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44 F  inally! The Pounds Came Off



34 L  iving Before and After

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20 Way to Go Woman!

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48 Wellness Watch BY AMANDA BEAM

50  From Riches to Chocolate BY MELISSA DONALD

52 Passions BY AMANDA BEAM


55 Hot Happenings

40 F  urniture Before and After



58 Before You Go BY ALISSA HICKS


COVER Emilia Goodman. Read more about her on page 16.




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From the city to the countryside... OLD SCHOOL

Interview by LUCY M. PRITCHETT Photography by MELISSA DONALD


Francesca Jensen, 66, Innkeeper, Pillow and Paddock Bed and Breakfast, 3262 Old Sligo Road, La Grange, Ky.

“The South is an extremely nice place to live. Our desire to get out of the fast lane was completely satisfied when we moved here from San Diego. Living here is functionally easy for us to enjoy what we want to enjoy — theater, sporting events, local restaurants.”

• In the biz: Innkeeper since February 2011 • Family: Husband and co-host, Don Jensen BEFORE:

• Drove a black Corvette • Lived off a 14-lane expressway in San Diego • Worked as catering director at a five-star restaurant, as general manager of a restaurant and winery, and as special event director and wedding coordinator at a country club AFTER:

• Drives a maroon Ford pickup truck • Lives off a two-lane country road in La Grange • Works as chief cook and bottle washer, server, bedmaker, planner, designer, pillow fluffer, concierge, and meetand-greeter at the B&B Pillow and Paddock B&B was originally a 3,900-square-foot, three bedroom, three-and-a-half bath home. Now it has 6,200 square feet with seven guestrooms and sevenand-a-half bathrooms. There are four guest rooms and a kitchen/ lounge on the second floor. The top floor is a private suite with a sitting area and views of the countryside. The downstairs walk-out level is a two-bedroom apartment with its own kitchen and fireplace that is rented out to extended-stay guests.

“Some of our guests are amazed at how much there is to do and enjoy in this area. One couple came for a two-day getaway and ended up staying a week because there was so much more they wanted to see.” What the average American doesn’t understand about hospitality: “It’s not as easy as it looks.”

“I am still afraid to make grits.” Breakfast includes some combination of:

•F  resh fruit parfait made with yogurt and homemade granola

•B  ananas foster French toast with sausage patties •S  crambled eggs with dill

•F  rittata with home fries and Canadian bacon

•G  rilled ham steaks and fried eggs with biscuits •C  innamon rolls, puff pastries, nut bread

Go to TodaysWomanNow.com to see before and after photos of Pillow and Paddock Bed and Breakfast. 6




From the countryside to the city... NEW SCHOOL


Interview by LUCY M. PRITCHETT

Vice president of Helson Development Corporation

Photography by MELISSA DONALD

“I wanted to reassess what I wanted to accomplish in my ‘second act.’ That’s where the book and the company, Global Game Changers, came in.“

Jan Helson, 53, Vice president of Helson Development Corporation (201 E. Main Street in the Carlysle Building) • Neighborhood: St. Matthews/ Crescent Hill • Household: Husband, Tim Helson BEFORE:

Grew up on a farm in eastern Jefferson County. For almost 30 years, she and her husband owned and ran the day-today operations of a manufacturing company that produced specialty fats and oils for the industrial baking industry (sold in 2011).

When we bought the Carlysle Building, it still had the old meat lockers from the Armour Packing Company that used to be here. We wanted to preserve as much of the original elements as we could. We made things fit between columns and brick walls. We cut an atrium in the center of the building. We started with 16 rental units. As the commercial businesses have moved out, we have turned those spaces into residential space. We now have 27 units and will have 30 when we finish.


Owns two downtown residential properties: 626 E. Main (condos) and The Carlysle (apartments) and is a big promoter of downtown working and living. In 2012, she wrote and published a children’s book with her daughter, Rachel Helson, that tells the story of a team of fictional superheroes who recruit real kids doing good for others. This led to co-founding Global Game Changers, a nonprofit organization that promotes the concepts of philanthropy and compassion to young children. In the early ‘80s, we bought what was the old Abell Elevator Company at 626 E. Main and created 22 apartments. About five or six years ago, we gave it a facelift and took it from 22 units to six luxury units with 3,800-3,900 square feet each. We have sold two, and the other four we kept as rentals.

Inside one of the Carlysle apartments.

Inside a 626 E. Main condo.

99% of our tenants work downtown and walk or bicycle to work. 8



I love city living. I feel like Louisville has the vibrancy of a very big city but is a closeknit community as well. I am passionate about the theater and the restaurant scene here. There is a broader demographic living and working downtown than there was a decade or two ago. It makes for an exciting atmosphere.

Go to TodaysWomanNow.com to see before and after photos of the Carlysle Building. TODAY’S WOMAN


Making Big Changes

Written by MARIE BRADBY Photography by MELISSA DONALD

BETTY FOX: Executive Director, Dress for Success, Louisville There’s little difference between the fashionable women’s clothing boutique at Dress for Success Louisville (DFSL) on Guthrie Street downtown and the many upscale consignment shops that dot the city — except that at DFSL, there are no price tags, and clients come by referral only. “Many of our women have never worn a suit,” says Betty Fox, executive director of this international nonprofit. “For most women, this is their first job. We give them something nice to wear.” More than 100 social-service agencies, nonprofit organizations, and job-training programs in Kentucky and Southern Indiana (such as the Center for Women and Families, Family Scholar House, and the New Albany Housing Authority) send low-income and disadvantaged women to get fitted for appropriate business attire, Betty says. Since its inception in 2000, DFSL has helped more than 10,000 women prepare for jobs, get jobs, keep jobs, and ascend the career ladder. In June, the Louisville chapter won the Compass Award, a top honor from its worldwide office.

But with a staff of only three people, Betty, who holds an MBA from Bellarmine University and has directed nonprofits for most of her career, is quick to point out, “We couldn’t do this without our volunteers.” Nearly 100 volunteers assist with the boutique and with job training, including human resources staff from Norton Hospital and Fifth Third Bank, who conduct mock interviews. There are also sponsors such as UPS, which donated the computer career center; Wal-Mart, which sponsors the job readiness program; and Sam Meyers, which dry cleans the clothes. Bobbi Brown cosmetics donates makeup, and jeweler Lia Sophia donates jewelry. Betty gives a tour of the facility, past mannequins sharply outfitted in business suits and displays of suit tops, bottoms, blouses, and jewelry. Plaques and painted inscriptions line the walls. “Learn from yesterday. Live for today. Hope for tomorrow. Believe.” Betty points out a jacket on a mannequin that is embroidered with words. On the left in red are words clients say when they first arrive: “Discouraged, disgusted, rejected, overwhelmed, hopeless.” On the right side of the jacket are embroidered words clients say after they are dressed up: “Encouraged, hopeful, proud.” “We don’t just dress the person on the outside in a suit,” Betty says. “We dress them on the inside, too.” Betty, who adopted Louisville as her home when her military family settled here when she was a teenager, has two daughters and a granddaughter. Here are her tips for making changes in our lives:

an’t you c e around f I “ pl 2: Tip # e the peo e people g h chan hange t fear of theo c e you, d you! Th you stuck. uT, you p n e u aro n can ke around yo out,




looking in the Tip #1: “Rather than the window; that’s mirror, look outside e! Sometimes if we where the people ar s, we must get ething in our live want to change som ke that d inspire others to ma an s outside ourselve t doing sn’ wa I t bu t, igh lose we change. I wanted to ers oth re we re self. I knew the anything to help my ight, we e los d an fit t ge nted to just like me who wa h my g and fitness club wit so I started a walkin . Last ers oth d an , ers mb me family, friends, church on ers oth ng ds just by helpi year I lost 49.9 poun rney.” their weight-loss jou

ow ople , g et un k n h e p e t o g e t up e x t e v e n t t e g ch a n e w i l l i n g o ur n f in d b ! At y o must t moving a point t e e ay b e a n d g t i n g , m a k o m. I t m t i o ns c o e r e o nn e or m o’s in the t h e c hi e v e s h a w h nd c ho o ut ua re reams a d one w o help yo make su r e u o m y o t y s s s s ll ct t of u “Live n t a c t I p e r so na co n t a a Tip #4: ur passion. Mopsrecious o r co ne w e ls. e d a v a i o f o m g te y s your e three to tend. It’s r.” follow e our lives. We wa old. We stay in r at h t c aree I s e cu y e v e n t I y don’t liv a ms o n m t are no er e in g our dre work jobs tha c in n d tt n e u a r at e v p y , e time h famil rain us r di f f ars time wit s that d e y ma j o ip ty h y li s n a n a u o q relati t off er for m , a nd pu my moth yself. I am now fulf illing care of m k f o o to . t I h ke to do lost sig friends. Tip #3: “Make things happen what I li d I ha d e g z n li ri a e re v ! and f disco .” There is an old quote I love, and rocess o t star ted I share it in the p ld to ge o o often: ‘There are those that mak to r eve e things You’re n happen; those that let things happen; and those that go to sleep, wake up, and ask, “What happened?”’ Making chan Tip #5: “Spend more ges in our time alone lives requires self-discipline, com getting to know your mitment, inner self. and willpower. This year, I deci The pressures of thi ded that s world drain us. We anytime I buy a new item for need our inner self refres myself, I must hed daily to maintain give away something. So, I’ve our total well-being. I like donated quite to fill up on spiritual a few items to many charitable fruits as referenced causes. This in Galatians 5:22-23. commitment has helped me de-c The fruits are love, joy, pe lutter my ace, patience, kindn closet and house.” ess, goodness, faithfuln ess, and self-contro l.”




Happenings, news, celebrations, and tidbits that caught Today’s Woman’s eye this month. BY ANITA OLDHAM



BEFORE: A Gas Meter Reader Janet Strait read gas meters for a living and made belts for a hobby. Janet’s belts and amazing talent were discovered by a local woman who excitedly passed them along to her sister-in-law, an Emmy Award-winning costume designer and celebrity dresser.

AFTER: Belt Maker to the Stars

All of her belts are made using horse hardware and high-grade leather swashbucklersbelts.com.

Now Janet has all kinds of people donning her craft, such as the entire cast of Fran Drescher’s show, Happily Divorced.


A Cake Room BEFORE Kamah Patel had a normal living room

AFTER: Once Kamah was selected to create a 15 feet tall by 15 feet wide cake, her living room became a cake room... for six months! The finished cake, which was entirely edible except for the base, was displayed at the International Cake Exploration Societé convention held during August in Lexington.

Be inspired


by Paige Shumate Short of Paris, Ky.


BEFORE: Daughter of a blackberry farmer.

AFTER: CEO of Four-Tigers which develops botanical health and medical products derived from blackberries, a company she formed with her research partner, Dr. Russell J. Mumper in 2004. Their BerryCare Toothpaste Gum was recently placed in Kroger stores in the oral health care aisle.


From Pregnant to POWER


BEFORE: Susan Kwasny’s first pregnancy left her with 60 extra pounds, but she lost the weight and became the most fit she had ever been. She began power lifting as a result and was so passionate about her dramatic lifestyle change that she wanted to share this knowledge with other women, thus creating Intensity Fitness Bootcamps. AFTER: She opened The Studio by Intensity Fitness at 1508 Bardstown Road, which has a cycling studio overlooking Cherokee Park and offers Zumba, Barre, yoga and other fitness classes.

5 Suit Up Other Women!



Have fun and help out Prodigal Ministries at the 6th annual Christmas in September Runway Fashion Show and Boutique on September 5 at the Seelbach Hilton Louisville. prodigalky.org



Christmas in September?


We interviewed Betty Fox of Dress for Success Louisville on page 10. The nonprofit that she heads is having their Suit and Salad luncheon and silent auction fundraiser on October 11 at the Galt House Hotels from noon to 1:30pm. $125 for individual tickets or $500 for a table of 10. 502.584.8050.









Help raise $40,000 for Gilda’s Club with the Fleur de Lis Regatta, September 6-8. More than 30 sailboats will race the Ohio River and harbor next to the Great Lawn. Enjoy live bands, arts, and crafts. sailingforacure.org.


W is for Writer Author Sue Grafton will be signing W is for Wasted beginning at 5pm on September 12 at Carmichael’s Bookstore. Line numbers for the signing are available at both Carmichael’s locations and carmichaelsbookstore.com.



chuyler and Craig Heuser were enjoying life as a young family with their son and daughter when Craig was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. After Craig’s successful treatment, they heard about the Bike to Beat Cancer, an annual fundraising and bicycling event hosted by the Norton Healthcare Foundation. This event seemed like a perfect way to raise money and give back, but also get involved in something active to celebrate the completion of Craig’s treatment.

“It was wonderful being out there with so many survivors and friends and families riding for others, ” Schuyler says.

This year, the Bike to Beat Cancer, September 21, will feature a special Family Ride for families like the Heusers. A five-mile route with minimal public road usage has been planned so adults and kids can feel that sense of accomplishment from crossing the finish line. BiketoBeatCancer.org or 502.629.8060.


Sailing for a Cure BEFORE: Eight years ago, Louisvillian Julia Lewis sought out to tell the story of 1,000 years of sophisticated social, spiritual societies in pre-colonial Africa, which have never been heard in our Western curriculum.

AFTER: Julia assembled a comprehensive collection of African art, about which most Americans know little or nothing and is showcasing that exhibit now through mid-September at the Lyric Theatre and Cultural Arts Center at 300 East 3rd Street in Lexington. lexingtonlyric.com


It’s like saying Happy Birthday to our Gal Friends! Congrats to all these women-owned businesses who have been growing in their businesses about the same number of years as Today’s Woman.








RODEO DRIVE celebrates 20 years




CLODHOPPERS celebrated 20 years






STRANDZ AND THREADZ SALON in New Albany celebrated 20 years just recently.







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For seven years, Today’s Woman has been saying, ‘Way to Go Woman!’ These young women (age 40 and younger) deserve recognition for the strides they are making in different areas. This year, we added categories, honoring one woman in each category. By Tiffany White / Photos by Melissa Donald / Makeup by Amber Maloy, Blades Salon & Spa




Owner, Pinot’s Palette Younger Group Real Estate — Broker Noe Property Management — Broker/Agent Married to Anthony Noe, Children: Memphis, 2, and Mila, 8 months Biggest accomplishments:

“You don’t have to stay in the life that you are living. You can be better, achieve more, become happier.”

“For me, having a family has been my greatest accomplishment. I am very proud of my 13 years in real estate and the large amount of repeat and referral business I receive from past clients. I feel as though my hard work in real estate is what allowed me the opportunity to open Pinot’s Palette.”

Her businesses: Pinot’s Palette (opened November 2012) — “I started Pinot’s Palette because I loved the idea of bringing a fresh, fun concept to Louisville where people could get out and have a good time.” Real Estate — “I obtained my real estate license at age 21. The market was experiencing a boom, and I loved the idea of selling houses.”

What are some obstacles you have overcome? “When we started thinking about opening a paint and sip studio, I had a 1-year-old baby. Then, we found out we were expecting our second child. Trying to open a new company in my third trimester was very trying, to say the least. We were on tight budgets, and I was buying inventory, managing contractors, and hiring artists. We got our doors open November 9, and my water broke December 2 while shopping for studio supplies!”

What is your message? “I want moms, women, and younger women to know that it is possible! If you are stuck, make a change; if you want something different out of life, then do it! You can be better, achieve more, and become happier.”




Mollie is wearing: Dress, $70; Belt, $44 *All clothes were provided by White House/Black Market, 4266 Summit Plaza Dr., Suite C, 502.326.8945


/ facebook.com/todayswomanmagazine / @todayswomannow






“My goal each and every day is Married to Jerry Edison; Children, Deborah, 22, Tanedra, 20, to provide Clayton, 19, Jordan, 16, Jayla, 7, Jayali, 3, Jayson, 2, and Jayce, 2. exceptional Terminal Manager, Jack Cooper Transport service and value to Biggest Accomplishment — Personal: my clients.” “Making it as a teenage mother. I nearly gave up on myself and



life because of the struggles I had to endure. Through it all, I had a great support system to help me along the way. There are great women who work in this community who paved the way for me, and encouraged me. My daughters said that I should be the poster child for young mothers, because there are so many out there who are on drugs, who don’t have any direction in their own lives.”

Biggest Accomplishment — Professional: “Becoming terminal manager at my present job. I started out as a clerk at 23. After 12 years, I started going back to school. A boss recognized my talent, and now I am responsible for more than $50 million in annual revenue, 57 men, one woman, and a fleet of 60 trucks.”

How would you encourage others? “Strength comes from within; you cannot rely on someone else for it. This is a new day. As women we have been given opportunities to succeed in every aspect of life…as mothers, as business women, and as professionals.”

“There are no limits too high for us to reach, and all goals are obtainable through hard work and perseverance.”





Married to Chris Stephens; Daughters, Ashley, 6, and Gracie, 4. Member, Stites & Harbison, PLLC since October 2004. Focus: construction law. Biggest accomplishments: “Being there for my husband and children while my husband endured chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery in 2010-2011; being named a finalist for the American Bar Association, Young Lawyers Division’s National Outstanding Young Lawyer Award; entering the partnership at Stites & Harbison, PLLC; creating Thirsty Thursdays (a networking and legal education event); and being appointed to serve as the chair of the Young Lawyers Division for the American Bar Association Forum on the Construction Industry.”

What is the message you want others to hear? “With respect to sustainability, constructing a building using sustainable principles is good not only for the environment, but it can also benefit the occupants and the financial bottom line.”

Goals for the future?

LaShay is wearing: Dress, $98; Belt, $48; bracelet $44; earrings, $34.




“My future goals include demonstrating to my children that they can do anything they set their mind to. I would like to join the leadership ranks at Stites & Harbison, PLLC, and continue in leadership with the ABA Forum on the Construction Industry.”

Angela is wearing: top, $88, skirt $88, jacket, $148; earrings, $28; bracelet, $58.





Married to Darryl Tucker for 13 years. Children: Sydney, 12, Darryl Jr. (DJ), 10, and Danyelle and Dominique, 9. Sales Proposal Writer, Humana Inc. Biggest accomplishments

“Find a way to give your time and talent in the community. There are so many ways to be involved.”

• My children — “I am so proud of my children and what they have overcome (three of the four have autism). • Graduating from college with bachelor’s and master’s degrees and from Emerge Kentucky, a political leadership program. • The opportunities to write my book, Autistic Angels; A Story from a Mother to her Children; remaining active in my Board of Director positions; and accepting appointments from Governor Steve Beshear for boards and commissions influencing the special needs community.”

What is the message you want others to hear? “I want to encourage this community to get behind the organizations and advocates to help push our special needs community to great heights!”

Goals for the future? “I want to write a series of children’s books. I would also like to remain politically active in Kentucky and hopefully run for a public office in the next 15-20 years.”

“Help push our special needs community to great heights!”




Married to Steve Baron; Children, Griffin, 9, and Mary Kate, 8. Community volunteer and immediate past president of the Junior League of Louisville Biggest accomplishment: “Leading a group of exceptional women in the Junior League of Louisville.”

Things you love about this community? “The ability to jump in and be connected or make a difference. We have so many unique organizations that all are deserving of volunteers’ time and efforts. The change I would like to see in our community would be to continue the mission of the League by promoting volunteerism. The more we get involved and help lift each other up, the better our community will be for everyone.”

How are you involved in bringing a children’s museum to Louisville? “My involvement with the Louisville Children’s Museum has been to help build awareness. We are fortunate to have a passionate group working to raise funds and organize this effort. This is a great opportunity for our city and would be an asset to the community. ‘Like’ the Louisville Children’s Museum on Facebook to find out how you can help!” Alice is wearing: Dress, $160; bracelet, $48; earrings, $34.

Jennifer is wearing: Vince Camuto top, $89; Vince Camuto pants, $89; Vince Camuto necklace, $78. All items available at Dillard’s, Mall, St. Matthews, 5000 Shelbyville Road, 502.893.4400





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The Agenda Daily Updates We keep it fresh with features that publish daily — Power Mondays, Stylish Tuesdays, Wellness Wednesdays, Giveaway Thursdays, and Fun Fridays. We just can’t say it all in the magazine, so we continue articles online. This month, read more about our Old School/New School women and their building transformations. Joyce Oglesby answers readers’ most sensitive questions about life and love. This month she tackles the issue of blending families successfully in a second marriage.



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CSA Fresh Market Grasshopper Green B.E.A.N. Delivery Paul’s Fruit Market Rainbow Blossom Valumarket


Earth Fare Emma Lou’s Cafe G Meals Home Cuisine Lotsa Pasta Whole Foods

WEIGHT LOSS HELP L A geless Medical Weight Loss Center L L L L L L

Baptist East Milestone Wellness Center Clark Memorial Bariatric Program Floyd Memorial Weight Management Heuser Clinic Louisville Center for Weight Loss RevitaLife MD


Baptist East Milestone Wellness Center Blairwood Tennis, Swim and Fitness Iron Body Fitness Jazzercise — Middletown Louisville Athletic Club Louisville Boot Camp Mohr Results Boot Camp Pilates Village Pure Barre SIGS Sportsplex YMCA

PREVENTATIVE PROGRAMS LB  aptist Health Pre-Diabetes Program L L L L

Inspire Wellness Kentucky Cancer Program Priority Radiology Women’s Diagnostic Center



A Therapeutic Touch Ideal Feet Kurt Bruenderman Physical Therapy Lexie’s of Louisville Norton Headache and Concussion Center Occupational Kinetics


Conrad Eye Centers Eye Care Institute Gaddie Eye Center Hear in Kentucky Heuser Hearing Institute Korrect Optical UofL Ophthalmology and Visual

HELP WITH HORMONES LB  ioidentical Hormone Therapy — L L L L L L

Dr. Rhonda Hettinger Body Shapes Medical Integrative Hormone Specialists Louisville Bioidentical Hormones Louisville Pharmacy Compounding Precision Compounding Pharmacy Westmoreland Pharmacy


Associates in Dermatology Azure Skin and Wellness Cassis Dermatology and Aesthetics Center Liposuction Institute — G. Crabtree Parsley Waldman Hair Center RevitaLife MD Ultimate Vein Care Vein Treatment Center


Big Brothers Big Sisters Dare to Care Dress for Success Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana Hosparus Kentucky Humane Society Metro United Way U  spiritus (Brooklawn & Bellewood Children’s Homes) L Women 4 Women

LEARN A NEW SKILL LB  lock Party Handmade L L L L L L L L

Boutique Workshops Dreamz Dance Company Empire Beauty School Executrain Fred Astaire Dance Academy Ivy Tech Spalding University — Nursing Sullivan University U  niversity of Louisville Professional Development

These places were nominated online at TodaysWomanNow.com. 28




Maybe You Don’t Need a Makeover… BY BOB MUELLER

Just Do Your Very Best


here’s not a day that goes by I don’t think of something my Dad said. My Dad instilled in my brother and sister and me the adage: “Just do your very best.” Other ways of saying this for Dad were: “Focus on your maximum effort,” or “Give beyond what is required,” or “Everyone loves a person who does his very best.” Because of Dad’s insistence, I think all of us embrace doing our very best in everything we do. Most moments in life become special only if we treat them that way. The average day is average only because we don’t make it something more. The most excellent way to elevate an experience is to give it our very best. That makes it special. An average conversation becomes something better when you listen with great interest. A common relationship transforms when you give it uncommon effort. An unremarkable event becomes something special when you spice it up with creativity. You can make anything more important by giving your best to it. Who are the most important people in your life? Are they the ones who never give you the time of day, who never seem to be there when you need

them? Of course not. Usually the people who are important to you are the ones who treat you as important. We naturally value the people who value us. So, if you want to be important to others, treat them like they are important to you. The most effective way to do that is to give them your very best. One of my favorite quotes is: “My potential is God’s gift to me. What I do with my potential is my gift to God.” I believe I am accountable to God, others and myself for every gift, talent, resource, and opportunity I have in life. If I give less than my best, then I am shirking my responsibility. UCLA basketball coach John Wooden said it best, “Make every day your masterpiece.” If we give our best all the time, we can make our lives into something special. And that will overflow into the lives of others. How many dreams have we let die? How many projects did we start, only to leave them unfinished? How many times have we promised ourselves, “This time will be different,” but then we didn’t work to make it so? Negativity breeds more negativity. Fortunately, its opposite does likewise. Our attitude will carry us a long way. And a positive attitude will make all things possible. We are meant for good living. But we must seek it out and be open to its invitation and be willing to put forth the necessary effort. Our dreams are our invitation to move forward, to strive for a further goal. And having faith in our ability to achieve our dreams will make the necessary steps easier. Dad’s simple phrase of “Just do your very best” told us as kids that we can trust our dreams and aspirations. He gave us a precious gift to stretch our capabilities. Achievement is truly possible. Faith and a positive attitude will always ease our efforts. Thanks, Dad. You just did your very best!

We are meant for Good Living

BOB MUELLER is senior director of Mission & Stewardship at Hosparus, the community hospices of Louisville, Southern Indiana, and Central Kentucky. He has three books available: Look Forward Hopefully, The Gentle Art of Caring, and his latest, Create a Better World. Find Bob online at bobmueller.org.






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Professional Connections

CALENDAR Spotlight on

Education Spalding’s School of Business offers undergraduate degrees in Accounting Dr. Robin Hinkle and Business, with concentrations in Management, Marketing and Human Resources, with online options Dr. Michelle Reiss available. Or, if you’re looking to enhance your leadership skills, Spalding’s Master of Business Communication can be completed in as little as 12 months and offers concentrations in Organizational Leadership, Healthcare Management or Nonprofit Administration. All classes are designed with the working professional in mind. Come discuss the best option for you.

For more information: Graduate Students: Dr. Robin Hinkle, rhinkle@spalding.edu Undergraduate students: Dr. Michelle Reiss, mreiss@spalding.edu

Spalding University School of Business Info Session Nov 5, 5:30 - 7 p.m.

For details contact: SchoolofBusiness@spalding.edu

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presented by

Networking and careerbuilding opportunities for women around town

BPW- Business and Professional Women- New Albany Every 3rd Mon. • 5:30 p.m. Contact for information & reservation. Ann Windell 812.282.9310 BPW- Business & Professional Women- River City Every 2nd Wed. • Noon Lunch and Program noon-1pm The Bristol-Downtown 614 West Main Street 502.499.4420, bpwrc.org bpwreserve@gmail.com CBPW - Christian Business & Professional Women Every Second Thursday (Odd months only) • Noon Hurstbourne Country Club 9000 Hurstbourne Club Lane Christine Ward 502.931.2918 cbpweast@gmail.com EWI- Executive Women International- Kentuckiana Every 3rd Tues. • 5:30 p.m. Contact for information & reservation Dotty Wettig dw1122@att.com The Heart Link Network Every 1st Wed. • 6:30 p.m. Inverness at Hurstbourne Condos 1200 Club House Drive Barbara Madore 502.377.8625 40222.theheartlinknetwork.com

NAWBO- National Association of Women Business Owners Every 3rd Tues. info@nawbolouisville.org nawbolouisville.org National Association of Women in Construction Every 2nd Mon. • 5:30 p.m. Call for meeting location Patty Stewart 812.288.4208 #121 Network Now Every 2nd Fri. • 11:30 a.m. Hurstbourne Country Club 9000 Hurstbourne Club Lane Lee Ann Lyle 502.836.1422 lee@lalcomputers.com

mé Great Résu 9 Tip # Use the right keywords. Many companies use digital databases – and specific keywords – to search for job candidates. Check the job description and related job ads for clues on what the employer might be looking for.

NIA Women’s Roundtable Every 4th Fri. • 8:30 a.m. NIA Center 2900 West Broadway – 3rd floor Suzanne Carter 502.775.2548 suzannec@morethanconsultants.org

WIN - Women in Networking V Every 2nd Thurs. • 11:30 a.m. Buca di Beppo 2051 S. Hurstbourne Parkway Lee Ann Lyle 502-836-1422 info@win5networking.com win5networking.com

Southern Indiana Women’s Networking Group Every 3rd Wed. • 11:30 a.m. Holiday Inn-Lakeview 505 Marriott Drive, Clarksville info@soindwng.org

WOAMTEC-Women On A Mission To Earn Commission Every 2nd & 4th Wed. • 11:30a.m. The Village Anchor 11507 Park Road Charlene Burke 812.951.3177 woamtec.com

WIN- Women in Networking Every 2nd Wed. • 11:15 a.m. Oxmoor Country Club 9000 Limehouse Lane

Women’s Business Center of KY

IAAP- International Association of Administrative ProfessionalsLouisville Every 2nd Thurs. • 6 p.m. Location Varies – See Website for Details. iaap-louisville.org

WIN- Women in Networking II Every 3rd Wed. • 11:30 a.m. Holiday Inn Louisville East 1325 Hurstbourne Pkwy Kim Fusting 502.267.7066 kimins@bellsouth.net gowin2.com

Legal Secretaries of Louisville Every 3rd Tues. • 11:30 a.m. Bristol Bar & Grille 614 West Main Street Elizabeth Harbolt 502.568.5446 elizabeth.harbolt@skofirm.com legalseclou-ky.org

WIN- Women in Networking III Every 2nd Tues. • 11:30 a.m. Hurstbourne Country Club 9000 Hurstbourne Club Lane Laurel Lee 810.8919 win3louisville.com

MLWPC- Metropolitan Louisville Women’s Political Caucus Every 4th Mon. • 5:30 p.m. Olmsted Bistro at Masonic Homes 3701 Frankfort Avenue Sherry Conner 502.776.2051 mayorconner@insightbb.com


WIN- Women in Networking IV Every 3rd Tues. • 11:30 a.m. Hurstbourne Country Club 9000 Hurstbourne Club Lane Wendy Manganaro 502.310.0025


funded in part by a cooperative agreement with the SBA

Every 1st Fri. Roundtable • 8:30a.m. Location – TBA Sharron Johnson 502.566.6076 #104 sjohnson@cvcky.org cvcky.org/womensbusiness center.html Women’s Council of Realtors Every 3rd Thurs. • 11:30 a.m. Wildwood Country Club 5000 Bardstown Rd. Lynda Minzenberger 502.552.8768 lynda@catalystrealty.net ZONTA- Advancing The Status of Women Every 1st Thurs. • 6 p.m. Logan’s Steakhouse 5005 Shelbyville Road Joyce Seymour 502.553.9241 jespud@bellsouth.net Listings are on per month basis. To list your meeting for free, email your meeting date, time, location, contact info and website to advertising@todayspublications.com or call 502.327.8855 ext. 14. Deadline for inclusion in next issue is 9/8. TODAY’S WOMAN


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She arrived in my life without warning or expectation, all thoughts of the possibility of her having been shelved away until my heart could handle conversations about fertility drugs and adoption again, showing up as a pale pink line on a plastic test stick, the instant explanation for my recent marked fatigue, dizziness, and nausea. It was just after 7 in the morning — and I was home alone, her father having gone on a business trip. Within minutes I’d dialed my younger sister’s cell number, completely disregarding that it was only 4 in the morning at her apartment in Berkeley, Calif. Because she loves me, she answered, and I can still hear the quiet pressure of excitement in her sleepy voice as she asked, “Really?!?” I spent the rest of the day so still, so silent, so unable to process that pale pink line and what it might mean for my very comfortable, very focused, very fast-paced professional life, feeling as if the known plane of my existence had suddenly tilted into something for which I had no preparation, no map, no instructions. Nothing has been the same since that morning — the genesis of a transformation in my life that I am only just now, six years later, beginning to understand. She is the best and worst of me combined, and in her is more beauty and truth than I have ever seen in one living being. Because I am a person of faith, I believe she is the purest expression of God’s grace I’ll ever know, and that everything I’ll ever long to be is to be found in my life with her. But it has not been easy, living before and after her. Striking a balance between “Mommy” and “Julie Richardson Brown, M. Div.,” has felt like a mighty act of war some days, and I have learned the very hard way that there is no “having it all” (at least not all at the same time). I’ve also learned — finally and blessedly — that perfection on any front is a myth. Any illusions I might have fostered about being Superwoman are, in fact, damaging in their insistence that I find a way to please everyone at every turn in every situation — personal or professional. This is my story. But every woman has one like it. Whether it is the birth of a child, a major career shift, surviving trauma or life-threatening

disease, finding life after divorce, or any other significant life change, there comes with it a sense that nothing will ever be the same again. And it won’t. Enter the practice of learning to let go of what has been in order that something new might be. Enter finding a graceful path between before and after, a path in which you learn more about yourself and your own resilience and your own ability to grow than you ever thought possible. Enter dropping the facades that require more energy than any of us really have and embracing, instead, who you really are and who you hope to be. Women are awfully hard on each other. We nitpick about whether it is best to be stay-at-home moms or working moms or even moms at all. We wage false competitions about how we look and what fabulous domestic skills we have. We form cliques out of our own comfort zones, and we often shut out those who make us second-guess ourselves. What we ought to be is each other’s first and best cheerleaders. Because not a single one of us walks this life without a “before and after” experience (or two, or three, or more...). And there is great strength to be found in sharing, “This is what it was like for me,” in order that we might know we aren’t alone along the way. One thing women have always done well is tell stories — perhaps it is time we began a conscious effort to meet one another in the places where our stories find some common realities. Before my daughter’s birth, I was a shadow of the person I am now. That isn’t a knock on who I used to be, but rather an admission that I had a great deal of growing and learning and stretching left to do (and still, perhaps, there’s more). After her, I’m more capable of real heartache, have a wider capacity to forgive, have gained a new understanding of what it means to be fulfilled, and have also learned that perhaps what she needs most is for her mom to be a person with my own goals and dreams, not just an extension of her. Mostly, I know more now about what it means to love. Wendell Berry once wrote about a “grace that keeps this world.” These days, I’m pretty sure that grace is what gets any of us where we need to be.

Julie Richardson Brown holds a Masters of Divinity and is a writer, speaker, and pastor. julierichardsonbrown.net







reaking out of your beauty rut can be difficult when you’ve had the same style for a long time. But, according to our experts, it’s possible if you really want it. Fashion stylist Kenzie Kapp, Jen Kuhle of Stella & Dot, and the experts at Hair by Bennie and Friends put these women on the right path toward looking their best. As an extra bonus, each of them received a $50 gift card from Stella & Dot.

MAKE ME LOOK PROFESSIONAL! TIFFANY COLEMAN AGE: 27 JOB: Administrative Secretary, Kosair Children’s Medical Center-Brownsboro


iffany needed a polished look for her job, but a tight budget prevented her from spending money on certain wardrobe essentials. She’s been wearing the same straight hairstyle since first grade and describes herself as a “plain Jane” who needs a beauty upgrade. Rachel Ehringer turned Tiffany’s straight hair into a mass of tousled waves for a fun, youthful vibe. Next, she changed Tiffany’s light blonde hair color to a rich chocolate brown shade with a touch of highlights to give her eyes more depth. “The highlights are a softer effect and look more natural,” Rachel says. She used earthy tones on Tiffany’s eyes coupled with facial contouring to highlight her natural bone structure. Using a brow pencil, Rachel filled in the sparse areas of Tiffany’s eyebrows to give them a fuller look.


TIFFANY IS WEARING: Collective Concepts shirt, $79, available at Von Maur; Bar III blazer, $79, available at Macy’s. Tessa Fringe necklace, $69; Etoile Drops, $49; Jessie stretch bracelet, $49, available at Stella & Dot. Fashion stylist Kenzie Kapp (kenziekapp.com), Jen Kuhle of Stella & Dot (stelladot.com/jenkuhle), and Hair by Bennie and Friends (2346 Frankfort Avenue, 502.895.1956).

How’d we find these women? On our Facebook page. Like us on Facebook to keep in touch with our specials.





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UN-MOMMIFY ME! LAURA HOWARD AGE: 34 JOB: eCommerce Merchandizer


single mom of two, Laura doesn’t have much time or money to invest in herself and was ready for a big change. “Things such as personal haircuts and makeup application obviously get put on a back burner when juggling a path such as mine,” she says.

Lindsay Simanek brought more attention to Laura’s face by giving her a cropped bob. The shape of the haircut, Lindsay says, will be easy for Laura to style quickly. Working caramel highlights into Laura’s hair complemented her skin tone and added dimension. Lindsay used b Smooth Straightening Gel to make Laura’s hair shinier and accentuate her hair color. Bringing more attention to Laura’s eyes was the priority for makeup artist Amanda Baker. She used soft shades of purple and champagne paired with dark plum eyeliner. For a flawless finish, Amanda airbrushed her skin and added a soft peach shade to her cheeks.


LAURA IS WEARING: BB Dakota leather coat, $118; Matty M top, $88, available at Von Maur. Somervell necklace, $59; Christina link necklace, $79; Serenity Stone Drop earrings, $49, available at Stella & Dot.

GLAMORIZE ME! JULIA COLE AGE: 53 JOB: Transcriber, Major Crimes Division, Louisville Metro Police Department


etting older isn’t a concern for Julia, who is a mother and grandmother, but she says she wants to show others that “you can look, feel, and be great at any age.” Brittany Griffith spiced up Julia’s hair color with highlights to make her hair look thicker. To bring more attention to Julia’s eyes, Brittany made her bangs slightly thicker. “This brought more interest to the front of the hair,” Brittany says. She cut more layers into the hair to give it height and body. Amanda Baker used sheer tinted foundation and a soft cream blush that gave Julia a radiant complexion.


JULIA IS WEARING: Charter Club coat, $89; Jones New York top, $74, available at Macy’s. Avalon Crescent necklace, $39; Avalon hoops, $29, available at Stella & Dot.





SmartStyles Products and services to fit your style

A Taste of Kentucky

Goodwill of Southern Indiana Shop Goodwill of Southern Indiana! •11 Southern Indiana area locations • goodwillsi.org When you shop at or donate to Goodwill of Southern Indiana, you support our mission of serving children, adults and our community through the power of donated goods.

Sassy Fox Consignments Now open in the Shelbyville Road Plaza, our newest store has been stocked with many new products that we’ve never carried before. See you there! Shelbyville Road Plaza By Quest Outdoors & HomeRun Burgers 4600 Shelbyville Road • 895.2777


Sassy Fox upscale consignment, carrying a well-edited selection of women’s name brand and boutique/designer clothing and accessories from casual to formal. 150 Chenoweth Ln, St. Matthews 895.3711 10-5 Mon.–Sat., 10-8 Thurs. Find us on Facebook & Twitter

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is so dramatic to take an older piece of furniture and transform it with paint specialty techniques. “Refinishing furniture has been a passion of mine for a long time,” says Jennifer Hohl. “I love when furniture has a story behind it.” She suggests that when choosing a piece make sure it has “good bones — then get creative.” Where do you find the furniture? Look at yard sales, go to auctions, and surf the web. Jennifer, who has recently started redoing furniture as a business, shows off some of her favorite transformations on these two pages.






Painting antique pieces is a great way to give them an updated modern look. “I really enjoy when the piece has sentimental meaning to someone, and I have helped them love it again,” says Jennifer.




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This old side table was painted and upholstered with a coffee bean sack ($5). So, be creative with upholstery choices.


Freshen up your office and entryway with a painted piece.




A CHANCE TO W IN /BUY During September on TodaysWomanNow.com you have a chance to win a $100 refinishing credit toward a piece of furniture that you supply.





Add a pattern for some extra interest.


if you are looking for a treasure hunt! Visit Jennifer at The Fall Flea, a vintage and antique marketplace, to see some of her pieces. It is held on September 14 and 15 at 8708 Tandy Road in Lanesville, Ind. Find more information at Facebook.com/TheFallFlea or contact Jennifer at jennhohl@twc.com.


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Finally! The Pounds Came Off Three different women: Three different plans BY MARIE BRADBY




hawn Neal quickly lost the extra pounds she gained after her first WEIGHT-LOSS METHOD: recipe/nutrition book, two pregnancies, but after Trim Healthy Mama by Pearl P. Barrett and she had her last two children, Serena C. Allison (Welby Street Press, 2012, she found herself overweight 650 pages.), $35. and riddled with health problems. “I suffered from insomnia, achy joints, mood swings, terrible PMS, bouts of depression, and just plain feeling bad all the time,” says Shawn, the 42-year-old mother of four girls, ages 4 to 15. She tried Weight Watchers, going vegetarian, and other methods, but nothing seemed to help her shed pounds. In January, she discovered the book Trim Healthy Mama, which was written by two sisters and includes 250 recipes. It finally worked for Shawn. “I am truly a new woman,” she says. “I don’t feel deprived; my body responded quickly to it. It stabilizes blood sugars. “The bottom line is you don’t mix carbs and oils (fats) together,” says Shawn, who is a part-time teacher and pastor and also writes for TodaysWomanNow.com. “If I have eggs cooked in butter and veggies, I wouldn’t do toast, because that’s carbs and fats.” The authors promote meals that are high fat/low carb or high carb/low fat with protein at the core of each. There are recipes for ‘Satisfying Meals’ that are higher fats/lower carbs and ‘Energizing Meals’ that are higher carbs/lower fats, Shawn says. “I was in total shock that I could enjoy cheese, yummy desserts, and even cream in my coffee on this plan,” she says. “I also loved that this was truly a healthy eating plan and not a fad diet. Even though I had been eating ‘healthy,’ mostly vegetarian, and primarily consuming beans, rice, whole wheat bread, and fresh fruit, I now know that my blood sugars were way out of kilter. Just after a few days on the THM plan, my mood swings subsided, inflammation went down, and I was no longer taking an afternoon nap. I felt like Superwoman and a nicer person to my family again.” Shawn now uses Stevia, a sugar substitute, or fresh fruits instead of conventional sugar. “Your taste buds totally change [on the THM plan],” she says. “I was so totally addicted to carbs and sugars. When I taste it now, it’s almost unbearable to me, the sweetness of it.” So how has she done? Shawn’s lost 40 pounds, going from around 188 to 148 pounds in eight months.


Lost 40 Pounds











Lost 40 Pounds

WEIGHT-LOSS METHOD: Bariatric Surgery

WEIGHT-LOSS METHOD: exercise machine, Bowflex TreadClimber; price starting at $999.


ust three years ago, Goshen homemaker Shelly Slagel, 38, was struggling with being overweight after two difficult pregnancies that kept her on bed rest, going through a tough divorce, and moving into a small condo. But in April — at 40 pounds lighter and buff with amazing abs — she was riding a bike along the beach in the Pacific Palisades, Calif., filming a commercial for a fitness equipment manufacturer. “I couldn’t have dreamed or asked for anything better in my life,” says Shelly, who runs the snack bar at North Oldham County High School. “It was hard to come back to reality.” Three years ago when Shelly wanted to get back in shape and regain her confidence, she went looking for exercise equipment that would fit into her smaller home. She purchased a Bowflex TreadClimber — a combination elliptical, stepper, and treadmill — and within two weeks felt that her jeans were looser and her body more toned. Within four months, she’d lost most of her excess weight. Now, at 5 foot 3 inches, she weighs 105 pounds and is in the best shape of her life. “I wasn’t expecting it, but the muscle definition that came with the TreadClimber was great,” Shelly says. “I was just trying to lose weight to get back into my clothes. I [exercised] at least three to five times a week. It’s kept the weight off, and I’ve stayed at this weight ever since.” Last year, Shelly entered a Bowflex contest that offered a chance to win $5,000 for telling your fitness story. “They emailed back and asked if they could speak to me,” Shelly says. “My mouth dropped. They called and said, ‘We are thinking of using you for a commercial.’ It was the most exciting thing.” By February, Shelly was announced as the winner and given the choice of taking the money or doing a commercial. “My mom says I should have taken the money, but you couldn’t buy that experience,” she says. The company flew her to Los Angeles, put her up in the Sheraton Delfina in Santa Monica, and assigned her a makeup artist, hairstylist, and wardrobe stylist. Then for two days, she was filmed on the beach biking along the Pacific Coast Highway and working out on a TreadClimber inside the modern house used in the movie Californication. “They treated me like a celebrity,” she says. “People were asking who I was and asking for autographs.” Bowflex has since asked Shelly to be a spokesperson. “I love it,” she says.


Lost 155 Pounds


iabetes runs in Melissa “Missy” Bagshaw’s family, and she didn’t want to end up like her aunt and cousin, who passed away early because of related health issues. Missy had mushroomed to 317 pounds, and after trying various diets and exercise, she was desperate. “I would get the weight off, and it would go right back up,” says Missy, a 47-year-old mother of two sons. “I did that I don’t know how many times. I was on high blood pressure medicine. I had high cholesterol. I was miserable. When I look at pictures, I can’t believe I got that big. “I’ve done Weight Watchers, exercised, the Atkins Diet. For me, it worked for a while, then something would happen, and I would get off it and gain it all back and then some. That’s why I said this is my last resort — having something to control my appetite.” In 2008, she decided to have lap band surgery, a procedure that makes your stomach smaller and limits the amount of food the stomach can hold. The surgery was performed in August of that year by Dr. Jeff Allen at Norton Weight Management Services. “My family was all against it,” Missy says. “I did a lot of praying about it, a lot of research about it. It was right for me. I wasn’t scared at all when I went into surgery. I wasn’t even in pain or anything when I came out of surgery.” Since that time, she’s lost 155 pounds, has gone from a size 26/28 to a size 10, and is off her high blood pressure medicine. “I have to work at it,” she says. “It’s taken me five years to reach my goal, and I plan on staying this way. I figured I went to all the trouble to do the surgery, so I’m keeping it off. But it’s not easy.” Missy has since gone back to school and will finish her associate degree in nursing at Galen University with the goal of becoming an RN and working in bariatrics. Last Christmas, she was looking at pictures at a friend’s house and saw someone she didn’t recognize. “I thought, ‘Who is that?’” Missy says. “It was me. It was the first time I saw myself as healthy and slim.”



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A dif

feren t type

c ncing a of bala

Diet Dos By Age Nutrition and fitness expert and creator of the natural PMS supplement Girl Uninterrupted, Mayling Kajiya believes that small dietary changes can make a big difference. While age might just be a number, for Kajiya it can also be a nutritional guide that leads to better health. Whether you’re 20 or 50, the Cornell University grad has a plan for you.


“In your 20s, there’s probably more stress in your life... You’re working, going to college. You have a lot of things going on,” Kajiya says. “You want to focus on Omegas.” Why Omegas? These fatty acids have properties that help brighten your mood. Omega 3s have been shown to increase serotonin, a chemical that when elevated, helps to fight depression. Eat more salmon or even granola bars with almonds, cashews, and flax for an extra dose.


“For your 30s, you should incorporate choline into your diet. Choline is actually great for child brain development,” Kajiya says.


Providing lasting health benefits to mothers and babies alike, choline can be found in whole eggs, turkey, and spinach.


35% of adults age 40 and older who have experienced some form of vestibular dysfunction. Vestibular dysfunctions generally involve problems relating to the inner ear, in particular a loss of balance.

The 2013 Heuser Symposium might help find a little more balance. Held at the Heuser Hearing Institute on September 21, the symposium brings together specialists from all over the country to discuss the latest studies and innovations in the vestibular field. While free for students, the cost for participants is $80. thehearinginstitute.org.

Kajiya says, “In your 40s, you need iron to help increase red blood cells, to provide oxygen to the body, and to give you energy.” Adding more iron-rich foods to your diet, such as lean beef, bison, artichokes, and sunflower seeds can do the trick.


“As you get older, you probably want to become more vegetarian,” Kajiya says. “Your digestion actually slows down, so you don’t want to put the strain (of digesting meat) on your body.” This age can also take something away — ­ mainly estrogen. Women around this time go through menopause and with it lose some of the hormone that helps bones hold on to calcium. Besides weight training, incorporating foods with calcium such as yogurt, dried herbs, and milk will continue to keep bones strong.

Most of those who are infected with Hepatitis C don’t even know it, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A simple blood test can confirm whether or not you have the liver-damaging virus. 48



— is the number of years women in Jefferson County have added to life expectancy in the last 21 years. healthmetricsandevaluation.org/tools/datavisualization/us-health-map


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hat could be better than counting money? Sipping chocolate. Louisvillian Sandy Piepmeyer invested two years in a renovation project to turn a bank into a restaurant called the Chocolate Bar. The former bank vault is now an intimate room for sipping chocolate and standing on coins. The drive-thru area is now the dessert kitchen. There is a vast menu, including appetizers, entrées, desserts, and drinks. Not everything is made with chocolate; however, you will find a few entrées with hints of chocolate, such as my favorite, the Mexican Pork Tenderloin with a spicy cocoa seasoning. Thirsty? The drink menu offers a long list of chocolate drinks to choose from: martinis, milkshakes, shooters, and mojitos.

The floor of the former vault is covered with pennies, except for the martini glass shape made from dimes.


1106 Lyndon Lane Louisville, KY 40222 502.384.1384 originalchocolatebar.com/Louisville You can find lots of desserts ­— crepes, ice cream, mousse, truffles and S’mores indoors? That’s right! Now this fun campfire treat can be enjoyed all year.





Don’t miss special events, such as Manicure Mondays: Order a martini like this one ­— the Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Martini ­— and receive a complimentary manicure in the Vaultini.

Monday – Thursday, 11am-11pm Friday and Saturday, 11am-midnight Sunday, 11am-9pm TODAY’S WOMAN


In relationships play community Rachel Ross, formerly of Sellersburg, Ind., was working in Romania with abandoned children in state hospitals. She met baby Iza, whom she immediately wanted to adopt.


Now Iza is 10 years old and after a long process, the adoption was finalized in 2010. During that time, Rachel formed Forget Me Not Ministries, which works directly with the Roma (Gypsy) population. The ministry has created a place where the children are taught and receive meals and their parents learn trades and receive parenting training.


Help continue their mission by attending Forget Me Not Ministries seventh Annual Benefit Dinner and Silent Auction scheduled for September 28 at the GEIS Activity Center in Floyds Knobs, Ind. Tickets: $15 for adults, $7.50 for children 6-12 years old, and children 5 and under are free. Doors open at 5pm and dinner at 6:30pm. Call 812.989.0663 or fmnministries.org.

Q&BeBrave A


Interview by HOLLY GREGOR / Photography by MELISSA DONALD



ecently I picked up a local newspaper and noticed an eye-catching photograph of four women and a man all dressed in white. The story was about a fundraiser for the Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft. I called the museum and asked to speak to the person who styled the photo. A few minutes later, Janice Carter Levitch called me back. Little did I know our conversation would have nothing to do with creativity. Well, maybe it did. It was more about the art of healing.

I thought from looking at the photograph that “your thing” was fashion and styling. I used to model. I owned Cosmo Model Agency, so I know a lot about that. But that’s not my thing now.

So, what’s your thing? It’s the Graceful Energy series of eight books 52



I wrote and published to help people when they need nourishment for their souls.

What was your inspiration?

I was in a tremendous amount of pain. Following my divorce, I felt it was the beginning of my loss of innocence. When I was a very young girl, I wrote in a diary. So I started writing and meditating heavily. When I started having dark nights, I got one of my journals out and read it; it became a source of hope and encouragement. From that I felt propelled to write the books. Read more about Janice and her journey toward healing, including where she did her walking meditation, how to change your life, and how to be brave when needing to conquer new things at todayswomannow.com.






In relationships play community

Before/After ~ A Life Makeover PHOTO: MELISSA DONALD


Passionate about Supporting W omen...

…in Louisville

Women 4 Women Annual Luncheon Speaker: Carla Hall from ABC’s The Chew WHEN: September 20, noon to 1:30pm WHERE: The Galt House, Grand Ballroom HOW: w4w.org, $75

…in Southern Indiana Women’s Foundation of Southern Indiana Signature Event Speaker: Jill Nichols from Vera Bradley WHEN: September 16, 6pm-9pm WHERE: Horseshoe Casino HOW: womensfoundationsi.com, 812.981.7359, $50 54




not need long-term eather Troeckler care, just counseling. is pursuing her Then, one day, my master’s degree at the social worker called to University of Louisville tell me she had a special for social work. That place for me. That is plus her life experience how Maryhurst came will make her an into my life.” effective force to help Heather describes those who need it. the Maryhurst In the 1990s, experience as a whole Heather lived at new world, where she Maryhurst, a nonprofit went to the dentist and organization for got new clothes to wear. teenage girls. “My “Maryhurst let me ride biological mother was the TARC bus from a victim of severe “Maryhurst believed in me when no campus to school and spousal abuse, and one else did,” says this mother of two back. They trusted me. my brother and teenagers. “I unpacked the few bags I had I never had anyone I were victims of because they were not going to give up on me. Maryhurst is a place full of believers just give me trust. abuse, too. When for each and every teenage girl.” I just knew there I was 10 or 11, my was going to be a biological father catch someday, but gained full custody There are many ways there never was.” of my brother and me. That was the you can help Maryhurst Heather kept first time I knew what hunger was. My support girls. Go to in touch with her father didn’t feed us, and we suffered maryhurst.org for ways to mother, visiting for the six months we were with him.” donate or volunteer. every other The children went back to their weekend, and she mom, and a series of husbands brought could have gone home. “But, I did not want to back abuse, both physical and sexual. “I go home,” Heather says. “My needs, for the started acting out, and that began my series first time, were important. I had a job, a stable of placements in different homes,” says place, and wonderful people to support and Heather, who was 16 at the time. “The mental take care of me.” institutions would not keep me because I did


September 14, 10am -2pm The Open House for Women Veterans will be full of information that every woman veteran can benefit from knowing, according to Rhonda L. Smith, voluntary service specialist at Robley Rex VA Medical Center. There will also be massages, refreshments, and door prizes. Drop by at 800 Zorn Ave.

“I’m in my second marriage.

We love each other; we really do. Our only problem is his children won’t accept me. I knew going in it would be a struggle with his daughter; I never realized how difficult it would be with his 13-year-old son. My husband is struggling with guilt and is transferring his emotions to me. Do you have any suggestions for blending these two families in order to keep our marriage strong?”

Find the A: at TodaysWomanNow.com.

Salsa, Soul, Sushi, & Samosas Celebrate our region’s diverse professional community. September 14 from 8 pm-12:30 am at The Louisville Palace, 25 South 4th St. salsa-soul-sushi-samosas.org

Attention Women Veterans


Designs by Southern Charm’s personalized shower curtains, rugs and duvet covers – including holiday themes are now available. TODAY’S WOMAN


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s g n i n e p p Ha


what’s going on in the month of September.



Noises Off


Have you ever sat through a play and wondered what the experience would be like, if, for instance, the stage manager, stage techs, or special effects department didn’t do their jobs well, and there was an actor in the production whose state of mind wasn’t quite what it should be?



In a show of commitment to returning to the roots of classical ballet, Louisville Ballet’s artistic director Bruce Simpson has chosen Swan Lake to open LB’s 62nd season. The story is one of romance, sorcery, and betrayal and is centered on one of life’s most recognizable themes: good triumphing over evil. Arguably the most popular classical ballet of all time, the choreography and staging are by Bruce Simpson after Marius Petipa and Nicholas Bersiff with music by Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. WHEN ~ September 13 @ 8pm &

September 14 @ 2 & 8pm

 entucky Center, WHERE ~ K

501 West Main St.

 02.583.2623, CONTACT ~ 5

louisvilleballet.org, or visit the LB’s box office @ 315 East Main St.




In what has been called the funniest farce ever written, Noises Off delivers an evening of hilarity in the backstage and onstage drama among a manic troupe of theatrical misfits. WHEN ~ September 3-22, various

performances. *Open Captioned Performance: September 14 @ 4pm. Audio Described: September 15 @2:30pm.  ctors Theatre of Louisville, WHERE ~ A 316 West Main St.  ctorstheatre.org, or TICKETS ~ a 502.584.1205 or box office



Since the very first Derby Dinner Playhouse production I attended in 1992, I’ve raved about the contribution of the Footnotes, DDP’s pre-show entertainment for every production. An evening at DDP is experiencing two shows for the price of one: The top-drawer arrangements of classic songs sung by a selection of DDP’s actors/singers is worth the price of admission itself. For this performance, the Footnotes will be backed by an ensemble that includes drums and piano, and the music performed will include country, pop, gospel, and of course, Broadway music. WHEN ~ September 9. Buffet

dinner is from 6-7:10pm, concert begins @ 7:15pm.  erby Dinner Playhouse, WHERE ~ D Clarksville  35 per person – TICKETS ~ $ includes buffet dinner. CONTACT ~ 812.288.8281 or derbydinner.com

m The Haunting at Blackwood Hall WHODUNNIT OF KY.

A skeletal hand in a sofa, a mysterious veiled woman, and a mystic who hears the voices of the dead… Get ready for a true Gothic mystery set in turn-ofthe-century Savannah and featuring Elizabeth MacCrimmon! WHEN ~ Saturday evenings,

September 21 thru October 26. Doors open @ 6:30pm, show starts @ 7pm Special Sunday Brunch show: October 6 @ noon.  amada Plaza Hotel WHERE ~ R 9700 Bluegrass Parkway  45.50 per person TICKETS ~ $ (includes dinner/show/ tax/gratuity) 502.426.7100 or whodunnitky.com Discount for groups of 6 or more. Reservations required.


Amanda Wozadlo, 33

JOB: Co-owner/Founder of The Dating Stylist LIVES IN: Brownsboro Road area

Before I Go...

“Most importantly, I meditate and pray — just 10 minutes of quiet time to clear my head and see where God wants to lead me. I also have to have my morning coffee, preferably a Sweetheart (a white chocolate and raspberry latte) from Heine Brothers. I also listen to music to pump me up for the day. I love Norah Jones, The Black Keys, and Houndmouth, just to name a few.” 58



For a self-proclaimed friendly, easygoing, and determined person, Amanda is no stranger to taking the hardships of life and turning them into something worthwhile. With her best friend, Holly Frame, the pair opened The Dating Stylist, a dating consultancy firm. Amanda’s inspiration came when she discovered her husband was using a dating site to meet other women. While searching for his online profile, Amanda thought she could do a much better job at matchmaking. “I was amazed at the profile pictures and the boring, slightly scary profiles trying to find dates,” she says. Now I help people create their love story every day. It truly is the best job ever.” Born and raised here, Amanda’s business is still based out of Louisville but is now nationwide and has been featured internationally. “Our services include everything from creating online dating profiles for clients, complete makeovers for individuals, date coaching, flirt parties, social events, and matchmaking.” “It is also rewarding to create a lifestyle that my children will get to see — that you can change around any situation with hard work, perseverance and a dream.” LATEST PURCHASE I’M PRAISING:

“My BMW 525.”


“Start with the inner you. If you’re emotionally healthy, it will shine through on the outside. When you radiate with love and happiness, people are naturally drawn to you. Be yourself. Respect yourself. Dress classy — classy is sexy!” MY MUST-HAVE BEAUTY PRODUCTS RIGHT NOW:

“I’m on a big organic, all-natural kick. I can’t live without pure coconut oil. I use it to make sugar scrubs and moisturizers.” TODAY’S WOMAN

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Today's Woman September 2013  

So many surprises to see and read about in our Before and After issue!

Today's Woman September 2013  

So many surprises to see and read about in our Before and After issue!