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253 Taylor Road SS4, NOTL Beyond pure indulgence, White Oaks Resort and Spas’ mission is to provide guests with an environment to achieve complete well-being of both body and spirit. From head to toe, their spa specialists have developed a plethora of innovative treatment uniquely designed to not only leave bodies feeling rejuvenated immediately afterwards, but far into the future. Recognized as one of the top 100 Spas of America in 2014, the Spa at White Oaks is one of the largest spa facilities in Ontario – with 17 treatment rooms. Beyond pure pampering, the Spa provides guests with an environment to achieve complete well-being and relaxation as soon as they enter. Specializing in massages, facials, aromatherapy and cleansing treatments utilizing premium organic products, White Oaks’ spa professionals will leave your body and mind in total harmony and better prepared to continue to conquer life.

6 Picton Street, NOTL Embracing the healing elements of nature’s earth, fire and water, the Secret Garden Spa at Prince of Whales is the perfect environment for soothing the soul. Recognized as one of the top 20 Spas in Canada in 2013, the Secret Garden Spa – a famed member of the Vintage Hotels family – has been transformed into an ultra-contemporary hot spot for relaxation and spoiling yourself. In keeping with the tradition of Prince of Wales beautiful High Tea, these signature treatments will whisk you away to another place and a serener time. Using all natural products made with the finest green, white and red teas, the Secret Garden will restore harmony to your body while working magic on your skin.

Sample Spa Menu Sample Spa Menu MAX+ LED Photofacial Energize your skin, produce more collagen and improve elasticity with MAX+ photodermatology. The treatment is an LED phototherapy technique that utilizes specific colour wave lengths of light to penetrate the skin at various depths. This technique –unlike traditional skin treatments –produces long lasting results with no irritation. Thermal Palms Break free from the usual deep muscle massage! Therapeutic Thermal Palms are specially crafted soft hand held tools that mold to the contours of the body while delivering deep, penetrating heat to muscles and joints during a simultaneous massage. Four Hand Massage A signature treatment to White Oaks, the massage is performed by two therapists whom move in harmony while they work out the kinks and sore muscles in your body. The two are said to be constantly connected to you and the result is a true mind, body and spirit experience.

Beau-teas Facial Tailored to all skin types, this facial focuses on the antioxidant benefits of polyphenols—plant-based molecules that have antioxidant properties. Floral green notes combined with the healing goodness of polyphenols synergistically formulated with natural, active anti-aging botanicals and signature massage techniques provide a unique experience that will leave you feeling balanced. Green Tea Pedicure A classic pedicure with a tea based foot mask twist and exfoliation. Vital Active Back Relax Melt away stress, increase blood circulation and cleanse the skin with this 2-in-1 relaxing back treatment. It will revive even the most tired body as well as refine and purify the skin. >>

Nectar of Niagara Body Wrap Celebrating Niagara’s bounty with an innovative twist, this whipped honey salt scrub with an amber golden honey scent stimulates skin renewal and is simply a treat. Following the scrub, a blend of warm wine and honey is poured over the body and massaged into the skin, providing antioxidants and hydration before you are swaddled in a warm blanket. Finish with a rinse in a hydrotherapy tub and honey magnolia body oil.

Indulge all of your senses and ease tired, weather-worn bodies during the colder season. TODAYMAGAZINE.CA 35

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Niagara on the Lake - Winter/Spring 2016  

Niagara on the Lake - Winter/Spring 2016