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The armed struggle of the Kurdistan Workers' Party is hurting the Kurds. DTP parliamentary group leader Ahmet Türk



F R I D AY, M AY 1 6 , 2 0 0 8



We have declared the next five years a period of food and water mobilization for Turkey.

Education is the transmission of civilization.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoðan

‘One glass of raký' MÜMTAZ’ER TÜRKÖNE, ZAMAN

Will Durant

press roundup PHOTO


The dýfferent aspects of Queen Elýzabeth’s Turkey výsýt The official four-day visit to Turkey by British Queen Elizabeth II is being covered extensively by both the Turkish and the foreign press in all of its aspects. While the queen's visit is seen as a sign of ongoing British support for Turkey's EU goal and its political dimensions are being discussed, other details, such as President Abdullah Gül wearing a tuxedo at a state banquet he gave in honor of the queen, have also led to interpretations about Gül's stance as president. Milliyet's Sami Kohen says the fact that Queen Elizabeth chose Turkey as her first destination in a series of foreign official visits this year shows that Turkey occupies a significant place in British diplomacy. He states that it is possible to find the reasons for the special importance given to Turkey in the speech the queen delivered at a state banquet hosted by Gül in her honor at Çankaya Palace on Tuesday night. During this speech, Queen Elizabeth praised Turkey, pointing out its strategic position between the West and the Islamic world. "For us, Turkey is as important now as it has ever been. Turkey is uniquely positioned as a bridge between East and West at a crucial time for the European Union and the world in general You are playing a key role in promoting peace, political stability and economic development in some of the world's most unsettled areas," she said. Kohen says although the queen's visits seem to have symbolic meaning, they have a political message that is apparent from their timing and the content of the queen's speeches. Referring to BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt who, in his evaluation of the queen's Turkey visit, said this was not partially but completely a political visit and that the British government sees Turkey as a bridge between the East and West and a successful example of a democracy, Kohen contends that the queen's visit is actually a political one. "The UK's full support of Turkey's EU membership comes first in the queen's messages. This is one of the fundamental strategic goals of British diplomacy. Despite opposition from France and Germany, the UK continues to back Turkey's membership in the bloc," says Kohen, emphasizing that this also serves the interests of the UK. "The consideration shown by the queen for Turkey is the result of a mutual understanding and closeness between the two countries," adds Kohen. Another Milliyet columnist, Mehmet Ali Birand, talks about a detail that was observed at the state banquet in Çankaya Palace -- the fact that President Gül was for the first time seen wearing a tuxedo, as required by protocol, while Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoðan wore a black suit as usual. Recalling the fact that Gül did not wear a tuxedo even at the swearing-in ceremony following his election to the top state post last year, Birand says Gül's worldview includes an aversion to clothing such as the tuxedo; however, this time he showed respect to the queen and wore a tuxedo. "He did not want to violate a rule of the British royal palace. If he had wanted, he would have worn a suit like Erdoðan. If he had done so, the queen would not have cut her trip short and returned to her country. Perhaps she would have been offended, but she would have continued her visit as planned," states Birand. In consideration of this, Birand characterizes Gül's choice to wear a tuxedo a generous gesture, which he thinks is a sign of his flexibility. "In doing this, Gül also gave a message. He showed that he is not strictly committed to his principles and is willing to make concessions from time to time," notes Birand. Commenting on Erdoðan's stance, he says the prime minister, by insisting on wearing a suit, implied that he would not make concessions on his principles. "The big difference between the stances of Erdoðan and Gül came to the forefront once again during that night's dinner," says Birand.

The headline run by the Hürriyet daily the other day was not actually about alcoholic drinks. The ban placed on "one glass of raký" is, as this newspaper reflected, first and foremost a political problem. Those who have chosen to lead a more religious life and those who have chosen to live outside of religion (but not without religion) are coming face to face. And this face-off is being carried into the political arena aboard two symbols in particular, the headscarf for those who have chosen a life of religion and alcohol for those who haven't. Turkey is actually experiencing a problem of being stuck between these two symbols. The problem ought not to be placing importance on "one glass of raký," but instead the contents of the ban that is the subject of this news; solutions only become easier when the debates take place over not the symbols themselves, but the concrete issues that these symbols represent. Those who are really opposed to alcoholic drinks need to be informed of these realities. There is no other way to erase their personal concerns on this front.

Could the EU become grounds for compromise? YASÝN DOÐAN, YENÝ ÞAFAK It is completely normal that during this EU process almost everyone has certain expectations and everyone also has certain complaints because the EU accession process of course will not bring about an atmosphere in which all parties can be completely satisfied. The EU perspective may just carry the possibility of being able to present a "greater compromise" to very different circles and balances within Turkey. After all, the EU is never going to provide the foundation upon which anyone in Turkey will be able to bring to life their own personal utopias. The phenomenon called "compromise" describes the ability to meet on a middle path, a process which requires everyone to make some concessions. At this point, no one in Turkey should expect that the "reform projects" they have in mind are going to turn into reality during this EU-focused period of reform. The EU is presenting Turkey with a certain structure of reform, and these days, there appears to be nothing else set to contribute to Turkey's transformation.

The queen of the United Kingdom, currently on a four-day visit to Turkey with her husband, Prince Philip, on Wednesday visited the historic northwestern city of Bursa.

Questions and answers NAZLI ILICAK, SABAH


"The public, not the judiciary, elect the government," read the daily's headline yesterday, quoting remarks from British Foreign Secretary David Miliband, who is on a four-day official visit to Turkey accompanying British Queen Elizabeth II. Speaking in the Turkish capital on Wednesday, Miliband commented on a closure case filed against Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party). He said the UK is strongly committed to the principle that governments are not elected by the judiciary but by the public. Miliband also noted that relations between the UK and Turkey have developed during AK Party rule, adding that he hopes relations will continue to develop in the same manner.


The latest focal point of anti-secular activities is the Republican People's Party (CHP), read the daily's headline yesterday, reporting that the Chief Prosecutor's Office of the Supreme Court of Appeals had launched an investigation into the CHP on allegations of the party violating the principle of secularism. The billboards prepared by the CHP in the latest party general assembly in late April prompted the prosecutor to take action because they read, "Religion is ours, the state is ours." If the prosecutor concludes at the end of his investigation that the CHP, which claims to be the guardian of the secular

regime in Turkey, violated the principle of secularism in the message on those billboards, a suit will be filed against the party, reported the daily.


The daily's headline story yesterday covered news of a 14-month-old baby suffering from major burns who was not provided medical care by several hospitals. The infant, Sýla Temur, was sent from one hospital to another in Ýstanbul with the staff at the various hospitals saying there was either no burns unit or not enough room at the facilities. Finally, the baby's father took her to a private hospital, where she was immediately taken to the intensive care unit. The Ýstanbul Provincial Health Directorate launched an investigation into the hospitals that refused to treat the infant.

yeni þafak

On the second day of her visit to Turkey, Queen Elizabeth II paid a visit to the northwestern Turkish city of Bursa, reported a frontpage story in the daily yesterday. Accompanied by President Abdullah Gül's wife, Hayrünnisa, the queen visited the Green Mosque, where she listened to recitations of the Quran. She also purchased silk items as she was touring the city, said the daily.

The Týmes

Asýa Týmes Onlýne

Queen Elizabeth visit delights Turks Earlier the royal couple managed to squeeze in an event promoting women entrepreneurs, between art galleries and puppet shows. However Gülay Özdemir, a secretary passing by the mosque with her young daughters, said that she wished their visit had focused more on weightier issues affecting ordinary Turkish life rather than local arts and crafts. "It would have been better to use this opportunity to talk about important things like women's rights, and the challenges facing divorced mothers like myself."

I want to respond to a few questions that might be on people's minds these days: Does [Prime Minister] Recep Tayyip Erdoðan really believe his party will be forced to close? He does not have any firm beliefs in connection with this question. I think he sees the chance that the party will not be forced to close down as an alternative that should not be underestimated. Is there really a possibility that the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) will not be forced to close down? At the start of this process, I was 100 percent sure the party would be forced to close. But now I believe that the AK Party's punishment may be limited to cutting off Treasury funds to the party. In addition, the judges may lean toward issuing a more moderate decision based on a) pressure from the European Union, b) the AK Party's representation of large sections of society in the southeast and east of Turkey, which means that it is important from the perspective of the nation's unity, and c) the economic fluctuations that could occur as a result of its forced closure.

The meaning of May 14 MUSTAFA ERDOÐAN, STAR

turkey ýn the foreýgn press

The queen made a rare visit to a mosque Wednesday, donning a headscarf alongside the wife of Turkey's president to tour the crypt and caverns of a historic Islamic shrine. As the queen explored minarets and a mausoleum, the Duke of Edinburgh took to the more prosaic task of visiting a car factory. Bursa used to be the last stop on the Silk Road. Now, it has a thriving economy based on car manufacturing -- another aspect of Turkey that, it is hoped, will boost its credentials in Brussels.


Turkey combines dialogue with bullets In a significant change of policy, Turkey recently initiated high-level official dialogue with the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq. A columnist for Zaman commented that such an official dialogue "was not an ordinary step. It was a turning point in the approach to the Kurdish issue and broke a taboo." In the economic realm, increased government services and prosperity buttress the state's legitimacy, and the current robust trade between Turkey and the KRG is helping to develop southeastern Turkey's economy. Combined with


economic initiatives, political reforms and concessions are also necessary. The details and timing of such a political program remain unclear, however, especially with Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party facing the threat of legal closure for violating constitutionally-mandated secularism. While any Turkish governing party faces severe challenges reforming the state's approach toward its Kurdish minority, one under the threat of legal closure must likely focus on more immediate, pressing issues than a new Kurdish policy.

It is not possible to attach real meaning to the peaceful change of power that took place in Turkey on May 14, 1950, and that was based on the will of the people of this nation without thinking about the quarter-century of bureaucratic domination that followed on the heels of this date. The aforementioned May date represents a new kind of politics created by the people of the nation. It was only after this date that the rhetoric of a "people's republic" emerged from being simply political ingredients in Turkey and instead started to play a defining -- if sometimes limited -- role in public politics. It was only after this date that the "sovereignty" of the "people of the nation" started to become functional and that the individuals of this nation started to become true citizens. Because the state and intellectuals stubbornly refused to accept this development, this process is still going on even today. And for as long as not everyone in Turkey is able to accept that the only real source of an administration's legitimacy lies with the people of the nation, this struggle is destined to continue.




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F R I D AY, M AY 1 6 , 2 0 0 8


Factory blast kills 2, injures 7 An explosion in a factory outside the capital on Thursday killed at least two people and injured seven others. One of the injured was severely hurt in the blast in the boiler room of a dairy products factory in the town of Çubuk, near Ankara. The police have ascertained that the cause of the early morning explosion was a steam boiler. Four ambulances were immediately dispatched and took the wounded to the Çubuk State Hospital. Head physician of the hospital Savaþ Eraslan stated that the dead were identified as two workers named Hamza Canlý and Hasan Akkaya. Witnesses said the factory was filled with thick smoke immediately after the incident. The local prosecutor has launched an investigation into the explosion. An explosion at an unlicensed fireworks factory in January killed 20 people and injured more than 100 in Ýstanbul. In 2005, a series of explosions at a fireworks depot in Ýstanbul killed six people. Ýstanbul Today's zaman with wires

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Story of a major sale The existence of a formation that has sparked all the sociopolitical tensions of the last few years, which coarsely plays with all the social "fault lines," which creates a fault line in the desired field event there are none, and which plants the seeds of hatred, anger and enmity between social segments, thereby precipitating the eruption of these fault lines, is known to you all. You also know that the name of this movement -which in order to create for itself a maneuvering area and open a window to new opportunities -- heightens any sort of polarization and launches into any sort of provocation that would give rise to instability with no predictable consequences, is neo-nationalism. The movement in question is one that organizes rallies hand-in-hand with so-called civil society organizations led by coup-planner retired generals in different cities with the crowds they bring along; one that sings marches with a totalitarian spirit while fluttering flags against its own people; and one that plays the nationalist before the people of this nation. As bigoted and fanatic as to brand everybody but the adherents of its ideology as "collaborators," "sellouts" and "traitors," this movement's fascist rhetoric is also known to you, I guess. We also know that this movement, which hides behind some of the nation's universal common values, such as Atatürk, secularism, modernism and republicanism, is at odds to all the values that make this nation a nation as it fans the flames of discrimination and separatism in disguise of neo-nationalism and spreads the seeds of hatred. This primitive movement -- which set off with so


pretentious a claim as "saving [the allegedly] occupied Turkey" and which has tried to create hysterical masses by feeding on the paranoia that the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) has been secretly staging a counterrevolution -- is suffering a major defeat these days. Its reason? It's so funny. The pioneer of this movement -- alright, let's exaggerate a bit by calling him the ideologist and leader of the movement -- Tuncay Özkan, happened to all of a sudden sell Kanaltürk, the movement's official broadcast organ, to a businessman from the conservative segment that this movement has been fighting in a very chauvinistic fashion. Neo-nationalists, suffering the great frustration of having been betrayed, are lashing out at Özkan with a feeling of great anger. They now view him as a commander who has betrayed them by selling all the weapons to the enemy amid an ongoing battle. It is truly difficult to interpret this action of Özkan -the boss of Kanaltürk, the trumpeter of this fascist movement that attacks everything different and ladles out anger and hatred under the guise of secularism, Atatürkism and republicanism -- as anything but betrayal. Selling Kanaltürk, the only tangible instrument of this movement, to a businessman from the segment that you


have branded as the greatest enemy after basing your reason for existence on harboring hatred against and heaping insults on the AK Party government and in general all the liberal, democrat and conservative segments… Is this a tolerable or "ingestible" betrayal! Well, look at what this Özkan has done after deceiving some naïve people with his proto-nationalist, primitive remarks he made in squares, as if the agitations and provocations his channel perpetrates 24/7 were not enough. What could be more natural now than the thousands of people he has deceived suffering great frustration? After artfully "recruiting soldiers" for his fascist front through founding a Web site, (How many are we?), and after collecting money from these site members through small text messages and membership fees, this sale, realized by Özkan at the first opportunity, is being perceived as a real betrayal by his miserable followers. On the Web sites that have been opened opposing him, he is being continually insulted and sworn at. Now he is at the target of the humiliating attitudes that he deemed fitting for others. But with a difference; this time the person on the receiving end of these insults deserves it. So what do you think Özkan, who has made a leader of himself by sticking out the most in the neonationalist movement with his trenchant remarks, is doing? What could he do; he is crying a river of tears while telling stories about why he had to sell the channel and continuing to swear at this and that as a habit he had acquired in the squares. He also doesn't

fail to boost the morale of those he has deceived: He will allegedly found a new TV station, publish a newspaper and also found a political party to carry the neo-nationalist movement to power and he says he will do this, wearing himself out… God bless him… A man -- who has lost tens of millions of dollars by failing to manage even a small television channel despite the millions of dollars he received from the Republican People's Party (CHP) and the neonationalist wretches; who, at the first opportunity sold this channel to the segment he has been fighting; and who claims that there is not a single dime left in his pocket from this sale -- saying that he will found a party and tour the country is very convincing. Either he doesn't have a dime left to him from the sale or it is a lie that he will continue his struggle through new media organs. Fortunately, we are familiar with his lies, just as he is familiar with his own lies, because those who follow Özkan's adventures know it very well: Everybody knows that this friend is very experienced in fooling the masses from the denigrating campaigns he carried out while working for the Doðan Media Group and then against the Doðan Media Group after starting to work for Doðan's rival group, just like his previous war against all the political rivals of Mesut Yýlmaz, a centerright politician, in return for certain interests, while he has recently served the interests of the center-left CHP with all his might in return for certain interests. I think the story is not over yet. We will wait and see who Tuncay Özkan and his cohorts will be serving, under what sort of mask and in return for how much money.




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F R I D AY, M AY 1 6 , 2 0 0 8

HRW criticizes Dutch government on immigration policy Human Rights Watch on Thursday criticized a Dutch law requiring some would-be immigrants to pass a language and culture test before arrival, branding it discriminatory. The rights group said the test essentially targets people from developing nations -- in particular Turkey and Morocco -- because citizens of the United States, Japan and other developed nations are exempt. "The overseas integration test is discriminatory because it explicitly applies only to relatives from predominantly non-Western countries," said Human Rights Watch's European director Holly Cartner. "These measures keep families apart and appear to be aimed at keeping certain kinds of people out of the Netherlands." While international human rights law allows discrimination between citizens and non-citizens, it

doesn't allow the targeting of certain nationalities. "Dutch authorities would need extremely powerful reasons to justify" such discrimination, Human Rights Watch said. The test, primarily a language test, must be taken at Dutch embassies abroad and costs 350 euros ($540) per attempt. That's before immigrant visa fees, which are also hundreds of euros, and permanent residency or naturalization fees, which cost nearly 1,000 euros ($1,500). "The impact ... has fallen primarily on those wanting to join family members from two of the three largest nonWestern migrant communities in the Netherlands, Moroccans and Turks," the rights group said. Immigration from those countries has fallen sharply since the Dutch government began a major crackdown in 2003, amid heavy anti-Muslim rhetoric from far-right political parties.

Dutch government spokeswoman Gerda de Lange dismissed the criticism. The legality of the law was "debated thoroughly in parliament and by the Council of State before it was passed" in 2006, she said. "The law is not discriminatory. There are indeed exemptions for some countries, but that's true of the whole of immigration law." She said that, for instance, all EU citizens are exempt from the test because European law forbids discrimination between members of EU states. Other countries had pre-existing treaties with the Dutch government on immigration. She also denied that Moroccans and Turks had been discriminated against, noting that they make up only one-third of applicants. "The law is intended to ensure that immigrants are better prepared to integrate: they will have more chance of succeeding

if they know the basics of Dutch language, history and culture before they arrive," she said. "If their aim is to build a new life here, they should begin acquiring the knowledge they'll need," she said. Last summer, a similar immigration law went into force in another EU-member country, Germany, where more than 3 million people of Turkish descent are living. Germany's law has been subject to criticism by immigrant groups in the country -- the largest of which is made up of Turks -- since then. The new provisions require spouses who wish to join their partners in Germany to possess basic proficiency in German. Turkish groups say the phrasing is discriminatory, as the language requirement does not apply to citizens of EU countries or several non-EU countries such as Japan, the United States and Israel. Ankara Today's Zaman with AP

Ankara open to dýalogue wýth Athens on Web sýte rýft PHOTO

Turkish officials have expressed their eagerness to overcome recent uneasiness in Athens caused by an update to the official Web site of the Turkish Foreign Ministry, saying that problems in bilateral relations can only be sorted out through consultations, not by pretending they do not exist. The frustration in the Greek capital was caused by one chapter of a section of the Web site outlining Turkey's political relations with Greece titled "Turkish Minority of Western Thrace." The Turkish minority in Western Thrace has long been a source of diplomatic tension between the neighboring countries. Turkey considers the whole of the Muslim minority in Western Thrace to be an ethnic Turkish minority. Greece, on the other hand, considers only a small percentage of the minority to be ethnically Turkish, saying that the majority of them are Greek and, therefore, only a religious minority. On Monday Greek Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis announced that Greece had sent a diplomatic note of protest to the Turkish Foreign Ministry and that the same note had been given to Turkey's ambassador to Greece, Oðuz Çelikkol. Bakoyannis also said that the relevant Greek Foreign Ministry officials are studying the changes on the Turkish Web site, which expresses official Turkish policy and goals, the Athens news agency reported. She was quoted as saying: "We hope that these baseless claims are corrected. ... The Internet is a space for the free exchange of ideas, but not a venue to disseminate groundless claims." The Treaty of Lausanne, one of the founding treaties of the Turkish Republic, obliges Turkey and Greece to grant and respect a broad array of rights for the Greek minority in Ýstanbul and the Turkish minority in Western Thrace. These rights include equality before the law, free exercise of religion, free use of their native tongues and control over their own religious affairs. "First of all, there was actually no substantial change in the content of the Web site," a Turkish diplomatic source told Today's Zaman on Thursday. He stressed, however, that factual information regarding several issues has naturally been updated on the site. "But still, if there is an uneasiness about the Web site, the way of resolving this is to come together and discuss ways of sorting this problem out without forgetting to discuss on content of the official Web site of the Greek Foreign Ministry, as well," the same diplomatic source, speaking on customary condition of anonymity, added. "What we would sincerely like to do is to use this as an opportunity to give a positive spin to relations in line with recent years' rapprochement between the two countries. Voicing our positions



Here, the queen and her retinue viewed exhibits in the complex, where carpets and some of Turkey's culinary delicacies, such as Turkish delight, nuts and ice-cream from Kahramanmaraþ, as well as various souvenirs, were on display. The queen also enjoyed a brief performance of Black Sea folk dances from performers of Moda Academy. The queen and her retinue, who met with President Abdullah Gül and first lady Hayrünnisa Gül at the dock of the Kabataþ High School, took a

Özçelik, Iraqi officials discuss new moves for improving ties Turkish special envoy to Iraq Murat Özçelik, who has been on a visit to Baghdad since Monday, had separate meetings with Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari and Iraqi Vice President Hashem Hashemi on Wednesday, discussing ways of improving bilateral cooperation between Turkey and Iraq. The meeting with Zebari was made public on Wednesday evening by the PUKmedia Web site, affiliated with Iraqi President Jalal Talabani's Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) party. "During the meeting they discussed various aspects of bilateral relations between the two countries and ways to consolidate and develop them to serve the common interests of the Iraqi and Turkish peoples," PUKmedia reported. "The two sides discussed ways to develop bilateral relations by opening a Turkish consulate in Basra and the opening of an Iraqi consulate in Gaziantep," it noted. At the beginning of this month Özçelik and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoðan's chief foreign policy advisor, Ahmet Davutoðlu, had the first direct, high-level meeting with Nechirvan Barzani -- prime minister of the regional Kurdish administration in northern Iraq and Iraqi Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani's nephew -- in Baghdad. The meeting had coincided with one of a series of ongoing aerial strikes on bases of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in northern Iraq. Iraqi Kurds, who had previously vowed to consider any attack by Turkey in their territory an act of war, have not voiced any serious criticism of the Turkish operations, apparently under pressure from the United States to take action to marginalize the PKK in northern Iraq. Also Wednesday, Foreign Minister Ali Babacan, in response to a question on Özçelik's visit, highlighted that ongoing frequent contacts between Iraqi and Turkish officials should from now on be considered "routine" in relations. Babacan said he had asked Özçelik to visit Iraq at least once a month, adding that this is crucial because many developments concerning Iraq's reconstruction are expected to take place in 2008. Turkey should closely follow developments in the neighboring country, he noted. "When I say 'closely,' it is also extremely related to being on the ground. That's why from now on you will see that both our special envoy to Iraq and his assistants as well as other colleagues involved in the Iraq issue will be traveling to Iraq frequently. Visits will be mutual. What matters is yielding a result, improving relations in every field and the contribution that Turkey will make to Iraq's stability, security and welfare in the future," he stated. Ankara Today's Zaman

Minister urges Germany to reveal causes of fires

Greek, in blue, and Turkish military rescue experts investigate a building during an earthquake drill in Athens on Wednesday.

Greek, Turkish military units hold rare joint drill on earthquake relief Regional rivals Greece and Turkey held a rare joint drill on Wednesday to improve relief responses to natural disasters. A 12-strong team of Turkish army rescuers joined 12 Greek air force experts, firefighters and special forces to practice using sound detectors and sniffer dogs to locate buried victims in case of a strong earthquake. It was the third joint drill of its kind, or-

on certain bilateral relations should not be a problem, because this is not the way of resolving issues," the source said, stressing that Turkish Embassy officials in Greece had conveyed this stance to their Greek counterparts in Athens. Greece and Turkey, uneasy NATO allies, have come close to war three times in past years over disputes concerning territorial rights in the Aegean.

ganized as part of confidence-building measures aimed at easing tension between the neighboring nations' armed forces. "The exercise showed that the two teams can cooperate in the future if needed," said Lt. Col. Georgios Beldekos, deputy commander of the Greek unit. Previous drills were held in 2006 in Ankara. Wednesday's exercise took place on the outskirts of Athens. Athens AP

With a thaw in relations in the last decade, Ankara and Athens have gradually established some cooperative mechanisms in order to improve relations. Relations have improved since the two NATO allies nearly clashed in 1996 over a deserted Aegean island -- war was averted through US intervention -- and working groups are clinching economic agreements as part of confidence-build-

ing measures. The thaw in relations between Turkey and Greece followed a mutual outpouring of aid and sympathy in the wake of deadly earthquakes that struck both countries in 1999. The rapprochement culminated in a series of cooperative deals in culture, economy and combating crime, as well as pledges to work toward tackling the more difficult territorial disputes in the Aegean.

Queen Elizabeth visits cultural landmarks of Ýstanbul contýnued from page 1


cruise on the Bosporus on the Keyif Style. Foreign Minister Ali Babacan, his spouse, Zeynep Babacan, and British Foreign Secretary David Miliband also joined them on the yacht. Later the vessel docked at the Ýstanbul Modern Museum, where Queen Elizabeth visited the exhibition "Design Cities," brought to Ýstanbul Modern in collaboration with the Design Museum London. The guests were met by Oya Eczacýbaþý, the executive board president of Ýstanbul Modern Museum. Security was tight at the museum during the queen's visit, with sharpshooters situated on

rooftops near the building. Some journalists whose names were not on the approved list of journalists sent to museum security by the national police department were not allowed into the building.

Turkey a bridge between East and West Queen Elizabeth on Tuesday praised Turkey at a state banquet held in honor of her visit, her second in 37 years. "Turkey is uniquely positioned as a bridge between East and West at a crucial time for the European Union and the world in general," stated the queen.


In a gesture of respect, President Abdullah Gül wore a tuxedo and a silver-colored bow tie to the 300-guest banquet Tuesday evening. Also on Tuesday, the queen visited the mausoleum of the founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and laid a wreath at the tomb, a tradition expected of all visiting dignitaries. On the second day of her trip, Queen Elizabeth visited the northwestern city of Bursa and toured the "silk cocoon market," a caravanserai built in 1491 at the 15th century Green Mosque, where she listened to a recitation of the Quran. Ýstanbul Today's Zaman

A Turkish minister has written a letter to Germany's integration minister requesting that he reveal the causes behind a series of fires that broke out in Turkish houses and shops in Germany in recent months. The letter follows media reports suggesting German judicial officials have been preparing to close their files on a tragic fire that killed nine Turks without determining its cause. The blaze in the southwestern German city of Ludwigshafen on Feb. 3 killed nine Turks, all from the same family. A post mortem of the victims, among them five children and a pregnant woman, showed eight had died from smoke inhalation. Another woman leapt to her death from an upper floor trying to escape the flames. Following the tragic Ludwigshafen incident, a number of fires broke out in Turkish homes in various regions of the country, leading to considerable tension and concern among the Turkish community living in Germany. In early March, Lothar Liebig, a regional prosecutor in the southwestern state of Rhineland-Palatinate, where Ludwigshafen is located, announced that investigators found no evidence to prove the Ludwigshafen fire was an arson attack. Turkish media reported on Wednesday that Liebig said he was waiting for an expert report, adding that the incident probably stemmed from neglect and if doubts concerning two suspects cannot be cleared up, the investigation file would be closed. A statement released yesterday by the press office of State Minister Mustafa Said Yazýcýoðlu said the minister wrote a letter to German Integration Minister Maria Boehmer following Wednesday's reports. "The causes of all fires, including the one in Ludwigshafen, should be brought to light at once and all perpetrators, if there are any, should be harshly punished," Yazýcýoðlu told Boehmer in his letter. The minister will be traveling to Germany later this month to attend a commemoration ceremony for victims of an arson attack that killed a Turkish family 15 years ago in the western German town of Solingen. During his meeting with German officials there, Yazýcýoðlu will reiterate Turkey's request for a quick investigation of the fires, the press office said. The Solingen fire killed two Turkish women and three young girls from the same family on May 29, 1993. It was the worst killing in a wave of right-wing violence in the country since Germany's reunification in 1990. Ankara Today's Zaman




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F R I D AY, M AY 1 6 , 2 0 0 8




While the world marked International Conscientious Objectors' Day yesterday, Turkish conscientious objectors continue to struggle for their rights. They have launched a signature campaign for the abolition of Article 318 of the Turkish Penal Code, which makes it a crime to discourage the public from military service.

Conscientious objectors pursue rights in signature campaign AYÞE KARABAT ANKARA

A number of human rights groups with a common platform of conscientious objection have started a signature campaign for the abolition of an article in the Turkish Penal Code (TCK) that makes it a crime to discourage people from military service. The groups include the Initiative Against Thought Crime, the Helsinki Citizens' Assembly, Kaos Gay and Lesbian Cultural Research and Solidarity Organization (KaosGL), Say No to Racism and Nationalism and the Human Rights Association (ÝHD), and they are targeting Article 318 of the TCK, which calls for six months to two years' imprisonment for those dissuading people from military service. The article states that if efforts to dissuade the public from military service utilize the media, the punishment will be heavier. Activists claim that Article 318 violates

principles in the Constitution and international law because it restricts freedom of thought. Serpil Köksal from the ÝHD stated that there have been several lawsuits against activists and journalists under Article 318 -- and some convictions. She said they are planning to submit a petition to Parliament's Human Rights Commission. Köksal was acquitted in a lawsuit filed against her under 318, but said she objected to the court decision because the ÝHD wanted the local court to forward the case to the Constitutional Court. According to Turkish law, local courts have the right to send cases and articles of the law to the Constitutional Court on the grounds that they contradict the Constitution. Köksal is also among a group of 12 female conscientious objectors in Turkey. Although there is no compulsory military service for women, some, like Köksal, have nonetheless declared their objection to the practice. "I am against violence and war. Our slogan is, 'I don't

send my sons to military service'," she said. The approximate number of deserters in Turkey, according to Minister of Defense Vecdi Gönül, who answered a query on the topic in Parliament, is 1.5 percent of the population. In January of this year Democratic Society Party (DTP) Diyarbakýr deputy Akýn Birdal in a written query asked the Defense Ministry if there are any plans to recognize the rights of conscientious objectors, but his query has not received a response yet. In his query he recalled that among the 47 member states of the Council of Europe, only Turkey does not recognize the right to conscientious objection. In addition, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Turkey had violated the rights of conscientious objectors in three different cases and asked Turkey to make the necessary regulations to protect objectors' rights, but nothing has been done about this. Attorney Hülya Üçpýnar, who opened one of

Üskül waiting on answer for individual defense from court ERCAN YAVUZ ANKARA



Professor Zafer Üskül, a deputy representing Mersin for the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party), has asked the Constitutional Court to grant him the right to an individual defense in a closure case targeting his party. The chief prosecutor of the Supreme Court of Appeals had filed a lawsuit with the Constitutional Court asking it to close the AK Party over charges of becoming a "focal point of anti-secular activities." The case also seeks to ban 70 AK Party deputies, including Üskül, along with former AK Party member President Abdullah Gül, from politics for a period of five years. Üskül filed a petition on April 24 with the Constitutional Court in which he demanded that the court give him the right to an individual defense, in line with international conventions and universal law. If the court refuses, he may turn to

Zafer Üskul

the European Court of Human Rights, he said. If the AK Party is closed down, Üskül will be banned from politics. To support his case, he has referred to previous rulings issued by the European court, namely, the Selim Sadak vs. Turkey and the Nazlý Ilýcak vs. Turkey cases, saying: "In both verdicts, the European court held that banning the applicants from political activity and removing them from office as deputies violated the European Convention on Human Rights [ECHR]. In the current case, I have been charged with an offense and face the risk of being penalized." Professor Üskül argued that the top court should give him the right to an individual defense under the ECHR as well as under the Turkish Constitution as he seeks to defend himself against accusations directed at him in the indictment. The chief prosecutor has also opened a closure case against the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) and demanded that 223 of its members be banned from politics, including DTP Þanlýurfa deputy Ýbrahim Binici, who has asked the top court to be given the right to defend himself. The court rejected his request, arguing that the case was brought against the party as a whole, removing the possibility of individual defense. Following Üskül's application, Cavit Torun, a former AK Party for Diyarbakýr, also asked the court for the right to self-defense, citing the same reasons as Üskül, but the court rejected his case. Üskül's application, however, is still being considered by the court. Speaking to Today's Zaman yesterday, Üskül said he is an academic who has dedicated his life to the protection of secularism and rejects the accusations with which he has been charged. "I will pursue my claim as a legal expert," he said. Üskül has already begun his preparations to petition the European court as he does not expect the Constitutional Court to render a favorable verdict. While his party does not want its 70 deputies to defend themselves individually, it has lent its support to Üskül due to his being the head of the parliamentary Human Rights Commission. Ilýcak, a former Ýstanbul deputy of the now defunct Virtue Party (FP), had demanded the right to defend herself in the closure case brought against her party, but when she was denied this right, she turned to the European court, which ruled that this had violated the ECHR.


the court cases against Turkey for her client Osman Murat Ülke, confirmed that the European Court of Human Rights had ruled against Turkey in the case of her client and ordered it to draw up legislation to amend the situation. "The conscientious objectors in Turkey are facing court cases over and over again. Their cases are turning into never-ending processes. This is why the court decided that this is a sort of 'civil death' because the defenders are under constant judgment," said Üçpýnar. Halil Savda is one of those who feel they have been put in this situation. He has had several lawsuits brought against him and was sentenced to time in Çorlu Military Prison. Recently Çorlu Military Hospital issued a certificate for him indicating that he suffers from a personality disorder and thus is exempt from military service. After the decision of the health committee he was transferred to a civilian prison and will be released next year after completing his sentence.

Human rights organizations upset with Prime Ministry Civil society organizations underlined the increasing number of torture cases and demanded a new constitution, at a meeting of the Prime Ministry's Human Rights Coordination Council on Wednesday, but although he was at the meeting Deputy Prime Minister Cemil Çiçek left the room after delivering his remarks and did not listen to critics and proposals from the civil society organizations. Hüsnü Öndül, chairman of the Human Rights Association (ÝHD), said that despite reforms made so far as part of Turkey's European Union accession bid, backward steps had been taken in a state of law. In a speech on behalf of the Organization for Human Rights and Solidarity for Oppressed Peoples (MAZLUM-DER), the Helsinki Citizens Initiative and the Turkish Human Rights Foundation (TÝHV), Öndül recalled that the Prime Ministry's Human Rights Consultation Board had become defunct. The board stopped holding meetings after a report on Turkey's non-Muslim minorities prepared by Professor Baskýn Oran and Ýbrahim Kaboðlu was challenged in court over charges of violating Article 301 of the Turkish Penal Code (TCK), which criminalized denigrating "Turkishness." Öndül said if the government invited the ÝHD and other rights organizations for a fresh start and apologized for past mistakes, it would be possible to start working together again. In his speech, Öndül said the amendments made to Article 301 were inadequate and maintained that instead of cooperating with civil society organizations the government was excluding them. Öndül also recalled media reports claiming that bodyguards for Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoðan had beaten up a citizen in their official car. Öndül said these bodyguards should be removed from their posts immediately and legal proceedings against them initiated. In response to Öndül's criticism, Zafer Üskül, a member of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and chairman of the parliamentary Human Rights Commission, said it was not easy to draft a new constitution. He added that there are some problems with the implementation of reforms but that they are paying attention to the human rights. Ayþe Karabat Ankara



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9!&:;<=$>   ?  >@  "

$& 78   ! - ' !'+9  + . !9 & E   %  $  $  !  - #   1 $# E    -  6$     


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," =        -   !      "        ," =          E         85  $

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'    (>&*:@+, =   !               -  >   A#         ' # C   A,    

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     832#000     $ !   , - # . /   





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   ,   = 9$& # $ !  &   '  (!&  + #           E$3002 %%    %     A#E$ %%  $0,3 

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  $55#000# 3,7/  ,     $  8;,/  0,/        2,5 #0,; , ' E$3002 # %   (.      +     $47/#000   7K,;4

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 $80/#000       %%  30,87  ,-      $353#000%        $;55#000  , :  !  #3;,7      #38,;    #5,8     50,8     ,       $8,;        $8    #0,/        $     E$ 3002       ,     !                     $ ;,8       /3,5     !  ,    $          24,/    25,4  #   %           ;8,4  3K,3 ,

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¢    *G        !          $  8K24 8KK5  G98#;00,=. ž "         !      , &  !    

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         *G     !   ," :  E               $      !       *G , $    .  $   %A, &J             ! #    $   $     

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      G9 8 $           $       C  C    $ $        $    $!       , " $         #    !             $   , $       $!#"    ,  C   C              307#000 $   $!, &J                    $  $!     . G9 835    3002     

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$    $  "  ," 6!   -      :*1 B  -   $  D     $:*1       

$    $   :*1B ,=  :*1 B     B   #     #        $ B $  ! # :*1     $ :*1  , = 

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$  , =               %   #   :*1$  ;83#000   #   $    $  500#000$3088,0     

; +'' $#+ $+#  H! !   #       $    !        G9 535     #      1 $ & ! . (1 *6+      $"*: ," '   /5     #   *:       G9 /,/2%/,72#  

B      H!!   , -   80ž35 , ,#          G9 75;,5  #    G9 /K5     H!!   ,-85  !  %  H! !         $  4%K#  ':$   G9 3,;4$    ,-  (   


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$   #*$       $  $    $ !      $! /33     $     $  $ 3#800 K#835      ,              $!   $G9;,4$  #     $!        /,3  ;,75  ,6      #     /5  G985,3$ #   5,;8      

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5(  3 3 . ! .- +@& * -G-#C1=-@


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    %          $             !    ,      $            ,=         !        %     , ¡ I!              (E'+  !#     . 50 $         #     


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!        , C


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&!+3+9 . #  3 5+'$  C  ! 6(&*+                 * $

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1I C  =I 6 #* $

1I   C  =I ¡ #$  $    6HH! I   #=  6 #- 6  H &J,$      .   $   , &*         -           -*'    

$  ;0A7#3005,0     

5+A &   &- + +% =$  + *< = # !         #    C  !

6(&*+          %        G93$   G98,45$  , &*    D #           ,     $     $ 

  ,  #        !                $  &*, !   %       G98,3$  #G9;00    #     , -  (  




Page 1




!    " #    $    %&   ;;  #   /4,5 $  #                ! #       #       ! '  , &     #   .%      $        G,: #    

 , A$#    A$ '   E#      850#000 G  #   '   $$        $  , "    $    ' $ 

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 !   '      !#    83  $   %         # 


%       A;  , E!6  #    .      ¤   '    !   '            '  '#  $  #    , 6  G       $              $       # $  ! %       $!  G  ;4

 !  ,   #       $ 


<'  3 &+'-  %  D 3-+ F + 35+ 3@# $! 


 ! :+ $&!%

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      #   9 # & %$ ' $ 

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B  8KK2,    $Â?"        "   #" )         $  A     >&  %   $ !

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 %  .   !    $ !, ">&  

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 1 $#)$     $               $    $

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Yearly Change (%)

YTD Change (%)

MCAP (million YTL)

1-Y Av.Volum











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 $   , )$     %     

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!Â&#x153;," )$ .        $  

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Change (%)





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TurkDEX EUâ&#x201A;Ź/JPÂĽ




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Daily Change (%)












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Price (YTL) Yearly Change (%)







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EV/EBITDA 2006/12

#!#\ #!\

/!\ #!$\

/!&\ #!%\

$!\ "!\

"!(\ "!/\

#!&\ (!\

&!%\ $!"\

!"\ (!#\

EV/EBITDA 2007/03t









EV/EBITDA 2007/06t









Mcap YTL


P/E 2006/12 P/E 2007/06t P/E 2007/09t


2TKEG  ) *+ , - *..

# + + &+ +'  3 +.=J=-& "2   3,3      

   # >        #          -   ,85%        0,4     D #    %%   0,/ D %%D          3004,>  $ %   > &   #    >&0,8%     D  3,5      ,     %      $      D $  A;AK,& #    

         %  ;,;  -    ;,7   ,1  


3  7 8 :+;. 3  7 8 :+;.


Price (YTL) Daily Change (%)


 (*+   ! C 6!   $ ! %    $0,50 ,*     !         ,     $     85,45  85,35       

   8K,45  8K,35 , C  $! )   

    I GJ #        6I<J# 6)Â&#x;! #   GÂ&#x;H!1$

  *  $ -$ G I   %      , - 

   %   $$     $ 

    ,        $! %   $ !      A30# 3007    D %      84,5  , ' !      & ,8;3004# $%     ,0     




&     '  E ( &E+    -    H!                 %  #    -$! .  !,     D      

             * ) ! E    !    C  1 $#  H!     &E            -$!        $    % B   D      .   

,   &E     -$!  1 6! J 300;   

        #  >  #          

    $! , "     -$!    


$!# D ! %  #" H!  #     $ %     -$!#   %     $! ,    D        &E    $   $       (C=+               #                &$%-¤   #  H!

                 ,  % 

  $  C=         


# , &E

    ! #ÂĽJ!)

$        #Â 8,8$  ,  6! I#  $  $   6!     &  - (6*+#     , =    !  $!      $%         

 .  !     $ % #         

 !  ,-  (    




8+-#$  + !$+&3

Daily Monthly Change (%) Change (%)



     $      %       #     B         ,'    $# ,"   G     $ .$    '#      %  Â 8/,5$  #  ,9   #               #         $$   6 '', =     . 

$  '  , "G    #"       

 $  %     %  ,"   !Â&#x17E;         (    C: &  +6 #  ! Â?" - 

% %!  $ ', "  .  C', 

 $  ,'  $ D !$!,"       G     


'    . $  # '    %      

          ,'$      '   # '     

    #$          $  , "'       

   %  $       %       #"    ,     

9  #   @ C E.'     )  $   ¤  '  )#    , :   .    '   !    $        $  #    !     

      !    $          

    G, "'        %      #"   6 )$#   :!   #.   ," 


&!#/ #((! &!#


%JCPIG <=> !%% !# %!$


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FRIDAY, MAY 16, 2008

Nivea Lip Care promises the perfect pout

Barielle boosts softer skin and stronger nails This product contains completely natural Dead Sea salts and essential oils, and can be applied to dried, split, hardened hands, heels, elbows, and even knees. The dead cells will slowly peel away after application, while this nourishing product simultaneously brings both skin and nails back to life, moisturizing and protecting them. The result is instantaneously flawless and healthy-looking skin and nails. This product can also be used morning and evening for pedicures if desired.

Beautiful jewelry for your special day Koçak Gold presents its wedding jewelry collection, sure to make that most unforgettable of days even more special for newlyweds. Jewelry has for hundreds of years been considered a symbol both of marriage and love, and thus the choice of which pieces to buy marks an important part of pre-wedding preparations. Of course, the Koçak Gold collection for newlyweds does not just include jewelry for the bride. And for those thinking about the newlyweds' future lives together, don't forget to take a look at the 22 carat gold bracelets in the collection, bracelets that can be worn decoratively or used as an investment. These traditional 22 carat gold bracelets have also been reinterpreted in modern forms in new wedding collection, perfect for those who want to show loved ones just how valuable they are.

Fonex: release your hair's natural beauty Hair is the most natural of accessories and having healthy, wellkept, lively locks can always help make you feel good about yourself. If your hair is dried out and damaged from summer sun, let your solution be Fonex. And if you can stand your hair's lack of care and upkeep, then a new product from Fonex is just for you. Containing olive oil and fennel, this new Fonex product promises you lively and soft hair this summer.

Nivea Lip Care presents Caregloss & Shine, offering women a choice between clear and pink tones, with shimmering pigments that make lips look attractive without stickiness. The effectiveness of Nivea Lip Care is thanks in part to its formula, which includes hydramine and grape seed essences, giving lips not only shine, but long-lasting protection and moisture. The formula in these products also contains shea butter and vitamin E, as well as fruit scents.

Men, step out of the shade with sunglasses ABDULLAH KILIÇ ÝSTANBUL

In terms of any debates over whether sunglasses suit women or men better, answers are beginning to emerge that might not please women: Though sunglasses were a mostly female accessory until 2000, it looks like men are catching up in a big way! We don't know what will happen in the last 100 meters of this "race," but for now, there is no question that sunglasses are for men, the most important accessory, right after watches. Although in Turkey men who wore sunglasses used to be regarded as "try-hards" or as seeking to generate an "artistic" aura, this perspective has changed. After all, Turkish males have begun to invest in their looks. From skin care to manicures and pedicures, more and more men are turning over a greater portion of their budgets these days to treating themselves well. These are trends that Ali Demirel, the owner of Merve Optik (a leading Turkish eyewear store) has detected. Demirel, who exports labels such as Osse, Hawk and Mustang to the world, is also the Turkish distributor for 34 well-known labels in eyeglasses and sunglasses, including names like Fendi, Guess, Calvin Klein, DKNY and Dolce&Gabbana. Demirel, who asserts that beyond being a fashionable accessory for people, sunglasses have become an indispensible part of a healthy lifestyle, notes: "Until 1995, 75 percent of the glasses sold in Turkey were eyeglasses, while

From skin care to manicures and pedicures, more and more men are turning over a greater portion of their budget to treating themselves well -- and sunglasses are included in this trend only 25 percent were sunglasses, but according to research done in 2004-05, these figures had switched so that 78 percent of the glasses sold were sunglasses, and only 28 percent eyeglasses." Despite the fact that sunglasses sales have risen in Turkey, a comparison with Greece shows that in this neighboring country, with its much smaller population of 10 million, three times as many sunglasses a year are sold as in Turkey. According to Demirel, the most important factor in a pair of sunglasses is not the style itself, but the quality of the lens used. Demirel warns consumers: "Be very careful … those cheap sunglasses sold in open marketplaces could cost you your eyes!" Alright then, what exactly should be noted while shopping for sunglasses in this more and more boutique atmosphere for these accessories? Let's listen to what Demirel has to say on this matter. He stresses that more than choosing a well-known brand, shoppers should pay attention to the quality of the materials and the lens used in the pair of sunglasses they are considering. Demirel also warns that there are many fake versions of famous brand sunglasses being sold in Turkey, and notes: "You must absolutely ask for a guarantee certificate when buying sunglasses. Make sure that the service conditions are adequate, in case something happens to the sunglasses after you purchase them."

Choose a shape to flatter your face A well-chosen pair of sunglasses does a lot to highlight facial features. And of course, they can be a wonderful and important accessory for any outfit. Shoppers should be aware of their facial features when they shop for sunglasses; your chin, nose and facial structure. Women should make sure they buy sunglasses that work well with their skin tone, and their eye color. If you have an oval face, you are very lucky, because this means almost every type of sunglasses will go with your face. If your face is rounder, you might want to think about square-frame sunglasses.

5-star five-pocket denims from G-Star

For women In this 2008 season, large-framed sunglasses with rounded lines are in fashion. Just as in last year's models, this year we are seeing models studded with fake gems. Black and brown shades, pastel tones, white and gold sunglasses; all have captured popular trends this year. And of course, don't forget ivory-colored and red frames, as well as that summer classic: striking turquoise.

G-Star offers shoppers this season a new line that reflects growing interest in its authentic jeans style: 3301 Program. This line of jeans has modern pocket variations, special stitching, and other detailing, making it G-Star's newest five-pocket style. For men, this brand offers four different cuts: Sec, Slim, Classic and Original. With different prewashed looks, higher waistlines than last season, straight legs and a variety of small details, these jeans meet the demand for unique and original denims. 3301 Program jeans: YTL 179-249. Web:

For men There aren't quite as many alternatives for men as there are for women when it comes to sunglasses. In recent years, Mustang-brand sunglasses have enjoyed extreme popularity, and in fact, a full 65 percent of their collection is aimed at males. Many well-known figures in Turkey wear Mustang sunglasses, including Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoðan. As for those who want something even more luxurious and sensational, there are sunglasses from the Roberto Cavalli line. This year's fashion trends in terms of colors for men's sunglasses put the focus on black and brown tones. Of course, you could always be brave and try some of the red and yellow frames we are seeing out there too!





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 $  6 B        ,  83,5     $            , :     D  #  #         ,  =   ¨  ) §      

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8,7   3,5    #  % , : 340#000   $    $    ,  

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$   $          #    D   %      $  !%   ,4


Page 1



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             ,6       >&  %   $ .  !  , >& $        - ,-          $! #ED  

#     !   $    # % ,"  B  #!       


#    !  %¢  %§   ,"-      $   $          #"   , ")   #   $  -  ,"@ 



3 '' 3   '      %       

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          ' #  '      , 9 $    $         -         '   $  $ ,%     '   #E  )  #    © ¨          ,ª#

# & $   2> 93! -+ &F& %   -    $  !  82           -    E#      ,    $     -    E#   #  85 ,"&#82# %      # $! #"E

   -      $  C        # -     $ $ 

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,"'!  82  $! #$  !  $ $

          $D   #"   A *#   - ,=               !#        -       # $      $ %      3008, -  $ !


G #"     ! %   $  $ #              , =    $ $    ,  §%$!  $        !     $      ,                 $   ! # $           !    

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     :$ ¨     $ ,  #$   %     ! %


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#  $,ª -   #  ©    -     ,ª  # :$          ! #   $  

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" -   !#      #6#    $         !  ,  #   $   C  )#       $   9     !       330   (800 ! % 

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     ©        %    ,ª6 6 $  %    A C    

',6 D   '       -  B  

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 -$,  ¨     

                                   8K/2  ' ¨   ,         ©!$#ª-$   , %

     ¨   % ,E  # '    %    =      )#      6!   $           -$$ , =    %         6!  #  =    )   

$     #  -$$ ¨E 

   ,'  6!  #          &D#      #     -$$  , #  




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F R I D AY, M AY 1 6 , 2 0 0 8


Mýllýons look for love and fýnd ýt Online dating is an exciting new way to look for the partner of your dreams. You can meet people from anywhere in the world in many chat rooms and on dating Web sites. Although it is enthralling, there are potential physical and financial dangers lurking. According to a report by Elisabeth Leamy and Allen Levine of ABC News about online dating, in 2006 research found more than 1,000 dating sites on the Web, and nearly 9 million Americans subscribed to dating Web sites. Scam artists are out there! A female Turk dropped me a note this week sharing how pleased she was that after six months of being involved with a foreigner she decided to break off the relationship. She shared how they met on the Internet but soon she discovered he lived in Ýstanbul. They met and started dating but after a few weeks he was pressuring her to get married. In a short time she realized he was here illegally and either needed to leave the country or marry a Turk so he could stay. Here’s another scam: A Turkish friend of mine told me about a young Turkish man she knows who was corresponding with an American woman in California. Over a period of a few months their relationship developed and she expressed keen interest to come and visit him in Turkey and meet his


CHARLOTTE McPHERSON family. The catch was she did not have enough money to purchase the air ticket. He wired her the money and never heard from her again! On the other hand, a Turk who has worked with me for over three years met an American man on the Internet just over a year ago. He has visited Turkey twice in the past year and she has spent Christmas holiday in California. They plan to marry in Turkey at the end of this month. It seems to be right. Thanks to Internet dating, cross cultural relationships are on the rise. There are pros and cons. Here is a question from Emily S. in California: Dear Charlotte, I’m 26 and have fallen in love with an Arab Muslim. We’ve been together every day for two years. He says he hasn’t practiced his religion since he was 20 (he is now almost 28). But he says he will more than likely go back to it when he has a family. I grew up

Catholic, with holidays, and my family would be very upset if I threw our family holiday time away because of moving far away or Muslim holidays conflicting with our traditional holidays. I am concerned about how strongly he feels -- it seems he really won’t budge too much. He says he loves me. What should I do? From, Emily. Dear Emily, falling in love can make you feel alive and happy. It can also drive you crazy. When you are in love it can be hard to make good decisions. Eventually you need to see through the fog of love to the nuts and bolts of an enduring relationship, heading toward marriage. Have a heart-to-heart talk about your feelings and ideas on religion and about raising children. Although you may both believe you are compatible when there are cultural differences these need to be considered. It’s good you are trying to discuss these sooner than later. It’s so important to get more in touch with your own feelings and ideas about religion and about raising children. It’s impressive that your boyfriend is being so honest about his strong opinions. Be careful that you do not fall into the trap that you think it will work out or you can change him. Marriage is a union of two. But the two each represent different backgrounds, beliefs, attachments and hopes. Some people happily convert to their partner’s religious tradition,



{{ U R BA N L E G E N D S {{

Mustafa Kayacan, who has been running his coffee shop just off Ýstiklal Street since 1986, has a huge student following that continues to visit him even after graduating and moving into the workforce.

Hadzo Poulo Han and Mustafa Amca’s coffee shop

An oasýs on Ýstiklal Street FULYA ÖZLEM ÝSTANBUL

Hadzo Poulo Han, or Danýþman Passage, as most people know it, is like an oasis in the heart of Ýstiklal Street. While walking down the street among thousands, being pushed hither and thither by the crowd, you see its hidden gate. Take a side step and enter its garden of tranquility. When you enter, on both sides of the entrance, feather shawls of bright colors welcome you: Chick-colored, fire-colored, grass-colored or absurdly pink feather shawls wait to become last-minute details in a Marilyn Monroeinspired outfit next to windows full of buttons of all sorts. Since these are “tuhafiye” shops, they are supposed to sell all sorts of “weird stuff” by definition. Actually, the word “tuhafiye” translates into English as “weirderie” or “absurderie,” but tuhafiye shops are basically haberdasheries. Tuhafiye shops and Hadzo Poulo Han go hand in hand. There used to be a couple of top-quality tailors there, and some remain, as does famous milliner Madame Katia. The han was built in 1871 and was owned by the Greek Ýstanbulite Mr. Hadzo Poulo. He died in Switzerland in 1956. Ever since it first opened, the han has served as an important meeting point for in-

tellectuals. Namýk Kemal had his first printing house (matbaa) here, and it provided a place for all his writer and poet friends to gather here for a glass of tea with him. It was also the first meeting place of the Lions Club. Many tailors accept orders and one even made former Prime Minister Adnan Menderes’ suits. There were bankers as well who did business with the financial elite. The low-level yard was reserved for horses, who were left here while their owners spent time upstairs having a drink and relaxing after a journey. There was also a hospital whose gate opened to Hadzo Poulo Han’s garden. Today, alongside tailors, Katia’s hat shop, an organic food shop and secondhand bookstores, it is home to the best coffee shop on Ýstiklal Street. This is no global coffee brand that opens a new shop every fortnight, almost invading the city; it is Kahveci Mustafa Amca’s coffee shop, which has been a trademark of Hadzo Poulo Han with its tasty Turkish coffee and warm atmosphere for over 20 years. One of the customers even drew a cartoon and named the place “Mustafa Amca Jean’s.” For him, this “kahvehane” is like a local bakkal against a supermarket in terms of its unique charm. Mustafa Kayacan opened his coffee shop here in 1986. Before then he worked

as a pastry chef and spent years in bakeries, working against the oven heat. Originally from Doðubeyazýt in Aðrý province, he came to Ýstanbul in 1969 as a teenager to work and stay with his uncles, who worked in bakeries at the time. His first job was washing dishes in a pudding shop near the Aða Mosque on Ýstiklal Street. He next learned how to bake pastries as an apprentice and, after some years, became a pastry chef. From 1970 to 1985, he worked as a pastry chef. Then in 1986 he opened his coffee shop in Hadzo Poulo Han. The shop is in perfect harmony with the han: tranquil, friendly and has an old feel to it, resisting the fast flow of time and always remains the same. It is a favorite with university students, who in time grow and become business people but never cease to stop by. Mustafa Amca is married and has three children, one of whom works with him, another who studies biology at Eskiþehir University and the youngest is in high school, preparing for university entrance exams. As is often the case in Turkey, good things get copied instantly. That is why we spend hours trying to work out which Öz Hakiki (essential and real) Sultanahmet Köftecisi really is the original one and which are merely copies. Mustafa Amca’s

coffee shop was also (badly) copied. One day, we came to sit at our usual corner to find that a coffee shop right across, or almost inside his, was opened. They even had the genius idea of adding nargile to their menu (they actually had a menu written on paper!). Kral TV and a loudish Turkish pop music radio station provided the music for the cafe, decorated with numerous kilims and copperware hanging from the walls to give it an “authentic” feel. The result was an absolute failure. Perhaps it was simply “too authentic” or “more oriental” than the orientals themselves -- I mean ourselves. Whatever the case, Mustafa Amca’s had its usual crowds succeeding each other while its very authentic and real and essential counterpart had basically no one to puff bubbles from the numerous nargiles scattered around its deserted tables. After two weeks, the “copy coffee shop” was closed, probably due to lack of business. As for Mustafa Amca, he is as busy as ever with what he has been busy with for the last 22 years: running around, memorizing who is having tea or apple tea, who prefers their coffee medium or black or sweetened and making sure everyone is happy on his premises. Mustafa Amca’s coffee shop: the one and only, the real, the essential.

NOTE: Today's Zaman intends to provide a lively forum for expatriates living in Turkey. We encourage you to contact us at and share your experiences, questions and problems in all walks of life for publication in Today's Zaman.


but just as often differences in belief cause conflict. It seems that your boyfriend doesn’t sound willing to respect your beliefs and traditions. The way you celebrate holidays is important -- maybe for your future happiness you should not give them up. It’s all complicated and quite deep… This reply came after the article, “Should People of Different Faiths Marry?” printed April 16, 2008. Hi Charlotte, I, for one, would not recommend it, and I am in a bi-cultural marriage. At times it has been very painful and it is always hard work. It is not all sweet words and flowers. I agree that you don’t choose who you fall in love with, but you do choose whether you pursue it. In any relationship, you have to make sure you are in it for the right reasons. Being intrigued with someone wears off really quickly when you have limited communication and few things in common. Sadly while some look for love, they find scams and threats! Is dating online more dangerous than offline? What do you think? Note: Charlotte McPherson is the author of “Culture Smart: Turkey, 2005.” Please keep your questions and observations coming: I want to ensure this column is a help to you, Today’s Zaman’s readers. Email:

The role of the yo-yo in peacekeeping JOHN LAUGHLAND FETHÝYE

I met my current wife in a sort of café in our town, that is to say it had a kitchen with people doing things in it. This was before the concept of cleanliness in kitchens had reached Turkey, and the chief operative in the kitchen wore a surgical-green suit that was so oil-stained he looked not unlike a pan of fried green tomatoes. He was never without a cigarette drooping from the corner of his mouth. The patron had a piratical limp and his combined crew would indeed have frightened the life out of captains Morgan, Teach or Kidd. The place was a drinking den as much as anything and was frequented by the lowlifes of the town, backpackers and sailors. Strangely it was also attended by teachers, doctors and artists. It could well have been located in Casablanca or Berlin. Not only did I meet my wife there but we bought our first house there. I still have the “contract” drawn up on a paper napkin. During the winter months we sat indoors for the heat of the smoky old oven. If it rained it was drier outside than in, but with our yellow oilies on we were reasonably comfortable. The décor was authentic Turkish. We once counted 15 tatty calendars dating back untold years hanging on the wall and there was also half of one of those decorative plates hanging, presumably having been smashed by a flying glass or bottle. The toilets were reached via the kitchen and were just as disgusting. The ladies and the men’s shared a common light bulb that hung in a hole through the separating wall. The hole was high enough to prevent intervisibility, but not to prevent the transmission of smells and sounds. During the summer most people sat outside on both sides of a narrow road that was supposed to be closed to traffic but wasn’t always. A constant stream of tourists and street traders walked between the two rows of tables and that was our main source of entertainment. One day we sat with a chap with the unlikely name of Pedro. He was from the far east of Turkey. Amongst the early evening parade a chap selling yo-yos came along. He had those models with a battery inside from which colored lights flickered with the momentum of the thing. Of course he was demonstrating one as he walked the streets shouting “yo-yos” for the benefit of anyone who was in doubt as to what he was selling. Pedro stood up and asked the chap for a go, and before long they were yo-yoing in unison to the delight of the audience. It was a very colorful display of skill. By and by the yo-yo chap asked Pedro where he was from and Pedro replied, “Kurdistan.” Oops! Yo-yo told him in no uncertain terms that there is no such place. There ensued a very heated argument indeed; they both sat facing each other on the aisle ends of facing benches and shouted their arguments across the aisle. They spat curses and jabbed fingers at each other, and I’m certain that they would have come to blows except for one thing -- they were both still yo-yoing in the aisle! They argued for 20 minutes and in that time never stopped yo-yoing, sometimes in unison and sometimes not. The audience was in stitches and one by one we helped ourselves to yo-yos and joined in the show, the Turks amongst us joining in the argument, too. One day a little shoeshine boy came by crying. We asked him why he was crying and he told us that he had cleaned a tourist’s shoes but that the tourist had walked away without paying. Outrageous! It was too late to hope to catch the bloody tourist so we compensated the poor lad and comforted him. Aren’t some people horrible? The next day we were returning home after drinking for several hours in the café and we found the same boy sitting crying at the roadside. We asked him what the matter was and he told us. Another tourist had walked away without paying! We were speechless with indignation and again compensated him. You have seen through it already, haven’t you? Well you’re probably sober. We were not, so didn’t until the third time we saw him and we paid him again anyway as a reward for his initiative. He left our town soon after, possibly drummed out by rivals. The demise of that restaurant began one day during the winter season. The place was half full, when a gang of brickies arrived and proceeded to build a wall down the middle of the room. We were on the side with the oven and the telly so we stayed put, and one by one the people from the other side stepped over the wall carrying their plates and glasses over to our side. The kitchen had been accessed through a large arch but the new wall cut it so that we and the kitchen staff now had to squeeze through an extremely narrow quarter-arch. Over time our café became two separate shops and we only visit them on our wedding anniversary. We still see “yo-yo,” who now sells computers, and one day, a year or so after the café closed we were on a bus passing through Dalaman when we spotted that same shoeshine boy standing in the bus station weeping copiously into a grubby rag.




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F R I D AY, M AY 1 6 , 2 0 0 8

Sean Penn: an unorthodox Cannes jury president

Dentist wins first prize in cartoon competition

like that, because politics, again, should really be an organization of helping each other," he said. Over the next 12 days, Penn will lead a jury made up of Mexican director Alfonso Cuaron ("Children of Men"), American actress Natalie Portman ("V for Vendetta"), Iranian comic book artist Marjane Satrapi ("Persepolis"), Italian actor-director Sergio Castellitto ("My Mother's Smile"), French actress Jeanne Balibar ("Clean"), Thai director Apichatpong Weerasethakul ("Tropical Malady"), French director Rachid Bouchareb ("Days of Glory") and German actress Alexandra Maria Lara ("Downfall"). The winners will be announced May 25. Cannes AP

Mete Aðaoðlu, a career dentist whose cartoons are published in local and national media, took home the golden prize in the "Say a Good Word" International Cartoon Competition, the organizers announced yesterday. Aðaoðlu's cartoon, titled "Leave Your Child a Good World," was voted best among cartoons from 26 countries submitted to the annual competition, organized by BuzziNews, an online journal reporting exclusively in cartoons. Aðaoðlu's winning cartoon portrays an adult figure in an uphill struggle, thrusting the earth forward to a waiting child. The winner, chosen by online voting and a panel of four judges, receives a cash prize and is entitled to six months of professional public relations services. The runners-up were Iranian cartoonist Saeed Sadeghi and Tawan Chuntra from Thailand. Ýstanbul Today's Zaman

Sean Penn may be president of the Cannes Film Festival jury -- but don't expect any buttoned-up presidential behavior from the Hollywood rebel. During a news conference on opening day Wednesday, the actor-director lit up two cigarettes in defiance of French laws against smoking in public buildings. He used the F-word. And he poked fun at his reputation. Asked by a reporter if he could confirm that he had hesitated before taking the jury presidency because it means being "wise and sober" for 12 days, the "Into the Wild" director quipped, "How many days have I got left?" Penn, a regular at Cannes, won the best actor

award here for "She's So Lovely," and he showed his own movies "The Pledge" and "The Indian Runner" here. When Clint Eastwood's "Mystic River" played at Cannes, it generated early buzz for Penn's performance, which went on to win an Academy Award. Penn wasn't all jokes and antics at Cannes -he also let his serious, thoughtful side shine through, urging reporters to see a documentary that the festival included at his special request. "The Third Wave" is Alison Thompson's look at volunteers who joined relief efforts in Sri Lanka after the 2004 tsunami. "I thought that it was the closest thing that I had ever seen on film to giving any kind

of answer to 'what's the purpose of life?' -- at least for those who might be lucky enough to have two good legs and a dollar in their pocket," he said. Penn also talked politics, saying that he's not supporting any particular candidate in the US presidential election, though he is "encouraged by the kind of exciting support that Barack Obama has." As he often does, Penn railed against US President George W. Bush. Asked about Bush's politics, he said the choice of the word "politics" was unfortunate: "It's kind of the inane stupidity, and for lack of good, the absolute evil of it," he said. "It's just a shame that we have to bastardize the term 'politics' in attributing it to people

Railway museum chronicles 150 years from Ottoman era to the republic

‘Minaret' collapses at Paris’ Pompidou Centre

The Ýstanbul Railway Museum, which opened its doors in the historic Sirkeci Train Station on Sept. 23, 2005, on the 149th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish railways, mainly draws foreign visitors


Inside Ýstanbul's historic Sirkeci Train Station lies a museum devoted entirely to trains and railways, recounting the 150-year history of Turkish railways: from its beginnings during the Ottoman Empire to its days following the founding of the Turkish Republic. This museum does not only tell the story of trains and railways, but also a brief history of Turkey. The Ýstanbul Railway Museum opened its doors to visitors on Sept. 23, 2005, on the 149th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish State Railways (TCDD). The TCDD today takes the year 1856 -- when the construction of the ÝzmirAydýn railroad was initiated -- as its beginning. The institution, which used to be run by foreign companies during its early years, was nationalized in 1924 and was named the Anadolu-Baðdat Demiryollarý Müdüriyeti Umumiyesi (AnatoliaBaghdad Railways Directorate General). The institution was renamed the TCDD in 1953. The humble museum, set on a tiny 45 to 50 square meter area inside the train station, showcases around 380 items that range from those taken from the 118-year-old Sirkeci station to dinner sets used on the Orient Express, and from vehicles used by the TCDD to old photographs. The founder of this museum is Ruhan Çelebi, the deputy training manager of the TCDD's first region. "There may be those who imagined doing it, but I dedicated my life and a great deal of labor to it. I believe that we must pay respect to the past, claim possession of our memories and establish the future without forgetting the past," he remarked. Çelebi explained that some of the objects on display in the museum have been contributed from personal collections. The late railway enthusiast Hilmi Duman donated close to 1,100 photos taken between 1927 and 1957 and medals given during train station inaugurations. Those were the first items in the museum's collection. There are even items contributed from as far as Germany. A small train replica and photos depicting the construction of the Hacýkýrý Bridge in the Belemedik village of Adana were sent from Germany; Germans built the railroad from Hacýkýrý to Belemedik during the first decade of the 1900s. The museum contains everything from person-



A plexiglass piece by US artist Corey McCorkle fell to the ground and broke into several pieces at the Pompidou Centre in Paris for unknown reasons, the gallery said on Wednesday, two years after two similar incidents. The Pompidou Centre, a favorite with tourists thanks to its unusual facade criss-crossed by giant, colorful tubes, said McCorkle's 14-kg (30-pound) piece had been suspended from a device that was designed to take a load of up to 160 kg (350 pounds). The work, entitled "Scale Model of Three-Part Blind Passage, Showing the Intertwining, Spiral Staircases in the Tallest Minaret in the World, Selimiye, Turkey," was part of an exhibition at the Pompidou called "Traces of the Sacred." It fell on Saturday, breaking into two big pieces and one small splinter, the Pompidou Centre said, adding that prior to the incident the device used to hang the work had been approved by specialists. The gallery said it had informed McCorkle and launched an investigation into the causes of the mishap. In 2006, two works by US artists Peter Alexander and Craig Kauffman fell off the wall and shattered during an exhibition dedicated to art from Los Angeles in the 1955-85 period. The gallery found that Alexander's "Untitled," a bar of resin, had dropped because of a member of staff did not allow sufficient time for glue to dry on part of the work. The Pompidou Centre paid $28,000 to the Franklin Parrasch Gallery in New York in compensation. It never found out why Kauffman's "Untitled Wall Relief" had fallen off the wall 130 days after it was first hung. It paid $60,000 in compensation to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Paris Reuters

Bacon painting sets postwar auction record nel caps, old station clocks and lanterns to toy trains. The first object that catches one's eye is a driver's cabin, from a train numbered 8027 -- a suburban train that commuted between Sirkeci and Halkalý uninterruptedly for 50 years. Çelebi noted that he put this cabin in the museum intentionally. "I was thinking about children when I placed it in the museum. I thought that if kids have an object with which they can play, which they can touch, they might develop a better liking for trains and railways. Some of my colleagues criticized me for doing so, but the target audience seems pretty happy. They do not want to leave the train. 'Thanks for giving our children the experience of being a locomotive driver,' a foreign visitor wrote in the guest book," Çelebi said. The most precious item in the museum is a huge glazed stove -- one of the seven stoves that once used to heat the large waiting room of Sirkeci station. In the long winter days, the

waiting room could be heated only when all of the seven stoves were used simultaneously. The site plans for the route between Sirkeci and Edirne, the silver medal marking the last voyage of the Orient Express and a navigation table signed by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk are also among the precious objects on display at the museum. There are toy train sets in the museum complete with rails, switches, station buildings, bridges, trees, rivers, hills and steam or diesel operated locomotives. The locomotives are pulling coal cars, passenger cars, sleeping cars and dining cars. Serdar Kývýlcým, a museum official, explained that he operates these toy trains when children visit the museum. A large glass case displays the caps worn by the railway personnel in various periods. Next to them are the ticket bags, ticket printing machines, night watchmen watches, collar emblems and departure whistles. In one corner of



Classic movie inspires accessory collection

The ashes of Turkish soprano Leyla Gencer, who died at the age of 80 in Milan last Friday, will today be scattered over the Bosporus with a ceremony in the Dolmabahçe Palace courtyard. The public ceremony will start at 11:30 a.m., the Ýstanbul State Opera and Ballet said in a statement, adding that the Ýstanbul State Opera Orchestra and Choir, under maestro Rengim Gökmen, will be performing music by Mozart and Saygun during the ceremony.

"Casablanca," the classic 1942 romance movie starring Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart in its title roles, has inspired an accessory collection that is set to go on display next week at Ýstanbul's Garage of Art gallery. The exhibition, showcasing designs by businesswoman Servisimin Cömert, antique trader Sara Benun and painter Beki Leon, will run from May 22 to June 8 at the gallery, located in the district of Akatlar. Tel.: (212) 351 1604


Francis Bacon's "Triptych, 1976" sold for $86 million at Sotheby's contemporary sale on Wednesday, setting a record for postwar art and contributing to the auction house's best result in its nearly 300-year history. With a $362 million total including commission, the auction house eclipsed even its best Impressionist and modern art showings, marking yet another milestone for the seemingly unstoppable contemporary and postwar art market. Sotheby's had estimated Bacon's monumental three-canvas painting would sell for about $70 million, making it the top priced work of the annual spring sales, but two determined telephone bidders drove the price up to $86,281,000. The previous record for a work by the Irishborn Bacon, who died in 1992, was $52.68 million, set last year. The triptych that set the record on Wednesday, executed in 1976, had remained in the same European collection since its purchase in 1977 from a London gallery. New York Reuters

‘Thriller' preserved by Library of Congress

Turkey bids last farewell to La Diva Turca today

‘History of Coned Bodies' at Kadir Has art gallery

this small museum is a mannequin wearing a dark blue uniform and a red fez, apparently representing a train conductor from Ottoman times. Russian Serkisof watches, which were once identified with railway personnel, also have a place in the museum. A wall clock with a giant hour plate on display in the museum was one of the historical platform clocks used at Sirkeci station. The elegant silver dinner sets used when the sleeping cars were run by the French are on display in another glass case. The museum drew 52,774 visitors in 2007. This year's figure has already exceeded the 58,000 mark. The daily visitor number is over 150. The museum attracts mainly foreign tourists -- more than 30,000 annually. They tend to visit in groups. Students, too, have shown increased interest in the museum. The museum is open every day except Sunday, Monday and national holidays, and can be visited free of charge. Tel.: (212) 520 6575/7885

Ýstanbul's Kadir Has University art gallery is hosting a modern sculpture exhibition by Güler Güngör. Titled "Külahlý Gövdelerin Tarihi" (History of Coned Bodies), the exhibition showcases a collection that Güngör created over six years, between 1995 and 2001, using a range of materials including leaves, mirror pieces and metal, in addition to many objects we use in our daily lives. The exhibit can be seen weekdays between 9 a.m.-6 p.m. until July 30.


Chico Pinheiro Quartet at Ýstanbul Jazz Center Brazilian guitarist, composer and arranger Chico Pinheiro, one of the leading figures in modern Brazilian music, is in Ýstanbul for three live performances with his quartet at the Ýstanbul Jazz Center. The self-taught Pinheiro, accompanied by Luciana Alves on vocals, Edu Ribeiro on drums and Paulo Paulelli on bass, presented his first performance yesterday at the club. His upcoming concerts will take place tonight and tomorrow night at 9:30 p.m.


The best-selling pop album on planet Earth and a disc sent hurtling into deep space are among recordings the Library of Congress will preserve for their cultural significance. Twentyfive selections were added to the US National Recording Registry on Wednesday, part of the library's attempt to save America's aural history by archiving recordings deemed "culturally, historically or aesthetically significant." The inductees range from Michael Jackson's 1982 all-time-bestseller "Thriller" and jazz artist Herbie Hancock's 1973 fusion smash "Headhunters" to the 1977 record of Earth sounds that flew aboard the spacecraft Voyager in the event alien life forms encountered the craft. Other recordings added to the registry include works by Roy Orbison, Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, Kitty Wells and Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. A recording of the first trans-Atlantic broadcast -- an orchestral performance transmitted from London and relayed to the US East Coast in 1925 -- also was included because it represented a technological breakthrough in broadcasting. Washington AP




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FRIDAY, MAY 16, 2008


Priority: statehood

Do you thýnk the publýc ýs not aware? PHOTO




The public is perfectly aware that every political move has a relevant background. It knows which steps are taken and to what end. It boldly supports political attempts that take its requests and demands into consideration. It is frequently asserted that Turkey has recently undergone a thorough process of transformation. As part of this transformation process, the state has also changed significantly. State offices have become more accessible to ordinary citizens. It is generally observed that the people have always been ahead of the state and the political institutions and that they have strongly supported the political establishment when they have found political practices satisfactory. The people who were tired of paying the price of the unstable and partitioned political administrations of the 1990s and early 2000s made a surprising move, placing a fairly new political party in office. Turkish voters seem to hold a worldview that pays attention to the leader and his vision, rather than the party's ideological orientation. It is obvious that the rightist block is more eager to consider the qualifications of the leader and the vision of the party. The liberal and conservative parties in the rightist segment of the political landscape of Turkey lose impact when their leaders are replaced, becoming less attractive to the voters. This also applies to leftist politics, but its magnitude is nothing in comparison to rightist politics. A brief examination of the history of political parties reveals that changes in a party's structure, rather than any change in the voters, have the greatest impact on voters' preferences. The voters who observe that the party they supported has changed while in office seek new alternatives. In advanced democracies, the voters do not change their party choices for no reason. In our country, the voters have particular difficulties stemming from frequent obstacles facing political parties, including bans and closures. Surprisingly, however, the voters have always chosen the party closest to their mentality for the office.

Because of frequent political interruptions, there is currently only one party alive left from the 1950s. The other parties have been banned from politics based on judicial decisions. At this point, the role of the influential actors who assumed responsibility for protecting the regime aligned themselves with a certain political party and who -- with the exception of the last decade -- acted together with this party in protecting the regime should be noted. At a certain point the situation became quite ugly and ironic; it has now become so ironic that the people now believe "We elect, and they close down." Unfortunately, we failed to overcome this vicious cycle. The people have elected parties, and others have closed them down or banned them from politics. As I noted, in the last decade, the armed forces have responded to calls for them to assume the duty of protecting the regime by stressing that they have no intention of becoming involved in politics. In response to this principled stance, the people praised the armed forces, which have become pretty prestigious and respected in the eyes of ordinary citizens, whereas those whose demands were rejected by the army strongly criticized this new attitude, even in Parliament. Considering this new situation, the oldest party in our political system has taken up a new weapon to protect the regime: the judiciary. This party is eager to protect the regime simply because it regards itself as the regime's major sponsor.

People more aware than ever The judiciary has never been that popular or influential throughout our republican history. The people have not been aware of the members of the courts, how they are elected or even what they do, although they may have at least basic information and knowledge about certain judges in a particular case. While the Constitutional Court's controversial decision on the 367 quorum has eroded its image and prestige among the public, the judiciary is not bothered by this state of erosion. They simply hold that their views are not affected by the people's considerations and that the public's views are not that important to appointed actors like themselves. It is a reality that the Turkish people always favor victimized parties. The public holds that "these politi-

cians have been victimized simply because they responded to our requests and showed determination in meeting our demands. If they are victimized for this reason, then we should keep supporting them." This view is absolutely proper in all respects because, for the most part, the politicians who remained committed to fulfilling the public's demands have faced obstacles and barriers. Some have even been threatened and banned from politics. Currently, political entities are more transparent than they were in the past. As such, everything has become more public and visible. The diversification of information services is, of course, an important factor in this situation. Today, a political leader is praised by a certain media group while being criticized by another. In other words, the pluralist media contribute to greater transparency and ensure that we see the leaders and their strengths and weaknesses. Those who fabricate fake news reports and resort to campaigns of slander should be more careful now, because the era of monopolistic media is over for both leftist and rightist parties. The people, who have heard almost every possible kind of promise from politicians, are now more selective when making their choices. The state has suffered greatly from overprotection and nepotism. Some statesmen supposed that the state was their own. Based on this assumption, they generously distributed public resources to their relatives and close friends. Over time, this has created gangs inside the state and the so-called "deep state," which is being cited as the primary actor behind the recent problems in the country. Both the bureaucracy and politically influential actors have been behind these problems, too. The governments that took office previously failed to deal with these gangs for some reason. Consequently, these clandestine entities gained further strength, forming a very influential actor that is even able to topple governments. Currently, its secret relations, past crimes and offenses are being revealed through police operations and investigations. * Kalender Yýldýz is an editor at Kaynak publications.

In the spring of 1948, my father, George Kuttab, and his brother Qostandi fled Musrara, a Jerusalem neighborhood just outside the walled city, after their sister Hoda's husband was killed in front of her and their children. When dad used to tell us about the Nakba, the catastrophe that befell Palestinians in 1948, he never talked politics or hatred. He would laugh as he told us how his brother secured their home near the Damascus Gate. To assure his mother and brother that the house (in what is now Israeli west Jerusalem) would be safe, my uncle joked that he had double-locked the door, turning the heavy metal key twice. He took that key with him to Zarqa, Jordan, expecting to be able to use it again one day. As Palestinians look back on the 60 years since they became refugees and Israelis celebrate the 60th anniversary of their statehood, it is important to take stock of Palestinian aspirations. Our family took refuge from the Arab-Israeli war in 1948, but only my uncle had a UN-issued refugee card allowing him rations. No one in my family lived in tents or refugee camps; even if we are technically refugees, I do not pretend to understand that particular part of the refugee tragedy. I do, however, understand the aspiration of Palestinians to return to their homes. Palestinians' inalienable right to return is sacred and must be honored. How politicians implement this right is negotiable. But regardless of what terms are reached, the Palestinian public must be able to vote in a referendum on the proposed deal. The long-term desire of most Palestinians to return to their homes and lands in Jaffa and Haifa is little more than a dream today. Return is not a priority for everyday Palestinians; certainly it is not a priority for Palestinian negotiators. If forced to choose between continuing the conflict or living in an independent, democratic and free state of Palestine without the return of all refugees, Palestinians overwhelmingly would take the latter. Pre-state armed Zionist groups were responsible for creating the refugee problem. Israeli researcher Ilan Pappe details what happened in his book "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine." And since its establishment, Israel has refused to implement successive UN resolutions demanding that it permit refugees to return. In every Palestinian-Israeli peace negotiation, while Palestinians have demanded the right of refugees to return to the lands where they lived before 1948, they were always willing to make concessions on how this right would be implemented. The basic demand is not the physical return of all refugees but for Israel to take responsibility for causing this decades-long tragedy. Palestinian negotiators have said that in various rounds of talks, whether in Oslo, Stockholm, Camp David or Taba, issues such as Jerusalem and borders were the real obstacles. Jews worldwide, including modern-day Israelis, should be the first to understand Palestinians' desire to return. For 2,000 years Jews reminded each other of the prayer for Zion, repeating the hope "next year in Jerusalem." No one opposed that dream. Likewise, no one should demand Palestinians stop yearning to return. Palestinian refugees who have lived away from their homes for 60 years have established themselves elsewhere. Few have a sincere desire to live in today's Israel. Respected Palestinian pollster Khalil Shikaki found in 2003 that only 10 percent of Palestinian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza Strip were willing to move to the areas that today constitute Israel. What Palestinians want is for Israel to admit its historic and moral role in creating the refugee problem and its moral responsibility to them. Such an admission by a courageous Israeli leader would satisfy, and neutralize, many Palestinians who hold their keys and demand the literal right of return. As part of a bilateral agreement, surely Israel would allow divided Palestinian families to reunite with relatives who stayed in what became Israel after 1948. These or similar suggestions cannot be implemented alone. They must be part of a comprehensive agreement that includes real Israeli withdrawal and the creation of a sovereign, viable Palestinian state with territorial contiguity within the 1967 borders. My father, aunt and uncle all passed away never having had the opportunity to return to their homes in Musrara. Yet their absence has not diluted the yearning of Palestinians for an independent homeland in Palestine. That yearning lives on in my children and their grandchildren and in our people around the world. *Daoud Kuttab is a Palestinian columnist and founder of the Arab world's first Internet radio station, AmmanNet. He is teaching a course on new media in the Arab world at Princeton University. © LA Times-Washington Post

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F R I D AY, M AY 1 6 , 2 0 0 8

‘Pub pressure’ The phrase in the title doesn't belong to me; it belongs to Mehmet Barlas. He said: "For those who claim that there is neighborhood pressure against the secular lifestyle, confronting this 'pressure' with 'pub pressure' is not a rational path to take. Secularism is an instrument of freedom, not one of alcoholism." The reason he had to write this is another columnist. Purportedly, a fish restaurant overlooking the Bosporus from the Anatolian side was being closed down, and it had not been granted a liquor license. When the Sabah editorial writer heard about this news story, he asked the mayor of the Beykoz district how many liquor licenses he had granted since he took office. The mayor reportedly said the number of restaurants selling alcoholic beverages did not decrease during his term, but, on the contrary, 25 new restaurants were given licenses. Barlas points out, "Anyone can drink an alcoholic beverage in Ýstanbul or Turkey if they want." This being the case, what are all these news pieces on alcohol about? Even before the ink of this article dried, the Hürriyet daily appeared on newsstands with a huge font announcing "A glass of raký forbidden now." According to the story, restaurants were no longer allowed to sell two shots of raký. However, the president of the Higher Board of Alcoholic Beverages immediately provided an explanation of the situation. According to the president, the article in question referred to a law that was only binding on grocery stores and kiosks that have no liquor license but that are allowed to sell alcoholic drinks. Such places will no longer be able to sell a glass of any alcoholic drink but will still be allowed to sell sealed bottles. This is the situation; but


this being so, the "ban on alcohol" has sparked another "regime crisis." Yesterday's Sabah daily used the headline "Glass lie," while Taraf wrote "Tonight in the pub, my drink in a glass." Well, coincidentally, Zaman's headline yesterday was also about alcohol. According to the report sent from Berlin by our correspondent in Germany, Süleyman Bað, the German government is waging a war on alcohol, and this war is being led by Chancellor Angela Merkel. A person familiar with the debates surrounding the issue of alcohol in Turkey might ask "How come? The German prime minister is waging a war on alcohol, and secularism is not hurt by this?" Fortunately, Germany doesn't have a leftist party whose understanding is utterly shallow like the one we have. If it did, it could take the issue to the supreme judiciary, saying that Merkel is harboring "enmity for alcohol" on the grounds that she is a religious person and even the daughter of a priest. What is the target of the German war on alcohol? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 600,000 people in Europe succumb to alcohol-related diseases each year. Also, the


2008 Report on Drugs and Addiction revealed that 9.5 million people in Germany consume as much alcohol as to "cause fatal health risks." The report noted that 1.3 million people's drinking habits border on alcoholism. The age at which people begin drinking in EU countries has dropped to 14. A Eurobarometer study found that this age is 12 in Italy and Ireland, 14 in the UK, 15 in Germany and 17 in Greece. That's why the bells of danger are ringing in Europe. They are afraid and alarmed. Maybe you won't believe me but the situation in Turkey is even graver. According to the Harmful Habits Report prepared by Yeþilay (the Green Crescent) in 2006, the age at which people start drinking in this beautiful country has dropped to 11. The one-liter alcohol consumption per person of the 1930s has shot up to 20 liters today. According to another report issued by the Tobacco, Tobacco Products and Alcoholic Drinks Market Regulatory Board (TAPDK), an annual amount of 46.5 million liters of raký, 22.8 million liters of wine, 6 million liters of vodka and 40.9 million liters of beer are consumed in this country. While the numbers are clear, I'm at a loss to understand why some are bellowing in a very defiant tone, "You are killing our drinking joy!" (This seems like just the right point to state that I have seen for myself that beer company commercials are run in the cinema even before children's movies.) Restaurants selling alcohol, discotheques, bars, pubs, alehouses -- despite the fact there are so many of them, news articles on the "alcohol ban" never cease to ap-

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pear in newspapers. Official numbers clearly refute these myths fabricated about alcohol. According to a report by the Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB), there are 128 facilities in Turkey that produce alcoholic beverages. Who do the 5,527 employees of these facilities produce these beverages for? Barlas is right -- those who terrorize people on the grounds of "neighborhood pressure" are putting "pub pressure" on them. Let me say something that is much worse but is never voiced, which cannot be voiced: In so many state institutions: The professional careers of people who don't drink alcohol are under imminent threat. In institutions that exist through taxes imposed on the people, those who don't want to drink alcohol are branded and prevented from getting promotions with no regard for their vocational competence. Is this a secular understanding? The imposition of "you are secular if you drink alcohol" is so blatantly perpetuated that a very famous former minister is known to have said: "I am very knowledgeable about wines; I just don't know how they taste." Well, would you laugh or cry at this one? Those who fail to define the fascist practices of our absurd secular understanding as "pressure" should come up with a new label for the politicians who have waged a war on alcohol in Europe. To put it briefly, people in this country exercise their right to decide whether they want to drink or not, and they will continue exercising that right. Whoever creates a regime or faith crisis out of this is placing dynamite at the foundations of this country and uprooting democracy.


Ergenekon and the 68’ers

AK Party’s strategy

Forty years on and the '68 generation has almost been turned into a legend. There is nothing odd about that. Leftist student leaders of incidents sparked in 1968 and those influenced and protected by them occupy important positions in a major part of the Turkish media and business world today. All nostalgia aside, holding confession sessions decades later to lament a young generation slowly massacred by being used as an instrument for junta wars within the military neither acquits nor gives comfort to any of the guilty consciences. The '68 generation of Europe and that of Turkey are generations of two different worlds. Europe has always managed to skillfully put forward youthful innocence and courage before exploitation in order to comfort itself every now and then, blowing a cool breeze into guilty consciences for momentary relief instead of making the confession "we, too, have a conscience, but our souls have been defiled." It's like a flare set off for a momentous revelation of truth, but then burning out and burying everything in darkness again. It is, on the other hand, necessary to assess our '68 generation in two different classes: The small minority which currently works for Ergenekon and which has always remained the directors and managers, and the idealistic, pure and innocent -- but naïve -- Anatolian kids who failed to recognize the real face of these impostors owing to their youthful excitement. Yes, Ergenekon has existed ever since. It existed on Sept. 6-7, 1955, too. It existed when the lives and properties of Christians and Jews in Ýstanbul came under a sudden and deadly threat because a young man had placed a bomb in a house in Thessalonika in which Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic, had been born. Later in life, that young man was made a governor in a way that encouraged his peers, and such appointments have always kept Ergenekon in a fresh and strong state. The "Ergenekonist" sons of the '68 generation have always been rewarded. Is appointing a man who came from the United States, where he had escaped years earlier as the leader of the communist and socialist Dev-Genç organization (the Revolutionist Youth), a minister not something that calls for a thorough explanation? Being allowed to occupy important posts in local government, public institutions, media and the political sphere is always a peculiarly Ergenekonist "coincidence." How did the late former Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit feel after discovering people who had been receiving their salaries from the CIA and that he couldn't go after them? If the state's archives were opened today, a great number of self-declared heroes with loud voices both on the right and the left would be buried in utter silence. Just as Umur Talu emphasized in his article three days ago, opening the archives would end a historical nightmare and allow for a real history of this country to be written. During the two years preceding the intervention of March 12, 1971, over 5,000 youths were killed. Over 25,000 youths were killed during the three years before the intervention of Sept. 12, 1980. Most of them were university students. Turkey lost a great deal of "blood," energy, excitement and, most importantly, its invaluable years -- which are impossible to bring back. Prime ministers, ministers, journalists, writers, academics and union leaders from both wings were assassinated by unknown murderers. Two important examples of those assassinations are those of Prime Minister Nihat Erim and Customs and TEKEL Minister Gün Sazak. Following the Armenian terrorist organization the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA), the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) came into play. And that is how we sustained another 30,000 losses, if not more. Please pay attention to the numbers; these losses of life are not a result of war; they are all our own children and youths, our people. These are the generations victimized as part of the "sublime" projects of social engineers with connections to clandestine forces abroad -- bloody projects devised by people who have no humanity, compassion, heart or conscience: creating legends out of murders and attempting to build a new country based on a bloody screenplay. Turkey should now be proud of its new and brilliant generations and not of the '68ers who were deceived and manipulated and whose purest feelings were brutally abused and turned into treason. Now that we are at a historic juncture, now that this nation has woken up and now that its level of awareness is rising, we should not desist from our demand for upholding the principle of the supremacy of law. We should encourage and support the broadening of freedoms, holding everyone accountable for their actions and sticking to reforms and the path of democracy. We should put an end to the era of darkness we are now in. This process is drifting away with the current wind, which will distinguish genuine republicans from so-called ones and so-called democrats from genuine ones. Supporters of coups as well as those waiting in the "to be appointed in extraordinary times" lounge, with a big blue bead in their pockets, will all be exposed during this process. The darker the darkness gets, the closer the dawn is…

The attitudes of conservative political parties toward the state have always been consistent. Unlike the political movements of the left wing, conservatives have always perceived the state as a potential protector and ally. This perception has not changed, even in the times when the state exerted open violence and repression on conservatives. For them, the state was like a "father" who currently failed to understand them but is expected find the straight path and afford its protection to conservatives. Therefore these "kids" have tried to develop their personalities while making their best efforts not to show any disrespect toward the father. Some time ago, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoðan said, commenting about the position his party would take in the face of bureaucratic pressures, "We will walk with out heads high, but we will not get stubborn," which proved that the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), too, was following the same tradition. This means bargaining with the state when it is strong and giving the state a chance for compromise when it is weak. This "compromise" implies that the state should be tolerant about coexistence. Yet at the same time and on a deeper level, it hints at the ancient expectation that the state will act with common sense. This is because in the conservative perception, the reason for the state's repressive behaviors is not essential or systematic, has nothing to do with principles, but is incidental. In other words, there is a temporary breakdown since the state has come into possession of the people, who do not have proper common sense, i.e., who do not know the society sufficiently well. When these people are replaced, the state will come back to its proper course of action. This perspective has two important extensions. First, conservatives believe that the state's ideological discrimination toward them will eventually change and the state will be in harmony with society. Second, as what makes the state bad or good is the people within it, it is considerably functional to assign their supporters to the bureaucratic positions and establish good relations with the existing bureaucrats. This process will make the state bureaucracy that does not recognize conservatives more "human," they believe. Thus, the attitude of the conservative party tradition toward the state can be summarized as "giving a chance to the state." When you are strong, you can take this chance to a further stage, trying to create a harmonic state by changing the state cadre. But when you are weak, you have to retreat, refrain from being contentious and seek refuge in the vast wisdom of the state. Today, the AK Party zigzags between these two positions in an effort to create a political space for movement and be ready for future conjunctures. With respect to May Day, it tends to see it as a confrontation between the streets and the state, adopting an extremely pro-state position. On the other hand, it exerts great efforts to maintain the Ergenekon probe as a threat or potential weapon. With respect to the closure case, it both rejects the case in political terms and gives the judiciary the chance for assuming the "fair" state role. Many commentators stated that this strategy shows the party's confidence in itself and in society. Some argued that when time is given in the face of tensions, the final say will be that of the society, which will eventually take Erdoðan, who is relative young, to top anew. However the AK Party's behavior is not only tactical, but also strategic. In other words, the party acts this way more because it is seen as the "proper" thing to do than because the party is obliged to act this way. For the same reason, it is very doubtful that Erdoðan, "who gives the state a chance," will remain the same Erdoðan. In the past, almost all tensions between conservative parties and the state ended up with politics becoming more and more "domestic" and surrendering to the state. Today, Erdoðan has only one more weapon in his arsenal: relations with the EU. Whether he will maintain his capacity for representation and change at the end of this process will depend on whether the EU's stance will keep its weight in the political agenda of Turkey. But this point will be the main target of the bargain with the state. And Erdoðan's wish to guarantee his own future free of risk may lead to the burial of another gifted politician in the cemetery of conservative politicians.

Redressýng regýonal ýmbalances NICOLE POPE

A document recently published by the Turkish Confederation of Young Businessmen (TÜGÝK) on economic development in the east and southeast of Turkey offers a timely reminder that redressing regional income disparities remains one of Turkey's biggest development challenges. Timely, because the Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP), often promoted as the all-encompassing answer to social and political problems in the Southeast, is again on the political agenda. In March, when the prime minister unveiled his plans for the Southeast, completing GAP was a priority and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently approved freeing the necessary funds. The TÜGÝK document, however, shows that GAP is only a small part of the solution and does not benefit the 21 provinces in the region equally. Unfortunately, when investment in GAP is mentioned in Turkey, public opinion in the west of the country often imagines that billions of dollars are pouring into the pockets of the Kurdish population. Kurds demanding cultural rights are then perceived as ungrateful recipients of Ankara's bountiful assistance. Nothing could be further from the truth. As the TÜGÝK report makes clear, the energy dimension of GAP was given priority and although the region now produces over 40 percent of Turkey's power, factories in the industrial zone in Diyarbakýr are still frequently without electricity due to insufficient infrastructure. While Urfa, which houses the regional center for GAP, has benefited from irrigation from the Atatürk dam, in


Diyarbakýr less than 4 percent of irrigation plans -- crucial to develop agriculture and related industries, such as the dairy sector -- have been completed, according to the Diyarbakýr Chamber of Commerce and Industry. While beneficial social policies, such as the provision of green cards to provide access to health services to the region's poorest, have been beneficial, overall the region remains largely underfinanced. On all fronts, from the number of pupils per class in schools to the ratio of doctors and dentists, the 21 provinces consistently fare worse than the rest of the country. Crucially, the income gap is also widening and the government's incentive policies, which place provinces like Düzce on the same footing as those of the Southeast, have failed to attract capital. As a result, the 21 provinces together only attract as much investment as Bursa alone. Another important aspect highlighted in the report is the rapidly growing level of urbanization in the region, now close to 60 percent. Throughout Turkey, job creation is falling behind rural migration. In the Southeast, displacement, due to clashes in the 1990s, was rapid and often traumatic. Unemployment is much higher in the region, which has a largely unskilled population, than the 11.6 percent national average. TÜGÝK advocates new social policies and sector-based incentives to develop economic areas. But without a political dimension and more cooperation between Ankara, local authorities and NGOs, economic measures can only have a limited impact. Foreign exports from the region have already reached $4 billion a year. They could increase further if Ankara succeeds in developing relations with the Iraqi Kurds, while a more flexible approach to the Armenian issue could attract tourists from the Armenian diaspora. The government has voiced support for a comprehensive approach to the Kurdish question. This report shows it is much needed to achieve a better regional balance on the way to EU membership, and to give the region's population an equal stake in Turkey's development.




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FRIDAY, MAY 16, 2008


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Gregorian Calendar: 16 May 2008 C.E. Hijri Calendar: 11 Jumada al-Awwal 1429 A.H. Hebrew Calendar: 11 Iyyar 5768 anniversary of the Battle of Albuera (1811), fought between a mixed British, Spanish and Portuguese corps and the French Army of the South. The day is set to commemorate the valiant efforts of the Middlesex Regiment (the "die-hards") in that battle. Today is the first day of the Sanja Matsuri Festival in Japan. Sanja Matsuri is held on the third weekend in May at Asakusa Shrine and is one of Tokyo's biggest festivals. It first became popular during the Edo period (1603-1868) and today it draws more than 1.5 million people. During the festival, local residents transport approximately 100 mikoshi (portable shrines) through the crowded streets of Asakusa. It is believed that local deities leave their shrines once a year to be paraded in mikoshi during festivals to bless the parishioners for the coming year. Another highlight of Sanja Matsuri is the performance of an

Today is Biographers Day. On this day, James Boswell and Samuel Johnson met in London, England, beginning history's most famous biographer-biographee relationship. Boswell's "Life of Samuel Johnson" (1791) is regarded as a model of biographical writing. Today is Teachers' Day in Malaysia. This date was chosen because in May 1956, the Federal Legislative Council of Malay states had received several suggestions from the Education Committee regarding Teachers' Day as the base of education in Malaysia. The document, known as the Razak Report, has been the foundation of education in Malaysia ever since. Although it is not an official school holiday, celebrations are usually held on May 16, or earlier, if it falls on a Saturday or Sunday. Today is Middlesex Day in England. May 16 is the

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Hallmark 07:30 A Child's Cry for Help 09:15 McLeod's Daughters 10:00 Recipe for Revenge 11:45 In a Class of His Own 13:30 A Child's Cry for Help 15:15 McLeod's Daughters 16:15 Recipe for Revenge 18:00 In a Class of His Own 19:45 High Sierra Search and Rescue 21:00 Inspector Morse 23:00 Acceptable Risk 00:45 Trouble in Paradise 02:30 Acceptable Risk

This season’s "American Idol" finalists David Cook (L) and David Archuleta in a combination photo from March 2008. year the show routinely topped 30 million viewers. But by some measures it could claim to be more popular than politics. During last year's season finale 74 million votes were cast -- 12 million more than the 62 million votes cast for President George W. Bush when he was re-elected in 2004. Unlike in presidential elections, fans of American Idol are allowed to vote multiple times, and some do dozens of times. "American Idol" pits singers against one another in

a months-long competition that awards a recording contract to the winner. Past winners such as Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood have gone on to music stardom. Several of the show's losers have gone on to stardom too. Rocker Chris Daughtry finished fourth in 2006 but has scored major chart success since. And Jennifer Hudson, who finished seventh in 2004, went on to win an Oscar for her performance in the musical movie "Dreamgirls." New York Reuters

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HOW TO PLAY? : The objective of the game is to fill all the blank squares in a game with the correct numbers. There are three very simple constraints to follow. In a 9 by 9 square Sudoku game: Every row of 9 numbers must include all digits 1 through 9 in any order Every column of 9 numbers must include all digits 1 through 9 in any order Every 3 by 3 subsection of the 9 by 9 square must include all digits 1 through 9


1 Proclaimed to screw up, as God (5) 4 Bound to go topless gatecrashing provocative though genteel gathering (3,5) 8 Items for sale are higgledy-piggledy (3,4,3,4) 10 Tail of animal on farm extending quite a distance (4-5) 11 Trouble follows manipulation of image in gallery (5) 12 About to get couple in fix (6) 14 Bailiff offering gratuity to workers (8) 17 Face having to cut payment, making living (8) 18 God slowing down, hampered by weight (6) 20 From concealed position, shoot


5 24




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Comedymax 08:00 Cavemen 08:30 What I Like About You 09:00 For Your Love 09:30 Out of Practice 10:00 Two Guys and A Girl 10:30 Everybody Loves Raymond 11:00 Ugly Betty 12:00 America's Funniest Home Videos 12:30 Reba 13:00 Still Standing 13:30 American Dad 14:00 Cavemen 14:30 What I Like About You 15:00 For Your Love 15:30 Out of Practice 16:00 Two Guys and A Girl 16:30 Everybody Loves Raymond 17:00 Ugly Betty 18:00 America's Funniest Home Videos 18:30 Reba 19:00 Still Standing 19:30 American Dad 20:00 Cavemen 20:30 What I Like About You 21:00 Two Guys and A Girl 21:30 Everybody Loves Raymond 22:00 Ugly Betty 23:00 Entourage 23:30 American Dad 00:00 Cavemen

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07:30 Best in Show 09:00 Hotel Paradiso 10:40 Oh, God! 12:20 SubUrbia 14:20 Road to Perdition 16:15 The Hudsucker Proxy 18:05 The Border 20:00 She's the One 21:40 X-Men 23:30 Dogfight 01:05 Halloween H20: 20 Years Later 02:30 Neil Young: Heart of Gold 04:15 The Hudsucker Proxy

08:20 The Dying Gaul 10:00 The Extra 11:40 Emotional Arithmetic 13:30 Rumor Has It... 15:10 Charlotte's Web 16:50 Rusty: A Dog's Tale 18:35 Macbeth 20:30 North Country 22:50 Noise 00:30 The Eye: Infinity 02:05 Adam and Eve

Mr. DýploMAT!




A baby-faced high school student likened to an old-fashioned crooner and a scruffy bartender who sings alternative rock music will compete in next week's season finale of US television's "American Idol." Guitar-playing rocker David Cook, 25, and 17-year-old piano balladeer David Archuleta beat out the final female contestant, Syesha Mercado, 21, after voting was revealed on Wednesday's broadcast of the most popular US television show. "After 56 million votes, America has decided that the two people going head-to-head in our finale next week are David Archuleta and ... David Cook," the show's host Ryan Seacrest said during the live broadcast, sending Mercado home. On Tuesday, each contestant had to perform three songs -- one picked by a judge, one chosen by the performer and one selected by the show's producers. Throughout the seventh season, the two Davids have been favorites among the show's judges and pundits, while Mercado came close to elimination on several occasions. More than once, judges suggested she was more likely to make it big singing on Broadway than as a pop star. Still, her performances impressed them increasingly in recent weeks until Tuesday, when they said she struggled. Her rendition of Peggy Lee's "Fever" on Tuesday was drubbed by no nonsense "Idol" judge Simon Cowell as "a lame cabaret performance." But as she was voted off the hit show on Wednesday Mercado remained gracious, saying to her fans, "I just want to say thank you" before singing on "Idol" for the last time -performing the Alicia Keys hit "If I Ain't Got You." This year has seen the second straight season of declining ratings for the show, which airs on News Corp.'s Fox network. Last week 21.8 million people watched Tuesday's episode, the lowest Tuesday audience in over five years, and 22.9 million people tuned in for Wednesday's vote, the worst Wednesday audience in three years, data from Nielsen Media Research showed. Last

19:30 21:00 22:00 Fri/Sat: 24:15


Cnbc-e 18:10 My Name is Earl 18:50 Smallville 20:00 24 22:00 Ghost Whisperer 23:00 Masters of Horror 24:00 Family Guy 00:30 Cold Case 01:15 CSI: NY 02:00 24 04:00 Ghost Whisperer 05:00 Masters of Horror

Two Davýds to do battle on ‘Amerýcan Idol’ fýnale



08:00 Rachael Ray Show 10:00 The Martha Stewart Show 11:00 The Martha Stewart Show 12:00 Ellen DeGeneres Show 13:00 Two and a Half Men 13:30 Rachael Ray Show 14:30 The Martha Stewart Show 15:30 How I Met Your Mother 16:00 My Name is Earl 16:30 Ellen DeGeneres Show 17:30 The King of Queens 18:00 The Martha Stewart Show 19:00 Cheers 20:00 Comedy Night / Dennis Miller 21:00 Cold Case 22:15 Til Death Do Us Part 23:00 Late Night with Conan O'Brien 24:00 Nip/Tuck 01:00 South Park 02:00 Cold Case 03:00 The Tudors 04:00 Two and a Half Men 04:30 The King of Queens

ancient dance called binzasara-no-mai. Today is the Flower Festival of Hatay, Ýzmir. The month of May is the season for flower festivals all over Turkey; the Antalya Flower Festival will take place tomorrow and others will follow. Today is the anniversary of Galatasaray soccer team's taking home the UEFA Cup in 2000. Galatasaray played against Arsenal in the finals and won with a score of 4-1. Today is the birthday of the Academy Awards, commonly known as the Oscars. The first award was given on this day in 1929 for films shown in 1927 and 1928. "Wings," a World War I adventure about two US aviators in love with the same hometown girl, won the first Academy Award for "the most outstanding motion picture production, considering all elements that contribute to a picture's greatness." By Kerim Balcý




22 24 25 26

bird (5) Dairy product skimmed quickly, as if by magic (3,6) Military action carrying US general’s seal of approval (10,4) Confident and loud, though unaware of it? (8) Pronounced perpendicular cut (5)

Down 1 US mobile home owners scent arrest moving home, initially (7,5) 2 Look in shade for hunting hook (5) 3 Bitten by swine? Vermin? Dogs? Don’t worry (5,4) 4 Seat of power from which one’s unseated, say (6)

5 Powerful name turns up to support central Irish town one abandoned (8) 6 Ancient author writing up main work (5) 7 Was severely critical, though carried role (4,5) 9 Elderly man’s retaining of discovery — for himself, rudely? (6-6) 13 Spray which with nitrogen replacing phosphorus could make insect die (9) 15 Shocks draining energy from certain forces (9) 16 Basic English opening up (3-5) 19 Skirt next to go (6) 21 George’s daughter takes in the sky (5) 23 Take seconds to clean off (5)


Ambulance: 112 Fire: 110 171 Police: 155 156 Maritime: 158 Unknown numbers: 118 Turkish Airlines: 444 0 849, U.S. Embassy: 0312 455 5555 U.S. Consulate: 0212 2513602-3-4 Russian Embassy: 0312 439 2122 Russian Consulate: 0212 244 1693-2610 British Embassy: 0312 455 3344 British Consulate: 0212 293 7540 German Embassy. 0312 455 5100 German Consulate: 0212 334 61 00 French Embassy: 0312 455 4545 French Consulate: 0212 292 4810-11 Indian Embassy: 0312 438 2195 Pakistani Embassy: 0312 427 1410 Austrian Embassy: 0312 419 0431-33 Austrian Consulate: 0212 262 9315 Belgian Embassy: 0312 446 8247 Belgian Consulate: 0212 243 3300 Egyptian Embassy: 0312 426 1026 Egyptian Consulate: 0212 263 6038 Israeli Embassy: 0312 446 3605


00:00 Identification and Programming 00:25 Music 07:25 Identification and Programming 07:30 Music 08:30 News (English, French, German) 08:40 Live Broadcast (English, German, Russian) 10:30 News (English, French, German, Greek, Russian) 10:45 Live Broadcast (English, German, Russian) 12:30 News (English, French, German, Greek, Russian) 12.45 Live Broadcast (English, German, Russian) 15:00 News (English, French, German, Greek, Russian) 15:15 Live Broadcast (English, German, Russian) 18:30 News (English, French, German, Greek, Russian) 18:45 Live Broadcast (English, French) 21:30 News (English, French, German, Greek, Russian) 21:45 Live Broadcast (English, Greek) 23:58 Identification

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"ยย€ +"} "ย ,"Y

~Y"+ Z", +Z"Y +}"}~

,K"+ย Z" +ย" +Y"~

,,"}} Z"Y }Z"+~ }Z"K

+ZK"ยZ Z"K }K"Y }}"

+Zย€"}~ Z"} }Y" }ย"}

+Z,"ยย€ Z"} }~"~ }ย€"K

=    $   ยก J                   !     $     

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#"   #          $              #             %      

    ,      #ยก J  #     $  45            , "!             3,/  #             ,  

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  #" , -    .     &)*  # @ H @J#  

        >  #  ยข #"   D %          0%85   


<       = #  

       %      $,E  #!

      , -!%$  !  E  =  -

   (-+ C   =! ยก J     !

          #              $ 35  8#000 $   , = #                  $ , "'         8#000  6  8#000 ),       !  32  8#000#          8#000 ),                 #"  ,              %        $      %        %%       #            3/  8#000$    ! 3007#   >  @  C  E(>@'CE+, -       =  :    (=:+ $ #      %                    /3     #       #  %        $     %

 $          ,  B             %   #  #   $ 

# %

$ $  $, "          #          !  84    #$ ! 44    =:    

D     ,"

 $$ 3050," C   0%85    ! 

37   ยฃ 85%75     75,5     75       4    ,!   %  32,;#@J , &         $    3050#       !         #            0%85,>  

                  #           $

#@J  , "' $   3045  .           D #        $ $  !   

        #"   ,"= #%             $  % #"   , '      .         $     $     $

     $  , "-     $   $%   $ #"  ,

#  + +9! 9  Y3 3 +&    !E&                      %       %     "%    }~"~%  }ZY  %ย€%  }ZZ}" ย€Z *      %~"ย€

     }ZZ} }ย€"K+}ZY"   ?+ย      * ย€Y ++Y %   * "!9&9![  * ~YยYY}ย€* "   }Y"      "J   +"}}Z+Z+ZZZ}Z}Z +ZZZ}ZYZ +ZZZ}Zย€Z":          %K"Y ย€ %  +Z"@*   Z %}

 %")   }ZY +Z, %  "         *       *       "


, $% "! ) +&" .          # &  #= &$ 

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   %   ,) ) C F # #            ! 9 B!,&!   $!    #F 

    ! 9 B!   !    ! >,"   ! $  38  ,  !   # %%   D  %%     , 

  !ย"F  !,& 

  ! %              >   $   #  ยž "@ $B         ,     $ ,"F             $ 9 B!, &$# 

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  !  C=#F                           C=#    $ C=%$ % ,"&

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  #"  , !     C=    

$ !   %               %       !, "@$  !     %   #   ย›   ยœ         $    #"  F ,

  '#  . .+  - + +% & +. 3


, $% "! ) +&" .                   ,      $

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  800    . %   , =             # !      $      3050  K0%K5  ,"         ,        ,"

7!+ & 3 3  @& 3 # K 9## 

C         $  %               $%    , !  ;4K      !,   %  #           K0#552    #  K5#558   - 3002,'         $        . 800#000 $   #   $   K0#2;4  3004  K5#558      D   3002,       40#/44     3007,. %    $               $       $   %   !     , A           %

  $   .      , A           CC (C *+ 9 . 9       %  ,                          $ % D     $            ,>    #%      $          $    

   #   $     $#  %  $        $        $    , &       

  %         $$      #   ,    # #   $   $      ,         9 .  9  3005#          


 .     # $., -   A      #    


    !,   $   

            /3#000, $ !%!   % %          83#000  ;K#477     . ,E %     %    

  $   #   1 $# -!  1 , '              $         #  A      82  $   ,



35,9$7(&,7< *8,'(


0532 281 80 41




Page 1


F R I D AY, M AY 1 6 , 2 0 0 8



“A frequently moved tree will not bear any fruit.” An Italian proverb

elementary OSMAN TURHAN


Emily Dickinson


Emily Dickinson was a very famous American poet. She wrote about 2,000 poems, but only four were published in her lifetime. No one wanted to publish her work because it was different from what other poems wrote. After Dickinson died, her poems were finally published. Then she became famous. Some things about Emily Dickinson's life are strange and mysterious. She was born in 1830 in Amherst, Massachusetts, to a rich and well-known family. She had a brother and a sister. Emily was shy and quiet, but she had friends. She went to parties like other young girls her age and met young men. But she did not fall in love with any of them and never got married. After a while, Emily Dickinson did not want to see her friends. She stayed home. She read, worked in the garden, and wrote poetry. Dickinson wrote her poems everywhere. She wrote them on pieces of newspaper or anything that was near. Later, she wrote them out carefully. When she was 28, something happened. Dickinson was very upset. No one knows why. Some people say she was unhappy because nobody wanted to publish her poetry. She continued to write anyway. As she got older, Dickinson wanted to be alone more often. When someone came to her house, she ran upstairs to hide. For the 16 years of her life, she never left her house. She dressed only in white. The curtains were always closed. One day Dickinson became ill, but she did not let the doctor in her room. He could only see her from the doorway. Dickinson died at the age of 55. Her sister found her poems, and they were finally published. Sadly, Emily Dickinson did not live enough to enjoy her great success.

Activity: Person-Place Match

PART 1: Vocabulary in Context

Match each person with the place where he/she works. Use each item once only.

Choose and write the correct words into the blanks. hide mysterious garden upset ill 1. Emily Dickinson was ______________, so the doctor came. 2. Dickinson liked to go in her ___________. She like flowers and plants outside of her house. 3. It is ______________; we do not know the reason why Dickinson wore only white. 4. Dickinson was sad and angry she was ______________. 5. Dickinson wanted to _____________ from visitors. She didn't want them to see or find her.

1. Artist__

a. Bakery

2. Astronomer__

b. Circus

3. Baker__

c. Embassy

4. Clown__

d. Studio

5. Mechanic__

e. Flower Shop

6. Diplomat__

f. Racecourse

PART 2: True (T) or False (F)

7. Florist__

g. Garage

8. Jockey__

h. Library

9. Librarian__

i. Observatory

10. Waiter/Waitress __

j. Restaurant

1. Dickinson had no friends when she was young. _____ 2. Dickinson never married. _____ 3. Dickinson wrote more than 3,000 poems. _____ 4. Dickinson came from a respectable family. _____ 5. Dickinson's sister found the poems. _____

advanced READING

How safe is the water? It's 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Sunny without a cloud in the sky. If you are a teenager on summer vacation, on holiday, or have a day off from work, where do you want to go? To the beach, of course. Beaches are where everything happens. Swimming. Body surfing. Sunbathing. Snorkeling. Beaches are superior places for excitement and relaxation, but beachgoers must be prudent. If not, a visit just might prove to be fatal. Last year, Americans took almost 55 million trips to the beach. In the same year Australians took nearly 17 million visits to the beach. For a majority of the time, beach stops are gratifying for all involved. However, the horror stories continue to pop up- last week an athlete was killed by a shark in San Diego County, California. A sixyear-old boy was killed recently by a jellyfish off the coast of Australia. While these things do happen, they don't occur as often as people think. The biggest fear for beachgoers is sharks. Last year, there were 117 recorded incidents of sharks biting humans according to the International Shark Attack File. Only one of these resulted in death. New

Smyrna Beach in Florida was home to the most attacks -- 17. Most of these attacks, however, were by sharks smaller than six feet in length, and the sharks were probably reacting to movement instead of trying to bite. Once bitten, a person should never struggle. The shark will probably leave to search for better prey. One beach animal that can cause death is Northern Australia's chironex fleckeri, or box jellyfish. In the last 100 years, over 60 deaths can be attributed to this jellyfish. Its venom is very potent, and can cause death 5 minutes after stinging its victim. Another threat which is frequently overlooked is lightning. When a human is near the water during a storm, he is the highest point on the beach, and more apt to be struck by lightning. Some beaches in Florida close for days because of this threat. Beachgoers can enjoy a safe day on the beach if they are cautious. Keep an eye open for sharks, jellyfish and storms. Be careful of powerful rip currents which can sweep you away from the beach. Bring plenty of sunscreen. Sunburn can result in melanoma later in life.

ýntermedýate READING

Supplements such as Thiamine, Vitamin E and Niacin affect the brain in a positive manner. - Improve your observational talents. A person forgets because he isn't paying attention when someone tells him her name. - Practice forming memories. Focus on what you want to remember for as long as a minute to embed it in your brain. - Create vivid images. Make these images as shocking and memorable as possible. - Repeat items that you need to learn. Repeat a person's name or a date over and over. Write it over and over if necessary. - Organize your life. Put things such as keys and wallet in the same place all the time. Use a daily planner to keep track of appointments. - Try meditation. It has been proven that people who regularly meditate have better memories. - Get a good night's sleep. It may improve both your short-term and long-term memory.

Improve your memory Are you always forgetting thingsyour keys, your briefcase or your bottle of water? Do you have trouble remembering birthdays and anniversaries? Wouldn't it be great if you could just glance at a page in a book, and remember everything on it? Not everyone has a photographic memory, so people must live with what they have. If you aren't happy with it, there are certain ways to improve your memory. - Convince yourself that your memory is sound. Erase the thoughts that your memory is bad. Be committed and you may soon bask in your progress. - Exercise regularly. Exercise can ward off the memory loss that comes with aging. Exercise also helps you to relax and stay alert which improves your mental faculties. - Keep your brain active. Do difficult puzzles. Learn something new such as a language or how to play a

musical instrument. - Reduce your stress. Stress affects your memory. Relaxation, yoga and exercise can relieve chronic stress. - Eat correctly. Foods containing antitoxins (broccoli, spinach, berries etc) promote brain functioning.

PART 1: Find the synonyms 1. to glance at

a. to stare at

b. to want badly

c. to look at quickly

2. to convince

a. to assure

b. to talk into

c. to talk out of

d. to point at

3. to bask in

a. to fail at

b. to sink in

c. to revel in

d. to laugh at

4. to ward off

a. to kill

b. to shorten

c. to make ill

d. to block

5. faculty

a. picture

b. injury

c. capability

d. insanity

6. chronic

a. once in a while

b. constant

c. yearly

d. painful

7. to promote

a. to decrease

b. to lengthen

c. to advertise

d. to improve

8. to embed

a. to sleep

b. to show

c. to implant deeply

d. to dig

9. vivid

a. dull

b. unclear

c. clear

d. colorful

10. to keep track of

a. to maintain

b. to find

c. to lose

d. to hunt for

d. to chat for a long time

VOCABULARY Slang, idioms, phrasal verbs and specialized vocabulary POP QUIZ Part 1 Fill in the correct slang, idiom or phrasal verb. 1. If she doesn’t stop talking, I will go ___________. 2. Did you see any________? I heard there were a lot of people at the protest. 3. He’s not very smart. He’s an ___________. 4. I _______ of the hotel early and managed to get the early bus to the airport. 5. He got the job in Sales it was a lucky ___________. 6. I wanted to go bungee jumping, in the end I ___________. 7. I have been really lazy about studying for my exam I really need to ___________ it before tomorrow. 8. I had a really good day in the spring sales yesterday while shopping everything was ___________ . 9. The company manager was so angry when the deal ___________ . 10. I was so tired driving to Ankara I had to ___________for a sleep. Part 2 Fill in the correct slang, idiom or phrasal verb 1. The striker hit his head on ______during the last five minutes of the game. 2. My best friend has opened a delightful ___________ near the beach in Side. 3. My grandmother spends her time sewing ___________ it is beautiful. 4. The holiday company designed a new ______ hoping it would improve sales. 5. Our hotel room had a really large ___________ with a wonderful view.

Idiom of the Day Keep one's chin up MEANING: remain brave and confident in a difficult situation; don't despair or worry too much. EXAMPLE: I know that things have been difficult for you recently, but keep your chin up. Everything will be better soon.

PART 1: Fill in the blanks with the correct letters. 1. prudent

a. adventurous

b. lazy

c. cautious

d. wild

2. fatal

a. deadly

b. boring

c. frustrating

d. evil

3. gratifying

a. trusting

b. satisfying

c. interesting

d. amusing

4. to pop up

a. to jump

b. to occur

c. to rise

d. to increase

5. incident

a. event

b. lecture

c. holiday

d. attack

Activity: OPPOSITES Crossword Puzzle

6. prey

a. religion

b. victim

c. sport

d. animal

Directions: Complete the puzzle by filling in the antonyms of the underlined words given in the clues section. ACROSS 1- Do you need a license to export goods? 4- The meeting didn't end until 6 o'clock. 5- Do you really love going to concerts so much? 7- What time do the shops open? 11- They all began to cry when they heard what had happened. 13- Do you think he'll accept your offer? 14- How many times did she hit the target? 15- I think the sales will decrease in the next year. DOWN 2- They saw the sun setting in the distance. 3- I'm sure he's going to pass his driving test. 6- She decided to shorten her skirt. 8- You must try to forget what happened. 9- We hope to send the letter tomorrow. 10- He really didn't want to lend so much money. 12- How much money did you win playing cards?

7. to attribute to a. to be given credit for

Phrasal Verbs Find out (about) meaning: learn / get information (about). example: I'm sorry that you didn't know the meeting had been canceled. I didn't find out (find out about it) myself until just a few minutes ago." Show up meaning: arrive; appear. example: "The boss was very upset when you didn't show up for the meeting. What happened?" Slang: croak meaning: die example: I feel like I am going to croak. Confusing Words In English idle vs idol idle is an adjective, if you are idle, you are lazy and inactive. For example: " My son does nothing to help me he is so idle. " idol is a noun an idol is something that is loved or worshipped For example: "Madame Curie had been her childhood idol ".


b. to be responsible for

c. to be unfriendly towards

d. to take care of

8. venom

a. blood

b. saliva

c. poison

9. to overlook

a. to read

b. to tower above c. to find

d. to miss

10. apt

a. likely

b. late

d. unlikely

c. incorrect

d. medicine

Activity: Using Phrasal Verbs I'm afraid I haven't got enough copies of this exercise. I tried to have more (1)………. but the photocopier had (2)………… and the repairman didn't (3)……….when he was supposed to. He did (4)………… to say he'd been (5)…………. unexpectedly, but that's the second time that company has (6)……. us…….. recently. Well, we have nothing else to do but (7) ……… the photocopier ……… to the company. That company has really (8)……….! Now, we need to (9) …………. a new company to do business with.. If we (10)………….. we should be just fine. Choose the correct phrasal verbs to complete the passage above. - To look for = to search , - To break down = (for machines) to fail. - To slip up = to make a mistake, to err. - To ring up = to phone. - To let someone down = to disappoint someone. - To run off a copy = to print a copy. - To turn up = to arrive as expected. - To give something back = to return something. - To carry on = to continue. - To be held up = to be delayed.


ELEMENTARY: (Part 1) 1.F 2.T 3.F 4.T 5.T 6.T 7.T 8.T 9.T 10.F (Activity) 1.b 2.b 3.a 4.b 5.b INTERMEDIATE: (Part 1) 1.a 2.b 3.d 4.c 5.c 6.b 7.a 8.c 9.d 10.b (Activity) 1.curly 2.plump 3.bald 4.slim 5.slight 6.wavy 7.ugly 8.scruffy 9.pretty 10.overweight ADVANCED: (Part 1) 1.b 2.a 3.d 4.c 5.c 6.a 7.b 8.d 9.c 10.d (Activity) 1.c 2.d 3.b 4.c 5.d

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Grant: English referees favor Man United Chelsea manager Avram Grant has made a stinging attack on Premier League referees, saying they helped Man United win the title, British newspapers reported on Thursday. Grant, who may risk the wrath of the Football Association over his remarks, added that he was glad the referee for the Champions League final against United in Moscow next Wednesday was not English. London, Reuters

FRIDAY, MAY 16, 2008



Spain versus France in Euro U-17 final today

Canaries retain their TBBL title The Fenerbahçe Yellow Canaries beat archrival Galatasaray 74-62 in game five of their women’s Turkish Basketball League (TBBL) playoff series for an overall 3-2 victory -- and the 2007-08 crown. The Canaries led from the very beginning and never looked back. They were up 20-12 at the end of the first period, 38-31 at the end of half-time (second period), 58-46 at the end of the third, wrapping up the series with a 74-62 victory in a thrilling but tense game at Ýstanbul’s Caferaaða Sports Hall. The game was briefly halted in the final period because of an altercation between Galatasaray official Ahmet Dedehayir and Fenerbahçe fans. Fener Chairman Aziz Yýldrým personally intervened to bring the situation under control before things got out of hand. Fener’s American star Cappie Pondexter was the overall top scorer with 17 points, while Vickie Johnson topped the Galatasaray score sheet with 15 points. This victory in a way was a consolation for Fener, which surrendered the Turkcell Super League soccer crown they won last season to Galatasaray last Saturday. Ýstanbul Today’s Zaman

Okur’s Utah Jazz on verge of elimination Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom picked up the slack with MVP Kobe Bryant slowed by a sore back to lift the Lakers to a 111-104 over the Utah Jazz on Wednesday, putting the home team one win from the Western Conference finals. Gasol scored a pair of buckets after the Jazz closed to 103102 to give the Lakers to a 3-2 lead in the best-ofseven series that shifts to Salt Lake City today. The series now goes back to Utah for a possible Laker close-out in Game Six. Should the Jazz win on their home court, the series finale will be played back at the Staples Center. All five Laker starters finished with double-figures in scoring. Deron Williams paced the Jazz with 27 points. Turkish star Mehmet Okur added 13 points, 13 rebounds and 1 assist. Elsewhere, hosts Boston Celtics rallied to a 9689 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers to take a 3-2 lead in their best-of-seven Eastern Conference semifinal. The Cavaliers, paced by 23 first-half points from LeBron James, stormed to a 14-point lead in the second quarter before Boston went on a 14-3 run to reach the intermission trailing only 4643. The series moves to Cleveland on Friday with the top-seeded Celtics looking for their first road win of the playoffs to clinch the conference semifinal. The winner will meet the Detroit Pistons for a place in the NBA Finals. Los Angeles Reuters

Dick Advocaat hopes Zenit St. Petersburg's UEFA Cup triumph will kickstart a Russian revolution in club soccer. Advocaat led Zenit to its first European title at its first attempt on Wednesday in a 2-0 win over Rangers at the City of Manchester Stadium, off goals from Igor Denisov and Konstantin Zyryanov. “Hopefully it's the start for Russian football, to start to build new stadiums, pitches and facilities for the kids,” Advocaat said. “The money is there, so hopefully this prize must give them the feeling that if there is good organization at the club, they can also be on the path for Europe. “Otherwise it will be incidental.” Three years ago, CSKA Moscow won the UEFA Cup title to become the first Russian team to earn a European honor. “I'm delighted for a huge country that in the last three years has been waiting for a good prize,” Zenit striker Andrei Arshavin said through a translator. “It's great for the country.” Arshavin is one of six Zenit players named in the provisional Russia squad for the European Championship. The Russia national team is also coached by a Dutchman, Guus Hiddink. The well-traveled Advocaat has transformed Zenit since joining in 2006 -- last season he led Zenit to its first Russian league title, meaning the club will play in the Champions League next season. Zenit eliminated Bayern Munich and Bayer Leverkusen on the way to the final and also has significant support to build on its success -- it's owned by the wealthy Russian natural gas giant Gazprom and has fans in high places. Former Russian prime minister Viktor Zubkov -who was replaced by Vladimir Putin last week -- celebrated with the players after the match in the locker room. And Putin himself called Advocaat after the match. New Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, who like his predecessor Putin is from St. Petersburg, is also a fan. Denisov scored the first goal in the 72nd minute after playing a one-two with Arshavin and cutting through the Rangers defense before beating goalkeeper Neil Alexander. Zyryanov added the second in injury time, tapping the ball over the line off a pass from Turkish striker Fatih Tekke, formerly of Trabzonspor. “We controlled the game from the very beginning,” Arshavin said through a translator. Ýstanbul/Manchester Today’s Zaman

Holder Spain takes on France in this evening’s UEFA European Under-17 Championship final in Antalya. France ended the hopes of host Turkey in a penalty shootout -- but had first needed Thimothee Kolodziecziak to equalize 21 minutes from time after Abdülkadir Kayalý's long-range strike just past the half-hour had put the home team in front. "We wanted to be champions but this is where our journey ends," Turkey coach Þenol Ustaömer told at the Mardan Sport Arena where the match was played on Tuesday night. That will be the same venue for this evening’s final at 7:30 p.m. (18:30 CET) when France tackles Spain in a repeat of the 2004 final won by Les Mini-Bleus. On Tuesday Spain needed extra time to defeat the Netherlands 2-1 at the Antalya Atatürk Stadium, substitute Angel Martinez scoring a magnificent winner 12 minutes in after Pulido had canceled out a headed opener from Rodney Sneijder. Antalya Today’s Zaman

Denisov scored the first goal in the 72nd minute after playing a one-two with Arshavin and cutting through the Rangers defense before beating goalkeeper Neil Alexander. Zyryanov added the second in injury time, tapping the ball over the line off a pass from Turkish striker Fatih Tekke


I wish Fener had Topal, says Fener’s Gökhan Fener defender Gökhan Gönül attracted a great deal of attention this season with his performance in the Turkish Super League and now is attracting even more with some of his comments to the press. Noting that he likes Mehmet Topal’s style very much, Gönül said, “I wish we had him on our squad.” Topal is a close friend of his who plays for Galatasaray as a midfielder. The young talents Gönül and Topal are currently camping with the senior national team as part of preparations for Euro 2008 and there they spoke with LiG TV. Gönül, the rising star of Fenerbahçe, said he and Topal gave an impressive performance this season. Gökhan, speaking about his injury, noted that he played in the last games even though he had not fully recovered from injury. “It was a surprise for Fatih Terim and the national squad. I already knew. That is, I did everything to get on the field. We were seeking the championship title; I had to play. Zico also knew that; but I did not know it was that serious. The doctors did everything for me. I am on the squad and I would like to stay here.” Antalya Today’s Zaman


Singh and Green share early Irish Open lead

UEFA: Rangers and Zenit not to blame for stabbing Rangers and Zenit St Petersburg are unlikely to face any punishment over the events that led to the stabbing of a Russian fan at Wednesday's UEFA Cup final in Manchester, a top UEFA official said. But the Russian club may face sanctions over their fans running on to the pitch during and after their 2-0 victory over the Scottish side at the City of Manchester Stadium, UEFA's director of communications William Gaillard said on Thursday. “We'll have to await the delegates report... but regarding the stabbing, firstly we wish the victim a speedy recovery.” Brussels Reuters

Zenit’s Fatih Tekke holds the trophy after defeating Rangers in the UEFA Cup final.


Fener players celebrate with the TBBL trophy after beating archrival Galatasaray in the playoffs.



Advocaat hopýng for further Russýan success after Zenýt’s trýumph

India's Jeev Milka Singh and Australian Richard Green shared the lead midway through the opening round of the Irish Open at Adare Manor on Thursday. The duo took full advantage of the superb scoring conditions in carding six-underpar 66s to finish two strokes clear of Sweden's Johan Edfors. Singh produced a bogey-free round that included a 16th hole eagle and four other birdies while Green, who is returning to competition after a month's break, recorded seven birdies and one bogey. However, there was some drama for the Chandigarh-born Singh at his final hole when he had to seek a ruling after finding his third shot in trees and close to TV cables. After advice not to break any branches in playing his shot, Singh stepped gingerly towards his ball with hands in pockets before punching his fourth shot out to 40 feet past the pin but then holing his par putt. Adare, Ireland Reuters


Four teams slug it out for one Super League berth PHOTO



Sakaryaspor players face a toughie against Boluspor today.

Kocaelispor and Antalyaspor, the top two teams in Lig 1 (second division), have gained automatic promotion to topflight Turkish soccer. Today in Ýstanbul the teams that finished third, fourth, fifth and sixth in Lig 1 will be slugging it out in a playoff for the only remaining berth in Turkey’s top league -- the Turkcell Super League. That is, No. 3 Sakaryaspor will be playing No. 6 Boluspor at the Ali Sami Yen Stadium at 6 p.m., while fourth-place finisher Eskiþehirspor

will take on No. 5 Diyarbakirspor at Ýnonü Stadium at 8:45 p.m. The two winners will lock horns in the final at Ýnönü Stadium at 8.30 p.m. on Sunday and the eventual winner will join Kocaelispor and Antalyaspor in the Turkcell Super League next season, while the loser will go home with nothing. A heavyweight title winner receives a pay check in the millions; tennis and golf champs also earn tens of millions throughout the season. But for a team in Lig 1, the biggest dream is promotion to the Turkcell Super League. Hence this weekend’s playoffs are very important for the teams involved, even though


they attract little or no interest elsewhere. Generally speaking, promotion to topflight Turkish soccer does not necessarily guarantee continued success, as was the case with last season’s playoff winner Kasýmpaþa. The team dubbed “Paþa” finished at the bottom in the Super League this season with the worst record in the 18-strong league. However, relegated Paþa can take heart because it beat eventual champion Galatasaray 1-0 away at the Ali Sami Yen Stadium -- a feat none of the Turkish soccer powerhouses, including big-spending Fenerbahçe, could accomplish this season.

Jankovic, Serena reach Italian Open quarters American Serena Williams and holder Jelena Jankovic moved into the quarterfinals of the Italian Open on Thursday with wins over unseeded opponents. Fifth seed Williams tamed lively Italian wildcard Sara Errani 6-4, 6-3, while Serbian fourth seed Jankovic strolled past Russia's Maria Kirilenko 6-1, 6-1. Elsewhere in Hamburg, holder Roger Federer continued his trouble-free progress at the Hamburg Masters with a 6-3, 6-2 in over unseeded Swede Robin Soderling on Thursday. David Ferrer, the fifth seed, saw his hopes of a first Masters title dashed when he lost an all-Spanish battle 7-6, 6-2 against his Davis Cup teammate Fernando Verdasco. Rome Reuters




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Peru creates Environment Ministry as glaciers melt Peruvian President Alan Garcia has created the first Environment Ministry in Peru, where scientists say climate change is hitting hard because of the Andean country's rich biodiversity. Peru's melting glaciers, propped high in the Andes mountains, have just 25 years left until they run dry, research shows. Lima, Reuters

A species is declared ‘threatened’ under the US Endangered Species Act if it is found to be at risk of becoming endangered in the foreseeable future. If it does not make progress toward recovery, it can be declared ‘endangered,’ meaning it is at risk of extinction and needs even greater protection The US government declared the polar bear a threatened species Wednesday because of the loss of Arctic sea ice but also cautioned the decision should not be viewed as a path to address global warming. Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne cited dramatic declines in sea ice over the last three decades and projections of continued losses, meaning, he said, that the polar bear is a species likely to be in danger of extinction in the near future. But Kempthorne said it would be "wholly inappropriate" to use the protection of the bear to reduce greenhouse gases, or to broadly address climate change. The Endangered Species Act "is not the right tool to set US climate policy," said Kempthorne, reflecting a view recently expressed by President George W. Bush. The department outlined a set of administrative actions and limits to how it planned to protect the bear with its new status so that it would not have wideranging adverse impact on economic activities from building power plants to oil and gas exploration. "This listing will not stop global climate change or prevent any sea ice from melting," said Kempthorne. He said he had consulted with the White House on

the decision, but "at no time was there ever a suggestion that this was not my decision." Kempthorne, at a news conference, was armed with slides and charts showing the dramatic decline in sea ice over the last 30 years and projections that the melting of ice -- a key habitat for the bear -- would continue and

may even quicken. He cited conclusions by department scientists that sea ice loss will likely result in two-thirds of the polar bears disappearing by mid-century. The bear population across the Arctic from Alaska to Greenland doubled from about 12,000 to 25,000 since 1960, but he noted that scientists now predict a significant population decline. Studies last year by the US Geological Survey suggested 15,000 bears would be lost in coming decades with those in the western Hudson Bay area of Alaska and Canada under the greatest stress. But when asked how the bear will be afforded greater protection, Dale Hall, director of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, had difficulty coming up with examples. Better management of bear habitat on shore and making sure bears aren't threatened by people including hunters, more studies on bear population trends and their feeding habits were among the areas mentioned. "I don't want to prejudge recommendations for (bear) management," said Hall whose agency administers the Endangered Species Act. Environmentalists were already mapping out plans to file lawsuits challenging the restrictive measures outlined by Kempthorne. Washington AP



Polar bears lýsted as US threatened specýes



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16 May 2008

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