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Problems with your septic? Portland metropolitan area households call on Terra Team. 503-538-8808. Do you find that the water in your house is draining slowly, or your toilet not flushing quite right? Portland septic problems can be solved by the septic specialists - Terra Team. Do you find that the ground above your septic tank seems to be muddy or the grass is always wet? That could indicate a problem with your septic system. We find to that over time with the older systems that the pipes from your house to the septic tank can get clogged with sludge. A good pipe cleaning could be all it takes to get your septic system working right again, and the guys at Terra Team can do that. With years of experience with septic systems, they can do a new septic system installation, septic tank repair or replacement. Drain field replacement can be done as well. Terra Team does have the Terra Lift, a special machine that can bring a drain field back to life, saving you a lot of money verses replacement. Do you need a bid on a job? They can get some information from you and get you a competitive price on a job that will be done right the first time. They can handle septic tank control issues, like float or pump problems. The guys are certified alternative treatment technology (ATT) installers, with several ATT packages available to meet your specific needs for a new septic system. Portland septic services are just a phone call away, or feel free to visit the website listed above. If you are surrounded by other with septic systems, we offer discounts for you and your neighbors who get their tanks pumped at the same time. Septic service in Portland that is good for you and good for your neighbor. Septic service maintenance in Portland should include a septic tank pumping, usually every 3-5 years depending on usage. We would inspect the condition of the tank, including the baffles and check out the water flow to the drain field to make sure it is flowing correctly.

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