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Lean Body Hacks by Randy Smith


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Lean Body Hacks by Randy Smith reveals the scientifically proven secret herbal combinations to repair your gut health and boost your metabolism to build a lean and trim body.

You will Find: ● Secret golden ratio​ of spices that will help you melt away your stubborn fat and reduce your risk of developing heart related issues by 33% ● ​A simple dietary trick that boosts the “happy” endorphins in your body making you ​happier​ and more​ energetic​ in as little as 24 hours. ● What vegetables to consume if you want to stay fuller longer and what vegetables you must ​avoid​ when trying to lose fat (you’d be surprised how certain veggies could force your body to lay down layers of fat around your trouble spots) ● Simple ​10-second tricks​ to turn on your metabolism and fat burning hormones. ● Breathing rhythm exercises to help opens your cells to accept more oxygen.

Plus Lean Body Hacks Detox Tea

This is the secret golden ratio of herbs and spices in a done for you tea guide. This guide gives you all the lean body hacks detox tea recipes that you can make right at home. Remember, all the spices and herbs can be easily located in your local grocery store, but you must follow the Secret golden ratio and the drinking periods. This book will give you all the recipes that you need to sky rocket your metabolism and heal your gut so that your body starts to burn off all your deep stubborn body fat hour after hour from the moment you drink this tea.

Lean Body Hacks 21 Day Guide This is the detailed 21 day done for you guide that tells you exactly what you need to do to lose 7 pounds every single week without any exercises, diets or even making a single change to what you eat. This guide tells you what to do the moment you wake up, how to add the secret golden ratio of herbs and spices to your cooking and utilize all the other hacks included in the Lean Body Hacks Blueprint.

And much more!

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