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Your guide to wine and jazz with the headliners of Niagara Jazz Festival


Highly respected Jazz drummer Graham Lear can be defined as a man who is refined, reserved, and mature – a cool climate of elegance and class just like a Bordeaux of Jackson-Triggs Delaine Vineyard Syrah 2011.


The fresh and exciting sounds of enchanting Barbra Lica will pair nicely with Konzelman 2010 Sparkling Riesling. You will be swept off your feet by her sophisticated voice and mesmerizing sound.


John Sherwood is a world class, highly experienced and complex jazz artist. His layered sound will go down nicely with a glass of Stratus White 2010.


Heather Bambrick, Newfoundland native, is bold, strong, and full of personality. While listening to her effortless technique and always flawless vocals, order up a glass of Creekside Estate Cabernet Shiraz 2012. Both the wine and the artist have a refreshing quality at the finish.


Brownman Electryc Trio, is a three-piece band including: trumpet, bass, and drums. Their name says it all – electric. The group’s original and modern sound will leave you in disbelief that jazz could be this funky. They are intense, spicy, and cheeky. Stratus’ Kabang Red 2011 is the only wine to pair with this high energy and explosive group.


Jackson-Triggs 2011 Grand Reserve Merlot will go down smooth as you listen to the warm, yet explosive jazz scatt of drummer turned singer, John Neudorf. His strong background in blues adds an original twist to his repertoire.


Niagara’s own Frank’s Bus Brass Band is a lively 11-piece ensemble inspired by the bands of New Orleans. By adding funk and rock to jazz music, they possess a fresh sound guaranteed to raise the roof. One is bound to enjoy their unusual approach to jazz while drinking a pint of full-bodied Oast House Barn Raiser Country Ale.

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Niagara - Summer August 2014  

Niagara - Summer August 2014