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Mini Kicks,

the fun, curriculum based football programme for boys and girls from the age of 3 - 6! Mini Kicks is more than just football, we use football as a medium to develop: Communication skills Co-ordination Balance Self-confidence Team work Football skills

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magazine. It is packed with what I hope you will find to be useful information. From craft and cookery, to pet advice and book reviews, there are party ideas, local attractions, sporting activities and some great ideas for days out. Don’t forget to enter our competition to page 22 to win a VIP family experience when the Romans come to Doncaster in September! Allsorts reaches 7500 families in the Doncaster area, most of them with children aged 0-12 (thank you to all the schools, children’s centres, nurseries and business involved in its distribution). Published ahead of the main school holidays, each issue will be jam packed with topical features & businesses advertising their activities, products and services. This is ‘your’ magazine Call me on 01302 744278 or email If you would like to contribute.

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of ways to entertain kids

It can be hard to keep the kids happy during the long summer break – But there’s plenty of lowcost outdoor fun to be had…  Have a camp-out in the garden. Spend the day pitching your tent and setting up “house”. Invite a few of their friends, light up the BBQ and cook up an outdoor feast. Add paddling pools, croquet sets, badminton nets, and face-paints as required.  Do a kid-swap with friends. Have their children for the day (or weekend if you’re brave), and let them return the favour. You get some well-earned adult time, and the kids can create their own fun.  Organise mass picnics with a text-a-friend system. If the weather’s nice, text where you’re going and what time you’ll be there, and have an impromptu get-together. Kids have a great time in a crowd, and you can chill out in the sun.  Get active… go cycling, play pitch and putt, go swimming, take a walk. If it’s hard to prise your offspring from their screen of

4 | allsorts

choice, make it fun with scavenger hunts and silly rewards (craziest putt, biggest splash, first to make it up the long hill etc).  Be photographers for the day. Pick a theme… “A day in the life of” or “Weird things I saw today”. Set up a photo scavenger hunt (take a picture of a squirrel, a swing, a yellow car, three sweet wrappers etc). Compare notes at the end of the day and award prizes.

T: 01302 744278


 Take the kids geo-caching anywhere in Britain. You’ll need a GPS unit and access to the internet. Caches (a box containing a logbook at its most basic, or a “treasure” box at its best) are hidden all over the country. Your job is to find them. Go to for details.

 Create a garden (or beach, or park) obstacle course. Be creative. Fill the paddling pool with balloons – children have to “swim” through them. Cut out cardboard shapes as stepping stones. Have them balance on a rope path, throw balls into the laundry basket and drape sheets over garden furniture to create tunnels to crawl through.  Become a National Trust member. Annual family membership costs from £70.12, but that gives you unlimited access to properties, gardens and beaches all over the country. NT properties offer countless children’s activities ranging from treasure hunts and quizzes to dressing up and nature walks. will provide more information.

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the effects of UV rays on children's eyes

As summer draws on, independent opticians across the UK are keen to raise awareness of the ever present threat UV rays pose to the eyes, particularly those of the young. Children have large pupils and extremely clear lenses that let in lots of UV light. As a result, it is thought we receive 80 per cent of our exposure to UV rays before the age of 18*. Despite the young being particularly vulnerable to sun damage, only 3 per cent of children regularly wear sunglasses. A spokesperson for the Eye Love My Local Independent Optician campaign, said: “Children should be encouraged to wear sunglasses throughout the year, especially during the summer. Good quality sunglasses can filter out most, if not all, UV radiation and wearing a widebrimmed hat can also reduce the risk of potential eye-related damage. Over exposure to ultraviolet light, such as spending a day at the beach without proper eye protection can cause a temporary but painful burn to the surface of the eye, similar to sunburn on the skin." Parents are being urged to take care in the sun and protect their child's eyes from both natural and artificial ultraviolet rays. Acknowledging the dangers of UV rays, the campaign is encouraging both parents and children to visit their local optical practice for regular eye tests, to identify any problems caused by overexposure to the sun. With children at greater risk of sun damage, it's beneficial to visit your independent optician as a family. Not only will the practitioner be able to recommend suitable eyewear for your child, but frequent visits also establish the importance of eye health amongst the young. Children should be prompted to visit their optician as often as visiting their dentist, which will result in maintaining pro-longed eye health. *Statistics sourced from Johnson & Johnson Vision Care

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T: 01302 744278


10% OFF Parties during July & August Minimum booking of 10 children.

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Of dogs

I am barking out for helpers! If you are a dog lover, please read on.... Barking Mad is an alternative to kennel care, we place well behaved, non-aggressive dogs with loving host families to be looked after whilst their owners are away on holiday, in hospital or even family weddings! If you love dogs, have a secure garden and would like to enjoy the company of a visiting dog in your home and for walks then Barking Mad is for you. The host families can specify which breeds they would like to look after and can do as much or as little hosting as suits them. It is completely flexible and our hosts find it to be a very enjoyable experience as they have all the doggy fun and we have the responsibility! All visiting dogs come with food, bedding and toys etc, so there is no cost implication for the host. It is fully supported and if there are any problems, we are always on hand to step in. If you are interested in becoming a host, or would simply like more information please contact Julie for an informal chat on 01909 487894

allsorts... of Pets Don’t Forget Fido! In the excitement of preparing for a holiday or weekend away, don't forget to make arrangements for your pets! There are several options to ensure your pet is cared for properly - leave them with friends or family, hire a pet-sitter, or board them. As a change of routine can be very stressful to pets, asking a responsible and familiar family member or friend to care for them may be the best solution. However, if this is not possible, the next best thing might be to employ a pet-sitter who would visit your home to feed, clean and exercise your pet. Be sure to meet your sitter before employing them, ask for references and police checks and make sure they have insurance. If you decide to board your pet, take time to find a kennel, cattery or small animal boarder that will suit your pet. Pay a visit beforehand and check that they are licensed, insured, and that the facilities are secure, clean, dry and draught free. Also check that the animals look clean, happy and healthy. Whatever arrangements you decide on, be sure to choose someone responsible and give them clear instructions about diet, exercise, medication and how to socialise with your pet. Then go and enjoy your holiday, confident that your pet will be in safe hands! By Debbie Singh-Bhatti

Find out where over the page‌...

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to do indoors

This project can be used as a “crafty idea” for a small birthday party!!

painted pebble paper weights.. Materials needed:  Large pebbles

(remember that in some countries it is illegal to remove stones from the beach!! If you have trouble finding stones for free, you can buy them from Garden Centres but it would be more fun to find your own for free!!  Poster paint in assorted colours  Paint brushes (large, medium and fine)  Paper, pencil, rubber and crayons (to draw ideas on before you start painting) g u havin  Water based varnish Are yo ding d e W When your bannerRis long l Instructions: a oya enough, string it uparready ? for p typebble  Find a large smooth and scrub to your party!! Have fun!!  remove dirt and leave to dry.

10 | allsorts

Draw design you like on paper and colour. Have fun, you could design your favourite animal (lion, tiger mouse or frog) or you could just do patterns.  Using a thick paint brush paint a coat of colour all over the pebble leave to dry. For the best results paint a second coat of paint over your pebble and again leave to dry completely.  Carefully paint on your chosen design.  When your design is finished and completely dry it would be a good idea to ask an adult if you could varnish your pebble with water based varnish to seal the paint.

IDEA: If you have a really big stone it would make a brilliant doorstop.

T: 01302 744278



of party ideas

Children’s parties aren’t what they used to be - no longer can you get away with, musical bumps/statues/chairs, pin the tail on the donkey and a vast quantity of sandwiches, sausages, crisps, jelly & ice cream and cake! Today the food is all still required, but there is now a whole range of different party activities that make musical bumps a game of the past and take away the stress for Mum! With a little bit of forward planning you can concentrate on fun, fun, fun on the big day.

Sit back and relax with the Deluxe Animal Party Package. Meet A Creature has been providing animal-handling parties and educational workshops for the past two years. In response to customer demand, the company has now launched its Deluxe Animal Party Package which means that as well as bringing along its amazing animal collection, the company’s party leader will run the entire event. The package is tailored to the age of the guests, who will be kept amused with animal-themed games and activities.

“It’s great when parents have the chance to relax and enjoy their child’s party,” explains Dean Roots, owner of Meet A Creature. “We have seen the need for an extra helping hand at parties to ensure everyone, including the adults, has a really fantastic time. Our Deluxe Party Package is designed to provide just that.”

For details visit, or: , or tel: 07903 366585 .

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allsorts..... Education Get that study habit Introduce good study habits to your child which will pay off all through their time in education. Routine: Get into a homework routine as soon as possible. Immediately after school is good, after they’ve had a snack and a drink, as they will still be in the right frame of mind. Find out what works best for your child though. Some may need to expend pent-up energy first, others may need to chill for twenty minutes.

Study station: Designate an area for home learning. Make it as uncluttered and distraction-free as possible. Ensure all equipment required is nearby, so there’s no stalling.

‘Worst first’: When mental energy is high work No TV: Anything with a screen should be on the most difficult subject. Don’t try to cram switched off until after studying. Use it as a bribe if necessary. No games or TV until too many subjects into one session. Talk: Encourage your child to talk through the homework is completed! project with you first. Your child is then more likely to get the work right and won’t get frustrated. Gently ask questions about any areas they seem unsure about.

Local Female Driving Instructors in Doncaster

Teaching the hearing and those who are hearing impaired to learn to drive!

THAT…..Driving School First hour FREE

Portable LOOP system supplied for hearing aid users Basic British Sign Language

07841 012676 or 01302 618533

Learn to drive and gain THAT freedom!

The earlier your child gets into a routine the easier homework will become, for both of you!

allsorts... Of ways to keep kids active! 

Around 30% of British children are overweight, due primarily to an unhealthy diet and not enough exercise. Experts state that children should engage in 60 minutes of physical activity each day, and encouraging them to become more active now will help them maintain a healthy weight, improve their general fitness and wellbeing and reduce the risks of serious health problems in the future. Here are five suggestions to help kids get more active.  Walk to school. Often our kids’ lack of activity is due to OUR busy lifestyle. Factor an extra half hour or so walking to school and back into your daily routine.  Give them chores. Doing a bit of housework or walking up and down stairs a few times will get the cardiovascular muscles working.

Limit the amount of time spent on the TV or computer. This will free up more time to engage in other more physical activities.  Buy them sports equipment like a ball, racquet or bike for birthdays, instead of toys or sedentary games. This will get them up and moving!  Exercise with them! Go swimming, cycle or do some gardening together. If you incorporate physical activity into your normal routine, you are more likely to keep it up. Good luck! By Debbie Singh-Bhatti

Dancewear, Shoes, Accessories, Gifts OPEN: Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm, Saturday 9am - 4.30pm Please visit our website for more details of our stock and for a map of where to find us.

35 Oversley Road, Wheatley, Doncaster, DN2 4DX Telephone: (01302) 320289

Fully CRB checked

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T: 01302 744278


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* Above offers are all subject to availability

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of things for Mums (& Homes)!

This magazine is not just for children its for the whole family! Mums, do you run a business that would appeal to other mums? Why not advertise it here? Reaching 7,500 families with each edition, that’s a lot of Doncaster Mums seeing your advert, and with prices starting from just £25 it’s great value too! Email or call 01302 744278 for more details

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of good reads for kids.......

Flat Stanley – Jeff Brown

Stanley Lambchop is a rather unusual boy. After an accident with a bulletin board, he is four feet tall, about a foot wide – and half an inch thick. Of course, being flat has its advantages – Stanley’s trip to California in an envelope is great, and his brother Arthur would love to be able to slide under their bedroom door like Stanley does. And, if Stanley was round, he would never have been able to assist his neighbour in catching thieves intent on stealing the world’s most famous painting. But there are downsides too – while it is great to be a kite for half an hour, it’s not so much fun when Arthur gets bored and leaves Stanley stuck in a tree. People can be cruel too, and eventually the name calling gets too much. Luckily, Arthur is on hand with a solution to his brother’s problem... This picture book manages to make an impossible situation seem perfectly plausible, thanks to the matter of fact style and simple, convincing illustrations. Ideal to read aloud to younger children or as a first book for newly confident readers, it has stood the test of time since its first publication in 1968. If it isn’t already a family favourite, then it is destined to become one very, very quickly.

Have You Seen Who’s Just Moved In Next Door to Us? – Colin McNaughton

If you are still at the wonderful stage of reading aloud to your children, then this book is a gift. On the surface, it is simple enough – the house next door has been sold to a clearly undesirable family, and the narrators are horrified. Not only that, but the rest of the street is in uproar – it’s shocking! Gradually, on each page, we are introduced to the normal residents – ‘a lovely bunch of people’ who include Mr Thing, the Humpty Dumpty family, Michelangelo and Frankenstein. Even the park is distinctly odd, boasting piranhas, a hammerhead shark and Tarzan. So who – or what – could have brought them to such a state of disbelief? I won’t give away the answer, of course – but even when you know, you will return to the story again and again, if only for the pleasure of McNaughton’s illustrations. We see inside each character’s home 20 | allsorts

and running jokes carry from page to page packed with verbal and visual puns. Younger readers may note that the postman arriving with a parcel for the three little pigs is a thinly disguised wolf, but may not realise why you are chuckling at the narrator’s ‘hunch’ that the face of the man in the belfry ‘rings a bell’. Multi-layered, clever and laugh out loud funny – what more can you ask for in a bedtime story?

The Pirate Cruncher – Jonny Duddle

Look closely at the very first pictures in this book. Is there something strange about the fiddler who wanders the narrow streets of a tiny Cornish fishing village, singing a song about treasure? Perhaps, but Captain Purplebeard and his crew do not notice, and soon they are sailing off in search of a mysterious island, following the intricate map provided on the endpapers of the book. On the way, the fiddler sings them directions, advice and warnings, which they heed with varying degrees of success. Even when their numbers seem to mysteriously diminish, Purplebeard presses on... This is an incredibly detailed picture book, ideal for 3 to 6 year olds. On the first reading, the song of the fiddler carries you along as surely as it does the pirates, so much so that the ending is a genuine surprise. By the second, third and fourth readings (and believe me, there will be these and many more!) the clues become more apparent, but the whole thing is still enormous fun. Destined to become a firm family favourite. By Kath Bennett

What is Story Lab? It's a five-sided hi-tech HQ that attracts stories from all over the world and sends them spinning throughout the city - and beyond! Visit your local library to find out all

about this years summer reading challenge.

T: 01302 744278


Piano & Keyboard Tuition & Theory of Music Graded ABRSM syllabus available All ages welcome including retired

Contact Mrs K Latimer ALCM

01302 745765

Our prices are hard to beat

EVERYTHING EQUINE Quality items New and Used Everything from Bridles to Beswick Rugs To Rocking Horses NEW LOCATION Find our larger premises at Northern Garden Supplies, Blyth Road, Oldcotes, S81 8JE Come down and Grab a Bargain Mobile 07789 178401 (Closed Tues & Wed) Please mention allsorts when contacting an advertiser

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of days out for families in Doncaster Town Field Gala

Tickhill Gala

Saturday 7th July 12.30 floats leave Wong Lane Activities on Tickhill Recreation Field from 1pm

Sunday 15th July Enjoy an exciting cultural celebration for all the family!

Cantley Gala

Sunday Afternoon Band Concert

Sunday 8th, 15th, 22nd July Sunday 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th Aug Brodsworth Hall and Gardens Hear the best in local bands perform against the backdrop of Brodsworth Hall. Bring your deck chairs and picnics for an afternoon of music. 01302 722598

Friday 20th July 11am –4pm at Cantley Community Centre

Sprotbrough Fake Festival Sunday 22nd July Wheatley Hills Rugby Club

Ladybird Spot

Dragon Boat Race

Tuesday 24th July, 10.30am – 12pm Ladybird hunt, games and crafts at Potteric Carr Wildlife Trust (Normal admission +£1.50 per child) Book by calling 01302 570077

Saturday 14th July At the Lake at Lakeside First race approx. 11am With children's fun fair, craft and food stalls

Rescue Day

Saturday 14th July 11am-5pm 7 Lakes Country Park, Crowle, DN17 4JS Rescue Helicopters, Red Devils Parachute Display, Battle of Brattain Memorial Flight Free Parking - Entry £5.00 Adult £2.50 Under 16’s & OAP’s Family of 4 £10.00

Fun Day

Tuesday 24th July 10am –2pm Askarne Day Centre, Askern 01302 707792

Warmsworth Gala

Saturday 14th July At Warmsworth Cricket Club from 12noon

Vintage Summer Fair

Saturday 14th July 11am-2pm St Peters School, Gringley on the Hill Lots of games and fun for everyone

St Wilfrid’s PTA School and Community fayre Saturday 14th July 12noon – 4pm at St Wilfrids School. Branton. Lots of Fun for all the family

Bug Day

Sat 14th July 2 till 4pm Idle Valley Nature Reserve, Retford Call 01777 713945 to book your place. 22 | allsorts

T: 01302 744278



of days out for families in Doncaster (continued)

Family Walk & Den Building

Tuesday 24th July 1-3pm Meet at Cantley Pavilion, take a walk into the woods and meet the countryside rangers for den building activities. Pushchair friendly. Call 01302 535794

Forest Fun!

Friday 27th July & Friday 17th August 10am-12noon Brodsworth Community Woodland All children to be accompanied by an adult

Robin Hood

Conisbrough Castle Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th July 11am, 1pm & 3pm Join BZ Entertainments and join in their interactive performance of Robin Hood. Great fun for children of all ages.

Moth ID and Big Breakfast th

Sunday 29 July, 8am – 9.30am Potteric Carr Wildlife Trust learn how to ID the creatures of the night (Normal admission + £2 pp, breakfast charged separately) Book by calling 01302 570077

Summer Gift Fair

Sunday 29th July at the Dome A large range of handicrafts and giftware. Admission is free and refreshments will be available.

Family Craft Activity

Tuesday 31st July 1pm-3.30pm and Wednesday 1st August 10.30am-12.30pm National Archaeology Week Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery £1 per child

Summer BBQ

Tuesday 31st July, 5pm – 7pm enjoy a relaxing evening and unwind with a deliciously local produced supper At Potteric Carr (Normal admission, BBQ charged separately) Book by calling 01302 570077

Yorkshire Day Celebrations

Wednesday 1st August Yorkshire Tea and cakes will be served in the Tourist Information Centre to celebrate Yorkshire Day.

Forest Fun!

Thursday 2nd August and Thursday 9th August Bentley Community Woodland All children to be accompanied by and adult.

Doncaster Rovers Olympic Lakeside Walk & Stadium Tour

Saturday 4th August 10.30am Meet at main reception at Keepmoat Stadium, Learn more about the wildlife on and around the lake. Followed by a free tour of the stadium along with a lap of the athletics track, as part of the Olympic celebrations.

Wildlife along the River Don

Family Craft Activity Tuesday 7th August1-30pm and Wednesday 8th August 10.30am-12.30pm Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery £1 per child

Family Fun Event Day

Wednesday 8th August 10.30am- 2.30pm Hayfield Social Education Centre, Hayfield Lane, Auckley Stalls, Games, Bouncy Castles etc If wet it wills till take place inside

Recycled Robots

Family Craft Activity Thursday 9th August 12noon—3pm Cusworth Hall, Museum and Park For full details and prices Tel: 01302 782342

Auckley Show

Saturday 11th August 12noon onwards Many attractions including Archery, Tug of War, Donkey Rides, Cavey Corner Guinea Pigs, Show Jumping, Children’s Fancy Dress Free Event and Free Parking See for more information Evening Entertainment tickets available

Dragonfly walk

Sunday 12th August, 10.30am Potteric Carr Wildlife Trust take a guided walk around our wetlands and discover the beautiful dragon and damselflies here (Normal admission + £4) Book by calling 01302 570077

Zumbathon th

Sunday 12 August 1pm - 3pm Rossington CSV, Bond Street, Rossington. For more details and book your place contact Felicity 07863867263

Ancient Olympians

Family Craft Day Tuesday 14th August1-3.30pm and Wednesday 15th August 10.30am-12.30pm Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery £1 per child

Family Bushcraft Day

Saturday 18th August 10am-2pm Bentley Community Woodland An introduction to Bushcraft and survival skills, and enjoy a light lunch cooked on a fire 8yrs+ all children to be accompanied by an adult

Ancient Greeks: Mythical Creatures

Family Craft Activity Tuesday 21st August 1-3.30pm Wednesday 22nd August 10.30am-12.30pm Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery

Guided Bug Hunt

Cusworth Hall, Museum & Park Thursday 23rd August 12noon, 1pm or 2pm Identification trail in Cusworth Park, plus bug inspired crafts For full details and prices tel: 01302 782343

Cusworth Music Festival

Sunday 26th August 12noon—4pm Cusworth Hall Museum and Park The first 1000 tickets will beat the early bird price of £10 after that £15. 12-16’s £5 under 12’s free

Rossington Carnival

Monday 27th August, 12-4pm Rossington Welfare Grounds Lots of entertainment for the whole family; Free entry, Dog show, Stalls, Funfair, Food, Bouncy Castle. Please come along and enjoy an afternoon out.

Teddy Bears Picnic

Tuesday 28th August12noon –3pm Cantley Park & New Pavilion Bring your teddy and a picnic to enjoy on the park before taking part in some games and activities and then a walk. Meet at Cantley Pavilion. Free Activity. 01302 535794

BBQ & late night opening

Saturday 1st September, 5pm – 8pm Potteric Carr Wildlife Trust explore our beautiful wetlands in the evening sunlight (Normal admission, BBQ charged separately) Book by calling 01302 570077

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allsorts... Back to School advice Whether you view the end of the summer holidays with sadness or a sense of relief, there’s a lot to do before that new school term starts.

Hassle-free mornings. Create an area near the door for all school items. Ensure all bags, sports equipment, musical instruments, shoes etc. ‘live’ there at all times. No more timewasting and morning stress, scouring the Clothing. You’ve already bought all uniform place frantically for missing items. Well that’s items, including shoes and bags, haven’t you? the theory…it must be worth a try! Get as Hopefully everything has been tried on much as possible ready the night before. A recently. Children grow, often very calendar or timetable for each suddenly, and usually during the first child will help everyone be week of term! Now label everything. Ironmore organised. on labels save time, but can peel off after a few washes. Make sure you have spares. Thinking caps. Available online now. Oh how I wish this Stationery. What child doesn’t love a new, was true! filled pencil case. It gets the school year off to a good start. Buy a few extras too so they’re available for when junior suddenly announces “I can’t possibly go to school because my favourite pen is missing”.

Tissues. Necessary if your child is starting school for the first time…you’ll need them. Good luck!

St Leger Festival Week

allsorts has teamed up with Doncaster

Doncaster will be buzzing once again this September as the town and borough celebrates its heritage and culture in a 10 day festival around the world-famous St Leger horse race. Whilst the St Leger might be the oldest classic horse race in the world, dating from 1776, the 10 day long festival around it is only in its third year. However, in that short time it has already established itself firmly in the Doncaster calendar and there’s plenty going on for families. One of the highlights is the arrival of the Roman Army, setting up camp outside the Minster on the site of the original Roman fort of Danum from Saturday 8th to Sunday 9th September. On Saturday gladiators do battle providing an exciting spectacle, with only Caesar having power over life or death. Kids can join the Roman Army on the Sunday, with full uniform and training provided! And on both days the Roman Army will triumphantly march through town with Caesar addressing the populace of Danum! Archaeologists will be on hand with actual artefacts found beneath the streets of Doncaster and there are fun activities for kids of all ages.

Tourism to offer a special prize for one lucky family of a VIP day with the Romans, including a special audience with Caesar himself! And, if Caesar is pleased, he will confer Roman citizenship on the lucky winners! The festival itself has well over 150 separate events during the 10 days. A full festival guide can be obtained from Doncaster Tourism: 38-40 High Street, Doncaster DN1 1DE Tel: 01302 734309

Competition Time

Win a family VIP experience with the Romans on Sunday 9th September. To enter, answer the following question:

Which Festival Week is being celebrated in Doncaster in September? Email your answer, together with your name, address, contact phone number and the ages of the children you would like to meet Caeser


By Friday August 17th 2012 (please insert ‘competition’ in the subject line A winning family will be randomly selected. No cash alternative or substitution

allsorts... Young cooks ruby-mae’s cute cookies! Ingredients:

. 24 Makes approx margarine k oc bl r. 5g  17 syrup on  1 tablespo oats ge id rr po ps  2 cu r ga  1 cup of su

ur 1 cup plain flo bicarbonate of on po as te l  Smal soda or lined ays (greased  Baking tr r pe pa l with bakewel

Preheat oven 180ºC (350ºF, gas mark 4)  Divide into balls and place

Method:  Gently melt the margarine and

  

syrup (my mum and I do it in the microwave.) Add all the dry ingredients except the bicarbonate of soda. Mix well. Finally dissolve the bicarbonate of soda in 2 tablespoons boiling water, stir into the biscuit mixture. Mix well.

onto greased baking sheets ALLOW for spreading.  Bake for approx 10-15 minutes until a light golden colour. They will still be very soft.  Allow to cool completely and they will go crisp.

Great for after school! Ruby-age 4

Holmescarr Ark & Crafts Can you bake? Grow plants, fruit and veg? Make crafts? Can you make preserves? Would you like an outlet to sell your produce? Why not come and see what we can offer? We are a co-operative and belong to a national body. We have been trading for 26 years.

Contact Fran on 01302 855379, look on the South Yorkshire Country Markets web site, or just come along on a Friday morning and join us for a cup of coffee and find out more. Every Friday 10am – 11.45am Tickhill Methodist Church Schoolroom, Northgate Come and buy from our wide range of Homemade, Home Grown, Hand Crafted items.

During the School Holidays we have, Crafts for Kids Classes at Holmescarr Centre, Rossington Morning sessions 10am-12noon afternoon 1-3pm (excl Wed). A variety of crafts including: Sugar Craft, Dream Catchers, Pebble Painting, Ceramic Painting, T-shirt Painting, Card Making, Beading, Grass Heads, Pottery, Origami, Knot and Bead jewellery and more. Children under 8 must be accompanied.

The cost is £5.00 per session (2nd child in a family half price). Booking is recommended. For further information and full programme contact Heather Maw on 07792 129846 or

Balby Children’s Centre

1 Sandycroft Crescent, Balby, DN4 0TY 01302 570270 Open Monday-Friday 8.30am –5.30pm To find out what’s on offer during the holidays pop in and pick up a leaflet or look at our website

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Dance School & Shop Danum Dancer The Dance Space

of advertisers Baby Pictures Baby its you Business Opportunity Neals Yard Children’s Activities Jo Jingles Little Fidgets Mini Kicks Children’s Day Nursery Wilsic Road Day Nursery Children’s Soft Play Time2Play Chiropractor Tickhill Chiropractic Clinic Cleaning Doncaster Chem Dry Country Market Tickhill Country Market Cycle Services Bicycle Buddy

Driving Instructor 30 That Driving School Executive Travel 18 Ex-zec Travel Services Health, Fitness & Leisure 12 Fentons for Ladies 12 Military Training 2 The Dome Home Improvements 13 G&S Property Maintenance 7 21 18 27 14

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Summer School Hill House School Visitor Attractions Boston Park Maize Maze Leger Festival Potteric Carr Shepherds Place Farm

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Magazine for Doncaster Families  

An exciting guide to what is happening in and around Doncaster over the summer months for Doncaster families

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