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ood trucks have evolved way beyond French fry and hot dog stands; nowadays they are equivalent to gourmet restaurants, just with wheels attached. Really, one of the only differences between a traditional restaurant and a gourmet food truck is the fact that a food truck doesn’t have washrooms or seating. But then, that’s the beauty of them. Delicious food is served in an outdoor setting, and people can sit down on a park bench or on some green grass and enjoy. It is just another way of sharing experiences around food, and what better time to enjoy the food truck craze, then in the summer sunshine of Niagara? The food truck movement only continues to grow: more and more trucks are continuing to pop up, and every type of food imaginable is represented. The popularity of events such as Food Truck Eats, which is held in various locations over the summer, including a recent stop at Peller Estates in Niagara-on-the-Lake, goes to show that food trucks are here for the long


haul. Nowadays, an outdoor festival isn’t an outdoor event without at least one food truck. These gourmet meals on wheels only add to Niagara’s ever growing and amazing culinary scene. Street food has always been a part of the North American dining scene. From chuck wagons feeding cattlemen travelling the dusty American West, to portable hot dog and ice cream trucks, a variation of the food truck has been around since the 1860’s, it’s just been continuously evolving. The recent explosion of food trucks can be attributed to a number of a different factors, including a down economy making operating a food truck more financially feasible than operating an entire restaurant. Social media is responsible for helping food trucks grow in popularity, as most use Facebook and Twitter to post up to the minute updates on where they will be located, and of course what is on the menu for the day. And perhaps the best feature: food trucks are able to go where the people are, as opposed to waiting for people to find them.

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Niagara - Summer August 2014  

Niagara - Summer August 2014