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Before we get into the AWeber Review, the question of whather or not you should you an autoresponder at all must be addressed. Here are 2 reasons why you need to use an autoresponder.

Small businesses are NOT taking full advantage of their customer contacts and leaving a lot of money on the table because of this.. Small business owners are also not following up with their customers in such a way as to retain their loyalty.

A customer list that is easily contacted by email is a gold mine for small businesses, and even more so for larger businesses. There are too many people on the Internet trying to make sales from their website vistiors while overlooking the power of having a subscriber list to mail to... on demand.. The best way to build a list of subscribers is to use an autoresponder, and AWeber gets my vote as the best autoresponder of choice for small and large businesses.

AWeber pro-rates their service fees to accommodate the person who is just beginning to develop their subscriber base. AWeber has tracking and analytics tools to help you get more out of your email marketing efforts... This continued devotion to helping you increase your conversions is one of the primary reasons they've been considered the top autoresponder by almost all the top internet marketers... AWeber customer service is by far the best support you'll get from an autoresponder company. They have a support blog that continually gives out good information on their new developments and tools. They also have a Live Chat support function with minimal wait time, with support representatives available to help you during normal business hours and beyond. In fact, they expanded their support hours in 2008 to help accommodate more people, due to the popularity of their autoresponder service. AWeber also offers a free trial period of 30 days so it's basically a risk-free venture on your part.

Your customer contact, follow-up and communications are the backbone of your online business, so it's safe to say that a risk-free trial period from the top-rated autoresponder service is a

welcome addition to your portfolio of online marketing tools... Also, the deliverability rate of the emails you send is guaranteed, at a 99% plus rate... When you read an AWeber review you expect it to be a candid review, so here's some of the things most AWeber reviews won't tell you:

There is a bit of a learning curve to learning how to use AWeber. I can remember learning how to use it years ago, and I got frustrated with it because I did not have the mentality to be patient, but at that time I also didn't realize just how valuable a skill I was learning. Not many people know how to use an autoresponder properly, therefore just having one isn't going to increase your income, you need to use it effectively, too. Building a subscriber base is something you will always be doing because your list size will decrease over time. You need to use your autoresponder effectively if you want to have an automated way of keeping the subscriber base growing.

So here's a tip for you... Go into learning how to use an autoresponder with the following facts in mind:

Your online income is usually proportionate to the size of your customer list Email marketing is the back bone for online business owners and where the real money is made Your subscribers list (free subscribers and paid customers) is your on-demand gold mine if handled properly

Those three sentences reveal undisputed facts, just ask around and you'll see and know this is true. If you keep those 3 sentences in mind while you're learning how to use your new autoresponder, you'll be a bit more patient than I was with learning how to use it and will probably get more out of it than I did my first week or so. If/when you get AWeber or any other type of autoresponder, you should devote the first few days to learning how to use it, and spend the next day or two building some squeeze pages, and the rest of the 30-day free trial period to build up enough of a list to pay for your first month's fees. If you go into this committed to using it properly and for the long-term, AWeber will pay for itself before you have to make your first payment...

Daniel McGonagle reviews marketing products like Aweber at his home business reviews [] site. He offers some tips on how best to manage your mailing list, no matter what autoresponder you decide to go with.

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A Review of the Aweber Autoresponder  

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