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january 2017




january 2017

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Confidence in Headstand

In Sirsasana I, we want to utilize the forearms to relieve compression in the vertebrae and encourage fresh blood flow to the upper body organs.

by Lynzy Ferris


Studio Spotlight: Krama Yoga


Connecting With Terri Cooper

Krama Yoga Institute’s state-of-the-art studio in Davie, FL offers a broad range of yoga styles, from restorative to aerial yoga.

Terri Cooper is the founder of Connection Coalition (formerly Yoga Gangsters), and the owner of 305 YOGA, a karma yoga school with ten years of service.

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by David Ramoy


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Savasana: Subtle Art Firefighter Mike Bring It On, 2017! Yoga Myth Busters


Connection Coalition’s TERRI COOPER

Nutrition: Foods That Heal Jolie DeMarco: Energy Abounds


The 9 To 5 Yogi


january 2017


CONTRIBUTINGWRITERS Leslie Glickman Leslie Glickman is known for her passion for building community! Her mission is to make yoga accessible to everyone. She has been a teacher of teachers for over twenty years, a national presenter, guest speaker and community leader. Her vast involvement with the community makes her one of South Florida’s most recognized yoga personalities.

TODAYSYOGA Managing Editor David Ramoy

Associate Editor Lynzy Ferris

Associate Editor Julie Murphy

Pam Butler Pam Butler is a certified Chopra Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor, a certified Hot Fusion™ Flow Yoga Teacher, and a Creative Insight Journey Transformational Coach. She creatively uses body movement and mind practices to help quiet the mind and relax the body. Her unique combination of yoga and meditation comes from a place of deep experience. Through one-on-one coaching, group classes and workshops, her students learn specific techniques to shift into a state of balance and wellbeing.

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Paty Renda • Jessica Coyne Julie Murphy is South African and has been teaching yoga and meditation in the US since 2007. In a former life, she was a business exec in the high-tech industry. Julie is well known for her soothing Yoga Nidra work, and is energized by its positive impact. Her inspiration comes from experiencing yoga as a way for anyone to reach their full potential — in body, mind and spirit. For info on her CDs, downloads and yoga retreats, visit

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Cary Bayer taught Transcendental Meditation for three decades and is the founder of Higher Self Healing Meditation. A Life Coach, he’s worked with Oscar-winner Alan Arkin and Emmywinner David Steinberg. He’s the author of 13 books, including Higher Self Meditations. His syndicated column, “Life 101,” appears in wellness publications throughout the country. Visit

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Paty Renda is a 200 hour certified Aananda Hatha Yoga teacher and Vedic Thai Bodywork practitioner. She also holds certifications from Baby Om Yoga, Kids Yoga, Seniors Yoga, Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork and Yoga Nidra meditation. Her wish is to make yoga playful, relaxing and appealing to every person in the world. Email Paty at Also look for Paty Renda and The City Goddess Project on Facebook and at

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call 844 - 600 - YOGA e-mail: Nikki Bruno draws her inspiration from the natural world. She has spent time as a marine biologist, trail hiker, science teacher, yoga teacher, writer, musician, and she regularly races sailboats. She is the founder of Student Coaching Services, an education company that teaches students the real-life skills they need to succeed in today’s fast-paced world. You can learn more about her and her work at

Jessica Coyne is an E-RYT 500 yoga instructor and spiritual life coach in the Jupiter area. Between her Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology and her own colorful life experience, she is able to reach her students and clients on an intimate level. A longtime resident of Los Angeles, Jessica studied with some of the best teachers in the business, including Annie Carpenter and modern day guru, Gabrien. For more on Jessica including how to contact her, visit her website

Michelle Tamblyn graduated from the Anuttara 200 hour teacher training in July 2011 and the Level 2 Raja training in February 2012 after beginning a serious practice in yoga seven years ago. In addition she has training in Restorative and Yin Yoga. She is also a Reiki Master and Integrated Energy Therapy practitioner. Michelle can be reached at


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january 2017


Standing Alone Confidently in Headstand POSE SEQUENCE

In Sirsasana I, we want to utilize the forearms to relieve compression in the vertebrae and encourage fresh blood flow to the upper body organs. Important: Headstand is an intermediate to advanced pose and should only be practiced having had the supervision of an experienced yoga teacher. The following guidelines assume you are not new to headstand. Contraindications: Neck injury, Back injury, Headache, Heart condition, High blood pressure, Low blood pressure, Pregnancy Monica Schmidt (pictured) has been teaching yoga for seventeen years and is a certified RYT 500 Yoga Teacher. For more headstand info, read her article at


Dolphin Pose - Come down to your forearms from downward facing dog. If needed, soften the knees into a moderate bend. Intentionally lengthen into the hamstrings with each exhale to eventually fully straighten the legs.


Come down to the knees and place the back of the head into the open palms, with the crown of the head pressing down lightly onto the mat. Tuck your chin slightly towards your chest so that you feel the back of your neck lengthen. Light muscular contraction in the upper body before the legs leave the mat will create stability throughout the entire process. Feel as if your forearms lightly push the floor away from your head, avoiding compression in the vertebrae. Imagine one day, the ability to slip a piece of paper between the crown of your head and your mat while you are in headstand.

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Once the upper body feels stable, tuck your toes and begin to lift your knees from the mat. You will begin to feel as if your body is moving forward; which it is. Walk your feet closer to your body and try to avoid rounding in the upper back. See in your mind’s eye, your hips beginning to stack in line with your shoulders.



Owner American Yoga

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Standing Alone Confidently in Headstand POSE SEQUENCE


Bend the knee of your dominant leg and tuck it in towards you, toes pointing towards the sky. This helps bring more body weight over the shoulders. You are literally transferring your body weight from your legs into your upper body. The legs start to feel lighter, which helps them lift off the mat with less effort.


Start to extend your tucked leg up towards the sky. The more you extend this leg, the lighter the other leg will begin to feel. This stage can take some time when working away from the wall. Take incremental and safe steps towards a confident headstand practice. Consistency, optimism, and patience are key.


Sirsasana I Headstand - Now the focus is on staying up, rather than getting up! If you feel your body weight shift forward into your bound fists, push down into the fists, bringing more weight into the forearms. If your weight shifts more into your forearms as if you might be coming out of headstand the way you came in, press into the forearms, bringing more weight into the bound fists! Keep the core contracted and legs straight and strong. Breathe easy. Maintain for up to ten breaths. To exit the pose, slowly tuck knees into chest, keep your core muscles engaged, and feel the weight transfer back into the legs as you bring the feet to the mat. january 2017



rama Yoga Institute’s state-ofthe-art studio in Davie, FL offers a broad range of yoga styles, from restorative to aerial yoga. Co-owner, Edgar Perea, played soccer and basketball for many years, until he discovered how yoga not only fulfilled his exercise needs, but also created a tranquil state of being. Today’s Yoga chatted with Edgar to hear more about their second studio, recently opened in Weston, FL.

STUDIO SPOTLIGHT Krama Yoga Institute

Hi Edgar, tell us about Krama Yoga Institute. Just off the busy 595 is a quiet place known as Krama Yoga Institute. We have two large yoga rooms inside giving us the availability to offer more than one yoga style at a time. Early last year we revamped the common space to have more room for cubbies and props. Infrared heat lamps were moved to hang from the ceilings to create more room for Yogis, though not all classes are heated. All new students pay $18 for first class and receive one free month of unlimited yoga. Word around town is you guys have just expanded and opened a second location? Tell us about Krama Yoga Institute, Weston. Yes! Two years after our grand opening in Davie, we had brought authentic yoga to our community, built a special space which many people call home, and heard Weston was in need of the same. Our Weston


location is now open with two yoga rooms, a spacious lobby, boutique, and plenty of parking, just as our Davie location—only difference is showers! Multiple showers in both men and women bathrooms. Classes will begin as early as 6:30 a.m. for those yogis looking to practice early, shower, and head straight to work, and will run continuously throughout the day until 9 p.m. Both locations are open seven days week, offering over ten different styles of yoga and a pool of EXPERIENCED instructors for you to choose from. Amazing! Will new students also receive their first month free in your Weston location? Yes, we provide all first-time clients with the opportunity to try our institute for one full month as an unlimited member, for FREE. We believe what you put out is what you receive, and have proven just that with the success of our first location. Where can students find more information about your institutes, including pricing, events, class schedules? You can find everything you need on our easy-to-navigate and mobile-friendly website, All inquiries can be answered right away at 305-853-6681 or email us at info@

SAVASANA The Subtle Art of Stillness and Surrender BY JESSICA COYNE


re you someone who skips Savasana after a yoga class? You’re not alone. Our minds are constantly stimulated and I remind students that Savasana is their time—to revel in doing nothing for a sweet five to seven minutes. But most of us find it difficult as our to-do lists and inner dialogue keep playing like a broken record, over and over in our minds. Perhaps you are a single parent working overtime to provide for your family, or you started a new business that requires an exorbitant amount of energy, or you travel constantly for work. Whatever our personal situations are, it is vital that we take time to rest in the stillness of Savasana (especially after a beautiful yoga practice). Savasana is a form of self-care, and dismissing this need affects our lives, from our personal relationships to our jobs. I know; I speak from years of undervaluing my own selfcare. Feeling depleted, running on fumes and being short fused were the norm for me. Now, I cherish quiet moments and rely on them for the energy and serenity I need, to be the best version of myself. Savasana is also a position of surrender. That word alone, to some of us, can be disturbing. However, surrender is something I welcome. Ceasing attempts to control everything and letting go has allowed me to tap into an infinite power. When I surrender to things over which I am powerless, I allow the Universe to work its power. So, whether you practice Savasana at the end of a yoga practice, or whether Savasana is a metaphor for taking time for yourself and finding release, make it a priority. Do not skip it. Give yourself permission to be there. Soak up all of its sweetness.

january 2017



Gaby Ziri (doing handstand)

A native Floridian, I live with family in Boca Raton. You can usually find me (handstanding) by the ocean with my husband, photographer Vince Lanz, and our two boys. When I’m not by the water I work as an RN at my local hospital. Dabbling in yoga since 2013, it wasn’t until two years ago that I developed my daily personal practice. The magic has even spread to my kids who join me on my mat, and often make appearances on my Instagram account, @gaby__om.

Chloe Kovacs (on floor)

Born in Cambridge, MA., I have been a Floridian since the age of five. I was introduced to yoga in middle school but didn’t develop a steady yoga practice until I turned 20, three years ago. I now practice almost every day, with my favorite form of yoga being heated vinyasa. Besides practicing yoga I also enjoy stand-up paddleboarding and running. I am currently completing my 200 hour yoga teacher certification, while pursuing a degree in business administration.

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Attack of the Motivation Snatcher


ere’s a typical scenario many of us living up north go through on a given winter morning. We wake up happy, ready to hit the gym or attend early yoga class, then proceed to look out the window and see it’s snowing heavily . . . motivation now gone. Not only has motivation been ripped out of our bodies, but new thoughts enter our heads; like, “Damn, I have to shovel out my car”, or, “Do I really want to go to the early class now?” Many times this has happened to me, leading me either to skip the gym for a day or to reschedule a yoga class. Welcome to life of a New Yorker in the winter. This is one of the many reasons why so many of us New Yorkers long to retire to south Florida and forgo the unpleasantries of the winter season. But living in Florida doesn’t mean you won’t experience bad weather. A good heavy rain or tropical storm can wreak havoc on getting out of the house and also on your motivation. I’m someone who does not like to miss a day training. So, over the years I have learned to find ways to overcome the attack of the motivation snatchers, by simply creating home exercise. Here are two home workouts that you can try: 1) Take a yoga class via your TV or computer. Most cable providers usually offer “on-demand” yoga classes—so set up your yoga mat in front of your TV and find a class you like. You can also easily find yoga classes online and stream them from your phone or tablet right to your TV, or simply watch them on your device. 2) You don’t need any weights to fit in a decent workout. Your own body weight is sufficient at home. Try a circuit rotation of Push-ups to Squats to Sit-ups. Depending on your strength and training level, rotate through the three exercises, doing ten reps of each, ten times around. If after that you feel you could have done more, add more sets. You can increase the number of reps for each exercise the next time you do this workout. First and foremost, motivate yourself to get out of the house and get to your yoga class or to the gym. But in a scenario where weather conditions make it dangerous to drive or commute, then try these home alternatives! Always push yourself, no matter what scenario presents itself, and always stay positive! Mike Arciprete is a New York City Firefighter, Certified PT and Health & Fitness coach. Mike is an avid cook and enjoys teaching about clean eating. He has been practicing yoga for ten years.


january 2017



Terri Cooper Chats Up

Interviewed by David Ramoy

Connection Coalition


erri Cooper is the founder of Connection Coalition (formerly Yoga Gangsters), and the owner of 305 YOGA, a karma yoga school with ten years of service. A long-time trainer of teachers, Terri co-authored the curriculum for international yoga brand, All You Can Yoga and she is on faculty with Off The Mat, Into The World. Known for her strong spiritual message delivered through an uncensored teaching style, Terri drives a slow yet challenging vinyasa practice, with an accent on alignment and safety. She is committed to diversifying the face and shape of yoga, and can be found at conferences and festivals, spreading the message that yoga is for bodies of all size, color, and level of experience or ability. Today’s Yoga Magazine sat down for an interview with Terri recently to find out more about Connection Coalition. Tell us about yourself and what led you to become a yoga instructor. In 2003, I was a twenty-eight-year-old college dropout. A chain smoking, insecure, hot mess. I was depressed, addicted and suffered from panic attacks. I was suicidal. In a rock bottom moment, I literally saw the light—and had a breakthrough that saved my life. But that first year of accountability and sobriety was awful. Yoga was the only thing that got me out of bed each day. Just six months later, I became a yoga teacher. Yoga is what has kept me on track ever since. Tell us about your organization, “Connection Coalition”. CoCo is a 501c(3) non-profit organization, which partners with schools, shelters, jails, rehabs and other organizations, to bring yoga, meditation and mindfulness to youth in crisis. We are based here in South Florida, with programs in seventeen states. We have 1,575 trained volunteer teachers and have worked with more than 16,000 kids. We started programs in 2003 under the name Yoga Gangsters, and rebranded to Coco in 2016. What led you to incorporate yoga into the lives of these kids? Yoga had such a profound change on me. I began teaching in shelters


and jails right away. I did not know what was happening at the time, but I saw the kids have mindfulness breakthroughs, again and again. It was incredible to watch young adults literally melt away tension, and find some moments of peace and truth, within themselves. It was the most rewarding and profound thing and it kept happening. Of course, today we know exactly what’s happening. Yoga and meditation regulate the nervous system. They enable folks to respond instead of react, and are valuable tools to manage the symptoms of trauma. Harvard, UCLA, Indiana State, and University of Miami (just to name a few) are proving the physical and emotional benefits of these practices. Where have you seen yoga make the biggest impact? There are so many stories from the mat. The one that comes to mind right now is from a weekly program I ran at the Miami Bridge, a youth shelter for homeless teens. Each week, I would take the kids

What’s on the horizon for Connection Coalition in 2017? After thirteen years of providing free yoga through the dedication of volunteers, this year we are moving into a paid program structure. Yep, many of our volunteers will become paid contractors. This has always been a dream for me, yet a challenging one to achieve. I’m proud to know we have finally broken through that boundary.

outside under a big oak tree. For several weeks, a young man by the name of Tyrone would come out with us. He never got on a mat. Would not sit in the circle. He would just lie down, a few feet away. But I knew he was listening and he was watching. He always had a few other dudes that followed him. He was a big, strong, quiet kind of leader. I would make sure to connect with him a few times each session. Often, he would crack a joke, insinuating that he was big and scary. He perceived my whiteness to mean I should be intimidated or uncomfortable in this environment. I got that he thought I would eventually view him as a threat, if I did not already. It was at that moment that I realized that he would never let me teach him yoga unless I first created connection.

Advice for kids in a crisis and they don’t know where to turn? Take a deep breath. I am so sorry that you have had to go through everything you have been through. You deserve better. You are worthy of love. Take another deep breath. Now, go get help. There are incredible organizations all across this country that can protect you, support you, and help you gain access to the resources you need. Once you are safe, you must learn to know and trust yourself. This is a simple thing to achieve through yoga. Give it a chance.

How does someone find out more information? People can visit our website www. or follow us on social media @ConnectionCoalition, but the best way to connect with us is to take our fifteen-hour Trauma Informed Outreach Training. It is a weekend intensive training, open to all yoga lovers who have a desire to be of service to America’s kids. It is a life changer for most participants as we really break down brain function in relationship to trauma and pain, as well as in relation to meditation and mindfulness. We offer it several times a year with trainings in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach county. CoCo Trainings 2017 • 305 Yoga, Miami Shores, January 6-8 • Yoga Cure, Coconut Creek, March 24-26 • Yoga Journey, Boca Raton, dates TBD Photo credi: @NataliaVasquezphoto Natalia Vásquez is a photographer, artist, and yoga instructor based in Miami. Through her work she aims to reconnect people with their internal wisdom, strength, and beauty. Cover photo of Terri Cooper: Sean Egiziano - Today’s Yoga Magazine

My first priority was to ensure that these kids felt accepted exactly as they are. That I was not just another adult trying to change their behavior. Instead, I knew I had to create a safe space within the yoga setting for these kids to feel seen, heard and valued. I needed to let them know that it is not okay, the things they have had to go through. Also, it even makes sense that they are angry. I let them know that all of their negative feelings have a place in the yoga practice; a place where they can transform that into empowerment. To reach Tyrone, I had to first show trust and respect before I would get trust and respect. And, once I did, he and all his boys started to participate. I will never forget that day. I sat in my car and cried for twenty minutes before I could drive home. january 2017


The Seaside Sutras

By Nikki ‘Harini’ Bruno

Refreshing The Mind and Spirit


he new year always reminds me of freshness: clean, smooth snow coating the rough ground, and crisp, easy-to-breathe air filling the newly emptied space between branches. Even in South Florida, the dampness lightens and we can be (mostly) frizz- and sweat-free again. There’s something to be said for this purity, known to yogis as Saucha. Yoga philosophy recognizes the importance of cleanliness of mind, body, spirit, and environment. We have all probably experienced the frustration of grime that requires a tub of elbow grease to remove, while silently cursing ourselves for letting it cake up in the first place. Saucha offers our future selves the gift of an easier day tomorrow, by taking care of ourselves now. There are many examples of Saucha—such as decluttering your home, eating fresh foods, pumping your blood with exercise, and being mindful of the present moment. While we might put off cleaning our external lives until spring, cozying up indoors during winter offers us the perfect opportunity to do a little scrubbing of mind and spirit.


So, what dirty thoughts have been clogging your mind? No, not that kind!! I’m talking about thoughts that make you feel like you’re not presenting your best self, that make you doubt yourself and others, or that deflate your enthusiasm and your joy. Do you find yourself feeling anxious? Worried about what you can’t control? Or are you really just worried that you’ll react poorly? Do you find yourself feeling jealous? Do you feel it’s unfair for someone else to have what you don’t? Or do you really just feel you’ll never be good enough? Do you find yourself feeling spiteful? Do you think someone hurt you with intention and so you must avenge yourself? Or do you really just feel like you don’t deserve love? Most “dirty” thoughts like these can reveal if you are enjoying a present state of being. If not, you may need to break from reactive thought habits, and mindfulness is the perfect tool for this. The result of a regular mindfulness practice is better control over the wandering of your mind—

including of those thoughts that seem to wander off a cliff and into a stormy sea. Yet, a pure mind isn’t one without impure thoughts. It is a mind with the ability to clean itself as they pop up, instead of letting them accumulate until muck and gunk are all that you can feel. Mindfulness helps you recognize when the smudges appear, and immediately work to find a brighter, clearer perspective. So, use the fresh start of the new year to address mental grime. Begin to scrub yourself clean with the first step of forgiveness and forgive yourself for being so hard on yourself. Then, with a clean slate, practice maintenance of that purity. Saucha requires vigilance, but the reward is worth the effort. Since the season of giving gifts to others has come to a close, it is now the time to gift your future self the joy you fully deserve!

Bring it ON, 2017! Dear Fellow Yogis, As the first of the year rolls around, things like change, goals and resolutions come to mind. Though many of us have the best of intentions, we are rarely able to maintain, let alone achieve, our New Year’s resolutions. This brings us to the topic of EXPECTATIONS! What are they anyway?? Who needs them?!

by Corbin Stacy

Our friend, Deepak Chopra, MD, FACP, founder of The Chopra Foundation and co-founder of The Chopra Center for Wellbeing, says: “The most common ways that life expectations don’t turn out well, include the following; 1. Setting your expectations too low. 2. Stubbornly sticking to hopes and dreams beyond the likelihood that they will be fulfilled. 3. Clinging to your family’s expectations of who you are or should be. 4. Being defeated by bad experiences, setbacks that stifle your growth. 5. Becoming entangled in unsatisfying work or relationships.” Your friend Corbin here, says: 1. Get out of your own way! It’s time to be free … It’s time to release! It is 2017, and this isn’t a dress rehearsal, my friends … Go BIG AND go hOMe, baby!!!! 2. Your EGO is truly a female downdog! (wink) Stop listening to it, let life happen, trust the process, and release what no longer serves you! 3. Been there, done that … got the family tee!!! My family always cOMes first, but if you personally stem frOM lack of support I would say go out and “DO YOU!” There are too many resources in this modern day to stay stagnate, remain afraid or feel alone! Get out there! Make it happen!!! 4. Bad experiences will happen, setbacks will transpire, but at the end of

the day, your peace of mind resides with your own Satya —your own truth! People these days are keeping it #RealAF so get on board … Try not to let ANYTHING stifle your growth, and if negative thoughts attempt to rear their ugly head—TAKE IT TO YOUR YOGA MAT!!! Namastéééé!!!! 5. OK—I’ve had sOMe serious life lessons on this one topic over the past couple of years and I’m here to tell you—LOVE ALWAYS WINS!!! Always make love-based decisions at work and in your relationships and you’ll remain legit! Follow your heart, first and foremost!!! Crush 2017, Corbin

january 2017


YOGA THERAPY by Alexandra Pachter


have always been drawn to individuals who were in some sort of a state of suffering. While going though my own trials and tribulations, I found the path of yoga and I fell in love with its transformational and unveiling effects, not just asana.

After my first 200-hour training in 2012 with a Kripaluaffiliated school, I decided to dig deeper into myself, healing, and yoga. I had bridged some major gaps within my inner being and my physical being, through establishing an everevolving mind-body-spirit connection. Fast forward to 2017; I am a certified 1000-hour Integrative Yoga Therapist. I am so grateful to be working with different demographics of humanity throughout South Florida. What is yoga therapy? As a yoga therapist, I look at the individual as a whole, not just at their “dis-ease” or the symptoms of their “dis-ease” in contrast to western allopathic medicine. When I work with a client, I use the koshas (Sanskrit for sheath), which are the five layers of being: the physical body, breath/energy body, mental-emotional body, wisdom body, and spirit/bliss body. Looking through this lens is how I see and feel where the individual may be lacking connection within, which manifests into physical dis-ease. Much of this is subconscious. Before I work with a client, they complete an intake form to help me understand where they are in their life process, and to allow me to outline our session. After I do a brief postural assessment in person, the work begins. I use different yoga asanas or props for proper structural release and balance, joint-freeing movements, somatics, Ayurveda, different variations of pranayama, guided meditations, and yoga nidra. As a yoga therapist, I know which modalities will help bring the individual back to balance, and those which are contraindicative. It can become very complex, which is why looking at the whole individual being is vital. Someone could have an old belief system from childhood that has manifested into physical dis-ease or a blockage within life. Yoga therapy is for anyone. I work with clients and groups who have structural imbalances or sports injury, as well as people who deal with chronic stress, depression, anxiety, PTSD, addictions, eating disorders, or Alzheimer’s disease. Healing starts with the willingness to want to shift. And with that willingness to do the work, almost anything can happen. Alexandra Pachter is a certified Integrative and Functional Yoga Therapist and a Kripalu Yoga Teacher. She works with individuals and groups who are seeking healing, growth, and balance in life; from people in assisted living to those healing from addictions. Alexandra fell in love with the transformational effects of yoga in 2012 and knew that this was her medium for healing and for working with others. She offers strong yet creative vinyasa flow and a yin class at Yoga Aura in East Boca Raton, Florida.


Yoga Myth Busters

by Julie Murphy

“I’m Not Flexible Enough To Do Yoga”


f I had received a secret yoga power for every time I’ve heard that statement, I’d be enlightened by now. As yoga teachers, we shake our heads in frustration when we hear it, because that’s as illogical as saying I’m too dirty to take a shower. It’s precisely because you’re inflexible that you need yoga. Can’t touch your toes? Perfect! You’re an ideal candidate. If anything, you could benefit even more from yoga than the naturally flexible yogis, whose bones and joints genetically slot into place with minimal effort. Your stiffness means you’ll really feel the positive effects as your body starts to experience relief from being tight. Ultra-bendy yogis can also easily injure themselves through hyperextending their joints, or going too deeply into a pose. Lucky you, Mr or Ms Creaky Joints—the more inflexible you are, the quicker and louder your inner alarm will ring when you’re reaching your limits, and so you’ll stop (if your ego is in check) and avoid injury. Yoga isn’t about an end goal that culminates in a glamorous photo of an impossible pretzel pose, anyway. If we did manage to tuck one foot behind the head, does that make us a better person? Of course not. What does make us feel better is releasing tension in the body, easing the mind from the busyness of the day, and taking long, relaxing breaths. Ready to take your rigid limbs to the mat, then? Good. Some tips along the way:

1. Patience. Cultivate buckets of it. Without patience, you may force yourself too far into a pose, and cause injury. 2. Experiment and find a yoga class where you fit in, with an experienced and encouraging teacher who understands your body type. 3. Don’t give up after one or two classes. I’m naturally inflexible and I promise you, with regular practice, it does get easier—to the point that it can become seductively addictive, because you feel so good during and after yoga. 4. Explore. Be curious, instead of judgmental, about the physical mechanics of your body and how and when it feels challenged. What happens if you relax a bit in the poses, instead of trying so hard? Are you holding your breath instead of breathing with ease? 5. Warm up before yoga, especially if the weather is cold. Try a short walk, or arrive ten minutes early to do some simple stretches. 6. Avoid comparing and competing—with yourself as well as with others. It doesn’t matter what’s happening on the mat next to you. As long as you’re in the zone of safe alignment, measured breathing, and no pain, you will benefit from your practice. Go for it! Get your stiff and inflexible bod over to a yoga studio, recognize and smile at the other kindred spirits who can also hardly touch their knees, let alone their toes, and ease into some stretches that will make your muscles, joints and soul sigh with gratitude. Namaste. Julie Murphy has been teaching yoga and meditation in the US since 2007. She sees yoga as a way for anyone to reach their full potential in body, mind and spirit. You’ll find her at


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What Makes A Great Yoga Teacher?

I often get this question from students at our teacher training. Every time I answer it, I discover more nuances and I am reminded of how important the role of a yoga teacher is. Your first few yoga classes can determine the future of your practice; they can inspire you to seek further knowledge and to work on improving body/mind, or they can frustrate you to the point that you never come back to the mat. So, what makes a good yoga teacher? For some, it might be someone who is insightful, for others the teacher needs to be energetic and fun. Some people like famous yoga teachers and others prefer those who look and act like them. We all learn differently and a good teacher tries to understand each student’s body, personality and their way of learning. A good teacher learns how to connect to each student; building trust, so that they can open up to our teachings and offerings. Through acceptance and love, they engage in a healthy yoga practice which can take them deep into the path of self love, knowledge of self, and unity of body, mind and spirit. In my humble opinion, a good yoga teacher does not necessarily have the most advanced class—it is actually very easy to teach those who have experience and confidence in their practice. A good yoga teacher is one who can bring together all levels, body types and personalities, and create an unforgettable experience for all. A good yoga teacher also understands how scary it can be for someone to take their first yoga class, or to try an arm balance for the first time, and because of that she will show, with kindness, how confident she is that the student can achieve new milestones. A good yoga teacher does her best to live her yoga, to be the greatest example to her own students, even if that means showing her own weaknesses. She’s kind, loving, compassionate, friendly and humble. She encourages people to have fun when they fall and inspires them to try again. She’s the teacher who allows her own personality to shine through, in a mindful and caring way; enhancing people’s lives through love and connection. What do you think? In your opinion, what makes a great yoga teacher? Email your answer and other yoga questions to Let’s talk!

Much love, Paty

january 2017


FOOD • NUTRITION Chunkie Dunkies Have Done It Again

Chunkie Dunkies have taken pure, whole food ingredients and turned them into gourmet deliciousness with their introduction of Holiday Crunch Granola. With 100% organic ingredients like gluten-free rolled oats, raw almonds, pumpkin seeds, cold pressed coconut oil and cranberries, you will be hiding in the corner with this jar of flavor! Although its called “Holiday Crunch” this energy snack will be available year round. As with all Chunkie Dunkies products that feed your body nutrients while satisfying cravings…. this new addition will not let you down. Chunkie Dunkies are raw, vegan, gluten-free, dairyfree, soy-free, paleo friendly and non-GMO. Chunkie Dunkies Holiday Crunch be found at www.chunkiedunkies. com and at select retail locations.

55% of Americans Plan to Eat More Plant-Based Foods This Year

The results are in: Americans are officially opening their minds to vegan eats. According to a recent study by Wakefield Research, 55 percent of U.S. residents plan to eat more plant-based foods this year. Of the 55 percent, 36 percent say they’re going to eat somewhat more; and 19 percent, much more. The research was commissioned by House Foods (a leading tofu purveyor), and the results are in line with other, similar studies and indicators pointing to major change. Plant-based food was named a top trend for 2016, and a 2015 study indicated that 36 percent of Americans are open to plant-based eating. Also, according to the new data, “More than 1 in 3 (35 percent) Americans admit they like tofu, including 45 percent of Millennials.”

Foods That Heal by Cara Abaldo

“Both mind and body are expressions of consciousness. Only consciousness can change the mind and body since it is a field of infinite possibilities.” – Deepak Chopra


any of us know we need to eat more veggies and work out regularly to lose weight and feel more energized, but life happens and suddenly we are going in a different direction. As a Holistic Wellness Coach, my role is to be there as a guide and supporter throughout the transformation to consciousness. I create daily intentions and action steps with clients, to seek harmony within the mind, body and spirit. Wellness coaching complements the practice of yoga because it is about returning to a state of mindfulness; being mindful of what you do, and how you do it. In Yoga it is not just about the postures, or asanas, which translates as “seat”, or to sit in stillness. The challenge is to maintain that stillness while enduring a challenging posture. Our health also needs to be understood at this deeper level. Overall well being is not just physical appearance or strength. A truly healthy person will have sustained energy, a sharp mind, positive mindset, calm and patient demeanor, solid regular sleep, and happiness! If we focus on these life qualities, food choices become easier.

Food for the Soul The following ‘healing foods’ are essentials for all human beings to live a life of joy, individuality, and creativity, in order to manage stress effectively. Be completely honest and ask yourself these questions, even if you don’t like the answers: • What are your relationships like with family, friends, lovers? Are you open to meeting new people? • Do you practice physical activity? If not, why? • Is your career meaningful to you? Do you make time for you? If so, how do you choose to spend it? • What do you believe in—do you have spiritual inspiration? What do your answers teach you about yourself? Some emotions may come up that you were not expecting. Can you honor them with acknowledgement, and then move forward? This is the first step towards making successful long-term changes. Feeeeed me! “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates As a wellness coach, I work with individuals and small groups to learn their specific needs. We try different recipes to explore which may fit best. I teach which foods lower inflammation and improve digestive tissues, ease headaches, relieve joint aches, strengthen the immune system, and more. Just like Yoga, it is a practice; the practice of adding in healthy nourishment to naturally crowd out what doesn’t serve us. I have a passion for this—let me help guide you to overall health holistically. Do thanks and giving really just happen once a year?! Carasmatic Wellbeing is creating a spiritual community of givers— “Carasmatic Karma Sangha”! Follow us on Facebook to share in the gift of giving—everything from green space clean ups and brown bag lunches to essential needs for the homeless, and raising money for charities in need.

Cara Abaldo is a Holistic Wellness Coach, Nutritional Advisor and Yoga Instructor. For more about Cara visit her at



What Happens When We Eat? by Keri Knutson


odern life is busy. We eat on the go, or sometimes not at all. Trouble is, that can cause some serious health issues. The bottom line is the body needs fuel to maintain blood sugar for optimal wellness and energy levels. And the fuel that we run on is food. So, what happens in the body when we eat food or skip meals? When we get hungry and our body needs energy, our blood sugar drops. This is a sign our

body is saying, “Hey you, get my blood sugar back into balance!” In other words, “Please eat something, so I can run efficiently.” The primary organs for the process of balancing blood sugar are the pancreas, liver and adrenal glands. There are two ways this can work: the optimal (healthy) way and what I call the “fire-alarm” (unhealthy) way. In a healthy person, the body uses the pancreas and the liver primarily to regulate

blood sugar, keep energy levels even, and help the body run optimally. The pancreas releases the hormone insulin, which ushers glucose into the cells for energy. If there is extra glucose left over, it gets stored in the liver or the muscles as glycogen, which can be used later, in between meals for energy. Now, the “fire alarm” way involves the adrenal glands, which is when things can get a little scary. When there is not enough food/ energy in the body, for instance when we skip or delay eating, or rely on stimulants (i.e. caffeine), the body feels we are in a code-red, life-threatening emergency. The well-intended adrenal glands come to attention. They pump the hormone cortisol to replenish the glycogen (our energy reserves), and the body goes into a sympathetic state (a.k.a. the fight-or-flight response). This is that “code red” message. Adrenaline tells the liver, “Get busy producing glucose, there’s a tiger chasing me!” The liver complies, and the other five hundred or so functions of the liver are set aside in favor of the adrenals. When this occurs, the endocrine system (hormones) suffers. Poor blood sugar regulation can lead to adrenal exhaustion, which symptoms include: depression, fuzzy thinking, memory loss, lack of energy, increased time recovering from injury/illness, increased PMS, decreased tolerance, decreased productivity, decreased sex drive, decreased ability to handle stress,

4 Ways to Lean into Discomfort


n our fast-paced world, we often shut ourselves off from dealing with stress. Over time, this can compound and lead to anxiety and depression as well as physical disease. I often tell my students to lean into their discomfort and work with it, instead of avoid it. It’s really about being comfortable with being uncomfortable. A concept I refer to is, “Feel it in order to heal it.” Here are four steps on how to lean into discomfort, to reduce stress and maintain more balance: Step 1: Identify your biggest stress triggers—What stresses you out? Work? Family? A relationship? Identifying your stress triggers is an important first step in managing your stress. Write them down in a stress journal each day while observing your physical reactions; such as a tight jaw, grinding your teeth, a knot in your stomach, or feeling like it’s hard to breathe. What is your emotional reaction? You may notice anxiety, sadness, or anger. Overall, you could be experiencing poor sleep, fatigue, low blood sugar, a weakened immune system, or difficulty concentrating.

and many more. Adrenal exhaustion is related to further endocrine issues, including degrading the sex hormones, pituitary imbalances, and thyroid issues. Furthermore, when there is a chronic output of cortisol, the body performs the “cortisol steal”, where the adrenals steal nutrients and hormonal precursors from the rest of the endocrine system. All in all, blood sugar regulation is a pivotal part of being healthy. As we age, most of us (especially on the Standard America Diet=S.A.D) will experience hormone issues. If we can balance blood sugar by eating a whole-food, nutrient-dense, properly prepared diet, we’ll have a much better chance of staying healthy and enjoying a high quality of life. So, have a real-food snack, eat some healthy fats (they support the endocrine system) and vote with your fork by choosing quality, local and seasonal foods that support your body and brain. Kery Knutson is a Wellness Coach, certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Wellcoach® and RYT-200. She helps people looking to make changes in their lives in order to increase wellness toward thriving instead of surviving. Kery provides coaching for individuals, creates group workshops on holistic health topics and teaches yoga at Simply Yoga of Delray Beach. You’ll find her at

Discomfort can show up in many ways. Step 2: Use a mantra meditation—It may be impossible to remove stress triggers from your life, but you can deal with them in a positive way, which helps you feel more empowered and less overwhelmed. Try a short mantra meditation, such as, “Peace Begins With Me”, created by Gabrielle Bernstein. Here’s how it works: Repeat the mantra, “Peace begins with me,” while you place your thumb consecutively on each finger, with each word. Touch thumb to index finger, breathe deeply and say: PEACE. Touch thumb to middle finger, breathe deeply and say: BEGINS. Touch thumb to ring finger, breathe deeply and say: WITH. Touch thumb to pinky finger, breathe deeply and say: ME.


release tension and your mind let go of chatter. Step 3: Move your body—Get out in nature, hit the gym, or dance to a favorite song. Moving your body is important to combat stress, plus it boosts your confidence and improves your mood. Step 4: Sit in silence—When we sit quietly, our bodies release stress. If we spend a few minutes every day in meditation, it can help restore calm and inner peace. Focusing your attention on your breathing can give you that sense of calm and balance, benefiting your emotional wellbeing and overall health. Set a timer for five minutes and notice your breath without trying to manipulate it. As your thoughts begin to slow down, your stress starts to melt away. If you are avoiding your discomfort, I encourage you to spend a few minutes exploring it without judgment. Try this for a few weeks and watch as your life becomes more balanced and less chaotic.

Repeat this three times or more and feel your body

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Oska Pulse

Jolie DeMarco: An Abundance of Energy My Flora Aura is a mindful center and retail store in Boca Raton, Florida, where shoppers can enjoy an organic tea while browsing through the collection of crystals, jewelry and other holistic gifts. Today’s Yoga was curious to hear from owner, Jolie DeMarco, about what inspired her to create this peaceful sanctuary, known for its welcoming atmosphere and educational workshops.

Workout Pain? Relief at Last

Hi Jolie! Tell us about yourself and what led you to your spiritual path? Have you ever had a strong feeling to do or not do something and subsequent events proved your feeling was right? Of course you have—we all have! These are the events that led up to my own heightened senses. I found that other sources of higher powers guide us in positive ways, and now I gracefully oblige in being the conduit of messages for people who want to know more. When I was a kid, I always felt “energy”. I didn’t know what it was, but I felt it. My parents assumed I was just afraid of the dark, because I would always need lights on to sleep. It was because I saw and detected more energy at nighttime. I heard messages from sources other than people. I had an inner knowing of occurrences; I just thought that was normal.

four times a week, Intuitive workshops and interesting classes every month. What do you hope people come away with when visiting your crystal shop? Everyone needs that “space” where they can just chill—it’s an enchanted place where people can relax and feel unburdened. My Flora Aura has the best energy from crystals, spirituallyguided art, and good, honest intentions from everyone who works in our space. I believe that makes it an experience people feel and remember.

I’ll fast forward to about 2008 to 2010ish. I learned I was clairvoyant and I was channeling messages from Angels to give readings for friends. I ignored messages I received to change my career, and then became ill—I believe I was slowed down so I could listen to these guides of light. At the time, I had a wedding floral business, and was also the in-house florist at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Trump’s place. One day, I heard very loudly—the Angelic voice said, “Do readings for others. Help. Give them guidance with our words and knowledge.” I replied, “But how will I earn a living?” Within three minutes of hearing this message, my phone rang. I answered and a woman said to me, “Hi, I am friends with Kris, can I pay you to do a reading for me?” I was stunned. The “Angel voice” had answered me. It was super clear—it was time to change!

For a limited time, purchase an Oska Pulse for $349. $50 off the regular $399 retail price (plus free shipping).

To order visit or call 844-317-4433. Mention yoga15 to receive your discount.


I opened my dream place to share, called My Flora Aura. Tell us about your crystal shop and the variety of services you offer. At My Flora Aura we offer a homey feeling of love and acceptance. We have free organic teas, over three hundred types of crystals, four crystal healing rooms, meditations, group Reiki healing circles

What are some of your favorite crystals to work with? I love gems and crystals! I am a crystal junkie! My faves are the powerful life changers called Auralite 23, Super 7, Modavite and Tiger’s Eye. All crystals have vibratory frequencies that can sync, heal or adjust our energetic bodies. We offer rooms with crystals in the walls—come and feel their good vibes and learn about the crystals you are attracted to. How do we find out more information? We are open Mondays through Thursdays, 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., and Fridays and Saturdays, 11 am. to 5 p.m. 26 SE 4th Street in Boca Raton 561-901-5808 •

So You Want To Own A Yoga Studio

by Talat Kayar

Meditations On Managing Risk


tarting a new business in today’s fast-paced marketplace and volatile economic landscape can be a daunting challenge, rife with fear and uncertainty. As well it should be, since this particular endeavor can involve stomach-churning amounts of risk. As the old adage goes, ‘the greater the risk, the greater the reward.’ The recent wild-fiery spread of yoga across the nation should help to balance this risk against the anticipated upside. A recent survey by Yoga Alliance and Yoga Journal cites some 37 million yoga practitioners in the U.S. today; up from 20 million in 2013. A near doubling in three years indicates plenty of potential upside. However, that old adage does not account for risk management or mitigation, so we must. How does a business owner manage the invariable risk associated with operating a new business, a yoga studio? It’s not possible to account for every single contingency. What if another studio opens right across the street from yours? What if a hurricane blows the roof off your studio? Yoga al fresco? No … better consult your commercial lease (see the first installment of this series, Today’s Yoga, October 2016). In contrast, some risks can be managed with due diligence via the industrystandard, Commercial General Liability insurance (GCL). That’s right, just like your auto insurance manages risk associated with all things automobile-related, your GCL can help manage many businessassociated risks. But beware, or rather, be aware: not all GCL policies are the same. There are situations common to yoga studios and health clubs for which there are specific types of coverage. Ok great, we need to review the mechanics of insurance? BORING! Fine, let’s start with something interesting: Abuse or Molestation Coverage can cover your studio if an instructor is blamed for perhaps adjusting a student inappropriately. An occurrence of

this sort can irreparably damage a studio or an instructor’s reputation and can wreak havoc within a community. To buffer this risk, one can purchase coverage for ‘damages arising from abuse, molestation or exploitation by employees, volunteer workers and independent contractors for occurrences against a person who was involved or participating in a program, service, event or other activity sponsored, organized, operated, managed or otherwise directed by the insured.’ Broad language like this is intended to protect against multiple eventualities, contemplating more than standard W-2 employees, and can conceivably cover instructor-against-instructor abuse. The point is, if it happens at your studio, no matter who accuses whom, minimizing exposure is paramount.

There are situations common to

yoga studios and health clubs for which there are specific types of coverage.

Consequently, a second component of this coverage offers protection in the form of Employee, Volunteer Worker and Independent Contractor Defense Coverage. These scenarios can call the veracity of the claims and accusations into question. Abuse and molestation coverage can pay the defense costs for an employee who is alleged to be involved in an act of abuse, molestation or exploitation until that individual is adjudicated guilty or is determined legally liable via civil discovery or investigation. Ok, now the BORING stuff. We’ll keep it short. An important consideration is determining the covered individuals and locations. Does coverage extend to independent contractors and employees, or only studio owners? Does the policy cover

classes held at parks or the beach? Apart from the ‘who’ and ‘where’, the ‘what’ is also important: Professional Liability Coverage will cover damages from injury arising out of a ‘professional incident’, i.e. the actual instruction. More Fun Stuff: Exclusions! Insurance policies are famous for spelling out what is NOT covered. Exclusions range from nuclear energy liability, wall-climbing, parkour, cage sports and trampolines, to disclosure of personal information and STDs. For yoga studios, GCL policies can exclude ‘athletic or exercise equipment’ manufactured by you or by others to your specifications; so, no handicrafts that can potentially injure. Exclusions for ‘Corporal Punishment’ to students administered by, or at the direction of, any insured, can rule out a good ol’ fashioned ass-whuppin’ but having a student kneel in dry rice … debatable. A key consideration is the Nutrition or Dietary Supplement Exclusion. Recommending, producing, promoting or selling vitamins, minerals, herbal, nutritional or medicinal supplements, unless you are a licensed or certified dietician or nutritionist, is a no-no and can land you in hot water, like those herbal teas you may be promoting (ugh, I know, that was bad, but I couldn’t resist). Finally, insurance companies will offer risk management services for hazard identification, on-site inspections, consultation services regarding safety and health issues, and accident prevention methods. If you do your homework, you’ll sleep easier knowing that you’re covered. The above article has been prepared and published for informational purposes only. None of this information contained therein is offered, nor should be construed, as legal advice. Talat Kayar is a local practicing attorney and studio owner of Cozi Yogi in Lake Worth, FL. Contact him at

january 2017


Expires on January 31, 2016




The Importance of Learning to Slow Down


ore and more people are talking about how they need to slow down the fast pace of their lives. We are conditioned to always be doing something to feel like we are being productive. Relaxation is considered a luxury. We over schedule our time and are always striving to go faster to get everything accomplished. Instead of hurrying through everything, taking your time and enjoying your activities will elevate your mood and you will get more done. While rushing directs our attention towards the future, yoga and meditation teach us how to stay focused in the present moment. They make space for stillness and allow us to be at ease at the very center of our being. Through meditation, we access that quiet place within, finding calmness and peace, and slowing down our thoughts. We can become more centered in our activities, being present and aware in the moment. Each situation can become an opportunity to center the mind, no matter what the external circumstances are. To feel more centered, you might focus on a mantra, or maintain an awareness of

your breath. The breath is smooth and even when you are calm, and irregular when you are anxious or upset. Conscious breathing is an accessible starting point for everyone, to bring you into a peaceful state. Through regular practice, you will be able to clear the mind of many disturbances. Make it a priority to make time for yourself to slow down. Just a short amount of time every day can lead to positive change. It is not reasonable to come from a rush of activities and anxieties, sit down and expect to immediately become calm. First, make the decision: this time is set aside for yoga, meditation, and relaxation. By making the conscious choice to slow down, it automatically becomes easier. Slowing down and focusing on each moment can help us discover hidden teachings in even the simplest of events. It allows us to notice the beauty and pleasures in even the most ordinary activities. Judith Lasater, one of the foremost teachers of Restorative Yoga, says: “Slowing down is the same thing as waking up.” I think it is time for us all to slow down and enjoy the experience of waking up.

After the Yoga Retreat: Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind

If you find it hard to return to “normal life” after a magical yoga retreat, that’s no surprise. No cheerful toucans or sweeping vistas of volcanoes to brighten your day? Here are some useful tips for how to hold on to bliss and happy vibes once you’re back in your world of responsibilities, tasks and possible daily stress. • Write down one positive insight you learnt—an asana instruction, a new eating habit, or a revelation about yourself—and read it often, for inspiration. • Use your gorgeous Instagram pics as screen savers, or call them to mind in meditation, as triggers for recreating happy emotions.

• Keep in touch with the new yoga buddies you made through shared laughter and adventures. Retreats offer you the chance to make lasting and meaningful friendships. • Create mini-retreats at home. Schedule regular time when you disconnect from emails, texts, and social media, and indulge in reflection, healthy eating and some pampering. • Plan your next yoga retreat! There will never be a perfect time when your calendar is clear of all responsibilities and projects. Make a commitment to restore, refresh and replenish. You deserve it. Karen Pagano and Julie Murphy delight in leading yoga retreats to spectacular destinations. See yoga-retreats for their next adventure to Guatemala in May 2017. january 2017


The Eight Limb Path to live your life as a yogi… by Leslie Glickman


he Eight Limb Path laid out by Patanjali for yoga, is not only a way of discovering this magical and ancient practice, but also a way of living consciously. It is a lifelong process, to be taken in baby steps. Join me on this journey, one teaching at a time, in each issue of Today’s Yoga magazine, and discover the simple yet profound insights to living your yoga. Are you really practicing yoga both on and off the mat?

The first limb of the Eight Limb Path is the Yamas, which have five distinct teachings. Ahimsa: doing the least amount of harm; Satya: the truth; Asteya: non-stealing; Brahmacharya: moderation in all things; and Aparigraha: non-coveting. This month’s focus is on the third Yama; Asteya. Patanjali so brilliantly places the teachings in order, with each practice building on the previous one. Let’s go back to previous discussions about Ahimsa and Satya. The concepts of “the least amount of harm”, and “truthfulness” are the foundation for applying Asteya. If we mean no harm to others and we’re living our truth, we would never steal something that is not ours. There are also more subtle meanings to this yama, beyond not stealing. What else do we steal, besides things? Have you ever stolen someone’s ideas, time, joy, or even someone’s “thunder”? We all have. Probably unintentionally, but that is precisely the point! Yoga asks us to pay attention, to respect others’ time, to share their joy, support their ideas, and elevate them as opposed to put them down. If our own lives were full, there would be no need to take anything away from anyone. We cannot live fully when we feel we are lacking. Starting a



Teacher Burnout


eminisce with me if you will, for a moment. Call to mind that recent or maybe not so recent day that you were officially handed your yoga teacher training certification. The clouds parted, the angels sang, and all was right with the world because you were officially part of something bigger and more healing than you ever thought imaginable. You couldn’t wait to help people elevate their practice; to help them cultivate that ever so intimate relationship between the mind and body and guide them to respond, not react, both on and off the mat. Cut to a year or five later, and you are wondering what day it is, why the little sanity you do have seems to show up solely while you are teaching, and—most importantly—where the heck your own personal practice went. This one is for you, my fellow yoga teacher-warriors. Teacher burnout is a real thing. Whether you are a yogi who teaches 15 to 20+ classes a week, privates and/or workshops, a studio owner who teaches throughout the week, or maybe a yoga teacher who works a full-time job whilst teaching a few classes on evenings/weekends; creating time to check in with yourself doesn’t come by often. Therefore, we must actively engrave it into our schedules, just like we do with our other commitments. Just because we


daily gratitude practice helps us see there is abundance all around us. Being on time for appointments, celebrating others, listening before you speak—these are all ways to practice Asteya. The work may not easy, but it is worth it. This new way of thinking and behaving will develop into a way of life and you will begin to shift. This month’s challenge is to catch yourself any time you take anything, in any way. This simple concept can become deeply profound work and it is a big step towards really being a yogi! Apply Asteya on and off the mat and then please share your experience with me. Feel free to email me at don’t get a paycheck from taking class, doesn’t mean it’s not important— quite the opposite, actually. Now, I could take you through each of the Eight Limbs of Yoga and explain why balancing life on and off the mat is imperative. However, to be honest, I feel like most of you are much wiser than I, and have already traveled down that road. So, let’s take a different road together, perhaps the road less traveled. Take some time for yourself and create a comfortable quiet space to sit with a paper and pen; maybe you even grab your favorite tea and pillow because, hey, why not? Get cozy and get real. Ask yourself if you feel inspired, if you feel rested, if you have enough time for yourself and for your yoga—among some other self-love centric questions you might feel compelled to dive into. Then, take action. Schedule yourself to attend a workshop, make time for yoga classes, or get inspired by reading some yoga literature. The goal here is to get back to your elevated higher self and cultivate balance. There are a million reasons why we “should” put other people and tasks before ourselves, but I think we all know where that gets us— it’s probably what made us begin yoga in the first place. Just because we are yoga teachers, doesn’t mean we have stopped learning the very principles we teach our eager students; and goodness knows we are not perfect. So, with love, light and plenty of imperfections; I wish you rejuvenation in mind, body, and spirit, and a beautifully balanced 2017. Stephanie is a 200-hour certified vinyasa yoga teacher and has her Reiki level I certification. She teaches at Hot Salutations and American Yoga.

Face it! Your Face Needs Yoga, Too

Nicole Bowdler

MESSAGES FROM METATRON January 2017 Monthly Forecast

from Archangel Metatron channeled through Nicole Bowdler


ant to look like you had a facelift without the surgery? Try these seven yoga facial exercises to give you that youthful look.

1. Raise your eyebrows as high as you can and hold them there for five seconds.


Open your mouth as wide as possible and stick your tongue out as far as you can. Hold for a few seconds.

3. Take your three center fingers, press

down on your cheeks and smile as hard as you can, to raise your cheek muscles up against your fingers.

4. Move your nose as much as you can, from side to side.

5. Lift your eyebrows as high as you can,

open your eyes as wide as possible, and frown at the same time.

6. Pucker your lips and push them out as far as possible into the shape of an “O�. Then change your expression into a wide smile. Repeat several times.

7. Sit or stand and look up at the ceiling. Pucker your lips, push them out, and stick your tongue out as far as possible to exercise your neck muscles.


lobal change is upon us. The states are dividing in succession and belief systems are following. You are traveling in a much higher state of awareness than you ever knew possible. But what makes this the most pivotal of all, is your guidance and free will to see the world you wish to exist in. We will have the opportunity this month to see the dimensions split apart. You will literally not be able to have conversations with people who are in a different vibration than you. Should this cause upset, turmoil? No way! What it will do is make ample room for you to move within the dimension that is abundant for your growth and will cause you to expand internally. You will allow the space for humans to just BE, and not conform to one idea or another. How marvelous this will be to magnify your experience as a human and resolve the issues of pleasing everyone around you. Be yourself. Stand up for change, and see the beauty in everything. The Earth has tilted her axis and we are pointing away from the sun and closer to the Milky Way galaxy. This global position will automatically preserve light here on the planet and create instant spiritual awakenings. January 12, 2017 will be reported as a day of contact. Desire to awaken to the ethers and the light beings around you will provide fruit on this day. The Angelic Realm will support this unfolding and grant you access to a deeper knowing of this truth. We have heard your requests; now listen for the guidance, the knowing within.

Since the dimensions are splitting again and the veil is being pulled back, we urge you to use your judgement when conversing with the ethers. All fear-based realities are being eradicated from this planet. We have ample help from every star system and galaxy around us to transport the lower energies back to their home. When Earth is recalibrating, you will see a ton of upset and strife; this is in order to cleanse properly, so that she can awaken herself. Mother Earth is moving up in frequency. As her children awaken, so do her immediate surroundings. She is getting a facelift and it starts at her core. Mama Earth has already begun to send shock waves of energy streaming right from her center and pushing out sonic waves of transformation. This will again support the major splits in dimensions and time, allowing for the Angelic Realm to say HI! Archangel Metatron here, and we do agree that you are indeed a specimen of the most poised reality. Ready for change and desiring new filters to see the world in. We applaud you for staying the course, for not giving up, and want you to know you will see monumental change this year. Some you will agree with and some you will not. But let it be known, your spirit chose this very auspicious time indeed to incarnate and have a front row seat for all of it!

With love, Nicole and Metatron

Nicole Bowdler is a yogini, stargazer and physical medium for Archangel Metatron. He activated her path as a physical medium and helped her attune to multi-dimensional reality. The Angelic mission here on Earth is to help humanity remember their Divine Self. The divine remembrance of humanity is love, unity, and abundance for all of creation. For private sessions with Metatron, go to www. january 2017



For more event listings visit based on the practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness is “the awareness that arises from paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.” $0 – $495

JANUARY January 4 Free Pilates in The Park: Coconut Grove Peacock Park, 2820 McFarlane Road 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM EST The Coconut Grove BID has teamed up with local pilates instructor, Rachel Scherdin to bring FREE community pilates classes to Peacock Park every Wed. evening from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. January 5 Bhagavad Gita Study: @ Iyengar Yoga Center of the Palm Beaches. Thursday, Course starts January 5th for 4 weeks. Donation. 561-699-4811 January 6 Sacred Heart Breathing with Aaron Erickson @ Yoga Journey Studio, 1950 Glades Road, Boca Raton in the Wyndham Hotel (5th floor). 6-8pm Super charge your life with Sacred Heart Breathing. Live Music by Doug Tessler and Simm Gottesman $45 investment January 6 – 8 West Broward Mindfulness 3 Day Retreat 4:00pm Fri - 1:00pm Sun. Casa San Carlos-Retreat Center 9600 West Atlantic Avenue Delray Beach, FL 33446 $272.22 per person for a shared room **$323.47 for a private room

January 7 Health and Wellness Grand Opening Event 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM 1035 West Gateway Blvd Suite 204 in Boynton Beach ACTIV8 Mind & Body is hosting our Health and Wellness Grand Opening Event on January 7,2017. This event is free for everyone! We will be offering a full day of free workout classes, Give Aways, Nutritional advice and sampling as well as our Grand Raffle and Special Guest. January 7, 14, 21, 28 Yoga in the Park with Leslie Glickman. Every Saturday at Sanborn Square Park, Federal Hwy, Downtown Boca Raton 9 10 am. Free Weekly Community Yoga Event. January 10 Free Your Feminine 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM $25 Defy Gravity Yoga Studio 5821 N Federal Highway in Boca Raton This two-hour class for women allows you to step into your feminine flow and discover or rediscover your inner sexy in a safe and nurturing environment. January 10 2017 Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) with Free Orientation 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM Sabeena Yoga, 7101 W Commercial Blvd, Ste 4B in Fort Lauderdale MBSR is an experiential program

January 11 Healthy Food Classes: Demystifying Mylks and Assorted Non-Dairy Alternative. Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach 411 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM Taste test a dozen non-dairy “mylks” and compare them to understand how to substitute them, what each flavor is best used for, and where to best shop for your new favorite. Free January 17 The 5 Essentials to Life The Original Mario the Baker 1007 North State Road 7, W. Palm Beach Everyone deserves the 5 essentials! We are providing a FREE community dinner so that we can share the most effective health knowledge there is! By integrating nerve supply, nutrition, exercise, detoxification, and mindset through the transformational 5 EssentialsTM Maximized Living gives you the keys to unlock the life and longevity you deserve. 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM January 21 Hot Yogi Fest Out West- Part 2 Weston Regional Park 20200 Saddle Club Road in Weston 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM $8 – $15 A Yoga, Health and Wellness Festival Satsang, Kirtan and Dancing with Premshakti at IYCPB. Come join us for this mindful, heart felt practice of chanting, dancing and satsang to clear our minds, to elevate our energy and to find our true selves. $35 2:00 - 4:30 For more info call 561-699-4811 Anatomy & Kinesiology with Alex DaSilva Trio Yoga, 2330 NE 2 Ave, Miami 2-4pm $40 In the workshop students will learn about dynamic movement, motor patterns, anatomy, common injuries and how to heal and work with them. Learn from Alex DaSilva who has had the honor of working with professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL, & soccer. He currently works closely with the Miami Dolphins and is the founder of Miami Flexibility Trainers. January 21 - 22 Ladybug Yoga Children’s Teacher Training YACEP- American Yoga, 1645 SE 3rd Ct Deerfield Beach. Our 10 hour, 2 day training is a dynamic, interactive and fun training program geared towards anyone seeking to or currently working with children. Saturday, 12:30pm-5:30pm, Sunday, 12:30pm5:30pm For more Information & to Register: Call: 754-244-5596 Email:


January 21 & 22 Chakra Journey with Terri Cooper @ Yoga Journey Studio, 1950 Glades Road, Boca Raton in the Wyndham Hotel (5th floor). Our chakras show us where we are avoiding, where we overcompensate and where we are completely shut down. They tell us not only the story of our past, but can predict where we are heading. Through yoga practice, intermediate breath work, reading/writing and group discussion, we will come to understand, balance and heal our 7 chakras. Investment - $299 January 24 Tunie’s 17th Annual Health & Wellness Seminar Coral Springs Center for the Arts 2855 Coral Springs Drive, Coral Springs 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM This event is open to the public and will feature an incredible line-up of nationally renowned presenters who will speak on the most relevant and compelling topics in the areas of nutrition, natural products, supplements, and alternative remedies for the optimum health of people and our planet. FREE January 27-29 Yomu, Kid Yoga Teacher Training weekend 1 w/ Cynthia Zak Preuss 305 Yoga Miami Shores Studio. For more info visit January 28 TRI for the kids Deerfield Beach Aquatic Center 501 Southeast 6th Avenue Deerfield Beach 7:30 AM – 10:30 AM EST Come test your athleticism at TRI for the Kids! A fundraiser for Broward Children’s Center, hosted by CrossFit Deerfield Beach. Compete in a 500 meter swim, 1 mile run, and 2,000 meter row for a cause! $25 per person, $50 per team.

FEBRUARY February 8 Use of Labyrinths across Religions with Labyrinth Walk 6-7 pm Snyder Sanctuary at Lynn University in Boca Raton. Join us for a discussion on the Use of Labyrinths across Religions with Mark Luttio, Associate Professor of Religion College of Arts and Sciences, Father Bernard of St Martin Church, Rabbi Marc Labowitz of Temple Adath Or and Venerable Tendron, the resident teacher at Tubten Kunga Center and an ordained Buddhist nun. We will invite guests to walk the labyrinth upon completion of our discussion. Kindly RSVP:

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THE FOURTH (STATE’S) THE CHARM “The fourth (state of consciousness), say the wise, is not subjective experience, nor objective experience, nor experience intermediate between these two, nor is it a negative condition which is neither consciousness nor unconsciousness. It is not the knowledge of the senses, nor is it relative knowledge, nor yet inferential knowledge. Beyond the senses, beyond the understanding, beyond all expression, is the Fourth. It is pure unitary consciousness, wherein awareness of the world and of multiplicity is completely obliterated. It is ineffable peace. It is the supreme good. It is One without a second. It is the Self. Know it alone!” – The Upanishads


nless you’re Rip Van Winkle or in a coma, you’re familiar on a daily basis with three changing states of consciousness. They are dreamless sleep, dreaming, and waking. Underlying this trio of changing states is a fourth state–described above–that most people never glimpse. It’s non-changing, beyond time, your true Self and bliss to boot. When we live without it as a cushion, we’re like a soccer ball kicked around; with it, we live steadfast peace, regardless of what happens. How to Awaken the Fourth Connecting to your higher Self in this fourth state is possible at any moment while waking, in sleep, or dreaming. That’s because your higher Self - the infinite peace of your inner non-changing Being - underlies every moment of the three changing states. The easiest way


to contact this state of Being, beyond activity, perception, thought and feeling, is to allow your changing mind to settle into the nonchanging peace of the Self. Meditation is the best way to do that because, being seated, you’re not going anywhere, and with eyes closed, you’ve begun to reduce perception. When you use a mantra to quiet the mind you further raise the odds for making contact with the fourth state. For purposes of full disclosure, I’ve been contacting this fourth state since I was 17, when I learned Transcendental Meditation (TM). Three years later, I began to teach it, too, and taught many hundreds of others through 2009, training dozens of teachers, as well. In 2010, inspired by this experience as a meditator and meditation teacher, I launched Higher Self Meditation, which accomplishes this contact with the Fourth as effectively as TM, and at a third of the cost. If you’re one of those people who hasn’t yet connected to the infinite silence, peace, and bliss of your higher Self—the nonchanging fourth state underlying your changing experiences of waking, dreaming, and sleeping–why not come home? When a runner does that in baseball, his teammates give him high-fives. If you do this in the meditation I teach you will feel high–and you’ll be on your way to experience state of consciousness five, in which the nonchanging fourth state co-exists on a 24/7 basis with the changing three states. But that’s a whole other column.

“The attitude of gratitude is the highest yoga.”


Namaste january 2017



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