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Many have found that their troubles only began after recovering from a major illness – when the medical bills came due. Still others simply found themselves awakened to debt one day, usually the product of ever increasing penalties and interest rates.

While financial strain and stress are caused by many reasons, their solution can be found in the United States Bankruptcy Code. Practically every civilization, since organized society, has had some form of bankruptcy relief.

From her core to the tips of her fingers, she is caring, understanding, and compassionate. Since the one thing in life that I can truly say I did correctly was marry the right person, we moved to Texas in order to better facilitate her career. After my wife’s contract had expired I realized that I missed the day to day interaction with clients. Todd Morse Bankruptcy is a truly unique field of law in that it

affords you the opportunity to literally step into someone’s life and make that life better. When you are in the office, you get to see regular Americans come in, completely stressed and appearing defeated and watch them, seemingly miraculously, transform into new, relaxed and happy people.

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Morse & associates, colorado bankruptcy lawyers  
Morse & associates, colorado bankruptcy lawyers  

I graduated Baylor University with a degree in Political Philosophy. After college, I moved to San Diego and became an analyst in commercial...