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John Vardallas What the Founder & CEO of The American Really thinks about being


Boomer Travel:

Plan ahead and gain more in 2012

Boomer Healthy Eating: Top 10 Foods for better health

Work-Tirement Boomers plan for new “Golden Years” Make a Difference:

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This Issue February / March 2012 Volume 1, Number 1



Boomers plan for new “Golden Years”

Make a Difference



Being John Vardallas


What the Founder and CEO really thinks about being 60



Founder John Vardallas & Alexandra Maragha

Boomer Healthy Eating 10

Editor-In-Chief Alexandra Maragha

Top ten foods for better health

Contributing Writers Karyl Richson

Boomer Travel

Advertising Team


The American

Why cruising is the way to go

Social Security


Plan ahead and gain more in 2012

B2B Marketplace


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John Vardallas CAE, CUDE CEO/Founder Professional Speaker Business/Lifestyle Strategist Boomer Sage and Blogger (608) 577-8707 Alexandra Maragha Executive Director of Communications, Editor-In-Chief Today’s BoomeR Today’s BoomeR Vol.1 No.1 Today’s BoomeR is published six times (Feb/Mar, Apr/May, June/July, Aug/Sept, Oct/Nov, Dec/Jan) a year by The American 769 North Star Drive (Suite 207) Madison, WI 53718 All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.

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’s y a d To


I would like to think that my parents are proud. Proud for most things that children would want their parent’s to be proud of, but most of all, I would like them to be proud for embodying an extension of their values and experiences as Baby Boomers.


I treasure the stories, the moments and all of the “good times” that shine through and create diamond moments; reflecting the past and p. 10 shining light towards the future. I welcome all to enjoy this inaugural issue of Today’s BoomeR magazine and indulge yourself in our stories about travel, healthy eating, making a difference, our featured Boomer and much more each issue. This issue features John Vardallas, a visionary in guiding, inspiring Baby Boomers to reach past their full potentials.


Alexandra Maragha Editor-In-Chief

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I encourage your feedback and voice to be heard. Here’s to all those who shine!

Social Security: Plan Ahead in 2012 4 Today’s BoomeR

This magazine is the oracle of resources and information for Baby Boomers by 4 Baby Boomers and those who value the Boomer generation to enlighten and enthrall. Future issues will feature lifestyle, health, finance, style, food, travel, retro music, muscle cars, pet care, relationship topics and much more aimed to connect Boomers while guiding and reflecting their active and diverse lifestyles. Our featured “B2B– Business 2 Boomers Marketplace” is the only Boomer marketplace that allows for all things Boomer to be just one click away!

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Boomers must Plan for new golden years:



By John A. Vardallas · Keep a journal of everything you spend for a few months Since the proposed changes to Social Security and concern for future funding have become a national debate, many Americans are starting to think seriously about revising their retirement plans. People are now healthier and expected to live longer and with the recent unprecedented downturn in the economy and stock market losses, many of us Boomers will have to delay full time retirement and extend their work life. It is no longer unusual to spend as much time in retirement as in working full-time. More than half of American say they plan to work in retirement according to the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies. Many retirees are depending on relatives, government assistance and part-time work to survive. The 70-year-old at the grocery check-out is likely to be partnered with another retiree bagging groceries or greeting customers at a discount store.

· Compile your years expenses via cancelled checks, bills and cash withdrawals · Determine your take-home pay over a period of time. Calculate what you’ve saved—what’s left will give you an idea of what you are spending. Retirement Income

After you’ve estimated your expenses, you’ll need to determine if your retirement income will cover your living expenses. Only one-third of Boomers save enough of what they need to retire at their income level, according to USA Today. The “three-legged stool” of retirement income consists of personal savings, Social Security and pensions have now been expanded to five to include maintaining good health and job skills/competencies. It’s a Special Challenge for Boomers good idea to get an estimate of your Social Security benefits. You can go online and use their tools to get this information by Baby Boomers will make up the largest population of retired workers in history with the longest life expectancy. Boomers will visiting the Social Security website at be the most diverse group of retirees. Their biggest concern is If you have a pension of 401K, calculate your benefits. If a previwill they outlive their money. They may be funding their chilous employer went out of business, you may still be able to dren’s education, supporting adult children and caring for elder- claim benefits. The Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation guarly parents. It is for these reasons Boomers will be engaging in antees pensions and lists names of people that have unclaimed Work-Tirement to keep up with their financial needs. While money due to them. You can find the list at some Boomers have done an adequate job of saving for retireAdd up all of your personal savings and determine how much ment, many wait until it is too late. People have a difficult time you can withdraw each year. Make sure to determine any other estimating their retirement expenses because they fail to keep expenses you’ll likely have during your retirement. Many boomtrack of their own spending habits. ers feel that they will be or already have become the primary Estimate Your Spending Habits—Give Yourself A Financial caregiver for an elderly parent or family member. Likewise, a Check Up nursing home can cost from $50,000 to $75,000 a year. It’s a fallacy to assume that your spending habits will dramatically decline during retirement. Many retirees travel and pursue other activities that keep themselves occupied. The first step in retirement planning is to get an estimate of your expenses— your annual cost of living. There are several ways to do this:

All of these dynamics will re-define retirement and may call for us Boomers to stay engaged in work beyond our golden years. More resources on this issue can be accessed at for more details.

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Make a Difference:

Volunteer By Alexandra Maragha

Boomer Resource Links:

While monetary and other material donations and contributions are always helpful to individuals and organizations, one of the best ways to make a difference in the lives of others is to More than half of volunteer. Americans say they plan to work in retirement. Here are some resources for Boomers to help with the Job Hunt.

Re-Careering Time is very valuable. Many Boomers balance family, careers, and other obligations all at once while trying to make time for themselves. Your time is valuable to yourself and those in your daily lives and can mean just as much or even more for others when one is able to volunteer.

Many organizations are underfunded and seek volunteers to help with many aspects of their operations. Volunteer work can See more Boomer Resource range from face to face interactions with those that an organizaLinks and information at tion may help directly—such as reading a story to a child or walking a dog, or by enlisting a specific skill that one has or offering your professional services at no cost. A common misconception about volunteering that hinders some is making a 6 Today’s BoomeR

long term commitment. While many organizations often seek and appreciate more long term or recurring availability, many equally welcome help at one time events, or leave the door open for people to help when they can.

partner with and give back directly to causes that impact their local communities.

A friendly conversation that evokes a smile on the face of a stranger or a soft touch to an animal longing for affection can seem small, but through volunteering, can be a Volunteering can also be a great thing to do priceless and rewarding experience and with friends and family and a great activity make a difference. for groups and business organizations to

Do you know a Boomer who Makes A Difference in the lives of others? Tell us and they could be recognized in a future issue of Today’s Boomer! “Like” The American Boomer on Facebook to connect and tell their story Today’s BoomeR 7


John Vardallas At 63, John Vardallas is redefining the phrase “you are as old as you feel”. As CEO and Founder of The American, he aims to inspire and motivate Baby Boomers to see and surpass their potential, live their dreams and to make a difference. Interview by Alexandra Maragha 8 Today’s BoomeR

Who really is John Vardallas? How would you describe yourself I am sort of a renaissance man seeking to be all that I can be while using my skills to help others be successful. I think of myself as a provocateur who seeks the best that life offers. What led you to found The American I channeled 30 years of teaching and training, passion, education, work experiences and the desire to help people and organizations reach their potential into a mission and purpose for my business. I love inspiring people to do better. Most folks can do and be more than they think.

On being 63, aging does not bother me. Aging successfully is key for me. It means the daily thought of knowing you are living and pursuing your life’s passion—whatever that might be. Success is a state of mind not measured in years lived. Its not about how many years you live, its about the life you put into your years. Life is a journey not a destination. The freedom and capacity to enjoy one’s passions is the ultimate measure of success. As I continue my own journey through life, that defines my aging process and level of success. When I turned 60, I created the phrase “60 is the new 40”, so I can say at the age of “43” I am doing pretty good. You are very accomplished at this point in your life, do you feel that you have fulfilled your goals and what’s next?

You just turned 63, how does it feel and what do you think about age and ability? As I age, I have never had the feeling that I

have accomplished my goals. They are sort of a continuum that I keep stretching, therefore, challenging myself. I feel its ok to be satisfied with dis-satisfaction. Regarding thoughts of what’s next, I tend to live my life working backwards from my mortality. I long ago asked myself one key question: How do I want to be remembered? The answer has guided my pursuit of personal and professional passions. My feeling is that once we realize our own mortality and that we really do not have a lot of time on this earth, we begin to live more giving and fulfilling lives on a daily basis.

What is the one thing that you want to be known for? I am part of the generation that fought for change in America. My legacy I aim to leave is to be known for the person who helped make a difference while “s-aging” gracefully! Today’s BoomeR 9

BOOMER HEALTHY EATING: Top 10 foods for better health


e sure to incorporate these top ten healthy foods into your diet for optimum Boomer health. You may already eat some of these foods, but knowing the benefits can help motivate and maintain steps in preventative measures against many health concerns, increase energy, longevity and maintain health.

10 Today’s BoomeR

Tomatoes Tomatoes are a major source of the strong antioxidant lycopene. Lycopene reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease and helps us to function better mentally in old age.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil A major part of a Mediterranean diet, extra virgin olive oil is shown to help reduce death from heart disease and cancer and is naturally cholesterol free.

Red Grapes This includes red grape juice and wine.

Purple grape juice tops other juices in antioxidant activity having four times more than orange juice.

Nuts Almonds and walnuts lower blood cholesterol. Nuts are high in fat, but most is good-type monounsaturated and/or omega-3 fatty acids.

Whole Grains Whole grains contain anti-cancer agents and help stabilize blood sugar and insulin, which may promote longevity.

Salmon and other Fatty Fish These fish are high in amounts of the type of fatomega-3 fatty acids-that performs “miracles” throughout the body, fighting virtually every chronic disease known.

Blueberries and other “Purple” colored foods Blue berries and other purple colored foods such as pomegranates, mulberries, aecia berries, eggplants, and beets are all antioxidant rich foods.

Garlic This herb is packed with nutrients known to help fend off cancer, heart disease, aging and other health problems.

Spinach This super health-promoter is second among vegetables only to garlic in antioxidant capacity and is rich in folic acid.

Tea Green and ordinary black tea pack the same amounts of antioxidants and have equal benefits. See this and other Boomer healthy eating tips and recipes in the Boomer Healthy Eating Guide from Today’s BoomeR 11

BOOMER TRAVEL Set your sights and sails for the best way to travel

CRUISING Story by Alexandra Maragha, Photgraphy by John Vardallas

12 Today’s BoomeR

Today’s BoomeR 13


For Boomers, cruising is overall a safe and cost effective method of travel.

With every new ship that is built, cruise lines are luring new cruisers with sexier and more comfortable staterooms, high seas ambiance and cuisine that will fit any palate.

Many itineraries will allow you to experience as many as five different countries within a weeks’ worth of travel, minus the hassle

or more than 160 years, passenger ships have been exciting travelers to come aboard to experience ocean adventures with a mix of high seas romance, exotic foreign destinations and relaxation. Today, with larger and more luxurious ships, varied routes, on-board and destination options and activities for all types and interests, sea and river cruises are calling out to travelers like never before.

14 Today’s BoomeR

and cost of visiting the same places “a la carte”. Once you check in and board, you will never have to worry Taking a trip to your most desirable about knowing where you will call destination does not have to break “home” during the time of your trip. the bank and can allow you to determine the length of time you After experiencing more than 80 take to get the full experience you countries in the last ten years, it is want. safe to say Johnny V is “hooked on For more ‘dollar conscious’ Boom- cruising”. For this Boomer, who did ers, compared to land based vaca- not start regular cruising until he was 50, he insists “it’s the best way tions, cruising is the most cost to see the world.” effective way to vacation. “Cruise ships have taken me to The Great Wall of China, the Great Pyramids of Egypt, the glory that was Greece and Rome,

piranha fishing on the Amazon River, the bottom of the world in Ushuaia, Argentina and Cape Horn and experience the history of the czars in St. Petersburg Russia.”

“I have had the privilege to connect with people and cultures that have left a profound influence on my life- not to mention experiencing the terrific panoramic Cruises offer vast destinations that sun rises and sunsets at sea that only be described as nothing short according to Johnny V, “have all helped knock my ‘bucket list’ down of spiritual”, said V. several notches to a manageable Boomers can now expect to number as I age.” experience everything from Cruising is also a great way to meet Broadway shows, marquee entertainers, world class culinary people of like interests and even rekindle or discover new romance meals to exotic shore sightseeing and cultural tours. as well. Cruise lines now cater to the single boomer traveler (male or In addition, the variety of on ship female) by offering individual activities like zip lining, surfing, cabins and events on board. dancing, and seminars keeps expanding with every cruise

offered. Now even river cruises are featuring open air balconies, luxurious cabins and solariums. Since Boomers make up the majority of the profile of cruisers worldwide, more upgrades and amenities can be expected in the future. So heads up “matey” and consider getting onboard the next time you’re planning a getaway. Check out all of the cruising options available to the Boomer generation. You can connect with The American for more resource information about Boomer cruising.

For the past 12 years Johnny V has been a Senior Speaker of CU Edu Cruises (Seminars at Sea) and has cruised to over 80 countries.

Many itineraries will allow you to experience as many as five different countries within a weeks’ worth of travel, minus the hassle and cost of visiting the same places “a la carte”. Today’s BoomeR 15

Social Security: Plan ahead and gain more in 2012 By Karyl Richson Social Security Public Affairs Specialist in Milwaukee, WI

Happy 2012 from Social Security! With the new year, many people put together lists of goals and resolutions. Allow us to share with you some new year’s resolutions that you may find worth keeping.

Security number for everyone whom you will claim as a dependent. If you don’t have a number for one of your Whether you’re 26 and beginning a career or 62 and dependents, you need to apply now to have the Social thinking about the best time to stop working, give some Security number in time to file your tax return. Learn thought to what your retirement plan will be. Social more at Security is the largest source of income for elderly Americans today, but it was never intended to be your Do a little light reading only source of income when you retire. You also will The best way to learn more about Social Security, the need savings, investments, pensions or retirement acbenefit programs, and what they mean to you and your counts to make sure you have enough money to live family is to browse through our online library of publicacomfortably when you retire. The earlier you begin tions. You can find overviews as well as more detailed your financial planning, the better off you will be. For booklets. Our library at is tips to help you save, visit always open.

Think about retirement

Plan ahead

Help a loved one

The best way to begin planning for retirement is by using the free resources provided by Social Security. Start by using our Retirement Estimator, where you can get a personalized, instant estimate of your future retirement benefits using different retirement ages and scenarios. Visit the Retirement Estimator at

Sometimes we get the most satisfaction out of helping someone else. If you have a grandparent, parent, relative, or friend who could benefit from Social Security, share our website and online services with them. You can even help a loved one apply for retirement or Medicare benefits — or for Extra Help with Medicare prescription drug costs — in as little as 10 minutes. Whether you forward a publication or sit down to help someone apply for Social Security, the place to go is

Make sure you have all your numbers While tax season may seem far away, now is the time that many taxpayers start gathering records and documentation for filing tax returns. One of the most important things you need is a Social

16 Today’s BoomeR

We hope you’ll consider some of these resolutions. Happy New Year from Social Security!



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Today's Boomer Vol.1 No.1 February/March 2012  

I welcome all to enjoy this inaugural issue of Today’s BoomeR magazine and indulge yourself in our stories about travel, healthy eating, mak...

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