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A Transformational Journey Toward Thriving...

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Put yourself in the shoes of Ms. Brown - a mother and grandmother forced to choose between her child and grandchild.

a leader at TYM Summer Camp and brought Anthony for a week. It changed his life.

Ms. Brown knew that her grandbaby - Anthony - lived his infant years surrounded by drug use, violence and neglect in the rough neighborhoods outside San Francisco. In a moment of strength, she entered the crack house where her daughter stayed, scooped up baby Anthony from beneath a pile of dirty clothes, and filed for custody.

Anthony met Christ that week. He started mentorship relationships with leaders and peers. Doors opened for him to attend after-school programming through our newest program, THRIVE! Youth Academy. Now, his grades are strong and he’s learning to manage the emotions he must deal with to survive in his community.

The beginning of Anthony’s journey. Ms. Brown’s fixed income and meager resources proved no match for the assistance Anthony needed to manage his learning and behavioral challenges. Government Youth Services came to her aid, and further offered relationshipfocused wraparound services coordinated by a young, Christian man - Benny - who served as Anthony’s case worker. With God directing Ms. Brown, Anthony and Benny’s steps, Benny became 1

“It’s everything I had been praying for and looking for!” said Ms. Brown.

How many more Ms. Browns and young men like Anthony are in the Bay Area, waiting to make the most of their lives?

The Real Problem for Hurting Kids in unhealthy relationships. Too often, their inner belief in themselves as made in the image of God takes a hit simply by living in these unchangeable environments.

In lower income communities of the Bay Area, students struggle to overcome the pervasive challenges of crime, racial tension, gangs, violence, low performing schools, lack of resources, fatherlessness, addiction and family instability. As a result, most end up with an unfulfilled life. Worse, they become part of the problem as adults. Adding to the challenge, many children come from broken homes or are in the foster care system. Heroes like Ms. Brown are the exception to the rule.

TYM seeks to change the path these kids are on. We cannot fix the problems inherent in the community, but we can help our kids find a way up. Our goal is to help kids become part of the solution for themselves and their community. The more kids we help, the more communities can be lifted. Together with Today’s Youth Matter, you can help hurting kids enter a Transformational Journey from elementary school through high school that will change the trajectory of their lives.

In the face of this very real and tangible poverty, every student responds differently. Some choose to act out in violence, while others choose substance abuse. Some engage in or become victims of sexual assault, and others stay

Join them on a Transformational Journey... 2

TYM’s Unique Solution: Transformational Journey We offer elementary, middle and high school students a holistic approach to personal development and learning - a Transformational Journey. The experience offers: • • • • •


A reliable and unique blend of mentorship, life skills and tools that build up resilience and character The chance for youth from both urban and suburban communities to become culturally competent leaders Year-round programming that offers support to students beyond summer camp experiences Mentors, counselors and tutors who build long-term, life-changing relationships with students A Christian perspective that guides, teaches and models vibrant faith

We speak into the very real trauma so many students face with the language of hope in the following ways:


Improving kids Social and Emotional Learning while encouraging them to develop a true relationship with Christ, we foster the growth of characteristic and behavioral qualities like integrity, respect, trust and responsibility.


Gospel-centered teaching and an approach to mentorship modeled after Christ’s discipleship are core underpinnings to every TYM experience - in word and in deed. It’s this facet of our work that completes the comprehensive approach to building authentic relationships with students.



Understanding that growth and development doesn’t happen in a vacuum, we work with a student’s family and caregivers whenever possible to encourage an enriching environment and enable growth as an entire family unit.


With academic enrichment that supports classroom learning, our tutors take a one-on-one approach to mentoring students toward academic success. We teach the practical skills and academic learnings - including critical Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) approaches - so that students become life-long learners.

Our emphasis on character development and increasing responsibility is the capstone to a TYM experience, as well as a current that runs throughout every program from elementary to high school. Utilizing researched-based methods, our curriculum meets students where they are in their diverse backgrounds. We teach practical skills and encourage students through mentor relationships, so that students are empowered to be and lead long-term solutions for themselves, their families and their communities.

As a result, they learn to believe they are worth more. To overcome challenges and enter a life of hope and thriving. To rise above any situation they face for the rest of their lives. To act boldly in the face of adversity. To know the love of Christ in their lives.


Our Plan to Fuel Their Journey Having served 10,000+ students across 25 years of an excellent summer camp experience, we are now ready to launch year-round programming for an expanded age range, from 8 to 18.

Our comprehensive, holistic approach that includes facets of academic enrichment, character building, leadership development, spiritual formation and family interaction are an important part of each student maturing into a self-reliant adult.


We offer four unique experiences that build upon one another while also welcoming students at any point in their lives. Through each experience, students engage with an age-appropriate and situationally impactful opportunity to produce resilience and a growth mindset.

At the center is Christ.

High School Camp Service, Personal Development, Discipleship

High School High School Emerging Leaders Academy Leadership Training, Relational Wisdom

“I’ve never looked up to anyone...until now.”

Mid. School Kids Club Spiritual Foundation, Mentorship, Life Skills

Mid. School THRIVE! College Readiness, Academic Ownership, Decision Making & Goal Setting

Middle School

Middle School Camp Application of God’s Word, Modeling Authentic Relationships

Elementary Kids Club

“Instead of being home alone after school, I get time with my TYM tutor. It’s the best part of my week.”

Elementary Camp

Spiritual Foundation, Character Development

Fun, Adventure, Challenge, Truth of God’s Word, Respite

Elementary THRIVE!

Elementary School

Academic Enrichment, STEM Learning, Growth Mindset


Experiences that Impact Summer Camp Mission: Summer Camp provides a transformational experience tailored for urban youth, immersing them in a community of loving adults who foster each camper’s spiritual, character and leadership growth. Description: This week-long, full-service overnight camp experience provides fun and adventure with friends and a team of caring leaders. Camp opens the door to connect with God and launch a camper’s faith. Vision: By 2022, TYM will serve 450 kids at camp annually, launching them into the Transformational Journey. Areas of Impact: Spiritual – Expose campers to the power of a personal relationship with Christ Character – Build self-confidence and decrease self-imposing limits Leadership – Learn to cooperate as a team and practice values of responsibility, servanthood and excellence

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THRIVE! Youth Academy Mission: To help students develop academic and character skills that lead to success. Description: For many students, after school means being home alone or spending time on the streets - both known contributors to risky behaviors. THRIVE! replaces that time with regular, productive after school program that includes interaction with mentors, peers and community partners who genuinely care about them and their families. We utilize curriculum including Social and Emotional learning and hands-on STEM Learning. Vision: By 2022, THRIVE! will include three locations, serve more than 200 students annually with the help of more than 75 volunteers. Areas of Impact: Character – Learn the responsibility of decision making and best choices at school, home and within their communities Academic – To improve their reading, writing and math skills while cultivating a love of learning


Family – Empower parents & caregivers to nurture a safe and supportive home environment

Emerging Leaders Academy Mission: To cultivate the next generation of TYM urban youth leaders who will, in turn, develop authentic relationships with TYM students, guiding them spiritually, emotionally & academically. Description: This year-long experience is a pivotal time period in each teen’s life - no matter if they come from affluent or impoverished backgrounds. The lessons learned throughout the cohort extend well into adulthood, covering topics such as spiritual leadership, cultural competency and emotional intelligence. Vision: By 2022, ELA will have deployed 275 urban youth leaders as counselors, mentors, tutors and ambassadors of the gospel. Launch Goal: Spring 2018 Areas of Impact: Spiritual – Pursue a vibrant and personal faith in Jesus Christ Character – Develop resilience for facing difficult life circumstances Leadership – Learn to operate and cooperate as a team of responsible service leaders

Kids Club Mission: To introduce the Gospel to elementary & middle school students and assist in their faith journey. Description: Kids club focuses on introducing children to Christ and helping them apply His teaching to the issues they face in their everyday life by breaking down walls, capturing the imagination and building life-changing relationships. Our leaders utilize recreational and even comedic approach to interacting with children, including creative games, music and activities. Vision: By 2022, Kids Club will have children with vibrant faiths proclaiming Christ to their peers, and will serve an average of 75 kids per week across three physical locations. Launch Goal: Fall 2018 Areas of Impact: Spiritual – Nurture children toward the power of a personal relationship with Christ & life-on-life discipleship Character – Empower children to share in the ownership of the Club Leadership – Teach team-based leadership and accountability


Will You Join Their Journey? ...Because students need you as they travel their transformational journey. Your partnership is part of a team of administrators, teachers, mentors, guides and strategic partners who impart practical wisdom, knowledge and skill while


encouraging students along the way. Your financial partnership is critical to ensuring we can provide these programs for establishing hope-filled futures. They need the steady, stable force in their lives, and we cannot make that happen without you.

With Your Sustained Partnership: Pioneers: Focus on TYM Students


Be the seed and sustaining funding for at least one student’s Transformational Journey. You can help them start and continue on the road to resilience through any of the following: a full week at summer camp, one year of THRIVE! Youth Academy, participation in Kids Club or joining the Emerging Leaders Academy. This partnership is truly how we consistently reach more students.

Trailblazers: Focus on Leadership


Ensure that THRIVE! tutors, Camp Leaders, Club Mentors and Emerging Leaders have the resources to reach more students. Your regular gift helps ensure that TYM can financially fuel the student’s Transformational Journey.

Dream Casters: Focus on Growth $1,000+

Reach more students and more communities with the opportunity to experience the Transformational Journey. We are ready to add capacity for students at our current locations and enhance curriculum throughout our programs so that we can recruit, train and deploy more students, leaders and mentors.

Cornerstone: Focus on Generations $25,000+


God is opening up large-scale opportunities for growth that will allow us to impact more students, in more ways, in more locations, and across entire lifetimes for generations to come. This is a chance to continually invest in the foundation of our work, which is really the foundation of each student’s life today and their future God-given potential.

Right now, more students in underserved communities in the Bay Area are waiting to begin this Journey. We’re ready to expand...will you join us? 10

“ TYM is changing the life trajectory of at-risk youth. Through year-round programming and mentoring relationship, we guide students through a Transformational Journey to instill resilience and fulfill their God given potential.” •