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What I Gained From Breast Cancer Despite being diagnosed with Stage 2A breast cancer — the same type of cancer her dad died from — Trina Amos says she realized there is life after cancer. She worried about whether the cancer would be curable, but she knew she had to stop letting the negative thoughts take control. “I remembered the acronym for FEAR — False Evidence Appearing Real — so every time fear tried to creep in, I tried to stay positive knowing I could beat this,” she says. In 2007, Trina had a bilateral mastectomy followed by ongoing breast reconstruction surgeries, but the process wasn’t a smooth transition. After having additional surgery to remove an infection, Trina had to start chemotherapy treatments that caused her to feel ill. However, Trina relied on prayer and humor to get through the rough times. “I knew God would bring me through all of this if he brought me to it,” she says. She is passing on this same message to other women who have been diagnosed so they can have a better outlook on their future. “I share my story because I feel like maybe that is the purpose I was chosen for: to be a voice,” she says.


Trina Amos


Today's Woman Breast Health Supplement 2014  

What They Gained From Breast Cancer