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Gary Magakis

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Gary Magakis

Todd Merrill with essay by Dallas Dunn

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Todd Merrill Studio For over fifteen years, Todd Merrill Studio has exhibited and purveyed the finest selection of post-war American studio furniture. Shortly after Rizzoli published his seminal book on the subject, “Modern Americana: Studio Furniture from High Craft to High Glam”, 2008, Merrill launched Studio Contemporary, representing the work of an international group of established and emerging contemporary artists. Today, their work is sought after by a wide range of art patrons, from collectors and decorators, to curators and museum academics. While each artist uses his or her own chosen medium-from textile to porcelain, to marble and LEDs--their joint curation at Studio Contemporary relies upon their shared drive to push those materials to their absolute aesthetic limits. The result: dynamic, handmade, and unique pieces that contribute to today’s increasingly relevant “grey space” between art and design. The gallery has progressively cultivated and established new artists, placing their work into private and public collections which include The Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum (New York), The Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), The Museum of Art and Design (New York), The

Victoria and Albert Museum (London), Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), The High Museum of Art (Atlanta), and The Brooklyn Museum (New York), amongst others. Currently, Studio Contemporary represents the work of Niamh Barry, Colleen Carlson, Ezra Cohen, Sophie Coryndon, Amy Cushing, Marc Fish, Nader Gammas, Stephane Graff, Markus Haase, Molly Hatch, John Hersey, Beth Katleman, Karl Springer LTD, Gary Magakis, Knox Martin, Shari Mendelson, Gareth Neal, Jake Phipps, John Procario, Yard Sale Project, Chris Rucker, and Erin Sullivan. Throughout the year, the gallery exhibits at the best art and design fairs worldwide, including: Design Days Dubai (Dubai), Collective Design Fair (New York), Art Miami (Miami), Design Miami (Basel, Miami), FOG: Design + Art (San Francisco), Pavilion of Arts & Design (New York, Paris, London), Masterpiece (London), Gallery Seoul (South Korea), Spring Masters (New York), The International Fine Art and Antiques Dealer Show (New York), Zona MACO (Mexico City), Salon Art + Design (New York) and The Winter Antiques Show (New York).

Introduction By Todd Merrill

Gary Magakis has built an almost cult following amongst top designers and collectors for his dynamic works that are composed of seemingly simple shapes. When creating his bronze and steel sculpture and furniture, metal sculptor Gary Magakis looks to ancient metal arts, modern architecture and sculpture, and the American Studio Movement for inspiration. Undoubtedly the latter has had the biggest influence on his work. Magakis received a degree in sculpture from the Penn State University and was taught how to weld by sculptor Klaus Ihlenfeld, who was Harry Bertoia’s assistant. It is the handmade sculpted metal furniture of Paul Evans, however, that has left a lasting impression on Magakis. Evans’ unprecedented use of sculpted metal forms and patinated surfaces can be seen in Magakis’ Sculpted Metal series. His approach is distinct and creates bold and dense geometric forms that exude a Modernist elegance and buoyance. Though at first glance the works appear sharp, they are actually gracefully curvilinear as each plane is hand formed, organic, and slightly off square. As the artist works on a commission basis, custom dimensions and finishes may be accommodated.

Epic Double Cantilevered Console 2017 Gilt steel, grained blackened steel and grained bronze with patina 28.25H x 140W x 21D inches

Gary Magakis’ unique steel and bronze case pieces reflect the sculptor’s distinct approach to creating bold and dense geometric forms that exude a Modernist elegance and buoyancy. At once functional objects and works of art, the cabinets are designed to suggest weightlessness, while retaining a muscular visual power. The dynamic relationship between the lightness of the consoles’ cantilevered forms and their sturdy, dense materials creates an ideal aesthetic equilibrium. The arrangement of these cabinets belies their heavy steel and bronze construction. The console’s gracefully tapered edges lend it another quality of lightness. The cabinets change in both shape and material, composed of a variety of metals including blackened and incised steel, gilded steel, and incised bronze. Magakis has truly mastered the art of combining form and function.

Blackened Steel Console with Grained and Mirrored Bronze 2015 Blackened grained steel, mirror-polished bronze, and grained bronze with patina 80W x 21D x 34H inches

Cantilevered Console with End Cabinets 2014 Blackened steel and textured bronze 100W x 19D x 32H inches

Blackened Steel and Layered Bronze Compact Console USA, 2017 Blackened grained steel and layered patinated bronze 32H x 64W x 19D inches

The level planes of Gary Magakis’ handmade, bronze and steel low tables reference the centuries old stonewalls that populate Magakis’ surroundings in rural Pennsylvania. The dense forms of the table are stacked in a cantilevered arrangement, lending the work a unique duality of denseness and weightlessness.

Bronze Stacked Low Table 2017 Grained Bronze with Patina 15.5H x 76W x 30W inches

Stacked Low Table 2016 Blackened Grained Steel 16H x 42W x 38D in

Bronze and Steel Sculptural Low Table 2015 Bronze, Grained Patinated Steel and Glass 18H x 18W x 18D in

Ledges Console 2017 33H x 95W x 28D inches Blackened Grained Steel and Blackened Layered Steel

Gary Magakis’ unique, blackened steel Ledges Console channels architectural elements into an elegant, yet resilient structure. By blending architectural principles from virtuosos such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Oscar Niemeyer with modernist sculptural concepts introduced by artists such as David Smith and Joel Shapiro, Magakis has created a visual language of shapes that inform his work. The delightfully off square shapes that sit, cantilevered from the central base, give the console a delightful weightlessness that contradicts the work’s industrial material and defy the limits of the architecture around them.

Gary Magakis’ unique, hand-made side tables can be experienced differently from every angle, much like a freestanding sculpture. Crafted in variations of bronze and steel, the Ledges Series is made on a commission basis allowing for custom dimensions and finishes.

Ledges 1 Side Table 2016 Grained Bronze with Patina, Blackened Steel 26W x 20H x 37D Inches

Ledges 2 Side Table 2016 Steel with Patina 37W x 24D x 18H inches

Ledges 3 Side Table 2016 Blackened Steel 16W x 14D x 21H inches

Gary Magakis  
Gary Magakis  

Todd Merrill Studio is pleased to present the work of designer Gary Magakis. Magakis has built a cult-like following among top designers and...