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September 2012

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elcome to the September edition of ROSSINGTON TODAY. TODAY

Back to school time already! How the year is flying by. For me, with 3 children (14, 13 & 9) the year is very much timetabled by school holidays. The next one is 8 weeks away! I have been lucky enough to spend 2 great weeks in Cornwall this summer, enjoying the sunshine, relaxing on the beach, walking the cliff paths, cycling the Camel Trail and this year I have added a new activity; body boarding in the surf - I am even the proud owner of my own wet suit, although I did have to use one of my children’s cast off boards, perhaps I will have my own next year! I hope that you enjoy this months magazine, please do get in touch if there is something that you would like to see in future editions. The next edition will be distributed to you from 28th September. Please ensure that anything that you would like to be included is with me by Friday 14th September.

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Thank you again for dropping by for a cuppa and bit of a chat. I hope your summer weeks were good. Did you get to have some special times with your family? I hope you did. Even if you didn’t, “better late than never” still works. As a minister in Rossington, I like talking to people. There are some great stories out there … some funny … some sad. Oh, also there are some BIG dogs as well! Cause for a Cuppa is focused on helping the family. We have talked about many different subjects over the few years we have been together. During my chats with people, I have found out that many are put off by “religion”. Sometimes it was a bad experience from the past, not getting the point of it, “not really for me”, “it doesn’t really relate to me” or any number of other things. Don’t forget that God is pro-family. Even if you struggle with the God thing, the Bible is chalk full of the “how to” of family life & relationships. We are starting something in partnership with Pheasant Bank Academy that is going to address many of the objections people have mentioned to me. It is called “Messy Church”. It is going to be a fantastically fun and interactive opportunity for you to have two hours of messy fun with your child/children. Messy Church kicks off on 25 September (Tuesday) at 3.30pm at Pheasant Bank Academy. We will run a Messy Church session 4x each term. There are 3 parts to it … 1) a fun crafty time that could include all sorts of messy fun … 2) a brief, fun, interactive, family friendly time to explore God & the family … 3) a delicious hot meal. There is no pressure. There is no cost. (You are welcome to donate to help Messy Church carry on.) Though we will be having Messy Church every 3-4 weeks, there is no requirement you come every time. We only ask that every child has a responsible relative/carer with them. This is a family event, not a children’s only club. I would like to give you a personal invitation to come. It would be helpful for you to email me (email address below) as we will have to limit the number of people. There is more information on our church web site Just click on the Messy Church tab. There is a short video of another Messy Church and the sorts of things we will do. You may be nervous, unsure … but isn’t part of life about taking risks? Why not give it a go!? As always, thanks for reading and if you would like to stop by for a chat & a cuppa, the door is always open. (Eric Simpson …Holmescarr Centre … 07828 141472 … Facebook)




Rossington Councillor's Update St Leger Homes have completed their move to the Holmescarr Centre with only a few hiccups involving the phone system, but it was sorted easily. There are no cash offices anymore, this is across the borough not just Rossington. All other services are available at St Leger’s new office in Holmescarr. The Holmescarr Centre has nearly the full complement of Council services only Adult services are missing and they will be moving in soon. So now we have the Opportunity Centre for help in getting jobs, the Library with all the previously available facilities now available, Integrated Family Support Services, a multi agency team looking after children, the Area Team for the whole of the South and as previously stated St Leger Homes. There has been a spate of burglaries, a number of arrests have taken place and the burglaries have stopped, well done the Police. The Police and the Area Officers have had further success in reducing all Crime by 32% also Anti-Social Behavior by 38% and Criminal Damage by 50%, well done again all those involved. An Area Officer and unpaid workers from Mooreland’s Open Prison used loose wood chippings to make the Brick Pond’s paths safer for pond users. They also helped to relocate a bench from one side of the pond to the other so young people could use it and tidy up the whole area. The fishing club, has been given £300 from the Councilor’s flexible budget for a sea fishing trip. A range of summer activities have been organised with the aim of reducing crime and antisocial behaviour across the area and engaging young people, whilst contributing to helping keep people safe, improve confidence and satisfaction with the Safer Neighbourhood Team. Both Rossington Ward Members and Rossington Parish Council have each contributed £1,000 towards positive activities for young people. Unpaid workers from Mooreland’s Open Prison helped clear the garden area at the Rossington Women’s Institute venue where rubbish and brambles were removed. Whilst this work was being carried out an elderly resident approached the workers who stated that a small alley way nearby was over grown, which the team were happy to help by clearing it. In conjunction with the Parish Council’s policy of Rossington In Bloom we have decided to buy 20 planters for the village, to enhance the area. With these planters comes a three year contract to maintain them and ensure that we have all year round flowers. I personally think that the village looks a lot better now and can only look lot better when these arrive.

Kindest Regards

Richard Cooper-Holmes Your Labour Councillor


The second generation of solar power is here By Alison Courtnell, managing director of Solar ENLES ( Have you ever heard the expression "about as useful as a chocolate teapot", or "about as useful as a concrete parachute"? Another of these is "about as useful as a solar-powered torch". But the premise on which this third expression is based – that something solar-powered only works if the sun is out – doesn’t actually ring true. As of today, it is possible to run your home or business on solar even after the sun has set. You just need SunBat, a system that stores any solar power that you don’t use right away. SunBat integrates neatly into any PV system, new or retrofit, and is available for both single- and threephase connections. There are several benefits for those who install this brand new technology:  It makes you even more independent from the National Grid, reducing your bills substantially  You can use eco-friendly electricity at the times of day when you need it the most – for most people, this is in the morning and evening when they are at home.  Your electricity stays on during a power cut – for hours, typically.  You add to the value of your property. The introduction of SunBat is a huge step forward for solar power in the UK. The first generation of solar customers in this country sought to take advantage of the Government’s feed-in tariffs, but the second generation is less dependent on them. The cost savings made possible by SunBat, together with the significant drop in the cost of solar PV and the steady rise in the cost of grid electricity, has made solar energy an attractive proposition in its own right. Solar ENLES will launch SunBat at the Solar Power UK event at the Birmingham NEC 2-4 October.



Your Friendly Coach Holiday Company

2012 Tours & Mini-breaks

10th Sept Isle of Wight £209 Nov Thursford Christmas Spectacular 5th & 26th Nov Turkey & Tinsel £229 7th Dec Bruge Mini Cruise £129 Bankwood Ind Est, Rossington, DN11 0PS

Phone (01302) 866193 / 07836 757618 Email: 12 | ROSSINGTON TODAY



Tickhill and District Lions Club

As you all know we will have to wait until 2013 for the next Tickhill Gala. In the mean time you may be interested in the Doncaster Show which is being organised by the Doncaster Lions. The event takes place at the Deaf Trustst Campus on Ledger Way on the weekend of 1 and 2nd September. The Doncaster Show is sure to be a fun-packed weekend where there will be activities to please everyone, from Archery to Zumba. There will be craft stalls, live music and fairground rides amongst other exciting things. Admission and car parking are free. Full details can be found at http:// The Tickhill and District Lions have been busy recently organising and running days out for senior citizens, including many who suffer from mobility problems and need assistance when away from their home environment. One of trips was for a group of Harworth senior citizens who enjoyed a day out in Harrogate. The Lions support many local activities. Recently we have supported our local younger generation with donations to both the Tickhill Explorer Scouts, to help with their ‘Three Peak Challenge’ and to the Tickhill Juniors under 14’s football team allowing them to enter a district football competition.








ossington Wheelers Cycling Club – September News Well nobody can say that they weren’t warned as I’ve banged on about this already in the year - ‘Olympic Fever’ has gripped the nation and it all appears to have gone cycling mad! Despite Mark Cavendish not taking the opening gold in a very tough men’s road race in front of 1.5m people on the streets of London Team GB has collected 8 gold medals on 2 wheels with the Mountain Bike Events still to come. Bradley Wiggins and Sir Chris Hoy have both become our most successful Olympians ever now with 7 medals each and many younger athletes look destined for stardom! All this on the back of British riders taking first and second in the Tour De France and 7 stage wins along the way to probably the most successful result any nation has ever had in the race? Rossington rider Graham Briggs has simply blown the competition away in the British Cycling Elite Circuit Series with 4 wins and 2 seconds in the 7 race event culminating in a big win on almost home soil at the Sheffield Grand Prix – ‘Brigga’ is now Number 1 in the national rankings, well done Graham! Gary ‘The Turbine’ Irvine is now all but assured of the AAD Gas Handicap TT Trophy crown for 2012 with a 17 point lead on 87 points with 3 rounds left to ride. Stephen Patterson and Mark Billingham are non-movers but Mark is under threat from a host of riders wanting to claim third place. ‘The Routemaster’ Paul Wormald has had the club to many new destinations this summer so far: Teversal, Cromwell, Newmillerdam, Alkborough, Squires Cafe and duplicated runs are now more by choice than lack of options. Coming up in September the club heads for Bala in Wales for an annual weekend tour and is also heading into the Peak District to cheer Brigga and the World and Tour De France Champions on in the Tour of Britain on Mon 10/9/12 as well as the usual programmed Sunday Club Runs. The Cleethorpes ride was revisited in August with 10 riders making the 126 mile round trip! There are too many events upcoming to talk about them all really – so please follow the club on Facebook, @RossoWheelers, or pop down to see Chairman Les Hudson at Hudson Cycles on King Avenue to speak in person. A couple of final notes this month and a big personal thank you to the individual that handed my wallet (intact) to the police after I left it at our rendezvous one Tuesday night this summer, appreciate that and also to say that with Club rides now attracting 30+ riders we do actively try to keep off the main village exit roads as much as possible but please be patient on Stripe Road especially and we’ll be as little hindrance to drivers as possible, thank you. Safe riding – Brendan Simpson


he Rossington Hornets By the time you read this we should be heading towards our second home game of the season against local rivals Adwick with hopefully a win or two already under out belts. We have Rawmarsh coming to the welfare on the 20th of October so please come down and show yours support for your local team. We are also after any old pictures of the Hornets, that people may have so we can scan them and return them or if they are already digital all the better we have been told we can have some pictures up in the welfare so lets display some history and see some of the old haircuts outthere. We have come a long way in a short time so if you see any of the guys with the hornets shirts on let us know that you used to play, watched or supported and show your continued support it is really appreciated if some of the young guys know that the village supports them and hopefully this year we can build on foundations we laid at the end of last season. See you down the welfare Thanks Rossington Hornets 18 | ROSSINGTON TODAY


Interior and Exterior Painting & Decorating & General Maintenance Over 30 years experience Domestic and Commercial Competitive Prices No job too small

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Mayor of Doncaster Cements Future of Former Rossington Colliery Site

As the concrete was laid the cheer of the crowd, there to witness the official ceremony for the start of the reclamation and restoration of the former Rossington Colliery, resonated around the desolate site. Guests were invited to the foundation laying event to witness Mayor of Doncaster Peter Davies, perform the official duty to mark the beginning of a new future for the residents of Rossington. “This is a terrific day for Doncaster in general and Rossington in particular,” commented Mayor of Doncaster Peter Davies. “The work undertaken here by RecyCoal will bring tremendous benefits to the area including the creation of 70 jobs, and the reclamation of the land to allow 1,200 new homes to be developed Overall this is another great development for South Doncaster which will lead to the creation of hundreds of jobs in the longer term.” The 112.5 hectare site includes the Rossington colliery spoil heap which will be reclaimed and restored to public open space for biodiversity enhancement and public recreation over the next five years. RecyCoal, will clean up over 13 million tonnes of colliery spoil, create 70 jobs and recover 950,000 tonnes of coal over four years for electricity generation. RecyCoal will also use the site to train new employees for its growing business in the UK, the USA, Australia, Poland and South Africa. CEO of RecyCoal, Tom Allchurch commented: “To be able to celebrate this momentous day with our invited guests is a testament to the determination by local authorities, businesses and individuals to transform this area into a place where local villagers can once again explore and benefit from. “The first process of this development is the reclamation of coal from the spoil heap which the foundations laid today will form part of. Over the next four years Rossington will also be used as a training base which will bring further opportunities to the local economy” Restoration of the site will form a valuable part of local public open space providing opportunities for nature conservation and public recreation. A variety of natural habitats will be created. Woodland areas will cover approximately 29ha with the planting of over 70,000 trees, grasslands will cover 49.5ha and wetlands around 9ha. Other benefits of the scheme include a memorial garden, an area for allotments for local people and land that will revert to agricultural use. In order to allow access for public recreation 7 km of footpaths Mayor of Doncaster Peter Davies and bridleways will be created across the site. and RecyCoal CEO Tom Allchurch


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Finance arranged on site ToROSSINGTON suit all budgets TODAY | 21

Rossington Parish Council News The second half of July and all August are normally a very quiet time for the Parish Council. However this period has been busy, one of planning for the future; the ProjectsthCommittee agreed that we are holding a village barbecue on the 15 September (weather permitting) at 1.00pm. This will be held at the Brodsworth Way Pavilion and we will have fun and games for all. This will include a roundabout, a penalty shoot out, rides and bouncy castle, maybe even rounder’s for the more active. The food will be cooked by myself, accompanied by my good wife Janet, DMBC Area Manager, Steve Thomas and his wife Sarah. There will be a nominal charge for the food (£3 for adults and £1.50 for kids for both burger and sausage in buns). The whole village is invited, so please attend. Also the Projects Committeethagreed to hold a beer festival, Oktoberfest – Rossington, on the Welfare grounds on Friday 5 , Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th October. Unlike the German version our Oktoberfest is in October. CAMRA is supporting this event and we will have 20 real ales, 5 lagers and 5 ciders. There will be entertainment put on, including an Oompah Band and we will be hiring an 80ft x 40 marquee to get everyone under cover. This is a first for Rossington and we hope it will be a huge success and grow year by year and become the area’s leading beer festival. Opening times will be given later. The Festival of Light will be on 19th and 20th October at the Welfare. There will be a good number of exhibitors and there will also be trade stands and food stands. The Welfare bar will be serving refreshments. The Strategy Committee met and discussed two applications for grants; the Carnival asked for £1000 and was given £500 after their accounts and their reason for the grant were given. They were also told to apply much earlier with the full information in future, February was suggested. The Carnival is not a Parish Council concern; however it has been supported substantially in the past and will, if needed, support it in the future. There was also an application for matched funding from DMBC and the Chairman for £1000, the Ward Councillors had given £1000 from their flexible budget for use of the Area team towards positive activities for young people during the summer holidays and during the Halloween and Bonfire night period and had asked if more money could be forthcoming from the Parish Council. It was agreed to grant the money. The Strategy Committee looked at the allotment competition and decided that due to disputes and lack of participation we would cancel future competitions. The Triple ‘A’ Committee met and discussed the FARRRS scheme and the compulsory purchase orders that DMBC were issuing. The Local Development Framework (LDF) consultation by DMBC was discussed at great length and as it affected our Neighbourhood Plan we decided to discuss this further when more information became available. It was apparent, however, that developers in general had some unacceptable hopes to build on areas that were not acceptable to the Parish Council and as such our plans will not contain plans we do not agree with. There was a debate on the PGA golf course plans and what other developments may arise. There will be up to 20 houses built on and around the course, with enlarged run-off ponds and various other proposals. There would be a second public course to the north of the PGA professional course. This would put Rossington on the map when the first PGA tournament or even the Ryder Cup takes place. We now have a wonderful display of flowers around the village, these will be ‘all year round’ displays and there will be more soon, especially round the Market place, Radburn Road and pensioners bungalows as well as on the roads into the village, Stripe Road and Richard Cooper-Holmes Sheepbridge Lane. I am pleased to say Chairman that there has been no vandalism at all Rossington Parish Council and I can only thank everyone for their care and consideration. 22 | ROSSINGTON TODAY



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Keeping the Olympic Flame Alight in Doncaster As Team GB continues to inspire the nation through an amazing medal haul, young people up and down the country are seeing the powerful and positive role that sport can play. We are now in a critical phase and need to capture the enthusiasm young people have for sport and ensure they have every opportunity to take part themselves. Ash Hill Academy and Rossington All Saints Academy have both launched a new Olympic Inspiration Summer Camp as part of the £50 Million funding which was made available by the Deputy Prime Minister for the Summer Schools programme. The camps work towards improving the educational attainment of children, ensuring gains in primary school are not lost on transfer to their secondary school. Both camps have seen it’s biggest numbers attending holiday programmes in recent years. Children have taken part in Olympic and Paralympic themed sports, dance, arts, numeracy, literacy and outdoor pursuit activities. The programmes have been delivered by ‘Active Fusion’ which was once one of the government funded School Sport Partnerships. Regardless of their funding cuts the team of professionals continue to inspire young people through sport. Active Fusion remain hopeful that the government will realise the promise to inspire a generation and create an active generation so more successful holiday provision, school and community sport can become a reality for every school. Active Fusion exists to provide opportunities for both young people and adults through innovative sports coaching and curriculum programmes. For further details about Active Fusion visit





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Tarot Card Reading

Individual readings or parties of up to ten Special offer - for groups of more than 5 - £10 per reading

Call 07949 297303 for more details

Flat roofing with 10 year guarantee Tiling Slating Guttering work Chimney work Fascias From a simple repair to a re-roof! For reliable, friendly and professional service call Ian on: Mobile: 07850 188354 Home: 01302 714055 Or Email us at:

Kitchen & Bathroom Fitting  Tiling & Plastering  Door hanging  Joinery  Painting & Decorating  Landscape Gardening .... and much, much more. 

Big Enough to Cope Small Enough to Care Contact Dan on 01302 868975 or 07788 920620 TO ADVERTISE TELEPHONE 01302 744278


Holmescarr Community Café

Holmescarr Centre, Grange Lane, Rossington, Doncaster, DN11 0LP 01302 860036 Now open from 8.30am – 4.00pm Monday to Friday The café offers low price, good quality food that is all prepared on the premises. So come along and check out the menu. Friday Special – Roast Dinners – small £2.99 large £3.99. The community café can also be used for children’s parties – (also ceramic painting, pottery and other craft parties available). Buffets can also be provided for funeral teas, christenings, etc. Please telephone 01302 860036 for a quote. The Community Café has Volunteers working hard to provide you with professional cafe experience. All of our volunteers have been fully trained and have achieved their Food Safety Qualification Level 2. The Community Café is supporting local people in building up their confidence, gain work experience and we have also had successes recently in volunteers gaining employment.


Tutor Heather Maw Starting 10th September Monday 10-12

Learn how to make beautiful hand made cards. £5 per class

Sewing Circle (mainly for people with

Learning Difficulties) Tutor Heather Maw Tuesdays 10-12 £3.00 Make a cushion, decorate a shopping bag, mend those jeans.

Crochet or Knitting

Tuesdays 12.30-2 Learn how to crochet or knit – small informal group

Cooking with Confidence

Tuesdays 2-4 Learn how to prepare and cook the food we sell in the cafe. No charge but Volunteer commitment required.

Craft for Kids Thursdays 4-6

Pottery, card making, ceramic painting, jewellery making, £5 for first chld,£2.50 Under 8s must be accompanied

Ceramic Painting Classes Tutor Pauline Thomson Thursdays 10.00 – 12.00 Starting September Monday evenings 6.00 – 8.00

Come and learn how to paint ceramics – plates and ornaments etc Ideal for Christmas presents

Holmescarr Community Centre Grange Lane, Rossington,

For further information contact Heather Maw on 07792 129846

WEA Classes starting in September

Cake Decorating and Sugarcraft Tutor Priscilla Charlesworth Starting 24th September Monday 1pm

Beginners can learn the basics of cake decorating and the art of sugar flower making. More advance learners will be able to progress their skills in flower making, modelling and cake decorating.

Bizzy Fingers Craft Group Tutor Heather Maw Starting 20th September Thursday 1pm

Have a go at lots of different crafts: decorate biscuits, make Christmas Cards, Origami, knot and bead jewellery. Mainly for people with Learning Difficulties.

Going to Pot Tutor Anna-Mercedes Wear Starting 21st September Friday 10am

Come and try your hand in an informal and relaxed setting. This pottery course is for beginners and will introduce a variety of different hand-building techniques including pinching, coiling and slabbing. . Mainly for people with Learning Difficulties.

Pottery Workshop Tutor Anna-Mercedes Wear Starting 21st September Friday 12.30 pm

Have you ever wanted to have a go at Pottery? Come and try your hand in an informal and relaxed setting. This pottery course is for beginners and more experienced learners using a variety of different hand-building techniques including pinching, coiling and slabbing.

Friends of Brodsworth Way Crickey, it's September already! Our coffee mornings are booked until the end of the year and the one in August gave us gorgeous sunshine so we could sit outside and bask. Thank you to all who came, the regular faces and the new ones. The September coffee morning will be on Thursday, 6th, so we hope you can come along. Venue: Brodsworth Way Pavilion. Time: 9:15 to 11:30. Everyone is welcome. I thought I would mention this month that we have three active neighbourhood watch schemes in place on the estate (1-29 Brodsworth Way, Chatsworth Drive and Sandbeck Court) and if you feel your road would benefit, there isn't much work required to get a scheme up and running and I am happy to help with this. We have had some criminal activity on the estate recently so perhaps now would be a good time to (a) get your neighbours together and (b) set up a neighbourhood watch scheme. Kind regards. Susan, Tel. 869001

Rossington Ex-Servicemen’s Club Country Nights (Wed) 5th 12th 19th 26th

Billy Stevens Be early Dave Montana from Hull Jim Tracey from Lancs first visit Phill Loyd local act Rossington Labour Club

St.Luke's Children's Choir Children in Year 3 and above are invited to join us at the start of this exciting NEW venture as we prepare for the Christmas season. Rehearsals begin Thursday 6th September 5:30-6:30pm (to include a musical nativity) Rehearsals are free and are lead by 2 local, qualified teachers. For further details contact: Father Collingwood on 01302 868288 or Angela Teasdale on 07754 661951

Rossington New Life Church Rossington We give you all a warm welcome to our Sunday Services at 11.00 a.m. Creche for children.

Rossington Methodist Church Harvest Service Sunday 23rd September at 10.30 am Everybody welcome!

Country & Western 3rd John Gill Band Band Class of 78 re-union. 10th Whiskey Duo That means it’s for you if you were at 17th Ally & Marion Irish Duo Rossington Comprehensive School and turned 24th Little Rock Duo 50 during this school year. General Entertainment The event will be held at 7th Slither Knock Out girl fronted Band The Rossington Labour Club, 14th ICE Awesome band on 15th September from 7.30 till midnight. 21st The Other Three Sensational Band The cost of the room and Disco will be 28th Heros Superb Band covered by a £2 ticket. Each ticket will admit you plus your partner. Tickets are available from Jenny Edwards on 868775 or Tina Varley on 866826.

Rossington PACT Monday 10th September 6.30pm at Holmescarr Centre Rossington

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