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Studio Talk with Kelly Green

The Yoga Joint’s

If you live in South Florida and practice yoga, then you may have heard of The Yoga Joint. Kelly Green is the Co-Owner of this famous multi location studio, as well as the creator of Hot Fusion Flow.

Kelly Green

Mindful Travel

Why I Quit Being a “Grown-Up” to Pursue My Passion for Traveling and Teaching Yoga

by Danielle Mercer


Flash Mob Fun in West Palm On August 20th something unique happened in Downtown West Palm Beach. A bunch of mischievous Yogis got together and decided to turn a normal Saturday afternoon into a Yoga Flash Mob!



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Pose Sequence


Instinct vs. Intellect


So You Want To Own A Studio

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On The Horizon



with Lynzy Ferris

The Benefits of Prenatal Yoga by Debra Geymayr

Flash Mob Fun!

by Christine Lewis

by Talat Kayar

The City Goddess Project by Paty Renda



october 2016


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october 2016


MORNING FLOW In Light on Yoga, B.K.S. Iyengar speaks about the time of day to practice yoga, “The best time to practice is either early in the morning or late in the evening. In the morning asanas or poses do not come easily as the body is usually stiff. The mind, however, is still fresh. It’s alertness and determination however, diminish as time goes by.� This flow is for the morning or generally when the body is stiff. It focuses on total body activation but centralized around activating the core and invigorating the spine. This sequence brings a sense of openness to the body, and a fresh alertness to the mind.


Tadasana (Mountain Pose)


Benefits: Improves posture, brings awareness to the planting of the feet which can lead to strengthening the ankles and knees. Brings upon total body connection.

Benefits: Improves balance, relieves low back tension, brings length to the hamstrings and calves, relieves tightness or tension in the neck which can also connect to relieving headaches and anxiety.

Start standing with feet together at the top of the mat. With arms lengthening down by the sides of the body, begin to close the eyes and focus on bringing awareness to everything from the crown of the head down to the soles of the feet. Feel the muscles behind and beneath the navel pull in and contract. Feel the toes spread and root to the mat as the heels press down while the arches of the feet activate and lift up. Breathe and feel an overall muscular contraction, awareness and activation for 5 Breaths

From the arms being overhead in our previous pose, exhale into a forward fold. Bring the feet two fists distance apart. Make sure toes are aligned forward facing the front of the mat. With the knees bent, peace sign fingers bind to the big toes. The knees do NOT need to be perfectly straight to attain a hamstring stretch. Feel an uplifting sensation at the back of the legs and heaviness in the crown of the head with each exhale and allow the straightening of the knees to come very last, if possible. Maintain for 7 breaths.


Urdhva Hastasana (Reverse Handstand)

Benefits: Relieves anxiety, creates space in the lungs allowing deeper breath, improves energy, and lengthens side body and abdominal muscles. From Mountain pose, inhale the arms overhead and maintain with active, extended fingers. As if reaching to touch the sky, feel with each exhale an energetic growth in length that derives from the side bodies. Pull into the abdominals locking into the belly and pelvic floor with mula bandha, the root lock and uddiyana bandha (the abdominal lock.) Maintain for 5 breaths.


Big Toe Pose (Padhangusthasana)


Chair Pose (Uttkatasana)

Benefits: Strengthens upper back and pelvic floor, improves balance, tones shoulders, hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps. Release the bind from our previous pose and bring the feet back together completely to touch. Bend the knees and sit back into the hips as if one was about to sit into a chair. Avoid curvature at the low spine by contracting the core muscles and dropping the tailbone. Let the weight of the body ground into the heels so much that one might possibly lift the toes up with ease. Inhale the arms overhead keeping arms energized through the fingertips. (If one has tension or injury to the shoulders where this isn’t possible, feel free to bend the elbows into 90 degrees or keep the arms lengthened down at the sides of the body.) Keep a strong contraction in the core muscles along with engagement in the hamstrings and glute muscles. Hold this pose for 7 breaths.

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Revolved Side Angle Pose Variation/ Soft Twist (Parivrtta Parsvokonasana)

Benefits: Overall body activation, tones the arms, stimulates the abdominal organs, aids in digestion and energizes the body. From chair pose find forward fold. Bend at the knees until hands comfortably touch the mat and first step your left leg back into a low lunge. One should be able to soften or straighten the knee while maintaining squared hips consistently in the pose. Plant the left hand with fingers spread underneath the left shoulder and inhale the right arm to the sky. Lengthen the arm and spread the fingertips while looking through the fingers. With the inhale feel as if you’re reaching upward. Simultaneously press into left hand while reaching through the right arm facilitating a rotation in the spine with the exhalation. Maintain for 5 breaths. Once finished, step left leg to forward fold and right leg back to replicate for the left side lunge twist. Namaste! october 2016


The Benefits of Prenatal Yoga S

o, you have experienced the joy of finding out that you are pregnant and now you feel . . . different, in a surreal sort of way. You are likely thinking about your pregnancy all throughout your day. It may be a secret that you blissfully carry, or perhaps you feel too ill to experience much bliss at all. For many women this bliss of pregnancy can also bring with it emotional and physical transitions which can feel quite challenging. Your needs may seem to be at an all time high while aches and pains become more prevalent, sleepless nights the norm, and painful heartburn a common occurrence! You are trying to get your home and your life ready for your new baby, but your loved ones keep telling you to rest. Maybe you struggle with the concept of slowing down in spite of villainous back pain and radiating sciatica. Once you do stop moving and prop up your tired feet, you may find yourself thinking about how you will actually deliver your baby to the other side of your body. Perhaps you have a birth plan in mind or maybe the idea of exploring your options adds to your exhaustion and leaves you confused.


How Prenatal Yoga Can Help You During Pregnancy First always seek out a certified prenatal yoga specialist for safety and care. Prenatal Yoga increases overall strength, flexibility & well-being – When you practice prenatal yoga, you are not only stretching your muscles, but you are stretching the tissues that encase your muscles, stimulating your organ systems, promoting the circulation of blood and oxygen, breathing more intentionally, and focusing your attention inward through imagery and meditation. The combined effect is intended to be one that promotes a heightened state of physical and emotional well-being. Reduces Low Back Pain & Sciatica As you are taught to become acutely aware of proper body alignment, you can carry yourself and your belly with better posture. This can help to reduce the degree of pelvic tilt associated with pregnancy and significantly reduce the low back discomfort which it can cause. Additionally, there are specific yoga poses which stretch the muscles and tissues

associated with the low back, hips, and hamstrings. Prenatal Yoga helps prepare you physically for giving birth – A regular practice of squatting asana helps to tone muscles of your pelvic floor and to help you gain strength to remain comfortable in a squatting position. This is an integral part of any yoga program as it helps to familiarize you with these very useful muscles. Even if you choose not to squat during labor, you will want to be able to use these muscles efficiently and effectively when nature calls upon you to bring your baby into the world. Debra Geymayr is a Certified E-RYT Yoga Teacher Trainer with the National Yoga Alliance. Prenatal Plus - Yoga® is a Registered School with the YA for Prenatal Yoga Teacher Certification Training. For more about Debra visit Miami’s Specialty Center for Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond at www.

by Debra Geymayr



Is it Yoga? Is it Martial Arts? No, it’s Budokon What is Budokon?

Bu (meaning warrior), Do (meaning the way), Kon (meaning the spirit or soul). This translates as “the way of the warrior spirit”. This name was chosen by its founder Kancho Cameron Shayne to represent a person living the WAY of the betterment of all humanity achieved through the integral study of Yoga, Martial Arts, Animal Locomotion, Holistic Nutrition, Philosophy, and Meditation. In Budokon we have a Motto - “The way we do anything, is the way we do everything.” In this practice we believe that all change starts at the mind. The way we think reflects on how we feel, which then reflects on how we speak, how we move, and ultimately how we show up in the world. How we show up on the mat can be a reflection of how we show up off the mat. This is why the Budokon has a six pillar system which makes a concoction of science and philosophy then used as method to provide a practical means of realizing the highest ideals in daily living. 1. Movement - we learn to master yogic asana, martial arts standing & ground fighting (including striking, throws, and submissions), the Budokon animal series, and much more.

4. Relationships - we learn about our predetermined biological response mechanisms and how they affect our relationships. We learn skills to better communicate our needs and to understand the needs of others. 5. Environment - in this area of our curriculum we learn the value of maintaining the earth that we depend upon for our quality of life. We study ways to make practical shifts in our lives in order to reduce waste and consumer driven habits. 6. Nutrition - in this area of our curriculum we learn the power of food as medicine and poison. We study the effects of food upon the physical and emotional body and how to determine which foods are right for our individual bodies. The BUDOKON®YOGA style is best described as a transition based hatha Yoga flow with continuous circular rotation. This Yoga style honors its traditional roots of Hatha (posture based) Yoga while bringing a completely unique Martial Arts circular influence as well as the explosive cardiovascular movement of animal locomotion. The physical practice is designed to be challenging, both physically and mentally. This experience is created for the student to think outside of the box and turn on critical thinking skills to cultivate higher levels of body and situational awareness. The aim of Budokon University is to contribute to humanity by expanding the awareness of individual consciousness and thereby expand the awareness of the collective consciousness. Budokon provides a specific method by teaching students to identify the fears of survival residing in our base (warrior) natures, while at the same time awakening to our higher (yogic) nature. Obstacles such as ignorance, intolerance, attachment, and selfishness are overcome by means of the Budokon practices. Budokon thus cultivates an ongoing zen state or single mindedness that helps us to free the mind from limitations. The practice must be experienced to be understood. To learn more about Budokon got to To find Barbara’s Budokon classes and workshops go to

2. Thoughts – we study brain development, language, cognition and neurology. Under this pillar of our system we cover a broad range of topics including belief systems, perception, critical thinking and ego state, showing up, standing in truth, ethics, and values. 3. Emotions - we learn how our personal story (our perception of our life up to now) guides our daily emotions towards biochemical relationships we develop within our bodies and our addictions to these states and feelings.

october 2016



photos by Sean Egiziano

The Yoga Joint’s



f you live in South Florida and practice yoga, then you may have heard of The Yoga Joint. Kelly Green is the Co-Owner of this famous multi location studio, as well as the creator of Hot Fusion Flow. Her over 15,000 hours of teaching experience all over the world makes Kelly one of the most sought after teachers in the yoga community. She delivers powerful messages, creative flows and a personal approach to her classes. Today’s Yoga recently sat down with Kelly for an interview. Hi Kelly! Tell us about yourself and your yoga journey. I started yoga in 2003 after a birth defect in my knees led me to a reconstructive knee surgery. Years after the surgery not finding myself recovering I discovered yoga. I started doing the impossible and found out from another orthopedic surgeon that my knee had been botched. Thank goodness I had found yoga because in my “past life” I was on a dead end street to nowhere. With drug and alcohol abuse and eating disorders I not only needed to heal my knee – I needed to heal my heart.


The yogic path has lead me to this new life of self discovery and unconditional love. Through my work I hope to help others also find their way to their own divinity. What obstacles has yoga helped you overcome? Oh my – just one? Life is like the ocean. It has waves that go way up high and crash down low. No one is immune to pain, suffering, loss, and tragedy. So I too have many trials and triumphs. One I am going through right now is recovering from two bilateral hernias surgery. I am healing super fast and well. But, I am struggling with some old emotions and fears that have emerged from my past. Call it post traumatic stress if you will from my knee surgery gone wrong. I found myself reliving some of those old stored ideas that I know do not serve me. All the “why me” and “what ifs”. So although I cannot physically do a yoga class right now, I can surely do my yoga off the mat. You see yoga is not just exercise – but a way to live – a way to just BE. I dig into that spiritual toolbox and go deep. I feel it, own it,


and let that stuff go. And lean on the support of my friends and loved ones, especially my fiancé, my rock Thomas Yarborough. What is the best part about being a yoga teacher/studio owner? Watching the students evolve, hearing their stories, and feeling as if your making a difference in someone’s life. How did you manage to grow the Yoga Joint to such a popular studio and still preserve the authenticity of yoga? Both my business partner, Paige Held, and I walk our talk. We believe in honoring where this ancient science came from knowing you don’t have to change it – it works and has worked for decades – we just decorate it. What we teach is not simply making shapes with the body- there’s always a message. And the messages come from the heart. We pour every ounce of what we have into every class. We ourselves, practice daily. And our hope is that as we work on becoming the very best version of ourselves- we encourage others to do so as well. I think our community feels our intention, authenticity, and passion for the yogic path.

Clearly family is very important to you. How has yoga helped with being a mother? The better question is how has being a mother helped me become a better yogi! Faith has softened me, taught me patience, encourages me let go more, reminds me to stay curious, and has showed me love like nothing I have ever felt before. I think that the work I’ve done through yoga has helped me stay calm and present. I know my energy translates to hers. So I do my best to keep it good. All the veteran moms I know say she’s such a great happy baby because I am such a chill mom?! Who is someone who has inspired you throughout your journey? All the students who step on their mat regardless of what they are going through. Their dedication inspires me on a daily basis. What they go through they grow through. I am blessed to bear witness.


you get the spirit and mind right – the body will follow”

- Kelly Green

(Below) The Yoga Joint’s Kelly Green, her daughter Faith, and fiancé Thomas (TJ) Yarborough, owner of Shred954, a private personal training gym in Oakland Park, Florida.

What advice would you give to someone new to yoga? Check in with yourself and remember to be kind with you. It’s not about what you look like, how long or how far you go in the pose. But how you show up in it. Yes we are working on our physical body, but even more importantly, building tenacity of the mind and resiliency for the spirit. If you get the spirit and mind right – the body will follow. What’s your favorite quote to live by? “When you focus on problems, you’ll have more problems. When you focus on possibilities, you have more opportunities.” Zig Ziglar Where do we find information on your amazing studios and class schedule? We have three locations with more coming! For our South Florida locations with their full schedules visit You can also take us with you wherever you are by using our online yoga! Visit and take us on the go! october 2016


mindful travel by

Danielle Mercer

Why I Quit Being a “Grown-Up” to Pursue My Passion for Traveling and Teaching Yoga 14


just realized as I sat down to write this that no one has actually asked me that exact question. And I’m realizing now, that’s probably a good thing because I don’t think at the time I would have had a definite answer. Just because people never asked me “why”, doesn’t mean they didn’t freely express their opinions. When you quit a high-paying job to “wander” around the world, you realize how much people love to give unsolicited advice. With that being said, there was a good mix of people that considered me to be absolutely crazy and others who admired the learning experience I was about to embark on. Nine months ago, I quit my six-figure sales job to travel abroad and continue my yoga-teaching journey. I had what most people would consider a “dream-job”. It had great money, benefits, company car, and plenty of freedom. It’s not that I was necessarily unhappy, which makes it that much more difficult to explain. I truly believe however, that you don’t have to wait until you’re miserable to want to make a change. I find this to be especially true when it comes to following a passion. And that’s exactly what my “grown-up” job, deemed acceptable by my peers and society was lacking. I felt completely unfulfilled. The lack of fulfillment was amplified once I did my RYT-200 yoga teacher training. Once I started to teach yoga I saw what highly successful people were talking about when they said things like “love what you do and never work a day in your life”. I became obsessed with turning my passion for teaching into career. It took me a year and a half of both working full-time and teaching yoga as much as possible to finally choose my happiness over money. Along with teaching, I have an almost inordinate passion (obsession) with traveling the world and experiencing the unknown. So, in December I made the decision to quit my “grown-up” job and made plans to leave the country.


I opened the doors, I was absolutely shocked that people actually showed up!”

- Danielle Mercer

First stop: India. I wanted to do my RYT-300 ever since day 1 of my RYT-200 training. I had a full understanding that this advancement was not necessarily going to help me get more teaching jobs. It was never about that for me. With teaching yoga, I finally found something I actually wanted to better myself at. It was and still is, something I wanted to actually invest my time and money into. So, I set off to India for my RYT-500. I spent a month in Goa living and breathing Ashtanga yoga. I lived in a beach hut at a yoga shala. It wasn’t quite the Four Seasons, but there was something so therapeutic about waking up on the beach and being so disconnected with my life and comforts back on the other side of the world. I was so thankful to be surrounded with like-minded people and advancing my yoga practice. We had yoga, meditation, workshops, and teaching from 6 AM-6 PM every day except Sunday. I made it through the month with a strong Ashtanga yoga practice and a much better understanding of all things yoga! My next stops included traveling for three weeks throughout New Zealand and then making my way to Australia. I had been approved for my Work & Holiday Visa before going, which enabled me to work legally in Oz for a year (you can do this only until you’re 31, and I highly recommend taking advantage of it).

Danielle Mercer

Once I landed in Australia, I was struck with a slight sense of panic. Up until that moment, I had everything sorted and planned out. I knew what the next steps were. Now, it was time to find work teaching yoga and find a place to live in a foreign country where I knew absolutely no one. Being the impatient person that I am, I started hitting the yoga studios on Day 1. The classes I experienced were very different than the types of yoga I was used to teaching and practicing back in South Florida. I was used to a very strong fitness Vinyasa style of yoga. I became discouraged quickly when I realized these places were few and far between, at least in Western Australia, where I was living. Out of pure frustration and a little bit of fear of being unable to find work, is where I came up with the idea to rent my own space to start teaching. I literally just wanted some students and to be able to teach. So, I started searching for spaces to rent out. From there, things literally started to fall into place. I found a great space to rent that was previously a yoga studio. The lessor even agreed to flexible lease terms, eliminating the huge burden of a lengthy lease agreement. My next month was spent marketing like crazy! I was so determined to get people into that studio and introduce a powerful Vinyasa class to the area. Once I opened the doors, I was absolutely shocked that people actually showed up! People continued to show up class after class and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised every single day to see people there. After just a few months in business, I was offered an opportunity to sell so I could continue traveling. Knowing that my time in Australia was limited anyways, I sold the business and moved on to continue my travels through Oz and then lastly, Europe before finally making my way back to South Florida seven months later. I can now say I am so happy to be home and I have a new appreciation for seriously, EVERYTHING! I can’t really summarize everything I’ve learned from this experience other than saying to just do what makes you happy. Life really is too short for anything else. You’ll regret the things you didn’t do more than you ever will the ones you did. For more about Danielle visit •

october 2016



Congratulations Graduates!

What is

AUM? by Lynzy Ferris

Congratulations to the most recent graduating class of Yoga Journey 200 Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training Program. The ceremony took place at the Farmer’s Table in Boca Raton. Welcome these new teachers to our community. Top Row Left to right (Graduates) Christine Duignan, Clare Emmert, Meka Weiss, Vivienne Brazley, Robert Bryson, Mimi Wong, Luisa Hernandez, Denise Redington, Kristin Gavin Bottom Row left to right (Teaching Faculty) Juli Kagan, Mary Ann Morgan-Fried, Leslie Glickman, Amy Appel, Debra Zambrana


ave you ever wondered why we begin or end some yoga classes chanting AUM?

AUM or OM, in the simplest of terms is the sound of the universe. Imagine if all sound rendered silent. All of our electronics, cars, and even our voices stopped. It is said that if all this noise stopped, we would here the sound of AUM. AUM is the vibrational sound of the universe. Therefore when we chant AUM, we are allowing ourselves to link up and become in sync with the universe. Yoga means to unite, so it is quite appropriate to begin or end a class with this chant because it allows us to put ourselves in the mindset of union. The three-ish looking symbol that we see everywhere in our studios or on our yoga apparel, that is the symbol of AUM. It represents the threefold nature of our universe which is the heavens, the earth, and the atmosphere. When we chant, this is what we energetically and consciously link to. In all honesty, we are never separate from it! But the conscious choice to link up with our surroundings allows us to feel it with awareness. Before you chant, take a deep breath in and allow the sound to vibrate from your diaphragm, feel it deep within your belly! Let us all unite with the energy of the universe, and if we are in a class, allow us to unite with the energy of each other; using our positive intentions to not just heal ourselves, but to heal each other as well! Isn’t it a beautiful thought that everyone around you is not just holding high vibrational intentions for themselves but for you as well? Love is the way forward! Namaste!


The Seaside Sutras

By Nikki ‘Harini’ Bruno

Karma Yoga Afloat


showed up to his doorstep and, after some enthusiastic banter, he directed me to a pair of garden shears. I was to spend a Florida Winter hacking away at his front and backyard. But that’s not what happened. In his driveway was a small and in-need-of-TLC sailboat. He offhandedly said he’d be working on her if I needed anything. I forlornly looked at the garden, and at the boat, and back at the overgrown weeds again, before turning to face him. “I can help you with that instead, if you want. I know a thing or four about boats…” This was the official beginning of my Yoga Teacher Training. Instead of paying with money, I paid with time and talent. Before I learned anything about meditation or asanas, I had to learn Karma Yoga. I would be rewarded for my actions, but I had a lot of sanding to do first. We’re all familiar with the term ‘Karma’. No matter your belief system, you probably still believe that actions have consequences. Karma Yoga, on the other hand, is the practice of doing selfless actions that result in positive spiritual consequences. However, selfless service doesn’t necessarily mean sacrifice, although it very well may include it. You may sweat, you may bleed, and you may cry - that boat gave me

experience with all three. But, it should also bring you joy, as the act of service should be an act of enjoyment by itself. Recently, I had another experience involving sailing and selfless service. I qualified for a big championship in Rio de Janeiro, but I couldn’t compete. Sometimes, depending on the weather, you need a bigger crew. At 5’ and 95lbs, I’m not the bigger crew. Disappointed I wouldn’t sail, I still asked to go, and offered to take care of the team instead. So for two weeks that’s all I did. Cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry, lather, rinse, repeat! Whatever the four young sailors under my guard needed to help them represent their country with prowess, I was there. It wasn’t all that fun. I barely speak Spanish, let alone Portuguese, and there were less than a handful of English speakers at the whole event. I watched from a distance as my friends competed in my favorite activity without me. Despite being busy and surrounded by good people and beautiful scenery, it was pretty lonely. Thankfully, I had plenty of time for yoga and meditation, which kept me mostly sane. In the end it was worth it. The Karma I racked up

seemed to pay off: one of the teams under my care won the whole event! I swelled with joy and pride for my friends, and in a way I felt like I won too. I went along so that they could focus all of their energy on sailing, and the plan worked. The prize for me was knowing I helped. There is a universal truth that says we must give to others before we can receive. Karma Yoga is the act of expressing that truth. Sometimes the reward comes immediately, sometimes millennia later. Just as exercise doesn’t give immediate results, so won’t service. But just like exercise, the more often you do it, the faster those results arrive! Nikki Bruno draws her inspiration from the natural world. She has spent time as a marine biologist, trail hiker, science teacher, yoga teacher, writer, musician, and she regularly races sailboats. She is the founder of Student Coaching Services, an education company that teaches students the real-life skills they need to succeed in today’s fastpaced world. You can learn more about her and her work at

october 2016


TEACH School of Hatha Yoga at Simply Yoga of Delray Beach

The next School of Hatha Yoga, 200 hr RYT Teacher Training, at Simply Yoga will begin October 7 and complete in 6 months. If you are wanting to deepen your practice or give the gift of yoga to others by teaching, then take a look at this program and curriculum. Objectives include: • Deepening students’ personal practice and their understanding of the philosophical roots of the Hatha Yoga tradition • Providing a supportive environment where students can learn and integrate the teachings of Yoga beyond the classroom into daily life • Delivering high quality instructions and experiences so students learn how to safely and purposely sequence poses and teach a Yoga class in the areas of pranayama (classical breathing practices), asana (postures), and meditation • Laying the foundation for graduates to continue on a path of growth and learning, allowing them to develop their own talent as Yoga teachers and as Yoga practitioners For questions, please call Mindy at 561-7357172 or email us at For more visit teachertraining





s I tell students in my “Star Wars Yoga. The Force, & You” workshop, the Star Wars franchise, now in its seventh of nine installments, is very rich in spiritual teachings for those who do yoga. It has featured Yoda, one of my all-time favorite spiritual cinema characters, a gnome-like 900-year-old guru who could have been called Yoga, teaching as he does consciousness and its latent abilities. The Force “May the Force be with you,” the saga reminds us. The Force actually always is with you. It’s only your unconscious thoughts, speech, and action that make it appear as if you’re disconnected from it. Since the Force pervades our being, not having it be with you is much like a fish not having water be with it. Not only does the Force pervade our being; it is our being, but that insight dawns only in the highest state of consciousness. When you live consciously connected to the Force life flows


Greetings Yoga Family! Thank you for all your support this far in our journey. We love being out in the community, accumulating your stories, experiences, and insights! With this issue, Todays Yoga Magazine kicks off our Pose of the Month Club (#potmc)!

Monica Schmidt Kniskern

Owner of American Yoga in Deerfield Beach Monica has been teaching Yoga for 17 years. She holds a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and Health Promotion and is a certified E-RYT 500 registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. Monica specializes in Vinyasa Yoga, which is a modern interpretation of classical Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga created in India. Her teaching style is liberal, creative, and informal. She has taught specialized workshops in numerous studios and health clubs, presented at national conferences, and is the director of American Yoga Teacher Training Program.



In your post: • Let us know how yoga makes you feel! • How has it possibly improved your life in some way? • Maybe a pic of yourself doing yoga along with Todays Yoga Magazine! Get creative! • #potmc and tag @todaysyogamagazine We will choose a few each month to be featured on AND we’ll choose one unique pic to feature in the printed issue of Todays Yoga Magazine ! Thanks again Yogis!

like a river, and the universe works to fulfill your desires. As Luke’s other teacher—Obi-Wan Kenobi— tells him, “The Force obeys your commands.” Elsewhere, he adds, it “surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together”. Like the Tao, an interpenetration of light and dark forces, it has a light side and a dark. Yoda teaches Luke that he’ll know the difference between the Light and the Dark sides of it when he is “calm, at peace.” He adds: “For my ally is the Force. And a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us…You must feel the Force around you. Here, between you…me…the tree…the rock…everywhere! Yes, even between the land and the ship!” Yoda also adds, “Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.” This is the temptation that Luke’s father Anakin Skywalker succumbed to. George Lucas & Yogi Patanjali Yoda showed Luke many Yogic abilities, such as telepathy, clairvoyance and psycho kinesis, that are taught in The Yoga Sutras, written by Yogi Patanjali some sixteen hundred years ago. The yogi taught that such skills could be developed through sanyama, Sanskrit for subtle intention from consciousness settled in the steadiness of the Transcendent. It’s obvious that Lucas intended Star Wars to be a political, military, and spiritual saga. He read some 50 books on religion preparing for his tale. His greatest influence on him was mythologist Joseph Campbell, especially his A Hero with a Thousand Faces. As Lucas said, “The stories I found most interesting are stories of Zen education or the Zen master teaching a pupil how to transcend physical prowess into some kind of mental process. That’s what all the training sequences are about.” Lucas called Campbell “my Yoda.” And an increasing number of Star Wars adherents are calling Lucas “my Yoda.” Cary Bayer http/ taught Transcendental Meditation for three decades and is the founder of Higher Self Healing Meditation. A Life Coach, he’s worked with Oscar-winner Alan Arkin and Emmy-winner David Steinberg. He’s the author of 13 books, including Higher Self Meditations. His syndicated column, “Life 101,” appears in wellness publications throughout the country.

We understand that we are not defined by the immediate sensations in the physical body. We come to realize that we are not the pose or the circumstance at all, that we are only what we create in the kingdom of the mind, and instinctively we all want happiness. Acknowledging the accuracy of our instinct as our personal truth reveals the trust we have in the power of our mind. Once we accept that our perception defines our reality, we are more careful about what we choose to create in our minds. The more we tune in to our innate wisdom, the more in tune we are with our Selves and the more we trust our instinct, leaving no room to doubt that our instinct is more accurate than our intellect.

Instinct vs. Intellect: Yoga’s higher education by Christine Lewis

I believe that our instinct is always more accurate than our intellect.

Christine’s immersion into Yoga began in 2002 and by 2009 the spiritual evolution she experienced through Yoga inspired her to share the practice through teaching classes, leading life-shifting Yoga retreats, and recording Spoken Word Yoga flows and meditations. Christine purposefully structures her Vinyasa and Raja Yoga classes to stimulate the Chakras and the conscious mind by combining the physically rigorous practice of the yoga asanas with a mental “work-in” that purifies and reinvigorates the soul. For more visit

Contort your body into physically constricting postures or spend years studying the ancient scriptures dissecting the spiritual essence of Yoga and still you will only experience a glimpse into the broad spectrum of Yoga’s higher education. The more time we spend on our Yoga mat we realize that the legitimate work in the Yoga practice is not the action of moving from pose to pose, but in developing an instinctual awareness of the thoughts and energy that we create while IN the Yoga pose. The Yoga practice releases our over-stimulated intellectual mind allowing us to focus on the present moment, steady our breath, calm our mind, and feel our power to create a personal experience out of the circumstance presented to us. Our natural instinct is to simply feel the sensations while in the Yoga pose, but our intellect wants to analyze the sensations and create a dialogue about the pose. As we train our mind to quiet the commentary during our Yoga practice, we allow our instinctual emotions to exist without analysis or judgments inhibiting the purity of the feeling. Our intellect wants to analyze, compare, critique, formulate assumptions, and create expectations. We analyze our relationships and our circumstances, which creates anxiety and depression, and leaves us feeling that we are never enough. The moment we doubt our instinct, uncertainty takes over and we are immediately insecure and unsure. Our over-stimulated intellectual mind requires a lot of energy and that energy is invested in the analysis instead of the experience. In Hatha Yoga, I encourage students to find comfort in the midst of confrontation by using positive affirmations during the Yoga pose to actively shift their perception of the circumstance. If we can shift our perception of our circumstances while sweating in a hot room on a 4-cornered mat, certainly it is easier to shift our perception of the confrontational circumstances in our lives. In Raja Yoga, I ask students to lay in stillness and simply surrender in the posture. At first the intellectual mind is analyzing and questioning the physical sensations and immediately wants to characterize them as tension or pain. When our mind stops analyzing and we focus on silencing the chatter, we begin to truly surrender into the pose and no longer feel the physical sensation as confrontational. In essence, we create an alternate reality to replace the physical confrontation. Once we stop questioning the circumstance, asking how long it will last and analyzing the sensations, the pose gets easier and life gets easier. Eventually we forget about the physical posture and the circumstance completely and instinctively create a positive perception of the circumstance.

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Achieve Mental Clarity with Vitamin IV Drips

Red Lentil Chili


Most people don’t know that vitamin drips or nutrient IV therapy can generate mental focus and clarity. In fact, you might not know that there’s a time and place to get the most from these nutritious treatments. Liquivida Lounge, a wellness spa located in front of The Bombay Room Yoga Studio in Fort Lauderdale Beach recommends doing nutrient IV infusions during these 5 peak times:

By Christine Ferris

his Red Lentil Chili packs a serious protein punch! With its vibrant red orange colors, it is perfectly fall themed and amazing for football season! Put it on top of tortilla chips as nachos, wrap it up in a burrito, taco, or as an extra protein accessory to your egg breakfast! Enjoy! 1 Onion of your choice (chopped or whole) 1 - 3 cloves garlic (always slice garlic thinly and let sit prior to cooking for ultimate antioxidant release) 3 cartons of beans of choice strained (I prefer a light colored bean in a carton instead of a can) 1 large or 1- 3 small “Rotelle” canned tomatoes (or any prepared tomatoes containing chili seasonings or similar) 1-2 jars of Flora organic tomato sauce (Flora is a local So Flo brand as well as one of the only options available in a jar and organic!) 1 package organic red lentils (365 brand is most reasonable) 13 grams of protein in just a 1/4 cup! Toppings: 1 bunch cilantro or culantro Avocado Tomato Lettuce 1 small organic Greek Yogurt Shredded Mexican Blend Cheeses Tortilla chips, wraps and tacos (all available at Whole Foods in Organic) Hot Sauce! Everything is better with hot sauce! If you are using ground meat, please buy humanely raised when possible. Publix Greenwise (including Hot Italian Chicken Sausage) is always available! Cooking Directions: 1. In large pot, sauté your onion and garlic to a golden color. 2. While Garlic and onion sauté, strain beans reserving the liquid in case needed. If needed, just add liquid gradually.


After a Yoga Class Users of IV infusion therapy say it’s perfect for muscle recovery and rehydration, especially after hot yoga. When You’re Feeling Under the Weather Most users bounce back after receiving a high dose of vitamin C or other antioxidants direct to the bloodstream.

3. Add remaining ingredients (beans, Rotelle tomatoes, tomato sauce) except for red lentils. 4. Add red lentils last and gradually. You may not use entire package. You will not need paste as the lentils act as a thickening agent. Other lentils take longer to cook so are not recommended.

Before and After a Long Trip: Certain vitamin drips consist vitamin B12, Taurine and electrolytes that generate energy and stamina to overcome the hassle of airports, jet lag, and little to no sleep.

Salt and pepper to taste (always fresh cracked black pepper and I recommend Tony Chachere’s seasoned salt) Will need to cook for at least 2 hours and cook all day if you like! Serving Style Suggestions: Serve in a bowl with tortilla chips. Stuff in taco’s. Make burritos. Leftovers are great for breakfast with any kind of eggs too! Bon’ Apetito!! Christine Ferris is Owner of Pompano Beach Food Tours. For more info visit www. or her Instagram: chrissycooks. To book a food tour email chrissy@ or call 954-607-5638.

Monthly if You’re Concerned about Aging With nutrients such as biotin or glutathione, anyone can minimize visible signs of aging like hair loss, thinning hair, or even wrinkles. When You Feel Extra Tired or Mentally Fatigued Vitamin IV therapy can stimulate cognitive functions if you’re not getting enough sleep, are overworked, or worry too much about life itself. For more information on how to get the benefits of nutrient IV therapy as someone who practices Yoga, please contact Certified IV Therapist, Lisa Samela at (954) 661-6881.



hen we think chocolate most of us salivate! It is a rich deep flavor that traditionally was served savoury in Mesoamerica which the Spaniards found impalatable, so changed it to the sweetened version we know today. Although I am talking chocolate, I’m really talking cacao, pure cacao, cacao pods and beans, or the next best thing, raw cacao powder. It is a true tonic! From the amino acids, minerals, fatty acids, fiber content to the theobromine, it is a nutrient-dense, beautiful, delicious thing! Here are some facts about chocolate: Theobromine is a phytochemical which has a stimulating, relaxing, diuretic effect on the body and does not effect the central nervous system and can relax the bronchii in the lungs and is the subject of new pharmacological research as a cough medicine. Cacao contains lots of theobromine. It is also a perfect source of bioavailable magnesium. The deficiency in this mineral is becoming known as the silent epidemic. One cup of cacao provides over 400% of the RDA of magnesium, which contributes to muscular, cardiovascular and neurological health. It is vital to the potassium/calcium balance. Cacao is high in

potassium and iron and a source of selenium and calcium. And if that weren’t enough, it’s high in folate and choline- brain food. Also 1 cup of cacao powder contains 34% of the RDA of protein. Then there are all those polyphenols- those beautiful antioxidants! And It doesn’t stop there, the theobromine has a direct effect on the vagus nerve which goes directly from the lungs to the brain. So very dark chocolate relaxes the bronchii, allowing you to breath easier, and it connects directly to the brain, relaxing the brain. Hmmm . . . sounds like something we do in yoga. Personally adding raw cacao powder into my diet at the advice of Master Herbalist, Mike Stuchiner, my colleague at ZNatural Foods, has provided the quality of magnesium to finally heal a very bad, old sprain. When I started eating 2-3 heaping tbsp of cacao per day, things changed quickly for my ankle muscles still trying to repair, 2 years after the fact. Given the nourishment of a truly bioavailable magnesium as can only be found in the whole food, my ankle muscles and tendons have seen great improvement. So let’s make some chocolate tonic! This simple recipe is in my kitchen in a jar for when I need my chocolate fix. Also I encourage you to introduce it in savoury sauces which you would like


to see become deep, dark and satisfying. Ganache 8 oz of 70% or more dark chocolate wafers criollo heirloom, if possible 6 oz of coconut milk or grass fed heavy cream 1 tsp vanilla extract Coconut palm sugar to taste. Depending on the percentage of cacao in the wafers you may want to add some or try it straight to be spread on your favorite things like fresh fruit, jam, peanut butter, etc. Heat the cream or coconut milk to a gentle simmer remove from the heat and whisk into the bowl of wafers and vanilla and coconut sugar until dark, thick and glistening. Pour into glass container and keep at room temperature for a week or a month in the fridge. Denise Girard has been aware of food as medicine since her early 20’s when Dr. Francesco Borella was treating her in Geneva, Switzerland for a pituitary tumor. Today she is developing new food products at ZNatural Foods here in Florida. Her vision is to make super foods delicious, and easily incorporated into our daily lives.

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’ve been playing sports since I was a kid and started weight training at 15 years old. Once I reached my late twenties, I began feeling pain in different areas of my body. I always pushed my body to it’s maximum. I would feel sore after, but I never felt pain. Suddenly I was feeling pain in my knees and my back almost everyday. I would fight through the pain but it got to a point where it was taking over my body. I would give my body the proper rest and recovery by icing my knees and back. I would even try heat therapy. These strategies would provide relief but only for a brief period. Eventually the pain would come back again. I had heard about yoga and the benefits it could provide for both your mind and body, but I was skeptical, just like most men are when the thought of taking a yoga class comes to mind. I’m a firefighter. We’re supposed to be tough. Tough guys don’t do yoga, right? On the other hand, I needed to rid myself of the pain I was feeling. So I put the tough guy act aside, found a yoga studio and took a class. Well, first off let me say it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever put my body through; it was tough. After my first class I was even sorer than anytime after leaving the gym or playing sports. But I liked it! It was a new challenge that I


wanted to explore. I went back and took more classes and after a couple of weeks I was able to touch my fingers to the floor. I was slowly becoming more flexible and after a month I noticed that my knees and back were no longer giving me pain. I really couldn’t believe the change in my body. I started lifting weights along with practicing yoga and found a great balance. Not only was I more flexible, but my core strength built up greatly over the years, and I became stronger and stronger each year. The greatest thing above all, is the stress relief that practicing yoga brings to your life. Things that used to bother me just don’t anymore, and I feel completely relaxed in a hectic world. Yoga is a mind and body experience. It brings clarity to a confused mind and an inner peace that will make you a better person. So my message to anyone reading this: Don’t listen to the skeptics, and if you want an overall better life, smarten up and do yoga!

Mike Arciprete is a NYC Firefighter, Certified PT, Clean Eating Coach, Musician, and loves Delray Beach, cooking and tattoos.





f you have a regular yoga practice you may be familiar with the term “heart openers” or you may have been told in a class to “open your heart” but what does that mean exactly, and why is it important? Anahata is the Sanskrit name for the heart chakra meaning unstruck. A chakra is a spinning wheel of energy. There are seven chakras which are the main energy centers in the body. The heart chakra resides in the chest and lungs and the center element is air. The color is green and it is represented by a twelve petaled lotus flower. Within the flower is a six pointed star made up of two intersecting triangles, one pointing up, and the other pointing down. The purpose of the heart chakra is love and balance and it is related to the changeable nature of our emotions. The heart is the physical center of the circulatory system and it is the electromagnetic center of the body. It manages the flow of information intuitively between the heart and the brain. When our focus is heart centered the heart runs the brain. It filters the information coming in from the outside world and will perceive whatever it is attuned to. When we are attuned to love the heart can focus on the positive messages it receives while eliminating the negative ones. Feelings and emotions collect in the heart and can block us from our connection to joy and love. When this happens we are allowing our emotions to rule our lives, and we become trapped in the world of the senses. If we free ourselves from our emotional attachments through the process of surrender, we can experience a higher state of consciousness. By bringing an awareness to our heart center, it can help us to discern what we are feeling and perceiving in the moment. A regular yoga practice including heart opening poses may help us to gain insight and understanding. We become more loving, find greater compassion in our relationships with others,

and feel more balanced in our daily lives. As a society, we spend a lot of time hunching over, rounding the spine, and slumping from sitting at a desk, or driving in the car. This contracts our heart center physically and locks up our emotions, making us more insensitive to other people and our surroundings. We experience a deficiency in the heart chakra if we are withdrawn, critical, judgmental, or depressed. On the other hand, we demonstrate an excess of energy in the heart chakra through theatrical behavior, over compensation, and increased sensitivity. We may have difficulty balancing giving and receiving. The heart chakra may be blocked in different ways depending on patterns of behavior and life experience. If we are blocked because of always holding on, then we must learn to let go. If we are blocked from avoiding our emotions, then we need to learn to focus in that area. Healing may relate to experiences of grief, rejection, abandonment, loss and betrayal. The complete breath is a simple breathing exercise you can practice to assist you in becoming more heart centered. Breathe only through your nose and not your mouth. Exhale all the air out completely. Then inhale for a slow count to your capacity without straining. Breathe all the way into your belly, then fill your chest and upper lungs. Breathe using your diaphragm and not your shoulders. Exhale for the same count as your inhalation. Continue for three to seven repetitions. Enjoy your heart centered explorations! Know that love is the answer you are seeking.

Beginning a serious practice in yoga 7 years ago, Michelle Tamblyn graduated from the Anuttara 200 hour teacher training in July 2011 and the Level 2 Raja training in February 2012. In addition she has training in Restorative and Yin Yoga. She is also a Reiki Master and Integrated Energy Therapy practitioner. Michelle can be reached at

Pura Vida in Costa Rica with Hot Yoga of Delray, November 14-19

HOT YOGA of DELRAY is proud to bring you a fully-inclusive, 5-night yoga retreat to PURA VIDA in Costa Rica. November 14-19. Join us & rejuvenate your mind, body, & Spirit. Get HOT before the holidays. Hosted by: Jane Schreier & Hot Yoga of Delray staff Package includes: 5 nights at the Pura Vida spa 3 healthy buffet meals each day Daily Yoga classes and Evening Deep-Stretch meditation sessions Day trip to the Waterfall Gardens / Eco-Tour Transportation to and from the San Jose Airport Retreat.htm

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YOGA , INC Bend & Breathe Yoga Studio Opening Soon in Downtown Hollywood

Make sure to check out Hollywood’s newest Yoga Studio- Bend & Breathe. A boutique studio located in the heart of downtown Hollywood, Bend & Breathe will be offering classes open to all levels of yogis, from first timers to advanced practitioners. The one room studio will be opening in early October, sign up on their website at www.bendandbreathehollywood. com to receive information on grand opening and monthly events!


Raw Republic Offers Free Juices & More After Complimentary Yoga at Lululemon Aventura

AVENTURA, FL — The coolest juicery in town, Raw Republic Cold-Pressed Micro Juicery is joining forces with Lululemon at Aventura Mall, located at 19501 Biscayne Blvd., Ste. 1605 in Aventura, to present wonderfully Zen mornings of complimentary yoga, followed by deliciously healthy, all-natural and kosher cold-pressed juices and more. Every Sunday, now through Oct. 30, Lululemon Aventura will present a complimentary yoga class, designed to align and balance, at its store from 10:30–11:30 a.m. After the class, participants can enjoy free coldpressed juices and delicious grab-n-go foods on site, generously provided by Raw Republic. “After the perfect Sunday yoga class, enjoying our juices and more is a great way to feel even better about yourself,” said Zack Stein, one of Raw Republic’s owners. “We’re happy to continue the Zen after yoga with our refreshing and healthy products.” Raw Republic, with stores in Aventura and North Miami Beach, offers a wide variety of all natural and kosher cold-pressed juices, juice cleanses, superfood smoothies, açaí bowls, and Grab-n-Go foods (delicious raw foods, specialty sandwiches and salads, and raw desserts). All

A Famous Yogi Once Said . . .


you walk and eat and travel, be where you are. Otherwise you will miss most of your life”

- Buddha

recipes are formulated by a team of nutritionists, and cold-pressed juice (the only juice that is technically considered “raw”) and Grab-n-Go foods are produced daily. First cousins Jordan Gimelstein, Jesse Gimelstein and Zack Stein, all from Aventura, created Raw Republic to share their love of the raw food lifestyle and health benefits of juicing with the South Florida community. Raw Republic Cold-Pressed Micro Juicery is a popular, vegan juicery serving a variety of coldpressed juices, juice cleanses, smoothies, açaí bowls, and Grab-n-Go foods. Raw Republic has two locations: 20804 Biscayne Blvd., Aventura, and 14871 Biscayne Blvd., North Miami. For more information, visit www.drinkrawrepublic. com, call 305-705-4226 or email info@ Send us your news:


So You Want To Own A Yoga Studio

Oska Pulse

by Talat Kayar


pening your own yoga studio can be quite the challenge in today’s fast-paced world of business. There are so many moving parts to examine and issues to research and resolve, that it can knock the wind out of you. So it’s a good thing you’ve been working on your breathing. If you don’t already own a commercial building or studio space where your students can practice, then you will invariably come across one of the most important, yet regularly overlooked, pieces of the yoga studio puzzle; the commercial lease. This is an often complex document containing pages and pages of terms and conditions, confusing legal terminology and a plethora of provisions drafted for the benefit of who?; you guessed it – the landlord. These commercial leases are often one-sided documents and the foundation of your studio hinges on this document. Your lease can figuratively (not literally, because this next phrase here is literally just a figure of speech) make or break your studio. Many people are not aware that a commercial lease is not simply set in stone. Most of the provisions can be negotiated to help level the playing field. Landlords usually come in two stripes; corporations, like those that manage large commercial properties such as malls, and individual owners of commercial or mixeduse properties. It is generally easier to negotiate with individual landlords. Corporations tend to have a ‘take it or leave it’ approach, especially when the location is popular. And, oh yeah, corporations will have . . . wait for it . . . lawyers. Figures, looks like you’re gonna need one too (deep inhale). But fear not, in this instance, the right attorney can be an invaluable asset and can potentially save you time, aggravation and most importantly, money (ahhhhhh… exhale).

Whether you are just reviewing or negotiating a commercial lease, either with a large soulless corporation, or mom-andpop-landowner, an attorney can help you make sense of this onerous document, can identify your liabilities, inform you of your potential exposure and can help you determine whether this is the right lease for you. Because if it isn’t the right lease, you can bet that it is not the right space. For example, one important aspect of the lease term is the renewal provision. Commercial leases tend to run longer than residential leases; five, ten and fifteen year terms are not uncommon. Tenants who opt for a longer term benefit from the advantage of securing a lower lease price over a long time, but are on the hook for fifteen years of rent payments; a substantial obligation. While tenants who choose shorter leases, have a smaller obligation, but may need to move their studio in five years because the rent in that area has tripled and it is not worth staying. And if you lose the lease, you can lose the business. A new studio with a bigger budget can swoop in and open in the same location. A well negotiated renewal term at the outset can help avoid potential pitfalls. This is only one small example of dozens of provisions that require critical analysis backed by a working knowledge of the law when reviewing, negotiating and deciding whether a given lease might be right for your yoga studio. As the studio space is figuratively the life-blood of the studio, it is an important document that merits detailed scrutiny and requires careful consideration. The above article has been prepared and published for informational purposes only. None of this information contained therein is offered, nor should be construed, as legal advice. Talat Kayar is a local practicing attorney and studio owner of Cozi Yogi in Lake Worth, FL. Contact him at

Workout Pain? Relief at Last

For a limited time, purchase an Oska Pulse for $349. $50 off the regular $399 retail price (plus free shipping).

To order visit or call 844-317-4433. Mention yoga15 to receive your discount. october 2016


Flash Mob Fun in WPB On August 20th 2016 something unique happened in Downtown West Palm Beach. A bunch of mischievous yogis got together and decided to turn a typical Saturday afternoon into a day full of yoga fun, with music, mats and . . . ahem . . . Todays Yoga Magazines being distributed to the watching crowd. It was a Yoga Flash Mob! The event was orchestrated by Yoga instructor Cara Abaldo. Our first official Yoga Flash mob not only kicked off the launch of our first issue, but gave the staff at Todays Yoga Magazine the chance to partner with the very talented Cara. She was ingenious enough to not only pull off a flash mob, but was also kind enough to be interviewed for our this October issue. Hi Cara! First off, tell us about yourself and what led you to become a yoga teacher: I was inspired to make a positive impact on people. So many live with pain and discomfort. Stress is often the onset of that pain. By sharing methods that reverse symptoms I can help people build inward and outward strength in order to manage & even prevent the manifestation of something worse. I want to be part of the movement towards health & happiness! I taught for seven years in the public school system and like any career it can be stressful. This sparked my journey towards health and wellness. The students, faculty and staff needed ways to cope with their anxiety. I decided to continue teaching but in another setting to help people manage that stress and even more importantly demonstrate those strategies with their children. If only we learned how to breathe, be mindful and move our bodies in these therapeutic ways when we’re young, these life lessons would be habitual and already in our system. And so I made it my intention to start this positive ripple effect! In addition to sharing the benefits of yoga I went a step farther and became a certified Holistic Wellness Coach. Now I have a broader knowledge base of a well-rounded yogic lifestyle including how whole foods nourish and heal the physical body. I hope


Cara Abaldo

to someday incorporate holistic wellness along with all eight limbs of yoga to guide my students towards inner peace and overall wellbeing. Tell us about the flash mob that you help promote and taught in West Palm Beach. How do you think the event turned out? If teaching as I am now is a ripple effect, the Yoga Flash Mob was a wave! It is an outside the box concept since the local yogic community is primarily used to practicing inside in a studio. The Flash Mob enabled us to practice in nature amongst passersby and expose yoga organically, without obligation, through curiosity and intrigue of our fluid movement through asana. We had a fantastic turnout of almost 25 people practicing yoga together in a beautiful and lively public space! It was fun, safe and we made an impact! Are there any flash mobs for you in the near future? Yes! This winter! Favorite quote to live by: Carpe Diem - Seize the Day! Inspiring poem: Desiderata by Max Ehrmann How do people find one of your awesome classes, or contact you for advice on flash mob etiquette? Visit my website:; Follow me on Instagram @ caraabaldo and Facebook via Carasmatic Wellbeing!

photos by Sean Egiziano october 2016



OCTOBER october 1 Sunrise Beach Yoga and Meditation 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM. Boca Raton Beach E Palmetto Park Rd and Ocean Blvd, Boca Raton Start the day at Sunrise, feeling renewed, breathing in the salt air, while flowing with the breath and the ocean tide through gentle active postures, deep restorative stretches and energy cleansing meditations. All ages and levels of experience welcome. Saturday Beach Yoga by Donation 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM A1A one BLOCK “SOUTH” of Sunrise Blvd; meet us on the sand across the street from McSorley’s and next to LIFEGUARD STAND #13, Fort Lauderdale EcoAction Days - Fern Forest Nature Center at 201 Lyons Rd. South, Coconut Creek 9 a.m.-noon. For ages 13 and up. Volunteers clean up trash, plant native plants, and/or remove non-native invasive plants. Students can earn community service hours for


graduation and college scholarships, and others can help improve and preserve the environment.

beginning october 2 New! Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Program with Authorized Ashtanga teacher Angelique Sandas. Sun. Mysore 8 - 10am Mon.-Thur. Mysore 6:30 - 8:30 am Fri. Guided Full Primary Series 6:30 am No practice on full and new moon days Yoga Path Palm Beach. 4514 South Dixie Hwy, West Palm Beach 561-557-4026

october 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30 Sisters in Sobriety 4:30 - 5:45 p.m. Donation Class. Yoga, Meditation and Meeting. 601 N. Congress Ave. Suite #426 in Delray Beach. All A’s are welcome. In this group we weave together the ancient wisdom of yoga & the practical tools of a 12-step program. The last Sunday of the month is Yoga and a STEP meeting. This group is open to all women. For more info:, 561-699-6811, or october 2 Gandhi Talk with Arun Gandhi 5 PM - 6 PM at FAU - University Theatre 777 Glades Rd, Boca Raton Arun Gandhi is the fifth grandson of India’s legendary leader, Mahatma Gandhi. On October 2, Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, Arun will share lessons from his grandfather about the danger of anger and the meaning of justice. Free and open to the public.

october 8 Pink Yoga Event At Bloomingdale’s Palm Beach Gardens JOIN US to kick-off our Pink campaign with a pre-store opening Yoga class at Bloomingdale’s locations nationwide. 8:30 AM to 9:45 AM. Tickets are $10 and all proceeds benefit The Carey Foundation and Marisa Acocella Marchetto Foundation. Doors open at 8:30am and class starts promptly at 9am. PLUS, take home a branded yoga mat and Pink gift bag just for attending! Attendees must purchase tickets in advance. 3105 PGA Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens october 9 What is Rocket Yoga? 12 Noon - 1:15 PM Yoga Aura , 2910 B North Federal Hwy in Boca Raton 561.409.0811

october 4 Eating to Lose Weight Workshop 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM Shula’s Athletic Club, 15150 Bull Run Road in Miami Lakes Introduction to Mindfulness 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM (EDT) Sabeena Yoga , 7101 W Commercial Blvd, Ste 4B in Fort Lauderdale

october 13 Self Care Fun & Body Love Rituals 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM Holistic Organic Wellness 3200 North Federal Hwy, Suite #124 in Boca Raton • 561-955-0099 october 14-16 Embrace Yourself: An Anusara yoga workshop with Peter Goodman and DeAnna Alvarez. Wyndham Hotel in Boca Raton. For more call 561-4797819 or visit


october 14 SHAKTIDANCE™: Heal your Heart, Dance with your Soul, Spread Love The Yoga of Dance Workshop with Master Teacher Dharma Devi. 6:30pm-8:30pm By Oct. 9th: $35.00+eventbrite fee. After Oct. 9th: $45.00+eventbrite fee Please call 954.604.1290. More info: october 15 “Intro to Mindful Meditation”. 3-5 PM at Simply Yoga, Kim Hough joins Simply Yoga to offer this workshop as a perfect introduction to dediation or a great way to refresh your techniques for allowing you to deepen your practice. 2275 S. Federal Hwy. #150, Delray Beach. Call 561-735-7172 or visit South Florida Women Empower Expo Women Empower Expo, LLC. 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Fort Lauderdale Monthly Kirtan with Jen Rose Kula Yoga Shala, 400 Toney Penna Drive, Suite F, in Jupiter 561.216.kula (5852) $20 in advance, $25 at the door october 15-16 I CAN DO IT! Conference 9:30am5:30pm Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Ft. Lauderdale Share a weekend with some of the most inspiring and thought-provoking authors of our time Scheduled speakers: Dr. Christiane Northrup, Brendan Burchard, Cheryl Richardson, Greg Braden, Gabrielle Bernstein, Joe Dispense, Nick Ortner, Mastin Kipp, Kris Carr, Mike Dooley. For more information or to register: 600-6545126 or october 21 6th Annual Lauderdale West Health Expo 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM Free Parking, Free Admission, Complimentary Food, Giveaways, Raffles & Entertainment. For more information or vendor/sponsor opportunities call 772-480-9844 or email marketingsolutionsmaria@ Special Teens Yoga Classes If you are the parent of a teen with Autism or specials needs, come and

join us with your child for a special yoga class! Just OM Yoga Studio 7227 SW 57th Ct, South Miami, (305) 665-4982 4 PM - 4:45 PM $20 for both parent and child october 21 Raw JUCE & Yoga Journey Studio team up to present Raw Yoga on the Third Friday of the month at Raw JUCE East Fed Hwy. Boca Raton on the rooftop 6-8 pm with Robyn Cifuentes and DJ Sal Vecchio... a new twist on HAPPY HOUR...on the Roof Top of raw JUCE East. Just another way for us to connect as a community!!! Class begins at 6:00pm and will be followed by fresh JUCE and light bites. Come and hang out with old friends or make new ones. This offering is FREE!! Just bring your mat! october 21-24 Retreat yourself in one of the best kept secrets of the Florida Keys. Join Angela and Tamara for a tranquil yoga escape in an oceanfront private villa less than two hours away from Miami. Embrace the natural beauty of Little Conch Key at its best with daily yoga, delicious food, and plenty of time to explore and relax. For more info or to reserve your spot email tamara@

october 30 It’s Time to Stir Your Soul with Tai Chi, Qigong, Guided Meditation & Live Music with Kim Hough and Henry Lepler @ Yoga Journey Studio 1950 Glades Rd. Boca Raton in the Wyndham Hotel (5th Floor) 3:30-5:30pm The health benefits from Tai Chi & Qigong come about by compassionately yet profoundly creating strength, flexibility and balance in the muscles and joints through gentle flowing movements connected with breath. A magical afternoon of transformative energy that will “Stir Your Soul”. In this profoundly restorative workshop you will learn how to increase and cultivate your energy for healing yourself and others. You will be led in guided meditation with Himalayan & crystal bowls, flutes, chimes, monochord, kalimba & vocals. The alchemy of music paired with Kim’s mesmerizing voice provides the ultimate sound healing and spirit balancing experience!! This workshop concludes with Reiki energy healing and a “sacred sound bath.” No experience necessary: Investment $35 register at

NOVEMBER november 6 Yoga Nidra with Live Music at Simply Yoga from 4-5:30pm Yoga Nidra with the blissful live music of Richard Brookens, to transport you into your “yogic sleep”. Yoga Nidra is a form of guided relaxation, experiencing deep rest in the body, while the mind remains alert and calm. All are welcome — no previous experience needed. $30. 561-735-7172 visit

Yoga at The Botanical Garden!

Take Hatha Yoga at Miami Beach Botanical Garden, and channel your inner Buddha amid the lush foliage. The all-ages class combines strengthening, stretching, and relaxation on the terrace. Instructor Terra-Nova begins the class with a mini-meditation and offers new themes each week, many of which revolve around our relationship to nature. All donations given at the class support the garden; suggested donations are $5 for garden members and $10 for nonmembers. The class begins at 12:30 p.m. every Wednesday at Miami Beach Botanical Garden (2000 Convention Center Dr., Miami Beach). Visit or call 305-673-7256. november 16 Adventure Awaits - Namaste-Yoga in the Natural Areas 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM at Yamato Scrub Natural Area 701 Clint Moore Road in Boca Raton • 561-233-2400 FREE EVENT Join us for a beautiful afternoon by unwinding, lake side, under the oak trees! Participants will be led on a short hike to the wetlands at Yamato Scrub Natural Area where Certified yoga instructor Radha Devi will lead the group in a 45-minute Hatha yoga session. Total hiking distance is approximately 1/2 mile. Please bring a yoga mat or towel and shoes to hike to the yoga spot. Send listings to us at:

For more event listings visit

october 22 Wanderlust 108 Miami 2016 7:30am to 3:45pm Virginia Key Beach Park, 4020 Virginia Key Beach Drive in Key Biscayne. Wanderlust 108 is a “mindful triathlon” bringing three events together to your favorite local park: a 5k run/walk, an outdoor yoga experience, and a guided meditation - but with a twist. Unlike most triathlons, Wanderlust places community above competition, inner peace above power, and self awareness above strength. From DJs on the main stage to lawn activities like hooping, slacklining and acroyoga, to local food and craft vendors, there’s plenty to do when you’re not on your mat. Nationally recognized teachers, speakers and musical talent are featured at each event to make for a fun-filled day. Visit

october 2016


The City Goddess Project

and Belly Dancing Yoga

By Paty Renda

Dance is meditation in motion: As we go through the moves, having fun with ourselves and paying attention to the music, we slowly feel lighter, the thoughts become silent and the focus goes to the rhythm, the beat, the feelings that come about on each step. Each step takes us deeper within, where the heart commands and we find our true selves. Dance creates body awareness We have so many expectations about our body that we forget to really pay attention to all the amazing things we can do. Movement, breath and asana done with an open heart gives us a new and much more real perspective of our bodies and in time it helps us develop appreciation for the present body, stimulating changes that come from love. Dance creates community A lot of times, women are afraid of trying a new class (dance or yoga) because they feel they do not fit. Here, I include everyone and reinforce the importance of diversity and community. Bodies will be different, ages will be different, cultures will be different and all of those differences put together in a fun and friendly environment will only make us stronger. At the end of class, it is common to see tears, hugs and a shower of compliments to one another.


he City Goddess Project is more than an idea, it’s a live being made out of millions of women worldwide, connected through their nurturing kindness and infinite power. The concept for this project came from over a decade of teaching at studios and gyms and noticing how difficult is for women to be comfortable with their bodies, their age and their femininity. Over and over, I’ve seen women hiding in the back, afraid of showing their bodies and giving up on feeling beautiful. Through Belly Dancing Yoga, I am watching women transform in many powerful ways, simply because:

At the end of class, it is common to see tears, hugs and a shower of compliments to one another.” - Paty Renda


Dance and Yoga both work on acceptance and detachment With each move, we relax, we detach from previous ideas, we become present and we accept all the beauty we truly possess. The class is focused on improving body image recreating the idea of a perfect body, enhancing women’s natural compassionate mind and working on self love by finding how other cultures see the female body, understanding and accepting the brutal marketing that always focuses on the negative and detaching from all of it so each girl can find her unique beauty and strength. There’s so much knowledge to be shared and so many beautiful possibilities of creating a better world just by intensifying our natural abilities! The City Goddess Project has a big path to follow and it is welcoming women of all ages, bodies, colors and cultures. The place has been created and it is safe, fun and friendly. The time is now to start a positive change. Much love, Paty

Paty Renda is a 200 hr certified Aananda Hatha Yoga teacher and Vedic Thai Bodywork practitioner. She also holds certifications from Baby Om Yoga, Kids Yoga, Seniors Yoga, Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork and Yoga Nidra meditation. Her wish is to make yoga playful, relaxing and appealing to every person in the world. Call Paty at 954 465-1310 or email at Also look for Paty Renda and The City Goddess Project on Facebook

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.


Namaste october 2016



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