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14 Intro........................ 6 BY TIFFANY WHITE

On the Cover......... 6 BY TIFFANY WHITE

14 Be Brave, Do Your Thing BY LUCY M. PRITCHETT



12 Survival Skills

16 22 Things BY ANITA OLDHAM

24 The Louisville Spirits BY TORIE TEMPLE

34 Dear Me

40 Wellness Watch 42 Passions 44 Holiday  Bites Winners BY MELISSA DONALD

48 Hot Happenings BY GIOIA PATTON

50 Before You Go BY ALISSA HICKS






Volume 24 8 Number 12



ISSUE Let the Spirits Move You

This month, we’re taking you through our own version of A Christmas Carol to explore the world of spirits. We’ll start with a look at the drinks of Christmas past, present, and future to give you the latest on sip-worthy spirits and some ideas on the best drink concoctions. For our next stop, you’ll meet a few women who are revisiting their spirits of the past. Find out what new things they discovered, and try it yourself. You might be surprised at what the spirits will reveal... — Tiffany White



ur cover model Bella Portaro got into the spirit of the season for this mystical shot. She is the owner of Bella Vita Media, a social media company, and points to Southern Belle red wine as her favorite drink of the moment.


PHOTO: Melissa Donald MAKEUP: Lorie Karnes


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I like digging in the dirt. The only thing that will keep me inside is a thunderstorm. OLD SCHOOL

MARY ANN DALLENBACH, owner of St. Matthews Feed and Seed

Mary Ann Dallenbach, owner of St. Matthews Feed and Seed, 225 Chenoweth Lane • On the job: Bought the store in 2002 • Hometown: Lexington • Neighborhood: 100-acre farm in Simpsonville

Go Natural!

• Live trees: 500 • Wreaths: 2,000 • Birch branches, poles, logs, and rounds • Pine cones: 1 inch to 18 inches long • Fresh magnolia wreaths • All natural, totally recyclable (no wires) wreaths • White pine sprays, garlands, variegated holly berry stems • Handmade boxwood wreaths of all sizes

Practical Gifts for the Gardener:

• Gloves, hats, tools • Packaged seeds as a stocking stuffer • Decorative pots • Bird feeders and seed wreaths • Wind chimes Customers bring in photographs of the wreaths we made for them in previous years and want us to duplicate them.




Interview by LUCY M. PRITCHETT Photography by MELISSA DONALD

I have been the designated family Christmas-er for the last 15 years. I will have 58 people for Christmas dinner. I fix the turkey, beef and pork tenderloins, and smoked salmon. I assign dishes to everyone. Those who travel from afar bring the wine. We will deliver and set up your tree in your house. Come in and bring your stand, pick out the tree you want, and we will deliver it and set it up. We make sure the tree is straight and that the stand doesn’t leak. All you have to do is decorate it. Once the holidays are over, you undecorate the tree and we will come pick it up.

On Christmas Day, we always have a scavenger hunt. We divide into teams, and I provide a list of 40 or so items that can be found on the farm — acorns, fossils from the creek, corn cobs. The prize? Bragging rights. Our wonderful handmade tabletop trees and small wreaths or candle rings come from Austria and are quite popular. They are hand-tied with berries, cloves, cinnamon, mini pine cones, star anise, and nuts. Very aromatic!

Amaryllis blooms are a great winter room brightener. We probably pot 150 for customers. Last year on my coffee table at home, I planted a huge bowl of nine in variegated colors. They were gorgeous. I also use them as centerpieces on the dining room table. TODAY’S WOMAN

Glitter will never go away! This time of year, it is all over the floor, in our hair, and on our faces. NEW SCHOOL

ALLISON CAROTHERS, Owner/manager of Summer Classics

Allison Carothers, 35, owner/ manager of Summer Classics, an outdoor and patio furniture store in Westport Village, 1321 Herr Lane • On the job: July 2008 • Hometown: Elizabethtown • Neighborhood: Jeffersontown • Household: Husband Mark, son Camden, 5, and a daughter on the way (due in March)

Interview by LUCY M. PRITCHETT Photography by MELISSA DONALD

My parents own Pools Plus, a swimming pool company. When I was growing up, we took our family vacations over winter break. We went to Florida every year. I didn’t see snow at Christmas until I was in college. I decorate two trees at home. One on the lower level of the house is urban glam and is decorated in black and silver. It is very glitzy. Upstairs, the tree is more traditional and is filled with family ornaments. I hang burlap stockings off the mantel. I decorate the front door with pine swags, berries, bows, and pine cones. I do like a natural theme.

This is the Mark Roberts fairy figurine.

Themes you might find: • Penguins • A Southern “Merry Christmas, Y’all!” • Mark Roberts fairy figurines • Woodsy deer and gnomes • Snowmen • Nutcrackers • A Touch of France We decorate for the holidays around our displays of outdoor and patio furniture. That makes for a nice contrast. We decorate 10 big trees and 15 smaller ones. We carry something like 10,000 items — ornaments, sprays, ribbon.




We totally reinvent ourselves every year. We begin decorating and bring out inventory on October 1. In early November, we have an open house that people look forward to. In December, people are buying ornaments for ornament exchange parties and are still looking for ways to add to or change up their holiday décor.

I love to see the customers’ reactions when they see how we have turned the store into a winter wonderland. I love the family time and warmth Christmas brings. It seems to bring out the good in people. We have three designers on staff who can offer décor tips for the home: how to tie bows, simple arrangements for tables and mantels, and door trim. TODAY’S WOMAN



A Passion for Craft Cocktails

Photography by MELISSA DONALD

JACQUELYN ZYKAN: Beverage Director, Doc Crow’s & La Coop Jacquelyn Zykan, 29, holds a degree in biology and was on her way to becoming a doctor, paying her way through school by bartending. Instead, she found a passion for craft bartending, and she has built such a reputation that her recipes are featured in magazines and on the websites of spirit-makers. “I love what I do so much that it doesn’t seem like work at all,” says Jacquelyn, who is beverage director for Doc Crow’s and La Coop restaurants, where she is known for her updated classic cocktails. “Once you find something you truly love, you can’t help but succeed in doing it. “My scientific background has helped me to understand the processes that go into the production of spirits and how ingredients work together. My interest is in the history of the spirits and the herbs that were put into the liquor in the first place.” Waiters and kitchen staff hustle by the table in Doc Crow’s where Jacquelyn has set up her laptop, notebook, and papers in a corner. She is checking inventories, buying barrels of whiskey, writing training manuals, and working on new recipes for three new restaurants that the

“Always offer food when serving alcohol.”

owners hope to open next year: a Doc Crow’s and Union Common in Nashville, Tenn., and another new concept restaurant in Louisville. “I ended up in Louisville — bourbon country,” says Jacquelyn, a native of St. Louis. “What richer product to get into? It’s wonderful. Classic cocktails have such a rich history for people, especially downtown because you get people from everywhere. “Cocktails commemorate a specific moment. That first sip is a sensation to remember a certain moment in your life. To create something that hits the guest’s preference right on the nose is a wonderful feeling.” So what is craft bartending? “As opposed to slinging drinks — it’s just taking more time to consider your ingredients and taking the time to build a cocktail. It’s about focusing more on creating a balanced product and a positive experience than just getting folks intoxicated. “Craft stuff is using fresh juices to embrace the flavor profiles of the spirits as opposed to camouflaging them. We embrace simplicity, keeping it fresh and keeping it interesting without being scary.” Fresh juices and syrups are made in the restaurant. “We do our own grenadine, our own smoked brown syrup, sea salt coconut syrup, allspice chai syrup. They add dimension to drinks in a refreshing way. “And we make sure to use quality ice — something that’s got a lot of density and low surface area. There’s a big difference between using a chunk of ice in a drink versus crushed ice, especially for whiskey on the rocks. You want to keep the surface low so you don’t lose the whiskey in dilution. “The best cocktail has to have a balance of sugar and acid and the right amount of dilution; all the flavors should get along together, and it has to be pretty.” For alcohol control over the holidays, Jacquelyn suggests a punch. “It’s low in alcohol, and you can make it ahead,” she says. “Or do things like hot ciders. Always have bottled water available.” Here are Jacquelyn’s holiday entertaining survival tips:

edients Rule #1. “Fresh ingr nce. Beware make all the differe xers. high-calorie mi of pre-made and often singly easy and Fresh mixers are surpri lf.” rse you affordable to make

Rule #3. “You don’t have to break the bank for qu ality wine. For inspiration, look at restau

rant lists for glass pour off eri ngs. These select ions are usually economical and hold up well after ope ning.”

Rule #5. “Forget the Bloody Mary. The best hangover cures I’ve found are coconut water or fresh celery juice. More alcohol just prolongs the inevitable.”

Rule # 2. “C ro Pots make g ckre bar tools! Cid at ers,

toddies, and mulled wines are easy to make ahead of time, require no mai ntenance , and give your home a season al scent.”

on’t be Rule #4. “D ess, st a hero. As a ho ered hen it’s off accept help w legate.” de and lear n to

Rule #6. “Simplicity is key.

Complicated drin ks will only stres s you out, and your guests will feel it. Som e of the greatest cocktails have only three simple ingredients.”

ove red wine stains!” Rule #7. “White wine will rem TODAY’S WOMAN


Medical Musical Therapist


Interview by HOLLY GREGOR Photography by MELISSA DONALD

If a patient going into surgery puts my headphones on, they go into the operating room so much more relaxed.


hammering, and sawing. So the headphones block those sounds as well as putting the ideal music into your brain.

he name Alice Cash was brought up to me at a party. “She is doing something new and exciting,” I was told. Right up my alley. “What’s her number?” I asked. Alice and I met at her office a week later.

What was the first thing you didwith your headphone idea for surgery?

What exciting thing are you involved with?

I got a patent attorney. Getting a patent is a huge accomplishment. It took more than threeand-a-half years to go through that process.

In 2005, I invented cordless headphones programmed with specifically selected music that relaxes the body for use before, during, and after surgery.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Not having a marketing budget. I have slowly started with grassroots marketing efforts to get the world to know about the headphones. I’ve sold about 200 worldwide. I have two markets: individuals who have just found out they need surgery and hospitals.

How does music help the body?

The characteristics of the music make it work — the tempo and instruments. Music goes into the eighth cranial nerve. That’s the pathway for sound to enter the brain. When you listen to music, the body begins to synchronize to the pulse of the music, and that’s what helps keep people relaxed.

Are your headphones available in hospitals yet?

Why can’t someone just put her favorite music on her iPod and take it into surgery with her instead of buying your headphones? It’s very important that the headphones be cordless. That way, nothing will interfere with all the electrical medical equipment being used in the operating room.

The music I program into the cordless headphones is the same tempo as the resting, healthy heartbeat: 4060 beats a minute. The body will synchronize with the beat and mood 14



of the music. This is one of the key principles: the process of entrainment. So, I have programmed the headphones exclusively with piano miniatures by famous classical composers. Now, we are adding additional playlists with different genres like jazz, New Age, and folk, all keeping the same tempo with a calm, soothing nature.

Why is that important?

Musical taste and preference is closely tied to positive memories. So I program the headphones with classical music that is lesser known and has the right tempo, mood, and characteristics. You can’t predict what someone’s memory is going to be. In order not to trigger a bad memory, I use lesserknown music.

Why can’t the hospital just pipe classical music into the operating room?

There is a lot of noise, the doctors and nurses are talking, and sometimes it’s not something you want to hear. There are certain procedures we are getting, like hip replacement, knee replacement, and other joint replacements. These surgeries involve drilling,

Not yet, but I have several that are trying them out now: the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Hospital, the Cancer Treatment Center of America, and the Irvine Medical Center. The VA Hospital in Louisville is completing a three-year study. We have to have research studies, and hospital satisfaction is becoming increasingly important.

Are you brave?

Absolutely! Especially for a woman like me who didn’t come from a business background. Once I had the idea, though, I was so convinced that I never thought about giving up. To contact Dr. Alice Cash go to DrCash@SurgeryHeadphones. com. To see portions of this interview with Holly Gregor go to Brave, Do Your Thing TODAY’S WOMAN

The area’s finest products and services from local men you rely on. Painting, Personal & Professional I believe that “painting is personal.” I listen to what you have to say so I can understand your needs. I present you with a written proposal addressing those needs with our plan for achieving them. I earn your trust through courteous service and professional results.

Dean Tatum-Johns Owner

CertaPro Painters of Louisville /

Lou-Metro & S. IN 502.290.6636 Lou East & Oldham Co. 502.326.4148

24/7 Security We are on the job 24/7 to ensure the safety and security of your home and business. Offering a full range of services including: • Video Surveillance • Fire Protection • Closed Circuit TV • Home and Commercial Intercom Systems • Access Control Systems (Keyless Entry) • Home Entertainment Systems Call for a FREE quote.

Ken Crutchfield Owner

Standard Security Services, Inc./Dynamark

812.218.0715 •

YOU could be here! Do you have a service business you would like the readers of Today’s Woman to know about? Would you like to familiarize potential customers with the man behind the business? Then let us know you’re a... Man We Can Count On!

Your Name Your Title

Your Business Name Business Address

Phone Number • Website




13 15



Happenings, news, celebrations, and tidbits that caught Today’s Woman’s eye this month. BY ANITA OLDHAM



We are Years Old! J

oy Perrine, Louisville’s master mixologist and co-author of The Kentucky Bourbon Cocktail Book, was the expert we consulted for our Spirits-themed issue (and made the drinks for us on page 28). She has been mixing drinks nearly 50 years and has numerous awards to prove her creative expertise.



The Today’s Woman Cocktail! In honor of our Spirits theme and our 22nd anniversary, Joy Perrine created a drink just for Today’s Woman. RECIPE:

2 oz Kentucky Bourbon 1 oz Triple Sec 2 oz cranberry juice 1 T. fresh lime juice 1 T. brown sugar syrup Combine and shake, pour over ice and add 2 oz sparkling wine. Garnish with lime slices.







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P o w e r

S t y l e

W e l l n e s s



She's Planning a


Fun of

Debbie Huddleston

Can Your Heart


Way to Go Woman!


Love Yascone, Joy Yascone, Faith Yascone

Debbie Huddleston






Stacey Lee

October 2005

Amy Bordogna Price

March 2001


September 2007

August 2000

Monica Hardin

November 2005


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TWOM0509Cover no spine

P o w e r

S t y l e

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Simpleeauty B


P o w e r •   S t y l e   •   W e l l n e s s   •   C o n n e c t i o n s

Gabriela Lyvers


I am a super woman



May 2009

12:08 PM

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STOP Worrying!

P o w e r

Alli Truttmann

Page 3

What to Wear


Goodbye, Breast Cancer!

11:33 AM


OctOBER 2010



MAY 2009

Claire Alagia

December 2002

Treanna Redd, Kayla Oldham, Jefra Bland

September 1998

October 2010

n e s s

C o n n e c t i o n s




14 Celtic, contemporary, and holiday music

Brittany McWhorter

Keltricity (l-r): Joe Burch, Henry Austin, Jannell Canerday, Valerie Young and Laurel Fuson, intricately weave the melodies of traditional Celtic airs, jigs, hornpipes, and reels to bring out the nuance of each song on harp, flute, dulcimer, whistle, and spoons and bones.




On pairing wine with food: Classic rules of red versus white could leave you with excessive leftover bottles. Sparkling wine or champagne are crowdpleasers that will complement any food you offer.

— Jacquelyn Zykan Beverage Director, Doc Crow’s & La Coop — one of her survival skills not mentioned on page 12.





SweetWater Brewing Company is now in Louisville with their 420 Extra Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, and SweetWater Blue.

December 2009

Celtic world music band, Keltricity, and Celtic duo, The Chattering Magpies will perform at The Bard’s Town, 1801 Bardstown Road, on December 6 and 7 at 7:30 p.m. or 502.241.3088.


/ / @todayswomannow








1:24 PM

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P o w e r

I just want to say KUDOS on your fantastic magazine — Today’s Woman. The features are fantastic and the updates on local activities keep me informed. I am a Louisville native who returns to the city quite often, and I enjoy picking up the latest issue or catching it online. You have a diverse lineup of individuals and articles, which is terrific. I’m a woman in the sports industry, so I enjoy reading about other women in unique/different professions. Please keep up the good work and kudos again to your staff.

Sincerely, Gail E. Dent





W e l l n e s s




not to miss


your way

Pink Power

to your dreams

fight against breast cancer

Ami Henderson

October 2008



— Alissa Hicks


women & their pets

Why not! SHOLDIT is the latest craze, featured on the Today Show, recommended by USA Today, the Associated Press, and now our editors. SHOLDIT is an infinity wrap scarf with a secure zipper pocket so you can carry your personal items close to you. Perfect for traveling, sporting events, shopping, and other times when you don’t want to worry about losing your things or having to tote a purse around. $40 and up;

we thought we would share some love from the outside world…

S t y l e


Safe and Stylish?

21 Since it is our anniversary,

We Love This Guy!

When Cathy Guthrie nominated her husband Jerry for our Best Husband contest, she said she wanted to show how much she appreciates all he has done — and her nomination made him our Best Husband winner. Cathy, who was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis Type 2, three years after their wedding, writes about how his support and dedication have sustained her through difficult times. “He has stood beside me through two brain surgeries and about eight others… he is amazing.” The couple won an overnight stay at French Lick Springs Hotel. — Tiffany White


Rabbi Gaylia Rooks

March 1998

Moonshine University You can take a Spirits of Prohibition class this month — or check out a different one at A Prohibition-era whiskey prescription that class participants were able to view.


/ / @todayswomannow




Professional Connections


Networking and careerbuilding opportunities for women around town

BPW- Business and Professional Women- New Albany Every 3rd Mon. • 5:30 p.m. Contact for information & reservation. Nadine Wilkinson 502.523.1698

MLWPC - Metropolitan Louisville Women’s Political Caucus Every 4th Mon. • 5:30 p.m. Olmsted Bistro at Masonic Homes 3701 Frankfort Avenue Sherry Conner 502.776.2051

BPW- Business & Professional Women- River City Every 2nd Wed. • Noon Lunch and Program noon-1pm The Bristol-Downtown 614 West Main Street 502.499.4420,

NAWBO - National Association of Women Business Owners Every 3rd Tues.

CBPW - Christian Business & Professional Women Every Second Thursday (Odd months only) • Noon Hurstbourne Country Club 9000 Hurstbourne Club Lane Cathy Scrivner 502.664.4565 EWI - Executive Women International- Kentuckiana Every 3rd Tues. • 5:30 p.m. Contact for information & reservation Dotty Wettig The Heart Link Network Every 1st Wed. • 6:30 p.m. Inverness at Hurstbourne Condos 1200 Club House Drive Barbara Madore 502.377.8625 IAAP - International Association of Administrative ProfessionalsLouisville Every 2nd Thurs. • 6 p.m. Location Varies – See Website for Details. League of Women Voters Every 3rd Mon. • 6 p.m. Lang House, 115 S. Ewing Ave. Pat Murrell 502.895.5218 Legal Secretaries of Louisville Every 3rd Tues. • 11:30 a.m. Bristol Bar & Grille 614 West Main Street Elizabeth Harbolt 502.568.5446

22 20


presented by

National Association of Women in Construction Every 2nd Mon. • 5:30 p.m. Call for meeting location Patty Stewart 812.288.4208 #121 Network Now Every 2nd Fri. • 11:30 a.m. Hurstbourne Country Club 9000 Hurstbourne Club Lane Lee Ann Lyle 502.836.1422 NIA Women’s Roundtable Every 4th Fri. • 8:30 a.m. NIA Center 2900 West Broadway – 3rd floor Suzanne Carter 502.775.2548 Southern Indiana Women’s Networking Group Every 3rd Wed. • 11:30 a.m. Holiday Inn-Lakeview 505 Marriott Drive, Clarksville WIN - Women in Networking Every 2nd Wed. • 11:15 a.m. Oxmoor Country Club 9000 Limehouse Lane WIN - Women in Networking II Every 3rd Wed. • 11:30 a.m. Holiday Inn Louisville East 1325 Hurstbourne Pkwy Kim Fusting 502.267.7066 WIN- Women in Networking III Every 2nd Tues. • 11:30 a.m. Hurstbourne Country Club 9000 Hurstbourne Club Lane Laurel Lee 810.8919

[ mé Great Résu Tip #12 List any awards or accolades you’ve received, even if you’re not sure your prospective employer will know what they are. Everyone knows what prizewinning work means. Now’s not the time to be humble. WIN - Women in Networking V Every 2nd Thurs. • 11:30 a.m. Buca di Beppo 2051 S. Hurstbourne Parkway Lee Ann Lyle 502-836-1422 WOAMTEC - Women On A Mission To Earn Commission Every 2nd & 4th Wed. • 11:30a.m. The Village Anchor 11507 Park Road Charlene Burke 812.951.3177 Women’s Business Center of KY funded in part by a cooperative agreement with the SBA

Every 1st Fri. Roundtable • 8:30a.m. Location – TBA Sharron Johnson 502.566.6076 #104 center.html Women’s Council of Realtors Every 3rd Thurs. • 11:30 a.m. Wildwood Country Club 5000 Bardstown Rd. Lynda Minzenberger 502.552.8768 ZONTA- Advancing The Status of Women Every 1st Thurs. • 6 p.m. Logan’s Steakhouse 5005 Shelbyville Road Joyce Seymour 502.553.9241

Listings are on per month basis. To list your meeting for free, email your meeting date, time, location, contact info and website to advertising@ or call 502.327.8855 ext. 14. Deadline for inclusion in next issue is 12/8. WIN- Women in Networking IV Every 3rd Tues. • 11:30 a.m. Hurstbourne Country Club 9000 Hurstbourne Club Lane Wendy Manganaro 502.310.0025


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Much as Ebenezer Scrooge was visited by spirits, we visited the spirits of the past, present, and future. The present is all about the past. According to mixologist Joy Perrine, pre-Prohibition and Prohibition drinks such as the Old Fashioned Cocktail (made by muddling sugar with bitters and adding whiskey) are growing in popularity. Brittany Gilbert, howto hostess at Brown Forman, and Bridget McCauley, senior marketing manager at Four Roses, both agree that the Manhattan is trending among women. Made with sweet vermouth, whiskey, and bitters and garnished with a maraschino cherry, this historic favorite is making its way back.




“I am the ghost of Christmas Present.” said the Spirit.

“Look upon me!”


Spirits of the Past

ccording to Gilbert, anything with umbrellas or fishbowls is on the way out, and women seem to be straying from heavy, fruity drinks. Peggy Noe Stevens, founder of Bourbon Women Association, says this includes the heavy daiquiris once adored by women. Though made popular by the fictional character Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City, the Cosmopolitan is no longer the staple drink for women. According to McCauley, the Cosmo is just one of many cocktails made with clear spirits that are fading in popularity.

“Men’s courses will foreshadow certain ends, to which, if persevered, they must lead,” said Scrooge. “But if the courses be departed from, the ends will change.

Say it is thus with what you show me!” 26




Dress, $89; shoes, $25; earrings, $20 available at Elizabeth’s Timeless Attire, 2050 Frankfort Avenue 895.5911 STYLING: Erin Fust HAIR AND MAKEUP:

Isidro Valencia


Spirits of the Present “Lead on,” said Scrooge. “Lead on!” The night is waning fast, and it is precious time to me, I know.

Lead on, Spirit!”

Kentucky Bourbon Cider




Chocolate Eggnog


ince bourbon cocktails are on the rise, Stevens recommends beginners start with a Whiskey Sour. This simple cocktail of whiskey, lemon juice, sugar syrup, and a maraschino cherry can be dialed up or down depending on your taste. Perrine suggests a cocktail of bourbon, ginger ale, and a squeeze of lemon. Bourbon and ginger ale complement each other, and the combination is a growing favorite. If you’re ready for a more complex bourbon cocktail, McCauley recommends the Summer Citrus Cocktail, which contains Four Roses

Old Fashioned

bourbon, fresh squeezed lemon, and grapefruit juices with honey syrup, along with a dash of Angostura Bitters. Want to bring back the clear spirits? Gilbert recommends Little Black Dress Vodka. This lowcalorie vodka is perfect for pairing with just one ingredient, such as lemon-lime soda or Diet Ocean Spray. If wine is more your style, Kari Oldham, owner of Johnny Brusco’s in Norton Commons, recommends Conundrum White Wine, a foolproof choice she foresees becoming more popular.


/ / @todayswomannow





Spirits of the Future ilbert says sweet, sparkling wines, such as Korbel California Sweet Rose or Sweet Cuvee champagnes, are on the rise. Oldham agrees that champagne will soon be more than just a special occasion drink. She sees Flip Flop wine, a blend of champagne and Pinot Grigio, becoming a future favorite. Perrine says White Dog, known as legal moonshine, is also making its way into cocktails. This un-aged whiskey has even popped up in a Derby favorite ­­­­­— the White Dog Mint Julep.

“Ghost of the future,”

he exclaimed. “I fear you more than any spectre I have seen. But as I know your purpose is to do me good…”

KARI OLDHAM IS WEARING: dress, $275; hair piece, $395,

available at Alter Ego Women’s Apparel, 811 E. Market Street, 502.426.2435. Earrings, $34; bracelets, $34 and $30; shoes, $99, available at Dillard’s, Mall St. Matthews, 5000 Shelbyville Road. 502.893.0311. STYLING: Erin Fust, HAIR AND MAKEUP: Isidro Valencia





/ / @todayswomannow




What Is Your Drink Personality? BY TORIE TEMPLE

See what type of drink fits you and what spirit should visit your holiday party. 1. It’s your anniversary, and you’re planning your night out. Your husband suggests a sports bar so he doesn’t miss the game. You suggest… A. The Garage Bar B. The Oakroom at The Seelbach C. Ollie’s Trolley D. You also suggest a sports bar. There’s no way you’re missing the game. 2. I t’s your turn to pick the place for the monthly girls’ night out. You decide to… A. Hit the dance floor. You’ve been waiting to break in those stilettos. B. Stick with your usual hangout. Why change a good thing? C. Grab tickets to A Christmas Carol at Actors Theatre. D. Make it a night of betting and booze at Churchill Downs. 3. I t’s a week before Christmas and you forgot a gift for your mother-in-law, who will be in town in two days. You… A. Re-gift a present she got you a few years ago. B. Run to A Taste of Kentucky for the perfect fleur-de-lis souvenir. C. Frame a picture of your in-laws on their wedding day. D. Tell her you owe her a Friday night Trolley Hop adventure. 4. Y  ou’re home alone and finally have the TV to yourself. You curl up on the couch to watch… A. A repeat of season one of Orange Is The New Black. B. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. C. A Masterpiece Classic on KET. D. ESPN

5. Y  ou’ve finally saved enough money for your dream vacation. You immediately book a flight to…

A. Bowls of chili — The hotter the better. B. A loaded cheeseburger. C. An oversized piece of carrot cake. D. The sloppiest hot wings your fingers can find.


MOSTLY C’s Your old soul has vintage written all over your holiday party. Pair your vintage-themed holiday with the Old Fashioned Cocktail. This pre-Prohibition favorite will have your guests talking spirits of Christmas past.

7. You’re friends come to you for advice about… A. How to pull off the smoky eye. B. G  ames for your next family get-together. C. The best boutiques for holiday wear. D. How to fill out a basketball bracket.

MOSTLY D’s You’re a ball cap and beer girl. You like your fun with a side of competition. Try hosting an ugly holiday sweater contest and add to the cheer by serving Blue Moon Gingerbread Spiced Ale.

8. What would be the best gift you could receive? A. An adventurous ride on the Mega Cavern Zip line. B. A  volunteer to babysit while you and your significant other have a night out. C. Ballroom dance lessons. D. UofL basketball season tickets.

At, you can find not only cocktail recipes, but also contests such as “Not Your Pink Drink,” local bourbon events, and membership benefits such as mixology classes. DECEMBER

MOSTLY B’s You’re a bring-backthe-Cosmo kind of girl. Your classic personality has your house decorated with all the traditional trimmings. Try the Winter White Cranberry Cosmo garnished with frozen cranberries to compliment your classic holiday party.

6. You’ve been eating healthy all week and you’re allowing yourself a cheat day. You start scarfing down…

The Kentucky Bourbon Cocktail Book, co-authored by Joy Perrine and Susan Reigler, has more than 100 recipes. Read about bourbon, glassware, special techniques such as muddling, and appetizer pairings.


MOSTLY A’s You’re a bit of a naughty Santa. With your vivacious and adventure-driven personality, consider serving Hot Toddies at your holiday party. These steamy cups of warmth will leave your guest with the high-spirited feel they expect from your parties.

A. C ancun — Viva la Mexico! B. T  he Bahamas — Nothing like the sand between your toes. C. Paris — You finally have an excuse to wear that beret. D. Germany — Oktoberfest, here I come.

To Learn More:


Our Spirit Experts: KARI OLDHAM Owner of Johnny Brusco’s in Norton Commons

BRITTANY GILBERT The How-To Hostess, Brown-Forman

Favorite Drink: Goose Island 312 BRIDGET MCCAULEY Senior Marketing Manager, Four Roses

Favorite Drink: It’s a tossup between a Woodford Reserve Manhattan and Sonoma-Cutrer Pinot Noir

Favorite Drink: When she isn’t pregnant, she loves a good Old Fashioned

PEGGY NOE STEVENS Founder of Bourbon Women Association

JOY PERRINE Mixologist and co-author of The Kentucky Bourbon Cocktail Book Favorite Drink: Any one you want to buy me; Kentucky Bourbon anything

Favorite Drink: Bourbon on the rocks or Manhattan TODAY’S WOMAN

/ / @todayswomannow




DEAR ME Dear 18-yearold Joyce,



Dear 6-year-old Dawne,

Dear 8-year-old Charla,

Every day is special. So, don’t wait to wear your favorite shirt or use your pretty plates until you think the day is special enough. We are promised nothing in this life — not even the next day. Every day is special, and the tragedy is not using something too much, but not using it enough and wishing you had. The days are long, but the years are short. Embrace every moment as if it were your first love. Make sure you let everyone you love KNOW IT! Don’t pay attention to those who make fun of you because your heart is big. Better a big heart than a big mouth with nothing good to say. You are here for a purpose. Live it! Embrace it! Life is only as good as you make it, and you only get one. But if you do it right, one is enough.

Stop that crying! You’re just 8 years old. You’re much younger than your competitors, and you still won second prize in that oratorical contest. You stood upright. You pronounced your words articulately. You had great charm and charisma on stage, and you will use all of those skills to muscle your way through life. Stop listening so much to what others think you can accomplish. Stop relying on their opinions of you, and tap into your own Power. That Power will serve you well. It will get you out of tough spots, and it will be the very core and platform of your purpose-filled life and purpose on Earth. You will not win every time, but you’ve got the POWER!

Love, Dawne Gee WAVE 3 News Anchor and Community Caretaker; Age 50 34




Love, Charla Young CEO and Talk Show Host, Power to Change; Age 41

I know you’re struggling to get a summer job at camp and shaking in your sneakers, saying, “I want to work at camp, doing anything, and you don’t have to pay me.” But you’re going to get your first full-time job and an opportunity to build your self-confidence and self-esteem. Of course, you’ll make mistakes. But you’ll find opportunities to practice skills like ethics, compromise, firmness, listening, and collaboration. Those skills will lead you to become the executive staff member of Girl Scouts of the USA. The culture you’re creating at camp will give you and others an opportunity to achieve whatever you set your mind to. Passion, desire, communication, leadership, and compassion for others will enable you to face the challenges of your future. I believe in you.

Love, Joyce Seymour

Women 4 Women Administrator; Age 75


/ / @todayswomannow






Dear 10-year-old Vickie,

Dear 24-year-old C.J., Congratulations! You gave 110 percent to your job, won a press association award, earned a salary increase, and were diagnosed with mononucleosis. The publisher is generous enough to pay you during the doctorordered six weeks off, but he did not skip a beat when he named the new guy in the newsroom to serve as interim editor. After all, the publisher noted, you showed him the ropes, took him under your wing, taught him how we do things here. While seeing his byline where yours should be makes you queasy, not to mention downright sorry for introducing the new guy to your contacts and news sources — along with the pressroom gang’s favorite after-hours tavern — this experience provides valuable lessons that will help you the rest of your career. Most people you will work with are invested in the best interest of the employer at the time. But beware of those who put their personal agendas ahead of everything else. They will be easy to spot; they are threatened by your self-confidence, talent, and self-assurance. They will take every opportunity to minimize your accomplishments and capabilities with co-workers and especially with the boss. You cannot change their opinions or insecurities, but you can control how you react. Be kind, be solicitous, be courteous, and engage them as much as you possibly can. Give your job your absolute best, rise above the triviality of personality conflicts, and forge onward without malice. You work hard: Don’t forget to play hard. All too often, deadlines and job pressures will demand that you give 110 percent to your profession. But, you will eventually retire and leave your workplace. It will continue to operate without you and your creative energy. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that you are only a reflection of your career. Make it a point to take time out for you, your family, your friends, and those relationships that fill your life with joy. Your life relies on you to make it a full and enriching experience. Make the most of it.

You are beginning to understand that your life as a kid growing up on a working farm is not particularly glamorous. You live on a gravel road that is a mile off the main county road and at least eight miles from the nearest town. During the school year, I know you carry EVERY ONE of your books home each day, even if you do not have an assignment in a particular book, because you always plan to read ahead. That tends to be your nature — you are a worrier who wants to make certain you are always prepared. You know that on most days there isn’t much time for playing because there is always something that needs to be done on a farm. But you’re learning quickly the importance of work, knowing that you need to approach each day with a plan of action because there is always more work than time to get it accomplished. You’re also learning that you can find contentment in the long periods of time you are by yourself or working alone in the fields. You don’t need to be entertained. You are beginning to understand that life on a farm, and maybe even life for others, is a struggle, and you must be frugal if you expect to survive the difficult periods. However, don’t fret. The lessons you learn growing up on a farm will serve you well throughout life. You will approach your adulthood expecting to work hard, be thrifty, and be focused on the tasks at hand. It may seem as though your childhood is not as fun as your schoolmates who live in town, but trust me, you will eventually be grateful for the lessons you are learning and for the opportunity to grow up on a farm.



Keep Moving Forward, C.J. Parrish

Love, Vickie Yates Brown

Sr. VP of Communications & Chief Communications Officer, Masonic Homes of Kentucky, Inc.; Age 59

President and CEO of Nucleus; Age 59




/ / @todayswomannow




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Which Red Wine?

Hangover Cure? A Louisville company has what you may need after consuming spirits — a hangover cure! The No Mas Hangovers All Natural Patch claims to replenish and restore a body’s nutrients through a transdermal patch applied to the skin prior to consuming alcoholic beverages.



esearchers at the University of California, at Davis tested a variety of wines to determine which types have the highest concentrations of flavonoids (antioxidants). Who won? Cabernet Sauvignon, followed closely by Petit Syrah and Pinot Noir. Both Merlots and red zinfandels have fewer flavonoids. White wine had significantly smaller amounts than the red wine varieties. The bottom line is the sweeter the wine, the fewer the flavonoids. Dryer red wines are the best for a flavonoid boost.

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Proportion of deaths among black and white Americans between the ages of 40 and 85 that were caused by obesity, according to Ryan Masters, PhD, a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholar at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health.

To Deal with Holiday Stress, Mayo Clinic says ~

TAKE A BREATHER Spending just 15 minutes alone, without distractions, may refresh you enough to handle everything you need to do. Take a walk at night and stargaze. Listen to soothing music. Find something that reduces stress by clearing your mind, slowing your breathing, and restoring inner calm. TODAY’S WOMAN

/ / @todayswomannow





In relationships play community

The 30-year-old Southern Kentucky native, who’s resided in Louisville for about 20 years, also graduated from Louisville’s Youth Performing Arts School.


In the Spotlight BY GIOIA PATTON

“Among The Grey comes from this idea that most of our lives are lived in the in-between places instead of the destinations. Fortunately, the good stuff is in the middle — in the process. In that grey area is where you find those little sparks or dashes of color that make it all interesting and worthwhile. The record is like that; dark at times, but has a lot of sparkle to it.” Read Gioia’s interview with Cheyenne at

A Wreath of Snow

Missing live music? WFPK Winter Wednesday happens December 18 and will feature a free concert with Tony Joe White and K.S. Rhodes. See it at 7:30 p.m. at the Clifton Center. Free.


Local author Liz Curtis Higgs released a new book for the holidays: A Wreath of Snow Novella. “A Wreath of Snow is a tender story of love and forgiveness, wrapped in a celebration of all things Scottish, all things Victorian, and especially, all things Christmas.”




K. S. Rhodes

Bardstown Road Aglow 5-10p.m. ~ December 7 A festival of shopping, eating, drinking, and merriment.

“The only thing I want for Christmas is for my husband to stop being jealous of my mom.

I am pregnant, and we are already battling about who can be in the ultrasound room when the baby’s gender is revealed. I want my mom; he doesn’t. My parents have never missed a special event in my life. He is not close to his family. He views our closeness as control, not a family bond. He says this should be something the two of us share, not everyone else. How can I convince him that I want her to be a part of this important time? Am I being selfish, or is he?

Find the A: at 42



Donations Start Here is an online hub and nonprofit directory the community can use to easily find an organization that needs the items you have to give. You just post an item for donation on the site, and you will be contacted by a local organization that would like to receive your donation. How do you start? Go to and click on the big pink “DONATE” button. TODAY’S WOMAN

/ / @todayswomannow





We announce the winners of Today’s Woman’s first Holiday Bites contest and offer you an opportunity to try their delicious recipes for your holiday event. Find recipes and photos of the finalists and their appetizers and desserts online at during the month of December.

Winner Desserts (Tie)


Suetta Tingler lived for 30 years in upstate New York and found this recipe in a local newspaper. It’s a perfect dessert anytime of the year and one she says everyone loves. She rarely gives out this recipe, so we are very fortunate that Suetta is sharing this with Today’s Woman!

Suetta Tingler




Red Raspberry Cream Pie INGREDIENTS ­: (1) 9-inch prepared graham cracker crust

CREAM FILLING 4 oz cream cheese ½ cup sugar 5 oz. whipped cream

FILLING: 11/3 cups sugar 6 tablespoons cornstarch 1/8 teaspoon salt 1½ cups water 4 tablespoons white corn syrup 12 oz. frozen red raspberries

Mix sugar, cornstarch, and salt. Add ½ cup water and stir until smooth. Add remaining water, syrup, and berries. Cook over medium heat until thickens; stir constantly. Allow to cool. Fold cream cheese, whipped cream and sugar together until smooth and blended. Spoon cream filling into cooled crust. Top pie with raspberry mixture. Cool well in the refrigerator before serving. Makes 6-8 delicious slices. PAGE 46



Winner Desserts (Tie) This cheesecake is an original recipe created by Deb Reese Hall. A labor of love well worth the effort! This is what this writer will be making instead of pumpkin pie this year!

Pumpkin Praline Cheesecake INGREDIENTS: CRUST: 2 cups gingersnap cookie crumbs (about 9 ounces) 1 tsp ground cinnamon ¼ cup (½ stick) unsalted butter, melted Stir cookie crumbs and cinnamon in medium bowl to blend. Add butter; stir until crumbs are moistened. Press onto bottom and 1 inch up on sides of 9-inch-diameter springform pan with 2¾-inch-high-sides. Double wrap outside of pan with heavy duty foil. Refrigerate.



FILLING: 3 8 -ounce packages cream cheese, room temperature 1½ cups canned solid pack pumpkin 1½ cups (packed) golden brown sugar 1 Tbsp pumpkin pie spice 1 Tbsp vanilla extract ¼ tsp ground cloves 3 large eggs Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Using electric mixer, beat cream cheese in large bowl until smooth. Add pumpkin, brown sugar, pumpkin pie spice, vanilla, and cloves and beat until well blended. Add eggs, one at time, beating just until blended after each addition. Pour batter into crust. Place pan in roasting pan, then pour enough hot water into roasting pan to reach 1 inch up sides of foil-

Winner: Deb Reese Hall

wrapped pan. Bake cheesecake approximately 1 hour 15 minutes, adding more water to roasting pan as needed. (Check after one hour for doneness.) Remove when slightly underdone and top with topping. Spread around top of cheesecake leaving a 1” edge of pumpkin showing around the rim. Return to oven for 10 minutes. Cool in oven 1 hr with door ajar. Chill for 4 hours; then cover and chill overnight. SOUR CREAM TOPPING: ¾ cup sour cream 4 tsp sugar ½ tsp vanilla Mix all Sour Cream Topping ingredients together in a separate bowl and set aside. To serve, mound praline in the center of cheesecake. PRALINE: ½ cup (packed) golden brown sugar 3 t ablespoons unsalted butter ¾ cup coarsely chopped pecans Preheat oven to 325°F. Line baking sheet with foil. Stir sugar and butter in heavy medium saucepan over medium heat until sugar melts and mixture comes to boil; boil 1 minute without stirring. Mix in pecans. Spread mixture on prepared baking sheet. Bake until sugar syrup bubbles vigorously, about 8 minutes. Cool praline completely. Break into pieces. (Can be made 3 days ahead. Store airtight.)

Andrea Walker received this recipe from a former co-worker 23 years ago, and she has been enjoying it ever since! She says it’s simple, easy to make, and a big hit at parties and family holiday gatherings.

Winner: Andrea Walker

Scrumptious Mushrooms INGREDIENTS: 2 (24 oz) packs of whole mushrooms 1 bottle of Wishbone’s Robusto Italian Dressing 1 cup of red cooking wine (found near the vinegars at your local grocer). Wash mushrooms and place in a large pot with the italian dressing and cooking wine. Bring ingredients to a boil and then simmer for one hour. Watch and stir occasionally so they don’t burn. Serve at room temperature. Store in the refrigerator. These can be made days in advance. They are delicious!





s g n i n e p p a H


what’s going on in the month of December. BY GIOIA PATTON

m Michael McDonald

This Christmas — An Evening of Holiday & Hits


Christmas at St. Brigid Catholic Church LOUISVILLE CHORUS

Julianna Horton is the organist for this program of sacred Nativity carols of the holy season (i.e., What Child is This?; Sleep, Baby Jesus; Glad Tidings Bringing; and Angels Tell the Christmas Story) by the Louisville Chorus — celebrating its 75th Diamond Jubilee season. Daniel Spurlock is the music director. WHEN ~ December 14 @ 7:30 p.m. WHERE ~ St. Brigid Catholic

Church, 1520 Hepburn Ave. (corner of Baxter Ave.)

TICKETS ~ $20-General

Admission, $15-Senior, $5-Student

CONTACT~ 5  02.968.6300 (Same

concert repertoire will be performed December 8 @ 4 p.m. at Immaculate Conception, 502 North 5th in LaGrange.)




It’s that distinctive and soulful voice that takes you no more than two notes to recognize: this five-time Grammywinning singer/songwriter/ musician was behind such 1970s Doobie Brothers Band classics as What A Fool Believes, Minute By Minute, and Takin’ It To The Streets. The 1980s brought even more success to the St. Louis native, who by then had embarked upon a solo career with hits ranging from 1982’s If That’s What It Takes and I Keep Forgettin’; to his Grammywinning upbeat duet with James Ingram, Yah Mo Be There; to the haunting Patti LaBelle duet, On My Own. WHEN ~ December 20 @ 8 p.m.  he Louisville Palace WHERE ~ T  29.50-$49.50 TICKETS ~ $

CONTACT ~ t he box office,, or Ticketmaster outlets

m m Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO) celebrates its first 15 years of touring with an encore and final performance of its multi-platinum rock opera, The Lost Christmas Eve. For one final time, audiences will get to experience the modern Charles Dickens-like classic, which critics have called “a must-see for any music lover,” “a rock ‘n’ roll holiday celebration worth seeing,” and an “unrivaled spectacle of sight and sound.” This production features a diverse soundtrack fusing elements of rock, classical, folk, R&B, and theatricalstyled music. WHEN

~ December

11 @ 7:30 p.m.

 FC Yum! Center WHERE ~ K

TICKETS ~ $34-$63.50 CONTACT ~ the box office,, or Ticketmaster outlets

Keith Urban

The congenial four-time Grammy Award winner and current American Idol judge has long been one of my favorite country music singer/songwriters, as well as being the kind of mesmerizing concert artist that holds the audience in the palm of his hand from first note to last. Urban’s Light The Fuse 2013 Louisville concert (with special guests Dustin Lynch and Grammy Awardwinning group Little Big Town) is the final stop on his 45-city tour.  ecember 8 @ 7 p.m. WHEN ~ D  FC Yum! Center WHERE ~ K

TICKETS ~ $32.50 to $72.50 CONTACT ~ t or

1.800.745.3000. ONLY upper level seating will be sold in person at the box office


Join the FASHION MANNERS CLUB! 1st - 4th grade young ladies Tuesdays 4 - 5:30 p.m. through Jan. and Feb. 8-week class will include: • Being confident, not cocky • Meal etiquette • Dress for special occasions • Respecting adults & peers • Fun! • Shaking hands

The area’s finest products and services at your fingertips

Karen Wheeler, Sales & Leasing Consultant, will help you through the new and pre-owned vehicle purchasing process. She understands all the details involved in choosing the right vehicle and she’s a former Local UAW member with Ford Motor Company. “Customer service is my passion, and I enjoy assisting everyone,” she says. Byerly Ford Nissan 4041 Dixie Highway • Louisville, KY 40216 Call or Text: 502.802.2865 • Email:

Skin Care by Pilar

Call Abigail Mueller, 502.500.7071, for details or to register. 426 Wallace Ave. • Louisville

Professional, customized skin care treatments designed specifically for you by trained, experienced estheticians. In a peaceful, relaxed setting, we offer signature facials, peels, microdermabrasion, oxygen facials, Skin Classic, waxing, and makeup. Image Skincare products. Mention this ad for 20% off. 6338 West HWY 146 Suite 2 (In 146 Salon & Spa) Crestwood, KY 40014 502.243.8895 •

Sullivan College of Technology & Design

Abigail Academy


Byerly Ford Nissan



A simple way to enhance your decor is by defining or adding a focal point in your living room. It should be something that draws attention and doubles as a conversation piece, such as a piece of artwork, a mantel, or windows with an extravagant view. Take one color or a pattern from your focal point and add it in small, eye-catching touches to tie the room together. Earn a degree in Interior Design from Sullivan College of Technology and Design. To learn more, visit



Melissa Humphrey

JOB: Science teacher and owner of River City Winery LIVES IN: Southern Indiana

Seventh grade science teacher Melissa Humphrey is putting her science skills to a much different use after school hours.

After a wine-tasting vacation with her ex-husband in Myrtle Beach, Melissa and her partner got the idea to open River City Winery. The winery is housed in the historic Baer building in downtown New Albany, and the wine is fermented onsite. Recently Melissa purchased a vineyard located 20 miles from the winery with six acres and three varieties of grapes. Melissa, who says she loves her animals (two dogs and two cats), really enjoys life. “Happiness is the key for me. I just love life. My acceptance of people for who they are really makes me who I am.” Melissa says the most rewarding part of the business is “having a great group of employees and making a product everyone appreciates.”

Before I Go... “I put a

smile on my face and wear it all day long!”


“Going ice skating or decorating the Christmas tree.”


“A big bulky sweater, leggings, and Ugg boots — I love my Ugg boots. They are my favorite! Oh, and a Coach purse!” LATEST PURCHASE I’M PRAISING:

“I actually am building a new house that should be ready right before Christmas.”





Today's Woman December 2013  

This month, we’re taking you through our own version of A Christmas Carol to explore the world of spirits. We’ll start with a look at the dr...

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