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What I Gained From Breast Cancer

Susan Henken

A minor injury saved Susan Henken’s life. While folding clothes, she accidentally hit her left breast and quickly noticed a lump she believed surfaced from the impact. After a couple of weeks, she saw her doctor, who suggested she get a mammogram and ultrasound. A biopsy revealed the lump was cancerous. Susan was diagnosed with aggressive stage 2 breast cancer in 2010. Timing is everything: Susan’s doctor told her that if she had never injured herself and waited until the regularly scheduled time to get her yearly mammogram, she might not have been alive. The day after her first round of chemotherapy treatments, Susan completed the Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk. Susan says recovering from the chemotherapy treatments, surgeries, and rehabilitation has been long and tough, but she hasn’t lost her ambition and focuses on helping other survivors. “My husband and I are now part of the Patient Family Advisory Council for Norton Cancer Institute in which we serve as advocates for other patients and caregivers,” she says. “I feel more rewarded as a result of the cancer and being a survivor.”


Today's Woman Breast Health Supplement 2014  

What They Gained From Breast Cancer