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Kate Middleton and William Break With Tradition on Godparents

The Today world news reports that Prince William and Kate reportedly have broken with royal tradition by choosing childhood and university friends to be the godparents of their son, Prince George. The baptism of Prince George of Cambridge, who was born on July 22 in London, will take place on October 23 in the Royal Chapel of St James Palace, although the royal family still has not formally announced the names of the godparents.

Prince William and Kate have selected Fergus Boyd, a friend of the prince from the University of St Andrews in Scotland, as one of Prince George's godparents along with two childhood pals, Kate's friend Emilia d'Erlanger and William's friend Hugh van Cutsem.

Apparently, the decision was made because the royal couple believes their friends will provide more stability and a sense of normality to Prince George, who is third in line for British throne after Prince Charles and William. The choice flies in the face of royal tradition, since princes have always had other princes or kings as their godparents.

In the case of William, former King Constantine of Greece, is his godfather. William also broke with royal tradition by choosing the chapel at St James Palace - and not Buckingham Palace - as the site of his son's baptism.

British media just confirmed that the baptism will be an intimate one for only closest relatives, including the Queen, Prince Philip, as well as Kate's parents and siblings and Prince Harry. For more info visit Today Top World News

Kate middleton and william break with tradition on godparents