Today's Woman November 2012

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By Holly Gregor / photos by Melissa donald

Jane Owens Marriage and Family Therapist Associate (MFTA) and Certified Social Worker (CSW)




here is creativity in all of us. That’s what it’s all about. I think “T that’s how we heal, by harnessing

that creativity we have,” says Jane Owens, marriage and family therapist associate (MFTA) and certified social worker (CSW). Jane takes creativity to a different level by using it to heal patients at her practice, Jane Owens Family Therapy, on Frankfort Avenue. “The first rule in therapy is to meet [patients] where they are,” Jane says. Every client has a different way to reach healing, and Jane must creatively find the best way for that person to discover the answer. In addition to using conventional talk therapy, Jane uses the Mandala Assessment Research Instrument (MARI). This therapeutic tool uses easily recognizable symbols and colors laid out in life cycles. The purpose of using the MARI is to show clients where their psyche is at the time by asking a series of questions. “It gets to the place in our consciousness without our ego getting in the way,” Jane says. For example, in the process, Jane asks clients to change and improve a color choice. “That plants a seed in their brain of healing and improvement,” Jane explains. “That’s what we want to impart: to engender hope and change.” Jane is also trained in guided imagery through music. This program is designed to take a client in a relaxed, intentional state on a journey to process an issue. The transcendent, classical music that’s used is a reflection of life itself: certainties, ambiguities, paradox, light and shadow, and grace, or resolution. Because most healing comes from within, Jane says, the purpose is reaching a place where you can extract the problem from yourself. Jane says listening to that inner voice can help people find purpose in life. “People need to pay more attention,” she says. “Instead of saying, ‘Gee, that’s weird,’ ask, ‘What is that telling me? What do I need to listen to?’ Be still. Try to connect what’s going on in your life to that coincidence. “We as humans are trying to become whole,” she adds. “You have what you need to make it happen. You just need a little help from me.” Today’s Woman