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Medicine for the Earth:

“slipping deeper and deeper into an urban trance our senses “All ancient traditions teach that our inner state of become deafened to the consciousness is reflected back to us by our outer world and that what we do to the earth, we do to voices of the natural ourselves.” world. Their singing beckons our spirit and In this retreat participants learn how to transform urges our senses to personal and environmental toxins while learning how surface and awaken to to transmute negative beliefs, attitudes and the energy the song that is ever that comes forth from emotions. present, but often ignared.” ~ Andrea Stone Using the shamanic journey as well as time in nature

a basic shamanism retreat

we deepen our connection with all of life. We will 2008 Medicine for the Earth explore the great power of visioning and perform a powerful ceremony with fire to manifest our visions. In Dates May 13-15th collaboration with community and the spirits this retreat is a life transforming experience. What to Expect More About the Edge: Northern Edge Algonquin, our home for this Shamanism training is a beautiful nature retreat built in harmony with the earth, at Ontario’s Algonquin Provincial Park. Clean, green and dedicated to sustainability, the Edge is located on Kawawaymog Lake, (Access #1 - Algonquin Provincial Park). What to Expect: Our cabin accommodations provide clean, simple comforts. Our mission lives not just in the events we host, but in our commitment to sustainability: serving up organic, locally raised foods, alongside fair trade goods, and preparing all meals fresh, and lovingly by hand. Shared dining, retreat and bathing facilities balance modern convenience with ecological principles providing an environment that enriches basic shamanism & medicine for the earth trainings. Easy to Get to: Our Solar-powered nature retreat is nestled on the Edge of Algonquin Park. Served by bus, train and airport shuttle, we are happy to offer travel advice and driving directions. Next Steps: We invite you to call us toll free at 1-800-953-3343 in North America or 705-386-1595 local or international (cc: 001).

Arrival: 2-4 pm Departure: 3-5 pm Prices (before tax)

2008 Price: $447/person (inclusive - save $51) Program: $180/p Meals & Accommodation: from $106/p/d Martha is co-founder of Northern Edge Algonquin, which oers shamanic retreats throughout the year. Learn more at

Book this Medicne for the Earth Retreat today! Check availability online at or call us at 705.386.1595.


“slipping deeper and deeper into an urban trance our senses become deafened to the voices of the natural world. Their singing beckons our sp...

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