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Publish Your Music Produce, Market, and Sell About the Book The title of the book is "Publish Your Music Guaranteed". Yes, what does that word guaranteed mean? I intend to show you how to create a CD and provide MP3 downloads. In addition, and most important, how to market and publicize. It's one thing to have a CD and it's another thing to have a CD sold. I've been working in the media and profiled by the media since 1998. My initial business has to do with authors and book publishing. I've coached authors and musicians how to present their worthiness and value to the general public. The media is the bull horn that is on top of the soapbox to tell your story. You need the media. In this book, we'll talk about things beyond the recording studio. Remember, it's one thing to have a CD and it's a totally different thing to have someone buy it. About the Author David Ewen has been in the book publishing field since 1994. He worked with musicians on his radio show "Today's Music Review" on KCLA 99.3 FM. David released his nephew's CD "Jumper" and decided to write a book and hold workshop seminars called "Publish Your Music Guaranteed". His focus is marketing published works and getting product into consumer's hands.

Publish Your Music Guaranteed