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WOMAN special issue! C’mon, Let’s Dish

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Actual Unretouched Photos of Dr. Freeman’s Patient

Join Active Women and take advantage of an extensive list of discounts at local restaurants, hotels and retail shops. “Active Women” also receive free 24-hour access to a registered nurse by phone and invitations to special events. Any woman age 21 or older can join Active Women and membership is free.

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A Membership Group For and About Women

TodaysCharWomanFP Wednesday, September 29, 2010 4:41:56 PM

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Actual Unretouched Photos of Dr. Freeman’s Patient

Face The Holidays With A Fresh New Look Holiday parties, family photos—you can be ready for them all in no time! Dr. Sean Freeman can help you give yourself the gift of a fresh new look with easy, non-surgical procedures that can be completed in as little as an hour. All it takes is one phone call to Dr. Freeman to make your holiday wishes come true! SURGICAL PROCEDURES: SignatureLift, Facelifts, Rhinoplasty, Lip Augmentations, Cheek/Chin Implants, Upper/Lower Eye Lids, Endoscopic Browlift NON-SURGICAL PROCEDURES: Radiesse, Restylane®, Botox®, Vitalize Chemical Peels, Laser Hair Removal, Skinmedica, Laser Skin Treatments, Facials After


$100 off Botox Browlift and selected fillers.


Expires 1/31/2011


M. Sean Freeman, M.D.

Specializing in Facial Plastic Surgery Since 1988 Double-Board Certified, Fellowship Trained

(704)543-1110 TOC1110.indd 3

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Chewy Granola Bars

Delightfully satisfying granola bars that combine whole grain oats, roasted nuts and soy, infused with our special blend of natural cocoa for antioxidant power.

Baked Bars

Delicious soft-baked bars made from whole grain oats, nuts and fruits packed with flavor and infused with our special blend of natural cocoa for antioxidant power.

Eat.Think.Smile is a snacking euphoria that’s packed with tasty ingredients and the natural antioxidant power of cocoa − it’s our recipe for healthy living.

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Available exclusively at

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Contents November 2010


56 Departments 12 From The Editor Kitchen Conundrum

14 Queen City Jewels Happenings You Don’t Want To Miss Plus: Upcoming Holiday Events

20 Money Talks

Cash On The Go

52 At Home Let’s Dish About Bake Ware 56 Fashion Coat Yourself In Style 6 TOC1110.indd 6

T o d a y ’ s

C h a r l o tt e

64 Beauty Grooming Products Good Enough To Eat


66 Meet Our Advertisers Parkes Holistic Health Goes Back To Basics

W o m a n

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Andrea Ros and her daughter Aria

Breast Cancer Survivors Since 2000

I’M A SURVIVOR WHO IS ALIVE AND WELL, just like my daughters. And it’s all thanks to the genetic counseling program at Presbyterian Cancer Center. With 12 family members who are also cancer survivors, not knowing your risk is not an option. Today we’re all winners – on the bike trail and in life. Hear more stories & learn how you can customize your cancer care • 704-384-4750

CUSTOMIZE YOUR CANCER CARE • Second Opinion Cancer Clinics • Clinical Research Trials • Genetic Counseling • Lymphedema Clinic • Financial Resource Guidance • Support Groups & Individual Counseling • Fatigue Management Program • Nutrition Consults • Massage Therapy • Yoga Online Cancer Support

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40 Volume XIV, Number 7 November 2010



Fern Howerin Editor

Michelle Young Hubacher Assistant Editor

Karsen Price ART DIRECTor

Anita O’Hara



Cara Gracie Craver Sales Executive

pROFILEs 22 Who’s In The Kitchen?

Barbara Herd


Six Females Offer Their Perspectives On The Food & Wine Biz

30 8 Gifts Under $88 Celebrate The Festival Of Lights With Unique Gift Ideas 32 Small Plates, Big Taste Entertaining With Tapas

40 Food Notes From France One Charlottean’s Culinary


Nikki Wilson WEb Designer



Business Manager

Adventures In The Land Of The Pastry

46 One-Ingredient Wonder Check Out The Can’t-Do-Without Items In Local Chefs’ Pantries

50 With This Ring Handmade Napkin Rings Dress Your Table In Style



Fiona Harmon Emily Hedrick Melinda Johnston Debra Moffitt Lee Rhodes CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS

Augusto Photography James Brown Scott Stiles Sean Stroehle 5200 Park Road, Suite 111 Charlotte, NC 28209 704/521-6872 Today’s Charlotte Woman is published by Today’s Woman Inc., and is distributed on a complimentary basis throughout the greater Charlotte area. Subscription rate is $20 per year for 11 issues plus the TCW Resource Guide. Copyright ©2010 Today’s Woman, Inc. All rights reserved. Copying or reproduction, in part or in whole, is strictly prohibited. Today’s Charlotte Woman and Today’s Woman Inc. do not necessarily endorse the views and perceptions of contributors or advertisers.

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Watch your

weight fall

daily with hCG

Drop 1-3 lbs PER DAY with a medically supervised hCG fat loss program. By combining hCG with bio-identical hormone replacement, your metabolism will be youthfully restored. Our patients experience increased energy, they feel better, sleep well again, have improved libido, better mental clarity, and much more. • Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy • Medical Weight Loss • Anti-Aging and Wellness Center • Care from a Specially Trained Charlotte MD

Call today to see if you qualify!

704-319-5530 ::

7810 Ballantyne Commons Parkway, Suite 220, Charlotte, NC 28277

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visit us on facebook!

Find testimonials that could be your story!

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‘Tis The Season

Holiday Tradition

To Avoid Weight Gain

What’s Yours? For some, it’s Grandma’s stuffing on the holiday table. For others, it’s cutting down your own Christmas

The average American gains 7 to 12 pounds during the winter months, and according to the National Institutes of Health, most Americans never lose the weight they gain. Shauna John-

tree or sending homemade cards. Or maybe you place special emphasis on the challah bread. Whatever the tradition, e-mail it to us (in three sentences or less) at and we will enter you in the running for tickets to the Southern Christmas Show, a tradition in its own right!

Note: Contest runs Nov. 1 through 12.

son, a nutritionist at the weight-loss organization Wellspring Camps, provides tips for enjoying treats this holiday season: Fill up on protein before heading to a gala. Eat a cup of protein-packed nuts, which will help prevent overeating due to hunger. Donate leftover food to local charities. Keeping leftovers in your fridge will allow you to continuously pick until it’s gone. Create a favorite recipe with healthier alternatives. Making small changes, like using margarine instead of butter, will cut down on fat. Use smaller plates. Filling up an appetizer plate will trick you into thinking you are indulging. Speaking of small plates, check out our fea-



C’mon, Let’s Dish

Tequila Tricks

Quick And Easy Casserole Recipes The casserole was the staple of Mom’s culinary repertoire growing up … but it’s also a handy way to have dinner on the table the minute you walk in the door. Need a few quick and handy casserole recipes? Visit for a few of our favorites.

ture “Small Plates, Big Taste” on page 32, and visit our Web site for recipes for Spicy Sizzling

Follow Us

Shrimp, Refreshing Sangria, Garum, and Cheese

Get Connected

with Fresh Herbs.

A Recipe For Great Giving In this month’s issue, TCW listed Casa Noble’s Cobalt Blue Bottle of Reposado TripleDistilled Tequila as a great gift for under $88 (see page 30). If you decide to give the gift of spirits, or if you receive this lovely bottle yourself, visit our Web site for a few cocktail recipes.

Social media outlets enhance relationships, make information gathering easier, and keep us in the loop with just a click. Want to be in the loop with us? Find Today’s Charlotte Woman on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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T o d a y ’ s

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

10/21/10 11:10 AM

Where Charlotte finds its style.

Blakeney 704.542.8865

Historic South End 704.523.4480

Concord Mills 704.979.0365

Matthews 704.844.8358

Northlake -Perimeter Parkway 704.596.9507 Join us on OB7826_Todays_Woman_Charlotte.indd 1

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Twitter@OBSW 10/6/10 4:37 PM

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Kitchen Conundrum


y mom was an excellent cook. By that, I mean she could take 4 pounds of ground beef, frozen peas, and a single potato and turn it into something wonderful and satisfying. She shopped with precision and created sensible, healthy meals every night — while working full time and raising six children with my dad. She didn’t menu plan, didn’t have the Internet to guide her through conjuring a meal, certainly didn’t have access to a cooking service. Armed with a large crock-pot, a tight wallet, and stacks of well-worn cookbooks, she fed us. Plain and simple. Although I was not oblivious to the work it took to feed a family of eight every night, there was one thing I did not understand … until now. And that was my mom’s sheer boredom with making dinner. She would often say things like, “Oh, I’m just tired of pork chops,” or, “I wish a new aisle would appear in the grocery store.” Huh? Who could not love a pork chop? And a new aisle? Our small-town grocery store seemed perfectly adequate. Well, I get it now. I get it because I’m bored, too. When I was first married, I cooked much in the same way Cher’s character in the movie Mermaids cooked. She played Winona Ryder’s mom and was a bit on the slutty side; wore dangerously high heels; served everything on a toothpick or cut into some ridiculously cute shape. I was just like that (minus the slutty part) — perfecting pigs in a blanket, creating dips of every flavor, and mastering fondue, or anything served with tiny forks, actually. Cute food was my specialty. I’ve come a long way since my crudités days. And now with two teenage girls of my own, I am bound by duty to provide a well-rounded meal for them most nights. (Let’s face it, God invented pizza


T o d a y ’ s

EdLetter1110.indd 12

C h a r l o tt e

for a reason.) But I’m bored, too. I do love the crockpot. And as a working mom, I value its faithfulness — shove a hunk of meat in there in the morning and stick a fork in it in the evening. What would be great, though, is a magic pot … one that figured it all out for you. Honestly, I know it would be easier to make a menu for the week, create a shopping list, and spend at least part of my weekend making a few dinners to pop in the fridge or freezer for mid-week meals. But I just don’t seem to make that happen. These days, when I shop, I somehow come out of the grocery store with exactly nothing that would qualify as ingredients for completing even one full meal. This, despite spending no less than $147 every time. In my shopping cart, I have a lot of fruit, avocados (always avocados), bread, bottled water, and a selection of randomness that typically includes canned soup and an inordinate number of jarred condiments. But nothing to actually go home, cook, and eat. I’d like to get out of this crock-pot-shaped rut I’m in and shake things up a little. That said, this month’s issue may not be a magic pot, but we hope to provide you with a bit of inspiration in the kitchen. We look forward to our special entertaining issue all year long and certainly are thankful for much this year: crock-pots, avocados, condiments, and pizza … whatever it takes for you to get dinner on the table, during the holidays and any day.

Happy cooking,

W o m a n

10/15/10 3:51 PM

Smile created by Dr. Ross W. Nash Photo by Don Seidman

Rebecca Bearden

Mrs. South Carolina America 2009

Of the nearly 8000 American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry members worldwide, there are only 45 who have achieved the exclusive level of Accredited Fellow. In all of North and South Carolina, only one dentist has earned this elite status by illustrating the required level of excellence in the area of cosmetic dentistry: Accredited Fellow Ross W. Nash, DDS.

Cosmetic Dentistry of the


Ross W. Nash, DDS A Full Service General Practice

Accepting New Patients for General & Cosmetic Dental Care

in Southpark at the Nash Institute

6302 Fairview Rd. • Suite102 • Charlotte NC 28210 Appointments: (704)


in Huntersville

403 Gilead Road • Suite E • Huntersville NC 28078 Appointments: (704)


www.Cosmetic Dentistry of the EdLetter1110.indd 13

10/15/10 3:56 PM

Q u e e n H a p p e nin g s

v C i t y Y o u

D on ’ t

J e w e l s W ant

T o

M iss

Get Innovative The Green Way

N Carolina Renaissance Festival Returns To Cabarrus The 17th annual Carolina Renaissance Festival — a medieval amusement park featuring a 10-stage theater, a 22-acre circus, an arts and crafts fair, a jousting tournament, and a feast — returns to the Carolinas through Nov. 21. Open every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., the Festival is a place where adults can feel and act like children, while children are treated like royalty. Introduced to the Charlotte area in 1994, the Carolina Renaissance Festival and Artisan Marketplace contained just six acres of village attractions. Today, the event is one of the largest renaissance-themed events in the country, and is the perfect setting for a fictional, storybook renaissance village.

WantToGo? The Festival is located north of Charlotte between Concord and Huntersville on Highway 73 at Poplar Tent Road (between I-77 and I-85). Parking is free, courtesy of Harris Teeter. Visit, or call 704/896-5544 for information.

QCJ1110.indd 14

PHOTO BY Jeff Crav otta

WantToGo? Visit for information.


Surely, You Joust

orth Carolina Dance Theatre is taking its popular Innovative Works series green! This year’s presentation of contemporary choreography, Nov. 11 through 13 at Knight Theater, merges themes of pollution, waste, conservation, and the environment. Based on Green Pieces, performed in Chautauqua, N.Y., in 2009, Innovative Works features choreographers Mark Diamond, David Ingram, Sasha Janes, and Dwight Rhoden.

Table Manners Lark & Key Sets The Table With Artists’ Work


ark & Key Gallery shows off its artists’ “Table Manners,” a group exhibit showcasing functional pottery for the table, through Nov. 27. Mealtime often revolves around rituals and routines, and the use of handmade plates, bowls, and other tableware can contribute to the joy of eating and provide a sense of connection and community with the artists who created them. The exhibition is curated by two of the gallery’s primary ceramic artists, Julie Wig-

gins and Amy Sanders, and includes work by more than 20 artists. Customers bringing a bag of nonperishable groceries for donation to local food shelters will receive 10 percent off any purchase of pottery showcased in the exhibit. >

WantToGo? “Table Manners” is showing at Lark & Key’s South End location, 123 E. Park Ave., Suite B. Visit or call 704/334-4616.

10/21/10 11:13 AM


Live fully, love deeply, laugh loudly...


M e e t O u r D O c tO r s : DR. DAvID LESANSky University Dental Associates is pleased to announce its association with Dr. David Lesansky at the convenient University Place practice. Dr. Lesansky comes to us from sunny southwest Florida where he was in private practice for 10 years. He has chosen Charlotte for its beautiful weather, dynamic culture and magnificent scenery. As an alumnus of the University of Florida, Dr. Lesansky brings a strong educational background to the University area, which he has expanded upon with numerous intensive continuing education seminars. He prides himself on strong communication skills with his patients, learning from them what their concerns and desires for treatment are. Only in this way can he offer his patients the highest level of care and compassion. We invite you to make an appointment with Dr. Lesansky today to experience quality dental care.

call today to schedule your next visit or service with us. We look forward to serving you and your family! W W W. U DA D E N t I S t R y. c O M

New hours at our SouthPark location: tuesdays & Wednesdays till 7pm


DR. DAvID WOOLStON Dr. David Woolston graduated from the UNC Chapel Hill School of Dentistry in 1993. Upon graduation, he joined the U.S. Navy and served for three years with the Marine Corps at Camp Lejeune. He is currently a Navy Reservist with the rank of Commander and serves one weekend a month at the Naval Hospital in Pensacola, Florida. Throughout his career, Dr. Woolston has had the privilege of practicing dentistry around the world, including locations such as Japan, Spain and proudly served on a humanitarian mission to Thailand. In 1999, he earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. He has been a member of the Academy of General Dentistry since 1993 and in 2006 distinguished himself as a Fellow in the Academy. Dr. Woolston enjoys long-distance running and photography. DR. gREg gRIffIN Dr. Greg Griffin is a native of Union County, N.C. He received his DDS degree from UNC Chapel Hill in 1987 and then spent 21 years in solo private practice. Dr. Griffin has many hobbies. He is a private pilot, enjoys motorcycles, an avid fisherman and boater. He recently spent two years living and traveling on his boat along the coast of the U.S., Mexico and Central America. He brings to UDA many years of clinical experience in direct patient care and practice management.


E c O - f R I E N D Ly





S E Rv I N g 4 c h A R L Ot t E L O cAt I O N S ! SouthPark 2901 Coltsgate Rd. Suite 201, Charlotte 704.362.1211


QCJ1110.indd 15

Mallard creek 10320 Mallard Creek Rd. Suite 160, Charlotte 704.494.7394

crown Point 2300 Sardis Rd. North Suite G, Charlotte 704.846.3755


University Place 8401 University Executive Pkwy. Suite 110, Charlotte 704.547.1970



10/19/10 1:17 PM


Women’s Work

A Cut Above

Don’t Miss Free Concert

And All For A Good Cause

research to clinically prove the benefits of these and other therapies to improve quality of life for cancer patients.

WantToGo? Norma Jeane Salon is located inside Sola Salon Studios, 6324 Fairview Road. For information or appointments for the cut-a-thon, call 704/936-7214 or 704/605-0205.

Enjoy an entire evening of piano music by female composers Nov. 16, 7:30 p.m. at Davidson College’s Sloan Music Center. “Program of Works by Women Composers” features Cynthia Lawing, a member of the College’s music department, performing the work of two Davidson residents: Mary Jones, a frequently published composer; and Jennifer Stasack, a faculty member at Davidson College whose work was recently premiered by the Charlotte Symphony.

WantToGo? For information, call 704/894-2848.

PHOTOS COURTESY OF Jerald M elb erg G all ery


orma Jeane Salon will conduct a 24hour hair-cutting cut-a-thon event, called “Shear Survival, Cut to the Cure,” starting Nov. 12 at midnight, to benefit the Belva Wallace Greenage Cancer Foundation. All proceeds will go directly to the Foundation, which has a three-tiered mission: 1) Raise awareness about the value of integrating traditional and alternative therapies into the treatment regimen of cancer patients; 2) Fund patients who, on the advice of their physicians, can and want to incorporate yoga, Pilates, acupuncture, wellness coaches, supplements, etc. into their regimen; and 3) Fund

Lighting The Way Honoring Those With Alzheimer’s Contribute to the fight against Alzheimer’s disease by participating in the Pilot Club of Charlotte’s 32nd Annual Love Lights event in Freedom Park, Nov. 20 from 5 to 8 p.m. Pilot members spend several months collecting donations that are made in honor or in memory of loved ones, who are then recognized with thousands of luminaries that light the lake at Freedom Park. All donations will benefit the Joseph & Kathleen Bryan Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center. To light luminaries in honor or in memory of loved ones, send your donation to Pilot International Foundation, 2419 Hatherly Road, Charlotte, N.C. 28209. (Include name to be printed on each luminary and indicate in memory or in honor; also, please include your name and address and the name/address for acknowledgement.)

WantToGo? Freedom Park is located at 1900 East Blvd. The rain date is Nov. 21. For information, visit or call Kay Dumas at 704/814-4567.

QCJ1110.indd 16

Go Figure, And More Jerald Melberg Presents Two New Exhibits


erald Melberg Gallery presents “The Figure” through Nov. 13, featuring paintings, sculpture, and works on paper by gallery artists who use the figure either as the primary or secondary subject in their art. The exhibition features works by Romare Bearden, Isabel Bishop, Chuck Close, Raul Diaz, Susan Grossman, Hans Hofmann, Manuel Reyna, Charles White, and Paul Resika (whose work “Nude, Blue Porch” is pictured above right). “Although we do not envision ourselves to be a figurative gallery, nor are we considered one, it struck me that a significant number of our artists actually do use the figure, perhaps secondarily to their subject or composition, but still prevalent and relevant to the picture,” says Jerald Melberg. From Nov. 20 through Feb. 5, 2011,

Jerald Melberg Gallery will present “Wolf Kahn Early Works: Paintings and Pastels from 1950-1970.” An internationally acclaimed artist, Kahn (whose landscapes “Blue Harbor” and “Near Spoleto” are pictured above left and center) has been honored with numerous awards, including both Fulbright and Guggenheim Fellowships. Color is Kahn’s signature, and he says this about his work: “I am always trying to get to the danger point, where color either becomes too sweet or too harsh; too noisy or too quiet.” TCW

WantToGo? Jerald Melberg Gallery is located at 625 S. Sharon Amity Road. For information on either exhibit, call 704/365-3000 or visit

10/21/10 11:12 AM

Bellini Nursery Furniture • Oriental Rugs • Accessories

PHOTOS COURTESY OF Jerald M elb erg G all ery

Serves You Right. This handsome antique mahogany sideboard with lots of inlay work, circa 1900, will serve your guests in style for years to come.

Garden & Porch • Lamp Repair • Interior Design • Gift Registry

Blythe Gallery

Actor’s Theatre presents the REGIONAL PREMIERE of...

Antiques & Fine Furnishings

BECKY’S NEW CAR by Steven Dietz

Oct 22 - Nov 13

Ride shotgun on a wildly hilarious adventure through midlife, middle management and midlong marriage!

704.342.2251 or

117 North Main Street, Belmont, NC 28012 ~ 704.825.8809 OPEN Mon.-Sat. 10am-5pm

Business Meetings | Celebrations | Holiday Parties & Luncheons

5901 Sardis Road | Charlotte, NC 28270 | Contact Karen Holt 704.366.5335 ext. 105 |

N O V E M b e r

QCJ1110.indd 17

2 0 1 0

17 10/19/10 1:29 PM

H o l i d a y

H a p p e n i n g s

C e l e b r a t i n g

t h e

s e a s o n

November 11-21 Southern Christmas Show, The Park Expo and Conference Center (Charlotte Merchandise Mart). Visit

November 21 The Christmas Music of Mannheim Steamroller, Belk Theater. Visit or call 704/372-1000.

November 12-14 Holiday House, sponsored by the Mecklenburg Medical Alliance & Endowment, Myers Park. Visit

November 22-January 2 Carolina Christmas Holiday Light Show, Charlotte Motor Speedway. Tickets and information available at Visit

November 19 SouthPark’s Annual Tree Lighting, Symphony Park. Visit or call 704/364-4411.

November 25 Belk Carolinas’ Carrousel Parade, uptown Charlotte, 10 a.m. Visit or call 704/525-0250.

November 20-21 Simple Gifts at Thanksgiving, Carolina Voices. Visit or call 704/374-1564.

December 7-12

Irving Berlin’s White Christmas Ovens Auditorium Visit or call 704/372-1000.

White Christmas tells the story of two showbiz buddies staging a performance in a magical Vermont inn and finding their perfect mates in the process.

November 26-27 Plantation Christmas, Latta Plantation, Huntersville. Visit or call 704/875-2312. November 26-December 31 Holiday Lights, Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, Belmont. Visit or call 704/8254490.

DECEMBER 4 North Mecklenburg Christmas Parade, 1 p.m. Visit or call the Town of Davidson at 704/892-7591. DECEMBER 4-5 The 56th Annual Singing Christmas Tree, Carolina Voices, Ovens Auditorium. Call 704/3741564 or visit DECEMBER 4 A Candlelight Christmas, Latta Plantation, Huntersville. Visit or call 704/875-2312. DECEMBER 10-12, 16-19 A Christmas Carol, Theatre Charlotte. Visit or call 704/376-3777.

November 29 Handel’s Messiah Rocks, Belk Theater. Visit or call 704/372-1000.

DECEMBER 10-11 Deck The Halls: A Holiday Musical Revue, Matthews Playhouse of the Performing Arts. Visit or call 704/846-8343.

DECEMBER 1-18 Every Christmas Story Ever Told (and then some), The Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte. Call 704/3422251 or visit

DECEMBER 10 Jingle Bell Ball, to benefit United Family Services, Grand Central, 1000 Central Ave. Visit

DECEMBER 2-19 A Christmas Story, Davidson Community Players. Visit or call 704/892-7953. DECEMBER 3-4 Magic of Christmas, Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, Belk Theater. Call 704/972-2000 or visit DECEMBER 3-23 Scrooge, Children’s Theatre of Charlotte. Visit or call 704/973-2828. DECEMBER 3-5 The Nutcracker, Charlotte Youth Ballet. Visit

Holiday Calendar1110.indd 18 or call 980/322-5522.

DECEMBER 10-12, 17-19 Nutcracker, North Carolina Dance Theatre, Belk Theater. Visit or call 704/372-0101. DECEMBER 18 Christmas at St. Mary’s, Carolina Pro Musica, Historic St. Mary’s Chapel. Call 704/334-3468 or visit DECEMBER 18 Holiday Performance, Charlotte City Ballet Company, Matthews Community Center. Visit TCW

10/21/10 11:15 AM

Quality Dentistry by People Who Care

ImPlant, CosmetIC, anD ComPrehensIve DentIstry


time to


O u R T O p p R I O R I T Y. . . is to take the time to carefully listen to your expectations, customize a plan to meet your individual dental needs, and then create the look you are envisioning with skill and artistry.

T H E R E s u LT. . .

Unlimited group classes every night at 7pm & 8pm

a beautiful natural smile that leaves you looking and feeling confident and attractive.

Only $59 per month


or Call for your complimentary lesson

n locatio Seconduthpark o in S soon! coming

704.341.5770 We accept most insurances and are PPo providers for aetna, Cigna, metlife, and Delta Dental.

704.541.5440 • 10403 park road • charlotte • 28210


We invite you to come experience our brand new state-of-the-art office just off ardrey Kell, across from target.

Darren Wellenreiter, DDs 8832 Blakeney professional Dr., suite 201 • Charlotte, NC 28277

I Feel Like I Spend More Time In the Bathroom Than in the Boardroom. Be More Productive. Don’t let an overactive bladder keep you from doing the things that are important to you. The Pelvic Health Institute is a comprehensive medical center which offers surgical and non-surgical treatment options to women with a wide range of urological and gynecological disorders.

Urinary & fecal incontinence Vaginal reconstruction Pelvic pain management Robotic and Laparoscopic surgery Slings

Gynecologic surgery Sexual dysfunction


9735 Kincey Avenue, Suite 302 Huntersville - Exit 23 off I-77

704.766.1147 David Konstandt, MD, MS G. Bernard Taylor, MD, FACOG

Affiliated with

N O V E M b e r

Holiday Calendar1110.indd 19

7.81” x 4.689”

2 0 1 0

19 10/18/10 12:37 PM


Brought To You By ...

Money On The Go A T M s

Ste p

U p

W ith

C o n v enience

S o luti o n s

As the weather turns cooler, schedules seem to heat up, leaving less time for routine errands like going to the bank. Luckily, accessing money and even making deposits while you are on the go has never been easier. With more than 18,000 ATMs coast to coast, Bank of America has ATMs where you need them, and is the first major bank to equip all of its depositaccepting ATMs throughout the country with deposit imaging technology. With Deposit Image ATMs, you simply insert checks or cash into the ATM with no envelopes or deposit slips required. You get check images and totals of deposit right on your receipt, so your deposit is verified on the spot. For cash deposits, customers can deposit up to 40 bills at a time and receive immediate credit if the transaction is made on a business day by 8 p.m. To locate a Bank of America ATM, visit Earlier this year, Bank of America announced that every Bank of America ATM in the country has been equipped with voice-enabled technology. Talking ATMs provide audible instructions in English or Spanish to persons who cannot view information on an ATM screen. These machines make it easier for people

with visual impairments to withdraw cash, deposit money, and perform other ATM transactions. The ATMs have audio jacks that deliver spoken instructions privately through standard headsets to protect the security of users who are blind or have low-vision. “Bank of America has long been a leader in understanding the needs of blind and low-vision banking customers,” says Jeff Thom, president of the California Council of the Blind, an affiliate of the Arlington, Va.-based American Council of the Blind. “From talking ATMs to accessible online banking to Braille bank statements, we are proud to have partnered with Bank of America for almost 15 years.” When customers are affected by disaster, having access to their account funds is critical. Bank of America understands this necessity, and that’s why the Mobile ATM program was created — to provide ATMs to customers in need. These Mobile ATMs deliver the full range of ATM capabilities, including Deposit Image capabilities. The

fleet of Mobile ATMs is stored strategically throughout the country to ensure that they can be deployed immediately to areas and regions that are impacted by natural disasters. In addition to supporting communities during emergencies, the Bank of America Mobile ATMs have made appearances at the Chicago Marathon, NASCAR events, U.S. Open Golf Tournaments, Olympic events, Major League Baseball All-Star games, and multiple major market and high-profile events. “While we are always excited to deliver ATM service and brand representation at high-profile events, we are most proud of our emergency Mobile ATM deployments to support critical business continuity and disaster recovery events,” says Kimberly Scott-French, Mobile ATM program manager. “Bank of America is a leader in responding to the needs of our customers during the most crucial time of devastating impacts to our communities as a result of natural disasters.”

Bank of America, N.A. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender © 2010 Bank of America Corporation. All rights reserved.


T o d a y ’ s

MoneyTalks 1110.indd 20

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

10/15/10 5:38 PM

Dore Academy Speaker Series Presents:

Bruce Melosh

Director of Behavioral Health Presbyterian Behavioral Health November 9th - 6:30-7:30pm RSVP: 704-365-5490 Weathering Transitions in Adolescents: Mr. Melosh will speak about common academic and social issues that adolescents struggle with and how it affects their behavior.

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Independent Living • Personalized Assisted Living Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care • Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Exceptional Experiences Every DaySM 5800 Old Providence Road, Charlotte, North Carolina 28226 Exceptional Experiences Every Day is a Service Mark of Brookdale Senior Living Inc., Nashville, TN, USA. 50610-ROP02-0510


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21 10/20/10 2:05 PM

Lisa Burris is chef and co-owner of Savor Café and Catering in Charlotte.

By Melinda Johnston • PHOTOS BY SCOTT STILES

The Table A Seat At


P e r s p e ct i v e

F r o m

F 22

T o d a y ’ s

Women in Food 1110.indd 22

C h a r l o tt e

F e m a l e s

I n

F o o d


W i n e

or many women, the Thanksgiving

committed to the culinary industry. They are the

meal is a major culinary undertaking

chefs, the restaurant managers and owners,

they manage with relative finesse

the caterers, the wine experts, and the teachers

(and perhaps slightly elevated stress

who pass along their passion for food to others.

levels), getting the traditional spread on the

We looked into the professional kitchens and

table each year with just minutes to spare. But,

arenas of six area women who have dedicated

for a select few, the food and spirit-inspired

their careers to ensure that others are able to

holiday rush isn’t an annual event: It’s a way

enjoy fine food and drink, not only during the

of life. There are many Charlotte-area women

hectic holiday season, but all year long.

W o m a n

10/21/10 11:17 AM

Lisa Burris

Jordan, who is now a sophomore at JWU. “The irony is, I’m still paying my underChef/Co-Owner, grad student loans off. Jordan has a comSavor Café and Catering plete free ride,” Burris says. 1404 W. Morehead St. Back in Charlotte, Burris worked as a Lisa Burris entered the food service industry out of necessity at age 19, personal chef and started a small catering working opposite her husband to save business. She quickly outgrew her kitchon childcare costs. A server at Cramer en and met her current business partner, Mountain Country Club, she fell in love Lori Pearson, who was in the same situawith the business. Several years later, tion. The two rented space on West Morein the midst of a divorce, she and her head for catering, but soon saw the need daughter, Jordan, moved to Charles- for a restaurant in the area. They opened ton. She stayed in food service, finding Savor Café for lunch in June 2009, added she could earn more in a shorter period dinner in January of 2010, and have just recently doubled of time than in their space from any other job. When 40 to 80 seats with her daughter startWe grew as we could. We’d almost zero debt. ed kindergarten, have a good party and buy “We grew as Burris enrolled at a refrigerator. We’d have we could,” Burris Johnson & Wales says. “We’d have University. She comanother good party and a good party and pleted her bachbuy used tables and chairs buy a refrigerator. elor’s degree in and refinish them. We’d have anoth1998, and was er good party and recruited by the — Lisa Burris buy used tables University to do and chairs and special events. She worked there for six years while working refinish them.” Their business formula has worked on her MBA at The Citadel. “I would come in with my chef’s uni- well and their partnership continues form on, and people would look at me to flourish. “Lori’s No. 1 function is pastry chef, like I was crazy. They were all lawyers and engineers and CPAs with business and she also supervises the kitchen. I do backgrounds,” Burris says of her Citadel payroll, take care of bills, and all the othexperience. “I knew I was in trouble the er business aspects of the restaurant,” first day of statistics when the professor Burris says. Burris has not remarried, in part, she said we’d do a quick, two-hour review of calculus I and II. I never even had cal- says, because she works as many as 100 culus! I’d take my professor lunch every hours a week. But she hasn’t ruled out day, and he literally tutored me through the possibility. She does have a very specific requirement of a partner, however. it. I made a B, and I was so thrilled!” When Johnson & Wales moved its “I want a man who can cook,” she says, campus to Charlotte in 2005, Burris smiling. “That’s the No. 1 quality I’m took severance pay, which included a looking for in a guy.” Visit > full four-year scholarship for daughter




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23 10/21/10 11:18 AM

Shanna Cochrane General Manager, Morton’s The Steakhouse 227 W. Trade St. When Shanna Cochrane was promoted to general manager of Morton’s The Steakhouse at age 27, she was the youngest GM in the company. Now, at age 32, she’s one of only seven females in that position among 78 Morton’s locations around the world. Cochrane was hired as a server at the now-closed Morton’s at SouthPark when she was 22 years old. Recognizing her talent and potential, management made sure she didn’t stay in that position long. “I started out waiting tables and quickly worked my way up to the captain’s position, where I assisted the manager on duty. I would open wine, help the servers, and make sure all the customers were happy,” Cochrane says. When an assistant manager’s position opened in 2003, the Cabarrus County native packed her bags and moved to Richmond, Va. Over the next three years, she moved three more times and was promoted to general manager along the way. She landed back in Charlotte and moved downtown when the SouthPark location closed. As general manager, she has a hand in all aspects of the restaurant, from closely watching sales to overseeing employees to greeting guests. Her training included everything from washing dishes to bartending to broiling steaks. She says the hours are long and

as general manager of morton’s the steakhouse, Shanna Cochrane has her hand in all aspects of the restaurant’s business, from overseeing employees to welcoming guests.

the work is stressful, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. During her career at Morton’s, she’s handled a number of crises and met several celebrities. She’s had drinks with Bruce Willis, at his invitation, and coordinated the evacuation of the Richmond restaurant, at dinnertime, in the midst of a flood. She’s dealt with a small kitchen fire and welcomed a number of NFL and NBA teams. She’s hosted Vijay Singh and other pro golfers, and even served George Clooney. As one of the first female general managers in the company, she’s also helped break 24

T o d a y ’ s

Women in Food 1110.indd 24

C h a r l o tt e

new ground in a traditionally male-dominated world — even wearing a tuxedo to work before standards were relaxed a few years ago to allow for business suits. And she cares for her staff like they are family. “The greatest thing about the Charlotte location is the management team and the staff,” Cochrane says. “We’ve been together a long time, and we thoroughly enjoy what we do. I tell my staff, ‘I will take care of you if you will take care of the guests. And then the guests will take care of us.’ It’s a full circle.” Visit >

W o m a n

10/15/10 4:17 PM

Photo by RFL Photography




Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden invites you to build your Holiday traditions with us. Our Holiday Light display includes nearly 600,000 lights, old fashioned trains, carriage rides, holiday carols and baked treats—The Garden has something for everyone in the family to enjoy and will fill your Holiday season with joy and memories that will last a lifetime. Sunday –Thursday 5-9 p.m., Friday-Saturday 5-10 p.m. 6500 South New Hope Road, Belmont, NC Advance Tickets at 704.825.449 0 or Presenting Sponsor

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25 10/15/10 4:20 PM


We named the restaurant after my grandmother, Sadie Cannon, because we wanted to create a place where people can come and get the warm feeling you get in your grandmother’s house.

Tamara thompson started a side career in food as a stress reliever from her job in technology. now, she owns and operates sadie’s soulful southern experience.

Tamara Thompson Co-Owner and Managing Partner, Sadie’s Soulful Southern Experience 5708-H N. Sharon Amity Road Tamara Thompson, 40, started experimenting in the kitchen early on. “My mom worked second shift, so I had to learn to put stuff together if I was hungry,” she says. After graduating from Garinger High School, she earned a computer science degree from John26

T o d a y ’ s

Women in Food 1110.indd 26

C h a r l o tt e

son C. Smith University. While working full time in information technology at a bank, she ran a catering business on the side and was always doing wedding showers or baby showers for friends and family. She also cooked for a local day care in the mornings and then worked second or third shift at her “real job.” “I started a part-time catering business to relieve the stress of working in corporate America,” Thompson says.


— Tamara Thompson

In January 2006, she decided to take her passion for food a step further. She teamed up with bank co-worker Joseph McGuire and together they opened Sadie’s Soulful Southern Experience, a soul food restaurant that includes fried corn on the cob and sweet potato waffles. “We named the restaurant after my grandmother, Sadie Cannon, because we wanted to create a place where people can come and get the warm feeling you get in your grandmother’s house,” Thompson explains. The restaurant became nationally recognized when radio personality and comedian Steve Harvey nominated it for a Hoodie Award. Radio listeners nationwide were urged to go online and vote for their favorite business. Sadie’s was nominated in the Favorite Soul Food Restaurant category for the past four years and won the award in 2008 and 2009. People from as far away as California have come to visit as a result of the radio show. When McGuire and Thompson first opened the restaurant, they were only serving lunch, because they were still working second or third shift at the bank. Last year, Thompson quit her information technology job and now devotes all of her time to Sadie’s. “This is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” she says. “It’s much more than just the cooking. We’re physically involved in every aspect of the business. If something breaks, it falls to us to fix it. “I’m here early in the morning to help prep and late at night to clean up, and everything in between. But I love it here,” Thompson says. “It’s my dream come true, and that makes it all worthwhile.” Visit

W o m a n

10/21/10 11:19 AM


hormone replacement


Ronald L. Brown, MD Fellow, American College Ob/Gyn Member, N. American Menopause Society

Culinary instructor maria marquez, of the art institute of charlotte, says restaurant work is a calling.

Maria Marquez Culinary Instructor, The Art Institute of Charlotte Though Maria Marquez worked in food service from age 15 all the way through college, she never considered it a viable career. “I cooked for 300 people at a YMCA camp each weekend. I managed a Little Caesars. I made donuts from scratch at Donut Castle. But I thought they were just jobs to keep me in school,” she says. “I didn’t know food could be a profession. I thought I needed a ‘real’ career.” So Marquez majored in social work at the University of Akron and worked in the field for 15 years as a case management supervisor of children with mental illness. But to bring balance to her life, she says she cooked, catered parties, and sold barbecue to friends. Eventually, she decided to change her life and make her living in the kitchen. She enrolled in classes at The Art Institute of Charlotte, earning her associate degree in culinary arts. She worked as a personal chef and also in main dining services and catering at Davidson College. When The Art Institute added a bachelor’s degree program, she earned that also, and now, at age 44, she’s teaching at the col-

lege and working on her MBA at South University. She says that degree will be especially valuable to the business side of the culinary industry. “There’s a lot of business involved in running a restaurant or culinary program — ordering food, creating budgets, hiring staff, dealing with salaries,” Marquez explains. “Even my social work degree has helped me. Cooking is a team process in most restaurants.” As an instructor, she strives to be a role model for her students. “It’s important for people to see a strong female in the kitchen,” Marquez says. “It used to be man’s work, but as female culinarians, we are changing that perception.” The teacher also wants to impress upon her students that restaurant work is a calling. “I want to change the perception that cooks and chefs are foul-mouthed partiers working just to get their pay,” she says. “This is a professional career and we are professionals. I try to teach my students that.” But when it gets right down to it, the thing she enjoys most about cooking is making people happy. “I love creating a dish and then hearing someone say, ‘Oh, that’s the best thing I’ve ever eaten.’ ” Visit >

Experience You Can Trust Dr. Ronald L. Brown has been treating women with hormone replacement therapy for 30 years. During the past 5 years, he has focused his practice on wellness issues for women and men through bio-identical hormone replacement, nutrition, fitness, and supplements. His mission is to dramatically improve the quality of life of his patients.

Author of The Youth Effect Barraged with the conflicting messages about the safety of hormone replacement therapy? In The Youth Effect, Dr. Brown cuts through the confusion and offers a clear, concise view of the heart of the matter.

Available at Park Road Books, Borders ® and

423C South Sharon Amity Road Charlotte, NC 28211

For an appointment, call



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27 10/15/10 4:18 PM


The company that you’re keeping when you drink wine is much more important than the bottle on the table. Everyone should enjoy wine and understand that it makes life a little lighter.

Laura Lawson


— Laura Lawson

Certified Wine Sommelier, Host of radio show Wine Crush For her entire career, Laura Lawson, 40, has made her living selling her passion — wine. She is the on-premise director for Empire Distributors, managing a sales force of 20. She’s the host of Wine Crush, a weekly radio show aired on 78 stations around the country that, according to its Web site, “not only explains and demystifies the world of wine, but demonstrates how wine can be integrated with everyday life.” She’s also a certified sommelier. “[Wine is] a combination of chemistry, biology, and geography,” Lawson says. “You have to learn the different types of grapes, how and where they’re grown, and how they are turned into wine.” Not only does she know the background of each bottle, she can taste every nuance. “I can probably identify 80 percent of what’s put in front of me,” she says. Beyond her own expertise, Lawson hopes to make wine more accessible. She wants people to know that everyone can enjoy wine, and she works to dispel the notion that wine is somehow an elitist drink. “There are limitless types of wine out there, and there is a wine for everybody,” she says. “If you don’t like wine, then you haven’t had the right one yet. I see it as a personal challenge to help folks find the wine they like. “Lots of times, people get all wrapped up in wine. They think that you have to drink a certain wine to be sophisticated and that it must be expensive and only for the elite. That’s the biggest falsehood I want to eradicate,” Lawson explains. “The company that you’re keeping when you drink wine is much more important than the bottle on the table. Everyone should enjoy wine and understand that it makes life a 28

T o d a y ’ s

Women in Food 1110.indd 28

C h a r l o tt e

as a sommelier and host of the radio show “wine crush,” Laura lawson tries to impress on wine lovers that they should drink what they love, not what they’re told TO DRINK.

little lighter.” When she first started in the wine business, Lawson stepped into a man’s world, but she says that’s changing. “The alcohol business has been male dominated, but over the last 15 years, there have been more females coming on board. Women actually have an advantage in this business. There’s scientific proof that women have better palates than men. In fact, 80 percent of the top winemakers are female,” Lawson says. For those worried about the upcoming

holiday meal, she offers some advice on choosing the perfect wine for Thanksgiving dinner. “Drink what you like, not what you’re told,” she says simply. “The rule that said you had to have white wine with white meat and red wine with red meat is archaic. If you like it, that’s all that matters.” For the record, when the turkey is put on her table, Lawson serves Riesling or Pinot Noir. For ham, she prefers a Pinot Noir; and steak and chicken, for her, call for a Chardonnay. Visit

W o m a n

10/21/10 11:20 AM

Shop in Waxhaw! PoTTery iroN Work bloWN glASS ChiMeS birDhouSeS gArDeN ArT

PoTTery by bill STeWArT Now a culinary technology instructor with central piedmont community college, tessia harman hopes to inspire students in the same way her own teachers INSPIRED HER.

Tessia Harman Culinary Technology Instructor, Central Piedmont Community College Tessia Harman, 31, has squeezed a lifetime’s worth of culinary experience into a very short time. In a little over a decade, she’s worked at a French restaurant in Boston, in Brussels as a private chef to the Irish Ambassador of the European Union, as pastry coordinator for Zebra restaurant here in Charlotte, and as Chef de Cuisine at the Westin Hotel, where she was responsible for the dining room, bar, and room service. This January, she joined the faculty at Central Piedmont Community College as an instructor in the culinary technology department. When Harman was a little girl, her hero was Julia Child. She’d not only watch her on television, she’d try to replicate her recipes. “I’d get real frustrated and get flour all over the living room trying to keep up with her,” Harman says. “My mom had to finally convince me that I needed to watch the show instead of cook the show.” After attending the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, Harman’s culinary journey began. She’s had the privilege of serving Michael Jordan and the Bobcats, Bill Gates, Jessica Simpson, and even the Orange County Choppers. But the experience that took her breath away was when she worked at Fleur de Fem in Boston, and someone asked her, “Have you cooked for Julia before?” Unbeknownst to her, Child was in the restaurant and Harman was pre-

paring her food. After the last course, she met her. She says her childhood hero was everything she expected and more. “She was fun and welcoming and warm, and you just wanted to adopt her as your own grandmother,” Harman says. Harman’s avid interest in Child’s television instruction, and her own connections with her instructors at school, inspired her to teach. “When I was in culinary school, I was inspired by my instructors — I’m still in contact with many of them — and I wanted to contribute to the culinary world by developing the students coming into the industry. Teaching is a good fit for me.” Harman works with her students to demonstrate how tough a culinary career can be, but she also wants them to know how rewarding the profession can be. “It’s a lot of physical labor and long hours,” she says. “It’s not a field for someone who wants to enjoy weekends or holidays — especially the restaurant side. You burn yourself, you cut yourself, and you’re sweaty and hot. You don’t wear makeup in the kitchen; it will melt off your face,” she adds, with a laugh. “It’s a very hard balance. But if it’s the right choice for you, it can be a fabulous field and very rewarding. When you get that one customer who gives you a sincere thank you, then it’s all worth it.” Visit the school at TCW

Stewarts Village Gallery 116 McDonald Street Waxhaw, NC (Across From Water Tower)



Prism Blossom Yarn at

knitting on Main

get in Waxhaw! 200 W. North Main Street Waxhaw, NC 704.243.7150


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29 10/21/10 11:23 AM

8 Gifts Under 88 Dollars inspiring id e a s t o c e l e b r a t e t h e f e s t i v a l o f l i g h t s Compiled By Michelle Young Hubacher


pop striped set of 3 bud vases

Jonathan Adler • $49.95


Cast Iron Fondue Pot Rachael Ray • $59.95


silk ribbon wrap bracelet with thai silver or gold vermeil dangles Bronwen San Francisco • $74


T o d a y ’ s

8 for 80 1110.indd 30

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

10/19/10 12:33 PM


cobalt blue bottle of reposado tripledistilled tequila


Gyllen Wall Lamp

Casa Noble Wherever fine spirits are sold • $49

Ikea • $59.99

Visit for cocktail recipes using Casa Noble tequila.


“Ibiza Sunset” Crystal and Enamel Oval Dome Ring AKKAD • $49.94



Relief Pinch Bowls • $59.95 Relief Pitcher • $79.95 Set of 3 Bud Vases • $49.95 Jonathan Adler

Cutlery Set Wolfgang Puck • $39.95

8 for 80 1110.indd 31

10/21/10 3:42 PM


Saturday Dinner Only Closed on Sundays

Fairview Rd

Thai Orchid

BLICATION: Charlotte the City Mag azine TE: August 2006 TICLE: Eat, Drink Lunch & Dinner Corporate Lunches Private Parties Luncheon Specials Seafood & Vegetarian

Providence Rd

Fine Thai Dining

Sardis Rd

Strawberry Hill Shopping Center Near the intersection of Providence & Fairview

(704) 364-1134

We offer brunch from 11-3 on Saturday and Sunday. Whether you dine indoors or al fresco, it’s a true taste of Tuscany that’s as close as SouthPark.

704.571.4214 4720 PiedmonT RoW dR. PiedmonT ToWn CenTeR

32 Tapas 1110.indd 32

T o d a y ’ s

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

10/20/10 10:25 AM



oliday entertaining is all about creating great menus. The word tapas literally means “cover” or “lid,” and it is said that the first tapas was simply a hunk of bread placed over a glass to keep out the fruit flies. According to Mark Martin, a chef at the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Charlotte, as the tradition developed, tapas became more elaborate small portions of foods, both hot and cold, served in bars, bodegas, and tascas to accompany dry Spanish sherry or draught beer. Tapas recipes vary according to the taste and cooking traditions of each region. But the tapas most often served are those including the many varieties of olives — green,

Manzanilla, machacadas (crushed), goradales (big), rellenas (stuffed), aliñadas (flavored), and deshuesadas (stoneless) — as well as dry nuts and many kinds of cold cuts. Other incarnations of “small plate” dishes include tiny rolls filled with ham, grilled eggplant, red peppers, various omelettes, fish, sausage, fresh anchovies, as well as croquettes and towering creations of potato salad, egg, mayonnaise, and shrimp supported by a toothpick and topped by an olive. This holiday season, TCW asked local foodies to create menus of small plates to inspire you in your search for something unique to offer guests. We highlight a few (but not all) recipes from each menu, both here and on our Web site at >

N O V E M be r

Tapas 1110.indd 33

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33 10/20/10 10:26 AM


Roasted Garlic Soup Sippers Garlic Shrimp* Marinated Olives & Serrano Ham Lamb & Eggplant Meatballs Marinated Gigante Bean with Roasted Peppers Sherried Mussells Artichoke & Manchego Croquetas* Garlic Mushrooms Baguette Toasts with Roasted Garlic


4 pounds large shrimp (21-25 per pound) 3/4 cup olive oil 15 garlic cloves, thinly sliced 2 teaspoons Spanish paprika 1 cup dry sherry Juice of 2 lemons 2 teaspoons red pepper flakes 1 cup chopped flat-leaf parsley 1. Peel shrimp. 2. Warm olive oil in a large sauté pan; add 15 thinly sliced garlic cloves to the oil, and sauté for 1 minute, being careful not to burn the garlic. 3. Raise the heat to high; add shrimp, paprika, sherry, lemon juice, and red pepper flakes. 4. Stir shrimp until they turn pink and begin to curl. 5. Serve in a rimmed platter and top with the cooking liquid, freshly ground pepper, and parsley. 6. Serve with crusty bread to soak up the juices.

A note from Jill Marcus: Don’t forget to enjoy with a glass of sherry.

34 Tapas 1110.indd 34

T o d a y ’ s

C h a r l o tt e


1 can artichoke quarters, drained and finely chopped 2 tablespoons butter 1 onion, finely chopped 5 garlic cloves, chopped 2 cups rice 1. In a medium sauté pan, sauté the artichokes with butter, onion, and garlic until onions and artichokes are lightly browned. 2. Add 2 cups of rice to the skillet; then gradually add vegetable stock; cook on medium to high heat for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally until the liquid has been absorbed. 3. Transfer the mixture to a bowl and allow to cool. 4. Add parmesan, and mix well. 5. To form the croquetas, spoon about 1 tablespoon of the rice mixture into the palm

4 cups vegetable stock 3/4 cup grated parmesan cheese 1 pound Manchego cheese, cut into small cubes (thumbnail-sized) 1 cup cornmeal Flat-leaf parsley of your hand. 6. Place 1 small cube of Manchego cheese into the center and reshape to make a ball with the cheese in the center. 7. Roll the croquetas in cornmeal and shake off any excess. 8. Sauté the croquetas in olive oil for 4 to 5 minutes, until they are crisp and golden. 9. Serve warm with chopped flat-leaf parsley.

A note from Jill Marcus: Olives and Seranno ham are a great accompaniment to this dish!

Visit us online at for a recipe for Roasted Garlic Soup Sippers. >

W o m a n

10/21/10 11:28 AM

Live Well

from the Inside Out

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N O V E M b e r

Tapas 1110.indd 35

2 0 1 0

35 10/20/10 10:26 AM

A F L AV O R C E L E B R AT I O N Sarah Malik, Associate Professor, The Hospitality College, Johnson & Wales University

Patatas Bravas* Spicy Sizzling Shrimp Almonds, Olives, & Cheese* Chickpeas and Spinach Flatbread with Smoked Salmon, Sour Cream, and Dill Flavored Popcorn Samosas and Pakoras, Served with Mint and Mango Chutneys Meatballs with a Chianti Classico Tuscan Meatballs



1 1/2 pound small potatoes 5 teaspoons olive oil 2 garlic cloves, sliced 3 dried red chilies 1/2 teaspoon each cumin powder and paprika 2 tablespoons red or white wine vinegar 1 red or green bell pepper, seeded and sliced Sea salt for sprinkling 1. Place clean potatoes in a pan of salted, boiling water. Boil for 10 minutes, or until tender; drain and slightly cool. Cut into 1-inch chunks. 2. Heat the oil in a large sauté pan, and fry the potatoes until golden. 3. Mix the garlic, chilies, and cumin in a blender, then add the paprika and vinegar. 4. Add garlic mixture to the potatoes, along with the green pepper, and cook for 2 minutes. 5. Sprinkle with sea salt and serve.

A note from Sarah Malik: I first tasted these in Madrid in a place that was full of workmen, tourists, older sophisticated ladies, all standing at the bar drinking beer or sangria and eating these delicious deep-fried potatoes.

36 Tapas 1110.indd 36

T o d a y ’ s

C h a r l o tt e

Salted Almonds 1/4 teaspoons cayenne pepper 2 tablespoons sea salt 2 tablespoons butter 4 tablespoons olive oil 8 ounces blanched almonds Sea salt for sprinkling 1. Combine the cayenne pepper and salt in a bowl. 2. Melt the butter with the oil in a frying pan. Add the almonds and fry them for 5 minutes or until golden. 3. Pour the almonds into the salt mixture and toss until coated. Leave to cool and store for 1 week.

Olives 1/2 teaspoon coriander seeds 1/2 teaspoon fennel seeds 2 garlic cloves, crushed 1 teaspoon chopped rosemary 1 teaspoon chopped parsley 1 teaspoon sherry vinegar 2 tablespoons olive oil 4 ounces black olives 4 ounces green olives

Marinated Cheese 6 ounces Manchego 6 tablespoons olive oil 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar 1 teaspoon black peppercorns 1 garlic clove, sliced Garnish: a selection of herbs (thyme, tarragon, flat-leaf parsley)

1. Crush the coriander and fennel seeds in a mortar and pestle or small blender. 2. Add the garlic, rosemary, parsley, vinegar, and olive oil. 3. Put the olives in a bowl and add the marinade and chill for up to 1 week.

1. Cut the cheese into bite-sized pieces and place in a bowl. 2. Combine oil, vinegar, peppercorns, garlic, and herbs. 3. Pour over the cheese and cover for 3 days.

A note from Sarah Malik: Pair this with Txacoli white wine from the Basque region in Spain. It is a light white wine with a slight spritz — a bit hard to find, so if you see it, buy it! Visit us online at for recipes for Spicy Sizzling Shrimp, Sangria, and Flavored Popcorn. >

W o m a n

10/21/10 11:29 AM

Caring Dentistry...

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New Patients Welcome

Drs. Peleaux & Bailey

A 24 Hour Cut/Color-A-Thon Raising awareness for those living and surviving with cancer All proceeds benefiting the

Belva Wallace Greenage Cancer Foundation

Begins: November 12th at 12 a.m. Ends: November 13th at 12 a.m.


Norma Jeane Salon Inside Sola Salon Studios (Across from SouthPark Mall)

6324 Fairview Rd., Suite 160-101 Charlotte, NC 28210

Dr. Philip DeHoff

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Remarkable People. Remarkable Medicine.

Cuts • Color • Blow Outs • Mini Up-Dos Refreshments & Live DJ A registered nurse will be on site to discuss early detection and answer any other questions you may have regarding cancer. For further information, please contact Belva Greenage at 704.521.6872 OR Nancy Tate at 704.936.7214

a Norm JeaneSalon

Nora Arronte, MD; Demetria Gordon, MD; Philip DeHoff, MD; Christopher Morris, MD; Lisa Wilson, MD

N O V E M b e r

Tapas 1110.indd 37

2 0 1 0

37 10/21/10 10:33 AM

A NOD TO TRADITION Mark Martin, Chef, International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Charlotte

Green Olives Filled with Piquillo Peppers and Anchovy* Cheese with Fresh Herbs Squid with Caramelized Onions Tomato Toast* Black Olive, Anchovy, and Caper Spread Serrano Ham Fritters Potato Omelet Bacalao (cod) Hash Sizzling Garlic Shrimp


4 slices rustic bread, sliced ½-inch thick 2 ripe tomatoes, cut in half 1/2 cup extra virgin Spanish olive oil Sea salt to taste Optional: Garum (a black olive, caper, and anchovy spread. Visit for this recipe.) 1. Toast or grill bread. 2. Rub the open face of the tomato into 1 side of each piece of toast until all the flesh is grated. Discard skin. 3. Drizzle olive oil over tomato and season with salt. 4. Serve with Garum, if desired, or a thin slice of Jamón Serrano (Spanish cured ham).


8 extra-large green olives, unpitted 4 anchovy fillets, oil-packed, cut in half lengthwise 2 Piquillo peppers, cut into 8 1/2-inch-wide strips 1 garlic clove, rough chopped 3 tablespoons extra-virgin Spanish olive oil 1 tablespoon grated orange zest 1 tablespoon sherry vinegar Sea salt to taste 1. Using the flat side of a chef knife, press each olive until the pit pops out; do not split the olive in half. 2. Place 1 slice anchovy and pepper inside of each olive. 3. Combine garlic, olive oil, orange zest, and sherry vinegar to make a dressing. 4. Marinate stuffed olives in dressing for 30 minutes. 5. Serve sprinkled with sea salt.


Visit us online for tapas menus, and a few recipes, from: Carol Haun A local mom, grandmother, and foodie who teaches cooking classes called Bella Cucina, geared toward busy moms Phillip Platoni Sous chef, Delectables By Holly

Visit us online at for a recipe for Cheese with Fresh Herbs. TCW

38 Tapas 1110.indd 38

T o d a y ’ s

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

10/21/10 11:31 AM


expression of you

we are passionate about hair and making you look your best. give us a try… you won’t be disappointed!

welcome lanie gielow to our team!

1515 south tryon street : suite 200 : 704-373-0048 Just minutes from uptown at the blue line bland street stop

After The Referral...


he relationship between you and your dentist is a special one. Your dentist may be the first to observe a change in your health. When a periodontal change is noted, your dentist may refer you to a periodontist. Left untreated, periodontitis may lead to tooth loss, heart disease, stroke, respiratory issues, and complications with diabetes and pregnancy. Dr. Kiya Green Dixie, of Matthews Peridontics, is board certified and the only practicing female periodontist in the Charlotte area.

Dr. Kiya Green Dixie Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology Before


Services: Annual Exams Pap Smears Gynecological Surgery Breast Disease Incontinence Infertility

Matthews Periodontics offers patients: • A soft touch in a caring atmosphere. • The only laser FDA approved to treat periodontitis, which means therapy without cutting, sutures, or pain. • Treatment of non-disease periodontal issues, such as frenectomies, gum grafting, correcting gummy smiles, and implant therapy. • Different levels of sedation, if necessary, including IV sedation, oral sedation, and laughing gas. • Periodontic care for pediatric and orthodontic patients.

Routine & High Risk Obstetrics

Presbyterian Medical Tower • 1718 E. 4th St. Suite 707 • Charlotte, NC 28204 p. 704.316.5270 • f. 704.316.5271


Accepting new patients.

Welcoming our newest physician: Nahid E. Marsden, MD

Affiliated with many insurance plans.

Stacey Wood, Jr., MD

Beverly Belle, MD

1320 Matthews Township Pkwy., Suite 101, Matthews, NC 28105

(704) 847-5657 •

Let our experienced physicians at Midtown help make your experience through life’s journey balanced and rewarding. We specialize in supporting you as you grow and change. Our practice is small by design, caring for our patients one at a time. Call us at 704.316.5270, press 2 and let us put our experience to work for you.

Heather N. Robertson White, MD James Hardy, MD

Gregory Parker, MD

N O V E M b e r

Tapas 1110.indd 39

2 0 1 0

39 10/21/10 2:02 PM


T o d a y ’ s

France 1110AO.indd 40

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

10/15/10 4:35 PM


t started with an invitation to swap my house in Dilworth with a couple’s home in France. Temporarily, of course.

As subscribers to an online service called

HomeLink International, we were experienced home exchangers. When Chantal and Yvon Benoistel’s e-mail arrived in May, I jumped at the chance to spend most of September in their house in La Frette-sur-Seine, a suburb of Paris. >

Eat, Pray … And Eat Some More f o o d

n o t e s

f r o m

f r a n c e

text and photos by emily hedrick

N O V E M b e r

France 1110.indd 41

2 0 1 0

41 10/21/10 11:35 AM

Food Fight

The writer, Emily Hedrick (below left), ventured out of her temporary home outside of Paris for a shopping excursion with a smile and little familiarity of the French language.



I took for granted I wouldn’t starve in La Frette. After all, France is not a Third World country, and while I don’t speak the language (to my regret), these are the people who invented éclairs. God knows, I love to eat, and even though I’m not much of a cook, I was confident I could scrounge up some sustenance once I arrived. Little did I know the initial challenges awaiting me. First of all, picturesque as the village is — nestled on the bank of the Seine, and only a 20-minute train ride from the center of Paris — La Frette has no amenities. The nearest grocer is in the next town upstream, Herblay, the drive to which would qualify for a carnival Dodge ’Em ride. French drivers are ruthless, especially if they smell fear. The Benoistels’ car, a tiny Daewoo with straight transmission, at first threatened to defeat me. But finally, after summoning some American pluck punctuated by many unladylike oaths, I got the feel of the road and made it to Herblay without mishap. The grocery store was a sad affair, offering only staples at inflated prices. At least there were some chocolate croissants in a plastic box. I grabbed them like a drowning woman seizing a life raft. For dinner that day, I figured I’d go to a restaurant. Ha! In a curious reverse-Blue Law way, on a Sunday in La Frette you can drink, but you cannot eat. I suppose to the French this policy makes perfect sense, but not to a starving American. The friendly bartender at one establishment, who spoke no English,

i took for granted i wouldn’t starve in la frette. after all, france is not a third world country, and while i don’t speak the language (to my regret), these are the people who invented éclairs.


T o d a y ’ s

France 1110AO.indd 42

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

10/15/10 4:38 PM

drew me a crude map to a place on the Paris highway that she assured me was serving food. In my light-headed state I could have sworn she was saying “Hippopotamus.” It’s a measure of my hunger that I actually struck out in the Dodge ‘Em car to look for a hippopotamus. I said a prayer to the epicurean gods as I embarked on this fool’s errand. Having no road numbers and no sense of where I was going other than “hippopotamus” and “hot meal,” 15 minutes later I arrived at a chain restaurant on the order of Outback Steakhouse called — I’m not kidding — Hippopotamus! And bless them, the menus came with color pictures, so all I had to do was point. Gotta hand it to the hippo: It serves up a mighty fine sirloin kabob.

It’s never too late to finish your education. Our adult studies programs offer a variety of convenient options for the busy adult.

To Market, To Market The next day, I took the train into Paris. There, in a sidewalk café, I had a delicious bowl of authentic French onion soup while congratulating myself on how grand life can be. Only later did I revise my assessment: Tasty as it had been, apparently this soup could be substituted as a colonoscopy prep. Thank goodness the French have finally discovered soft toilet tissue. By the end of my fourth day, I was getting peckish. I craved authentic French food and missed the variety to which I’m accustomed at home. Fortunately, I hit Herblay’s twice-aweek farmer’s market at just the right time. Voilà! Here was the typical French marketing experience I imagined. Held in a gazebo in the town square, the market draws local vendors dedicated to making the farm-to-fork journey as short as possible. Displays are grouped according to the type of foods being sold: Butchers sell only beef, pork producers sell only pork, fruit vendors sell only fruit, and so forth. At the dairy counter are dozens of varieties of cheeses, many locally made. Most of the food is labeled with its origins: At the fish counter were fresh fish from all over the Mediterranean; there were prawns from Madagascar. The condiment gentleman offered two dozen kinds of olives from Greece. After half an hour of strolling and drooling, I began assembling a picnic lunch: A >

Now accepting applications for the upcoming term! For more information, call 704.337.2314 or visit

Membership at The Mint Museum has its benefits!

Free unlimited admission to Mint Museum UPTOWN and Mint Museum RANDOLPH First Fridays event series Reciprocal benefits at over 100 Southeastern museums Special invitations 10% Museum Shop discount | 704.337.2034 Blanche Lazzell, American, 1878-1956, Bouquet of Flowers, 1914, oil on canvas. Museum purchase with funds provided by the Mint Museum Auxiliary. 2009.3 | The Mint Museum is funded, in part, with operating support by the Arts & Science Council.

N O V E M b e r

France 1110.indd 43

2 0 1 0

43 10/21/10 11:40 AM

bunch of black grapes from Italy, a wedge of creamy cheese from Alsace, a few slices of locally made salami from the pork man, and a baguette of coarse local bread and a pastry from the baker. Total: 4.41 euros (about $5.75). For supper, I bought a whole roasted chicken from the poultry counter (12 euros), a homemade potato au gratin casserole from the prepared-foods stand (3.60 euros), and a gigantic head of Boston lettuce from the green grocer (a shockingly low 90 euro-cents). And some more pastries, of course. Even though nobody in the market spoke English, it’s amazing how far a smile and some elementary sign language can go. Everyone was in a jolly mood, and I felt right at home. In this convivial atmosphere, it was a banquet for the senses.

Beautiful Bounty Citrus from South America, fresh seafood, and olives from Greece make up just part of the bounty Emily Hedrick discovered while attempting to feed herself in France.



held in a gazebo in the town square, the market draws

local vendors dedicated to making the farm-to-fork journey


T o d a y ’ s

France 1110.indd 44

as short as possible.

C h a r l o tt e

But my marketing delights were only just beginning. I finally found a real supermarket, Carrefour. Think Walmart on steroids — with liquor. A Super Walmart-sized building with the grocery and pharmacy components, but no toys or clothes or guns. With an ampedup bakery. Two aisles of nothing but yogurt. Brandname foods from 100 countries. (Israeli lemonade, anyone?) A special on jumbo shrimp for 2 euros per kg, which I could only guess is cheap, unlike any other commodity on the shelves. Gorgeous citrus fruits from South Africa. Carrefour on this Friday was as busy as Walmart on the Saturday before Christmas. I walked around in a stupor of indecision. It was all I could do to select some salad dressing, bouillon cubes, and a couple of pastries before reaching overload. In the checkout line I realized I had forgotten to bring my own plastic bag. Carrefour helpfully sold me one for 10 cents. Like all shoppers, I bagged my own purchases. Heavens, what we take for granted at our local Harris Teeter. Before I left France, I even ventured to turn on the stove in “my” house and make a pot of white bean, leek, and bacon soup. It tasted pretty good, if I do say so myself. Of course, any meal shines when you chase it with a couple of French pastries. TCW

W o m a n

10/21/10 11:42 AM

Charlotte Women’s P Av i l i O n , P l l c Health care for life Your Neighborhood Pharmacy “I never had a doctor who has made me feel so comfortable and confident, especially during both my pregnancies. I’m always welcomed and feel like part of the family when I’m in the office with the staff. I would recommend Charlotte Women’s Pavilion to any young woman.”

Flu Shots available Call for an appointment. Dr. Howard Gaines, Jr. has implemented a state-ofthe-art automated prescription dispensing process that allows him and his staff to spend more time answering questions about your medications.

~ Rachael Jasley, patient

comprehensive care For All Of Your Obstetric & Gynecologic needs Hablamos Espanol! now Accepting new Patients

Dr. Howard Gaines, Jr. PharmD., R.Ph, owner

Prescription Medicine Over-the-Counter Medicine Natural Supplements Diabetic Shoes & Supplies

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704.332.3308 u 704.332.3358 (Fax) u Open Mon-Fri 9-5

(Some restrictions apply)

1928 Randolph Road, Suite 206 u Across from the Orthopedic Hospital

6021-C The Plaza Charlotte, NC 28215 704.537.0191




CHF 10002_BJocksAd_CW.indd 1

10/15/10 12:42 PM N O V E M b e r

France 1110.indd 45

2 0 1 0

45 10/21/10 2:04 PM


T o d a y ’ s

Chef's Ingredients 1110.indd 46

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

10/19/10 12:43 PM

Area Chefs Re veal What One Ingredient The y Can’t Do Without

Love At First Bite By Debra Moffit t


hat is the one ingredient you cannot live without? It’s a question TCW posed to 24 chefs around The Queen City to help

inspire home cooks with simple ways to brighten up their holiday menus. From micro-herbs to sour cream to fleur de sel, the results were surprisingly varied according to the style of cuisine — traditional and modern American to Mexican, Italian, Thai, Indian, and Chinese. But one constant remained: Each chef’s “one-der” item adds a savory note to almost every dish. We share half of our chef responses here; visit to check out the other half. >


Chef's Ingredients 1110.indd 47

2 0 1 0

47 10/21/10 11:45 AM


“As basic as it sounds, the perfect tomato is what I look for,” says Phillip Carter, executive chef at Cantina 1511. He researches the United States and Mexico to source the best tomatoes year round, and usually chooses the Roma variety for its sweet flesh and low juice content, which is ideal for homemade salsas.

Sour Cream Tamara Thompson, owner and chef at Sadie’s Soulful Southern Experience, says sour cream is indispensable. “It makes everything taste good, from casseroles to cakes and desserts. It’s also good, of course, to use in whipping up a quick dip.”

Garlic Tony Gladden, of the Penguin Drive-In, says that fresh chopped garlic is his one preferred ingredient that enhances everything. He adds it to soups, stews, and marinades. It is also a choice item for Café Nirvana’s Indian dishes, according to manager John Chinnapan. They use fresh, crushed garlic in marinades, in the tandoori chicken tikka masala, as well as in chicken biryani and on the freshly baked naan bread.


Joshua Cline, chef at Café Monte, loves onions, especially a good Vidalia onion from Georgia. “They are the one ingredient I use more than anything, besides salt and pepper. Onions are a building block for sauces, stocks, side dishes, and entrées,” he says. Adam Long, executive chef at Big Daddy’s Burger Bar, says that for him, yellow onions top the list. He loves them in collard greens, and for building sauces such as béchamel sauce for fettuccine and gravies.

Chef's Ingredients 1110.indd 48

Butter “If I didn’t have butter in the kitchen, I might die,” says Aaron Rivera, executive chef at Nolen Kitchen. Rivera loves to use butter to add flavor to chicken by putting a mixture of it with fresh herbs and lemon under the skin before putting it in the oven to cook. Bruce Moffett, chef at Barrington’s Restaurant, likes unsalted European butter, particularly Cabot’s or Plugra brands. Moffett finds it indispensable for thickening and flavoring sauces, in mashed potatoes, and in baking cakes and making desserts. He’s using it currently in the creation of a new coffee cake.

10/21/10 11:46 AM

Lemons Fresh lemons make the cut for Stratos Lambos, chef and partner at the Greek restaurant Ilios Noche. He says he squeezes fresh lemons and uses the juice for dressings, in marinades, and for seasoning fish, meat, and poultry. He even candies the lemon to top off a dessert.

Sea Salt

Fresh Herbs

For an unexpected burst of flavor, Carpe Diem’s sous-chef, Buzz Frazier, goes for fresh, locally sourced herbs including parsley, sage, cilantro, and basil. He especially likes micro-herbs, which are germinated sprouts of herbs, from Tega Hills in Fort Mill, S.C. “They give a burst of flavor to salads,” he says.

Fleur de sel (literally, meaning the flower of salt) is French chef Mickael Blais’ preferred ingredient. Executive chef at both Cosmos Café Uptown and Ballantyne, he sprinkles it very lightly on foods once they’re prepared. This special sea salt, usually from Brittany in France, looks like tiny diamonds. Blais says he likes its pure quality and unique savor.

Olive Oil Portofino’s Mauro Scotto-Lavina is influenced by his Southern Italian roots and feels that extra virgin olive oil is the essential ingredient for his flavorful cooking.

Bacon Lisa Burris, of Savor Café and Catering, relies heavily on thick slices of Applewood hickory smoked bacon. “We use it in a lot of our dishes,” she says. “And it’s the one thing I can’t give up personally.” Ben Miles, chef de cuisine at BLT Steak, finds that bacon and bacon fat add flavor to side dishes like collard greens and Brussels sprouts. He braises bacon and uses it in salads. He has even concocted a bacon ice cream mixed with maple syrup, and uses bacon fat instead of butter for a tasty addition to popcorn. TCW

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Chef's Ingredients 1110.indd 49

2 0 1 0

49 10/19/10 12:44 PM

With This Ring Adding Holiday Sparkle To Your Table By Fiona Harmon • photos by sean stroehle


f you’re lucky enough to own that cute set of holiday china (you know the one: Christmas tree in the center of each dinner plate,

or dreidels dancing around the rim of each soup bowl), you’ll be pulling it out this season for its once-a-year appearance. But, if the holiday turkey or pot roast is going to be landing in the center of your everyday china, consider dressing up the table with napkin rings. Like jewelry for your table settings, napkin rings can be high-impact to complement plainJane plates, or simply beautiful to pair with snazzy serving pieces. Napkin rings are, of course, available in the home department of most stores. But you can always add a personal touch by making your own. These gorgeous confections were created by Lydia Stern, owner of beading store Beadlush, at 1217 The Plaza. TCW


T o d a y ’ s

Napkin Rings 1110.indd 50

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

10/21/10 11:53 AM

focus on a

new year

Be part of our January issue, as we feature:

Health, From Head to Toe Reach our readers with your: focus on overall wellness products for a healthier you tips for emotional well-being services for physical fitness

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• Kidney Stones • Urologic Cancers • Prostate • Bladder • Kidney • Testes

• Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) • Infertility • Impotence • Incontinence • Bladder Dysfunction

Huntersville – Exit 23 off I-77 The Park, 9735 Kincey Avenue, Suite 302, Huntersville, NC 28078 Mooresville – Exit 33 off I-77 137 Professional Park Dr., Suite D, Mooresville, NC 28117



Napkin Rings 1110.indd 51

2 0 1 0

51 10/20/10 5:50 PM



T o d a y ’ s

AtHome1110.indd 52

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

10/18/10 12:22 PM

C’mon, Let’s Dish Pots Pretty Enough To Go From Oven To Table By Michelle Young Hubacher


h, the casserole. A staple of Mom’s culinary repertoire. Whether you grew up on the classic tuna noodle dish, which took tables by storm

in the ‘70s, or feasted on turkey tetrazzini inspired by Campbell’s classic cream of mushroom soup, you appreciate the beauty of the one-dish meal. Scalloped potatoes, squash casserole, mac ‘n cheese, sausage and egg breakfast casserole — whatever the manifestation of your penchant for dinner done right, there is beautiful bake ware designed to cradle it from stove to tabletop. And you didn’t think we’d share these dishes without offering a clue as to what to put inside! Check out one of our favorite quick and easy casseroles, and visit us at for more. >


AtHome1110.indd 53

2 0 1 0

53 10/18/10 12:22 PM

AtHome Creating a separate entrance to a home office , if it’s possible, helps define how you Shepherd’s Pie With run yourCumin business in relation to the rest of your home. And Smashed Chickpeas

1 1/2 pounds all-purpose potatoes, peeled and quartered 1 can (15 1/2 ounces) garbanzo beans, drained and rinsed, divided 1/4 cup milk 2 tablespoons butter 1 1/2 teaspoons sea salt, divided Orange “Foil” Loaf Pan Crate&Barrel • $8.95

Mini Italian Ceramic Baker in Mustard Sur La Table • $14.95

1 pound ground lamb 1/2 pound lean ground beef 1 cup coarsely chopped onion 1 tablespoon roasted ground cumin 1 tablespoon ground coriander 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper 1/4 cup whiskey or apple cider 1 cup beef broth 1 tablespoon cornstarch 1 cup each frozen carrots and green beans, unthawed

Bluebell Baker with Handles Blue Rose Pottery • $169.50

Green Cucina Round Baker Crate&Barrel • $24.95

1. Place potatoes in a 2-quart saucepan, add water to cover, and bring to a boil. 2. Reduce heat to low, cover and simmer 10 minutes or until potatoes are tender. Drain and return to saucepan. 3. Add 1/2 of the chickpeas, milk, butter, and 1/2 teaspoon of the sea salt; coarsely mash until well blended. Set aside. 4. Brown lamb and beef in a large nonstick skillet on medium-high heat. Drain fat.

Peacock Fiesta Individual Oval Casserole Dillard’s • $16

Italian Ceramic Baker in Red Sur La Table • $24.95

5. Add onion, cumin, coriander, remaining 1 teaspoon sea salt and pepper; cook 3 to 4 minutes or until onions are tender, stirring occasionally. 6. Stir in whiskey or cider. 7. Stir broth into cornstarch until smooth. Add to skillet; stir constantly until well blended. 8. Stir in vegetables and remaining chickpeas.

photoS BY sean stroehle

9. Spoon into 2-quart baking dish. Spread potato mixture evenly over top. 10. Bake in preheated 400-degree oven 15 to 20 minutes or until mixture is bubbly and top is golden brown. If needed, place under preheated broiler to brown potato topping. TCW Le Creuset® Heritage Stoneware Rectangular Baker in Cassis • Sur La Table • $49.95

Apple Blossom Extra Small Oval Baker Blue Rose Pottery • $14.50


T o d a y ’ s

AtHome1110.indd 54

C h a r l o tt e

Source: Family Features.

W o m a n

10/21/10 11:52 AM



Celebrating 15 Years


Hosted by Joey Popp Live Call-In Sundays at 6pm Repeats Saturdays at 9am Current DeVeloPMents in non-surGiCal Care sPine ProBleMs nov. 7, 2010, nov. 13, 2010 Carolina neurosurgery & spine John Lesher, MD John Welshofer, MD Sameer Vemuri, MD neW telesCoPiC lens iMPlants for aGe relateD MaCular DeGeneration nov. 14, 2010, nov. 20, 2010 Charlotte eye ear nose and throat associates Michael Rotberg, MD Donald Stewart, MD

CosMetiC DentistrY nov. 21, 2010, nov. 27, 2010 the nash institute Ross W. Nash, MD Your Visual health: seParatinG faCt froM fiCtion* nov. 28, 2010, Dec. 4, 2010 Greenman eye associates Max Greenman, MD David Greenman, MD Herb Greenman, MD

* reBroaDCast

{ Dinnerware Set shown in Frosty & Friends }

Call 704-371-8895 With Your Questions

1683 Katy Ln, Fort Mill, SC | Exit 85 I-77 | Mon–Sat 10am–5pm | 866 831 8066

For more info or to view the Podcast go to Guest and topic suggestions send to: Media kits can be found at:

Inspiration For Every Season In Myers Park behind The Buttercup

342 Circle Avenue, Ste. 3, Charlotte, NC 28207

phone/fax: 704.332.8007

w w w. t h e g i f t e d b o x . c o m N O V E M B E R

AtHome1110.indd 55

2 0 1 0

55 10/19/10 1:31 PM

Fashion C o v e r

U p

I n

S t y l e

By fiona harmon


his season’s coats offer the perfect antidote to what are usually mild Carolina winters. From cozy

sweater jackets and gorgeous faux-fur vests to full-length wool coats and travelperfect anoraks, outerwear designers have got you covered. With proper care and storage, a fine coat can last season after season, so consider your purchase a beautiful and trendy investment. >

Gray Cashmere Coat Stella McCartney Nordstrom and • $2,295 56

T o d a y ’ s

Fashion1110.indd 56

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

10/15/10 5:01 PM

interchangeable snaps for every occasion

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MatthewS 704-841-8877 hUnterSville 704-892-2949 ballantyne 704-334-4824

Charlotte Queens Rd 704-372-5180 E Third St 704-370-2076

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Fashion1110.indd 57

2 0 1 0

57 10/19/10 1:33 PM


Above: Military Flared Wool Coat Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Saks Fifth Avenue • $990 Left: Lambs-Wool Belted Sweater Jacket Lauren Jeans Co. Belk • $279

Opposite: “Vanessa” Leopard-Print Faux Fur Vest over Faux Leather Jacket Marshalls Vest • $39.99 Jacket • $29.99 Classic “Alexa” Plaid Trench Coat TJMaxx • $49.99 > 58

T o d a y ’ s

Fashion1110.indd 58

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

10/15/10 5:02 PM

PLUS SIZE FASHION Has never looked this good…

Until Now. Scarlett Plus Size Boutique Sharon Corners Shopping Center Across from SouthPark Mall


Miriam Haskell


Mourning Jewelry

We proudly carry antique collectable jewelry

Come delight your senses! “Charlotte’s Premier Vintage Boutique”

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n o v e m b e r

Fashion1110.indd 59

2 0 1 0

59 10/21/10 10:40 AM


“Gatlinburg” Jacket in Faux Shearling Doncaster • $465

Charlotte Symphony 7.81”x3.068” Magic of Christmas Horiz Ad 10/19/10

Mag ic of


Fri Dec 3 8 pm | Sat Dec 4 2:30 & 8 pm | Sun Dec 5 2:30 pm The Charlotte Symphony | Albert-George Schram, conducting | Oratorio Singers of Charlotte Noel Freidline Trio | Charlotte Children’s Choir | Ivey Handbell Ringers

Don’t miss the most heart-warming performance of the season –the Magic of Christmas! Conductor Albert-George Schram returns to lead the Charlotte Symphony in this beloved holiday tradition. You can be sure your whole family will delight in holiday classics including last year’s audience participation favorite, “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

704.972.2000 60

T o d a y ’ s

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C h a r l o tt e W o m a n

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Dental Care

DeDiCateD to your health Restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of your smile using conservative, state-of-the-art procedures. Our promise is to provide you with exceptional care as we enhance the natural beauty of your smile.

Faux Fur Vest Layered with “Kimberly” Faux Leather Jacket TJMaxx Vest •$39.99 Jacket• $49.99

Dr. Gwyn Davis, Dr. Tiky Swain, Dr. Kimberly Anderson

Call today to see how we can completely transform your smile with LUMINEERS® and INVISALIGN™ 8420 University Executive Park Suite 805

704 594-9250

Gorgeous fashions designed to show off your belly in style.

Fashion For The Belly. Holiday Gifts for Baby too!

Our unique selection of newborn and shower gifts caters to friends and family.

Wool Fur-Trimmed Coat Jessica London • $99.99 >

maternity boutique Open 10am - 6pm Mon - Sat and 1 - 5pm Sun 951 Market Street , Fort Mill, South Carolina 29708 tel: 803.548.8700 |


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Military Double-Button Coat Mackage Nordstrom and • $625

monogramming jewelry gifts & more

Whole Body Health For You and Your Family Providing an alternative, safe and natural way to treat the most common issues women face today, including: Weight Loss Fibromyalgia PMS Irritable Bowel Syndrome Menopause/Hot Flashes Headaches Thyroid Disorders And More!

k new location k

at The Arboretum 8038-100 Providence Road Charlotte, NC 28277 • 704.335.8550

Health is a journey not a destination.

E L I Z A B S. C O M

Mention Ad for

$40 OFF Your First

NutRitiON ResPONse testiNg ANALYsis


T o d a y ’ s

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4312 Park Road • Charlotte, NC

C h a r l o tt e

Dr. Jeremy Hozjan

W o m a n

10/19/10 1:40 PM

‘Tis the season to be fashionable!

“Solange” Coat in Faux Shearling Doncaster • $575

blakeney : 9856-g rea road : charlotte : north carolina 28277 704 542 0472

Red Waist-Length Jacket TJMaxx • $29.99 TCW

Hair Nails Facials Waxing Spa Packages Massage Therapy Gift Cards available Wedding parties welcome SOUTHPARK 704/644-4500 • NORTHLAKE 704/598-3151

n o v e m b e r

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Pretty Enough To Eat Spicing Up Your Beauty Routine By Fiona Harmon • photo by anita O’hara

Honey & The Moon Bon Bon Shea Butter Lotion Tokyo Milk Anthropologie • $18

Orange Blossom Honey French Liquid Soap Trader Jacques Trader Joe’s • $3.99

Heavenly Gingerlily Moisture Bath & Shower Molton Brown Neiman Marcus • $28

Honey Please Natural Bath Fizzer One Target • $5.99

Mint Herbal Lip Balm Kuumba Made Earth Fare • $1.79


T o d a y ’ s

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C h a r l o tt e

Walnut Sugar Facial Scrub Zum Face Earth Fare • $6.59

W o m a n

10/21/10 11:54 AM

v C a r d e d

G e t

Reach Over 120,000 Women Who Want To Do Business With You

Gift Certificates Available! Permanent Facial Make-up by


704-846-8876 Brows, Eyeliner, Lips & More!

A cu puncture

Acupuncture Tuina Massage Li Jie McGimsey, L.Ac. (Licensed Acupuncturist)

Judy Fairchild

Captivating scents for every style


An LMS Frangrances Company

Doctor of Oriental Medicine of Beijing China

Charlotte • Davidson Specialist in Women’s Disorders


Marketing 100% Pure Perfume Business Opportunity Available Low entry cost No inventory No monthly minimum

McKeeta F. Allen

Acupuncture & Herbal Experts From China With 28 Years Clinical Experience Dr. Jeffery (JiFei) Wang (OMD; L.Ac. & CH) Dr. Mary (Qing) Ren (OMD; L.Ac. & CH)

• • • • • • •

Pain Management Infertility Menopause Fibromyalgia Stress/Depression Insomnia Sciatica/Arthritis

704-968-0351 • High Cholesterol • Stroke • Headache/Migraine • Acne/IBS • Over-Weight • Sports Injury • Whiplash from Auto Accident

Certified Fragrance Consultant 803-322-8696 Shop On-Line Now at My Perfume Shop:

bu s i n e s s Ne t w o r k i n g


E“Voted 2010 Charlotte’s Best Brows”

your features,

clearly defined. Eyebrows before


Eyeliner After



Six Hours of Consulting at No Fee PROMO CODE: 4FREE

Debbie Peterson 704.315.5623

11121 Carmel Commons Blvd., Suite 400 Charlotte, NC 28226 Securities and Investment Advisory services offered through ING Financial Partners, Member SIPC Money Counts is not a subsidiary of nor controlled by ING Financial Partners

hair Salon

a Shear Survival Norm n e o n l a a e J S

24 Hour Cut/Color-A-Thon Raising awareness for those living and surviving with cancer Begins: November 12th at 12am Ends: November 13th at 12am All proceeds benefiting the

6324 Fairview Rd. Ste 160-101 Charlotte, NC 28210 Find us on

Nancy Tate

Erin Scrudato



Belva Wallace Greenage Cancer Foundation Visit our Facebook page for details! Owner & TIGI Cut Educator

health & wellness

20 Years

Vitamins/Supplements Sports Fitness • Natural Foods

If you are a business or professional wanting to target new households, contact The Welcome Committee. We get there first and in person to deliver your advertising message. You’ll receive a prospect list, so tracking results is a snap. For sponsorship information, please call 704-660-1155.



Get Healthy Now! 942 West Hill Street Charlotte, NC 28208



Jill C. Eilenberger LCSW, LMFT Psychotherapist and Author

restaurants Maharani brings to you the authentic essence of Indian cuisine, blending the finest aromatic spices to create dishes that are traditional in flavor, all to be enjoyed in an atmosphere that is warm, inviting and elegantly adorned.

Beauty Spots Get your look to last months without daily reapplication!


Located inside:

Paris Tattoos

World - Renowned Tattoo Studio

Alexandra’s Permanent Makeup

704.910.1929 1820 South Blvd., Unit 102, Charlotte, NC 28203

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Owner & TIGI Technical Educator

(704) 542-1444


5107-B Piper Station Dr. Charlotte, NC 28277

strategies for the business of life

Specializing in

8206 Providence Rd. #1800 Charlotte, NC 28277

7810 Ballantyne Commons Pkwy. • Suite 300

Brow Threading & Waxing • Lash Extensions • Lash/Brow Tint • Full Body Waxing & Skin Care •


At The Arboretum

Charlotte, NC 28277 •

The Instant Makeover

financial services

Mon-Fri 11:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Treatment For Emotional Eaters


1515 Mockingbird Lane Charlotte, NC 28209

Lunch Buffet & Lunch Specials

Sat & Sun Noon - 3:00 pm Dinner Mon-Sun 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

901 S. Kings Dr., Suite 115, Charlotte NC 28204 • 704.370.2455

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Naturally Healthful Parkes Holistic Health Takes A Unique Approach To Wellness By Fiona Harmon­­


photo by



s the discussion around health care becomes more convoluted, taking a simpler approach to wellness seems like a breath of fresh air. For Dr. Kivette Parkes, a back-to-basics approach is top priority. Job one for her Charlotte practice is providing patients with the tools to integrate all the parts of their lives — home life, work stress, food choices, exercise, and family Dr. Kivet te relationships — into a plan approach Parkes takes a si m to wellnes s in her p pler, total-care that focuses on good health ractice. and living well. “I do not treat symptoms,” says Dr. Parkes, who earned her of sources. “I treat people, not diseases,” says Dr. degree in Naturopathic Medicine from the University of Bridge- Parkes. “But many of my patients port in Connecticut. “I look for come to me with conditions that the cause of a patient’s illness or can benefit from Naturopathic care. unrest, and I treat that. My fo- I will work in conjunction with a patient’s other physicians, includcus is truly holistic and based on ing their gynecologist, cardiologist, Naturopathic principles.” Naturopathic Medicine uses endocrinologist, or general practitioner, to come up with a plan to natural remedies to stimulate the body’s ability to heal and main- treat root causes of an illness.” Through diet and nutrition, tain itself and employs a holistic approach and minimal use of sur- vitamins, herbal supplements, gery and drugs. Because many of homeopathy, and exercise, Dr. her patients come to her when Parkes treats “the whole person.” they are already dealing with, Her initial visit with a new patient and sometimes suffering greatly is an in-depth consultation that addresses lifestyle and health from, a variety of health issues choices from childhood to pres— from diabetes to obesity to arthritis to cancer — Dr. Parkes ent day. General visits include will often fulfill the necessary lifestyle and nutrition counseling, role of the central physician, disease prevention, detoxification, tracking various treatments the weight management, and antipatient receives from a variety aging strategies. TCW

Holiday Open House Sunday November 14th 1-5 p.m. Serving Fabulous Refreshments!

20% OFF one item

Mention or present ad.

(One coupon per customer. Cannot be combined with any other coupon. Excludes Pandrora.)

Colony Place 7741 Colony Road Charlotte, NC 28226



T o d a y ’ s

Parkes Holistic MOA 1110.indd 66

C h a r l o tt e

The Mole Hole

ToLearnMore Visit or call 704/960-1828 for information.

W o m a n

10/21/10 3:45 PM

Beautiful Portraits! Beautiful Gifts! Over 40 Portraits

PLUS 9 Free

Holiday Greeting Cards (Vertical or Horizontal)

Choose From 50 Card Designs. Single, Dual or NEW Triple image. Large 4 x 8 cards with Envelopes

y Set and All New Holida






Includes a Free CD of your favorite pose. Name: Date:

The Harper Family Holiday 2010

Holiday Portrait Package Special Package Includes: Four – 3 x 5s

One – 10 x 13 Four – 5 x 7s

Two – 8 x 10s 32 Wallets

No Sitting Fees or Charges • Gift Certificates Available You're welcome to bring a change of clothes for you and your family.

Sessions Book Quickly. Hurry, Call for an Appointment Today! Gateway Plaza Shopping Center • Hickory • 828.324.4414 The Town of Ayrsley • Southwest Charlotte • 704.759.9933 The Promenade Shopping Center • Southeast Charlotte • 704.844.8633 NorthCross Shopping Center • Huntersville • 704.892.1190

Studio Hours: Open Everyday 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. • Appointments Highly Recommended. Walk-ins are welcome but may be limited based on availability. No subject fee or additional charges. Only one $9.95 Holiday Portrait Special of your favorite pose per family or group from October 26, 2010 - January 2, 2011. Offer not valid for business purposes, individual adult subjects or unaccompanied minors. Offer subject to change at any time. Promotional and seasonal backgrounds may vary by studio location. Some studios closed on Mondays.

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10/19/10 2:01 PM 10/1/10 11:25 AM

4521 Sharon Road, Charlotte NC 28211 • 704.532.9041 or 888.400.4447 (Located across from SouthPark Mall) Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00-7:00, Saturday 10:00-6:00 Diamonds Direct Birmingham | Mountain Brook, AL | 205-201-7400 • Diamonds Direct Crabtree | Raleigh, NC | 919-571-2881 DiamondsDirectBC1110.indd 68

10/19/10 1:12 PM

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