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Good morning, I just wanted to drop an email into you to give you some positive feedback. My son is in the Toddler room at your Cornwall college nursery and I cannot speak highly enough of all the girls there. They make leaving him there very easy, they are always happy, smiling and nothing is too much trouble. My son loves all the girls and has loved his keyworkers, he’s been there since he was 10 months old and sees most of them as ‘family ‘now his key worker at the moment, Jade, has built such a relationship with him that he looks forward to seeing her on a Monday after the weekend off. I know nowadays people always seem to be complaining and it’s not often in my job that the feedback you get is positive as people forget to praise good service and focus on complaining about the bad, so I wanted to let you know that all the girls in the nursery are an absolute credit to your company and I look forward to my son spending the next year or so learning from them.

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