Today's Boomer Magazine Fall 2022 Vol.10 No.2

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The Science of Slowing Aging: Choosing Live Food Busting Food Myths to Give Life to Your Cells and Self! By Jodi Geline,

What it takes to be healthy and slow down aging goes beyond what you may think and what you're taught. Typically you are told to eat healthy and exercise. That’s great advice, but there’s so much more that you haven’t been told.

Hi, I’m Jodi and I’ve studied health and self-development since age 22 and recovered from a 19-year struggle with severe stomach bloat/digestive issues. I went from looking nine months pregnant to a flat stomach. It was all gas. You can read more of my story on my website. The definition of aging is more cells dying off than being replaced. So the key to slowing down aging is to replace those cells with strong healthy cells. You do that by feeding your body the nutrients it needs. Your body is one amazing technological machine! It knows exactly what to do, as long as it’s getting the right nutrients it needs. cells are starving for nutrients. All of these foods cause habits that aren't good for you and also cause your body And sadly, most people are so far away from eating that to crave them even more! Yes, they do put stuff in food to way. With all the processed food, fast food, and the have you crave even more junk food. constant barrage of advertisements for junk food, your


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