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Inside the Octagon Mark Perry, General Manager - Events

Happy New Year. Wow is it 2013 already? 2012 saw my team deliver six major events along with assisting Porsche with their incredible Carrera Cup series. On reflection 2012 was certainly a big year full of exciting new concepts.

This year promises to be even bigger, and here is a showcase of what we have to look forward to.  Our 5 th Targa Wrest Point. Yes the number has reached 5 already.  For the first time Targa Cars will be cutting Hot Laps at the Formula 1 Grand Prix - it is certainly a who would have thought experience.

 2013 will see the 22 nd Running of Targa Tasmania. The revamped course this year, will cut out a lot of the touring without hurting the competitive kilometres - book’s baby!!  The 3 rd Supaloc Targa Adelaide will again enjoy all the successes of the Night Stage and a number of new initiatives on a revamped course designed to ensure a long future – You will love it!

 The 4 th Targa High Country, what needs to be said here. Can it get any better? Wow, the roads….  In 2013 we are looking to take the Swisse Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge and the inspiring adventure run to new heights. Which sees some of the worlds' best endurance racers in action whilst helping to raise hundred’s of thousands for Mark Webbers charitable foundation.  This year we will also continue our support of the Porsche Carrera Cup, supporting the Porsche team in delivering this amazing Championship. Clipsal, F1, Bathurst, the Gold Coast. Octagon will be there on the ground, doing what we do best. Putting on amazing events! In 2013 Our Team is Growing Since the Swisse Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge out team has grown by three with one addition to our Melbourne office and two in Adelaide.

Please welcome the following staff when you see them over the course of this weekend at targa Wrest Point or at your next event.

Jade Seskis

Amanda Walker

Samara Pople

On the course with Stuart Benson, Sporting Director 2013 is well and truly off to a flying start (pardon the obvious pun!) and in just a few days we’ll being sipping ice cold shandies while overlooking the gorgeous Derwent River at the Wrest Point Hotel welcome party! Weather trends suggest the Huon Valley is set, yet again, for a warm and rain-free Targa Wrest Point, which will make for interesting tyre choices. Although the varying road surfaces of the 208 km course are less abrasive than those the of mountainous Targa High Country stages, recent events have shown that optioning a tyre compound that’s too soft can be just as handicapping as going too hard in compound choice. With four 23 km stages on the Airwalk taking their toll on tyres leg one, any damage will have to nursed another 98 kms before crossing the finish line. Since its introduction at Supaloc Targa Adelaide, where the Corvette of Australia’s fastest Yellow Cab driver cleared the trophy cabinet, Showroom Sports has become a competition on the move.

In just three events its population has increased 300% thanks to Craig Dean debuting what has to be the best looking retro styled Mustang Ford have made. This week will also see the return of Newcastle’s John Mansell to the Targa world, trading his Mitsubishi Evo in on one of the best value sports cars available, a Porsche Cayman. Whispers continue around other new cars being evaluated by some of our sports well-known, including BMW M3, Mercedes Benz C63 AMG, Aston Martin Vantage and Lotus Evora S. The philosophy behind Showroom Sports was for a competition to be formed where premium late model sports cars could be purchased, then installed with the required safety gear and competitively run at a Targa event, without the need to make further significant investment in car development. An extremely limited modification tolerance was considered key to the success of Showroom Sports and, logically, fewer modifications reduce spend, not only on parts, but also on race preparation and maintenance labor.

AUD$200,000 is the guide new car price ceiling for Showroom Sports and, for those considering it in this competition, new vehicle deprecation is certainly your best friend as the $150K car you think could be a winner will be certainly be cheaper if it’s just come off a two or three year lease... perhaps even your own work car lease. Of course, as with any new car, the vehicle that sits on the dealer’s showroom floor is a compromise on performance, comfort and durably to fit a market segment. So, to realise the true Targa potential of Showroom Sports cars, a unique technical package has been developed in conjunction with various stakeholders including new vehicle manufacturers, aftermarket tuners, motorsport engineers and existing Targa teams. The key areas of permitted modification include ECU reflashing, exhaust freedoms, nonremote canister dampers and springs, clutch upgrade, sticky tyres and higher friction brake pads and rotors. The list isn’t long, but effective changes in these areas will make a good car great and I think watching the battle will be fascinating. For my money, a Porsche Boxster Spyder would have to be a bit of fun, but a those German V8s do sound pretty amazing!

This Targa season, we're delighted to have Other Side Productions as part of the Targa TV team, providing competitors with access to high quality video production services for their own promotional use. Over two million people viewed the Targa Championship on YouTube last year and now they can view you, with a variety of different video and sponsorship options to suit all competitors. Contact | Ben Sale 0434 906 673 or 03 9041 4002

Championship Battle Crucial at Wrest Point

After Queenslander Tony Quinn took his Nissan GT-R to outright modern honours at Targa High Country, the battle for Modern honours at the Australia Targa Championship is certainly heating up.

Quinn and Tillett, who are currently first outright in the championship with 130 points, will be looking to hold onto the lead, with the Whites sitting in eighth position with 80 points. 55 Points will be on offer for the winner at Targa Wrest Point, but the rules state that is your best score in 3 out of 4 rounds. With double points on offer at the Ultimate Tarmac Rally, Targa Tasmania, it will almost be an issue of constancy for the Whites if they have any shot at defending their 2011-2012 championship title. A top three position would be highly preferable for the Whites, who broke down at Targa High Country with a broken front differential only ten stages in. Peter Rullo and Simon Iseppi in their 2012 Nissan GT-R are hot contenders too, with plenty of Championship points still up for grabs. The Western Australian team finished third on the podium at Supaloc Targa Adelaide and polled well at Targa High Country and currently sit second on the championship table with 115 points.

Action at Targa Wrest Point gets underway on Saturday the 2nd of February; visit to stay up to date with all that’s happening on event.

Smoothline Official Stage Note Supplier Octagon is proud to have Smoothline as the Official Stage Note Supplier for the

Australian Targa Championship. Operated by tarmac rally identities Steve Glenney and Bernie Webb, Smoothline has developed a reputation for premium quality Stage Notes (or pacenotes as they are otherwise known) and excellent customer service. Renowned for their accuracy and consistency, Smoothline notes are already used widely in the Targa championship. With more than 25 years combined experience and outright wins in modern, classic and showroom categories, Steve and Bernie are well placed to satisfy the Stage Note requirements of both novice and experienced competitors. Smoothline’s position as Official Stage Note Supplier fits well with Octagon’s mission to provide customers with a premium tarmac rally experience.

Anyone interested in a sample of Smoothline Stage notes should contact Bernie Webb on 0402 256 395 or via

Targa Lonely Hearts Drivers seeking Navigators and Navigators seeking Drivers Richard Bullard – Experienced Navigator seeking a Driver

Experienced Targa navigator available for any Targa events. 39 year old male, 75kg with 8 consecutive Targa Tasmania’s in a row & looking to achieve his diamond trophy in 2013 . Richard is also confident with Black Track pace notes & has all his own racing equipment. Please phone 0425 212 651 or email if you are interested

Chris McCausland – Experienced Driver seeking a Navigator

For Targa Tasmania in April. Experienced. I have competed in 7 Targa Tasmania events with a class win and 4 plates. Any interested navigator would be required to pay half the entry fee and event costs. If you are interested please give me a call.

Please phone 0419 335 531 or email if you are interested.

To post your request here, contact the Octagon office via or 08 8463 4640


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