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Todd Merrill Studio For over fifteen years, Todd Merrill Studio has exhibited and purveyed the finest selection of post-war American studio furniture. Shortly after Rizzoli published his seminal book on the subject, “Modern Americana: Studio Furniture from High Craft to High Glam”, 2008, Merrill launched Studio Contemporary, representing the work of an international group of established and emerging contemporary artists. Today, their work is sought after by a wide range of art patrons, from collectors and decorators, to curators and museum academics. While each artist uses his or her own chosen medium-from textile to porcelain, to marble and LEDs--their joint curation at Studio Contemporary relies upon their shared drive to push those materials to their absolute aesthetic limits. The result: dynamic, handmade, and unique pieces that contribute to today’s increasingly relevant “grey space” between art and design. The gallery has progressively cultivated and established new artists, placing their work into private and public collections which include The Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum (New York), The Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), The Museum of Art and Design (New York), The

Victoria and Albert Museum (London), Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), The High Museum of Art (Atlanta), and The Brooklyn Museum (New York), amongst others. Currently, Studio Contemporary represents the work of Niamh Barry, Colleen Carlson, Ezra Cohen, Sophie Coryndon, Amy Cushing, Marc Fish, Nader Gammas, Stephane Graff, Markus Haase, Molly Hatch, John Hersey, Beth Katleman, Karl Springer LTD, Gary Magakis, Knox Martin, Shari Mendelson, Gareth Neal, Jake Phipps, John Procario, Yard Sale Project, Chris Rucker, and Erin Sullivan. Throughout the year, the gallery exhibits at the best art and design fairs worldwide, including: Design Days Dubai (Dubai), Collective Design Fair (New York), Art Miami (Miami), Design Miami (Basel, Miami), FOG: Design + Art (San Francisco), Pavilion of Arts & Design (New York, Paris, London), Masterpiece (London), Gallery Seoul (South Korea), Spring Masters (New York), The International Fine Art and Antiques Dealer Show (New York), Zona MACO (Mexico City), Salon Art + Design (New York) and The Winter Antiques Show (New York).



Custom Originals is a unique group of bespoke and handmade-to-order seating options designed by Todd Merrill. Merrill, a pioneer dealer of late 20th Century design and author of Rizzoli’s Modern Americana: Studio Furniture from High Craft to High Glam, channels his deep knowledge of the great American designers of the post-war period to create his highly evolved and artful furniture series. Inspired by the late 1940s to the 1970s, Merrill’s works evoke the chic silhouettes and glamorous aesthetics of each era, while offering today’s highest grade of construction and materials.

eye and unusual techniques have catapulted signature and unprecedented styles, such as the Double Tufted style—composed of three-dimensional “marshmallow” pieces strung together in a stacked tufted back. Merrill works with his clients’ architectural plans and elevations to propose the ideal forms and dimensions to create site-specific furniture tailored to the environment. In addition to customizable sizing, the sectionals and sofas can be made with bespoke fabrics, finishes, gildings, metal plating, and extras like casters and hardware.

Proportioned for today’s lifestyle with a focus on comfort and generous scale, Merrill’s designs include the Tufted Series, the Modern American Series, and the Hollywood Mogul Series. Whether reinterpreting a classic sofa into a wrap-around seating arrangement or developing an entirely novel aesthetic, Merrill’s unique


The Tufted Series is a plush and comfortable seating option, that can be ordered as a multipart sectional or a single-bed sofa, with customizable dimensionality and materials.

The Tufted Sectional is composed of a luxurious landscape of tufted grids that unify interchangeable pieces; able to be rearranged as lounge, loveseat, or a more formal entertaining open seating arrangement, a group can be ordered with any combination of Ottoman, Back, or Corner pieces. The Tufted Sofa offers a single bed version of this iconic design. Having perfected the tuft in it’s various forms, from square to diamond, Merrill’s Tufted sectionals and sofas defy classic seating options; absent of straight backs, the pieces have been meticulously designed to float in the room rather than be pressed up against a wall. The uniqueness of its forms are articulated by the floating effect of their mirrored bases, which give further lightness and levity to its bold, dynamic shapes.

The Tufted Series









The Custom Original Sectional is able to be designed as chaise lounge, love seat, L-shap, or a more formal entertaining open seating arrangement. The Tufted Sectional can be ordered with any combination of Ottoman, Back, or Corner pieces





34 in 25.5 in

The Classic Back

The Double Back


30 in 28 in

The Extended Back

The Standard Back


Mirror Polished Brass Base

Ebonized Wood Base



Mirror Polished Chrome Base


THE DOUBLE BACK The Double Back is the tallest model within the Tufted Series and is Merrill’s most unique design; featuring two rows of stacked tufting, its unprecedented form is at once sculptural as well as extremely comfortable, providing optimal back support. Due to its larger back, a 36” x 36” square is suggested.

Total Height: 34” Total Back Tuft: 17” Seat Height: 17” Each Section: 36” x 36”



THE CLASSIC BACK The Classic is the smallest version of the Tufted Sectional. Each square section is available starting at a 30” x 30” to a 36” x 36” size. Unlike the larger models, The Classic’s back-support tufts are smaller in scale than the seat tufts,creating a low, sleek aesthetic.

Total Height: 25.5” Total Back Tuft: 9.5” Seat Height: 16” Each Section: 30” x 30” to 36” x 36”



THE STANDARD BACK The Standard is the ideally proportioned style the Tufted Sectionals, with its back and seat tufts of equal size. Creating a visually balanced unit, it offers very comfortable support while still maintaining a low aesthetic.

Total Height: 28” Total Back Tuft: 11”” Seat Height: 17” Each Section: 34” x 34” to 36” x 36”



THE EXTENDED BACK The Extended features back tufts larger in size than the Classic and Standard. Ideal for extra back support and a taller aesthetic while keeping the simplicity of a single tuft. Due to its larger back, a 36” x 36” square is suggested..

Total Height: 30” Total Back Tuft: 13” Seat Height: 17” Each Section: 36” x 36”



THE TUFTED SOFA The Tufted Sofa is the single-base option for Todd Merrill’s unique and customizable plush seating design. Assembled on one bed,The Tufted Sofa can be rendered with back tufting in the style of any of the sectionals: The Double, The Classic, The Standard (as shown), or the The Oversized.

Sizing can be accommodated in any of the Tufted Section options. Shown (right) is the Standard Tufted Sofa with custom dimensions Total Height: 28” Total Back Tuft: 11” Seat Height: 17” Each Section: 36” x 36” Total Length: 120” 33



THE CLUB CHAIR This elegant, comfortable, and versatile custom seating can be configured in multiple ways as part of the Todd Merrill Custom Originals Line. Each Chair and ottoman can be custom-made in size, starting at 30in square, to accommodate any interior.

Total Height: 28” Total Back Tuft: 12” Seat Height: 15” Each Section: 36” x 36”



THE DEMILUNE OTTOMAN The Demilune Ottoman provides extended seating options in the form of customizable pie-shaped sections for a variety of arrangements. Each quadrant can be custom-made to size specification, starting at 32 inches squared, to accommodate any interior. Placed together in a group of four the quadrants form an expansize and versatile circular ottoman.

Seat Height: 15” - 18” Each Section: 32” x 32” x 50.25” Full Ottoman: 64” Diameter



The Modern American Series is Merrill’s contemporary interpretation of works by the

great American Modernistcreatives of the last century. Elegant and demure in design, the Modern American also offers extreme comfortwith down filled cushions. Built with a classic hardwood frame and set on invisible casters, it is an ideal in its proportions and simplicity scaled for contemporary living. This style is available as a sectional or as a single sofa.



THE MODERN AMERICAN SECTIONAL The Modern American Sectional can be custom made as a larger open seating group,wherein each individual sofa can connect to another, forming an L-Shape, open and adjustableconfiguration.

Total Height: 30.5” Width: 118” Depth: 32” 49



THE MODERN AMERICAN SOFA The Modern American Sofa features sleek arm rests on either side for a well proportioned, elegant single bed seating option. Typical sizing ranges from six to ten feet long per the client’s request and space. Dimensions as shown are as follows:

Total Height: 32” Width: 80” Depth: 32” 53


Hollywood Mogul

With a unique, asymmetrical design, the is a custom sofa that offers a chaise/daybed aesthetic for optimal lounging. A pair makes and ideal sofa arrangement in any room - they are made to face each other for conversation and relaxation. “People want to be able to chill and lounge like a pasha”, says Merrill. Channeling Merrill’s iconic “tufts”, the Hollywood Mogul features diamond interior tufting and sleek clean lines on smooth back and arms.


THE HOLLYWOOD MOGUL The length of the Hollywood Mogul sofa can be customized to the client’s preference. A pair makes an ideal formal seating group with opposite arm rests to balance the set.

Total Height: 36” Width: 96” Depth: 36” 59


Todd Merrill Custom Originals  
Todd Merrill Custom Originals  

Merrill’s signature creations reflect his vast experience with twentieth-century design and knowledge of contemporary tastes. The pieces are...