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==== ==== Your donation matters. It will help thousands with their education. ==== ====

Christmas is the time for peace, love and goodwill. We tend to forget all the bitterness of life and embrace love and compassion with renewed enthusiasm. Perhaps this is called getting into the spirit of Christmas...if you are running a non-profit organization, this is your best time to appeal for donations for the good work that your NGO is doing. During the Christmas season, you get crowds of shoppers in city centers excited about buying gifts for their near and dear ones. The spirit of Christmas is shared by all with the feeling of charity and giving. This is when it makes an ideal time to collect charitable donations. You know that people go overboard about shopping at this time of the year. Take advantage of this by selling articles which are popular now. Check out the points below for Christmas themed fundraising ideas to ensure a very merry Christmas for your Non-Profit organization;

Santa loves cookies and milk, and so do we. Homemade Christmas cookies will sell great like hotcakes this season. You need to bake cakes and cookies and package them well and sell to your friends, family and coworkers. You can let them know the reason behind your endeavor, so that they feel good about spending for a good reason. Another popular item is Christmas card which is easy to design and sell. People like to send wishes using Christmas cards to their friends and family. Thus, you have ample opportunities for fundraising. Can you create Christmas decorations? Add a little more creativity and with a few handy art supplies, you can create tree baubles, wreaths, garland strands and more. You can sell them for the good cause you are working hard for.

There are few more ways to raise funds while enjoying the spirit of Christmas to the fullest:

With permission of the local authority, you can sing carols in the town centre. You can ask a helper to collect donation from the bystanders while you sing! You may also request your friends and family to make a donation instead of a Christmas gift. If you can really convince them that the donation is more important for you than the gifts, they will not mind donating. Just offer help to your neighbors with the cleaning and decoration of their yard and household in exchange for a donation. Go to your local supermarket and find out if you can get permission to pack grocery bags at the checkout stands. In that case, you can gladly ask for donation in return for your help. You can also let your volunteers offer help to the shoppers with carrying bags out to their cars. You can spread the word about your cause and fundraising efforts by including a note inside the

Christmas cards you mail to friends and family.

The true spirit of Christmas lies in compassion and giving away. Your efforts of raising funds for your Non-profit organization will be successful depending upon how well you can put your message in your actions. Your fundraising efforts will definitely add meaning to the Christmas and bring real happiness for you, your family and friends, as well as your cause.

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==== ==== Your donation matters. It will help thousands with their education. ==== ====

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