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June 2011


elcome to the June edition of ROSSINGTON TODAY. TODAY

It seems that more good weather is on its way and hopefully by the time you read this we will be in the middle of the promised heat wave. If the weather reports are to be believed we may indeed enjoy some sunshine over Whitsun and the half term school break will be perfect for outdoor play! I for one have my fingers crossed about this! All parts of Rossington should now be receiving a copy of ROSSINGTON TODAY each month and this has been the case for some time. If you are aware of someone who is not receiving a copy on a regular basis then please let me know the address so that we can rectify this. The next edition will be delivered to you from 25th June. Please ensure that anything that you would like to be included in it, is with me by Friday 10th June.

Best Wishes, Paula

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Cause for a Cuppa

Happy June to all! Thank you for coming around today. Sometimes I am a bit shocked as to who gets theirs hands on the “Cause for a Cuppa” article. Recently, one of the teenagers at church said he read it last month. I didn’t want to come across “heavy” last month. I was a bit fragile at the time due to my Mum’s revelation that she had opted to cease any further treatment for her cancer. When the word “hospice” came up, it was almost too much. I am very thankful for all the support they give but there is something that seems very final connected with them. My goal for this slot in Rossington Today is to try and encourage everyone in family life and “stuff” that comes up. Unfortunately, issues of death fall into the “stuff” category. One thing I have appreciated about Rossington is that so many people regularly get to visit with their extended family. Chase has seen his grandmother only twice since he was born. Oddly enough, as of this writing, we are boarding a plane in two days for us to visit with her. My hope is that she will be strong enough for Chase to have a very positive memory of his grandmother. My family has never been one of those “express your feelings” sorts. But I want to make sure Mum knows how much I love and appreciate her. Oh, by the way, when is the last time you said those magical words, “I love you” to your Mum, Dad or child? If it is difficult for you to learn like it was for me, why not take the plunge. The benefits are huge! My other hope (and prayer) is that Mum will have an open heart to Jesus. The Bible is very clear that heaven is real. I would not be truthful if I said that everyone goes to heaven … by default. The issue is not whether you were a good person, went to church, were christened, or were a good Mum or Dad. The issue is whether we have put our faith in Jesus to forgive us of our sins. I know this is a difficult subject to talk about but being difficult doesn’t take away the reality. Maybe you are concerned about yourself or a family member. Why not ring, email or just call in and we can … have a cuppa and chat. (Eric Simpson, 07828 141472,




Elmfield Gymnastics Club

Elmfield Gymnastics Club has been running since 1974 and is the longest running gymnastics club in Doncaster. It started at Elmfield House in Doncaster Town - hence the name and has moved around several locations with its present day facility being in Rossington. We have now been in our building in Rossington for a year and we love our new facilities. The Club is home to South Yorkshire and Yorkshire champions in women’s artistic, and we currently have a gymnast who is first in Yorkshire for tumbling and is competing in the British Tumbling Finals. Our boys section is also very strong with 6 of our boys medalling at our most recent competition including 1st place. We also provide lessons in teamgym, adults gymnastics, trampolining and recreational gymnastics. The club is a lovely and is a small friendly place to be, with the gymnasts spending many happy hours every week training with us. We love being in Rossington & are hoping to stay as long as we can. We would love to have some new members from Rossington and the surrounding areas. Our aim is for children (and adults) to come and have a go at gymnastics and enjoy the wonderful sport. or ring 07707 118301



Care home fees – a clearer picture By Toby Burnett solicitor, based in the Doncaster office of Yorkshire Law firm Keeble Hawson LLP The potential costs of residential care worry many families, and rightly so. Almost one in five people who need residential care after the age of 65 face a bill of more than £100,000. The state does not generally help with the cost of residential care fees if someone has savings and assets of more than £23,250. It is estimated that around 20,000 people have to sell their homes each year to pay for their residential care, in many cases despite having paid taxes and national insurance contributions for their whole working lives. There are a number of urban myths and misunderstandings about planning for care home fees in the future – including schemes that involve making a gift of your property in to trust. It’s really important to get sound legal advice when considering options and making choices, as every case is individual and you need to be sure you have made the Toby Burnett right decisions. Happily, there are real options that can help you to plan ahead and feel more secure about your future care and your home. There are solicitors who specialise in this field, who can offer an initial consultation to make you aware of real choices and what would be right for you and your circumstances. Moving forward, making plans and looking ahead to the future are part of life – with the right guidance ironing out some of the bumps on the road ahead can be easier than you think.



King John. 1199-1216. In 1200, King John was involved in a long drawn out war against the French. He was forced to introduce new taxes to pay for his army and this created a great deal of resentment in England. The situation was made worse when he lost the French territories for which he was fighting. £40,000 was demanded by the French to obtain a truce and when he tried to raise this money by imposing yet another tax, the barons rebelled. Very few barons remained loyal so John had little support. The Magna Carta, or Great Charter, was imposed on the King John by the rebellious barons in June, 1215, and was signed at Runnymede near Windsor. The Charter was designed to prevent further arbitrary acts by declaring a body of defined law and custom which the king must respect in dealing with all his free subjects. Of its 63 clauses, the most famous are:Clause 39 - “no freeman shall be taken or imprisoned except by the lawful judgement of his equals or by the law of the land”, and Clause 40 – “ to no one will we deny or delay right or justice.” The principle that kings should rule justly was of long standing, but in Magna Carta the first attempt was made to distinguish between kingship and tyranny. It has endured as a symbol of the sovereignty of the rule of law, and was of fundamental importance to the constitutional development of England and other countries whose legal and governmental systems were modelled on English conventions. The first version of Magna Carta appeared in 1215 but it was revised many times. Four of the original copies remain: two in the British Library, one in Salisbury cathedral and one in Lincoln Castle. **************************************************


The following historic events happened in June. 1 June 1946 Television licences were issued in Britain for the first time, price £2. 2 June 1953 The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth took place 3 June 1162 Thomas a Becket was consecrated as Archbishop of Canterbury. 4 June 1039 Llewellyn ap Gruffydd, the Welsh King, defeated an English attack. 5 June 755 English missionary, Boniface, was murdered in Germany by unbelievers, along with 53 of his companions. 6 June 1944 D-Day invasion of Normandy by 1 million Allied troops to liberate Western Europe from German occupation. 7 June 1329 The death of King Robert 1 of Scotland, better known as Robert the Bruce. 8 June 1042 Harthacanute, King of England, died. He was succeeded by his adopted heir, Edward the Confessor. 9 June 1870 The nation’s best loved author, Charles Dickens, died. 10 June 1829 The Oxford team won the first ever Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Race. 11 June 1509 18 year old King Henry VIII married his former sister-in-law Catherine of Aragon, his first wife. 13 June 1944 The first V1 flying bomb or “doodle-bug” was dropped on London. 14 June 1645 In the English Civil war, Oliver Cromwell defeated the Royalists at the Battle of Naseby, Northamptonshire. 15 June 1215 Magna Carta. 16 June 1779 Spain declared war on Britain and the siege of Gibraltar began. 17 June 1579 Francis Drake dropped anchor off the south-west coast of America and proclaimed England’s sovereignty over California. 18 June 1815 Forces led by the Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo in Belgium. 19 June 1917 The British royal family renounced the German names Saxe-Coberg-Gotha and adopted the name of Windsor. 20 June 1756 In India, over 140 British subjects were imprisoned in a cell measuring only 5.4 metres by 4.2 metres that became known as “the Black Hole of Calcutta”. Only 23 came out alive. 21 June 1675 Construction work started on Christopher Wren’s St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. 22 June 1814 The Marylebone Cricket Club and Hertfordshire play the first match at Lord’s Cricket Ground. 23 June 1683 William Penn, the English Quaker, signed a treaty with chiefs of the Lenni Lenade Tribe in an attempt to ensure peace in his new American colony. 24 June 1277 King Edward 1 began his first campaign against the Welsh following the refusal of Llewelyn ap Gruffydd to pay him homage. 25 June 1797 Admiral Horatio Nelson was wounded in the arm in a battle with the French and the limb had to be amputated. 26 June 1483 Richard, Duke of Gloucester, began to rule England as Richard 111, having deposed his nephew, Edward V. 27 June 1944 After 21 days of fighting in Normandy, Allied forces took Cherbourg. 28 June 1838 The Coronation of Queen Victoria took place. 29 June 1613 London’s Globe theatre was destroyed by flames when a cannon was fired to announce the entrance of the king in Shakespeare’s Henry V. 30 June 1894 Tower Bridge in London was officially opened by H.R.H. the Prince of Wales. 10 | ROSSINGTON TODAY

Holidaying with (or without) your pet With Easter and the bank holiday weekends over, many people’s thoughts are turning towards planning their Summer holidays. Whether you are eagerly awaiting a long booked holiday or thinking about escaping on a last minute break, it’s important to remember your pets in your plans. Travelling Abroad If you are travelling abroad and planning on taking your pet with you, they may need a pet passport which involves a microchip and up to date rabies vaccination & needs planning months in advance. Staying in the UK Holidaying in the UK is a great way to spend time with your whole family, including your pet. Before you go, remember to ensure your pet’s flea and worm treatment is up to date and that they are microchipped. A microchip is smaller than a grain of rice and permanently identifies your pet so that you can be reunited if they are lost, even if their collar comes off. Holidaying without your pet Even if you are holidaying without your pet, they need to be taken into consideration. Arrange for family or friends to look after smaller animals and remember that any reputable kennels or cattery will insist on your pet having the correct vaccinations before they are allowed to stay. If you would like any more advice on care for your pets during the holidays, pop in and see us at Vets4Pets on Wentworth Road, Wheatley or book an appointment on 01302 556868.



Quality beef, reared in Tickhill. Fed only on home grown non-GM crops. Matured on the bone for nearly 3 weeks. Supplied fresh as a £50 family pack containing topside joints, sirloin & rump steaks, mince, stewing & braising steak weighing at least 8kg in total.

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Blooming Great! I am holding a ‘Blooming Great Tea Party’ on Monday 20th June 2011 at Rossington Parish Community Hall (formerly The Memorial Hall) 10am to 12 noon. I would really like people to bring a donation of cakes and recipes to go with them, so we can share the cakes and the recipes, tea and coffee will be 50p. I also sell cards and will be donating 15% of any cards sold to Marie Curie. It would be great for people to come and help raise money for a worthy cause. This cause is very close to me as my Mum was cared for by Marie Curie nurses in her last days and I know what a brilliant service they provide to families and sufferers of cancer especially in the last few days of their lives. If anyone would like come along and bring cakes and recipes to share please let me know so I have an idea on numbers for this event. Felicity Butler Tel: 01302 806023/0786 386 7263

TTS AERIALS New Digital Aerials supplied and fitted Aerial repairs, extensions kitchen/bedrooms etc. Multipoint systems, Flat screen TV’s wall mounted & discreet wiring specialists. We also repair all makes of television LCD/Plasma

THORPES TECHNICAL SERVICES All areas covered 3 year guarantee on all new aerials Big Discounts for OAP’s

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Care can continue in Rossington! Thanks to a variety of Government cuts over recent times, warden services in the area are no longer what they used to be. The Government has shown a lack of understanding towards the needs of the elderly people in Rossington and as a result their needs are not being met. A number of elderly people and their families are not wanting the warden service to end, however, there remains hope for those in need of assistance. A former warden for the elderly in Rossington, has agreed to continue with the service and it will now be known as the Care Works Partnership. Care Works Partnership, hopes to develop their support to our elderly living independently in the community, by offering other services that will encourage independence but at the same time keep our senior citizen’s safe. Care Works Partnership does not want to replace the family’s responsibilities in any way. But hopes to work with them to take away some of the tedious duties that could prevent family’s from having quality time with their loved ones. If you think that you or a member of your family would benefit from this service then please contact Pat on 07526 230446 or Tony on 07598 774516





ossington Wheelers Cycling Club – June News

Well as you read this there’s less than a week and counting until the club riders embark on this summer’s big challenge - the 145 mile Coast 2 Coast charity ride from Blackpool to Filey in one hop. All the training miles and final preparations will have been done and up to writing have been completely uninterrupted due to virtually non stop sunshine! The Easter training period kicked off with a century ride across Humber Bridge, a 120 mile jaunt to Cleethorpes will have been completed two weeks before the event and various other 80 mile plus rides on top of these should have the riders approaching their peaks at just the right time…..(just the Friday night in Blackpool now to overcome….!!!). Some riders also ‘enjoyed’ the added bonus of some 24mph ‘through and off’ riding with the seniors from Blyth on a couple of occasions during that extended Easter period. The final ride of the month to press was a trip to Lincoln to catch the Premier Calendar event ‘The Lincoln Grand Prix’ which will become an annual trip. The club’s Wednesday night Time Trial Handicap League is now in full swing after 4 rounds. The concept basically involves riders being allocated a handicap based on their most recent previous performance and the net times on the night are awarded points from 5 for the fastest down to 1 point for 5 th place, no points are awarded after this. As many as 11 riders have ridden and the table is currently: Chris Hughes and Brendan Simpson 10 points Paul Ellwell 5 Alan Clark and Paul Wormald 9 Richard Baldwin 4 Paul Jones and Charles Harvey 6 Colin Taylor 1 The event is an open event but only full members qualify for the handicap league. Michael Bramall of Sugarcane Creative holds the outright fastest time of 22min 24 secs for the 10 mile course. At this stage thanks must be given to those that volunteer to Marshal the event to make it possible. Upcoming rides scheduled for June are as follows: 5/6 (Styrrup 9.00am for riders not on C2C) 12/6 Misterton via Beltoft 50 miles 19/6 Clumber via Beany Bob 60 miles 26/6 Messingham via Gainsborough 65 miles

flat rolling (1 climb) flat

The club now has approaching 40 active members from Rossington and the surrounding area and so rides are aplenty throughout the summer and all details of these can usually be found on the forum at or the club’s facebook page. Anyone interested in the club or cycling in general can seek any face to face advice by calling in to see club chairman Les Hudson at Hudson Cycles new premises on King Avenue.


ossington Cricket Club – June News

As promised last month I shall concentrate this time around on rounding up the results from a very busy first month of the season at the club…. The First XI newly promoted to Div 1 of The South Yorkshire Senior Cricket League set off with 4 wins from their first 4 games against Norton Oakes - 2 wickets, Kexborough – 2 runs, Wath – 40 runs and Treeton – 120 runs. Spin twins Alex Rowland and Ashley Knowles have made early use of the dry pitches to get amongst the wickets and provide the main catalyst for those early wins along with paceman Dom McGough who has also been selected to represent the League XI. Openers Greg Mann and Pete Harvey have proved the mainstay of the batting line up so far, Harvey weighing in with 113 against Treeton. 2 wins and a washout in the Cup have followed however, so it’s a return to form that’s required for the Firsts who sit joint top of their Division currently with 24 points. The Second XI that have rejoined The SYSCL following the demise of The Doncaster League have 3 league wins from 4 games to sit fourth in Division 4 with 21 points. Wins coming against Kexborough, Conisborough and Houghton Main, with the defeat coming against Dearne and a cup defeat to Rockingham from a higher division. Captain Mick Richardson has filled his boots with two 5 wicket hauls including 6-22 v Kexborough on the opening day & young wicket keeper Jack Eusman hitting 91 against Houghton Main. The Third/Sunday XI sit second in Division 3 of The Barnsley League with 23 points from 4 games unbeaten, a point behind leaders Tickhill All 4 wins have been comprehensive over Warmsworth (twice), West Bretton and Stainborough. Joe Dodd capturing 6-24 v Warmsworth, Tom Green with 69 v West Bretton and forgotten man and captain Scott Wood leading from the front with 4-18 and 88 at Stainborough the main highlights. The Sunday XI is the stepping stone between junior and Saturday cricket and so performances of this standard are very pleasing from a club point of view. Elsewhere the Evening League have had a mixed start with a key victory at rivals Conisbrough followed up with defeat at home to Peglars and the Under 11’s with a very young and inexperienced side have had a tough start but are getting stronger week by week under the guidance of manager Neil Blackman. Fixtures come thick and fast through June and the place to view these and the match results which are available the day after matches are played is which is also the source of all other club news and information. Alternatively contact Brendan Simpson (Secretary) on 07812 793149 for details. 18 | ROSSINGTON TODAY




Tickhill & District Lions (including Rossington Tickhill & District Lions are pleased to announce the return of our summer raffle. We haven’t held a summer raffle for a few years, however this year we’ve managed to source some fabulous prizes and so the chance was just too good to miss. The raffle has a ‘holiday’ theme, and prizes on offer include a city break for two people (3rd prize), a pair of first class train tickets to London with a £100 hotel voucher (2 nd prize). The first prize winner will win a fabulous week in a beautiful apartment in Fuerteventura, complete with a £150 travel voucher to help get you there and a choice of dates when you could go. The fully equipped apartment sleeps up to 4 people and sits on the first floor directly overlooking a large freshwater swimming pool. Although the apartment is surrounded by stunning botanical gardens, shops, bars and restaurants are just a few minutes’ walk away. Just a 15 minute walk will take you to the centre of Corralejo, or to white sandy beaches with turquoise waters which are very calm and child friendly. (Those with internet access can find further details of the apartment at So for just £1 a ticket there are some fabulous prizes on offer. Tickets are on sale in all of the usual places and we’ll also be selling tickets on our stall at the Tickhill Gala on the 2nd of July. The draw for the summer raffle will take place on the 14th of August at another event we’d like to announce this month. Our 2011 Steamup will be held at The Oak pub in Tickhill on Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th of August. More news about this next month!

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Tours & Mini-breaks Paignton 4 nights, 5 days £219 25th July Bournemouth 4 nights, £238 3rd Sept Isle Of Wight 7 nights, £339 27th June

Thursford Christmas Spectacular 18th November Tickets £47 & £50 Llandudno Turkey & Tinsel 31st Oct & 21st Nov £220 2nd Dec Bruge Mini Cruise price tbc Bankwood Ind Est, Rossington, DN11 0PS

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Reasons People Fail Their Driving Test – Mirror Use

I have heard many Instructors say to a pupil check your mirrors every 8 seconds or every 5 seconds. Well how do you keep count? The answer is you can’t! Your Driving Instructor should be getting you to read the road and that doesn’t mean just ahead it means what’s behind or even down the sides of your vehicle as well. Imagine you are on the approach to a junction and a motorcyclist is behind and far too close, your MSPSL (Mirrors, Signal, Position, Speed Look) routine is not exactly applicable as you may want to Mirror, signal and then mirror again to see how the motor cyclist has reacted BEFORE you position. This is never more true at junctions with lights looking for BOB GOB and TOM (that’s Boy On Bike, Girl On Bike and Twit On Motorbike) as they appear down the sides of stationary cars. AND if you are turning left at lights – keep your eyes peeled on those mirrors as a cyclist (bob or gob) may be down the inside in your blind spot especially if there’s a cycle lane!

Interested in learning to drive call Faye at 16 FAY Learn to Drive on 07826 865671 or



Holmescarr Ark and Crafts Holmescarr Community Enterprise Centre Grange Lane, Rossington, Doncaster

Interested in trying a new craft or learn new skills? We hold a wide range of craft Courses for you to try. It’s a great opportunity to get out and meet new local people in a relaxed setting. We have experienced tutors ready to teach a wide range of Classes which include Sugarcraft, Pottery, card making, parchment craft, ceramic painting, knitting, sewing and scrabble. Come and look around and pick up a Leaflet. If you would like us to send you a leaflet or ask any questions contact Heather 07792129846, or call 01302 865727 or check out our facebook page

A message from Hilary McNamee A Thank You to the Voters of Rossington I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in Rossington for electing me as your Labour Party Councillor. I will represent all the people of Rossington and do my best to help our village improve. If our Labour team, Richard Cooper-Holmes, Barry Johnson and I can help, we will. Labour fought a positive election on the important local issues of bringing new jobs into Rossington, saving the library, and working with the local policing team to tackle anti-social behaviour. I am truly grateful to everyone who backed our positive message in the face of independent and fringe candidates who fought negative and divisive campaigns. For more information or details about joining the Labour Party or volunteering to help in improving Rossington please contact Hilary McNamee on 01302 743141.

Thanks again


Hilary McNamee, your Labour Councillor

Rossington Councillor's Update

Hilary McNamee was elected as Ward Councillor for Rossington with a majority of 577. Hilary will work closely with the Labour team to improve the lot of all. Labour had 9 Parish Councillors elected and we now feel that a more positive approach will be noticed. I have been elected as Chair of the Parish Council. A meeting is to be arranged to produce a long term plan in conjunction with the Parish Council, DMBC, your local DMBC councillors and shopkeepers and landlords to ensure that the market and shopping area is tidied up, made to look more attractive with flowers etc. This hopefully will increase business to the benefit of all. Wadworth bridge has been completed, it has taken some time, due to companies going bust and Environment Agency delays, but DMBC has come through and finished it. The Boxing Club has purchased a ring at a cost of ÂŁ2000, without a ring it cannot be ABA registered, so it well on its' way to meeting the planned opening of mid-summer. And thanks to Radburn TARA who have made a significant donation, they along with St Leger homes have been the biggest supporters. The announcement that Finningley and Rossington Regeneration Route Scheme (FARRRS) should start in 2012 has now been followed by news of the widening of White Rose Way will go ahead at last. The Opportunity Centre in Holmescarr has surpassed its' tarKindest Regards get in getting people into work and has, in the last month, been the best and most successful in Doncaster. Thanks to Barry for all his hard work. The Neighbourhood team's reorganisation will be completed shortly and the whole of the South team will be based at Richard Cooper-Holmes Holmescarr. More Holmescarr news is that the Integrated Your Labour Councillor Family Support Service have moved in and are fully operational. Hopefully more good news to follow.



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Friends of Brodsworth Way

If you are new to living on the Brodsworth Way estate then you might like to know that we have a resident's group, known as "FoBW". The group addresses issues which arise on the estate and we try to deal with them through the Police or Council. If this is of interest, please phone Susan on 01302 869001. Regards Susan St Michaels Church, Rossington Heritage Festival & Open Weekend Saturday 18th June 9am-2pm Sunday 19th June 1-4pm All Visitors are very welcome HELP FOR HEROES ENTERTAINMENT EVENING. We would like to thank everyone that took part in this wonderful evening, and those of you who donated raffle prizes. All 32 prizes were claimed. We made a total of £708.00. Which has now been donated to this charity. From Marion and Jack

ROSSINGTON MARKET. Every Friday morning. Fresh fruit and Veg and lots more.... Nelson Road. Don’t miss it! Rossington PACT meeting Wed 8th June 6.30pm at Brodsworth Way Pavilion Rossington CAD Theatre Group

Fridays 5.30 – 7.00pm @ Holmescarr Community Enterprise Ages 8-19s Contact Colin on 07970 413026 FREE Salsa. Latin & Ballroom Class (provided by LIFE) Every Thursday 5.15-6.15pm Rossington Welfare Learning Centre West End Lane, Rossington DN11 0DU.

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1st Phill Loyd with a bit of Humour 8th Lynnett Marie great female act 15th Billy Lennard popular act from Selby 22nd Steve Hank great Local act 29th Jack Glass a welcome return from Brum

Methodist Church

Nelson Road, Rossington Service 10.30-11.30 every Sunday Everyone Welcome ST MICHAEL’S CHURCH - Acorns

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