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Remain Calm Amid the Chaos by Sunny Arfa


ow can a stressed, busy parent find more balance in life when they have no spare time? The ability to bring more harmony into your life is closer than you realize. Regardless of how hectic life feels, you can learn to ENJOY MORE while completing your daily responsibilities. Start by thinking better thoughts. Turn on your optimism and position your mind to look at your outer world as a wonderful place that is only getting better. As you recharge you’ll increase mental clarity and create a positive attitude shift. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Breathing is the key to relaxation. First implement a few deep breaths while you work, socialize or take care of the kids. Inhale deeply through the nose and enjoy the pause at the top. As you exhale, let go of all worries. By consciously breathing deeply, you will notice a deeper state of relaxation in your body. Your brain is now recharging. The brain fog lifts. You feel aware and focused. This will help you stay present so you can remember to upgrade your thoughts to a healthier, happier, positive minded loving soul. You’ll remember to refill your cup before giving it away to others. Breathing is your brain charger! Start affirming your intentions out loud



while you work, clean or drive. You can even sing them! The kids will enjoy it, too. I started my kids off with affirmations at age three. I’d have them stand in their power and speak with zest for life! This is exactly how we have to say our affirmations and mantras; with a strong feeling of love within our hearts so we connect the heart and mind. Kids may think it’s silly at first but they soon realize they too can put themselves in a relaxed trance in minutes. When we feel calm, we make better choices, like what to buy at the store, and what to cook and feed our family. You will find yourself having more energy to get everything done in a day once your mind is focused and peaceful. Next, you can start to chant a mantra, which helps all other thoughts dissolve and you go into that space between thoughts. At last, the mind is silent! Mission accomplished. If you are interested in receiving the perfect mantra for your meditation and to start living your daily life like a meditation, please feel free to call me. I once heard a line in an uplifting spiritual song by the angelic Felicia Rose, “Live your life like one big meditation.” And when I heard it, something shifted. In that moment, I thought, YES! I need to live my life like a meditation! I want to live my life every day with this new awareness! I hope you feel inspired to incorporate some of these daily tools so you too can live your life like one big meditation.

With rays of light, Sunny

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Todays Yoga Magazine - Early Summer 2017  

Todays Yoga Magazine - Early Summer 2017

Todays Yoga Magazine - Early Summer 2017  

Todays Yoga Magazine - Early Summer 2017