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september 2009 Complimentary

Planting Seeds Of Creativity Community School Of The Arts

Angels In Our Midst The Paintings Of Anne Neilson

Annual Arts Preview Get Thee To The Theater!

Falling For Fashion New Looks For Autumn

Art Of Gold The Queen City Sparkles With A New Season

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If dreams came in shapes… Crisscut ® Diamond *

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* The Patented 77 Facet Crisscut ® Natural Diamond exclusively by Christopher Designs

Fall is the season

for change.

Pack away those summer clothes and bring out a fresh new look for fall. It’s easier than ever to achieve the beautifully natural results you want, thanks to Dr. Sean Freeman. With over 20 years experience and double board certification specializing in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Freeman is the most seasoned facial plastic surgeon you’ll find. Whether you choose a quick touch-up or want longer lasting results with less than a week’s recovery time, you’ll be ready to face every season looking your best. Before


Actual Unretouched Photos of Dr. Freeman’s Patient

M. Sean Freeman, M.D.

Specializing in Facial Plastic Surgery Since 1988 Double-Board Certified, Fellowship Trained

704.543.1110 TOC0909.indd 3

8/19/09 1:32 PM

Recreating Homes. Redefining Lives.

Before Photo

Outdoor Addition

• Kitchen & Bath Renovations

Residential Design/Build Specialists

• Room Additions • Outdoor Kitchens & Living Spaces

A Turn-Key Approach To Designing And Remodeling Your Home.

• Attic & Bonus Room Finishing • Sunrooms • Basement Finishing & Renovation • Media Rooms

Phone Us At: 704.307.4606 Email

• Custom Contracting • A Licensed General Contractor

Porch of Above Project





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Contents September 2009

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67 Departments ­­ 12 From The Publisher Arts Alive

14 Girl Time

Tips, Trends, And Fancies

Style Plus A Whole Lot More

26 Money Talks

76 Health Flash

58 Fashion

82 Tomorrow’s Charlotte Woman

Charlotte Women Making Strides

A Tweet Way To Look At Customer Service

Fall Fashion Fabulous

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60 Fashion Extra

24 On The Move

Happenings You Don’t Want To Miss

T o d a y ’ s

67 Beauty Primping Products That Do Double Duty 70 At Home

20 Queen City Jewels



C h a r l o tt e

Living In Artful Style

What You Need To Know To Stay Well Charlotte’s Future Fabulous Females

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Charlotte Woman Today’s


Volume XIII, Number 5 September 2009 PUBLISHER


Fern Howerin Editor

Michelle Young Hubacher Assistant Editor

Karsen Price ART DIRECTor


Carrie Boyd


Sales Director

Kristen Dibble Sales Executive

Barbara Herd Business Manager

Nikki Wilson WEb Designer

Cliff McNamara Contributing Editor



Jennifer Bradford-Epstein Fiona Harmon Karsen Price Lee Rhodes Sharon Roberts Ginger Sprinkle Carolyn Steeves CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS

Augusto Photography James Brown Laura J. Meier Scott Stiles Susan Whitfield 5200 Park Road, Suite 111 Charlotte, NC 28209 704/521-6872


Today’s Charlotte Woman is published by Today’s Woman Inc., and is distributed on a complimentary basis throughout the greater Charlotte area.


Subscription rate is $20 per year for 11 issues plus the TCW Resource Guide.

28 Angelic Art

Anne Neilson Paints A Powerful Presence

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32 Crafting A Future

Community School Of The Arts Cultivates Young Artists


39 Beautiful Dreamers

Andrea stevenson, executive director of the community school of the arts.

Eight Area Women Who Live To Create

48 State Of The Art

It’s Show Time In The Queen City 8

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T o d a y ’ s

C h a r l o tt e

photo by laura j. meier.

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8/19/09 5:53 PM

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8/16/09 2:44 PM Talking It Up


Coffee & Conversation Meet Us At The Southern Women’s Show Start your day at the Southern Women’s Show with us! Grab a bite to eat, and meet a few of Charlotte’s leading ladies, including our emcee, WBTV’s Tonia Bendickson, and speakers Ramona Holloway, from 107.9 The Link’s Matt & Ramona Show, and Charla Muller, author of 365 Nights: A Memoir Of Intimacy. Our first-ever networking breakfast is Sept. 18, from 8 to 10 a.m. at The Park, formerly the Charlotte Merchandise Mart. Be sure to get your tickets early; only a limited number will be available at the door. Call 704/521-6872, or visit to order tickets, which are $10 in advance, and $12 at the door (and include admission to the Show).

Living Well

Insider Style


16 Ways To Say Sayonara To Summer

Fall Into

Sync Your Communication Style With Others

Summer … it’s officially over this month. With that in mind, here are a few ways to kiss those dog days goodbye. From finishing up your summer reading list to enjoying a soft, red wine on the deck, there are plenty of little ways to wring the last few droplets of summer out of the year.

The Gist

We cannot “not” communicate; even our nonverbal behavior speaks volumes. Imagine how fruitful our lives — and our businesses — would be if we could learn to cue into others’ communication styles. Visit us at, and find out if you are a controller, collaborator, analyzer, or a socializer … plus, how to talk to others in ways that work. 10 TOC0909.indd 10

T oday ’ s

C h a r l ott e

Fashion Vintage boots, boldly polished lips, dark-wash jeans, and anything plaid … all are hot this autumn. Take a look at our editor’s picks of season must-haves, and crack open that wallet for a little seasonal spending.

Insider Art

Beautiful Dreamers Don’t miss this issue’s article on local women of the arts. And, to check out samples of their work, visit

W oma n

8/20/09 9:46 AM

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Arts Alive


eptember is an exciting time in The Queen City, as we eagerly look forward to a brand-new season of festivals, fairs, fashion, and fine arts. This month, TCW is doing its part to celebrate and highlight the people and associations that make ours such a vibrant and flourishing arts community. We also want to inspire you to continue your patronage of the many outstanding arts organizations that depend on your generosity to help them feed your creative spirit. Even as the economic horizon appears to be brightening, the arts community in the Charlotte area continues to face budget constraints that have resulted in personnel cuts, delayed season kickoffs, and decreased funding for marketing efforts that drive attendance. Dispelling the perception that spending for the arts is a discretionary item will certainly give a boost to these fine organizations that so deeply deserve our support. Let’s start with the Community School of the Arts. This 40-year-old, not-for-profit educational institution was considered by many to be a well-kept secret until this past July, when the TODAY show’s Al Roker arrived in Charlotte to present the School with instruments, supplies, and lots of publicity. That generous gesture will undoubtedly go a long way toward helping the School continue to fulfill its mission to provide arts education to our young people, creating a legacy that will benefit future generations for years to come. Then, we celebrate eight area women who add their own distinctive touches across the arts spectrum — from composer to conduc-


T o d a y ’ s

PubLetter0909.indd 12

C h a r l o tt e

tor; folk artist to clothing designer; painter to potter; singer to writer. They all clearly love what they do, have found different ways to nurture their creativity, and understand the value of an audience that recognizes and appreciates their efforts. Of course, no discussion of the arts would be complete without a side trip into the world of fashion. In this issue we reflect on new fall trends to keep you in step with the plaids, jeans, and animal-print handbags that are headed your way. We also treat our readers to a feature about plus-size styles, straight from area experts who have, as a key component of their retail strategy, embraced plus-size fashion … with the emphasis on fashion! Pay special attention to our annual Arts Roundup, where we inform you as to what’s ahead in the upcoming season of shows, concerts, and exhibits that are sure to take your mind, heart, and soul to a place of joy and delight. All the information you need to schedule your outing, purchase your tickets, and get on with the fun is right here. This is a wonderful time to immerse yourself in the arts scene and to breathe in the sights and sounds that can inspire you to break out your own creativity. And while you are tapping into your right brain, remember that our arts community needs your support … probably now more than ever before. Marking my calendar and purchasing tickets,

W o m a n

8/17/09 6:38 PM

Dr. Ross Nash is pleased to announce the

Grand Opening of

Cosmetic Dentistry Julie Abernathy

Mrs. North Carolina America 2009 Winner “Best Smile”

of the


Smile created by Dr. Ross W. Nash Photo by Deborah Triplett

Ross W. Nash, DDS Garry S. Tous, DDS Experience • Expertise • Esthetics

General and Cosmetic Dental Care 403 Gilead Road • Suite E Huntersville NC 28078 Appointments: (704) 895-7660

www.Cosmetic Dentistry of the

Dr. Nash is also proud to announce that American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Accreditation Candidate Garry S. Tous, DDS, will be joining Cosmetic Dentistry of the Carolinas – providing the finest in cosmetic and full general dental care.

Of the nearly 8000 American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry members worldwide, there are only 45 who have achieved the exclusive level of Accredited Fellow. In all of North and South Carolina, only one dentist has earned this elite status by illustrating the required level of excellence in the area of cosmetic dentistry: Accredited Fellow Ross W. Nash, DDS. S e p t e m b e r

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13 8/17/09 6:38 PM

GirlTime t i p s ,

t r e n d s ,

a n d

f a n c i e s


A Hot Mess De-Gunking Your Beauty Tools


f your flat iron or curling iron is working overtime, it may be ready for a scrub. And, although we all know we can’t toss our styling tools into a bubble bath (you do know that, don’t you?), there are safe and effective ways to keep them clean and help them work more efficiently, therefore achieving a longer life.

Cleaning Instructions 1. Unplug the device you want to clean. 2. Prepare a small dish of warm, soapy water. A drop or two of dish detergent is sufficient. 3. Dip the edge of a cotton ball in the soapy water and rub the contact surfaces of the tool (while they are still warm) in a circular motion to distribute the liquid evenly. 4. Wait a few minutes while the solution loosens and dislodges stubborn build-up. 5. Using a wooden cuticle stick, gently remove particles that have been packed into grooves and crevices. Do not force or jam the stick into any openings; it may cause damage to the tool.  6. Moisten a clean cotton ball with a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol and wipe any soapy film from the surface. Finish off by swiping dry with a soft cotton cloth. Source: ProSilk. Visit online at


T o d a y ’ s

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C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

8/16/09 2:18 PM

Journey Of The Heart The Complexities Of Grief And Healing



is the Ultimate Accessory!


here may be no greater testament to the power of empathy and sisterhood than that shared by women who are mourning the passing of a child. Motherland, a recently released film documentary by director Jennifer Steinman, is a powerful illustration of the healing power of understanding and the incredible strength of women all over the world. Each year, more than eight million families around the globe suffer the loss of a child. In Steinman’s feature, a 17-day trip to South Africa transforms the lives of six grieving women from the United States. Eight thousand miles from home, each finds comfort and healing in a landscape that appears, at first, to offer little more

than melancholy. The film is not about loss, but about finding your place in the world and making a difference. Recognizing the strength within yourself and within the women who journey beside you — whether or not those women are walking in your shoes; in your neighborhood or on a continent you have seen only in an atlas. Motherland won this year’s Emerging Visions Audience Award at the South by Southwest Film Festival, as well as the Jury Prize for Best Feature at the 2009 Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival. It was also named Best Documentary at the 2009 California Independent Film Festival. Visit for information. >

Signature Smile by Dr. Patrick Broome Photo by Carter Studios

RobeRt A. Lowe, DDS, FAGD PAtRick J. bRoome, DmD, mbA cosmetic & General Dentistry


6849 Fairview Road • Suite 200 Charlotte, NC 28210 Drs. Lowe and Broome are members in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

A proud supporter of The Make-A-Wish Foundation. S e p t e m b e r

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2 0 0 9

15 8/19/09 6:27 PM


Pencils Ready Take Your Pretty Pick


sense a back-to-school shopping showdown coming in what is sure to be one of Kmart’s busiest aisles this month. When you take a look at the Kendall Kollection, a line of trendy school and office supplies, you just might end up going toe to toe with your grade-schooler over who gets to keep the gorgeous flowered journal and who will lay claim to the pretty petaled pens. Jacqueline Savage McFee, the creator of colorful, high-end school supplies, crafted the Kendall Kollection in honor of her cousin, Kendall Sierens, who was diagnosed with leukemia when she was just 2 years old. Kendall, now 5 ½, is in remission, and her namesake line has since been raising funds and awareness for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society®. Charlotte’s own Carolina Pad, which licenses McFee’s designs and contributed to LLS in 2008, has helped arrange for the new Kendall Kollection to be

featured in Kmart and other major retailers, including Wal-Mart, Office Max, and Staples. Check out the Kendall Kollection at To learn more about Carolina

Concerned About Your Hormonal Health?

Just Living?

Pad’s Commerce with a Conscience program, visit And, for information about The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, visit

Live Better!

Bio-Identical Hormones Testosterone Replacement For Men and Women


Stanley Apothecary Compounding Pharmacy

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ptimal Health for O Center By Design

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T o d a y ’ s

GirlTime909.indd 16

C h a r l o tt e

15105 John J Delaney Drive Charlotte, NC 28277

Deborah Matthew MD

Charlotte’s Only Board Certified Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine Specialist

Lora Solomon MSN FNP Ramsey Mead MFS HHP RYT Margaret Robinson

Anti-Aging Medicine • Weight loss • Fitness • Nutrition • Stress Management

W o m a n

8/16/09 2:18 PM


is back. Do embarrassing varicose and spider veins keep you away from others? You can now eliminate painful, disfiguring leg veins without surgery. Featured exclusively at our Leg Vein Clinic is the Cool Touch™ CTEV Endovenous Laser. It is performed right in the office by Dr. Munavalli, who has received training at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Emory University, and the University of California-San Francisco. This remarkable new technology will have you back on your feet the same day. • Rapid relief of symptoms • Virtually pain-free • No scars

• No general anesthesia • Safe in-office procedure

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The Lady Is A Saint The Mint’s Musical Acquisition instrument chosen to echo her graceful figure and emphasize her slender fingers — as she is gazed upon by adoring cherubs. Copley likely created this work in response to earlier versions of women posed as St. Cecilia by his rival, Sir Joshua Reynolds. The work (at 92 by 58 inches) is one of the largest paintings in the Museum’s American art collection. Currently on display at The Mint Museum of Art on Randolph Road, it will be reinstalled as part of the Museum’s holdings of Colonial and Federal portraiture in the new Mint Museum Uptown, scheduled to open in October 2010. Visit for information , or call 704/337-2000. >

Formerly The Goslen Center

Girish S. Munavalli, MD, MHS I J. Blake Goslen, MD © 2009 PCG Inc.


he Mint Museum of Art has acquired an early 19th-century portrait by John Singleton Copley, one of the greatest and most influential painters in Colonial America. St. Cecilia, a Portrait (Mrs. Richard Crowninshield Derby) (1803) is the first painting by Copley to be included in The Mint’s collection. St. Cecilia, a Portrait portrays Martha Crowninshield Derby, an American expatriate living in London, as St. Cecilia, the patron saint of music. Surrounded by luxurious furnishings and wearing a fashionable empire-waist dress, the beatific Mrs. Derby demonstrates her musical talents by playing a harp — an

704.375.6766 I 800.626.6257 I 1918 Randolph Road I Suite 550 I Charlotte, NC 28207 Participating provider with most insurance plans

S e p t e m b e r

GirlTime909.indd 17

2 0 0 9

17 8/19/09 6:27 PM


Cubicle Conundrum Seeking Peace In Your Office Space


f you find yourself constantly trying to fend off Chatty Cathy from the accounting department, help is on the way. The Cubicle Message Barrier, available from CubeGuard, looks a little like friendly crimescene tape and is available to assist you in your valiant effort to remain productive and uninterrupted in accomplishing important tasks at work — and even unimportant ones, like ordering Carowinds tickets online. According to U.S. Census Bureau data, there are an estimated 50 million cubicle workers in U.S. businesses today (and an estimated 3.5 million Cathys, based on my own calculations). These workers all share a common problem: interruptions from hovering colleagues or other visitors that lead to wasted time and reduced produc-

tivity for the cubicle captive. Creators of the Message Barrier claim that, “Until now, there has been no effective way to prevent interruptions.” Well, that’s not exactly true. A simple and direct, “Get out” seems to work, but might not win you the Co-Worker of the Month award. The

Barrier is a retractable message banner that attaches to your cubicle entryway with Velcro or magnets and shares a message like “Do Not Disturb,” or “Go Away.” You can also make a custom message. If you need help coming up with a few, I have some ideas …. For information, visit

Open HOuse September 18, 2009 Begins at 9:00 am RSVP 704.365.5490, ext. 709 Dore Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, marital status, disability, religion, or creed or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational programs, admissions, and financial aid policies, or its employment practices.

18 GirlTime909.indd 18

T o d a y ’ s

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

8/19/09 7:00 PM

This Is Your Time actions do. Greatness is really about doing the ordinary, everyday things consistently well.” Ordinary Greatness offers up a set of practical “how to” tools readers can implement right away, as well as thought-provoking, real-world stories that illustrate the authors’ insights. For leaders, the book provides tips on how to remove the blinders that prevent them from identifying, leveraging, and cultivating the greatness that is occurring all around them. TCW


Outstanding VALUE

Compare our PRICES Up-to-the minute EQUIPMENT The DOCTOR is always in PAINLESS as possible

Got Great?


f you’ve ever longed for greatness, it’s not too late. Pam Bilbrey and Brian Jones, co-authors of Ordinary Greatness: It’s Where You Least Expect It ... Everywhere, share secrets for propelling yourself out of a life of mediocrity — and their ideas may surprise you.   “Most people think that there is some silver bullet to being great,” Bilbrey says. “And, while it’s true that certain circumstances may give you a leg up in life, they don’t determine greatness. Your own


Just to get you going, Oh Great One: • If you make a promise, keep it. • Do sweat the small stuff. (Or at least pay attention to it.) • Plan for the worst. • Align yourself with the other “greats” in your life.

Seizing Potential For Greatness

Call today for a FREE consultation


Corner of Sharon and Colony Roads near Borders Books

• Surround yourself with people who don’t think like you. • Be known for your integrity.

• Know when to ask for help. S e p t e m b e r

GirlTime909.indd 19

2 0 0 9

19 8/19/09 6:27 PM

Q u e e n H a p p e n i n g s

v C i t y Y o u

D o n ’ t

J e w e l s W a n t

T o

M i s s

Pottery Lovers, Take Note Annual Potters Market Returns


raft enthusiasts will have the opportunity to meet and purchase works by some of North Carolina’s top potters at the fifth Annual Potters Market Invitational. Widely regarded as one of the most popular pottery sales in the region, the event will take place Sat., Sept. 12, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., on the lawn of The Mint Museum of Art. Tickets are $10 for adults ($8 after 2 p.m.); $5 for children 5 to 17. Ticket sales begin on the day of the event, at 9:30 a.m. The entry fee includes admission to The Mint Museum of Art and free parking. Proceeds support the Museum’s decorative arts collection.

The Potters Market features 40 potters representing the state’s most important pottery-producing areas: Seagrove, Piedmont, Catawba Valley, and the mountains, including Penland and Asheville. Potters are selected on a rotating basis so that the opportunity to participate can be open to as many artists as possible. The event is presented by the Delhom Service League, an affiliate group of The Mint Museum.

WantToGo? For information, visit, or call Barbara Perry, Potters Market Chair, at 704/366-0665.

A Little More Conversation Southern Women’s Show Breakfast With Today’s Charlotte Woman

Play It Again, Sam International House Offers Exotic Evening


njoy a night in the Kingdom of Morocco Sat., Oct. 3, at International House, which is planning an evening of Moroccan cuisine, entertainment, and live and silent auctions at its benefit gala, “A Night in Casablanca.” For the past 20 years, the gala has raised nearly one million dollars in support of International House, a nonprofit organization serving the special needs of the city’s rapidly

20 QCJ0909.indd 20

T o d a y ’ s

C h a r l o tt e

growing multilingual, multicultural population. The event, which kicks off at 6:30 p.m. and ends at midnight, will be held at the Hilton Charlotte Center City, 222 E. Third St. Tickets are $150 a person. >

WantToGo? For advance reservations or information, visit, or call 704/333-8099.

Attend the Southern Women’s Show, and, this year, meet TCW for breakfast first! The Show takes place Thu,. Sept. 17 through Sun., Sept. 20, at The Park (formerly the Charlotte Merchandise Mart), and TCW hosts “Coffee & Conversation,” Fri., Sept. 18, 8 to 10 a.m. Tickets for the breakfast, which include admission to the Show, are $10 in advance and $12 at the door. “Coffee & Conversation” will be emceed by WBTV’s Tonia Bendickson, and features Ramona Holloway, from 107.9 The Link’s Matt & Ramona Show, and local author Charla Muller.

WantToGo? To purchase tickets for the breakfast, visit, or call 704/521-6872.


W o m a n

8/19/09 6:29 PM


C O N F I D E N C E G O E S f a r b e y o n d S K I N D E E P.

At Charlotte Plastic Surgery, we understand that any transformation we help you achieve on the outside will also be reflected in how you feel on the inside. That’s why we begin with a complimentary consultation to determine if plastic surgery is right for you. When you’re ready, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that all the benefits of our surgical excellence and over five decades of experience will be there to serve you. UPTOWN 704 372 6846

BALLANTYNE 704 688 7501

You. Renewed. MEMBERS OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR AESTHETIC PLASTIC SURGERY The Mark of Distinction In Cosmetic Plastic Surgery®


CPS-13502-09 1 QCJ0909.indd Branding_TodaysChWmn.indd 21

7/28/09 1:52 1:15PM PM 8/19/09


A World Of Perspective Riveting True Tale Comes To Life diari’s story — timely, suspenseful and artfully told — will fascinate experts and general readers alike.” The World Affairs Council was founded in 1983 as an outreach program of UNC Charlotte’s Office of International Programs.

WantToGo? For information, visit, or call 704/687-7759.

Build It, For A Cure

artist rendering courtesy of V. Payne


he World Affairs Council of Charlotte’s Speaker Series Program hosts Dr. Haleh Esfandiari, author of My Prison, My Home: One Woman’s Story Of Captivity In Iran, on Sept. 24, at noon, at The Westin Charlotte, 601 S. College St. Esfandiari’s book reveals a harrowing personal account of the Iranian-American scholar’s incarceration, instigated by the Ahmadinejad regime, in one of the world’s most notorious prisons. Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright has said, “My Prison, My Home is an intimate tale of bravery in the face of ignorance set against the larger tragedy of United States–Iran relations. Dr. Esfan-

Show Home To Benefit Susan G. Komen Fund


usan G. Komen’s Build for the Cure Show House is coming to a neighborhood near you! For Your Home, the country’s No. 2 most-aired house and garden show on PBS, is joining forces with the award-winning team of E.S. Johnson Builders to create the Build for the Cure Show House in the Springfield community in Fort Mill, S.C. Proceeds will benefit the Susan G. Komen Fund, the largest grassroots initiative committed to finding a cure for breast cancer. The kick-off event will be held Fri., Oct. 16, and tickets are available online at, Lowe’s Food Stores or BlackLion. Proceeds from the kick-off will benefit the Charlotte Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®.

22 QCJ0909.indd 22

T o d a y ’ s

C h a r l o tt e

Beginning Oct. 17, the custom-built, 5,700-square-foot house will open to the public on three consecutive weekends for home and garden tours, which will include appetizers and drinks. Tour hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Friday through Sunday. “The team at E.S. Johnson Builders is excited to again be involved with the Susan G. Komen organization and For Your Home,” says company founder and owner Eric Johnson. “I have family members and friends who have been affected by breast cancer, so this project is very close to my heart.” TCW

WantToGo? For information, visit or esjohnson. com/communities.cfm.

Runway Delights Charlotte Fashion Week Returns A focus on fashion takes center stage Sept. 10-12, for the second annual Charlotte North Carolina Fashion Week, held this year at The Mint Museum of Art. CNCFW is the only professionally produced multiday event in The Queen City at which designers can show their collections on a modest budget. This year, organizers are excited to partner with The Mint Museum, which lends its rich history and character to the event. Area designers hitting the runway include Luis Carlos Machiçao, of Machiçao Couture, and Kimberly Pixton, of Pixton Bridal Couture, who will be joined by Atlanta-based Shanikki Peterson, of Lujeanik Designs, and several European designers, including Amela Radan and Slavica Aleksijev.

WantToGo? For information, visit charlottencfashionweek. com, call 888/644-9230, or e-mail

W o m a n

8/20/09 12:10 PM

QCJ0909.indd 23

8/19/09 6:31 PM

O n W o m e n

m a k i n g

v T h e M o v e

s t r i d e s

b u s i n e s s

s u c c e s s

Job Changes/Promotions

New Business/Changes

Opera Carolina, the leading professional opera company in the region, has appointed Vanessa Thorne, CPA, to chief financial officer. Thorne most recently was a senior assurance and advisory services associate with Grant Thornton LLP.

Mary Anna Neal Bradley and Leila Davis, former Charlotte-Mecklenburg School educators, have opened the Internet-based business InSight Creations, creators of customized acrostic keepsakes.

Tessa Harmon has joined Knowmad Technologies as Web developer.

Huntersville Vintage, a vintage boutique that combines gently recycled designer clothes with runway fashions, has opened at 501 S. Old Statesville Road, Suite A.

Awards And Installations David R. Taylor was named president and CEO of the Afro-American Cultural Center; he takes over for interim president and CEO Carolyn A. Mints. LaTonya Mason, owner of LifeSkills Counseling & Consulting Group, has hired Lavonne Aziague, Madria Spivey, and Connie Elliot. Anne Boyd Moore was named president and CEO of Ty Boyd Executive Learning Systems, which teaches communication and relationshipbuilding skills to Fortune 1000 executives. Total Nutrition Technology has hired Jodi Peckich, CFT, as health educator for its University City office. Premier Resources and Premier Healthcare Resources has hired Tammy Winchester Savage as operations manager.

Presbyterian Breast Center has been designated a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiation. Mimi Zelman, of Women With Know How, was named president of Metropolitan Business & Professional Women. Robyn Crigger, CEO of Compass Career Management Solutions-OI Partners Inc., was elected vice president of issues management. Breonna Paulsen, North Carolina tax manager for Abalos & Associates, PLLC, has been selected for the North Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants Young CPA Cabinet. The Charlotte Symphony Board of Directors has announced its 2009-2010 officers: Patricia A. Rodgers, chairperson; Gov. James G. Martin, chairperson-elect; Jonathan Witter, vice chairperson-finance; Margaret M. Dreher, vice chairperson-development.

s t o r i e s

North Carolina Dance Theatre and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools announce the 2009 Salute to Educators Awards: Dance Educator of the Year, Cherise Hill, Wilson Middle School; and Dance Champions of the Year: the late James Aiken, Villa Heights Elementary School principal from 1990 to 2009, and Carol Owen, executive director of the East Learning Community. Dana Rader, LPGA master professional and founder of the nationally acclaimed Dana Rader Golf School, was named to Golf Digest’s ranking of America’s 50 Greatest Teachers for 2009-10. Debbie Jackson, a Mooresville-Lake Norman Rotarian, received the Distinguished Rotarian of the Year Award at the Rotary District 7680 annual conference in Myrtle Beach, S.C. The National Association of Women Business Owners Charlotte Chapter has announced its 2009-2010 board of directors: Colleen Brannan, president; Hilary Coman, immediate past president; Misti Fragen, secretary; Kim Marks, treasurer; Jamie Lee Carmichael, director of special events; Toby Hamilton, director of electronic communications; Gina Herald, director of education; Janette Jones, director of chapter expansion; Karen Ponischil, director of member services; Sara Garces Roselli, director of public policy; Ellen Linares, director of community services; Marguerite Rupar, president elect.

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C u s t o me r

Tweet, Tweet

Se r v ice

I n

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choose to bank. “Most customer service conversations are one-to-one,” Knapp continues. “Twitter expands the interaction to oneto-many. So, customers and their ‘followers’ (the Twitter term for friends) see that this is a legitimate way to connect with Bank of America.” In the early phases of Bank of America’s foray into the world of Twitter, Knapp primarily used Twitter’s search function to seek out users who posted Tweets that mentioned the Bank. Now, users seek him out, either as followers or because they follow someone who has had a problem that he resolved. While customers typically use Twitter to vent about problems they have attempted to resolve via traditional customer service methods, some people are now seeking help via Twitter first. Knapp’s process also focuses on pro-

tecting account information. He always asks customers to contact him via direct messages or in “Twitterese” direct messaging to discuss specifics. It’s important to remember that Twitter is a public space, and although conversations are more private when interacting via direct message, customers are encouraged to reveal account numbers and other sensitive information only after taking the conversation offline. The response to BofA_help has been impressive, with more than 2,000 people now following Knapp directly. Positive posts from users have reached more than 143,000 followers. The Bank’s presence on Twitter has been highlighted in several publications, including Bank Technology News, which rated Bank of America as “the best bank on Twitter.” For information, visit BofA_help.

Bank of America, N.A. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender © 2009 Bank of America Corporation. All rights reserved.


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Painting By Karsen Price • Photos by susan whitfield

A Presence

A n n e

N e i l s o n ’ s

S p i r i t


S o a r s

T h r o u g h

impressionistic rendition of angels that prac-

artist for years — first as a pottery

tically sprang from the canvas. She sent an

maker, then as an oil painter —

image of the work to her sister, asking, “What

when one day she tried a new

oil colors and a palette knife, she created an T o d a y ’ s

Anne Neilson 0909.indd 28

C h a r l o tt e

A r t

nne Herring Neilson had been an

subject matter on for size. Using sumptuous


H e r

do you think about this?” “Anne,” her sister said, “I think you’ve found your voice.”

W o m a n

8/16/09 2:27 PM

Once she moved to Charlotte, Neilson enjoyed moderate success creating a line of dinnerware pottery. She married in 1993, had three children in quick succession, and decided to put her artistic aspirations on hold in order to focus on her family. In 1999, after attending an art exhibit that showcased works by a friend, Neilson realized how much she missed being an active artist. “I came home and sat at the kitchen counter and just cried,” she says. “I realized then, I really need to paint.” By this time, Neilson had four children. She began dabbling in a studio at her home, and taking classes with Charlotte artist Andy

Images provided by Anne H. Neilson Fine Art

Neilson’s angels are faceless, elegant creatures, their snowy white wings providing a stark contrast to the lush garnets and golds and smoky greens found within their garments and backgrounds. And, as with most art, words cannot convey the feelings the angels evoke in the beholder. It’s as if these beautiful beings are about to fly off the canvas at any minute, with your heart neatly in hand. Neilson’s color-infused angel paintings have brought her more than a bit of acclaim on the East Coast, and her creations have touched lives as far away as Europe. But, for this dedicated artist, whose faith is like a sec-

Selections from Anne Neilson’s Angel Series: Let Your Glory Shine, Grace, and Glory.

ond skin she wraps closely around herself, the Angel Series is her mission work. Joyful Noise, one of the titles in Neilson’s Angel Series, features a trio of auburn-haired angels, one of which elegantly cradles a violin. The piece, rich with reds and an almostheavenly glow, appeared in an advertisement in the February 2009 issue of American Art Collector magazine. The image so moved a Virginia-based art aficionado, he drove to Charlotte to see the work … and promptly bought it.

A True Calling

Neilson, who hails from Jacksonville, Fla., has lived in Charlotte since 1989. Ironically, the woman known as the “Angel Artist” didn’t major in art. She stifled a dream to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design and major in painting, choosing instead to major in elementary education.

Braitman. Other classes and workshops followed, including lessons with Matthewsbased artist Connie Winters. “There’s such a great art colony in Charlotte!” Neilson says. Neilson notes that she is not immune to the surges of insecurity and discouragement that most artists experience on some level. One day, after volunteering at The Harvest Center homeless shelter, she found herself pondering her future. “I just felt like God said, ‘Paint these angels, and give a portion of the proceeds to the homeless.’ ” That same afternoon, she received a call from a small gallery that carried her work. “They said, ‘We’ve got a lady here who wants to buy three of these angels,’ ” she recalls. “And so I knew that this was what I needed to be doing.” Today, Neilson gives up to 30 percent of her sales proceeds from every show to a nonprofit organization of her choice. > S e p t e m b e r

Anne Neilson 0909.indd 29

2 0 0 9

29 8/19/09 6:35 PM

In her sunny southend studio, artist anne neilson creates the next incarnation of her “angels.”

Angelic Endeavors

As Neilson’s artistic reputation continued to grow, The Charlotte Symphony soon commissioned her to create the Spirit of the Symphony Award for the organization’s 75th anniversary celebration in 2006. The theme for the gala would be designed around Neilson’s image. She took the responsibility in stride. “I just prayed about it, and it came to me,” she says. She created an angel with a violin, flanked by two other angels, and the painting was a huge success. In 2007, a friend took one of Neilson’s invite cards to Scott Buchanan, an art dealer 30

T o d a y ’ s

Anne Neilson 0909.indd 30

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

8/16/09 2:28 PM



When I first started painting angels, I told my husband, ‘I think this is kind of neat!’ And he said, ‘Aren’t you going to get tired of painting angels?’ Six years later, I’m still painting angels, and now there’s one hanging in the palace at Monaco! So no, I’m not getting tired of painting angels!” — Anne Neilson

Foundation to attend a reception in Washington, D.C. Neilson donated three special paintings — one each for Prince Albert II, Ambassador Noghès, and Counselor Lorenzo Ravano. Neilson, who is as sincerely grateful as she is reverent and passionate, never imagined her work could affect so many people around the globe. “I know now that part of this is to give back, and that’s the main focus with the Angel Series,” she says. “I do love to paint other things — people, places, still lifes. But I want to continue to press in and grow as an artist. I want to keep on changing. And I want the angels to evolve. “When I first A World Of started paintRecognition ing angels,” she It wasn’t long confides, “I told before the Allemy husband, gro Foundation, ‘I think this is A Champion For kind of neat!’ Children, disAnd he said, covered Neilson. Anne Neilson’s landscapes range in subject, from ‘Aren’t you goThe nonprofit orPastoral to exotic. pictured here is walk along ing to get tired ganization comlaguna beach. of painting anmissioned her to gels?’ Six years create an angel painting for the Foundation’s 2009 black-tie later, I’m still painting angels, and now there’s one hanging in the palfundraiser, “Blessings from Above.” “I had no idea what to expect,” Neilson ace at Monaco! So no,” she adds with a says. She was stunned when her painting laugh, “I’m not getting tired of painting angels!” TCW commanded $16,000. Since that crowning moment, the Allegro Foundation has cultivated a unique To view a selection of Neilson’s angelic art, visit us friendship with Monacan Ambassador at Gilles Noghès and the Royal Family ToLearnMore Grimaldi of Monaco. The Family began following Allegro’s work in the United Visit, or call 704/652-1906. States, and recently invited members of the and then-managing partner of Sophia’s Gallery in Charlotte’s Dilworth neighborhood. The friend persuaded Buchanan to attend Neilson’s show and, specifically, to consider her Angel Series. “He walked in, looked at all of my art, and decided he wanted me in his gallery. That was truly my first big moment,” Neilson says. “Over the course of 18 months he sold 90 pieces of my work. It was crazy. My little hobby of selling art just exploded.” “Anne’s vibrant palette and attention to detail are simply an extension of her vivacious personality,” says Buchanan. “She passionately pours her heart and soul into every piece.”


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31 8/19/09 6:36 PM

Crafting A

Future By Carolyn Steeves

Community School Of The Arts Plays On

32 CSA0909.indd 32

T o d a y ’ s

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

8/19/09 6:37 PM

Forty years ago, Henry Bridges gathered 15 pianos and four piano teachers in the basement of Charlotte’s First Presbyterian Church, and the Community School of the Arts was born. In those four decades, the school has gone from 20 students to nearly 2,000. However, its mission to provide quality arts education to all students remains unwavering. >

S e p t e m b e r

CSA0909.indd 33

2 0 0 9

33 8/17/09 6:17 PM

photo courtesy of community school of the arts photo BY laura j. meier

photo BY laura J. meier

Community School of the Arts has been providing creative opportunities to Charlotte-area children for 40 years. Through private and group music lessons, hands-on exposure to visual arts, and performance opportunities, the organization hopes to build a community of future artists and arts patrons. Here (above), students rehearse for a performance at Spirit Square, CSA’s home base. (Below) Young potters learn the finer points of working with clay from teachers at Clayworks Studio & Gallery, a CSA community partner.

34 CSA0909.indd 34

T o d a y ’ s

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

8/20/09 9:48 AM


“Charlotte needs this; Charlotte needs artists, and it needs a place where little artists can grow.”


— Lindsey Horne, a piano teacher at CSA

he Community School of the Arts offers a range of visual arts and music classes, with both group and private lessons available for young children to young adults. In addition to traditional classes, the School sponsors camps and an extensive community outreach program, which includes violin instruction at three Charlotte-Mecklenburg elementary schools, after-school classes, and other enrichment endeavors throughout the area. While CSA has been growing for the past 40 years, it is still largely considered a fairly well-kept secret. This past summer, the School was featured on NBC’s TODAY, when Al Roker donated instruments, art supplies, and other materials to CSA for classes and outreach efforts. The publicity, plus a handful of new programs, is helping to raise the profile of this prodigious nonprofit arts school. “Part of our mission is to transform lives through arts education,” says CSA executive director Andrea Stevenson. “So we

photo BY laura j. meier

CSA’s Andrea Stevenson believes students need programming that touches their heart strings.

have a very personal goal, which is to build the confidence of all the individual students who come to us, expand their love of the arts, allow them to discover their creativity, and encourage their self-expression — to help them become well-rounded adults.”

The Power Of Art

According to Stevenson, CSA’s place in the community goes beyond its mission to inspire the individual. The School, she insists, is also creating the next generation of arts patrons, noting that 95 percent of CSA students are under the age of 18. “We are purely an arts education organization; that’s all we do,” she says. “And we are raising everyone else’s future audiences. We feel that if we can reach as many students as possible, and give them that hands-on introduction to the arts, they’ll grow up to understand and appreciate the symphony, the opera, and the art museum, and be better patrons of the Charlotte arts community for years to come.” One of those future patrons is Emily Tran, a 16-year-old rising senior at Myers Park High School. Tran plays the piano and violin, and has been taking lessons for the past five years at CSA, where she has won merit scholarships two years in a row, based solely on her musical proficiency. “Everyone’s so friendly here and it’s kind of like a home; it’s welcoming,” she says. “I love my teacher.” Like most high school seniors, Tran has been considering her options after graduation and beyond. She says she’s not sure if music will be her major or a minor concentration in college. But, her plans will involve her passion. “I hope to play forever,” she says with a laugh. “Charlotte needs this,” says Lindsey Horne, a piano teacher at CSA. “Charlotte needs artists, and it needs a place where little artists can grow.”

Finding A Place


10:54 AM



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“Little artists” have increasingly fewer places to grow, as budget cuts continue to > S e p t e m b e r

CSA0909.indd 35

2 0 0 9

35 8/19/09 6:38 PM

CSA Fulfills Dreams Giving Talent A Chance

photo BY laura j. meier

Charlotte’s Community School of the Arts offers a number of artistic and musical options for children who have talents just waiting to be developed and nurtured. Courses offered at the School include the following, taught by accomplished, highly respected local artists:

Part of the success of Community School of the Arts is its focus on art as a means of connecting children to the world kohl's hkids 8/11/09 11:23 AMschools, Pageat1Spirit Square, and in various locations in around them. Classesad-boy-tcw are offered throughout the year, in local Charlotte during the summer.








Preschool Arts Lab


Rock and Blues Studio



Music Around and Early Arts


Music Therapy

Visual Arts




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36 CSA0909.indd 36

T o d a y ’ s

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

8/19/09 6:40 PM

photo courtesy of community school of the arts

diminish arts programs in schools. CSA is all each a free loaner violin for the whole year, so they all have their own violins,” she says. too aware of this fact. “At a time when instrumental music is “Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools has mostly taken the arts and instrument educa- being removed from schools and other edution out of elementary school completely,” cational programs, CSA plays a special role in Stevenson says. She points out that CMS is not keeping music alive for children in our comunique and that across the country, arts pro- munity,” says Laurel Talley, Suzuki violin cograms are among the first things to go when ordinator at CSA. “For a lot of students, we are the only place there are budget constraints. Stevenson grew up in Texas, where she they can take lessons, especially students who was an active percussionist throughout high want to take affordable lessons close to home,” school. She is saddened to see the programs Stevenson adds. Stevenson explains that the core values of that were so meaningful to her being slashed from schools. “Students have to have some- CSA are excellence, accessibility, diversity, a thing they love at school,” she says. “They nurturing environment, joy, and sustainability. need something there that motivates them; that She clarifies that, yes, joy is a core value and one for which she arkeeps them committed gued passionately. “If and engaged in school we ever become just and in learning. We’ve transactional; if we ever done this very illogical become the kind of orthing where we’ve cut ganization where we back things that make say, ‘You pay us, we’ll students want to get get you some lessons,’ up and go to school in we’ve missed it comthe morning.” pletely,” she says. “If it’s Horne, who attendnot joyful, then we’re ed Northwest School not doing what we’re of the Arts in Charlotte, supposed to be doing.” and echoes Stevenson’s And, despite budget sadness about the state cuts and reduced arts of music education in funding in the public so many of our schools, CSA works to give children exposure to both the abilschools, Stevenson assays, “It’s heartbreak- ity and the joy of participating in the arts. serts that there is still ing, because that was my favorite part of my public school educa- plenty about which to be joyful. “To see a stution. I think it’s so important, for various rea- dent stand up on stage with confidence and play sons, that children are exposed to music. It’s a saxophone solo at a jazz concert is a joy,” she something that they can be passionate about says. “It is a privilege just to have been there for that.” and responsible for.” Stevenson remembers attending the Orchestra in Schools concert last spring and A Joyful Noise The Community School of the Arts has an seeing and hearing 60 elementary school stuOrchestra in Schools program at First Ward, dents play their violins. “Afterward,” she reUniversity Park, and Dilworth Elementary calls, “I said to one young lady, ‘Way to go! schools. Stevenson explains that 20 students You sounded great!’ And she looked at me from each school get to take group violin and said, ‘Yes, I did.’ That makes my whole year, classes through CSA twice a week before the I thought to myself. That’s all I wanted — for regular school day begins. “We give them you to be able to say, ‘Yes, I did.’ ” TCW

ToLearnMore The Community School of the Arts is located in Spirit Square at 345 N. College St., and maintains a number of satellite studios throughout the Charlotte area. Visit, or call 704/377-4187 for locations and additional information.

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T o d a y ’ s

Women to watch 0909.indd 38

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

8/19/09 10:43 AM

Beautiful Dreamers Women Who Live To Create By lee rhodes

“Art is the window to man’s soul. Without it, he would never be able to see beyond his immediate world; nor could the world see the man within.” ­— Lady Bird Johnson But what of the artists who open this window? More often than not, they are women. Throughout history, frequently overcoming obstacles, women pursued the various disciplines that constitute the arts. Today, art continues to speak to our souls, whether through the written word, paint on a canvas, or a song from the heart. Charlotte is fortunate to have a host of accomplished female artists who inspire us every day. Here’s a look at a few of those women and the forces that drive them. >

S e p t e m b e r

Women to watch 0909.indd 39

2 0 0 9

39 8/19/09 10:43 AM

Nellie Ashford Rawls


ellie Ashford Rawls, a selftaught folk artist, calls upon items and stories from her childhood to produce creative collages, using everything from bright acrylics to an array of natural objects, and placing them on paper, canvas, and boards. Rawls’

work is on display in several Charlotte galleries and can also be found across the country, as well as in Canada and Africa. “Children inspire me to create because I paint a lot like them,” Rawls says. “You can see the smiles on their faces when they finish their pieces.”

If I could not craft, I would be …

I cannot work if I don’t have ...

“Lost … and probably really sad.”

“Some type of a tool. It can be as simple as a spoon or an old brush.”

My work space: “I don’t have a studio right now, so I’m winging it and using my living room as my creative space, which makes it even more folk artsy! I have things from my parents’ past here: tools, washbasins, smoothing irons. Those tangible memories are part of what makes me create the stories that I tell through my work.”

What drives my creative spirit: “My parents were born in the 1800s. Remembering them and their lives — and surrounding myself with objects from their time — drives me to tell the old-time stories the people of their day used to tell and talk about.”

Photo by augusto photography

Folk Artist

“Those tangible memories are part of what makes me create the stories that I tell through my work.” NELLIE ASHFORD RAWLS

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W o m a n

8/19/09 10:43 AM

Elizabeth Bradford Painter

photo by mike carroll

T “My work habits aren’t too often affected by external things. It’s a matter of just gettin’ up and doin’ it. The struggle is mostly internal, I find.” Elizabeth Bradford

he beauty of the rural landscape takes center stage in much of Elizabeth Bradford’s work. A native Carolinian, Bradford captures the nuances of nature in her paintings. Her current chosen medium is acrylic on canvas or wood panel, and she has recently begun

painting scenes from her foreign travels. She has participated in the U.S. State Department’s Art in Embassies Program, which places the works of American artists on display in U.S. embassy residences worldwide. Her paintings can also be found in corporate and private collections across America.

If I could not paint, I would be …

I cannot work if I don’t have ...

“A sculptor.”

“Determination. My work habits aren’t too often affected by external things. It’s a matter of just gettin’ up and doin’ it. The struggle is mostly internal, I find.”

My work space: “My space is small — ‘just the right bigness,’ as my son used to say when he was very young. It’s a modified tenant farmhouse on our old farmstead, and it’s charming, but it’s also covered with spilled paint and can be pretty messy. Most of the windows are aimed north, so the light is lovely.”

What drives my creative spirit: “My creativity is often stirred by adversity or lack. It responds well to the absence of the expected, and blooms when I have to devise a divergent path to beauty, art, good food, housing, clothing.” >

In the heart of Myers Park

at the corner of elegance and good taste

Belk Chapel • Young Dining Hall • Outdoor Courtyard Venues Wedding Ceremonies & Receptions 704.337.2560

Showers & Parties

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41 8/19/09 10:44 AM

Claire Ritter


fter firmly establishing herself as an accomplished jazz musician during her 16 years in Boston, Claire Ritter returned to Charlotte, the city of her roots, and to her alma mater, Queens University of Charlotte. Also a graduate of the New England Conservatory of

Music, Ritter has studied with a legion of jazz legends, and she currently composes, teaches, and performs around The Queen City. She founded and is artistic director of Composers Charlotte at Queens. She has received numerous composer grants and her work has been performed all over the world.

If I could not compose and perform, I would be …

I cannot work if I don’t have ...

Photo by Kristin Byrum Photography

Jazz Composer / Pianist / Educator

“Openness, solitude, and nature surrounding me.”

“An abstract painter; spending more time traveling to places that intrigue.”

My work space: “A performance/teaching space that’s approximately 700 square feet, with large glass windows, a 24-foot ceiling, and two Kawai 6-foot grands. The artist loft overlooks ponds, trees, and a field of grazing Arabian horses.”

What drives my creative spirit: “Passion, imagination, and the muse. Being able to capture and express the essence of something in its raw authenticity creates purpose. Engaging students to discover their voices by painting music from the soul is another extraordinary experience that goes beyond the notes.”

want results


VelaShape™ is the only complete non-surgical alternative to liposuction! It contours, shapes and slims the body by improving cellulite and reducing circumference in as few as 4 treatment sessions. VelaShape™ has been cleared by the FDA and provides dramatic results without downtime or significant discomfort.

“Engaging students to discover their voices by painting music from the soul is another extraordinary experience that goes beyond the notes.” Claire Ritter

Charlotte Women’s P A v I l I O N Health care for life

Comprehensive Care For All Of Your Gynecologic Needs u Pregnancy & Delivery u Fibroid Tumors u Cryotherapy u Menopause & Post-Menopause Management u Infertility Assessment & Treatment u Gynecologic Surgery

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Medical Skin Rejuvenation & Laser Center

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1928 Randolph Road, Suite 206 u Across from the Orthopedic Hospital


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8/19/09 10:44 AM

Dr. Lynn Fuller Violinist / Conductor

Photo Courtesy of Dr. Lynn Fuller


t the podium of Charlotte’s first professional chamber orchestra is Dr. Lynn Fuller, founder and musical director of Queen City Virtuosi. Maestro Fuller is a professional violinist who studied at North Carolina School of the Arts, the University of South Carolina, and UNC

Charlotte, earning a Doctor of Music Arts in Conducting degree. She has achieved international acclaim, appearing with the Tucumán Symphony Orchestra and the Rosario Symphony Orchestra in Argentina, and the China Opera and Dance Theatre Symphony Orchestra in Beijing.

If I could not conduct, I would be …

I cannot work if I don’t have ...

“Working in the FBI or CIA, or as an interior decorator.”

“I often stretch out on the floor when I’m reading, writing down ideas, or studying music.” Dr. Lynn Fuller

My work space: “The room where I work has cocoa-colored walls, tall bookshelves, and a big, black-lacquered table that originally belonged to my grandmother. I often stretch out on the floor when I’m reading, writing down ideas, or studying music. ”

“My materials — pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener, ruler, metronome — and, while I enjoy mild background or ambiant sound, abrupt noises or interruptions distract me.”

What drives my creative spirit: “The desire to gain knowledge, my deep passion for music, and the challenge of presenting concerts that will be meaningful and memorable to the audience.” >

After The Referral...


Dr. Kiya Green Dixie Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology

he relationship between you and your dentist is a special one. Your dentist may be the first to observe a change in your health. When a periodontal change is noted, your dentist may refer you to a periodontist. Left untreated, periodontitis may lead to tooth loss, heart disease, stroke, respiratory issues, and complications with diabetes and pregnancy. Dr. Kiya Green Dixie, of the Periodontal & Implant Center of Matthews, is board certified and the only practicing female periodontist in the Charlotte area.

The Periodontal & Implant Center of Matthews offers patients: • A soft touch in a caring atmosphere. • The only laser FDA approved to treat periodontitis, which means therapy without cutting, sutures, or pain. • Treatment of non-disease periodontal issues, such as frenectomies, gum grafting, correcting gummy smiles, and implant therapy. • Different levels of sedation, if necessary, including IV sedation, oral sedation, and laughing gas. • Periodontic care for pediatric and orthodontic patients.

Periodontal & Implant Center of Matthews 1320 Matthews Township Pkwy., Suite 101, Matthews, NC 28105 (704) 847-5657 •

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43 8/19/09 10:44 AM

Lindy Dobbins Singer / Songwriter

2007 and 2008 from Creative Loafing, and Best Female Vocalist finalist at the 2007 Charlotte Music Awards. She and her alternative rock band, the Red Velvet Manx, continue to play venues in and around Charlotte, entertaining with their distinct style and unique brand of music.

Photo by Ashley DeWitt


indy Dobbins first found herself in a professional recording studio at the age of 7. Though she’s now only 29 years old, Dobbins has already found her niche as a professional singer and songwriter, and has garnered numerous awards, including Best Local Songwriter of

If I could not write and perform I cannot work if I don’t have ... music, I would be … “Support from the community. Venues don’t care how “Writing poetry and involved in theater.”

good an artist is unless people are showing up to listen!”

My work space:

What drives my creative spirit:

“My bandmates and I call the rehearsal room ‘The Bat Cave,’ but that’s because we had to free a live bat from the space once during a jam session and the name just stuck after that. There isn’t a fixed space for song writing; it’s wherever inspiration strikes.”

“The need for resolution, mainly. In her song Witness, Sarah McLachlan refers to songwriting as ‘misery made beautiful,’ and that’s usually what drives my writing. I can let go of negative thoughts and feelings more easily if I can turn them into something beautiful.”

“I can let go of negative thoughts and feelings more easily if I can turn them into something beautiful.” Lindy Dobbins


Drs. Peleaux & Bailey Caring Dentistry...With A Gentle Touch OCTOBER PROGRAM The Value of Volunteerism

Rahman Kahn, Founder of Good Works Media Group and host of the new show, Good Works with Rahman Kahn. Rahman Kahn is a leading influence in the field of Community Relations and Diversity Education. Through his own professional service and community involvement Rahman has motivated many across Charlotte and nationwide to embrace the power of volunteerism by highlighting the important role that altruism plays in society.  He has a history of successfully impacting companies and organizations to do good in the community thru volunteerism, corporate contributions and community partnerships.  Join us for this powerful session and discover the true power of volunteering!

We Care About The Person Behind The Smile Specializing In Cosmetic, Restorative & Implant Dentistry

Cotswold Plaza, 135 S. Sharon Amity Road, Suite 204 Charlotte, NC 28211

704-365-2765 • New Patients Welcome


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October Meeting: Value of Volunteerism, featuring Rahman Kahn, founder, Good Works Media Tuesday, October 6, 2009 Networking 11:30AM Lunch/Program 12:00PM November Meeting: Value of Leadership Tuesday, November 3, 2009 Networking 5:00pm Dinner/Program 6:00pm RSVP or 704-367-3454 All meetings held at Byron’s South End

W o m a n

8/19/09 10:44 AM

Christina “Cigi” Guzman Clothing Designer


photo by sara renee photography

t just 26 years old, Christina ting Grammy-nominated artists. Today, her “Cigi” Guzman calls herself work is available online and at SouthEnd’s a professional daydreamer, NICHE boutique, where her fall collection although she actually does work — as a will debut this month. During Charlotte PUBLIC— ATI Fashion Week, Guzman will showcase graphic designer and bartender inON: addiCharlott e the City Magazin e DATE: August 2006 “The Flock,” a hip clothing line she created tion to designing clothes! ARTICLE: Eat, Drink She began her career as a clothing de- to “reflect the beauty of the real, everyday signer while she was in college, even outfit- human flock.”

If I could not design clothes, I would be ... “In a traveling band.”

My work space:

“What inspires me is The Human Flock. You. Me. Us. We.”

“I live and work out of my tiny uptown apartment, so I am forced to be a minimalist. Labels and storage boxes have saved my life on more than one occasion, and I’ve learned that less is more.”

Christina “Cigi” Guzman

THAI ORCHID Fine Thai Dining

I cannot work if I don’t have ... “Daily conversations with ‘The Man Upstairs,’ background noise, occasional pep talks from my ma, and, most importantly, joy.”

What drives my creative spirit: “Knowing that I have the power to inspire someone right now. What inspires me is The Human Flock. You. Me. Us. We.” >

Mecklenburg Bridal Gallery Since 1981

Closed on Sundays

Fairview Rd

Thai Orchid

Saturday Dinner Only

Providence Rd

Lunch & Dinner Corporate Lunches Private Parties Luncheon Specials Seafood & Vegetarian

We offer brunch from 11-3 on Saturday and Sunday. Whether you dine indoors or al fresco, it’s a true taste of Tuscany that’s as close as SouthPark.

Sardis Rd

Strawberry Hill Shopping Center Near the intersection of Providence & Fairview

(704) 364-1134

8418-C Park Road, Charlotte, NC 28210 Quail Corners Shopping Center 704.556.7789

704.571.4214 4720 PiedmonT RoW dR. PiedmonT ToWn CenTeR

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45 8/19/09 10:44 AM

Jennifer Mecca


hen she was a young girl, Jennifer Mecca watched closely as her family prepared elaborate meals, placing particular emphasis on the intricate tableware. Today, she’s a full-time studio potter known for her extraordinary pots and serving-ware.

Mecca, who considers herself a utilitarian potter, also teaches classes and workshops for everyone from children to college students and adults. She has studied pottery design and techniques around the world, and her work is on display in craft galleries along the East Coast.

If I could not design pots, I would be …

I cannot work if I don’t have ...

“A jeweler. The first craft I was exposed to was jewelry, and I love handmade jewelry.”

What drives my creative spirit: “I think if you’re a hands-on creative person, you just need to make stuff. Lately, pondering the traditions of my family and memories of the past are what have been inspiring me.”

Photo courtesy of jennifer mecca


“Uninterrupted time from my family.”

My work space: “There is nothing fancy about my studio. It’s off the back of the house in an old screened-in porch. In the wintertime we put up three layers of plastic and I use heaters for warmth. In the summertime, all the plastic comes down and I turn on the ceiling fan! My kiln is in a shed in our backyard. It’s very basic, but it has worked for me.”

“I think if you’re a hands-on creative person, you just need to make stuff.” Jennifer Mecca

$20.00 OFF cut and color New clients only. Expires September 30, 2009

N o w o n v i e w t hr o u g h F e b r u a r y 6 , 2 010

Creating Beautiful reflections.

MINT MUSEUM OF CRAFT + DESIGN 220 North Tryon Street 704/337-2000

Paul Beaune’ NY Salon New yOrk

Crazy Quilt circa 1890. Gift of Fleur and Charles Bresler.


Sponsored by the Founders’ Circle Ltd.


iN the heart OF CharlOtte

The Mint Museum is funded, in part, with operating support by the Arts & Science Council.

7741 Colony Road Charlotte, NC I 704.540.9188 I


T o d a y ’ s

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C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

8/19/09 10:44 AM

Pat MacEnulty Writer

Photo by Paul Murphy


at MacEnulty is the author of several books, as well as numerous short stories, essays, poems, and plays. She has earned awards for her work and is in the process of adapting one of her books for film. Her latest novel, Picara, is scheduled for release in

November and is inspired by 18th century novels, as well as the peace movement and her experiences growing up around musicians. A recipient of a Ph.D. from the Creative Writing Program at Florida State University, MacEnulty also works as a writing coach, editor, and teacher.

If I could not write, I would be …

I cannot work if I don’t have ... “Cookies.”

“Nothing. Writing is who I am.”

What drives my creative spirit:

My work space: “If I could not write, I would be nothing. Writing is who I am.” Pat MacEnulty

“Right now, it’s a bedroom at the front of the house. When I’m working I can see what’s going on in the cul-de-sac, which is nice. Sometimes I take my laptop downstairs and work on the front porch or in the living room. I often do my initial writing in a coffee shop.”

“It’s just an urge that I’ve always had. I’m working on a memoir about taking care of my mother and my daughter, so they are my inspiration for that work.” TCW To find out more about each artist, and to sample their work, visit us online at

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Your Neighborhood Pharmacy

Flu Shots available (after September 15)

Call for an appointment. Dr. Howard Gaines, Jr. has implemented a state-ofthe-art automated prescription dispensing process that allows him and his staff to spend more time answering questions about your medications.

Dr. Howard Gaines, Jr. PharmD., R.Ph, owner

Prescription Medicine Over-the-Counter Medicine Natural Supplements Diabetic Shoes & Supplies

Call-aheaD Curb Serv i C e aND Free hOMe DeliverY ava i l a b l e Call us for more information.


Amélie’s …a French bakery

Voted 2009 Best Of The Best Brunch By Charlotte Magazine

:: online ordering :: instant reservations :: Monday - Friday 7 AM - 9 PM Saturday 8 AM - 10 PM Sunday 8 AM - 3 PM 6700 Fairview Rd. ~ Allen Tate Building ~ Phillips Place 704.552.1116 ~

(Some restrictions apply)

6021-C The Plaza Charlotte, NC 28215 704.537.0191 S e p t e m b e r

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47 8/19/09 10:44 AM

I t ’ s

S h o w

T i m e

I n

T h e

Q u e e n

C i t y

State Of Compiled By Karsen Price


The Art

he National Endowment for the Arts asserts that a great nation deserves

great art. A great city deserves the same … no matter what the state of the economy. We all know the story. The banking industry wavers. The housing sector staggers. Jobs hang in the balance, and people tighten belts and budgets as they go, cutting back on all but the essentials.

Still, there is a bit of silver shining through the clouds. A new series of performances is upon The Queen City — performances that are sure to entertain, delight, and enlighten us. And well worth loosening those too-snug belts a notch. Note: This is not a comprehensive season listing for every arts group. See the Web sites noted for complete information. Enjoy the show!


T o d a y ’ s

ArtsRoundUp0909.indd 48

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

8/19/09 6:44 PM

A n n u a l

v A r t s


P r e v i e w

i nformat i on

Actor’s Theatre Of Charlotte

Charlotte Concerts

Central Piedmont Community College 704/342-2251

(formerly Carolinas Concert Association) 704/330-6534

The 2009-2010 season marks the 21st anniversary of the Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte, the region’s only professional theater company that creates productions specifically for mature audiences. Big Boys Sept. 23-Oct. 17, (Previews: Sept. 18, 19) Yankee Tavern Nov. 18-Dec. 5, (Previews: Nov. 13, 14) Black Pearl Sings! Feb. 10-Mar. 6, 2010 (Previews: Feb. 5, 6) End Days April14-May 1, 2010 (Previews: Apr. 9, 10) Five Course Love June 2-26, 2010 (Previews: May 28, 29)

Bechtler Museum Of Modern Art The only museum dedicated to the exhibition of mid 20thcentury European modern art in the Southeast will open to the public Jan. 2, 2010, with works from major figures of 20th-century modernism, including Alberto Giacometti, Joan Miró, Jean Tinguely, Max Ernst, Andy Warhol, Edgar Degas, Barbara Hepworth, and Pablo Picasso.

Carolina Actors Studio Theatre 704/455-8542 Carolina Actors Studio Theatre prides itself on encouraging free-flowing expression from its team of writers, actors, directors, designers, and performance artisans of all mediums. Master Class Sept. 11-Oct. 3 The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum at Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade Oct. 22-Nov. 21 A Tuna Christmas Dec. 3-13 704/527-6680 Charlotte Concerts celebrates its 80th season with a stateof-the-art venue and a bright, fresh look — including a new logo and new name. Perlman/Schmidt/Bailey Trio Oct. 16, Halton Theater – Overcash Center, Central Piedmont Community College Van Cliburn Competition Winner Haochen Zhang, Gold Medalist, 2009-2010 Jan. 22, 2010, Halton Theater – Overcash Center, CPCC The 5 Browns Feb. 16, 2010, (in collaboration with the N.C. Blumenthal Performing Arts Center), Knight Theater – Wells Fargo Cultural Campus, South Tryon Street The Ethos Chamber Orchestra and Choir’s “Bach to the Future” March 16, 2010, Halton Theater – Overcash Center, CPCCCa

Carolina Voices 704/374-1564 Carolina Voices, a volunteer choral arts organization that educates and entertains the community, commemorates its 55th anniversary this season by expanding its repertoire from five to eight concerts. Give Thanks and Sing Nov. 14, Providence United Methodist Church; Nov. 15, St. John’s Episcopal Church A Candlelight Christmas Dec. 5, St. John’s Baptist Church The Singing Christmas Tree: All You Want for Christmas Dec. 12, 13, Ovens Auditorium

Central Piedmont Community College brings the best in affordable opera and theater to the Charlotte area. Shows are either in Halton Theater or Pease Auditorium. CPCC Theatre Shows Man of La Mancha Sept. 25- 27; Oct. 2-4 Neil Simon’s Plaza Suite Nov. 13, 14; 20-22 Bye Bye Birdie Feb. 12-14; 19-21, 2010 The Piano Lesson by August Wilson April 9, 10; 16-18, 2010 CPCC Opera Theatre The Pirates of Penzance Jan. 15-17, 2010 Elijah, by Felix Mendelssohn April 23-25, 2010

Charlotte Concert Band 704/337-2213 Dedicated professional and amateur musicians make up the Charlotte Concert Band, a volunteer local band that offers quality performances — for free. Regular season performances are held at Dana Auditorium at Queens University of Charlotte. Anniversaries Oct. 3 Winds of War … and Peace Dec. 5 Young People’s Concert Feb. 20, 2010

Charlotte Folk Society 704/563-7080

Love-Sexy: Inspire the Fire! Feb. 6, 2010, McGlohon Theatre St. John Passion of the Christ March 5, 7, 2010, Halton Theater

Since 1982, the Charlotte Folk Society has promoted traditional and contemporary folk music, dance, and crafts. Concerts are held at the Great Aunt Stella Center, 926 Elizabeth Ave., unless otherwise noted.

Broadway Guys Gals & Dolls May 8, 9, 2010, McGlohon Theatre

Andy Cohen Sept. 11 >

S e p t e m b e r

ArtsRoundUp0909.indd 49

2 0 0 9

49 8/20/09 11:47 AM

photo BY Imogen Cunningham photo BY Dave Anderson photo BY joan marcus

Photo courtesy of North Carolina Blumenthal Performing ARts Center

Clockwise (from top left): Carolina Chocolate Drops, North Carolina Blumenthal Performing Arts Center’s McGlohon Theatre; Magnolia Blossom, Group f/64 and the Modernist Vision, The Light Factory’s Knight Gallery; Dark Road, The Romance of the Road, The Light Factory’s Knight Gallery; Mary Poppins, Blumenthal’s Belk Theater.


T o d a y ’ s

ArtsRoundUp0909.indd 50

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

8/19/09 3:00 PM

Joe Newberry of Big Medicine, and Mike Compton of Nashville Bluegrass Band Oct. 9

Keep the small promises you’ve made to yourself

CFS Holiday Jam & Potluck, with Little Windows (Julee Glaub & Mark Weems) Dec. 12 The Last Resort Band Jan. 8, 2010 John Dee Holeman Feb. 12, 2010 The Charlotte Museum Of History And The Hezekiah Alexander Homesite 704/568-1774 The Charlotte Museum of History shares Charlotte’s stories by collecting, preserving, and interpreting regional artifacts. The Food Historian in the Kitchen: Lecture by Sandy Oliver Sept. 21 Haunted Homesite Oct. 24 Civil War Lantern Tour Nov. 21 Distinguished Speaker Series, Featuring Vicente Fox Jan. 26, 2010

Call today to schedule your courtesy consultation!

Inspired Dentistry of Charlotte John S. Selden, DDS, PA 2315 West Arbors Drive Suite 220 Charlotte, NC 28262 704-597-3493

Charlotte Symphony Orchestra 704/972-2000 The Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, founded in 1932, believes that orchestral music nurtures the human spirit and is integral to the preservation and development of American culture. Classics Beethoven’s “Emperor” Concerto No. 5 Sept. 11, 12, Belk Theater Rodrigo Guitar Concerto Oct. 9, 10, Belk Theater Beethoven’s “Eroica” Symphony No. 3 Nov. 20, 21, Belk Theater Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” Jan. 8, 9, 2010, Belk Theater New Music Director Preview Feb. 12, 13, 2010, Belk Theater Russian Spectacular Mar. 26, 27, 2010, Belk Theater Pops Classical Mystery Tour Oct. 16, Ovens Auditorium Bernadette Peters Oct. 30, Belk Theater >

S e p t e m b e r

ArtsRoundUp0909.indd 51

2 0 0 9

51 8/19/09 3:05 PM

Simply Sinatra, Featuring Steve Lippia Nov. 27, 28, Belk Theater Magic of Christmas Dec. 4-6, Belk Theater The Temptations Jan. 15, 16, 2010, Belk Theater Kathy Mattea Feb. 5, 2010, Ovens Auditorium Cirque de la Symphonie Apr. 30-May 1, 2010, Belk Theater

Charlotte Youth Ballet 980/322-5522

Photo courtesy of North Carolina Blumenthal Performing ARts Center

The Charlotte Youth Ballet merges youth and professional performers to introduce ballet to audiences of all ages. Its productions take place at the Halton Theater on the campus of Central Piedmont Community College.

The 5 Browns, Charlotte Concerts (formerly Carolinas Concert Association), presented with the North Carolina Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, Knight Theater.

Girls Night Out

at the


The Nutcracker Dec. 4-6 Alice in Wonderland March 26-28, 2010

Children’s Theatre Of Charlotte 704/973-2800 The Children’s Theatre offers warmth and intimacy to audiences and attempts to enrich the lives of young people of all cultures through theater and education experiences. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Sept. 25-Oct. 25, McColl Family Theatre Step Afrika! Nov. 6-7, McColl Family Theatre If You Take a Mouse to the Movies Dec. 4-29, McColl Family Theatre

“It’s always a treat for us- to escape for a night. To plan dinner, drinks and a show with the girls is an event I never say no to!” -C. Synder

"As this was my first musical, I found it to be very enjoyable. I could not stop laughing, or singing along with the songs." -Alicia Bumgardner

It’s time to grab your friends & family and head Uptown for a full night out with the girls. We have everything a woman could love! From National Broadway Tours, World Renowned Artists, Comedians and Charlotte’s own dance, symphony and opera companies, you’ll find them all – CENTER STAGE! GREASED LIGHTNIN'. WILL BLUM, BRIAN CRUM, DAVID RUFFIN, ERIC SCHNEIDER AND NICK VERINA. PHOTO BY JOAN MARCUS • KELLI O’HARA IN RODGERS & HAMMERSTEIN’S SOUTH PACIFIC. PHOTO: JOAN MARCUS • (L TO R) JOSH FRANKLIN, JOSEPH LEO BWARIE, MATT BAILEY, STEVE GOUVEIA AND THE COMPANY OF JERSEY BOYS. PHOTO: JOAN MARCUS • KATIE ROSE CLARKE AS GLINDA AND DONNA VIVINO AS ELPHABA. PHOTOS: JOAN MARCUS

For a full listing of all of our shows, visit 52

T o d a y ’ s

ArtsRoundUp0909.indd 52

C h a r l o tt e

“We love coming to the theater! It’s a great way for us to relax, have fun and enjoy a night in Uptown.” -J. Jones & Friends

W o m a n

8/19/09 3:00 PM

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Jan. 22-Feb. 14, 2010, McColl Family Theatre Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel Feb. 12-28, 2010, Wachovia Playhouse

      

Davidson Community Players 704/892-7953 Since 1965, the Davidson Community Players have been providing members of the community opportunities to participate in and experience quality, live theater. Almost, Maine Oct. 8-11; 15-18; 22-25, Armour Street Theatre, Davidson It’s a Wonderful Life Dec. 3-6; 10-13; 17-20, Armour Street Theatre, Davidson Harvey B. Gantt Center For African-American Arts And Culture (formerly the Afro-American Cultural Center) 704/374-1565

          

    

    

The new, 47,000-square-foot Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts and Culture, located at 551 S. Tryon St., offers space for concerts, theater, lectures, and social events, and will feature new artwork, as well as the Center’s current collection. Where You Belong, Grand Opening Gala Oct. 17 Sunset Ceremony At The AACC (limited invitations) Oct. 23 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Oct. 24L

Levine Museum Of The New South 704/333-1887 This interactive history museum provides the nation with the most comprehensive interpretation of post-Civil War Southern society, and is a recipient of the National Museum Service Award. Cotton Fields to Skyscrapers Permanent exhibit On the Edge: Homeless and Working Among Us Oct. 14-Jan.3, 2010

The Light Factory 704/333-9755

             

   

    

             

The Light Factory, a nonprofit organization that focuses on the art of photography and film, brings everyday artists into the spotlight. Group f/64 and the Modernist Vision Photographs By Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Imogen Cunningham, Willard Van Dyke, And Brett Weston. Sept. 17-Jan. 3, 2010, Knight Gallery The Ties That Bind Photographs by Preston Gannoway and Dana Romanoff. Sept. 19-Jan. 10, 2010, Middleton-McMillan Gallery >

         

S e p t e m b e r

ArtsRoundUp0909.indd 53

2 0 0 9

53 8/19/09 3:00 PM

Photo courtesy of Harvey B. Gantt Center for african-american arts and Culture Photo by Jeff cravotta

Photo courtesy of music maker relief foundation Photo by nancy donaldson

Clockwise (from top left): John Dee Holeman, Charlotte Folk Society, Great Aunt Stella Center; Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts and Culture; North Carolina Dance Theater’s Sara Hayes Watson and Sasha Janes, Ballet, Ballroom & Bluegrass, Belk Theater; The Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, Belk Theater.


T o d a y ’ s

ArtsRoundUp0909.indd 54

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

8/19/09 3:00 PM



1:05:36 PM

Matthews Playhouse 704/846-8343 Matthews Playhouse is a community-based, nonprofit organization that strives to enrich the lives of children and adults through live theater. All shows are held at Matthews Community Center. To Kill a Mockingbird Oct. 9-25 Charlotte’s Web Nov. 6-15 The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Feb. 19-28, 2010 Les Misérables April 23-May 2, 2010

McColl Center For Visual Art 704/332-5535 The McColl Center for Visual Art helps the public expand its understanding of contemporary art, both through its exhib-C its, and its Artists-In-Residence program. M

Decade: Alumni Artists from the Center’s First 10 Years Sept. 4-Jan. 9, 2010 (Opening reception Sept. 25) Collected Sept. 4-Jan. 9, 2010 (Opening reception Sept. 25) 11-Month Affiliate Artist Exhibition Nov. 20-Jan. 9, 2010 Recall Jan. 29-Mar. 20, 2010 (Opening reception Jan. 29) Fried April 16-Aug. 21, 2010 (Opening reception Apr. 16)







Mint Museum Of Art 704/337-2000 The Mint Museum is involved in a major expansion project, which includes the construction of a 145,000-square-foot facility as part of Charlotte’s Wells Fargo Cultural Campus, and the reinstallation of the historic Mint Museum of Art. The uptown venue will house collections of American Art, Contemporary Art, and Craft + Design. Passionate Journey The Grice Collection of Native American Art Through Oct. 17 The Art of Affluence Haute Couture and Luxury Fashions 1947-2007 Through June 30, 2010 Faces & Flowers Painting on Lenox China Through Jan. 30, 2010 >

S e p t e m b e r

ArtsRoundUp0909.indd 55

2 0 0 9

55 8/20/09 11:46 AM



8:53 PM

Page 1

Loïs Mailou Jones A Life in Vibrant Color Nov. 14-Feb. 27, 2010 Identity Theft How a Cropsey Became a Gifford Nov. 21-March 27, 2010

Mint Museum Of Craft + Design

Music Lessons and Art Classes for All Ages Register now with

Community School of the Arts for private music lessons, group music classes, family workshops and visual arts classes. 704/337-2000 American Quilt Classics 1800-1980: The Bresler Collection Through Feb. 6, 2010

Museum Of York County 803/329-2121 The Museum of York County is part of the Culture and Heritage Museums, a system of cultural institutions that includes Historic Brattonsville, and the McCelvey Center of York. Landscapes and Lifeways The Carolina Piedmont 600 Years Ago And Today Permanent exhibit Made in Nature Artisans, Handcrafts and Their Ties to the Land Permanent exhibit North Carolina Blumenthal Performing Arts Center 704/372-1000 The North Carolina Blumenthal Performing Arts Center has been the hub of Charlotte’s performing arts since 1992, bringing outstanding music, theater, and dance to uptown Charlotte. A Chorus Line Sept. 29-Oct. 4, Belk Theater Saffire the Uppity Blues Women Oct. 2, McGlohon Theatre Carolina Chocolate Drops Oct. 15, McGlohon Theatre

community school of the arts

Reduced Shakespeare Company The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) Oct. 27-Nov. 1, Booth Playhouse



T o d a y ’ s

ArtsRoundUp0909.indd 56

C h a r l o tt e

Bill Cosby April 25, 2010, Belk Theater Mary Poppins Aug. 26-Sept. 12, 2010, Belk Theater

North Carolina Dance Theatre 704/372-1000 North Carolina Dance Theatre is slated to move into Knight Theater, its new performance home at 701 N. Tryon St., in March 2010. Ballet, Ballroom & Bluegrass Sept. 17-19, Belk Theater Once Upon a Time Sept. 19-20, Belk Theater Innovative Works Nov. 5-7; 12-14, Booth Playhouse Nutcracker Dec. 11-13; 18-20, Belk Theater Cinderella March 4-7; 11-14, 2010, Knight Theater

Opera Carolina 704/332-7177 Opera Carolina continues to offer a stunning lineup each season. La Bohème Jan. 23, 24, 28, 30, 2010 Love Notes Feb. 20, 2010 Carmen March 13, 14, 18, 20, 2010 Otello May 6, 8, 2010

Theatre Charlotte 704/376-3777 Theatre Charlotte has been bringing outstanding theater to the Charlotte region since 1927. Seussical Sept. 10-13; 16-20; 23-27

Rodgers & Hammerstein’s South Pacific Nov. 10-15, Belk Theater

The Woman in Black Oct. 29-Nov. 1; Nov. 4-8

Grease Dec. 1-Dec. 6, Ovens Auditorium

A Christmas Carol Dec. 3-6; 9-13

A Rockapella Holiday Dec. 15, 16, McGlohon Theatre

Biloxi Blues Jan. 28-31; Feb. 3-7, 2010

The Aluminum Show Jan. 12-31, 2010, Knight Theater

A Streetcar Named Desire March 18-21; 24-28, 2010

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Feb. 9-14, 2010, Belk Theater

Smoke on the Mountain May 6-9; 12-16; 19-23, 2010 TCW

W o m a n

8/19/09 6:47 PM

ArtsRoundUp0909.indd 57

8/19/09 7:05 PM

Fashion Belted Dress, Tahari ASL, Belk Animal print handbag (opposite), ND New Directions, Belk


f you’re seeking a way to keep your autumnal look au courant, it may be

as easy as adding one or two pieces to your seasonless standbys. Twice a

Trend Watch Fashioning A

year, Belk concocts its Most Wanted list — the 10 looks, vibes, or trends that will help keep you in style during that lull between the lazy days of summer and the bustle of the holidays.

Fall Wardrobe

By Fiona Harmon


T o d a y ’ s

Fashion 1 0909.indd 58

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

8/16/09 2:11 PM

1. Plaid, Plaid, Plaid Style is a sure thing with anything borrowed from the British Isles.


2. Boyfriend Jacket Sporting stronger shoulders and sharp tailoring, the boyfriend jacket is a throw back to the ’80s.

A Day Of Beauty

3. Cozy Cardigan This smart sweater boasts novelty stitches and soft shapes for a perfect completer piece. Lean Jeans It’s the silhouette that’s clearly the best in class for fall and, in darker washes, truly the “happening” bottom. So get your blues on, but be sure to check out the fresh new gray and black options as well.


Knit Dress Embroidery, smocking, pointelle stitches, waist emphasis, and interesting sleeve treatments are just a few of the updates for this classic.


Animal-Print Purse In cheetah, zebra, or leopard, these bags are a must. Oversized and softly structured styles are key.

7. Beautiful Blouse Delicate fabrics and feminine details offer a modern kind of pretty this season. 8.

Statement Scarf Add one and go sexy, sultry, or spare. Choose a bold color, compelling patterns, and inter- esting textures.


Glam Neck Focus on an eclectic mix of chains, pearls, beads, and stones. Layers are lovely; collars and bibs are brand-new.

10. Vintage Boots They move over to fashion’s chic side. Look for distressed hardware and interesting heel treatments. Rugged, worn, and embossed

leathers seal the deal.

DISCOUNTS ON ALL SURGERIES SCHEDULED* Free Consultations • Free Computer Imaging To See Anticipated Results SAVE $50 on Botox®, Juvederm®, Restylane® SAVE 20% on all Skin Care Products – Obagi,


SkinMedica, La Roche-Posay, IS Clinical, Glo Minerals

 Chair Massages

SAVE $40 on two Latisse® kits

 Refreshments/Door Prizes

FREE IPL Hand Treatment with any Chemical Peel

 Free Goodie Bags to the first 100 people

(regularly $120 each, now two for $200)

© PCG Inc. 2009




LIMITED APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE. CALL NOW TO RSVP! 704.375.7111 2915 Coltsgate Road, Suite 103 (across from SouthPark Mall) *deposit required

A Step Back In Time L o c at e d i n

Karen’s Beautiful Things at Th e A r b or e t u m

Enjoy Browsing Through The Past? This delightful boutique is filled to the brim with feminine vintage dresses, hats, scarves, shoes, purses, and jewelry from around the world. 8042 pr ovidence r oad • suite 900, c har l ot te, nc 2827 7 704-998-8339 • victor ia02@infoshre v

S e p t e m b e r

Fashion 1 0909.indd 59

2 0 0 9

59 8/19/09 6:51 PM


Bold colors — purple, gold, olive — define the season’s high style. MICHAEL Michael Kors, Nordstrom


T o d a y ’ s

Fashion0909.indd 60

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

8/19/09 6:52 PM

Plus-S iz e Fashions Break O ld Barriers By Ginger Sprinkle


ith a new wave of fashions and accessories available to comple-

ment any and every figure type, the

days of plus-size clothing designed primarily to cover up the body have fallen by the wayside. Astute designers, clothing companies, and retailers have turned the corner and are now embracing the idea that plus attire can be fun and sexy — actually enhancing the silhouette of a plus-size woman, as opposed to camouflaging it. Traditional boxy cuts are out; colorful, flowing, and flattering creations are in. >

S e pt e m b e r

Fashion0909.indd 61

2 0 0 9

61 8/19/09 2:01 PM

Fashion Research shows full-figured women want to show off their shapes and feel attractive in their clothes. Reinforced by more positive media images, an increasing number of larger ladies have become empowered by the fact that natural curves can be appreciated as beautiful! The popularity of celebrities like singer/actress Queen Latifah and plus-size models Emme (Jacob) and Toccara Jones supports this radiant surge in confidence.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Hand-painted silk floats over deep green (washable!) silk.

Photo by silvio suarez

Aliki Yamani, Scarlett Plus-Size Boutique


T o d a y ’ s

Fashion0909.indd 62

C h a r l o tt e

Women who require what used to be considered “larger” fits — size 14 and up — are finding more options for their wardrobes. While the list of fashion “dos” and “don’ts” seems to grow each season for all women, the plus woman has traditionally been hemmed in by long-held maxims of style (stay away from prints; stick to “slimming” vertical stripes and dark colors) that no longer ring true. That, combined with studies indicating a majority of today’s American women wear a size 12 or larger, has designers and retailers responding to plus-size women with clothes that are stylish and on trend. Todd Albaum, founder and owner of Scarlett Plus-Size Boutique, works regularly with women who have struggled for years to find the right clothes for their body types. And, he takes their comfort and satisfaction personally. “If you don’t look good, I don’t look good!” he says. His boutique features items not found elsewhere, and a seamstress is available to accommodate any tailoring needs. Albaum recognizes that bodies come in all shapes and sizes — triangle, reverse triangle, apple, and pear. His approach to assisting a woman is to help her determine what guidelines might apply to her particular body type. And, his first advice is to always build a foundation starting with … foundations! Undergarments, he says, can be helpful in achieving the best fit. He recommends Spanx® as a way to keep panty lines in check, and also accentuate the bust. “They slim while smoothing out bumps, keeping you cool, and hugging curves,” he explains. Once the foundation is set, Albaum says, it’s time to look beyond the old rules of dressing. “Step out of your comfort zone and experiment with comfortable, flowing pieces in abstract florals or animal-themed motifs, and >

W o m a n

8/19/09 2:01 PM

Satisfy Your Cravings

take a bow

Southern Women’s Show

blakeney : 9856-g rea road : charlotte : north carolina 28277 : 704 542 0472

Savvy Shopping • Trendy Fashion Shows • Creative Cooking Ideas Healthy Lifestyle Tips • Celebrity Guests & Lots of Fun

September 17-20, 2009 The Park (formerly The Charlotte Merchandise Mart)


Thursday 10am-5pm; Opening Night Benefit for Dress for Success Charlotte 6pm-9pm Friday 10am-8pm; Saturday 10am-7pm; Sunday 11am-5pm Adults $9 at the Door; Youth (6-12) $5; Under 6 FREE with Paying Adult

Trunk Show September 24th-26th

800-849-0248 A Southern Shows Inc. Production

Meet KATE GOSSELIN, Reality TV Mom of 8


The Mole Hole Colony PlaCe 7741 Colony Road ChaRlotte, nC 28226 704-543-9969

Advance Discount Tickets Available at S e pt e m b e r

Fashion0909.indd 63

2 0 0 9

63 8/19/09 2:01 PM

Fashion A tunic in shades of chocolate skims over brown wide-leg slacks. Cato, for Cato Black Tencel pants and a shell taken to new heights with a poncho embellished with leather roses and trim. Caribe and Unique Leather Studio, Scarlett Plus-Size Boutique

Top a black blouse and trousers with a cozy sweater for a complete look.

Photo by silvio suarez

Cato, for Cato


T o d a y ’ s

Fashion0909.indd 64

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

8/19/09 6:53 PM



Step out of your comfort zone and experiment with comfortable, flowing pieces in abstract florals or animal-themed motifs, and small prints rather than large — so that you look smaller. — Todd Albaum

small prints rather than large — so that you look smaller,” he suggests. “All are quick fixes that can lift your spirits and keep you moving with ease.” Anne Mitchell, Charlottebased Cato Corporation’s director of fashion merchandising, agrees that a plus woman should consider options other than the staid head-to-toe black. “No matter what their size, our customers love color, and our assortments reflect that,” she says. “Plus women also can and should wear prints and stripes — both vertical and, yes, horizontal! — and whatever else suits their moods and personalities, instead of adhering to the media’s sometimesstale, standard fashion edicts.” According to Mitchell, hot colors this season are bright oranges, yellows, and greens, along with deep olives and fresh pastels.

Style Is Style Is Style

Albaum is keen on garments with interesting necklines. “No matter what shape you are, a Vneck is slimming, taking emphasis off the neck’s roundness and tightening it up with a prominent border, slenderizing and accentuating you from the neck up,” he says. “Also good are boat, portrait-collar, round, and sweetheart necklines, which are very feminine and particularly flattering for taller women. Petites look great with a deep V neckline, modern and funky squares, or the classic keyhole cut.” Layering during the summerto-fall transition is key. “Don’t be afraid to have one piece on top of

another with the longer showing under the shorter, especially with solid cotton pieces,” Albaum says. “For layering and draping, try Tencel, which keeps you cooler in warm weather and never wrinkles. Stay away from polyester or jersey matte, because they cling to the body.” Generally, Albaum advises, you should look for clothes that contain no more than 5 percent spandex, to avoid excessive cling. According to Mitchell, Cato’s goal is to have its junior, missy, and plus buyers work symmetrically to ensure similar department cohesiveness. “We don’t adhere to the notion that our plus customers should or shouldn’t wear a certain style,” she says. “Maxis are a hot trend, and we have them for all Cato customers, whether in missy, plus, or even girls.” Albaum and Mitchell agree that the right accessories are important when it comes to pulling a look together. Handbags, shoes, jewelry, and scarves offer plus-size women the opportunity to play up the fabulous features of their outfits — intriguing necklines, excellent tailoring, pretty patterns, terrific textures — while diminishing unease about emphasizing less-than-perfect body features. Shopping for plus-size clothing can be just as challenging — and just as rewarding — as shopping for anything else. It takes patience, time, and sometimes the help of a good friend or trusted sales associate, not to mention a willingness to step outside of old credos. But it can be done … and done with style! TCW

your Look only Better • Highly Experienced, Goldwell Trained, Artistic Team • Specializing In The Latest Trends, Cuts And Color Techniques • Gift Certificates Available

1515 South tryon Street, Suite 200 • 704-373-0048 Just minutes from Uptown at the Blue Line Bland Street Stop.


Promenade on Providence • Beside Ann Taylor loft 5341 Ballantyne Commons Pkwy. • Charlotte, NC 28277 • 704-845-5466

S e pt e m b e r

Fashion0909.indd 65

2 0 0 9

65 8/19/09 2:02 PM




Coffee & Conversation Breakfast with Today’s Charlotte Woman magazine Start your day at the Southern Women’s Show — grab a bite to eat, meet some of Charlotte’s leading ladies,and learn something new!

September 18, 2009 • 8 to 10 a.m. at The Park (formerly the Charlotte Merchandise Mart) title sponsor :

Ramona Holloway Speaker from 107.9 The Link’s Matt & Ramona Show

Charla Muller Speaker author of 365 Nights: A Memoir Of Intimacy

Tonia Bendickson Event Emcee WBTV News anchor/reporter

For info and tickets, contact us at, or call 704.521.6872. $10 advance tickets. A limited number of tickets are available at the door for $12. Includes admission to the Southern Women’s Show.

Beauty 0909.indd 66

8/20/09 9:52 AM



P r o d u c t s

T h a t

D o

D o u b l e

D u t y

Think Twice M By Fiona Harmon

aybe lately you’ve been passing up your favorite high-end foundation for a drugstore substitute. Or spritzing your designer perfume only once instead of twice. There are relatively painless steps you can take to find a few extra dollars at the bottom of your

cosmetic bag. And one of the best may be zeroing in on products that do double

duty, giving you two ways to put them to good use in your daily grooming and beauty routine. >

S e p t e m b e r

Beauty 0909.indd 67

2 0 0 9

67 8/20/09 9:57 AM


Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips The unique dual-ended wand features a pointed tip for outlining and contouring, and a rounded tip for shadowing and highlighting. $8.95,

Cake Beauty Satin Sugar Hair & Body Refreshing Powder Like the dry shampoos of the ’60s, this cool powder can be massaged into the hair’s root area to absorb excess oil between washes. Then, feel shower fresh by using Cake as body powder. $18,

Venus Spa Breeze Disposable Razors This razor contains built-in shave gel bars that provide a skin-loving light lather for a smooth shave, without the need for separate shaving cream. $9.99,

Physicians Formula Blemish Rx Healing Concealer Created to calm the appearance of inflamed skin and reduce redness, when used daily, this spot-on concealer can also help prevent pimples from re-emerging.

CoverGirl Wetslicks AmazeMint With Crest Peppermint Oil Peppermint oil provides a minty-breath sensation, while the gloss itself boasts a high shine without all that “sticky.” $5.99,


Bliss Problem Salved 20-in-1 Wonder Balm Swipe this beauty balm on to soothe sunburn, bug bites, and blisters. Sweep it across justwaxed, treated, or stressed-out skin. Groom your brows or tame flyaways and frizzies. $18,


T o d a y ’ s

Beauty 0909.indd 68

C h a r l o tt e

Essence Of Beauty Soy Lotion Candle This three-in-one candle, lotion, and massage oil is made from allnatural soy and melts at a low temperature for a spa-like effect. $9.99,

W o m a n

8/20/09 9:58 AM

Welcomes Jeffrey S. Zaidman, and Jason A. Wilson, md


Dr. Zaidman has joined our Matthews office. Dr. Wilson has joined our Charlotte office, and also brings Endoscopic Ultrasound to our practice.

Patient Care Gi researCh endosCoPiC exPertise

Physician Leaders In The Charlotte Region For More Than 30 Years

PaTIEnT aPPoInTMEnT LInE (704) 377-0246 AAAHC-Accredited Office Endoscopy Approved by most major insurance companies

If you’ve turned 50, schedule your colonoscopy today! early screenIng saves lIves Charlotte • SouthPark • Ballantyne • MatthewS • hunterSville • MooreSville

Presbyterian Medical Tower • 1718 E. 4th St. Suite 707 • Charlotte, NC 28204

Services: Annual Exams Pap Smears Gynecological Surgery Breast Disease Incontinence Infertility Routine & High Risk Obstetrics Ultrasounds

Midtown Obstetrics and Gynecology is small by design to provide personalized care in a friendly and comfortable environment. Call us at 704-344-1000, then press 2 to start a long term, healthy relationship.

Stacey Wood, Jr., MD

Beverly Belle, MD

Accepting new patients. Affiliated with many insurance plans.

Gregory Parker, MD

Heather N. Robertson White, MD James Hardy, MD

S e p t e m b e r

Beauty 0909.indd 69

2 0 0 9

69 8/20/09 9:54 AM


An acrylic painting, Sisters, by Dan Lynch, hangs above an antique tea service, cruet set, and sideboard — all three family heirlooms.


TT oo dd aa yy ’ ’ ss

AtHome0909.indd 70

CC hh aa rr ll oo tt tt ee

WW oo mm aa nn

8/17/09 6:34 PM

Homeowners Jerry and Kaye Cloniger share a love of modern art.

Art Of The Home An Eclectic And Meaningful Collection By Sharon Roberts • photos by scott stiles


aye and Jerry Cloniger need only glance around their Clover, S.C., home to remember the places they’ve been and the people they’ve met. During their 21-year relationship, they’ve collected art representing their travels to nearly 40 countries and seven continents.

Well, with the exception of one continent.

“The penguins don’t paint,” Jerry says with a laugh. But the other six continents are represented well in the abstract, surrealistic, and realistic paintings, etchings, sculptures, and glasswork found throughout the couple’s home.

A Personal Connection

There’s the painting of China’s scenic Three Gorges area, bought from the artist who was painting on the ship they boarded along the Yangtze River. There’s the surrealistic oil painting that caught Jerry’s eye as he walked past a gallery in Brit-

tany, France. He returned later to purchase it, and over the years ended up buying a half dozen more from artist Gilbert L’Heritier and keeping in touch with him until his death. Then, there’s the highly regarded work of Belgian artist Yves Bossut, whose delicate paintings can be found throughout the Cloniger home, and who has visited the couple several times. The Clonigers keep this artwork, and the artists who created it, close to their hearts. “A lot of the pieces we bought directly from the artists, and then became friends,” Kaye says. > S e p t e m b e r

AtHome0909.indd 71

2 0 0 9

71 8/17/09 6:34 PM


Top: Paintings line the walls of the home’s basement (l to r): relief in oil, Beyond, by Amy F. Levine; oil, Soliloquy, by Kaye Cloniger; acrylic, A Lady And Her Music, by Winford Galmon; acrylic, Blue Note, by Winford Galmon; acrylic, Mysterious Nude, by Dan Lynch. Sculpture on coffee table: bronze, Dancers, by Sy Rosenwasser; terra cotta, The Aegean, by Paris Alexander. Bottom left: Bronze sculpture, Legend Keeper, by Mark Hopkins. Bottom right: (l to r) Terra cotta sculpture, Torso, by Richard Hallier; ink mezzotint, The Poet, by Gatja Rothe; marble sculpture, Dancing Figure, by Tim Rider; oil, Behold, We Are Bringing Memories, by Yves Bossut.


T o d a y ’ s

AtHome0909.indd 72

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

8/20/09 10:01 AM

The couple’s collection also includes works by artists whose names are universally recognizable: a Rembrandt etching; a signed Miró lithograph; a Salvador Dalí color engraving; etchings by Moroccan “Master of the Line” Guillaume Azoulay, the youngest artist to have works accepted into the Louvre’s permanent collection; an original by Peter Max, famed in popular culture for psychedelic album and book covers and posters; and nesting glass shells by world premier glass artist Dale Chihuly.

Close To Home

The Clonigers have lived in their house for 11 years, and with its many sunlit rooms, high ceilings, and long hallways, it is ideal for displaying their numerous treasures. In fact, the couple has on occasion opened the home for tours during which art lovers could view the collection. “One of the reasons we bought this house was that it was perfect for the art,” Jerry explains.

It isn’t only work created in far-flung lands that finds a place on the walls and along the hallways of the Clonigers’ self-styled gallery. Represented artists come from both Carolinas, from the couple’s neighborhood on Lake Wylie, and even from within their own home, as Kaye is an accomplished artist in her own right. People who have visited the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden in Belmont, the Historic Brattonsville Plantation in McConnells, S.C., or a gallery in Morehead City may have seen Kaye’s work. And those who attended public schools in York, S.C., where she taught art for many years, may have studied with her before her 1994 retirement. She has also taught adult art classes and private lessons, and her art has been exhibited in galleries, museums, art centers, banks, and libraries throughout North and South Carolina. Kaye always knew she wanted to be an artist. Displayed in her studio on the second floor of her home is one of her earliest works — a crayon drawing of a house that is almost dwarfed by her kindergarten-scrawled “Kaye” signature, in red crayon. For DSBG, Kaye painted a series of flowers that was displayed there and printed on note cards, which are now sold at the garden. “I didn’t think I’d want to paint flowers,” she says. “But I think of them as portraits.”


stylish service Traditional & contemporary patterns. Microwave, dishwasher & oven proof. Perfect for everyday, beautiful enough to collect.

Large Serving Platter shown in Autumn Rose

1683 Katy Lane Fort Mill, SC | Exit 85 I-77, 2 mis Hwy 160 | Mon—Sat 10 am–5 pm Call us toll-free at (866) 831 8066 |

Women Of Substance

Terra cotta sculpture, La Penseuse, by Richard Hallier.

What people usually find in Kaye’s work are depictions of strong women, as well as seascapes, windows, paths, and interpretations of the seasons. She often chooses and follows a theme as she creates a particular series of paintings. > S e p t e m b e r

AtHome0909.indd 73

2 0 0 9

73 8/17/09 6:35 PM

AtHome After seeing slave interpreter Kitty Wilson-Evans at Historic Brattonsville, a “living village” a few miles southwest of Rock Hill, S.C., Kaye was so moved that she asked to be allowed to photograph Kitty as “Kessie” the slave, and in 2007, she wrote a poem and painted a series of 14 illustrations of Kessie’s life. The final portrait in the series depicts an older Kessie standing amid shafts of green and yellow light shining down from the heavens, and is titled Going Home. “It was one of the most moving series I’ve ever, ever done,” Kaye says. She donated the Kessie paintings to Historic Brattonsville in her and Kitty’s names, feeling that the latter’s inspiring interpretation of plantation life was as much a part of them as was her own dramatic brushwork.

Bound By Art

Kaye and Jerry met through mutual friends 21 years ago, and married in 1990. After meeting, they found they had many friends in common, and they shared a love of art. The two say they disagree about very little, although Jerry wonders what ever happened to a nude given to him long ago by an old girlfriend. (According to Kaye, it’s safely stowed away in a closet.) The one art form for which Kaye and Jerry have an almost identical taste is sculpture, which makes up roughly half of their collection. Most of it is figurative, including nudes, expressive faces, and abstract bodies in motion. Many of the pieces in the Clonigers’ home are sculptures by their good friend, master marble artist Tim Rider. One sculpture was left as a Christmas present, with help from a friendly neighborhood security guard who gave Tim access to the community and helped lift the piece onto the Clonigers’ driveway. The gatekeeper called early the next morning, warning Kaye and Jerry to take care if they backed out of the garage. “Santa Claus has visited,” he teased. The gift was a Rider creation that formed a low marble table on which three sculpted books were displayed. The middle one, open, had some of Kaye’s poetry etched into its pages. The Kaye Cloniger is, herself, an accomplished artist. Her inhome studio is full of both completed paintings and those in progress.


T o d a y ’ s

AtHome0909.indd 74

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

8/17/09 6:35 PM

piece now sits on a veranda, overlooking the swimming pool below. When it comes to collecting art, the Clonigers say they do not typically look for any particular style or artist or medium — they just know what they like when they see it. When a work of art moves you, Jerry says, there is no need to debate. “You just don’t argue with yourself.” TCW

Dreams do come

True Visit Our Showroom And Let Us Show You How

To view a selection of Kaye Cloniger’s Kessie paintings, visit us at


Art Appreciation

11200 Carolina Place Parkway Pineville, NC 28134 704.541.8453

Your Home As A Showplace Incorporating well-loved art, or a collection of artworks, into your home involves several considerations. Rather than searching for something to “match” your furniture or décor, invest in art that moves you. When it comes to hanging artwork, Bob Griffin, Charlotte’s Picture House Gallery art consultant, says to keep the following in mind before you start putting nails in your walls:

Helen St. Angelo

• Remove all of the artwork in a room, and start from scratch.

Realtor ®/Broker 704-839-1809 (mobile) 704-909-5036 (direct)

• Work out your picture placement on the floor, arranging and rearranging there. • Invest in quality picture hooks and tiny nails meant for hanging art. •

Consider grouping artwork, whether related or not. When grouping, balance, rather than exact symmetry, is the key to creating visual impact.

Pictured above, from the Cloniger home: powdered glass and enamel painting, La Caretta, by David Karp.




S e p t e m b e r

AtHome0909.indd 75

2 0 0 9

75 8/20/09 10:03 AM

HealthFlash W h a t

y o u

n e e d

t o

k n o w

t o

s t ay

f i t

a n d

W e l l

Compiled by jennifer Bradford-epstein

Across The Age Divide Eating Disorders Affect Older Women, Too


n the past three decades, the number of females wrestling with eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia has doubled to at least 5 million, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The nonprofit National Eating Disorders Association estimates that even more Americans (25 million) struggle with binge eating — a disorder characterized by sessions during which large quantities of food are consumed in a matter of several hours. Approximately 90 percent of people with eating disorders are young women between the ages of 12 and 25, but men and older women are being diagnosed in increasing numbers. Just a decade ago, eating disorders were rare among women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. Today, however, they are a reality. Two general types of adult women tend to be susceptible to developing an eating disorder: Women who have sailed successfully through life but are now facing big challenges, such as dealing with career change, children leaving home for college, and/or marital difficulties; and those who have, over the years, had a lot of unresolved issues


T o d a y ’ s

HealthFlash0909.indd 76

C h a r l o tt e

and disappointments that are now coming to a head. Older patients do not necessarily fit in with traditional treatment programs that have, for the most part, focused on younger women and teenagers. Although the symptoms women in midlife exhibit are similar to those of their younger counterparts, there is one major difference: By midlife, many have suffered with their disorders for years, and the disease is not only part of their entrenched thought processes, but their bodies have taken a beating, as well. And while youths in treatment have an 80-percent chance of overcoming their eating disorders, adults in treatment have only a 25-percent chance of getting well, says Dr. Katherine Halmi, director of the eating disorder program at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital in White Plains, N.Y. Given the increasing statistics, Dr. Halmi stresses the importance of getting adolescents into treatment at the first sign of trouble. Parents should be concerned and seek a medical evaluation for their child if he or she is losing weight, becoming isolated from peers, or exercising compulsively.

W o m a n

8/16/09 2:03 PM

The Immune Difference AIDS Research Uncovers Key


ne of the enigmas about the AIDS pandemic is why women, after infection with HIV-1, seem better able to combat the virus in its early stages but then advance faster to fullblown AIDS, as compared to men infected with a similar level of the virus. Researchers at the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT, and Harvard believe the answer lies not only in hormonal differences, but also in the response of a key component in the immune system. It appears that a receptor molecule involved in the first-line recognition of HIV-1 reacts to the virus differently in women, leading to subsequent differences in chronic T-cell activation — a known predictor of disease progression. Basically, women have a more acute immune system response, which is possibly triggered by Carol is just one of Dr. Marlowe’s success stories.

Walk This Way Counting Steps Along The Path

the female hormone progesterone. While stronger activation of the immune system might be beneficial in the early stages of infection, resulting in a slowed rate of HIV-1 cell generation, persistent viral replication and chronic immune activation can lead to an accelerated progression to AIDS. >

Despite longer work hours and increased stress, I still lost weight!

Walking is an easy exercise, but in order to get the most benefit from your effort, use this minute rule to make sure you’re hoofing it hard enough: For maximum health, you want to aim for 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise on most days of the week. But what does “moderate” mean? Clip on a pedometer, and make sure you are taking about 100 steps a minute. Researchers found that women needed about 91 to 115 steps per minute to elevate the heart rate and oxygen intake enough to qualify their activity as moderately intense.

Caring for your family’s Complete dental needs

For years, every attempt to lose weight failed, and I thought I’d tried everything.

Dr. Marlowe has helped me improve my entire quality of life, and I’m happy to say I’ve lost 98 lbs. in 6 months!

Dr. Marlowe’s Weight Loss Institute has the 2nd highest success rate in the nation at 88.7% success.


Dr. Gwyn Davis, Dr. Tiky Swain, Dr. Kimberly Anderson

Before 400 Clarice Avenue, Suite 100, Charlotte NC 28204

(704) 348-4000

Call today to see how we can completely transform your smile with lumineers® and inVisalign™

8420 university executive park suite 805

704 594-9250

S e p t e m b e r

HealthFlash0909.indd 77

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77 8/20/09 10:04 AM

HealthFlash Organic Top 12

Making A Market List For Healthier Eating When it comes to identifying which foods are organic must-haves, most environmental groups agree that there is a “dirty dozen” list that comprises the most heavily sprayed crops. These are the fruits and veggies organic shoppers should consider priorities if they are trying to avoid higher doses of pesticides. • • • • • •

Apples Celery Cherries Grapes Lettuce Nectarines

• • • • • •

Peaches Pears Potatoes Spinach Strawberries Sweet peppers

What makes produce organic is that it is grown without the use of chemicals, such as pesticides, herbicides, and rodenticides. Rather, the farming process uses natural methods of minimizing pests, such as using beneficial insects and natural fertilizers, as well as rotating crops to manage weeds. Source: Stratford University.

Out Of Your Chair Don’t Let Sitting Get You Down


f you spend large chunks of your day in a sitting position, then listen up: It’s time to give your body (and your bottom!) a break. Whether you’re riding in a car, working at a desk, or watching TV, you need to bust a move out of your repose — and do it often. Get up, walk around, and stretch your legs. If you don’t, your longevity may take a hit, even if you are a regular exerciser! In a 12year study, researchers found that folks who sat for most of the day had higher mortality rates than those who moved around. Even if they also exercised for 30 minutes every day, the chair dwellers couldn’t bring their mortality rates down to the level of someone who sat for only a quarter of the day. Among people who sat for the same percentage of time each day, the active people lived longer than the inactive people. So,

don’t give up on exercise even if you are deskbound during the week. Instead, consider increasing your periods of activity to compensate for your chair captivity.

Experienced Urology Care

Now opeN! South Charlotte’s Premiere On-Site Sterile Compounding-Only Pharmacy

Custom Medications for People and Pets • Compounding: Bio-identical Hormones, Veterinary, Dermatology, Cosmetic, OBGYN, Erectile Dysfunction, Pain Management, Podiatry, Urology, Dental and More!

Technology and experience are key factors in both the diagnosis and treatment of urologic disorders. Lake Norman Urology offers an abundance of both. From the latest medical options for all urologic conditions to minimally invasive surgery, our urologists provide comprehensive treatment of: Adult & Adolescent Urologic Disorders:

• Kidney Stones • Urologic Cancers • Prostate • Bladder • Kidney • Testes

• Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) • Infertility • Impotence • Incontinence • Bladder Dysfunction

• Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist Consultations • Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamin/Herbal Supplements

Cedar Walk at Ardrey Kell and Marvin Roads 16709 Orchard Stone Run, Ste. 310, Charlotte, NC

704-540-4330 78

T o d a y ’ s

HealthFlash0909.indd 78

C h a r l o tt e

11 issues plus the TCW Resource Guide for just $20. For a limited time, you will receive a TCW reusable shopping bag.

Carolina Compounding & nutritional pharmaCy

Subscribe Today!

Download a Subscription Form at

Huntersville – Exit 23 off I-77 The Park, 9735 Kincey Avenue, Suite 302, Huntersville, NC 28078 Mooresville – Exit 33 off I-77 137 Professional Park Dr., Suite D, Mooresville, NC 28117


or Call Nikki at 704.521.6872

W o m a n

8/19/09 2:19 PM

An Aspirin A Day Ask Your M.D. For Advice


ccording to the U.S. National Cancer Institute, women who take an aspirin each day may reduce their risk of developing the most common type of breast cancer — estrogen receptor-positive breast tumors — by 16 percent. The National Cancer Institute found no such benefit from other forms of pain killers, and no link between aspirin and the incidence of what is called estrogen receptornegative breast cancer. The finding could have important implications for cancer

prevention, although researchers insist it is too early to recommend that women start taking aspirin to prevent breast malignancies. “The American Cancer Society does not recommend using aspirin for cancer prevention, because aspirin can cause serious gastrointestinal bleeding,” says Eric J. Jacobs, of the American Cancer Society. Whether or not you should use aspirin for disease prevention is a question to be discussed with your doctor, who can take your medical history and current health status into account. TCW

no more missing ingredients! incredible selections Unbelievable prices

Boost Your Immunity Three Foods To Add To Your Meal Certain foods are known for their immune boosting properties. The more of them you can work into your day, the better equipped you will become at fighting off viruses and keeping diseases at bay. So, next time you sit down for a meal: • Sip green or black tea instead of juice. The high amounts of antioxidants in tea fight off free radicals that damage healthy cells and make your body weak and susceptible to infections. • Add more avocados to your plate to provide the healthy oils that support heart health. • Ask for a double dose of mushrooms to really enhance your immune system. Shiitake and maitake mushrooms pack the biggest immunity punch. Source: New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Fred Pescatore.

4300 North Tryon St. Charlotte, NC 28213 704-596-3495 818 E. Arrowood Road Charlotte, NC 28217 704-716-1170 3112 Milton Road Charlotte, NC 28215 704-716-1009 5610 Independence Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28212 704-716-1280 2557 West Franklin Ave. Gastonia, NC 28052 704-861-2966 1807 Cherry Road Rock Hill,SC 29732 803-328-3194

S e p t e m b e r

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79 8/20/09 10:08 AM

G e t

v C a r d e d

Reach Over 120,000 Women Who Want To Do Business With You


Be a u t y

Acupuncture Tuina Massage

“You Deserve to be Beautiful”

Ca re Ser v i c e s

Permanent Facial Make-up by

Li Jie McGimsey, L.Ac.


(Licensed Acupuncturist)

Caring is our ONLY Business


Doctor of Oriental Medicine of Beijing China

Charlotte • Davidson Specialist in Women’s Disorders

Judy Fairchild

Brows, Eyeliner, Lips & More!


Serving the Charlotte community for over 25 years

Personal Care For Those You Love Infants to Elderly • Pets and plants too. When You Need It 24 hours a day • 7 days a week Where You Need It Home • Traveling • Hospital The Way You Want It

Tired of spending all day aT The

hair salon?

Acupuncture & Herbal Experts From China With 27 Years Clinical Experience

Fabulous hair, undetectable hair extensions, lace fronts, lashes and much more.

“Caring for others with compassion, understanding, honesty, and dependability is the purpose of Charlotte Care Services.”

Gift Certificates Available (704) 335-0501

By appointment only Dr. Jeffery (JiFei) Wang (OMD; L.Ac. & CH) Dr. Mary (Qing) Ren (OMD; L.Ac. & CH)

• Pain Management • Infertility • Menopause • Fibromyalgia • Stress/Depression • Insomnia • Sciatica/Arthritis




• High Cholesterol • Stroke • Headache/Migraine • Acne/IBS • Over-Weight • Sports Injury • Whiplash from Auto Accident

Life & Career Change Coach Jackie Burleson CPC, MBA, EFT-ADV TM

7810 Ballantyne Commons Pkwy. • Suite 300 Charlotte, NC 28277 •

RS Chinese Herbs & Acupuncture Licensed Acupuncturists, certified in Chinese Herbology with over 26 years experience.

Jimmy Huang

specializing in women’s health

EnergyConnect Coaching, LLC 704.529.5287 • WWW.ECCOACHING.COM


“Healthy Hair Specialist”

Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. Susan Wang


3705 Latrobe Dr., Suite 320, Charlotte, NC 28211

• Know Your Life Purpose Coach • Emotional Freedom Techniques 20% Off • Stress Management 1st Session • Free Consultation Available

Color Services • Sculpting Press ‘n Curl • Sew-In Weaves

Jill C. Eilenberger LCSW, LMFT Psychotherapist and Author

The Marquis BeauTy Lounge 3700 E. IndEpEndEncE Blvd. #37 (InsIdE salon cEntral)

704-625-0093 •

at torney

b u s i n e s s Se r v i c e s

The WeLCOMe COMMiTTee Treatment For Emotional Eaters


1515 Mockingbird Lane Charlotte, NC 28209

Ensure the future of those you love with Legacy and Family Wealth Planning.

If you are a business or professional wanting to target new households, contact The Welcome Committee.

Telephone: (704) 843-1446 • Facsimile: (704) 973-0773

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T o d a y ’ s

GetCarded0909.indd 80

C h a r l o tt e

We get there first and in person to deliver your advertising message. You’ll receive a prospect list, so tracking results is a snap. For sponsorship information, please call 704-660-1155.

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W o m a n

8/19/09 4:10 PM

fit.indd 1

fin a ncial services

H o m e d e s i g n & Im p r o v e m e n t

R ea l Es t at e

Kathleen Kolb,Owner 704.922.9316 8508 Park Road #176 Charlotte NC 28210

FREE In-Home Consultation

MONEY COUNTS strategies for the business of life

Specializing in


Six Hours of Consulting at No Fee PROMO CODE: 4FREE

Debbie Peterson 704.315.5623

R et ai l

11121 Carmel Commons Blvd., Suite 400 Charlotte, NC 28226 Securities and Investment Advisory services offered through ING Financial Partners, Member SIPC Money Counts is not a subsidiary of nor controlled by ING Financial Partners 9601 Brookdale Dr, Suite 300 Charlotte, NC 28215 (704) 598-0001


19 Years

At The Arboretum

r e s ta u ra n t

8206 Providence Rd. #1800 Charlotte, NC 28277

(704) 542-1444

Maharani brings to you the authentic essence of Indian cuisine, blending the finest aromatic spices to create dishes that are traditional in flavor, all to be enjoyed in an atmosphere that is warm, inviting and elegantly adorned.

Vitamins/Supplements Sports Fitness • Natural Foods


He alth & Wellness When You Don’t Make Excuses…


Want to lose weight, tone, firm, maybe get rid of that muffin top? I can make it happen. Best of all I travel to your home, office, park, or accepting gyms.

Dara Barber

Cabinet Design Specialist Remodel & New Construction

“We are here to help!” for your Relaxation Rejuvenation Rehabilitation Restoration with Quality and Variety!

Mon-Fri 11:30 pm - 2:30 pm

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We Make the Decision Easy™ For more information go2 or 704.231.2278 AshanoJohnson, Johnson, NSCA-CPT, Founder of Mobile Ashano BA, BA, NSCA-CPT, Founder of Mobile Fitness Fitness

Mon-Fri 11-6, Sat 11-3 Located @ I-485 at Rocky River Road Exit in the Brookdale Shopping Center

Lunch Buffet & Lunch Specials

Sat & Sun Noon - 3:00 pm Dinner Mon-Sun 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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Professional Therapies on Chair, Table or Floor” For Individuals, Couples or Groups

3/25/09 10:19:51 PM

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We Care About Women’s Health! With Chiropractic & Microcurrent Acupuncture We Specialize In: • Migraines/Headaches • Weight Loss • Fibromyalgia • Numbness/Tingling • Menstrual/Menopause • Back Pain new: Esthetics/Skin Care and Massage Therapy

Interior & Exterior Doors, Storm Doors, Screen Doors, Pet Doors,

Host Your Next Event At Lebowski’s Tennis Clubs • Bridge Clubs • Bachelorette Parties Graduation • Birthday • Engagement • Divorce or Ladies’ Night!

Call For Details!

Security Hardware, Deadbolts, Door Scopes, General Door Hardware, Weather-stripping for Energy Efficiency, Paint, Stain

The Residential Door Experts

Off Premise Catering Available.

1524 East Blvd. • (704) 370-1177

HirscH cHiropractic & Wellness center 2125 Sharon Amity Road, Charlotte, NC 28205 (704) 569-1567

Visit us on the web at

2 0 0 9 / 2 0 1 0

GetCarded0909.indd 81


r e s o u r c e

g u i d e

81 8/19/09 4:09 PM

T o m o r r o w ’ s G irls

A n d

Camille Gross Classical Singer

v C h a r l o t t e W ome n

leadi n g

t h e

W o m a n

wa y

A Song In Her Heart By Michelle Young Hubacher • Photo BY JAMES BROWN


he figures maybe her first words were set to music. Or, perhaps she simply cannot remember a time when she didn’t sing. Either way, 17-year-old Camille Gross has a love of music that she’s been nurturing her “whole life” — with no plans to stop singing any time soon. The home-schooled senior has been a member of Charlotte Children’s Choir since she was 8; takes weekly voice lessons from Jacquelyn Culpepper, Davidson College artist associate of voice; and has participated in Children’s Theatre of Charlotte’s School of Theater Training Program for four years. Although she loves to sing almost any type of music, including musical theater, Camille is most inclined toward classical songs — in English, Spanish, Italian, French, or German. She is taking both Spanish and French in school and is required by Culpepper to translate all songs she sings in order to appreciate the genesis of the music. “I really enjoy singing in German the most,” Camille says. “There is something about the music vocabulary — the language is softer when you sing it, and it tends to be easier to emote and to connect.”

Music has brought much to Camille’s life. Through song, she’s discovered a love of working with children, often serving as a young chaperone on Charlotte Children’s Choir trips. As a junior intern with Children’s Theatre of Charlotte summer programs at ImaginOn, the teen particularly likes assisting the youngest “actors” — the 3 to 8-year-olds — during what is, for most of them, a first taste of the stage. Camille earned the part of Golde in Charlotte Children’s Theatre’s OnStage Performance Project production of Fiddler on the Roof in 2008. She continues to act, this year appearing in the OnStage presentation of ¡Bocón!, a Latin folk tale. But music is Camille’s passion, and she continues to sing. One of her most memorable musical experiences is having been asked to sing The StarSpangled Banner at a naturalization ceremony for 50 new American citizens at the Federal Courthouse in Charlotte. “It was such an honor,” she says. “My grandparents, who arrived here from India and became citizens in the ’50s, came to hear me sing at the ceremony. And, my parents were there. It was really special to us.” TCW

ToLearnMore Charlotte Children’s Choir will perform its First Voices Concert, Sat., Sept. 12, from 10 a.m. to noon, at Providence Baptist Church, 4921 Randolph Road. For information, visit, or call 704/374-1892.


T o d a y ’ s

CamilleCross0909.indd 82

C h a r l o tt e

W o m a n

8/20/09 10:10 AM

3 8

t s o l na i r t a K


t r a e a h y h t l a e ah a g e r nd

her ring e g n nda ons, as e w t icati h d g e i e hen art m ’s w t he se w trina r n a o e K r ot w go, diffe ht g ree ng a wife g h o i l t e t w usy on b h No ide y t i s i d w th e ins le lrea d d g i A n g h . A u y. life ther g str er ctom d ra e l -lon r u e e Heid f o t i l s n w y a a h e y a r. R ical d sh had et D urg foun S m she r r e e h r fo n sh mot ce nte The e . and t . Sin C u n o e a h o g orm at T e than ke N eam t a s. Sh L e d h t t n a u d ss an 3 po with t Lo e8 ost 8 z l igh i s e s ’ W oa trina 20 t ant, , Ka e n z i e s port th a m i m ore t fro e. M r wen a se a p o lo to s t d m her roo s gla too; a wa , n s i r g t Ka thin ther and o w fe ition d n t co ons. hear icati d e em thre

t f weigh enefits o b e e th th t u eld ore abo sually h calling learn m minar u by r o You can y at our free se m at 7 p r th e n rg o u s m loss every . nday of last Mo (4584)


0 . H LT H

ying enjo e r a nfo. i who . s r g e n th nd o inni g e ina a r t b a K bout rnew u ore a o m y n n at Lear agai e c n life o

704.660.4000 I-77 at exit 33 – Mooresville

LNRM.3232.Bariatric_Katrina.TCW.Ad.indd AdamsGroup0909.indd 83 1

7/8/09 8/19/09 2:48:59 4:13 PM PM


The Hunstad Center For Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Dr. Bill Kortesis

Joseph P. Hunstad, MD, FACS and the staff at The Hunstad Center for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery proudly welcome Bill Kortesis, MD.

A North Carolina native, Dr. Kortesis completed his training at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center and is excited to practice plastic and reconstructive surgery at The Hunstad Center in the Charlotte area. Specializing in cosmetic procedures including breast augmentation, body contouring, liposuction, facelifting, and rhinoplasty, Dr. Kortesis will also perform a wide range of reconstructive procedures. Utilizing updated techniques and the latest technologies, he prides himself on achieving high-quality care with an individualized, caring approach. Dr. Kortesis looks forward to meeting you and welcomes your questions while discussing your plastic and reconstructive needs.

Fully Accredited Surgery Center Anesthesia by Board Certified Anesthesiologists

Join us for our FREE monthly Symposium on COMPREHENSIVE BREAST SURGERY INCLUDING RECONSTRUCTION. Call for date, time, and reservation 704.549.0500. Trust the name you know. Joseph P. Hunstad, MD, FACS.

The Hunstad Center for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Medi-Spa Past President of North Carolina Society of Plastic Surgeons Section Head of Plastic Surgery at CMC University Hospital

8605 Cliff Cameron Drive • Suite 100 • Charlotte, NC 28269 • 704.549.0500 • Hunstad0909.indd 84

8/16/09 2:42 PM

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