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A campaign designed by Todd Johnston

Ingenious The items in this exhibition seek to bring to light the intricacy of the universe as designed by God. In day-to-day life we fail to notice the evidence of the intelligent design that surrounds us. The complexity of creation implies the existence of a heavenly creator. Scripture explains that God created everything in just seven days (Genesis 1-2) and by looking closer at His creation, it is evident that it was made perfectly and purposefully. The purpose of my work is to reveal the designs within creation that point to an intelligent designer. I created this fictional campaign for a biblically based television series called Ingenious. The series seeks to educate viewers about intelligent design and stands as an illustrative form of the teleological argument for the existence of God. It is divided into seven episodes that have individual categories of emphasis. The episodes elaborate on the designs of the cosmos, natural forces, vegetation, birds, land animals, sea creatures, and man. The target audience reached in this campaign is high school students. I use posters as the primary promotional item and also other avenues such as a website, t-shirt, banner, bottles, key chains, and other items to reach out to students and spread the word about this unique television series. The images in my posters replicate the form of a blueprint. This body of work visually breaks down objects of creation into blueprint form and gives viewers a different perspective in which to see God’s creation. The posters contain a single dominant image in the foreground and in the background is a design that represents God’s plan and purpose for that object. These viewpoints are then combined into one by creatively exposing the design for what it truly is, a perfectly and purposefully designed creation. The posters can be compared to popular world war posters for their straightforwardness and attention to a single subject. They can also be associated with the conceptual ideas of the cubistic art movement for its ability to portray multiple points of view in a two-dimensional image. Using graphics as my medium for creating imagery and symbolism I have produced a campaign that illustrates the intricacy of the universe as designed by God. I have done this by producing images and merchandise that direct the viewer into the context for conceptually understanding my work. While providing a biblical perspective from which to understand the existence of the universe I have drawn attention towards the design and emphasized how this reflects the presence of a divine creator. Ultimately, the purpose of my work is to reveal the designs within creation that point to an intelligent designer.

Cosmos Poster Episode 1 Ingenious Object Represented: Earth

Natural Forces Poster Episode 2 Ingenious Object Represented: Storms

Vegetation Poster Episode 3 Ingenious Object Represented: Trees

Sea Creatures Poster Episode 4 Ingenious Object Represented: Killer Whales

Birds Poster Episode 5 Ingenious Object Represented: Bald Eagle

Land Animals Poster Episode 6 Ingenious Object Represented: Lion

Man Poster Episode 7 Ingenious Object Represented: Man

Blu-ray Cover Ingenious is a biblically based televison series that reveals the evidence of intelligent design. It has seven episodes that break down seven categories of emphasis. (Cosmos, Natural Forces, Vegetation, Sea Creatures, Birds, Land Animals, and Man)

Blu-ray Disc Covers: 7 Episodes Designs of the disc covers for the Blu-ray collection.

Banner Promotional object to spread the world about Ingenios.

Key Chains Momentos to remind viewers to appreciate the world God created for us and witness his power and creativity in day-to-day life.

Mini Zine This 8-page booklet is meant to be given out to promote the series.

Provides people with information about each episode and also gives a bried summary of what the show is about.

Single Page Layout: Folded and Cut to make Mini Zine

Bottles These serve as promotional items as well as another means to remind viewers to witness God’s creation everyday.

Clock This items soul purpose is to reach out to students in high schools. The clock is arguably the most watched item in the classroom and seeks to get students attention about the evidence of intelligent design.

T-shirt This item becomes more personal as it highlights the design of human beings and reminds us that we are his most Ingenious creation.

Booth The booth is mainly a means from which to promote Ingenious and sell the Blu-ray versions made available to the public. The booth has televisions playing each of the seven episodes on repeat with couches, encouraging customers to stay awhile and observe.

Website The website has additional information such as images and interesting facts that act as an alternate means of getting more information about God’s creation. Made available via smart phone by scanning the QR code.

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