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Learn Defensive Driving From a Professional Driving School in Toronto Hundreds of people lose their lives in road accidents in Toronto. Statistics shows us that most of the drivers involved in these accidents have never enrolled into driving classes in Toronto. Most of these road accidents are preventable if the people behind the steering wheel have knowledge in defensive driving. It is also known as pro-active driving as it makes you more conscious on the road. At Today’s Driver we offer defensive driving training as a part of our Beginner Driver Education Course. Being a ministry approved driving school we strictly abide by all the guidelines that have been laid down by the MTO. We have a state-of-the-art facility where we offering training to people of all age groups and different walks of life. Our team of experience trainers would teach the different techniques of defensive driving. Detailed theory classes would be conducted followed by practical sessions to prepare you for the challenges that lay ahead on the road. Our instructors take care of the special needs that students might have and answer all their queries. Things You Would Learn In Defensive Driving 

Scanning the roadway and adapting to the changing scenarios in the road.

Speed adjustments on traffic intersections and narrow roads.

Thorough knowledge of the vehicle’s stopping distance, condition of the brakes etc.

Not expecting fellow drivers to do what you want and rather be prepared for worst on the road.

The 2 second rule which gives you the time to react during an emergency on the road.

Use of proper signaling on the road and strictly abiding by the safety signs. Knowing the right actions even when there are no signs.

What are you thinking about? Enroll yourself for our next session of classes and gain thorough knowledge of driving a vehicle safely. Knowledge of defensive driving also makes you eligible for insurance discounts.

Learn Defensive Driving From a Professional Driving School in Toronto