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Another semester done, projects turned in, subjects (hopefully) passed and now at the brink of completing the enrollment process for another semester in USC. The first installment of AY 2012-2013 has proved to be anything but boring. The months gone by have afforded us a lot of activities to help keep us steady and sane through all the schoolwork and studying. We partied hard with you, cheered for our Mr. and Ms. Intrams with you, broke our hands clapping for our cheerdance teams with you. Surely, we wouldn’t want those who couldn’t make it to the events to simply miss out on everything. And so for the semester that was, here is our little remembrance. As your student publication, we made sure to be right at the heart of every event to bring you the goings-on in the University and to finally present you this photobook - a collection of selected shots from one of the school year’s biggest and most anticipated events. Do make time to flip through the pages (you just might see a familiar face - even yours!), and relive the cheers, the fervor, and the spirit of USC Days 2012.

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Warriors’ Run

Themed “Glocalized Education: Owning our Challenges”, the commemoration of this year’s University founding days is symbolized in Warrior’s Run 2012 as a milestone in the collective efforts of the USC alumni, students, faculty, leaders, and partnering organizations in the furtherance of fostering an agreeable relationship with fellow Carolinians and the community, and in the promotion of sports and health.

About 2,000 runners registered for the 3km, 6km and 12km categories which were all started and finished at the Talamban Campus.

If in theory it is true that we race not so much to beat each other, but to be with each other, then certainly running will continue to be known among people of different ages as an avenue for strengthening friendship and social relationships, from simply being recognized as another sports event.

A female runner dashes ahead as contenders trail. On her right, morning traffic towards Talamban area starts to build. Perhaps John Bingham, in his book No Need for Speed: The Beginner’s Guide to the Joy of Running, places the real marvel of running best - that it is not about finishing, but having the courage to start.

Photographs courtesy of Hazel Macuto, Richard John Pozon, and Marjesjo KiĂąo Pulvera


Calm before the onslaught: Students and teachers file into the gym and wait with eager anticipation as the Opening Ceremony draws to a start.

[Right] The College of Architecture and Fine Arts (CAFA) cheerdancers powerroutine their way to the top of the game. [Left- cornermost] Today’s Carolinian anchorman Niveno Ocdinaria interviews CAFA cheerdance team captain Leonardo Rey Pastorfide on his group’s victory.

[Below] The audience awaits in anticipation for the beginning of the program. Most members sit on the higher bleachers while guests, awardees, and faculty situate themselves on the lower seats, closer to the basketball court.

[Above] A leap of triumph. A CAFA cheerdancer jumps for joy as their team is announced grand winner for this year’s cheerdance contest. [Right] Several contenders in the Mr. and Ms. Intramurals pageant pose for their fans during the awarding.

August 18 saw the closing program of the very first Cebu International Documentary Film Festival at the USC College of Architecture and Fine Arts (CAFA) building, where winners in the categories Long Documentary, Short Documentary, and Color My Taxi were awarded. [Right] Awardees, guests and participants gather at the CAFA Lobby for cocktails. [Below from left] Former NYU professor and now head of the USC-Cinema faculty Dr. Paul Grant announces the winning films. The Adelante Dramatics and Cultural Ensemble, dancing Putungan, grace the stage to welcome everyone to the event’s concluding ceremony. Photographs by Bernadette Jalocon


Cebu International Documentary Film Festival

CLOSING PROGRAM The CIDFF is a platform enjoining local and international filmmakers, film producers and media persons to participate in an annual event that is organized to bring in a diverse and global audience to Cebu through documentary films.




To recognize and honor the College of Arts and Sciences students who have achieved academic excellence during the 2nd semester for Academic Year 2011-2012, “Pasidungog sa CAS� was held at the CAFA Theater, Talamban Campus afternoon of August 22, 2012. The event was formally opened by Dean Ramon S. Del Fierro and University President Fr. Dionisio Miranda, SVD and graced by the respective Chairs of the different departments of the College. Photographs by Bernadette Jalocon

USC THEATRE GUILD [Right] Arvin Bangcog plays warden in Salarin, the first act in Dasal. He becomes a close friend of Pablo Gonzales during his stay in prison.

[Above, from topmost] Dasal’s cast members rehearse parts and get rigged up as their fellows make ready for the press con. Stricken with celebral palsy, Sarah (Dawn Eloisa Cabalquinto) cries in the arms of her sister Patricia (Sara Ann Phoebe Valiente) during the preview to the second act entitled, Hiling sa Langit.


On its 37th production season, the USC-Theatre Guild (TG) hosted an August 22, 2012 gathering at Laguna Garden, Ayala Terraces, Cebu City of media partners, cast, organizers, and members in what had been a preview to Dasal - a twopart play on love, family, and forgiveness staged August 31 to September 1, 2012. [Direct right to bottom] Gerard Joe Carillo plays the role of Pablo Gonzales, the lead actor in Salarin. In the story, he is sentenced to die through electrocution for committing murder in order to save his fiancee. The USC-TG members composed, wrote and performed the theme song entitled “Hiling sa Langit”. Photographs courtesy by Dominique Jan Celeste


IMMERSION USC-TG, the oldest and most established theatre group in Visayas and Mindanao, has once again hosted a charity event for the kids with special needs at Adam Jennie’s Christian Center for Special Children.

TG’s outreach beneficiaries delight in painting their figurines. [Left] Thirty participants aged 3-20, engaged in the painting activity held last August 24, 2012 at Let’s Paint, SM City Cebu. Along with the members of the USC Theatre Guild, the children were also assisted by 12 staff members from the Center, including its founder Mr. Lee Jennie. Photographs courtesy of Claire Mae Lapidez



Aimed at raising the public’s awareness of socially relevant issues, the Active Vista Film Festival 2012 took part in this year’s USC Days by screening some of its films at the Buttenbruch Hall, Downtown Campus on August 23, and at the College of Architecture and Fine Arts Theater, Talamban Campus on August 24.


A Forum on the Proposed Anti-

Discrimination Ordinance of Cebu City Photographs by Bernadette Jalocon

Moot Court, USC SOLG Building - August 23, 2012 saw the forum on the Proposed Anti-Discrimination Ordinance participated by several Carolinian students and instructors, and members of the LGBT community.

Members of LGBT advocate groups and community express their support for the ordinance.

Launching of the ISMIS Opening of the JB-LRC Talamban Campus – 9 AM of Friday, August 24 saw the formal opening of the Philippines’ biggest university library, the Father Joseph Baumgartner Learning Resource Center (JB-LRC), along with the official launching of the Integrated School Management Information System (ISMIS) in the new library building in the USC-TC. Photographs by John Matthew Flores


NIGHT 08/24/12 An estimated 1000+ people, joined in on August 24 Students’ Night party on the muddy soccer field of the Talamban Campus, where people rocked with the bands, danced to the mix of the DJ, and listened to the rappers and beat boxers in the two-part event - the first installment a band slam competition of contenders from different student organizations inside the university, and the second a concert of well-known beat boxers, rappers, and bands.

Spectators - including non-Carolinians who made their way in - and performers alike go all-out during the USC-SSC-organized concert.

[Left] Audience members bath in a pool of light and dry ice vapor as they gaze up at the stage and anticipate the show’s commencement. [Left - cornermost] On stage, the jockey sets the mood. [Below] Overall, it had been a night of youth, zeal, music, and paint. Lots of paint.

[Left and above] Dressed in white, the Sinulog festival queen gracefully parades the image of the Little Jesus. Heedless of the heat, Sinulog dancers from the class of Mrs. Francita Pacana raise their candles in reverence to the image of Sto. Nino, the patron of Cebu. Photographs by John Matthew Flores

P.E. FESTIVAL An annual dance exhibition of the different dances of the Philippines and of the world, the P.E. Festival, participated by all of USC’s P.E. classes, is a spectacle in its hugeness and color.

As to the true wonder of dance, Michael Jackson put it best. “Dancers come and go in the twinkling of an eye but the dance lives on�. It may be true, for it is undeniable that for probably most of us, when the dance is over and the applause has subsided, the joy and feeling stays.

[Above, then left] Heedless of the high morning heat, students danced in full energy at the USC-TC Soccer Field, with most even performing in barefoot. Contemporary and traditional Filipino dances are known to reflect Hispanic influence.

[Above] Battalion in green. Male student dancers holler as they scuttle to formation during performance. Under the sun, costume colors come to life as they catch bright high morning light.

DASAL The Showing Hundreds flock to SM Cinema 1 last August to witness the staging of Dasal. One of the actual plays get interrupted mid-performance and postponed due to an earthquake, but this does not stop the audience from returning on the rescheduled showing. [Suceeding page] The story of Salarin, one in the two-part play, enthralls the audience with its many heart-rending scenes, including that where the lead’s love interest is left crying in despair at her helplessness in being confronted with the death sentence of the former.



[Below left] Students wait in anticipation for the awaiting awarding and popjazz competition

Photographs by Bernadette Jalocon, John Matthew Flores, Neil Briones (contributor), Gerard Theodore Alcuizar

White canvas and red spirals. The group executes an impeccable synch and invents an optical illusion simultaneously

A target game? Lollipops? What do their costumes remind you of? The School of Healthcare Professions (SCHP) (better known as the College of Nursing) pop jazz team was a spectacle in their ensemble alone.

[Left, then top] Femme fatale. Eunice Cuizon, Kinesyx’s (College of Engineering Pop Jazz) team captain nails it down with an astonishing performance with her group. Their presentation leaves the audience flabbergasted, their fans cheering at the top of their lungs, and the championship in their bag.

The College of Architecture and Fine Arts (CAFA) pop jazz, seen here performing in red and white rigouts and astonishing onlookers with one unstinting feisty bop after another - is humbled to 1st Runner Up this year from championing the 2011 pop jazz contest.

Oriental was the way to go for the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Pop Jazz. Dressed in blue-and-red kimono-inspired attires, their dance moves lived up to their full-blooded Asian theme.

The School of Business and Economics Pop Jazz crew dances to transitions from upbeat to soulful music and back again. Their choreography undoubtedly enthralls the audience.

Freedom! The College of Education Pop Jazz artists perform a prisonersand-cops dance-slash-tableu, where they depict the cry for liberty and its achievement after struggle.

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