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For Immediate Release April 2010

Book Responds To Economic Challenge

As small and large businesses in Massachusetts pull out of the Great Recession, the skill of attracting customers and closing the sale has changed. The consumer has been changed by the recent troubled economic landscape. The consumer behaves differently now. Businesses struggle to understand what customers want and makes them satisfied. David Ewen of Springfield has noticed the change in the consumer behavior and has acted to solve the problem of attracting customers for businesses. He has been in sales for businesses and his own ventures since 1985. Ewen says, “We needed to understand buyer and seller behavior as it pertains to a recovering economy. He has helped increase sales success with a simple guided tour through his new book “Journey To Success: Attracting Customers and Closing The Sale”. The workshop seminar is on CD titled “Journey To Success“. Both are available on David has spoken at colleges, universities, trade associations, and speaking events since 1998 to work with business owners develop their goals. He has been a college instructor teaching workshop seminars to entrepreneurs since 2004. In 1994, David Ewen launched his publishing company, Ewen Prime Company. company serves as a vehicle of exploration for business success.


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Book Responds To Economic Challenge