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Ransomware Attacks Hit Legal System By Antonio Challita



ansomware has become the premier weapon of choice for cybercriminals. While some claim that ransomware attacks are slowing down, the data shows otherwise. A recent report by SonicWall shows that nearly 100,000 ransomware attacks are happening per day in 2018. This is a whopping 25 times higher than the previous number of 4,000 attacks per day that was reported by the FBI in 2016.

From a cybercriminal’s perspective, the motivation to continue launching ransomware attacks remains high. This is due to a number of factors. 1. Effort: Ransomware is easy to obtain through Ransomware-as-aService providers, many of which offer variants that are undetectable by an antivirus. 2. Distribution: Ransomware is one of the easiest forms of malware to

distribute, shared primarily through phishing emails, remote desktop connections and compromised websites. 3. Payment: Ransomware payouts are at an all-time high, with some campaigns — such as the infamous SamSam — generating $5,900,000 and counting for the authors. 4. Traceability: Cryptocurrency grants cybercriminals some anonymity and helps them evade law enforcement. 5. Risk: The risk of launching ransom-

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