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Inside the Octagon Mark Perry, Event Director

Given the current economic confidence around the country, this year’s Targa Tasmania still saw more than 200 cars take part and compete on the longest and hardest course ever put together, ensuring that Targa Tasmania remains the ultimate test of machine, even the latest and greatest supercars. We have spent the months since Targa Tasmania working hard on the 2nd Supaloc Targa Adelaide and the rest of the next CAMS Australian Targa Championship. Congratulations to all those who won their relevant competition of the 2011 Championship. In the years to come, you will reflect on how hard it was to achieve the pinnacle of Targa racing. The Supaloc Targa Adelaide will take a major step this year given the extra time we have had to put the event together and include all the things we learned from last year. There will be great excitement around the new InterContinental Night Stage at the Adelaide Showground in what is going to be the most exciting start to a Targa event ever. Close to the city, it is sure to put the event on the map in the years to come. The Targa Tasmania Competitors Survey again showed that generally speaking, we continue to keep our customers happy and as always, I have read them and the constructive comments and will be writing back to some competitors in the weeks ahead. Some thoughts and comments that I would like to share the answers with you all are below: •

Two Nights in Strahan o Most enjoyed the extra night but some would prefer to be in Launceston. There are two reasons for us adding an extra night to Strahan. One; to deliver a 600 competitive k course, we need to use more west coast road. Two; it is important that Targa Tasmania spends as much money as it can in the regions doing it the hardest and the West Coast needs ours and your money much more than most places right now

George Town o Wow, yet again many of you complained about having to hang around in Regent Square after your Prologue run even though this year you didn’t have to hang around before your run. The bottom line on this one is simple, if we want George Town to kindly close their streets for us, we MUST give them something back and what they want is a car display in Regent Square. Simple really and not that painful for us I would have thought 

Spectator Numbers o There was a perception that spectator numbers were down and some even blamed the presence of more modern cars for this. Whilst no one has the facts on the matter, keep in mind that the event is having to run in more and more remote locations to achieve the course we are after; the event went to the West Coast a day earlier where the population is very small in comparison to the other areas and probably most importantly, people are simply busier these days. ALL sports are suffering a downturn in crowd numbers right now contrary to what they might say and rallying is no different. Just look at the WRC, gone are the literally thousands standing on the edge of the road.

Spirit of Tasmania oAlways a discussion point; all I can add is that the car trailers are not more expensive than the caravans and motorhomes! Well, not to the Spirit anyway. They are cheaper by virtue of a Federal Government subsidy that reduces their cost not increase yours. Unfortunately, car trailers do not get the subsidy as they are seen to be freight related not Tourism. Obviously, in the case of Targa it is Tourism and we are trying as hard as we can to get an exemption so you can get the same subsidy. We will no doubt tell you if/when we have good news. Targa Tasmania just a round of the Championship oSome felt that the presentations were changed for the championship. The reality is that with the Federal Group going through massive change, like most businesses, we lost access to the large stage that we have enjoyed for years. This only happened in the weeks before the event so we had to roll out own stage, which yes, is used at the other three rounds. In saying that, whilst one big stage looks good, it does diminish the exposure for most competitions and it is hard to use in the TV show. It was welcomed feedback though and we will weigh up the best way to go in 2013. •

Too Many Modern Cars o It seems that we should be doing more to get classic cars to Targa Tasmania. I for one am all ears on how we get more classic cars. As an owner of classic muscle cars, I could think of nothing better than to see the days of 150 classic cars return. The reality is that as time marches on and people retire the ones replacing them are much younger and they are driving the cars that excited them as young men and women not cars that were around before they were born. It is a generational thing and is evident all over the world. I agree though there are many classic cars out there not competing regularly right now and happy to hear from anyone who can help increase their numbers.

Sunday Night Dinner o Another one that comes out every year. We did try it in my first year in the chair as like a lot of competitors, I didn’t get the Monday night thing. What a disaster it was!! Competitors turning up in race suits straight from the car park, winners still in the Targa Bar, it had it all. Sorry but the only way to have the dinner Sunday night would be to halve the days competition to give enough time for everyone (including us) to get ready for the dinner. Just think about how many trophies we have to organise! Even on a Monday, we still get some wrong (Sorry Ross and Jillian Steuart)

Days 4 & 5 Touring o There were plenty of comments about the length of touring on the last two days. What a spoilt lot we are these days. The touring was still hundreds of kilometres less than it was ten years ago and who can forget the six day courses at over 2,300 kilometres with 450k’s competitive! Remember, we use to go to Hobart from Launceston via the East Coast, then back up to Burnie and then back to Hobart the next day via the West Coast. Day Four use to see less than 10k’s competitive between Hobart and Mole Creek more than 250k’s away. We did this for 16 YEARS! What short memories we all have. That said we are rejigging the order of the stages in 2013 to reduce the touring on these days dramatically, more to come soon. See we do listen……….

In summary, it is always great to get so much passionate feedback and it truly does shape the event in the future. It also helps to shape the other Targa events so thank you to everyone who took the time to fill in the survey and it was great to see that my old favorite, Cethana was ranked number one yet again. Hope to see many of you in Adelaide next month Cheers, Mark Perry

“There will be great excitement around the new InterContinental Night Stage at the Adelaide Showground in what is going to be the most exciting start to a Targa event ever.

Supaloc Targa Adelaide Charity announced

We are proud to announce that The Smith Family have come on board as the official charity for Supaloc Targa Adelaide 2012. The Smith Family is a national, independent children’s charity helping disadvantaged Australians to get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves. The Smith Family’s mission is to create opportunities for young Australian’s in need by providing long-term support for their participation in education. The Smith Family believes that education is the key to changing lives. As research has shown, supporting a child's education is one of the most effective ways of breaking the cycle of disadvantage and ensuring they can access the same learning opportunities as their peers. At the centre of The Smith Family's work, and the heart of the organisation, is a belief in the power and possibilities of relationships. For disadvantaged children to thrive, many of whom are growing up in lone parent and jobless households, they need to be connected to, and supported by, an extended family. To donate to The Smith Family please click here.

Street Party another Targa attraction After the event is kick-starts with the InterContinental Night Stage and Targa Expo on Wednesday night, August 22, at the Adelaide Showground, the City of Norwood Payneham and St Peters has announced it will host the The Parade Targafest Street Party on Friday August 24. Targa championship director, Mark Perry from Octagon, says the two events are all about bringing the sport to the people. “Many fans will get to spectator points around the course in the Hills and see the cars in action, but we also know that many people and families won’t get that opportunity,” Perry said. “So we are creating events, right in the city, so that the people of South Australia can still really get to enjoy the cars, the drivers and the atmosphere. “The Intercontinental Night Stage at the Showgrounds will be fantastic on the Wednesday night, and we are thrilled that Mayor Robert Bria and his team have agreed to host the new street party on the Friday. “There will be well over $10 million dollars of cars on display on The Parade, and seeing them up close, meeting the drivers, is the first step in becoming hooked on Targa rallying for many. “The Parade in Norwood is a great venue for a street party. People can enjoy over 150 extraordinary cars, meet the drivers and to enjoy an evening of live entertainment, street performances, alfresco dining and a fun family atmosphere.” Mayor Robert Bria is thrilled his council will host the event. “This is a fantastic opportunity for the Council to host another large-scale community event, in order to continue to promote this premier precinct and the many restaurants, cafes and shops along The Parade,” he said. “Supaloc Targa Adelaide is a major event on the South Australian events calendar and the Council is delighted that organisers have chosen The Parade, Norwood, as a suitable venue for such a significant community event. ‘The Parade Targafest Street Party’ will be held on Friday 24 August from 6.00pm to 9.00pm. The Parade will be closed to traffic from George Street to Cairns Street.

TARGA NIGHT STAGE VIP PACKAGES Come and watch some of Australia’s biggest names in racing put on a spectacular show in the heart of the Adelaide CBD -

10 VIP tickets VIP Premium Viewing Unlimited food and drinks for 3 hours Official Program Each package includes one hot laps ride around the night stage in a fire breathing Targa car All this for just $1,500 ($150 per head)

For more information please contact Carly Zmendak Phone: 03 6221 8810 Email:

A note from the Scrutineers As we head into the first event of the 2012/2013 CAMS Australian Targa Championship, Supaloc Targa Adelaide, it is important to remember that the sport we all enjoy does carry a high element of risk and danger to competitors, officials and members of the public. Competition and the opportunity to test car and crew against a challenging course, the elements and like minded individuals drives development and pushes all to find the winning edge or the last 1% of performance. It is equally important to remember that we all want the opportunity to continue to share achievements and triumphs with those we cherish the most. Safety first – for me or for you? The unique nature of Targa/Rally motorsport events means that in critical situations competitors will rely on each other to provide an initial response. In an accident situation it is likely that the first on scene will be the next car on the stage. A fellow competitor has now become a fire marshal or a first aid officer, responding to a situation that has developed in front of them. Recent events in rallies around the world have highlighted that whilst each competition vehicle is required to carry a first aid kit and fire extinguisher, it is more likely that they will be used in a situation involving a fellow competitor. The serviceability and accessibility of these items now becomes critical to the response you can provide to your fellow competitor. Particular consideration needs to be given to first aid kits - are they adequate for this purpose and located somewhere easy to get to? Be Prepared Countless hours are spent engineering, developing and testing components – the sum of parts that make up the vehicles used in competition – be it to strive for ultimate success or to achieve a particular dream. The same level of consideration to safety is vital – when did I last check my seat mounts, are my belts in good condition and is all my equipment to the standard that it should be? Scrutineering is primarily designed to ensure that competitors are prepared to meet the challenges and scenarios that they will face during the course of the event. Remember that the onus is on the competitor to ensure that they meet the regulations detailed for the event they have entered. The scrutineering team is there to help and can provide advice and assistance to ensure that the standards are met. Competitors are encouraged to use the Technical Enquiry Form should they have any query in regards to the compliance with the regulations. The scrutineering team wishes all competitors an enjoyable and SAFE Supaloc Targa Adelaide.

On the course with Stuart Benson, Sporting Director

With Supaloc Targa Adelaide now only weeks away, all Having spent much time on the road of late I’m very attention is directed to South Australia for round one pleased to confirm that road conditions in SA are excellent with road surfaces amongst the best of any of the CAMS Australian Targa Championship. 2012 targa event. My own personal jealously of everyone brings us the first full four round Targa event competing sets in every time I drive over Gorge Road, championship series. Recent times has shown its consistency, it’s not necessarily outright pace that wins Castambul, Montacute and new stage Basket Range. the annual awards. Of course there’s no better bragging These are some seriously fun stages and will be the true rights than collecting the silverware so early in the year, test both vehicle and crew performance next month. particularly in the Modern competitions and categories of Supaloc Targa Adelaide where inaugural winners Modern cars will obviously bring a new flavor to will rightly claim their spot on top of the modern Adelaide’s own piece of the targa, but there’s certainly competitions honor rolls. no lack of local excitement surrounding the classics, but perhaps lesser known is that Supaloc Targa Adelaide also establishes round one of the regularity competition Since initial release the Adelaide course has seen the CAMS Australian Targa Championship for 2012. various subtle variations, particularly in the last month, with Regularity is not only a driving challenge for owners of primarily due to various concerns over the proximity of vehicle where roll over protection is recommended, but some targa stages to environmentally sensitive land one of strategy where the rule of the game is to receive parcels. The end result will see the event passing over the least amount of penalties possible. On stage, 29 targa stages in August through iconic regions such entrants are required to not travel slower than 30km as the lower Barrossa, the Adelaide Hills, the McLaren and not higher than 130km, in pursuit of achieving an Vale and right into the city’s heart with the average speed as close as possible to 90km/h. If Targa InterContinental Night Stage on Wednesday evening. Tasmania was anything to go by this battle will be one Being run entirely under artificial lighting, the to watch. InterContinental Night Stage brings stadium style competition to rallying. This unique stage is made up of two 1.5 kilometre laps of a course that contains a mix Best of luck with pre-event preparations and I look to seeing each and every one of you at the of straights and tight and opening corners over various forward Adelaide Showgrounds next month surfaces. Reconnaissance of the night stage course will be permitted between 3PM and 4PM on Wednesday 22 August in fully set up condition to ensure the greatest level of familiarly for all entrants. Stuart

“ I’m very pleased to confirm that road conditions in SA are excellent with road surfaces amongst the best of any Targa event

Targa Q&A Todd Grant, Sales Executive

Last week we proudly launched our new website, This now provides an comprehensive solution for the targa fan, targa officials, the Australian media and the hundreds of championship competitors that engage in our 4 events and access the latest Targa News. Here are some of the great new features on the website: • Event documents under the competitors tab is now a comprehensive solution for all of the documents that you will need for the championship as a competitor. • We have moved to a technical regulations document for all vehicle related enquiries for the 2012-2013 CAMS Australian Targa Championship. • The new Log-In System means that there are no more reminder emails for competitors to have to sift through. Competitors are now able to enter your email address and password to access their consoles. • There are also a number of other useful links under the competitors tab such as tour and regularity information, accommodation links, pace notes and the championship rules. • The new course tab also makes it much easier for fans to watch the championship with the new interactive Google maps system. • Interactive Video content streamed from YouTube in the Video Gallery. • Targa Live for the Fan to be able to watch all of the action of a Targa event as it unfolds from the comfort of their desktop! To stay engaged with what’s going on in the Targa News World find us on Facebook or Twitter

Want to host your own private party starring the who’s who of national and international music as the entertainment? Octagon is giving six people the exclusive opportunity to host their own private group right in the middle of one of Tasmania’s benchmark music festival events. Breath of Life Festival 2012 hosted a crowd of 16,000 and boasted a colossal international and national line up including the legendary Fatboy Slim (UK), Skrillex ( USA), Hilltop Hoods, Boy and Bear, Icehouse, Rockwiz, The Living End and many more. The latest and exclusive release of private sites will deliver a truly premium experience for those looking for something truly unique. Perfect for corporate hospitality, private functions and groups, and parents with kids attending. The sites will be positioned with the best possible access and views on site. Packages include: 20 tickets Private backstage parking Private toilet facilities Catering packages (charges apply) To book your unique VIP marquee at Breath Of Life please contact or 0410539991. For further information visit or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Targa Lonely Hearts Drivers seeking Navigators and Navigators seeking Drivers Christina Condon – Navigator Available for: Supaloc Targa Adelaide 2012, Targa High Country 2012 and Targa Wrest Point 2013. Please call 0412 446 884 or email David Harris – Driver Looking for a Navigator for Supaloc Targa Adelaide 2012. Please call 0411 889 555 or email Adam Plate – Driver Looking for an experienced navigator for Supaloc Targa Adelaide 2012. Newly equipped Evo 7 in Early Modern. Can assist with costs. Free Accommodation available. Please call 1800 802 074 or email Ian Neville – Driver Looking for a navigator for Supaloc Targa Adelaide 2012, Targa High Country 2012, Targa Tasmania 2013 and Targa Wrest Point 2013. Experience preferred. Please call 0418 805 054 or email John Provan – Driver Requires a navigator for Targa High Country 2012 and Targa Tasmania 2013. Please call 0419 234 814 or email

To advertise here contact Carly Zmendak at or 03 6221 8810

Targa Car Classifieds Vehicle: Price:

1964 Ford GT Mustang $64, 999 ONO $70,000 with trailer Transmission: 4 speed Manual Body: 2 door coupe Drive Type: Rear VIN: 25970 Reg Plate: WED111

Comments 1st Early Classic at Classic Targa Adelaide 2011. Outright Category and Class Podium car. Highly engineered ground up rebuild, nothing to spend! Full CAMS and ASA app. Complete engine rebuild. Front and rear ap calipers. Total control front end. Tilton p/box. Contact name: Michael Number: 0409 572 367

To advertise here contact Carly Zmendak at or 03 6221 8810

BRENDAN & RHIANON As many of you will be aware Brendan and I are looking for Sponsors/Supporters for the 2012 World Rally Championship Academy.

- $30,000 - Testing - $30,000 This is the basics. We also need things like personal insurance, car insurance, recce car etc.

Since Brendan spoke at the drivers briefing at Targa Wrest Point we have had So Far many questions about how - Supporters Club much money we need etc. So Funds/Sponsorship - $35,000 I thought I would provide you - Personal Input - $50,000 with as much information as possible and let you decide if We have a Left Hand Drive you think you can help a 2006 Subaru STI which we are young up and coming team currently trying to sell for wanting to be Australia's first $55,000 to put that money world rally champions. towards our rallying. So if anyone is interested please Info - The 2012 WRC let us know. Academy is six rounds of the World Rally Championship. So we have many options Portugal, Greece, Finland, available to you and your Germany, France and Spain. business. If 10 investors could All drivers are in identical support us $10,000 we have Ford Fiesta R2's prepared and $100,000 and the academy is service by M Sport - the Ford possible. Or is 100 supporters World Rally Team. The winner give us $1000 its possible. We of the WRC Academy wins have many ideas as far as 500,000 euros for their 2013 how we can promote your rally program. In 2011 business etc if you are Brendan and I finished 5th interested in sponsoring us. outright in our first season ever in the WRC. Brendan is Here is a link to our website also in the FIA Young Drivers for more information. Excellence Academy. He is one of only six rally drivers in http://www.brendanreeves.c this. We are a young brother and sister team with talent and are confident we have Please consider helping a true young aussie rally team trying what it takes to make it. to make it with the big boys. Budget Thanks for your time. - WRC Academy - Car, Mechanics etc - 119,500 Rhianon Smyth pounds - ($178,000) Co-Driver - WRC Academy Bond 0419 528 974 10,000 pounds Flights/Accommodation/Food

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Targa - July Enews

Targa - July Enews  

Targa - July Enews