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25 THINGS (Why 25? Because we are 25 years old!)

Happenings, news, and tidbits that caught Today’s Woman’s eye this month Remi English

By Anita Oldham

Photo Elaina Janes Photography

7. Who’s sweet new baby? Read about his mother’s plans on page 8 of Today’s Family.

1 Camaraderie

What is Your Fitness

Motivation? 3


If your best motivation comes from exercising with a friend, you will understand how Ali and Anna have bonded while pushing their boundaries together. p.10

3 Role Models

Muhammad Ali as a role model was one reason we were excited to take our photos in and around the Ali Center. The interactive museum was bustling, and attendees of all ages were engaged the days we were there.

2 Health

Shalita Ford decided to lose 80 pounds all by herself, and it started with her food and movement. (see her now, pg 24).



4 Confidence

Shannon Kessler p. 46-47

Katrina Kaufman chose confidence as the word that defines her fit self. p.20

Photos Melissa Donald

5 Peace


6 Get inspired at the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards: September 23 AUGUST 2017 / TODAY’S WOMAN

Finding peace among the crazy days is not easy, but most say exercise helps them cope with stress.

Today's Woman August 2017