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Beautiful, isn’t she? Congratulations to the winner of the 2012 Beautiful Baby contest, Molly Turner. The Today’s Family readers voted her the most beautiful baby in Kentuckiana.

WINNER : Molly Turner

Molly, who turns 3 in July, isn’t your average baby. While she does love swinging, singing, listening to music, and swimming like every baby her age, her doctors refer to her as the “medical mystery.” Molly’s mother, Elizabeth, describes her symptoms as similar to those of cerebral palsy, but she is still undergoing genetic testing to determine what she has. Doctors feared Molly would never be able to speak or walk and would have occasional seizures throughout her life. Recently in therapy Molly began to take steps with assistance. As a reward for her improvement, her family is planning a trip to Disney World for her and her 4-year-old sister and 6-year-old brother. — Alexas Gregory

Photos: Melissa Donald

Dr. Korie Acord of Derby City Pediatric Dentistry, sponsor of the Today’s Family Beautiful Baby contest, congratulates Molly on her win.


Adyson Laine Luttrell (as voted on at

Two-year-old Adyson is not only beautiful, but talented, too. She is a huge Justin Beiber fan and loves to sing along to his songs. This potential superstar’s favorite toy is her stuffed rabbit Tutu, but she also likes to play with her miniature Doberman Diggy. When she’s not busy belting it out to Beiber, she likes to read. One of her favorite books is Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star. — Taylor Staugas

Thank you to the Today’s Family 2012 Beautiful Baby Contest sponsor, Derby City Pediatric Dentistry. 8

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