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FULL TribePro Review – Social Backlinks OR Social FLUFF? february 20, 2013 by t odd warren Like



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Looking for a T ribPro review t hat isn’t a bunch of hype, but act ually explains t he posit ive AND t he negat ives of t his social backlinking t ool? I’ll be honest wit h you if you’ll t ake your business serious and really t ake t he fact s in t his TribePro review t o heart in det ermining whet her or not it fit s wit h your market ing st rat egy. So if you have ever want ed t o get t raffic t o you websit e, you know t hat social media is a great way t o do t hat . It s where t hings can go viral and it s where you can get a t on of exposure t o you, your brand, and your offer. Likewise, if you have looked int o SEO (Search Engine Opt imizat ion) as a means t o get high TribePro Review – Is It Wort h It ?

qualit y t raffic t o your sit e for free, t hen you should know t hat cont ent syndicat ion is going t o be your best friend!

In ot her words, you want t o your cont ent t o be shared on as many sit es as possible (like art icle direct ories, bookmarking sit es, social media sit es, forums et c.) so t hat more people can find your sit e, AND it get s a link back t o your sit e which will help your cont ent rank higher in t he search engines (t hink page-1 of Google) so people will continue t o find your sit e. So if you have a websit e, your sole purpose in creat ing cont ent for t hat sit e is GETTING TRAFFIC! When you get more t raffic, more people are seeing your sit e, you are get t ing more sales …Easy right ? No so easy act ually. Can you imagine spending hours upon hours building links back t o your websit e manually? It sucks big t ime and really t akes away from where your focus should be which is on market ing (market ing produces sales…building links t o your sit e does not ). This is where you can leverage t he power of TribePro! But how powerful is it and does is act ually leverage enough of your t ime t o be wort h t he cost of using it ? Be sure t o read t his ent ire TribePro review t o see my own opinion and result s!

TribePro Review – The Overview TribePro is a cont ent syndicat ion service t hat aut omat ically dist ribut es your cont ent t o over 50 different social net works on complet e aut o-pilot ! It act ually uses a powerful t ool called OnlyWire t o dist ribut e your cont ent t o ot her people’s social media account s (t hink Facebook, Twit t er, Google+, Delicious, Digg, et c.) which is going t o give your cont ent a t on of exposure! The idea behind TribePro is in t he name it self… “Tribe”. The idea being t hat you join a t ribe of people and aut o-share each ot hers cont ent across your social media account s. This mean you can lit erally get unlimit ed amount s of shares for your cont ent ! The only real “work” you need t o do is t he set up.

1) Creat e an OnlyWire acco unt here, and t hen creat e t he 50+ new social media account s you will be using t o aut o-syndicat e your cont ent as well as ot her “t ribe” members cont ent . (Dont use your current social media account s) Aft er you creat e your OnlyWire account , I recommend heading on over t o and paying someone $5 t o creat e your social media account s for you! It t akes a few hours manually and if I can save a few hours for $5…it s wort h it ! 2) Creat e a T ribePro acco unt here and set up a PLUS account . 3) Search for t ribe’s t o join in your niche and st art “aut o-syndicat ing” ot her members cont ent . Be sure you message t hem t o let t hem know t hat you are now aut o-syndicat ing t hem and ask t hem t o ret urn t he favor. 4) Under My Account > Set t ings > Aut o-Submit , add your websit e RSS feeds so t hat TribePro will aut omat ically submit your cont ent for mass syndicat ion. 5) The more you share ot her people’s cont ent , t he more yours get shared, so dont be st ingy! You can very quickly st art get t ing 100, 500, or even 1000+ shares of your cont ent every single t ime you post !

So what does all this mean for your site? What t his means for you is t hat by using TribePro, you’ll be able t o get backlinks t o your sit e in an inst ant , and aut omat ic cont ent syndicat ion across unlimit ed social media account s. This is not only going t o get you t raffic t o your sit e but you are also building backlinks t o help you rank in t he search engines. The t raffic you get from TribePro is social media t raffic so it s here and gone quickly, but t he real magic is in t he social backlinks t hat get you on t he front page of Google where you can get endless t raffic t o your sit e for t he long t erm which should be t he goal of anyone who has a websit e!

Not All Backlinks Are Created Equal – TribePro Review There is act ually a huge shift in how Google is ranking your cont ent . Just a short while ago, you could build

There is act ually a huge shift in how Google is ranking your cont ent . Just a short while ago, you could build any link t o your sit e and even if it was spammy, if you got a t on of links…your rankings would hit page-1 of Google no problem. Now what sucked about t his is t hat people were ranking crap cont ent on t he front pages of Google. The st uff was usually spam t hat just looked for a quick sale. Most people would use different t ypes of soft ware t o post blog comment s and forum profile links. Sket chy st uff. Now Google, wit h it s Panda/Penguin updat es, has act ually penalized t he people who obt ained backlinks t hrough t hese met hods and a lot of people had t heir t raffic cut in half or even found t hemselves not get t ing any t raffic at all aft er t hese updat es t o t he ranking algorit hms.

Backling is good…If done right !

Now Google is giving much higher weight t o backlinks t hat come from social media sources like Facebook, Twit t er, Google+, et c. The reason is clear t oo! Social media is act ual human beings post ing cont ent t herefore t he cont ent (or backlink) should be of higher value since a real human found it appropriat e t o link t o your sit e!

Why Is TribePro So Powerful? – TribePro Review So you now underst and t hat TribePro is a communit y of people (a “t ribe”) who have agreed t o share each ot hers cont ent on t heir social net works. You t hen get your cont ent shared on 200, 500, 1000+ DIFFERENT social media account s all from differnt IP address, from REAL PEOPLE…Do you t hink Google is going t o rank your post on page-1 of t he search result s for your keyword, or will t hey rank t he guy who has a bunch of forum profile links??? You WIN every t ime! This video will help you underst and TribePro bet t er if my TribePro review isnt making it as clear as it could be!

Does It Work Though? – TribePro Review Proof I can t ell all t hese awesome feat ures and benefit s of using TribePro, but all t hat means squat if I dont use it myself t o get result s. You might as well ignore everyt hing I have said if it s not working for me…But IT IS WORKING FOR ME!!! And here is PROOF!

I dont put a lot of t ime and effort int o syndicat ing ot hers and messaging people in t he t ribes t hat I am in t o ret urn t he favor of aut osyndicat ing me and I STILL get my cont ent shared over 500 t imes! But what about Google Rankings??? Oh it works awesome wit h t hat as well! Below is a post on t his blog t arget ing t he keyword “meaning of upselling�. I did no syndicat ion ot her t han t he submission t o TribePro t hat is on aut o-pilot . Check out my page-1 Google ranking!!!

Take Massive Action! – TribePro Review If I had t o put a price-t ag on t he value t hat using TribePro has had on my business, I would say t hat I would easily pay well over $100

per mont h for t his incredibly simple, powerful social media backlinking t ool! But you wont even pay anywhere close t o t hat ! It s act ually less t hat half of t hat t o st art ed! I beleive in leveraging t he power of t ools THAT WORK (first and foremost ) t o free up my t ime for ot her income producing act ivit ies, but wit h TribePro, I hit t wo birds wit h one st one…I get MORE TRAFFIC and MORE SALES while leveraging my t ime t o make MORE MONEY online!

TribePro is a no-brainer if you have a blog or website.

Aft er reading t his “TribePro review”, if you are serious about get t ing free, organic t raffic t o your sit e, t hen I highly recommend you TAKE MASSIVE ACTION and sign up for your OnlyWire acco unt , t hen sign up for your T ribePro Plus acco unt now so t hat you can st art get t ing inst ant , aut omat ed, powerful social backlinks and t raffic t o your websit e. …And if t his TribePro review was helpful, be sure t o “like, t weet , and +1″ below and share t he wealt h! I would also love t o hear what you t hink about TribePro as well as answer any quest ions you have before you click t he link below t o get st art ed. CLICK HERE T o Sign Up Fo r Yo ur OnlyWire Acco unt CLICK HERE T o St art Get t ing MASSIVE T RAFFIC & Backlinks T ribePro Onwards & Upwards…Toget her!

Proverbs 22:16 He who oppresses the poor to make more for himself or who gives to the rich, will only come to poverty.




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