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April 27th, 2018 Dear Friend of TYM, Jose* came to TYM camp, last year, hostile filled with apprehension. Surely, it was not possible to have fun at a Christian camp. Jose’s foster care counselor knew how important TYM camp was, so she convinced him to give it a chance. Like most of the kids TYM serves, Jose had very special needs. What he didn’t know was that there would be children just like him at camp: children suffering from the death of a parent, separation, substance abuse or some kind of domestic violence, an unsafe or unstable home, and other traumatic circumstances. He was being offered a break from the pain and fear that followed him everywhere. From the first day, Jose struggled to make friends. He moved about almost emotionless. Most kids enter camp excited and rambunctious, but not Jose. I reached out to start a conversation. I wanted to know who he was. Then, I introduced him to leaders and kids who would look out for him. By day two, Jose made a friend. They were inseparable, until lunch. Right after the prayer, Jose screamed at his new bestie to shut-up. The whole room turned to look. Embarrassed, Jose’s bestie punched him square in the jaw. It’s not uncommon for a small incident to set off a big reaction. Many kids come to camp angry and confused. This is why each day is planned carefully in order to teach kids the skills to survive. TYM balances this with sensitivity to each child’s felt needs. Mortified, Jose stormed off. He was soon found weeping beneath a tree. Too irate to return to camp, he was given one-on-one counseling and some time to reflect. This was the beginning of Jose’s heart softening: maybe, it was the act of tracing all his disappointments; maybe it was because Jose realized he was fighting against his own self-imposed limits. During days three and four, Jose ostracized himself from peers and leaders. Kids reacted by picking on him, and he retaliated by picking fights. I was preparing the club talk when I noticed him again. His brokenness was visible. God was opening my mind to all the things Jose felt and the heavy load he carried when he cried out, “I want to go home!” I asked him to walk with me. “Why do you want to leave?” “I got my ass kicked, I have no friends, and nobody likes me.”, he replied. “I like you,” I said. “I’m your friend, and I want you to stay the rest of week and see what great things will happen.” Jose needed a miracle. “What’s hurting you most?”, I asked. “Too many painful memories.” He told me how his dad was very sick with stage four cancer. “I’m afraid that I will never see him again.” I held him in my arms. Now my heart was about to burst, because recently, my own father died from a battle with cancer.

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Help kids experience” The Best Week of Their Lives”

In a moment, only God could have orchestrated, Jose fell into my arms and wept. You see, God spoke to Jose in the language Jose knew best – not through his ears, but through his circumstances. God broke down his self-determined mindset. We prayed together, and I assured Jose that God understood him and knew the burden he was carrying. We walked back to Club, where I gave my speech about God’s Great Love. Afterwards, Jose found me. This time, he was joyful and full of hope. My heart swelled. Immediately, one of our adult volunteers walked up asking if I knew ‘which kid was Jose?’ They had a note for Jose from his father. “That’s me,” he said. Having no idea what Jose and I had just experienced together, the volunteer lovingly folded the note and placed it in his little hand. He allowed me to read the note with him. ‘Son, I am so proud of you and I want you not to worry about me. I want you to have fun at TYM camp and when you come home, I will be waiting to hear every detail of your week.’ Jose looked at me with a certainty that he knew that God loved him. As he raced off to cabin time, his face expressed an unspeakable joy that he could now face his fear, anger and disappointment because he knew God had a plan and purpose for his life. There are at least 200 more kids in the Bay Area just like Jose that --with your help-- will enter into a Transformational Journey through TYM’s summer camp experience. These kids deserve a respite from the daily grind of trauma and uncertainty. They need your financial gifts and ongoing donations to experience the “Best Week of their Lives.” Will you help to change the trajectory of an at-risk student by making a contribution? You can find the tiers below. The goal is to raise $155,000 to fully fund camp. God’s life-changing presence brought Jose to his knees, and with your investment in their future, hundreds more kids will come to know their true source of power: God’s love. Thank you for prayerfully considering this important request. I am grateful for your faithful partnership with TYM.

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.” Ephesians 3:20 Kindest Regards,

Billy Coleman Executive Director P.S. We are hosting our eight annual Walk- 4- Their Future on May 19th. Our goal is to raise $155,000 to fully fund this year’s summer camp experience. This assures kids and families that money won’t prevent them from boarding a bus to camp. This bold promise is fulfilled because of the vision and generosity of donors like you. * Name has been changed

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2018 Spring Appeal  

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2018 Spring Appeal  

Read about the story of Jose