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Old Enough for Sex : The 6 Biggest Mistakes Couples Over 50 Make, According to Experts By Juliana LaBianca, Best Life

JD, MA, LAC, clinical psychotherapist and relationship therapist. "This practice may negate the possibility of a A lot of things change after the age of 50: our bodies, our rewarding lifestyle or retirement." Instead, prioritize your friendships, and our finances, to name a few. Another area bond. McKay encourages travel, learning together, and to watch is your relationship. Whether you're married or in staying curious about each other's lives. a long-term partnership, you may see shifts in your union in your sixth decade. Developments in your sex 2. They assume their sex life will decline. drive, personality, childcare situation, and housing come It's not all downhill from here. Quite the contrary, actually. into play—and, if you're not careful, they could cause "Couples over the age of 50 might believe that they are too countless miscommunications and other issues between old to enjoy sex… which is not true," says Katie Ziskind, you and your partner. Fortunately, you can avoid these LMFT, owner of Wisdom Within Counseling. For couples fissures. Ahead, therapists tell us the biggest relationship over 50, "intimacy and marriage therapy can help you mistakes couples over 50 make—and how to ensure you figure out what is going on and support an empowered see them coming. sexual experience," she suggests. That way, you can 1. They become too absorbed in their children. rediscover each other's likes and dislikes and create new and improved experiences in the bedroom. Kids are important, but so is your partner. "I have seen many individuals become absorbed in their children and 3. They hide medical issues. grandchildren's lives causing them to minimize the Honesty is key in any relationship. But Sam Nabil, CEO importance of their own relationship," says Cynthia McKay, and lead therapist at Naya Clinics, notices that some

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