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Americans Don't Understand These Facts About Social Security The Fastest Ways to Catch Up on Retirement Savings

Old Enough for Sex: ‘My ex-husband borrowed money to marry…’ (and that’s not all)

Boomer Travel: 34 Fall Weekend Trips You Should Plan Now Boomer Healthy Eating: Building Great Salads

Generational Rift: Boomers vs. Millennials and the New ‘American Dream’ F (Forget)– Being Old: Boomers Must Plan for the New Golden Years: “Work-Tirement” (3.0) Today’s BoomeR

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This Issue Fall 2019 Volume 8, Number 3

Social Security


Americans Don't Understand These Facts About Social Security

Founders: John Vardallas & Alexandra Maragha

F (Forget)-Being Old

Editor-In-Chief: Alexandra Maragha


Boomers Must Plan for the New Golden Years: “Work-Tirement”(3.0)

The New “American Dream” 10 A Generational Rift in the Current Status of the “American dream”

Boomer Travel


34 Fall Weekend Trips You Should Plan Now

The fastest ways to catch up 20 on retirement savings Old Enough For Sex


‘My ex-husband borrowed money to marry…’ (and that’s not all)

Boomer Healthy Eating Building Great Salads


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Foreshadowing the Now In 1931 James Truslow Adams coined the phrase "American Dream" in his book “The Epic of America”. It was in this at that time that he wrote the following:

“…if the American dream is to be a reality, our communal spiritual and intellectual life must be distinctly higher than elsewhere, where classes and groups have their separate interests, habits, markets, arts, and lives. IF the dream is not to prove possible of fulfillment, we might as well become stark realists, become once more class-conscious, and struggle as individuals or classes against one another. If it is to come true, those on top, financially, intellectually, or otherwise, have got to devote themselves to the “Great Society,” and those who are below in the scale have got to strive to rise, not merely economically, but culturally. We cannot become a great democracy by giving ourselves up as individuals to selfishness, physical conform, and cheap amusements. The very foundation of the American dream of a better and richer life for all is that all, in varying degrees, shall be capable of wanting to share in it. It can never be wrought into a reality by cheap people or by “keeping up with the Joneses.” There is nothing whatever in a fortune merely in itself or in a man merely in himself. It all depends on what is made p. 4 of each.”


Lets all rise to make the “American dream” an American reality while remembering, the meaningless value of everything brings real value to nothing.

p. 12

Alexandra V. Maragha Editor-In-Chief

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Social Security:

Americans don't understand these facts about Social Security

By Daria Uhlig, GoBankingRates

Social Security Facts You Should Know

increase by as much as 8

Social Security is a simple concept. You pay Social

percent every year that you

Security taxes while you work, and when you retire, you delay, up to age 70. receive payments for the rest of your life. However, as

with any government program, there is a complex web of regulations and requirements surrounding Social Security. To help you better navigate the maze of Social Security, GOBankingRates developed a quiz to see how much you know about the program — and how much more you might need to learn. Take this Social Security quiz to find out if you’re really ready for retirement.

The future of the Social Security trust fund is a worrying

concern for many Americans, especially in the face of ominous reports in the press about its solvency. So, when exactly will this hallowed American institution run dry? Answer: c) Never This is a bit of a trick question, but the idea that Social Security one day will stop paying anything at all is one of the biggest Social Security myths out there.

True, the Board of Trustees of the Social Security Trust Fund project that funds will be depleted in 2035. This question is probably the most debated question of However, there will still be millions of workers paying all when it comes to Social Security. Which one is the

Social Security taxes to fund the program. Without any

right answer?

changes, the Trustees project that Social Security will

Answer: d) It depends

still pay 75 percent of its benefits — even if the trust

There are numerous reasons to claim Social Security

fund goes to zero in 2035.

early. For starters, you get your money sooner rather

than later. If you don’t plan on living a long life, you might be ahead of the game by taking your money sooner. If you’re married, you can make a plan where one spouse claims early and the other claims later. The earliest you can claim your Social Security benefits is age 62. However, if you can wait, your benefit will Today’s BoomeR 5

Answer: d) None of the above Under “file and suspend,” also called “deemed filing,” the Social Security Administration allowed workers to file for a retirement benefit and then immediately suspend it, earning a spousal benefit while their own retirement benefit grew every year. That loophole was closed in 2015, so (a) is no longer an option. Under option (b) filing later, you’re guaranteed to receive a higher payment for the rest of your life — but you won’t receive it until age 70. Working in retirement can be an option, but it can also reduce your Social Security payments or make them taxable, so it’s not a sure answer either.

Answer: d) Any age from 62 to 70 Age 62 is the earliest that anyone can file for Social Security. Currently, between age 66 and 67 is “full retirement age,” when the standard benefit is paid.

Age 70 is the latest age that a worker can file. However, you are permitted to file anytime between age 62 and 70, whether you are working or not — although your benefit might be affected if you’re not retired.

6 Today’s BoomeR

Spousal benefits are an important part of the Social

For many Americans, Social Security is a prime source

Security equation. But how does a spouse qualify?

of retirement income. But does that income ever go

Does working status play a role?

up, or are you stuck with what you’re getting now for

Answer: d) (b) and (c) only

the rest of your life? Make your choice and see the

A spousal benefit is meant for the spouse of a


working taxpayer. A spouse’s benefit is up to 50

Answer: a) Yes, if there’s a cost-of-living adjustment

percent of the primary taxpayer’s benefits, so if you

The Social Security Trust Fund isn’t a mutual fund,

don’t qualify for retirement benefits, your spouse

where you get paid more if the fund has a good year;

doesn’t qualify for spousal benefits.

nor do you benefit if more workers flood the market and pay more in Social Security taxes. However, you will benefit from occasional cost-of-living adjustments, based on the rate of inflation. For 2018, for example, benefits will rise 2 percent.

Social Security is the subject of constant attention, from consumers and politicians alike. Many ways to fix or change Social Security are often bandied about, so do you need to worry about changes to your Social Security payments, either before or after you file?

Social Security seems like a simple concept — you put

Answer: d) Both (b) and (c)

money in the trust fund over the course of your life.

Your benefit payments can always increase due to the When you retire, you get paid that money back. But is

cost-of-living adjustment tied to inflation, making (a)

that how it really works?

false and (b) true.

Answer: d) It depends on how long you live — but a)

However, if you’re still working, you might be subject is usually also true to more tax if the Social Security tax base is increased. Take a look at this sample calculation: If you earn In 2018, for example, you’ll pay Social Security taxes

$50,000 a year for 30 years, you’ll be paying $3,100

on earnings up to $128,700, up from $127,200 in

per year in Social Security taxes, or $93,000 overall.


At that level of career earnings, you’ll qualify for a Social Security benefit of $1,846.74 per month if you

start taking benefits at age 66 years and 2 months. After just over 50 months, you’ll have received back more than you put into Social Security — $94,183.74. See more facts at: retirement/americans-dont-understand-these-facts-about-social -security/ss-AAGuY6I?ocid=spartandhp#image=21

Today’s BoomeR 7 Thanks You for your continual Support and for making your voice heard in Saving Our Social Security! While we have heard YOUR voice through signing our petition, the work to maintain and preserve the Social Security Trust Fund is far from over.


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F– (Forget) Being Old: Boomers Must Plan for the New Golden Years: “Work-Tirement” (3.0) John A. Vardallas, Founder/CEO, Since the proposed future changes to Social Security have become a national debate, many Americans are starting to think seriously about revising their retirement plans. People are now healthier and expected to live longer and with the recent unprecedented changes in the economy and stock market fluctuation many of us Boomers will have to delay full time retirement and extend their work life. It is no longer unusual to spend as much time in retirement as in working full-time. Many retirees are depending on relatives, government assistance and part-time work to survive. The 70-year-old at the grocery check-out, local diner or flight attendant is likely to be partnered with another retiree bagging groceries or server taking food and beverage orders. Special Challenge for Boomers Baby Boomers will make up the largest population of retired workers in history with the longest life expectancy. Boomers will be the most diverse group of retirees. They may be funding their children’s education, supporting adult children, and caring for elderly parents. And the greatest fear for the baby boom generation is “Outliving Their Money”!

There are several ways to do this. •

Keep a journal/money diary of everything you spend for a few months.

Compile your years expenses via cancelled checks, bills, and cash withdrawals.

Determine your take-home pay over a period of time. Calculate what you’ve saved—what’s left will give you an idea of what you are spending.

Decide what kind of income you will need to fund your retirement lifestyle.

Know your financial limits!

Retirement Income After you’ve estimated your expenses, you’ll need to determine if your retirement income will cover your living expenses. Only one-third of Boomers save enough of what they need to retire at their income level, according to USA Today. The traditional “three-legged stool” of retirement income consists of personal savings, Social Security and pensions has now been expanded to “five” to include maintaining good health and job skills/competencies. Back To School?

Some Boomers will even be returning to school to refine and update their old skills or seek new skills for a new work game-full focus. There is a surge of older “Plus 50” students on campus. Many boomers realize the need to keep working well into their 70s at least part-time to help supplement It is for these reasons Boomers will be engaging in what I have retirement income and achieve financial security. termed “Work-Tirement” to keep up with their financial Boomers will need to stay marketable in the workforce and lifestyle needs. may have been laid off or are having difficulty finding While some Boomers have done an adequate job of saving for employment or desire to pursue and “Encore Career” before its too late. retirement, many wait until it is too late. People have a difficult time estimating their retirement expenses because In addition many Boomers are choosing to strap on a they fail to keep track of their own spending habits or try to back-pack just to stay mentally sharp, keep socially engaged, keep the same habits when they retire. grow and learn. Estimate Your Spending Habits-Give Yourself A Financial All of these dynamics will re define retirement and may call Check Up for us Boomers to stay engaged in work beyond our golden years and have a solid retirement game plan. It’s a fallacy to assume that your spending habits will dramatically decline during retirement. Many retirees travel When it comes to funding your golden years, “HOPE” is not a and pursue other activities that keep themselves occupied. successful strategy! The first step in retirement planning is to get an estimate of your expenses—your annual cost of living. Today’s BoomeR 9

The New “American Dream” As millennials have now taken over in the workforce, influence, and trends there has been a generational rift in the current status of the “American dream” By Alexandra V. Maragha, Today’s Boomer and The communal experience which defined American culture is no more with the emergence of technology and the coming of age of the millennial generation, giving a new meaning to the “American dream”.

events have given groups of people this sense of an “American dream” within their own contexts; leaving “ability” to in most cases determine the limit of “achievement”.

The children of baby boomers have had the remanences of their parents’ experiences, values, and lifestyles trickle into their own lives, leaving for millennials to reject, accept, or blend those ideals.

Boomers lived first hand through the original movements depicting levels of affluence and social struggles where the limited economic and social equality of “ability” for many limited their level of “achievement”.

Baby boomers came of age with print, radio, television, and film, leaving the dependency for communal interaction to remain present and thrive for information to spread; as “keeping up with the Joneses” was a necessity for middle-class families.

Millennials still face the same systems and inequality of affluence that always was in place. However, millennials merge the idealism of the “American dream” and the constitutional rights of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, because their youthful optimism still allows Mass media and propaganda dictated and satisfied the them to believe that there is no difference between rise of a majority of Americans into the middle class and ideology and reality. the consumerism that came with it; the propaganda of the "American dream". The reality and hardships of life The Millennial Past were hidden to carry on a communal experience and Millennials who were born and raised in the United maintain an illusion of the idealism that the “American States from parents who were born and raised in the dream” was attainable and desired by all and for all. United States have shifted Adams’ idea of the Millennials have emerged into their own rogue “American dream” redefining the element of “ability” consumerist generation and now that they are into and “achievement”. The days of being raised in the ’80s adulthood, they are redefining a new “American and early ‘90s created a sense of entitlement for dream”. millennials. Baby boomer parents worked to create stability for their families and children and left the Perhaps it is most important to be reminded of the children to be among the middle class of the “haves”, origins of the “American dream”. Writer and historian even if their parents and they themselves struggled James Truslow Adams in his best-selling 1931 book among the “have nots”. "Epic of America", described the term as "that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and As technology progressed, the era of beepers/pagers, fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according “AOL”, and cell phones emerged with millennials to ability or achievement." catching on quicker than their parents of how to use and keep up with this technology. Soon the symbolic Since the ’30s, “equal opportunity” has been merely a materialism of the “American dream” began to shift for hopeful term. Political and social circumstances and 10 Today’s BoomeR

a teenager of the late ’90s to desire and acquire a cell phone before their first car.

maintained the baby boomer bred propaganda of the ’50s and 60’s to where decades of trained movement and thought process now created the next generation for a what will be a watered-down dream.

The uses of technology and innovation shifted from the communal experience of living to share, to divide into an individual American experience, reflecting status and Millennials Presently Paused affluence. The middle-class millennial upbringing and self-focus on Access to technology, the same as access to owning a social life and expected privilege left minimal impact on television in the home during the 1950s and ‘60s, millennials to now have the focus and ability as millennials experienced as well but this time with responsibilities of adulthood set in. What millennials are internet and computer access. A middle-class family now “acquiring” are rent, loans, student debt, and could have a desktop computer with dial-up service to ongoing financial responsibilities motivated through which chat rooms and instant messenger quickly unstable means, rather than life partners, debt-free became the way of continuing communication with degrees in higher education, single-family homes, new equally-affluent friends after school. While their parents cars, and any other type of properties. were busy working, children were left alone at home Unlike baby boomers who married early in life, started and "latchkey kids" further emerged. Gaming systems families right away and went for the "American dream" and internet groomed a new type of introverted youth of “what to acquire” and “how to achieve” such, lacking pro-active social interests, but now millennials are settled and delayed in their youth well-equipped with technical skill. Others who could mindset. The interdependence from the lifeline of during the ’60s and ’70s go home and hide their entitlement which their parents created has left most to “achievement” or lack of wealth were now exposed by “acquire” and “achieve” traditional elements late, if at technology simply because they were not “online”. all. By the time millennials entered college, they scattered As millennials furthered their youth and came to age off into the dust but at first, could be tied together with technology, their view of entitlement mixed with through the emergence of “MySpace” and then financial opportunity has now, years later, created a “Facebook”. This created a divide of “achievement” to shift in consumerism and what to “acquire” in this new where the exclusivity of Facebook of initially only being millennial “American dream”. accessible to those with a college or university email, left those who did not continue their education exposed Millennials now have the technology of smartphones to match the fostering of entitlement to create an almost and out. absolute intrapersonal experience, leaving communal By this time the internet was readily available as well as experiences to become lost. A single experience for computers, but mainstream entertainment such as masses to gather and collectively watch, and have a movie theatres, movie rental stores, and cable TV kept generational or “American moment”, is now dissolved millennials as well as baby boomers living a communal as anyone can watch “anytime and anywhere”, rather experience. Likewise, the debut of reality TV kept this than all at the same time at home. Personal scope alive with shows like “Who Wants to Be a entertainment has become considered a necessity, Millionaire”, “Survivor” and “American Idol” keeping rather than a luxury. Spending to “acquire” the newest viewers tuned in on a weekly basis. The interactive iPhone rather than paying off debt is the way to express element of TV and entertainment merged with viewers the prestige of “achievement”, according to perhaps being able to call nationwide to vote for a result of a both materialistic and financial measurements. show. The collective consumerism of the ’90s Today’s BoomeR 11

Millennial entitlement also creates competition for “achievement”. Millennials, while they seem to older generations lost and confused, are still competitive; when it suits them to be. The status of their parents living the “American dream” gave millennials a jump on their own expectations. Millennials want the position of CEO before ever stepping foot in the office building. They want the prestige of “acquirement” to carry on, and their downfall is not knowing how to get there on their own. Their “no child left behind” upbringing and education only takes most so far before the first hurdle makes the few or breaks the many.

exciting” and employers take full advantage of it. Companies have no problem hiring a millennial over a baby boomer because they are less demanding and when it comes to starting a job and jargon such as “benefits package” might not even cross their mind. Likewise, for those millennials who want the freedom of working “part-time” to maintain their social lives are not tending to their financial nest eggs because they are not the ones managing them; their parents are or bank credit is.

The false luxury of the “pick and choose” mindset has now created a shift in American culture, as millennials With the aspirations of reaching the top before thinking are now the largest generation surpassing baby about the steps to get there, millennials still dream like boomers, in the United States. “Pop culture” is now any other generation through entertainment and spread with a faint paintbrush as the collectivism of a acquirement. Feeling like the CEO, while next month’s cultural experience is not defined by any one moment. expenses are left for next month, the words “long-term Technology has led individualism to eclipse traditional planning” might only fall on deaf ears. So while dreams values and “keeping up with the Joneses” is now are big, there is little individual motivation to understand “keeping up with myself”. how to take action. There no longer will be a communal experience where a Looking Ahead; Future of Attainment? generation will gather around a television, or even a device, to watch the same thing at the same time. It is The long-term stability of a career or the interest in the overall design of technology that no longer provides having one sounds good, but the urge for change and for nor is created for a communal experience. Instead, the many millennials the boredom of a life without change is medium and materialism of the technology are what is an uneasy thought. “Stability” is a term that is known as "acquired" and the illusion of independent most millennials have always had it through the stability personalization and "self-expression" is what is and support of their parents, but for themselves to "achieved". foster and create it is a foreign word. Few millennials have settled and created a stable home for themselves, The new "American dream" has shifted far from what held a long-term stable relationship or marriage, or Adams intended for Americans; to rise up and above progressed in a career that pertains to what their degree their initial stations they were born into and examine the is actually in. Rather, millennials start different “side means of what they value. Perhaps it is not a jobs” as main sources of income over and over again. generational divide, but simply a divide away from the Jobs and careers in some fields are now designed as original "American dream." part-time positions, or contractual with little chance for Perhaps this country has long ago entered into a time the luxury baby boomers had at being at a company for where inner questioning and value on values gradually more than 20 years and being set for life. diminished. Now, instead of self-expression and This, however, is not out of the blue. As the workforce self- interest, the once depicted hope for an "American has shifted to millennial take over, industries matching dream" of substance should be reflected on with millennial target groups have reflected the scope of self-awareness; with value and weight placed in the millennial interest in how they work and lifestyle. Most limitless potential of each human being. *Alexandra V. Maragha is a journalist, educator, author, and a millennial. For more insights millennials want to change, as they feel it is “more visit

12 Today’s BoomeR

34 Fall Weekend Trips You Should Plan Now


scenery, then Woodstock, Vermont is a great fall weekend trip, and a manageable drive from major cities such as Summer may be peak vacation season, but if you are Boston and New York. Located on the banks of the looking for a getaway in the fall, many destinations across Ottauquechee River and among the Green Mountains, the U.S. offer milder temperatures, lighter crowds and Woodstock features the only national park in Vermont, hotel bargains. The autumn season also features plenty of Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park, and opportunities to attend special events, from food festivals three historic covered bridges. Nature lovers can view the and live music to Oktoberfest and Halloween-themed changing leaves while hiking, biking, visiting a local farm or happenings, as well as nature hikes among the changing wandering around the village. Visitors can stay at the leaves. Whether you are looking to sight-see in a major Woodstock Inn & Resort, complete with a spa, golf course, city or take in the fall foliage in a more isolated spot, there and upscale farm-to-table dining, or one of the area's is an option for every traveler, both near and far. many bed and breakfasts. You can also try an array of You can go on a long or short trip. But there is so much to delicious restaurants in town, including seasonal do and see, you need to plan your days if you want to specialties at Mon Vert Café. Or browse the family-owned capture as much of the magic on the places on the list as shops, including a classic general store, F.H. Gillingham & possible. Regardless of how you choose to spend your Sons. weekend days, there’s something special about being out 2. White Mountains, New Hampshire amid the changing leaves. The White Mountains region of New Hampshire offers 1. Woodstock, Vermont many ways to enjoy the fall colors. See what nature has to If you're looking for a quaint village with picturesque offer in the comfort of your carToday’s via one BoomeR of the many 13 scenic

By Cristabelle Tumola,

drives, such as the Kancamagus Scenic Byway through the White Mountain National Forest. Visitors can also take a hop on the Conway Scenic Railroad or a gondola ride to the top of a mountain--and even enjoy a snowless dog sled tour from mid-September to November. There is also Jackson Village, complete with a covered bridge and waterfalls. In October, this village features more than 80 different locations with "Pumpkin People" on display. 3. Newport, Rhode Island Summer may seem like the ideal time to visit Newport, Rhode Island, but fall visitors can enjoy many of the same amenities the area has to offer without the crowds--and with lower hotel rates. For a more interesting hotel option, try the Rose Island Lighthouse, where you can stay in the historic lighthouse on an 18-acre island. There are plenty of delicious and upscale dining options, including the White Horse Tavern with its fireside ambience. As America's oldest tavern, George Washington once stayed here, and the place is rumored to be housed in a haunted Colonial building. If you're craving more spookiness, try a lantern-led ghost tour. For something more relaxing, there is Newport Vineyards, waterfront shopping, or the state's only hydrotherapy spa. 4. Berkshires, Massachusetts Full of foliage, museums and history, the Berkshire Mountains, located in western Massachusetts, offer plenty to do for the autumn traveler. For a scenic road trip, take a drive up Mount Greylock, the highest peak in Massachusetts. Nature enthusiasts can also hike part of the Appalachian Trail or take a fall foliage train ride. There are several museums for history buffs and art lovers, including the Norman Rockwell Museum. Shopaholics can

14 Today’s BoomeR

try browsing independent booksellers and toy shops, or check out an antique dealer in one of the local towns. For more relaxation or a unique experience, try a goat yoga class in October at Hancock Shaker Village. 5. Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts Beloved by celebrities and politicians, Martha's Vineyard in fall offers ideal temperatures, fewer people, and a food and wine festival. Located seven miles off Cape Cod, the island's population balloons from about 15,500 in the off-season to 115,000 in the summer. Fall visitors can take in the beautiful scenery and beaches and shopping and dining options with more breathing room. There are also special events unique to the season, including the Martha's Vineyard Food & Wine Festival in late October and the Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby fishing tournament running from this Sunday through October 19. 6. Boston, Massachusetts The fall weather and foliage make it a good time to see Boston's many historic sites, especially by foot. Visitors can walk the twoand-a-half-mile Freedom Trail, and take a step back in time through the Boston Massacre Site, Paul Revere House, Bunker Hill Monument, and more. If you are not up for all the walking, learn about these landmarks on an Old Trolley Tour. For a more seasonal option, learn about the city's haunted history through a ghost tour. There are also things to do just outside of Boston's urban landscape, such as apple picking at a local farm or a visit to Walden Pond. 7. Niagara Falls, New York/Canada Whether you choose to visit the American or Canadian side of the falls, autumn at Niagara promises beautiful scenery and fun activities. Starting in the U.S., visitors can stop by the country's oldest state park, where there are easy hiking trails to take in the changing leaves. You can also ride the Niagara Scenic Trolley or splurge for a helicopter ride to get an aerial view of the falls and foliage. Later relax with a tasting on the Niagara Wine Trail or at a local brewery. Wine lovers can also have a good time on the Canadian side at the Niagara Wine & Grape Festival, the biggest event of its kind in the nation. The area is also home to the "most intimate and interactive horror festival in North America"-Frightmare in the Falls.

8. Catskills, New York

in autumn there are special events for foodies, including the New York Coffee Festival and Big Chocolate Show. During Open The ideal fall destination for New Yorkers, the Catskills offer House New York weekend in October, you can check out 250 wonderful scenery whether driving or hiking. Fall foliage usually normally off-limits NYC sites, including architectural works and peaks around the second week in October, and for a more historic buildings. Entertainment options include the New York daring way to see nature, try a Zipline Adventure Tour at Hunter Comedy Festival and the city's own Comic Con. And of course, Mountain. The area is also filled with fun festivals, from the New York is one of the best places to celebrate Halloween with largest motorcycle festival in upstate New York in East Durham the famous Village Halloween Parade. And for Thanksgiving to an Oktoberfest at Hunter Mountain featuring a cider tasting there is the even more famous Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. event. Or try a specialty train ride in Arkville, featuring a twilight trip, "robbery" on the rails, mystery ride and more. 11. Poconos, Pennsylvania 9. Cooperstown, New York

For family-friendly events among the foliage, the Poconos have a lot to offer fall visitors. There are many ways to see the changing Baseball season may peak in summer, but the real thrill is the leaves from hiking, biking, and scenic drives to horseback riding, fall, with the best teams competing in the playoffs. The same can a sightseeing train, and air tours. For more thrills, try a local be said for Cooperstown, located about 90 minutes north of adventure park, with an aerial ropes course, all-season tubing, New York City and home to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Beyond zip lines, and bungee trampolines. More leisurely activities baseball, the area also offers fall foliage amid the mountains and include golf, fishing, and boating. Otsego Lake. Visitors can stay in the historic village at the Otesaga Resort Hotel, with water views. After checking out the 12. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Hall of Fame, there are also great seasonal activities, including Fall weather may provide the perfect conditions for checking out the Farmers' Museum Harvest Festival. the historic sites of Philadelphia, but the season also offers 10. New York City, New York visitors an array of festivals. With more than 50 festivals and events during the fall, the City of Brotherly Love has something There is always a good excuse to visit New York City, but the fall for every taste, including several Oktoberfests. One of the most weather is ideal for sightseeing, with the added bonus of notable fall events is Fringe Festival, featuring local, national, seasonal events. The Big Apple is famous for its dining scene, but

Today’s BoomeR 15

and international artists and progressive performances. Experience more Philly culture during Mural Arts Philadelphia, with tours of the city's 4,000 works of public art. Sports lovers can check out the Philadelphia International Unity Cup, a World Cup-style tournament running through mid-October and celebrating the city's diverse soccer community, or the Head of the Schuylkill Regatta, one of the largest rowing competitions in the world. Ghost enthusiasts can't miss Terror Behind the Walls, housed in an historic prison, or the more family-friendly jack o'lantern display at Fairmount Park's Jack's Pumpkin Glow. 13. Cape May, New Jersey For seasonal events, wineries, and more attractions without the summer heat and crowds, try Cape May, New Jersey, this fall. The perfect way to learn about America's oldest seaside resort is on a trolley tour, which even offers ghost-themed rides. To learn more about the area's Victorian heritage, there is Victorian Weekend in October, promising history, murder mysteries, historic house tours and food. More seasonal events include a ghost walk with a psychic medium, Scarecrow Alley featuring unique homemade scarecrows, and Oktoberfest, with authentic music and food. October is also the harvest season at local wineries, which offer tastings and tours. 14. Washington, D.C. For comfortable weather while sightseeing among the changing leaves, fall may be the perfect time to visit the nation's capital. 16 Today’s BoomeR

After checking out the historical sites, see more scenery at one of the city's many parks and gardens, including the U.S. National Arboretum, featuring one of North America's largest collections of bonsai trees. It's also noted as one of the best places to photograph fall foliage in the city. Visitors to DC are sure to catch one of the season's many festivals during the fall, including the unique and delicious DC Mac + Cheese Festival in late October. Also during the month, celebrate Halloween at a special festival or choose from several ghost tours. 15. Williamsburg, Virginia Home to the world's largest living history museum, a fall trip to Williamsburg, Virginia, promises mild temperatures, changing leaves, and special events. History and nature lovers can enjoy a hike on the Greensprings Greenway Interpretative Trail, where they can enjoy the foliage and retrace the footsteps of the Virginia Indians and early colonists. There are several ways to celebrate the season with holiday-themed events, including the Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream, featuring six haunted houses, themed scare zones, escape rooms, and spooky shows. For Thanksgiving, visitors can learn about the food and feasts of colonial Virginia. 16. Asheville, North Carolina Featuring "one of the longest and most vibrant leaf seasons," the Blue Ridge Mountain area is ideal for nature lovers. Before arriving, you can check out the region's fall color report, map,

enjoy the weather and scenery of the island, whether you are kayaking, sailing or biking. For something more unique, there is the Annual Pirate Festival, with costumes, a Thieves and Gypsies Market, and activities for adults and kids. Get more festive by learning about the island's haunted history with the Tybee Island Historical Society or at the Fort Pulaski National Monument. Fall is also the start of oyster season, and the shellfish can be savored at local restaurants. 20. Key West, Florida

and leaves schedule at, then take a scenic drive or a brisk hike. For a bigger adventure among the leaves, choose from several zipline tours. Enjoy in the season by picking your own apples or taking a haunted tour in Asheville. No matter the time of year, a visit to the Biltmore Estate is worth the trip. America's largest home, the French Renaissance abode features 250 rooms, including 35 bedrooms, 43 bathrooms, and 65 fireplaces.

The southernmost point in the continental U.S., this island located about 90 miles north of Cuba has plenty of reasons for a visit, from its weather and water to its food, culture, and history. In late October, many flock to the city for its famous Fantasy Fest, described as a "10-day party in paradise for grown-ups." Visitors can also come during the rest of fall for a more tranquil vacation, with average highs of 84° F and lows of around 76° F. One perfect way to experience the beauty and good weather of the island is with a sunset at Mallory Square -- an impromptu nightly party featuring musicians, artists, food vendors, and more.

17. Columbia, South Carolina

21. Mackinac Island, Michigan

A fall trip to Mackinac Island promises the "best seats on ferries, There are many places around Columbia, South Carolina, to experience the changing leaves --- from Congaree National Park prime lakeside restaurant tables, wonderfully deserted hiking and Cayce Riverwalk Park to Main Street. Visitors can take part in numerous festivals throughout the season, including the food-centric Palmetto Peanut Boil, South Carolina Oyster Festival, and the Five Points Chili Cook-Off. In October, there is the South Carolina State Fair, filled with fried food and spooky events, such as Deceased Farm, featuring six frightening buildings, three outdoor zones, and two acres of spooky corn fields. 18. Hilton Head, South Carolina Milder weather, fewer people, and lower hotel rates make this beach destination worth a fall trip. Bike or walk on Hilton Head's 64 miles of public pathways and nature trails, or stroll along the beach, which can still be enjoyed through the season. Experience the island's local animals with an Island Explorer dolphin tour or an Alligator & Wildlife Boat Tour. Back on land, visitors in November can check out the Concours d'Elegance & Motoring Festival's classic car show. If cars aren't your thing, then there is always shopping in town or bargains at Tanger Outlets. 19. Tybee Island, Georgia

trails and bargain hotel rates." This national landmark boasts no cars and no chain hotels, for a tranquil vacation. Visitors can experience the island's natural beauty in many ways, from walking and biking to kayaking, horseback riding, and even tours by air. You can also see the island with a narrated historic and scenic horse carriage tour through the island. If you're looking for somewhere to rest after all of this activity, then try the Grand Hotel, with views overlooking the Straits of Mackinac from the world's longest porch. The hotel also has fall weekend special offers and a Murder Mystery Weekend in October.

This popular seaside spot can still be enjoyed in the fall, but without the crowds. Located 20 minutes from downtown Savannah, this Georgia barrier island is known for its wide, pristine beaches and has been a vacation destination since the 22. Smoky Mountains, Tennessee late 1800s. With the summer heat fading, it's still an ideal time to

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Take in the milder weather during what is described as one of the most beautiful times of year in the Smoky Mountains. The perfect time to see all of the fall colors is usually early to mid-November, when the foliage is at its peak. Beyond the foliage, this area also boasts plenty of activities, including Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies, NASCAR SpeedPark, Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede, miniature golf courses, indoor skydiving, museums, and more.

and 11-12), you can sample a handcrafted beer at August Schell Brewery, For more sober activities, try shopping at one of New Ulm's specialty shops, like the cuckoo clock store, or take in the views from Hermann Monument. 25. St. Louis, Missouri

For comfortable weather, festivals. and a botanical garden outdoor market, check out St. Louis in the fall. Visitors will never 23. Nashville, Tennessee run out of special events during the season, starting with the St. The fall is considered Nashville's festival season. In early October, Louis Renaissance Festival, the Augusta Bottoms Beer Festival, visitors can check out Taste of Nashville. This year's theme is and the Great Godfrey Maze -- a seven-acre corn maze at Tacos and Tequila, where the top taco restaurants will compete Glazebrook Park. Or check out one of the city's many haunted for the "Best Taco in Nashville" title. Also during this time, there is houses in October, or take the opportunity to shoot zombies at a Celebrate Nashville, featuring 30 internationally inspired food haunted paintball park. vendors, performances, and a world market, and Nashville 26. New Orleans, Louisiana Oktoberfest in Germantown, with its 5K Bier Run, Bratwurst Eating Contest, and Beer Slide Championship. Later in the month, Cooler weather and food festivals brings visitors to New Orleans in the fall. Great cuisine is a reason to visit the city anytime of enjoy more brews at the Tennessee Beer + Wine Festival. November features the Crafty Nashville arts and crafts fair, which year, but in autumn there are special events for food lovers, including Beignet Fest, Fried Chicken Fest, and the city's cheese brings together 80 artisans and crafters with food trucks, live festival -- FĂŞte des Fromages. Enjoy both eats and music at the music, and family-friendly activities. Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival. Boudin, Bourbon & Beer also 24. New Ulm, Minnesota features live musical performances, along with handcrafted food Known as the "most German city in America" New Ulm has one of and drinks and a cigar lounge. the best Oktoberfest celebrations in the nation. If you attend the 27. Jackson Hole, Wyoming festival, you will be sure to meet New Ulm's "ambassadors" --costumed gnomes. And even if you miss Oktoberfest (October 4-5 With better weather and fewer people than summer, autumn in

18 Today’s BoomeR

Jackson Hole offers visitors great fishing, an arts festival, and more. During the day, take in the beautiful fall foliage before experiencing breathtaking sunsets. The season also promises the perfect conditions for fishing on the Snake River. Art lovers will enjoy September's Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival, featuring nationally and internationally acclaimed artists, as well as great music and food.

"Hot Air Ballooning Capital of the World." Take part in this activity any time of year or experience it during October's Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. 31. Leavenworth, Washington

Designed to look like a Bavarian village, Leavenworth, located about two hours east of Seattle, features great food, beer, shops, and festivities. Visitors can also take in the season's 28. Rocky Mountain Park, Colorado scenery with the Autumn Leaf Festival. If you work up an For must-see scenery in the great outdoors, try Rocky Mountain appetite walking around the village, there are plenty of options, Park this fall. Autumn is considered the best time to take in the from the The Cheesemonger's Shop to the outdoor eatery and area's natural beauty and is ideal for photographers and beer garden MĂźnchen Haus. Later, quench your thirst at one of wildlife enthusiasts alike. To experience the best views of the the area's many breweries and distilleries or check out the local changing leaves, Rocky Mountain National Park suggests winery scene. Finally, get a head start on the holiday season checking out Hidden Valley, the Twin Sisters Trailhead, Bear Lake with some shopping or a visit to the Nutcracker Museum. Road, or Glacier Gorge Trail. Visitors can also celebrate the fall 32. Sonoma County, California foliage at the Autumn Gold Festival in late September, featuring Experience the colors changing in the vineyards during harvest bands, brats, and beer. time in Sonoma County. The area promises special offers for 29. Park City, Utah wine lovers, along with beautiful walks through wine country. If Park City, Utah, may be known for its skiing, but there are still you are staying overnight, there are plenty of luxurious resorts, plenty of reasons to visit the area during the fall. This includes whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, friends weekUtah Olympic Park, with its ziplining, and sports history. There end, or spa retreat. There are also special events during the fall are several options for spending time outdoors from hiking, season, including the Sonoma County Arts Trail in mid-October, biking, and horseback riding to golfing, fishing, and taking a hot where over 140 artists open their studios for self-guided tours. air balloon ride. Visitors can also relax at a spa or with a whiskey 33. Big Sur, California tasting at High West Distillery. In the fall you can still enjoy peak season at Big Sur, along the 30. Albuquerque, New Mexico coastline of Central California, but without the large summer Fall in Albuquerque features good weather and scenery, crowds. Outdoor lovers can hike through eight miles of trails at seasonal local markets, and the largest hot air balloon festival in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, while checking out the area's the world. Referred to as its "magical season," autumn brings redwood groves and 60-foot waterfall. Animal enthusiasts will foliage best experienced with the cottonwood and willow trees love the season for its peak whale-watching or witness hundreds along the Rio Grande, and in the nearby mountains. Take in the of Monarch butterflies at Andrew Molera State Park in October leaves with a 2.7-mile ascent on the Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway as they prepare to migrate for the winter. Visitors can even shop through the mountains. Also enjoy the views from above at the outdoors during October at one of the largest lapidary shows of its type in the world, the Big Sur Jade Festival. 34. Mendocino, California With temperatures ranging from the low 50s to low 80s during the fall, this time of year has a lot to offer visitors to Mendocino, along the Northern California coast. You can also explore Mendocino's natural beauty by kayaking among the sea caves or hiking on a coastal trail at Noyo Headlands State Park. Beyond nature, there are several must-see festivals during fall, including November's Feast Mendocino, highlighting the area's mushroom season, or the Festival of Trees, kicking off the Christmas season.

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The fastest ways to catch up on retirement savings By Lucy Lazarony, Money Talks News

Learn everything you need to plan your dream retirement C’mon, fess up: Are you among the millions of workers who have fallen behind on retirement savings?

check out “Resolutions 2019: Budget Your Way to Financial Goals.”

‘Catch up’ your 401(k)

Your 401(k) misses you — it’s time To be blunt, most workers have never made a serious to give it a little extra attention. plan to save for their golden years. Fortunately, it’s Fortunately, Uncle Sam has given you the perfect way never too late to begin turning that sad situation to make up for all those years of neglect. around. Money Talks News talked to some financial experts to “If you are over 50, be sure to take advantage of the get tips for how to catch up when you are far behind. catch-up contribution’ in your 401(k),” says Michele Clark, a Certified Financial Planner and senior portfolio Here are their seven ways to catch up on your manager with St. Louis-based Acropolis Investment retirement savings. Management. Re-examine your budget In 2019, most workers can stuff up to $19,000 into If you need more money for retirement savings, the their 401(k) plans. But if you are 50 or older, you can first place to find that cash is by making changes to add an additional $6,000 to your contribution. your budget. Be smart with raises and windfalls “Scrub your budget to ensure all dollars are identified Congratulations on the raise. You’ve worked hard to and working for you,” says Skip Fleming, a Certified get it, and now it’s time for it to work for you. Financial Planner with Lodestar Financial Planning in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Michele Clark has her own twist on what you should Fleming urges you to reduce or eliminate any expense do with a raise. “When you get a raise, give half of it to your Now Self’ and half of it to your Future Self,'” preventing you from achieving your goals. she says. “Some things I see in a typical budget that are often overlooked include the high-priced bundled cable bill, For instance, if you get a 4% raise, split the amount — gold-plated cellphone plans that are not used, dining put 2% into a checking account, and another 2% toout several nights every week and borrowing money ward retirement savings. to pay for a vacation,” he says. Diverting 2% away from your “Now Self” will help prevent “lifestyle creep,” when you use newfound One easy way to start tracking your spending and money to increase your lifestyle today instead of creating a budget is to use a software program like saving for tomorrow. that of Money Talks News partner YNAB (short for “You Need A Budget”). Or for step-by-step directions, 20 Today’s BoomeR

Incidentally, you should also use any work bonuses,

tax returns and even rebates to build wealth.

be like losing weight. It is difficult for many of the “Put that into your IRA or investment accounts for the same reasons as losing weight is difficult. Better not future — it all adds up,” Clark says. “Later, you will be to gain it in the first place.” so glad you did.” Not sure where all that money is going? To find out, you’ve got to track your spending, says Andy Tilp, a Exploit every investment opportunity you can Certified Financial Planner at Trillium Valley Financial Sure, you can invest in your 401(k) — and you should Planning in Sherwood, Oregon. do so at least enough to get full employer matching “List all the expenses and track them over time,” he funds, says Nola Kulig, a Certified Financial Planner says. “Once you know where it goes, then you have with Kulig Financial Advisors in Longmeadow, the information necessary to see if there are places Massachusetts. where spending can be diverted to savings. But why stop Otherwise, it’s a guess.” there? Make your ‘mortgage’ payment even after the house Kulig notes that is paid off some employers If you’ve worked hard to pay off the mortgage, will also match contributions to congratulations. What are you going to do with all the your health savings account. As we have reported, a money you used to earmark for your mortgage health savings account can be a great hidden way to payment? save for retirement. Check it out. “Save that money, don’t spend it!” Michele Clark says “Then, I would maximize IRA contributions — Roth or emphatically. “Keep making that mortgage payment’ into an investment account that you can later tap into traditional — depending on what is possible given for retirement spending.” income,” Kulig says. If you’re fortunate enough to have money left over, invest it in a taxable account. The more you save and invest now, the better things likely will be for you down the road.

You can use the same strategy if you pay off your car loan. Take the same amount that you used to shell out for a payment, earmark it for investments and watch your wealth grow.

Minimize spending

Amp up your earnings

For many people, this is the most challenging change our experts suggested. But it’s also likely the most important thing you can do, says Margot Dorn, a Certified Financial Planner at Dorn Financial in San Diego.

If you are behind in saving for retirement, you might need to boost your earnings fast. To get more income, Nola Kulig suggests considering:

Not only does minimizing spending increase your savings, but it also teaches you to live with less.

Changing employers

Getting training to update skills

Finding a side gig

“If income does not grow over time, it is difficult to “If they learn to live more modestly, they will also not have savings strategies accelerate retirement need to save as much to continue their lifestyle in success,” Kulig says. retirement,” Dorn says. “Reducing your lifestyle can Today’s BoomeR 21

Old Enough for Sex : My ex-husband borrowed money to marry a woman 40 years his junior: How do I protect my son's $1M estate? By Quentin Fottrell, Maret Watch Dear Moneyist:

Dear Ex-Wife:

Last year, my husband and I divorced after nearly 25 years of marriage. We had been separated for many years prior to the divorce. We have a very nice 22-year-old son who is a senior in college. We all live in New York, although my son might move elsewhere after college.

As we say in the journalism business, you buried the lead.

My ex-husband has always been terrible with money. He wasn’t able to pay his half of our son’s college tuition and decided to take out parental student loans. One year, he borrowed from his retirement account. He owes the Internal Revenue Service $150,000 in back taxes. He can’t afford to contribute to my son’s living expenses, so I pay for everything. A few months ago, my ex-husband, 70, married a woman 40 years his junior and had to borrow money from family members to pay his portion of the wedding and buy her a wedding ring. Even though he’s deeply in debt and can barely pay his rent, he’s discussing the possibility of having additional children with his new bride. She’s a student in law school and my ex-husband is a lawyer/college professor. So here’s my problem. I want my son to inherit my entire estate, which is valued at about $1 million. But my biggest fear is that, if I die before my ex-husband, he will find a way to take my son’s inheritance. My son is very mild mannered and has never been able to stand up to his father, who is domineering and arrogant.

This charming fellow is not your problem anymore. He is somebody else’s affair. He can work his academic charm to get what he wants from his new wife, family or friends, but it won’t work on you anymore. He may or may not have more success there. This was a red wedding to end all red weddings: Borrowing money to pay for his wedding, owing the IRS $150,000 in back taxes, struggling to pay his rent and all the rest of this puffery and nonsense are all red flags. You are home free and, with a little help from an estate-planner, so is your son. You are doing the right thing: Planning ahead and anticipating your ex-husband’s behavior based on his past actions. You can put money into a trust fund for your son’s education, his children’s education and/or his housing. You could put your own home into an irrevocable trust for your son and his future family. Incentive trusts that reward good behavior are controversial, but I’m here to tell you they exist. Here are some tips for how to proceed: Choose the right executor to carry out the wishes stated in your will, include personal property of both sentimental and monetary value.

Talk to your son. Transparency will help allay any posthumous resentment. Tell him your plans and seek his feedback as well as the counsel of a good estate lawyer. It may also improve your son’s self-confidence to know that you are including him in the estate-planning process and it If my ex-husband asks our son for money to help with his will help him to realize how important this is. Look into new family and future children, my son would be afraid to what you can do for your son while you are still here. How say “no.” How can I structure a will so that my ex-husband can you help him stand up to — not only his father — but can’t get his hands on my son’s inheritance? other domineering figures in his life, including his boss or Ex-Wife, Concerned Mother even a future partner? None of this will matter a jot unless he learns to advocate for himself and make good choices. I apologize in advance for giving you another issue to worry about. 22 Today’s BoomeR

BOOMER HEALTHY EATING: Building Great Salads

Recipes and Photos from Chef Eben Atwater When the garden churns into production mode, I get a serious salad Jones on a regular basis. There’s something about watering becoming an exercise in dinner recon and going outside to prep for dinner that seems very right to me. This seems like a good time to talk about building great salads, and what to dress them with. When fresh veggies are abundant, they deserve some extra care, especially lettuces. If you’ve ever been served a salad that really popped for you, it’s a guarantee that the level of prep and presentation went well beyond what usually happens at home, even if things looked really simple. Recreating that at home is not difficult, and well worth the effort.

This is also the time to inspect and remove any wilted or damaged parts. Have a big bowl of icy cold water ready beside your station, and drop stuff into it as you’re done with it. Even freshly picked greens start to lose water and crispness quite quickly when it’s hot out – The cold water will keep them in top form. After everything has had a good soak, change the water and let them have a second cold bath. These steps should be done right before assembly and service of the salad.

As you prep additional goodies for the salad, place them into sealable airtight containers, (preferably glass). A lot of us at home make too much, and mix it all together in one big ol’ bowl – Ask yourself how often you have The first thing that really needs to get done is a gentle that green but thorough washing of anything and everything salad again, you’ve harvested. We don’t use any chemicals on our until it’s gone? garden, but regardless, there’s dirt and maybe a The jumbled critter or two that needs to be found and removed. mix invites

things to go bad, and other ingredients to get thrown out – Like when your tomatoes or cukes go first, but they’re mixed with everything else, and… With everything prepped, offered, and stored individually, folks can build their own mix, and leftovers lend themselves readily to new dishes. Invest in a container or two specifically designed for storage of lettuce and veggies. We have two that both have a drain tile over Today’s BoomeR 23

the bottom, snug fitting kids, and ventilation options. These things genuinely will store lettuce and veggies for longer and better than any other option we’ve tried – It’s actually pretty amazing – Lettuce and cabbage stays crisp and other stuff, 24 Today’s BoomeR

from carrots and celery to chiles and green onions, last far longer. Make dressings fresh, just as you do your salad. Building even relatively complicated dressings take

no time at all, and is a delightful exercise. Dressings in big ass plastic squeeze jars isn’t how we should want things to be – That’s done for the benefit of the seller – not for us. Whip up what you need, plus some extra to go to lunch with you tomorrow. Building in smaller, fresher batches yields far superior results, and furthers exploration of what you really like – Maybe even your own signature thing – And that’s very cool indeed. Fresh herbs rock in salads, within bounds of reason. When they’re fresh, herbs are at the pinnacle of their potency – Keep That in mind, along that with the fact that a whole sage leaf may be enough to season a whole batch of stew, and you get my drift. Use them sparingly – incorporated into dressings may be your best bet for balanced flavors that don’t overwhelm. A basic lettuce blend is great as a base. If you’re of a mind to add more stuff like cabbage, kale, arugula, frisee, or chicory, keep in mind that not everyone may share the love – Allowing your crew to decide for themselves if they want to add them will often make for happier campers, and again, it gives you greater leftover flexibility. Emeril Lagasse used to have a shtick on one of his shows, wherein he’d say something to the effect of, ‘I don’t know about where your lettuces come from, but mine don’t come seasoned.’ There’s wisdom there – Good greens certainly have flavor and texture, but a wee sprinkle of salt and a twist of pepper will make those different tastes pop all the more. Finally, here are three dressings I’m really liking . Urban Dijon Vinaigrette 1 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1/3 Cup Aged Sherry Vinegar 1 Tablespoon Dijon Mustard 1 teaspoon Agave Nectar 1 sprig fresh Thyme (or 1 teaspoon dried) 1 clove fresh Garlic Pinch of Salt A few twists fresh ground Pepper Trim, smash, and mince garlic. Pull leaves from thyme stalk and mince. Combine all ingredients in a mason jar and cover, then shake vigorously to combine.

Allow to marry for a few minutes, and shake again prior to serving. Urb’s Herby Vinaigrette This is a very vibrant dressing – Makes a great marinade for chicken or pork too. Fresh herbs are best when you have them. 1/2 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1/2 Cup Avocado Oil 1/2 Cup Cider Vinegar 2 Tablespoons fresh Lemon Juice 1 Tablespoon minced fresh Garlic 2 teaspoons minced fresh Sweet Onion 3 teaspoons Oregano 2 teaspoons Tarragon 2 teaspoons Parsley 2 teaspoons ground Black Pepper 2 teaspoons ground Mustard 1 teaspoon Rosemary 1 teaspoon Lemon Thyme 1/2 teaspoon Salt 2 whole Bay Leaves Combine all ingredients in a mason jar and cover, then shake vigorously to combine. Allow to marry for a few minutes, and shake again prior to serving. Urb’s Teriyaki Joint Dressing If you’ve ever had teriyaki in the Pacific Northwest, you’ve had a variant of this dressing. I love the stuff, and I bet you will too. If you go all out and make fresh mayo at home for this, it’s stunningly delicious. 1 Cup Mayonnaise 1/4 Cup Toasted Sesame Oil 1/2 Cup Rice Vinegar 2 Tablespoons Agave Nectar 2 Tablespoons Dark Soy Sauce 1/2 teaspoon Granulated Garlic Combine all ingredients in a non reactive mixing bowl and whisk vigorously to combine. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes prior to serving. With all that to consider, it aught be a pretty swell salad season, don’t ya think? Today’s BoomeR 25



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