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1 Cut different sized circles out of paper. Then cut a spiral into each, leaving a small circular tab in the very center. They don’t have to be perfect.

2 Cut a length of wire for each, and bend the tip to form a right angle. Cut some leaf shapes. 

3 Wind each circle into a rose shape around your finger by starting at the outside of the spiral, working your way to the circular tab. Place a small amount of glue on the tab and press the rose into the glue.  

Paper Flowers

4 Glue the angled piece of wire to the leaf cutout. You can fold the leaf down the middle for extra dimension before gluing.

Story and Photos By Miranda Popp

Brighten your home all year round with colorful flowers that never fade.

Supplies • Colorful Paper • Crafting Wire

This easy-to-make papers flowers will have you feeling like spring is here! 56 SPRING 2015

• Glue Gun • Scissors

5 Glue the leaf piece to the back of the flower with the wire sticking up.

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Today's Family Spring 2015