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AGE 37 JOB Owner, Primp Style Lounge WORKOUT SPOT Bend and Zen and Pure Barre WHY FITNESS I love being active! I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle, and I gain mental clarity through exercise. It’s important to me to share with my two daughters that exercise and eating healthy is fun. BIG WIN I’ve been working on my wheel pose since Jan 1, 2017. When I began my shoulders were so tight and unable to support my inversion comfortably. Watching my transformation over the past 6 months, I’ve seen so much improvement in my flexibility of my shoulders and back. I practice my wheel at least twice a week. I’ve started to incorporate walking down a wall with my hands until I reach the ground. MOTIVATION I allow myself to take a break when I need it. If I ever get bored or resistant to get moving I take a day or two off. I reset as often as I need to. I draw a lot of inspiration from my husband. He gets up at 5am to run 12 miles, and I feel like if he can do that, I can get moving too! Makeup: Amber Schnobrich, Strandz Salon and Threadz Boutique



Today's Woman August 2017