver warm and focused fundamental tones and crisp edge tones; a truly unique frame drum suitable for a wide variety of uses.

Model HD-9208-83-SC020 HD-9210-83-SC020 HD-9212-83-SC020

Size 8” x 2” 10” x 2” 12” x 2”

With tunable Skyndeep® Radial Flare Red graphic drumhead

Model HD-9208-83-SD001 HD-9210-83-SD001 HD-9212-83-SD001

Size 8” x 2” 10” x 2” 12” x 2”

With Tunable Skyndeep® Fish skin graphic drumhead

Finish: Antique Brown and White Finish: Antique Brown and White

Infinity Mondo® Djembe

Legendary Series Congas

New finishes, new Mondo Skyndeep® Natural drumheads and newly engineered “Contour” tuning brackets give the most popular Djembe in the business a boost. Model Size DJ-0114-21-SN014 14” x 25” DJ-0114-22-SN014 14” x 25”

Remo® Legendary Series Congas are offered in two large sizes; the conga and tumba drums, and are equipped with Tucked Skyndeep® Calf skin graphic drumheads. Also featured is a new Remo Radius Counter Hoop.


Finish Eco-grain Choco Red Eco-grain Multicor

Model CG-4317-37 CG-4312-37 CG-6317-36 CG-6312-36

Size 11.75” x 30” 12.50” x 30” 11.75” x 28” 12.50” x 28”

Finishes: Palmilla (37), Salsa Deco (36)

Choco Red


Constructed with 10 mil film, the Powerstroke Pro features our new Pressure Dampening Profile and permanently mounted acoustic foam that provides maximum volume and projection while producing controlled highs, accentuated mid and maximum low range frequencies. Available in Clear, Coated and Ebony®. Coated Model No. PR-1118-00 PR-1120-00 PR-1122-00 PR-1124-00

Clear Model No. PR-1318-00 PR-1320-00 PR-1322-00 PR-1324-00

Salsa Deco

New key-tuned. Contour Brackets. ensure comfort. when playing.

Ebony Model No. Size PR-1418-00 18” PR-1420-00 20” PR-1422-00 22” PR-1424-00 24”


Leon Mobley

Soloist Doumbeks with Clear Tone drumheads

Controlled Sound® X Inspired by one of Remo’s best selling snare heads, the Coated Controlled Sound, Remo introduces the new Controlled Sound X. Constructed with coated 12-mil film and 5-mil reverse dot, featuring 20% more durability and tone control. Ideal for live and recording applications. Model No. CX-0110-10 CX-0112-10 CX-0113-10 CX-0114-10

Size 10” 12” 13” 14”

Tattoo Skyn™ Drumhead by

Corey Miller

Corey Miller has designed two new drumhead graphics for Remo’s TattooSkyn line; full color Rock and Roses graphic and monotone Dragon Skyn graphic. 13” and 14” snare drumheads come in a 12-mil Suede® Skyndeep, single-ply film for excellent durability and overtone control. The 22” Powerstroke 3 bass resonant drumheads feature an inlay ring for overtone control. Bass drum graphics on white or black film. Rock and Roses Model No. TT-0813-AX-T05 TT-0814-AX-T05 PA-1320-TT-T05 PA-1320-TT-T07 PA-1322-TT-T05 PA-1322-TT-T07

Dragon Skyn Model No. TT-0813-AX-T06 TT-0814-AX-T06 PA-1320-TT-T06 PA-1320-TT-T08 PA-1322-TT-T06 PA-1322-TT-T08

Size 13” 14” 20” 20” 22” 22”

Film Suede Suede White Black White Black

Falams® XT Marching snare side

Model DK-3008-4M-SC016 DK-3009-5M-SC017 DK-3010-7M-SC018


Featuring the great sound and quality of the Falams® II Kevlar snare side drumhead with an added Mylar™ underlay ring for greater durability and higher pitch capability. Model No. KL-1213-SA KL-1214-SA

MunYungo jackson

Featuring Metalized™ finishes, these internally tuned Doumbeks are equipped with a color coordinated Skyndeep® Clear Tone drumhead boasting a smooth drumhead feel with pure tek and doum sounds. Size 8” x 18” 9” x 18” 10” x 18”

Finish Yellow Orange Turquoise


Size 13” 14”

Gospel Tambourine ISSAM Houshan 7M

Designed for the modern and diverse playing styles heard throughout the world. Outfitted with the Nuskyn® fixed pre-tuned drumhead producing distinctive focused slaps and open tones. Model TA-3010-81 Finish: Antique

Size 10” x 2”

Description double row Jingles

Palmilla Palmilla Salsa Deco Salsa Deco

Remo - New Products  
Remo - New Products  

ABBOS KOSIMOv HIROYOKI HAYASHIDA A lightweight Acousticon ® drum shell and Skyndeep ® Natural Calf skin graphic drumheads make this drum por...