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p.24 “The Arts are vital to a community.” ~ Anna Blanton, our Way to Go Woman! community winner.













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C E L E B R AT I N G 2 2 Y E A R S PUBLISHER Cathy S. Zion EDITOR IN CHIEF Anita Oldham


ometimes making changes is hard when you’ve been doing the same thing the same way for years. But reinvention of any kind is one of the best things you can do because it changes how you see the world and yourself in the world. Up until recently, I only wore my hair long. I didn’t want to risk the chance of getting it cut and then hating it. Finally, after much cajoling from my stylist, I let my her cut it into a bob, and I’ve had no regrets. It was a small change, but very powerful. Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Maybe it’s time for you to break from familiarity. In this issue, we give you some inspiration on making over your home, your health, and your looks. Or as Maya Angelou said, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” — Tiffany White



rika Tedesco’s “before and after” story started when she lost 85 pounds this year. Then, she took things a step further when she entered our makeover contest — and won. Flip to page 32 to read more about her and see the other big changes she made. — Tiffany White

Cover photo by Melissa Donald. Hand lettering by Paige Whitaker. Styling by Alissa Hicks. Makeup and hair: Hair by Bennie and Friends. CLOTHING: Dress by Teri Jon, Rodeo Drive, 502.425.8999

$385; Necklace, Sassy’s Boutique, 502.384.9009, $22.



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WHAT WORKS LAURIE TOBE, 52 Founder and president of Floor360, a highend residential and commercial flooring company, 12000 Shelbyville Road, with locations in Madison, Wisc., and Delafield, Wisc. NEIGHBORHOOD:

St. Matthews HOUSEHOLD:

Daughter, Cara, 25, in Louisville; son, Wilson, 23, in Madison; and son, Jack, 22, who attends Ole Miss in Oxford, Miss.





ENJOYING TWO CULTURES After founding Floor360 in Madison, Wis., in 1998, Laurie moved back to her hometown of Louisville last year and opened the third location of the design and flooring company with her sister, Nancy Oates. Laurie travels back and forth between Louisville and Madison, spending three to four weeks here and one to two weeks in Madison. “That is a lot of commuting, but I enjoy the cultures of both cities,” she says. “Here I am on the Ohio River, while in Madison I live a block from the lake. “While Louisville may bring out my cultural side, Madison brings out the athlete in me — my sporty side. I live downtown and walk or bike places. Madison is great for both those activities.”



Laurie’s daughter Cara just moved back to Louisville after living in Paris for six years where she studied photography. “She lives with me, and we are learning from each other and enjoying our time together,” Laurie says. “She is a vegetarian and is a great cook. I gravitate toward meat dishes, so I am learning from her. I am famous for my barbecue shrimp, a recipe I made up years ago that I couldn’t even begin to write down, although I have tried. Cara makes these delicious vegan cookies from bananas, oats, and spices. No sugar or flour. Her cooking is a change for me.”

“I have only been back in Louisville for a year, and it has been fun to reconnect with the city and my high school and college friends,” Laurie says. “I love going out to eat here. There are so many great places: Rye, Silver Dollar, El Camino, and the Garage Bar. I love the NuLu area. The revitalization of downtown since I left here is amazing.” Laurie says she had forgotten how important sports are in Kentucky — especially the rivalry between University of Louisville and University of Kentucky fans. “So many social activities here in Louisville are driven by college sports. In Wisconsin, there is the college football team and the professional football team. There is no competition in that.”






PRISCILLA MCINTOSH, 34, CEO of The Morton Center, 1028 Barret Avenue Hometown: Shelbyville Household: Husband Charles McIntosh, daughters Madison, 5, and Myah, 2. Neighborhood: Middletown




She is the CEO of a nonprofit organization that offers hope and helps turn around lives for those addicted to drugs, alcohol, and other dependencies as well as their families, friends, and co-workers. Priscilla McIntosh is young, determined, passionate, and in a position to help. The Morton Center, now in its 30th year, continues its work in the community. Her turning point began in 2009 when she was working for the CPA firm of Mountjoy, Chilton, and Medley, and she was asked to take on The Morton Center as a client after its bookkeeper left. At that time, the center became one of 20 clients in a variety of industries and businesses for which Priscilla did record-keeping and prepared monthly financial statements. “I didn’t even know about The Morton Center or what they did,” Priscilla says. “I wish I had known about its services as I had struggled with a loved one who was dealing with an addiction. As it was, I learned about addiction and how it tears apart families, and I saw how the center helped those in the community.” In 2010, Priscilla was asked to join the center as director of finance. In 2012, she was asked to step in as the interim CEO, which became her permanent position five months later. “I knew there was something more that I was meant to do in life,” she says. “In accounting, I worked with the tiny details of different businesses — the little pieces — ­ but never saw how they fit in overall. I like seeing how those little pieces go together in creating the big picture of this organization. “I have the business and financial background and the passion to make sure The Morton Center continues to reach and help individuals. I am not in recovery myself, but I have seen firsthand how addiction can turn your world upside down.” TODAY’S WOMAN

Survival Skills


Deborah’s tips for getting well:


Develop a calm, compassionate attitude toward yourself and others. Then, making other changes in your life will be easier. Take up meditation and mind-body practices such as yoga or Tai Chi.


Read The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama. Once you get your mind in order, it’s easier to do everything else. Buddhists have a wonderful saying: ‘You have to have the right mind.’ Country people say, ‘Are you in your right mind?’


Dr. Deborah Ann Ballard, MD Primary Care Physician KentuckyOne Health

Motivated for Health D

r. Deborah Ann Ballard, M.D., a primary care physician with KentuckyOne Health who specializes in integrative medicine (IM), is the future of healthcare. “It’s a very holistic approach to health,” says Deborah, 52. “It takes all factors that involve health and sickness — diet, stress load, exercise, etc. — and looks at them in the context of the person’s whole life. It looks at root causes of illness and addresses those instead of just treating symptoms. It also uses evidenced-informed strategies from all healing traditions, not just Western medicine, which consists mostly of using drugs and surgery. We use acupuncture, Tai Chi, yoga, meditation, massage, and other therapies. “Diet is a foundational part of integrative medicine. Everything a person eats either becomes part of their body or interacts with their body for about 24 hours. Teaching people to eat properly is important. Physical activity is also crucial to health. “In IM there is no distinction between mental and physical health. It’s just health. People who tend to have a lot of mental illness tend to be sick physically.” KentuckyOne Health is launching a study to look at the outcome of its integrative




medicine program, Healthy Lifestyle, and Deborah is the principal investigator. Deborah, a native of Nelson County and a certified Tai Chi instructor, believes integrative medicine is the future. “The biggest failing of traditional medicine is that we have taken a reductionist approach to human beings. If you have hypertension, traditional medicine takes a look at your numbers and suggests taking medicine. An IM doctor says you are not eating a healthy diet, you are smoking, drinking too much alcohol, overweight, not exercising — these are the things that are raising your blood pressure. Let’s control those things. If you need medicine, in most cases you will need only a small amount. “You can’t just cover up a bad lifestyle with pills. You won’t be well until you start leading an integrative lifestyle.” Deborah says integrative medicine requires patients to be active in their own care. “If they are going to be passive and not make any effort to take care of themselves, they probably are not going to be successful,” she says. “At the root of it, the motivation is compassion for yourself and for other people.”

Realize that you can’t control things that go on in the world, but you can choose how you respond. You can react however you want.


If you eat a plant-based, whole-food diet, get physical exercise and the right amount of sleep, that will help your body to heal.

5. If you smoke, drink

too much alcohol, or eat a lot of junk food, you are poisoning yourself. It retards the body’s ability to heal and makes you sick. The American diet can cause high cholesterol, hypertension, high blood pressure, etc. When you stop eating those foods, those illnesses often go away.

6. Don’t poison your

mind. Don’t focus on a lot of negative things. Don’t watch a lot of frightening things on TV, movies, the Internet. They can make you anxious. Fill your mind with positive thoughts, things you can do something about. TODAY’S WOMAN

Professional Connections


Networking and careerbuilding opportunities for women around town

Athena’s Sister Every 2nd & 4th Mon. • 6-8pm 1741 Frankfort Avenue Marlene Aldrich Perry 502.322.4135 BPW- Business and Professional Women- New Albany Every 3rd Mon. • 5:30pm Contact for info & reservation. Tuckers, 2441 State St. Nadine Wilkinson 502.523.1698 BPW- Business & Professional Women- River City Every 2nd Wed. • Noon Lunch and Program noon-1pm The Bristol-Downtown 614 West Main Street 502.499.4420, CBPW - Christian Business & Professional Women Every Second Thurs. (Odd months only) • Noon Hurstbourne Country Club 9000 Hurstbourne Club Lane Sharilyn Unthank 502.417.5481 Distinctive Women, Entrepreneurial Women Making a Difference Every 1st Mon • 6:30-8pm Email for meeting location Deleskia Butler 502.509.5521



Legal Secretaries of Louisville Every 3rd Tues. • 11:30am Bristol Bar & Grille 614 West Main Street Elizabeth Harbolt 502.568.5446 MLWPC - Metropolitan Louisville Women’s Political Caucus Every 4th Mon. • 5:30pm Olmsted Bistro at Masonic Homes 3701 Frankfort Avenue Sherry Conner 502.776.2051 National Association for Professional Women Every 3rd Thurs. • 6:30-7:30pm Heyburn Building 332 W. Broadway, Suite 801-M Hazel Parrish, Chapter President 502.417.2566, Call to reserve for security. NAWBO - National Association of Women Business Owners Every 3rd Tues. National Association of Women in Construction Every 2nd Mon. • 5:30pm Call for meeting location Patty Stewart 812.288.4208 #121 NEW - Network of Entrepreneurial Women Every 2nd Wed. • 6-8pm Location varies. See for details.

EWI - Executive Women International- Kentuckiana Every 3rd Tues. • 5:30pm Contact for information & reservation Dotty Wettig

Network Now Every 2nd Fri. • 11:30am Hurstbourne Country Club 9000 Hurstbourne Club Lane Lee Ann Lyle 502.836.1422

The Heart Link Network Every 1st Wed. • 6:30pm Inverness at Hurstbourne Condos 1200 Club House Drive Barbara Madore 502.377.8625

Southern Indiana Women’s Networking Group Every 3rd Wed. • 11:30am Holiday Inn-Lakeview 505 Marriott Drive, Clarksville

IAAP - International Association of Administrative ProfessionalsLouisville Every 2nd Thurs. • 6pm Location Varies – See website for details.

14 12

presented by

League of Women Voters Every 3rd Mon. • 6pm Lang House, 115 S. Ewing Ave. Pat Murrell 502.895.5218

WIN - Women in Networking II Every 3rd Wed. • 11:30am Holiday Inn Louisville East 1325 Hurstbourne Pkwy Kim Fusting 502.267.7066 WIN- Women in Networking III Every 2nd Tues. • 11:30am Hurstbourne Country Club 9000 Hurstbourne Club Lane Mary Elliott 502.931.2906 WIN- Women in Networking IV Every 3rd Tues. • 11:30am Big Springs Country Club 5901 Dutchman’s Lane Meg Blackwell 502.641.9589 WIN - Women in Networking V Every 2nd Thurs. • 11:30am Buca di Beppo 2051 S. Hurstbourne Parkway Lee Ann Lyle 502.836.1422 WOAMTEC - Women On A Mission To Earn Commission Every 2nd & 4th Wed. • 11:30am The Village Anchor 11507 Park Road Charlene Burke 812.951.3177 Women’s Business Center of KY funded in part by a cooperative agreement with the SBA

Every 1st Fri. Roundtable • 8:30am Location – TBA Sharron Johnson, 502.566.6076#104 center.html Women’s Council of Realtors Every 3rd Thurs. • 11:30am Big Spring Country Club 5901 Dutchmans lane Elizabeth Monarch 502.551.1286

Top Ladies of Distinction Inc. Every 2nd Fri. • 6:30pm Hotel Louisville, 120 W. Broadway, Suite 930 Mamie L Maxwell 502.767.4180

ZONTA- Advancing The Status of Women Every 1st Thurs. • 6pm Logan’s Steakhouse 5005 Shelbyville Road Joyce Seymour 502.553.9241

WIN - Women in Networking Every 2nd Wed. • 11:15am Oxmoor Country Club 9000 Limehouse Lane Laura Ridge 502.491.7877

Listings are on per month basis. To list your meeting for free, email your meeting date, time, location, contact info and website to or call 502.327.8855 ext. 14. Deadline for inclusion in next issue is 9/8. TODAY’S WOMAN WOMAN TODAY’S

22THINGS Why 22? Because we are 22 years old!

Happenings, news, celebrations, and tidbits that caught Today’s Woman’s eye this month.

MAKEOVER YOUR T-SHIRT Vote for the winner at

In honor of our Before and After issue, we asked our readers to send us T-shirt makeovers. Here are our finalists:




ELLEN YUNKER refashioned a favorite t-shirt memory using tips from Alabama Channin’s Studio Style.


“While wearing our designs, we were always being stopped about them. That’s how Wire2Wire Designs was born,” says Kristen Roby, who owns this hand-crafted bangle bracelet business with Stephanie Trautwein.

TWO COVER GAL: Before & After



oday’s Woman and Hair by Bennie and Friends gave her a makeover on her hair and makeup, but Erica Tedesco had already completed her own makeover by losing 85 pounds. Her husband, who is a personal trainer, developed a strengthtraining program for her. She did her workouts in their basement — 30 minutes of strength training and cardio at night after she put her boys, ages 2 and 4, to bed. She eats small meals five times a day. “It is a lot of work but it keeps my metabolism up and keeps me from being hungry.”

8 OR MAKE A T-SHIRT QUILT Recycle the shirts by having a quilt made from the t-shirts. I have had quilts made for a graduation gift. CAMPUS QUILT is one place that makes them and is right here in Kentucky. 16



EMILY GUELDA made a customized maternity t-shirt to “rock the baby bump” during UofL Cardinal’s basketball tourney.

5 KELSIE SMOOT blinged up her fan wear for the Run for the L of It 5k race.


TEIA GAMER created a whole t-shirt jumper.


PENNY did a quick but effective t-shirt makeover.

22 THINGS How To Throw


A ...


“I took a risk to follow my dreams, and of left a great job, but it was much needed, for creative freedom,” Interior Designer and Party! event enthuiast, She Can she says. “I have Lauren Dahl, loves any excuse to throw a party. [ DahlHouseInteriors.Com ] a strong eye Today’s Woman first introduced Lauren Dahl for color, and when she was planning choosing the her wedding, but this right artwork. month she plans a fall I specialize in party (page 48). She is Do you have a great holiday recipe? Enter our contest! We Jalapeno Queso To transition into fall, also a great before and e-designs and are looking for Holiday Bites — appetizers, side dish, desserts, after story! a twist, on illustrations.” incorporate and healthful recipes. Enter at an typical BEFORE: Lsummer auren was a school artgrilling teacher. activity, like out. By the end AFTER: Lauren hasofstarted an Guacamole interior design summer, burgers havebusiness. gone boring. So, spice things up, with a vast selection of burger Beforetoppings, & After Furniture to give your guests a new burger We love furniture redos Mango Corn Salsa and this is a perfect taste. To tie into a fall example of how to theme, use fall produce modernize furniture. to serve as the sauce You can find furniture bowl. Acorn squash, to redo and antiques Southwest Mayo at The Fall Fleared onion halves, a outdoor marketplace on artichoke, and hallow September 20-21, details butternut squash are BEFORE at great options. Use a sharpie, and canvas, to add flare to an otherTzatziki wise boring backdrop for the serving bowls. vent planners make the ultimate



AFTER This side table is by Jen Hohl who does custom refinishing (502.386.5489). She will have a booth at The Fall Flea.


Thirteen ~ Create an Atmosphere


“Winning at money is 80 percent behavior and 20 percent head knowledge. What to do isn’t the problem; doing it is. Most of us know what Food to do, but we just don’t do it. If I can control the guy in the mirror, I can be skinny and rich.” — Dave Ramsey, The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness





Before-and-Afters happen when they create a whole special-occasion Italian Tomato Cut produce day atmosphereaout of a big, empty space. ahead. Store “We bothin feelsaran that we bring a unique visionwith to Elle &lemon Grace as Danielle Burns wrap lined worked as a photographer juicepreviously to prevent and I have worked with other local browning. wedding planners, says Grace Glide, who, with Danielle, started the business earlier this year. The pair offer different services such as Full Planning and Event This is one of the Elle & Grace weddings at the Frazier Museum. Design, Partial Planning and Day-Of Coordination. / / @todayswomannow




22 THINGS 14




West Baden Springs Hotel’s new in-room Doggie Dining experience is not run-ofthe-mill dog food. Hotel chef Ethan Smith tested his canine creations on his dog, Budias, and received a tail-wagging seal of approval.



Spoil your dog rotten by ordering the steak or chicken a La Pooch — choose from a 6 oz. sirloin cooked medium rare or a 6 oz. grilled chicken breast topped with pumpkin puree and fresh parsley. For a lighter fare, select a 4 oz. or 8 oz. fish cake consisting of minced fresh salmon and cod blended with steel cut oats, egg, and diced mixed vegetables.

{ sixteen } Enjoy the Little Moments


sn’t it nice how there are so many places around town to eat and shop together? Recently I was sitting outside the Starbucks/32ª Yogurt outside dining tables with some girlfriends enjoying the sunset along with my iced green tea at the Paddock Shops and realized that it felt a little like a vacation. Try to grab the little nice moments in your day and take a deep breath!




ou need dedication and perseverance to succeed at our Makeover Your Life Challenge. Three people will be chosen to receive food and training from a personalized trainer for three months. At the end of the challenge, these winners will be given a hair and makeup makeover as well as possible life coaching. To enter this Challenge, send us your personal story (less than 250 words), personal weight loss goals, current weight, age, and answer the following questions:

Three Causes for This Month:

• Are you willing to attend physical training at a gym at least 4 times a week — and how will you fit this into your current schedule? How much time are you able to give per day?


SEPTEMBER 4: Prodigal Ministries Christmas in September raising funds to provide support for ex-offenders. WHERE: The Seebach Hotel / DETAILS:


SEPTEMBER 13: Louisville Walk for Food Allergies, to raise funds for food allergy research, education, advocacy and awareness. WHERE: Seneca Park / DETAILS:

• Are you willing to give up soda and certain foods for the three months that you will be in this program? Are you willing to eat the food that we provide even if it is not something you are used to eating. Send your entry to with the subject line “Makeover My Life” by October 20.

Three Easy Makeovers I’ve Tried… 20 Up the Water I have to make myself think about drinking enough water but it always helps my energy levels and allergy symptoms. My teenage son has been drinking 1.5 to 2 gallons of water a day for about eight months, and now has no need for allergy shots or medication even though he had severe symptoms that resulted in many doctor visits before he started drinking that much water. It is an amazing transformation. 20



21 Switched my Mountain Dew for Mountain Zevia


SEPTEMBER 25: The Cabbage Patch Settlement House Annual Auction “A World of Opportunities” benefiting at-risk children and families in Louisville. WHERE: The Henry Clay (604 S. 3rd St.) / DETAILS:

22 Make just one cookie

Zevia is a better-for-you soda that uses stevia instead of sugar and is sold at Kroger and other groceries. It takes time to get used to the taste, but both regular and diet sodas increase a woman’s waistline.

When you need something sweet, instead of making a big dessert, try a single dessert such as Cookie in a Mug. Here is a recipe for a chocolate chip cookie in a mug. Healthier ingredients in parentheses. Cookie in a Mug 1 Tablespoon butter 1 Tablespoon granulated sugar (or Truvia) 1 Tablespoon brown sugar, firmly packed (or Truvia) 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Pinch salt 1 egg yolk 3 Tablespoons all-purpose flour (or almond flour) 1-2 Tablespoons chocolate chips (or 85% cocoa bar cut up)

Melt butter in microwave in mug, then add other ingredients and microwave for 45 seconds. Top with some whipped cream. / / @todayswomannow






Best For You ­ VOTE TODAY! Today’s Woman wants to let our readers know about local services that will be Best for You. We asked readers to submit different businesses in the following categories — places that help you improve your quality of life. We will feature the winners in our January 2015 issue. Please vote at during the month of September (one vote per email address). Vote for one choice in each category. Vote online at or mail (postmarked by September 30) your choices to Today’s Woman, 9750 Ormsby Station Road, Suite 307, Louisville, KY 40223, Phone: 502.327.8855. ONLINE VOTING

DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 30, NOON Name:_______________________________ Address:______________________________ City, State, ____________________________ Zip:_________________________________ Email address:_________________________ Comments about why you voted the way you did or any write-in votes: ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ 22



HEALTHFUL FOOD L Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) L G Meals L Green B.E.A.N. Delivery L Home Cuisine L LifeBar L Lucky’s Market L New Roots L Rainbow Blossom WELLNESS L All Women OB/GYN L Kentucky Cancer Program L Integrative Hormone Specialists L OB/GYN Associates of Southern Indiana L Precision Compounding L Priority Radiology L Wellness 360 L Westmoreland Compounding L Women’s Diagnostic Center L Your Community Pharmacy

(hormones, supplements, nutrition, preventative)

GET MOVING (exercise, dance, sports) L Baptist East Milestone Wellness Center L Blairwood Tennis, Swim, and Fitness L By Any Means Fitness L Jazzercise — Middletown L Jewish Community Center L Louisville FitBody Bootcamp L Maximum Fitness Bootcamp Classes L Outlast Strength and Conditioning LLC L The Studio Belly Dance & More L University Ballroom L YMCA care, facials, dermatology, SAVE YOUR SKIN (skin makeup, treatment) L Aesthetic Alternatives L Bella Pelle L Dermatology Specialists L Kurect Skincare L RevitaLife MD L Vein Treatment Center L Zishi pain treatment, alternative FIND RELIEF (chronic treatment) L A Therapeutic Touch L Drew Anderson Chiropractic L Jeffersontown Medical L Massage Envy L Norton Headache and Concussion Center L Occupational Kinetics L Serenity The Spa in Anchorage L The Pain Institute

IMPROVE SIGHT L Eye Associates L Gaddie Eye Centers L John-Kenyon American Eye Institute L Korrect Optical L The Eye Care Institute L UofL Physicians — Eye Specialist L VisionWorks LOSE WEIGHT (surgery, weight-loss programs) L Ageless Medical Weight Loss Center L Clark Memorial Bariatric Program L Floyd Memorial Weight Management L Jewish Bariatric Care L Heuser Clinic L Louisville Center for Weight Loss L Medshare Health and Wellness Centers L Norton Weight Management Center RESHAPE — CONTOUR L Associates in Plastic Surgery L Dermatology Associates L Corbett Cosmetic Aesthetic Surgery L Digenis Plastic Surgery L Julene B. Samuels, M.D., FACS L Liposuction Institute L Martin Fox, M.D. L University Surgical Associates — Division of Plastic Surgery L Ultimate Vein Care

volunteer, HELP OTHERS (nonprofits, opportunities) L Big Brothers Big Sisters L Cedar Lake L Goodwill of Southern Indiana L GuardiaCare L Hosparus L Mended Hearts Chapter 11 Kentuckiana L Metro United Way L The National Center for Families Learning L Volunteers of America L WaterStep

LEARN A NEW SKILL L Consignments Plus (repurpose furniture) L Green Earth Outdoors L JCPS Continuing Education L Jefferson County Cooperative Extension L Pinot’s Palette L Whet Your Palette


WAY TO GO WOMAN! For eight years, Today’s Woman has been saying, ‘Way to Go Woman!’ These women (age 40 and younger) deserve recognition for the strides they are making in different areas. We are honoring one woman in each of five categories. Photos by MELISSA DONALD / Makeup by DENISE CARDWELL, BLADES SALON & SPA / Styling by ALISSA HICKS




Director of Marketing, KFC Yum! Center Her children are Emma, 7 and Cruz, 5; engaged to Steve Moran

Biggest accomplishments: “Building a successful marketing infrastructure for the nation’s fifth largest arena from the ground up is one of the professional accomplishments I am most proud of. I was also able to create a culture that encouraged creativity and excitement amongst my twoperson marketing team and the rest of the staff at the KFC Yum! Center. This allowed for the cultivation of strong relationships with members of the community and the media. Rolling Stone magazine ranked the venue seventh on a list of the nation’s top arenas and stadiums. The KFC Yum! Center has also had numerous sold-out shows and concerts that consistently rank among the top grossing of all stops on their tours.”

“I have had a number of strong influences in my life, and I would like to give back and become a mentor for future generations.”

Organizations: Current secretary of the Public Relations Society of America Bluegrass Chapter; member of the Advertising Federation of Louisville; member of Young Professionals Association of Louisville; past president of the Kentucky Festivals and Events Association

The future: “I have a strong passion for women in leadership paving a path and setting an example for others, and I hope that in the future I can continue to build upon my career, make the KFC Yum! Center more successful, and mentor others to achieve their accomplishments.

Sandra is wearing: Dress by Sara Campbell, Boutique Serendipity, 502.423.0058, $188; Shoes by Louise et Cie, Dillard’s, 502.893.4400, $139.








“I consider it an honor to be able to employ some very talented individuals and work with some amazing clients.”


Director of student success, Speed School of Engineering at University of Louisville Married to Jared Neal; daughter Abigail, 19 months.

“As young professionals, we are the leaders of our society, and we need to step to the plate. We are the future for our children.” Education Goals: “My focus was to assist all students to obtain a graduate degree, especially women and minority students. Now, in my new position, I will focus on retention and graduation rates of engineering students. I’ll oversee the academic advising center and enhance bridge programs for underprepared and underprivileged high school students. I’ll be working with community members and employers to provide awareness, preparedness, and excitement to the future of our economy: engineering.”

Involvement: Leadership Southern Indiana, ENGAGE program for One Southern Indiana, Pearls of Wisdom committee member

Love about this community: “You receive the bigtown amenities yet have a smalltown feel. There is communitywide support for higher education, which is vital to the success of our local economy.”

Heidi is wearing: Dress by Jude Connally, Boutique Serendipity, 502.423.0058, $196; Shoes by Louise et Cie, Dillard’s, 502.893.4400, $159.




Owner, Pro Communications; engaged to Joe Weber

Biggest Accomplishments: “I started Pro Communications at the age of 27. After 10 years, I purchased a 30-year-old Louisville public relations firm, ProMoter Marketing & Communications. Polly Moter (the previous owner of ProMoter) and I had been working on the deal for about nine months and closed last January. I employ five people in the company, and we have more than 40 clients.”

Goals: “I would like to continue growing Pro Communications to at least double the size that we are now.”

Other Involvement: “I ran for Louisville’s Metro Council in 2012, and as a first-time candidate taking on an incumbent, I received 39 percent of the vote. I can tell you that I worked like mad to get this percentage — walking and knocking on thousands of doors to introduce myself to voters in my district and attending as many neighborhood functions as I could. Although I did not win the election, it was a tremendous learning experience and made me appreciate the political process. I will run again for public office in the future when the time is right. I am extremely passionate about wanting to serve my city or state in this capacity.” Sarah is wearing: Dress by Antonio Melani, Dillard’s, 502.893.4400, $159; Shoes by Jessica Simpson, Dillard’s, $70.

TODAY’S WOMAN / / @todayswomannow








Major Gift Officer, Sisters of St. Benedict of Ferdinand, Ind. Owner, rental property business

“My greatest accomplishments are the ones I can’t take sole credit for completing. I’m a team player and have contributed to projects that have impacted the lives of thousands of people in our metro area. My greatest honor is being a trusted leader in our community.”

“If everyone took the self -initiative to do one small act of public service a week or even a month, the community would be an even better place.”

Barriers: “I faced a lot of challenges in childhood. My family provided for me the best they knew how, but I realized over time that the struggles we faced were not ‘normal.’”

Breakthrough “At the age of 19, I had the great fortune to be hired by an engineer to draw bridge blueprints based on my eagerness to learn and my high school industrial arts coursework. That engineer, David Kirby, became my first mentor and encouraged me to start college. Over my eight-year tenure with the firm, I worked full-time during the day and went to college at night. I fell in love with community service and learned that there was a leader inside me. The faculty and staff at Ivy Tech encouraged my growth and gave me opportunities to lead. After graduation, I continued my education at IU Southeast which ultimately allowed me to change careers to make a living doing the work I love – helping improve lives.”

Helping Others: “All people are creative, resourceful, and whole — they just have to acknowledge and work toward the change they need in their life to make it through the tough experiences we are all thrown into from time to time. I never try to change a person. Instead, I spend my energy encouraging people to acknowledge their barriers, create a plan, and then gain momentum on a positive trajectory.” Kerri is wearing: Dress by Antonio Melani, Dillard’s, 502.893.4400, $140; Shoes by Gianni Bini, Dillard’s, $79.99




Development information and special projects manager, Kentucky Center for the Arts; Production team member, Abbey Road on the River Festival; Band member, Southern Sirens; Freelance violinist Married to Charles Blanton

Love about this community: “This community has a rich local culture. We take pride in ‘Keeping Louisville Weird’ and supporting local businesses. The community also has a rich arts and music scene.”

Message you are trying to get others to hear: “The number one message I always try to deliver is that the arts have a vital role in the community. The arts are now being used in amazing ways in the Kentuckiana area. The Kentucky Center’s Arts in Healing program is helping individuals with substance abuse, movement disorders, the wounds of war, children recovering from physical and emotional abuse and abandonment, seniors embracing the end of life, families dealing with homelessness, and patients undergoing cancer treatment. I cannot stress enough how valuable the arts are to society. The arts are a catalyst for learning, creating culture, and creating change in the community.”

Biggest Accomplishments: •F ounded the annual Arts Council of Southern Indiana Fiddle Fest, which helps preserve an art form. •C reated and organized the Governor’s School for the Arts Coffeehouse Day, which united alumni in a statewide awareness fundraiser at various coffeehouses across Kentucky. •H er band, Southern Sirens, was selected as a Top 70 Act for ABC’s Rising Star in Los Angeles, Calif., and as semi-finalists out of 5,000 entries to compete in Pepsi’s Southern Originals Competition. Anna is wearing: Dress by Antonio Melani, Dillard’s, 502.893.4400, $149


Want to step up your style? All it takes are a few small changes to boost your confidence — and turn some heads. Find out what the stylists at Hair by Bennie & Friends (2346 Frankfort Avenue, 502.895.1956) did to unearth the true beauty of these women.

Glamorize My Gray


former Mary Kay Cosmetics consultant, Nancy says she looked forward to being the one sitting in the salon chair. “I was always doing those things for other people, and it was nice to have it done for me instead.” The Face: Using navy and neutral eyeshadows was one strategy makeup artist Amanda Baker used for showing off some of Nancy’s best features — like her green eyes. “We wanted to give her a more modern twist on her makeup.” She added blush in a soft color to highlight her face and the shape of the haircut. The Hair: “I wanted to give her something that made her feel sexy and youthful,” says stylist Kelly Kraemer. She cut Nancy’s hair into a bob and added in subtle layers to give the hair shape and movement. Kelly used Reference of Sweden Silver Shampoo ($19) on Nancy’s hair which is designed to counteract any unwanted warm tones in the hair and gives it a silver sheen.

Nancy Deal AGE: JOB:

63 Owner, Interior Transformations

NANCY IS WEARING: Dress by Desigual,

Boutique Serendipity 502.423.0058 $139; Jacket by Sara Campbell, Boutique Serendipity $360; Earrings, Sassy’s Boutique 502.384.9009 $28




TODAY’S WOMAN / / @todayswomannow




Toshia Henderson AGE:


JOB: Substitute

Teacher, Jefferson County Public Schools; Front End Supervisor, Ross Stores

Make Me Look Professional


oshia, a recent graduate of Indiana University Southeast and mother of two sons ages 5 and 1, says she wants to be ready for upcoming job interviews, but needs some guidance on polishing up her appearance. “I know nothing about makeup and still look like a teenager.” The Face: Since Toshia doesn’t wear much makeup, Amanda Baker chose neutral tones of brown for her eyes. “I wanted to keep her makeup very simple and matte shades are usually the best,” she says. The color choice, says Amanda, also ties-in well with the type of look that is perfect for the office or networking event. To control her oily skin, Amanda used a powder foundation on Toshia which gives her full coverage and is long-lasting. She gave Toshia’s lips a hint of color using pink lipstick and a dab of brown gloss. The Hair: Stylist Brittany Griffith evened-out Toshia’s hair color and trimmed her ends. Next, she gave her a smooth style using a flatiron and added round layers into her hair. The layers give Toshia the option of wearing her hair smooth — whether down or upswept. Her layers give the hair a nicer shape that also allows her to wear it curly. For more moisture and shine, Brittany applied a conditioning treatment to Toshia’s hair.

TOSHIA IS WEARING: Dress by Lafayette148, Rodeo Drive 502.425.8999 $498; Earrings by Summer Eliason 502.387.9901 $54

Un-Mommify Me


Erika Tedesco

34 Manager of Education and Training, Hosparus


eing stylish while keeping up with her two sons ages 4 and 2 can be a daunting task for Erika. “As a mom, I get into the rut of what is easiest, but easiest doesn’t always mean it looks nice.” The Face: Smokey eyes were all Erika needed to transition into a look perfect for evening events or date night. Amanda used a combination of purple, plum and gold shadows to get the right effect. For more definition, she added bronzer and highlighter. She finished her look with soft pink lipstick. The Hair: Versatility is the hallmark of Erika’s shredded long bob, she can wear a classic smooth style or waves for a sassier look. Stylist Rachel Ehringer took off several inches of hair and deepened her color to a richer brown shade that was closer to her natural hair color. She worked in natural sunkissed highlights to brighten her face. For flair, Rachel used a flatiron to create the waves. ERIKA IS WEARING: Top by Malene Birger, Peacock Boutique

502.897.1158 $325; Skirt by Rag & Bone, Peacock Boutique, $379; Necklace, Chartreuse 502.409.7082 $28.50





Saved by THE Scan!



TodaysWoman@TodaysWomanNow Sept 4

So many strong women in pink @TodaysWomanNow Pink Woman Photo Shoot sponsored by Women’s Diagnostic Center. TodaysWoman@TodaysWomanNow Sept 7

Have you told us why you need a lung scan? It saved my life. Schedule it today or tell us why you need one — we are giving one away TodaysWoman@TodaysWomanNow Sept 18

Love attending the @Women4Women luncheon. So many good reasons to do lunch on Sept 18. TodaysWoman@TodaysWomanNow Sept 27

@AliCenter for the Humanitarian Awards on Sept 27. #SoInspiring

TWEET AT US @TodaysWomanNow if you are also at these events or other events we should let our readers know about.

We want to give you a Lung Scan Do you have any of the risk factors associated with lung cancer? If so, write us about why you would like a lung scan. Send to with subject line “Save my lungs.” 34




hen I had my annual exam with my primary care physician last June, I asked him about having a low-dose CT lung scan. I was a smoker during my 20s and 30s and my mom died of lung cancer. Initially, my doctor wasn’t sure — I was healthy, had no indication of any problems, and the test wasn’t covered by insurance. I asked him to check on the cost, and he found out it was $185. “Let’s do it!” I said, and the scan was scheduled. The initial report showed a 1.5 cm “nodular density” that could have been attributed to pneumonia. A follow-up in six months was recommended, which showed the same thing. However, the follow-up CT in June of 2014 indicated an increase in the size, and a CT-guided needle biopsy was scheduled. On July 2, I was told it was malignant. Strangely, I was not surprised but rather felt very thankful it had been caught so early. On July 18, I underwent surgery where my upper left lobe was removed laparoscopically. The cancer had not spread to any of my lymph nodes. I was out of the hospital six days later and back to the office in three weeks. I feel great and am on a mission to educate everyone about the benefits of low-dose CT lung scans. Had it not been for this new screening, I’m convinced I would have followed the same path as my mom (See sidebar). The scan was surely the best $185 I ever spent! Cathy Zion Publisher Today’s Woman

Risk Factors for Lung Cancer: • Older adult who is a current or former smoker • Smoked heavily for many years • Once smoked heavily but quit • Family history of lung cancer • Exposure to high levels of radon gas • Worked with asbestos

Why I Knew About The Scan Eleven years ago, my then 78-year-old mother underwent knee replacement surgery. Following surgery, she had some complications, and the doctor ordered a battery of tests looking for possibly a blood clot. She eventually recovered and, a few weeks later, was back to her spunky, independent self, running her upscale consignment shop in Michigan. Then, 10 months later following a freak traffic accident, we learned that she had stage 4 lung cancer. We were in shock and couldn’t understand how this had grown so extensively in just 10 months. However, a review of the CT scan of her lungs ordered following her knee replacement clearly reported “parenchymal density in left upper lung measuring 1.96 X 1.07 cm… bronchoscopy suggested.” Since at the time they were only looking for a blood clot, this finding was never pursued. Mom died in November 2003, six months after her lung cancer diagnosis. In 2010, I read about a study at Mount Sinai Medical Center utilizing CT scans to detect lung cancer at early onset. I wrote the director of the study and shared with her mom’s story, which clearly showed the CT scan would have saved her life. I encouraged the director to pursue this greatly needed screening. I have watched closely over the past couple of years, hoping to see this scan become widely available, but unfortunately, little has been publicized. TODAY’S WOMAN

worth your By SANNA ROGERS


ou see your primary care doctor for an annual physical and know your family medical history. You schedule a Pap smear and mammogram like clockwork. You know your HDLs, LDLs, and BMIs. You’re on top of your game, and, best of all, it’s covered by your insurance. But is there more you can do? And should you? Here are five health screenings that may not be covered by most insurance and Medicare plans, but may be worth the out-of-pocket expense for high-risk women. (Also read Cathy Zion’s recommendation for lung screening on page 32, and how it saved her life.)




Cardiovascular & Heart Disease Check

Beyond a Mammogram

Ovarian Cancer Gene

TEST: Vascular Screening

TEST: 3D Mammography

Screening (Digital Tomosynthesis)

TEST: Blood test for breast/


Women over 55 with family history of heart attack, stroke and aneurysm; smokers, those with high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. WHY YOU SHOULD GET IT:

Quick, no-prep procedure uses ultrasound imaging of blood flow through all major arteries from brain to extremities. Immediate scans of any blockage or hardening in the arteries. Average one-hour visit includes post-consultation with a radiologist. WHERE TO GO: Most hospitals and imaging facilities in Kentuckiana COST: $75-$125 Sources: Priority Radiology and Baptist Health


Benefits all women, especially those who have had a previous suspicious mammogram using traditional 2D imaging and those with dense breast tissue. WHY YOU SHOULD GET IT: 3D Mammography allows doctors to find very small cancers in the breast with 3D computer reconstruction broken down into onemillimeter layers of tissue. This can lead to detection of earlier stage cancers and fewer false positives. 3D and traditional 2D mammographies are similar in procedure and can be combined for better results. WHERE TO GO: Women’s

Diagnostic Center COST: $50. This fall Medicare

and Medicaid will be looking into national coverage.

ovarian cancer gene (BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 genes) WHO SHOULD GET IT:

Women with a family history of breast, ovarian, fallopian tube, or peritoneal cancers; women who have had these cancers, especially before age 50; women who have had cancer in both breasts. WHY YOU SHOULD GET IT:

Women who carry the BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 genes have a higher lifetime cancer risk for any of these cancers and may consider taking precautionary measures such as mastectomy or hysterectomy or may choose annual MRI exams. WHERE TO GO: Most

hospitals offer genetic counseling for women. COST: $3,000-$4,000, but high-risk patients may be covered by insurance. Source: Dr. Rebecca Terry, Women First



New Colorectal Cancer Screening


TEST: Cologuard

for Allergies


Women who want a noninvasive, at-home colon cancer test. WHY YOU SHOULD GET IT:

This stool-sample screening can detect DNA mutations as well as blood in the colon that may point to smaller, harder-to-detect cancerous or precancerous polyps. The standard fecal (FIT) test in a colonoscopy doesn’t check for DNA abnormalities. Can be done every three years instead of a colonoscopy if results are negative. WHERE TO GO: Approved by the FDA in August. May be commercially available and referred by doctors in the next month. COST: $599. Medicare and

Medicaid services are pushing for nationwide coverage. Source: Dr. Whitney Jones

TEST: igE Blood Test WHO SHOULD GET IT: Women who prefer a blood draw to the traditional needle sticks and those with severe food allergies. WHY YOU SHOULD GET IT:

Mostly for convenience. No need to stop current allergy medication prior to testing, no skin exposure to potentially dangerous allergens, and no itchy skin. Results in one to three days. An initial blood test is run through a hi-tech machine to determine your immune system response to allergens on your specific profile. WHERE TO GO: Your allergist/ immunologist or other doctor can request testing in office or at a hospital or other outpatient lab. MedShare Health and Wellness Centers doesn’t require a doctor’s referral. COST: $10-$50 per allergen tested (e.g., at $10 per test, 17 allergens would cost $170) Source: MedShare Health and Wellness Center. Kentucky Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

Source: Dr. Art McLaughlin




TODAY’S WOMAN / / @todayswomannow




She Kicks It!


Karen Wheeler


aren Wheeler knows how to sell. As the sole female Sales Consulting and Leasing Specialist at Byerly Ford, she takes pride in connecting with prospective clients, especially women, and helping them find the car that suits their lifestyle. A former Ford Motor Company employee, Karen operated a hoist as an auto tech and worked on the line helping to manufacture the Ford Sport Trac. Ready to put her days in the manufacturing industry behind her and feeling an urge for a change, Karen made the jump to Byerly Ford in 2009 as a service writer because it gave her a new and exciting opportunity but still allowed her to work for a company she loved. Three years ago she walked into her boss’s office and said, “I’d like to sell a car.” Within a couple of days with her first car sold, a new career path had been forged. What keeps her passionate about going into work each day? “I love people. I love to help.” She describes herself as enthusiastic, ambitious, and optimistic. Her best advice for other women facing transition in their lives is short and sweet. “Just stay focused and don’t let negativity hold you back. Smile and push through it.”




Nominate a woman for Today’s Woman Kicks It at TODAY’S WOMAN / / @todayswomannow




Start with a



weaters are hot this fall, and finding one great sweater can take any wardrobe through the season in style. We take a Victoria’s Secret sweater and demonstrate how it can go from work to weekend with just a few basic pieces. (Check for more ideas on how to wear this sweater.)

Often, cardigan sweaters are added over a dress to make the transition from summer to fall. However, in this first look, we put the sweater under the dress to show off the vibrant colors and geometric pattern of the dress fabric.





SWEATER: Victoria’s Secret online, $39.50; Dress: Milly, Clodhoppers, 502.891.0079, $425; Shoes: Franco Sarto, Off Broadway Shoes, $50. Modeled by Assistant Editor Jessica Alyea.


SmartStyles Products and services to fit your style

Sassy Fox Consignments

KURect Skincare The goal of our Licensed Aesthetician is to provide skin care education, relaxation, and correction for clients of all ages and skin types.

Sassy Fox upscale consignment, carrying a welledited selection of women’s name brand and boutique/ designer clothing and accessories from casual to formal.

1850 S. Hurstbourne Pkwy. Ste. 115 Louisville, KY 40220 502.594.3660 • Mention Smart Styles for 20% off any service

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Louisvillicious Cakes and Desserts, LLC

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Strandz Salon & Threadz Boutique Shop from a variety of affordable and unique gifts, clothes, and jewelry. Our event room is available for baby showers, birthdays and more. Add on mini spa services to make your party one to remember! 322 Vincennes Street, New Albany, IN 47150 812.945.5480 • Mention this ad to SAVE $5 with any purchase of $20 through 10-31-14

A Taste of Kentucky Small Batch Furniture Handcrafted by Maynard Studios in Lawrenceburg, this unique bar set is made from reclaimed bourbon barrel staves and hand-forged metal, making each piece one of a kind. Custom cakes and desserts for any occasion. Louisvillicious will make your dream cake a reality. • 502.551.9155

Shelbyville Road Plaza Between Quest Outdoors & HomeRun Burgers 4600 Shelbyville Road • 502.895.2777 400 West Market Building 400 W. Market, facing 4th St. • 502.566.4554 - ADVERTISEMENT -

This is a more traditional casual look featuring classic plaid and one of fall’s hottest trends — the menswear lace-up oxford. PLAID SHIRT: Merona at Target, $23; Jeans: Citizens of Humanity, Clodhoppers, $198; Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger, Off Broadway Shoes, $70.

2 3

As the weather cools, add leggings, boots, and a denim shirt to make the sweater perfect for tailgating or a walk in Cherokee Park. MEN’S CHECKED SHIRT: Mossimo at Target, $25; Leggings: Xhilaration at Target, $10; Boots: Mossimo at Target, $35; Men’s Denim Shirt: Mossimo at Target, $11.








The area’s finest products and services at your fingertips

Sullivan College of Technology & Design

Jane Owens Family Therapy, LLC Life is all about growing and moving forward — hard to do if you feel stuck. What is holding you back? I can help you find out and transition through your challenges to have the life you want.

Understanding the principals and elements of design are crucial to create a gallery wall. Look at the proportion of the art work and how it fits the scale of the room. Emphasis on a focal piece is key when creating the overall composition. Color and balance are always considerations when considering placement. Contact for details on the field of Interior Design. Malandra J. Gibson, ASID, IIDA Department Chair - Interior Design Sullivan College of Technology and Design 3901 Atkinson Sq. Dr. Louisville, KY 40218 502.213.8203 •

Today’s Woman Digital Media

Offering digital packages featuring: • Social – Facebook & Twitter • Email – Magazine Subscriber Database • Interactive Website Button & Skyscraper Ads Call 502.327.8855 or email / / @todayswomannow

Located in Crescent Hill • 502.436.9504

Accepting new clients for individual, family and couples counseling.

Cook N’ Company Restaurant

Soul food favorites, cooked to order: wings, catfish, mac n’ cheese, fresh greens, CNC’s own Kickn’ Honey Glaze and Chess pie. Yum! Lunch specials and catering. Open daily 11am - 6pm. Nikki Cook, Owner Cook N’ Company Restaurant 947 Central Ave. 40208 502.635.1000


43 41

A Modern Redo



eth Bizianes had no intentions of moving, let alone beginning a remodeling project that would entail the likes of figuring out what to do with a pool in the basement. But we’ll get to that later. Beth and her husband were content living in their three-bedroom ranch off Browns Lane, but after a little wine and late night Googling of “Modern Homes in Louisville,” she found herself moving, two months later, into the remodeling project of her life. In the dead of winter, Beth packed up her cozy family and moved into an all-white cement home in Prospect designed in 1973 by the modern architect Jasper Ward. Ward is most famously known for his downtown office buildings, which include the current location of Love’s Boutique on West Jefferson (formerly the old City Blueprint Building; think giant concrete circles), Mike Walsh Liquors on West Market, and the Jewish Hospital Doctors’ Office Building on East Liberty. Ward’s philosophy was that “form follows function,” and certain elements of this philosophy resonate in the Bizianes’ home. This modern anomaly is completely fireproof. Constructed of cinder block and metal beams, slate floors, fiberglass ceilings, metal shelving and cabinetry, glass, and a rubberized roof, this structure was built like a bunker, an ox of house. From the exterior, the house resembles a fortress with its sharp white brick shape, angles, and metal-clad doors (also a stark contrast from the more traditional neighboring homes). I was even confused about how to enter the home — a perfectly functional deterrent for intruders.




TODAY’S WOMAN / / @todayswomannow






Since the move in December, Beth, who studied interior architecture at the University of Louisville, has taken on the project of warming this modern home. “There were several other offers on this house, but I wrote up a proposal about my design plans,” she says. “I don’t want to redesign this house, as many others did. I could turn it into the house with the big island in the kitchen, but it would take away from the design integrity of the home. The owners had this home built with this design, and I want to respect that legacy.” So far, her remodeling projects have succeeded in softening the interior entryway and galley kitchen with a bright orange poured cement floor. The pop of color contrasts beautifully with the stark white walls and ceilings. The kitchen has been remodeled with dark cabinets (replacing the original white metal), a granite countertop, updated appliances, and a marble backsplash in softer whites and grays. To decorate, Beth has used eclectic furniture she found and repurposed herself from Goodwill. Many of her pieces vacillate between modern and bohemian and always focus on affordability and reuse. “I’m a color person, so it is difficult for my two decorating personalities to mesh,” Beth says. “I had to talk myself into the allwhite walls, but the colorful furniture and art make it soft and comfortable. I want

this to be a place we can live, watch movies with our kids, but still BEFORE stay true to modern form.” The remodeling is far from complete. There are times Beth sits by the now-empty pool in the basement with her husband and wonders what they have gotten themselves into. She has even had several instances where people ask her what exactly she likes about the house. Laughing, she looks around and says, “Everything. I actually like this house! I love mid-century modern and Frank Lloyd Wright. This is my home.” But it has had some hiccups, such as a lack of hidden storage. Beth has removed all the shelving that lined the walls of the home; she’s added carpet pieces to soften the floors, and acoustics and more secure ladders to access the children’s sleeping lofts. Future plans include adding black framed windows and baseboards inside while softening the exterior with earth tones and matching wooden entry and garage doors. “We’re not feet-first people,” Beth says. “We’re not risk-takers. Even though I think risk-takers are cool, I’m more of a play-itsafe kind of person. But here we are! We took the plunge and understand the expectation of work it will take.” Beth shows me the hollowed-out, paisley-shaped form of the once-pristine stainless steel and tiled basement pool. Her plans are to remove it and add a more functional space in the basement including a guest room, family area, and storage space — her own splash in Ward’s “form follows function” philosophy. TODAY’S WOMAN / / @todayswomannow




of FALL FIRST How to throw a


Created and written by LAUREN DAHL Photos by MELISSA DONALD

JalapeĂąo Queso



Mango Corn Salsa

Southwest Mayo


Italian Tomato


o transition into fall, incorporate a twist on a typical summer activity such as grilling out. By the end of summer, burgers have gotten boring. Spice things up with a vast selection of burger toppings to give your guests a new burger taste. To tie into a fall theme, use fall produce to serve as sauce bowls. Acorn squash, red onion halves, a hollow artichoke, and butternut squash are great options. Use a Sharpie and canvas to add flare to an otherwise boring backdrop for the serving bowls. Tip: Cut produce a day ahead. Store in plastic wrap lined with lemon juice to prevent browning. See more recipes at

Interior Designer and event enthusiast Lauren Dahl loves any excuse to throw a party. [DahlHouseInteriors.Com]





Blanket station

A stylish chair stacked with a pile of blankets, provides comfort to guests. Create a graband-go blanket station alongside the campfire to give warmth as the night cools down.

Beer and cider are standard fall drinks. Find a free printable label online, and attach it to your bottles to give that extra fall flare.

Sedum Use a variety of plants and flowers, within a similar color range to add sophistication to your arrangements. For example, use all shades of oranges.


Aster Mums

Fall harvest makes the perfect decor. Place fall florals on tables and entry ways to get guests excited for fall’s arrival. Devote an entire table for the s’mores bar and place it next to the campfire. Organize items in clear containers and place skewers nearby.

Entertainment Give guests the most incredible s’mores bar ever.

Take s’mores to the next level. Provide guests with an assortment of goodies, including fruits, chocolate varieties, candy bar bits, sauces, edible glitter, and anything else you can think of.

Best Bite End your day with the Grand Marnier Soufflé. Light, airy, and full of orange flavor, this soufflé is served with a side of vanilla creme anglaise sauce and whipped cream. Eat it immediately, because as the old saying goes, “you can wait for the soufflé, but the soufflé can not wait for you.”

Text and photograph by MELISSA DONALD

Olive Leaf Bistro LOCATION:

130 W. Riverside Drive Jeffersonville, Ind. (on the corner of W. Riverside Drive and Pearl Street — one block from the entrance to the pedestrian bridge) 812.913.1252 HOURS:

Monday-Friday, 11am-2pm and 5-11pm Saturday, 11am-11pm Sunday, noon-6pm 52




s g n i n e p p a H




Love’s Labour’s Lost

by William Shakespeare, reimagined by Steve Epp, Nathan Keepers and Dominique Serrand ACTORS THEATRE

The king and his fellow scholars vow to seclude themselves from worldly distractions, but when a lovely princess and her ladies arrive and set up camp, this oath proves harder to keep than any of them thought. This playful and funny worldpremiere reimagining of Shakespeare’s classic comedy pays homage to the Bard and his many courting couples. WHEN ~ various

performances September 2-21. Open caption: Saturday, September 13 @4pm. Audio description: Sunday, September 14 @ 2:30pm WHERE ~ Actors Theatre of Louisville, 316 West Main St. TICKETS ~ $25-$59 CONTACT ~ actorstheatre. org, the box office in person, or 502.584.1205. TDD: 502.371.0956





Gladys Knight

This legendary singer (who is also an actress/ author/restaurateur and spokeswoman) has recorded more than 40 albums, won seven Grammys, and since the 1960s, enjoyed several #1 hits on the Pop, Gospel, R&B, and Contemporary charts, including the iconic Gladys Knight & the Pips song Midnight Train to Georgia. Inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 1996, and recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Soul Train Music Awards in 2011, Knight’s recent successes include the songs I Who Have Nothing, and Settle off her 2013 (and 8th) solo album Another Journey. This month brings the release of her newest gospel album Where My Heart Belongs (Shadow Mountain Records.) WHEN ~ September 12 @8pm WHERE ~ Louisville Palace TICKETS ~ $40-$80 CONTACT ~ or box office in person



what’s going on in the month of September.


The young peasant girl Giselle dies of a broken heart after discovering that her love, Albrecht, is a nobleman in disguise and betrothed to another. When a group of supernatural Wilis (the spirits of the heartbroken maidens) summon Giselle from her grave and target her lover for death, it is Giselle’s love that frees Albrecht from their grasp. Revolving around timeless themes of love, deception, and redemption, Giselle premiered at the Paris Opera in June of 1841. WHEN ~ September 12 & 13 @ 8pm. Saturday 2pm matinee WHERE ~ Kentucky Center TICKETS ~ starting @ $32 CONTACT ~ kentuckycenter. org, the box office in person, or 502.584.7777

m Eric Church’s


Hailed as a top entertainer by The New York Times, Rolling Stone, SPIN Magazine and more, the country music superstar’s current album, The Outsiders debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart and Billboard Country Album Charts earlier this year. His current hit single Give Me Back My Hometown, is in the Top-5 and rising. The Outsiders is a follow-up to Church’s Platinum-certified (and Grammy-nominated) album Chief (named the 2012 Album of the Year by both CMA and ACM) which featured the Top 20 singles: Homeboy, Like Jesus Does, Creepin, and the number one hits Drink in My Hand and Springsteen. WHEN ~ September 25 @7pm WHERE ~ KFC YUM!


TICKETS ~ $22-$55.50 CONTACT ~ Ticketmaster outlets,, or the box office in person TODAY’S WOMAN / / @todayswomannow







“It’s important to know the history of flamenco,”

Azucena says. The dance originated among Spanish gypsies, who were social outcasts in the late 18th century. Flamenco came about as an expression of their feelings, such as anger against conventional society — thus the stomping, strong arm movements, and no smiling — or feelings of joy in celebration of a marriage or birth. The program has been a great success as Azucena’s students have experienced the same positive expression of feelings from all those years ago.

Because of the program’s success, Azucena Chamberlain is receiving an ExtraOrdinary People honor from the Muhammad Ali Center at its second annual Humanitarian Awards ceremony to be held at the Louisville Marriott Downtown on September 27. The awards, presented by the YUM! Brands Foundation, recognize regular people who give their time and money to help their community without fanfare.




fter 25 years as a principal, Dr. Mary Beth Bowling is ready to apply her experience and knowledge to her new position as assistant superintendent 1989 Principal of of Catholic Schools St. James School in the Archdiocese of Louisville. Mary Beth will 1993 Principal of continue the work she is St. Patrick so passionate about by Catholic School. collaborating with the 38 2005 National Catholic elementary schools and Educational nine high schools in the Association Archdiocese. Distinguished Mary Beth’s first job Principal award was teaching second (one of 12 chosen grade at St. Bartholomew nationally). School where her principal, Sister Jean Madeline 2005 Principal of Peake, became her mentor. Sacred Heart After teaching in the Model School. classroom for a few years, Mary Beth decided to go back to the University of Louisville where she studied for her certification in administration. A doctorate in leadership education would follow. Mary Beth’s first job as a principal was at St. James School. She remembers calling her previous principal to ask, “Is it supposed to be this tough?” She didn’t realize all the problems that come with being principal. Not surprisingly, Mary Beth became very good at problem-solving. In her position as assistant superintendent, Mary Beth looks forward to guiding new teachers and differentiation for students, which looks at new ways to adapt to the individual needs in how children learn. For Mary Beth Bowling, Catholic education is not about a career path, but a ministry. She meets each new day with a value system defined by faith. As assistant superintendent to the Archdiocese of Catholic schools, there is no doubt that Mary Beth has answered her calling.


“How can I get over a painful relationship? I lived with a man for the past six years who became controlling, selfish, and not very kind to me. Things didn’t start out that way, but they quickly evolved to this sort of behavior after the first six months. I fell deeply in love and believed his initial promise — that we were for keeps. Then, with no warning at all, he announced he had found someone else and was moving out. I can’t seem to get beyond this and move on.”

Find the




The Answer was Flamenco. s the Spanish teacher at two Jefferson County elementary schools, Chenoweth and Zachary Taylor, Azucena Chamberlain listened to her students’ heartfelt concerns about finding a place to belong. “Some of the kids told me they didn’t get chosen for the cheerleading squad or the soccer team, and they were very sad,” she says. “They wanted to know what they were good at and where they fit in.” So Azucena started an afterschool flamenco dance class.

A Passionate Principal



In relationships…play…community






NAME: Dana Knees AGE: 51 JOB: Owner, Pastiche Perfume HOMETOWN: Louisville LIVES IN: San Diego, Calif. Louisville native Dana Knees believes your fragrance should be as distinctive as your fashion. Last year, the fragrance designer and her husband launched Pastiche Perfume, a company that brings perfumery to its clients’ homes, parties, or corporate events. The staff sets up unisex fragrance bars with 10 scents that clients can choose from to custom-make their own fragrance. “There are four bases and six toppings,” Dana says. “You choose your base, and then the toppings are blends.” Dana then gives customers the option of either putting their initials on their perfume bottle or accessorizing it with jewelry. The company has 40 fragrance designers in 17 states including Kentucky. When she isn’t mixing scents, Dana is making a big impact at her 12-year-old son’s school. At R. Rowe in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., Dana created Kind to the Core, a program that engages kids in philanthropic projects and focuses on building character. SCENT I’M WEARING: “Sparkling Citrus, French Tuberose, Asian Pear, Freesia, and a hint of Cacao Flower.” FASHION I’M WEARING: “I am a girly girl. I love ruffles and soft colors.” LATEST PURCHASE I’M PRAISING: “The blue Kate Spade outfit I got from the Kate Spade store in Carlsbad, California.”

Before I Go...

“I always put on my perfume, my big rings, and body lotion. I put on the lotion first. It has to match the perfume, and I also have fun atomizers that I put in my purse.” 58